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No deal for Sneijder!

No deal for Sneijder!

Well at least that is the word from AVB and the players agent!

Of course we haven't always to believe a word from an agent, whilst it has been known for a manager to tell a little white lie, so what should we believe? Of course the Journo who talked up the deal was also at pains to say that the deal wasn't done, but agreements in principle were there or there abouts. In effect it means little or nothing and agreeing a deal, still means that a player can refuse or join someone else, simply because they like another option better. so as usual, lets not get excited until we see the player holding the shirt or at least announce it on his Twitter account.

As for Wesley (I still struggle to spell his last name) it is clear he is a player with the quality to add something, but would he be the right player over others that might fit better or offer greater value, either financially or in being younger and perhaps hungrier? Willian? Moutinho? Belhanda? Eriksen? are all on a very long list of suggested playmakers who could solve Tottenham's perceived creativity issues, but which one is the right one to sign, should we manage to do a deal? Of course the other argument is whether we should wait to get out No1 target in the summer, should that be the only time we could get our first choice?

For me, I feel that Sneijder would be a very exciting addition, but I do worry that his not playing in over three months, will detract from his influence this season as he may well be lacking in fitness as well as needing a little time to adjust to a different league and its demands. Of course if the price is right and he is truly motivated by the move, his arrival would make a very big statement for Spurs, but making such a signing only works out of it works on the pitch and such a signing demands instant results, and therefore I wonder if this is the right move for the player or Tottenham in this window...

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Date:Friday December 28 2012
Time: 1:53PM


I'd still prefer Mouts as he has been playing and is match fit already. For the long term great but not really for this season.
28/12/2012 14:02:00
Moutinho/Isco for me please Mr Levy?
28/12/2012 14:17:00
I just can't see Levy buying another 28 year old player on huge money. Perhaps a loan deal so he can put himself in the shop window.
Tactically Challenge
28/12/2012 14:19:00
Jesus Ox, How long have you written for this site. Is it really that slow a day you have to give a column to this? How far back should we go. Rivaldo? Didn't he write Levy a nice letter or something. The way people get excited about these snippet deals that someone(Levy's PR man I assume) puts out is getting embarrassing. Every transfer window we are linked with a true world star and end up with a Dempsey or Saha. The only exception to this was RVDV who no one had any idea about till it was done. It's good to dream and speculate but this level of coverage for a story our manager. The agent and the Dutch press have all rubbished just make us look delusional. I prefer to leave that particular title to Liverpool and Rodgers Little movement this window and fingers crossed for CL spot which may encourage Levy to have a real crack at Mountiho or another potential world star in the summer with a genuine desire to sign them
28/12/2012 14:20:00
He's not signing! what am I supposed to do with this three tons of Senijder Spurs legend T-shirts I had made. Liam Liam this is your fault you owe 2k.
28/12/2012 14:25:00
Though Sneijder is a world class player, I cannot see this transfer come true as his wage demands would surely break Spurs´ wage structure. Moreover, as noted by Tactically Challenge, why would Levy buy a 28 year-old player for 12MM pounds if he (probably) won´t be able to sell him two years from now like he did with VdV (bought by 8M / sold by 12MM) ?? We really need a playmaker if we want to grab a 4th place this season but Moutinho would be a better choice.
28/12/2012 14:30:00
This is a no go an just fabricated rumours to speed up his departure from Inter. When we signed the likes of Klinsmann VDV and Modric they were no way near getting what Sneidjer currently gets now, the only exception has been Ade who was large bucks, but even he had to be subsided with a signing fee to take a pay cut. We need relistic targets who will make a difference but won't break the bank, Erikson for example.
spurfect one
28/12/2012 14:31:00
Was always too good to be true, out of our league unfortunately. I will be surprised if we sign anybody, AVB has said we don't need additions, and after beating Villa U14s 4-0, him, and Ebonezer Levy, will think we are OK, especially if we beat Sunderland as well before the window opens. Those two gents are probably the only ones who don't realise our needs for a lock picker MFer, and a striker, the recent result they should focus on was Stoke at home, that 0-0 epitomised our dire needs. Incidently for those who said Danny Rose wasn't good enough, I see he was MOM with Mignolet for Sunderland v Man City, so he is obviously no mug.
28/12/2012 15:14:00
This don't buy in January, wait for the summer argument, is flawed. Firstly by the summer the season is over, the opportunity for 4th place is possibly gone. All the excuses for not buying in January this year, that were all related to HR's future at Spurs, and that resulted in the inspired signings of Saha and Nelson, and us finishing 4th instead of possibly 3rd with a couple of quality "ins", have all been dispelled. If AVB is secure in his position, then it is time for Levy to back him, and provide him with the quality tools to do the job, this means a lock picker quality play maker MFer, and a proper chance converting striker, so that we can push on and up, and away from Everton, WBA, and Arsenal and the rest into a CL place. This is what we need, and most of us want, but the likelihood of it happening is remote, given our chairman's problem of short arms and deep pockets, despite the profits made in recent windows, which should be available for player investment, without seeking additional funding.
28/12/2012 15:39:00
OX you need a half way article ,we`ll be over that come tomorrow .
big cockeral
28/12/2012 15:43:00
Ditto Frank
28/12/2012 15:45:00
If I'm being honest I believed this would happen. No idea why this journalist would make a fool of himself if it weren't true. Still believe eriksen is am option. Perhaps not this season but next. Believe avb will give demps an siggy this year to prove their worth. We need a sneijder mouts person now though. That am a top top striker
28/12/2012 15:53:00
the special one can especially fu(k right off
28/12/2012 16:49:00
At least not ALL footballers are after nothing but the money.
28/12/2012 16:56:00
You got it frank! Hope sigi can step up to be the jan signing!
Little spur
28/12/2012 16:58:00
chrishove123.... I guess it's now up to the board to demonstrate their ambition and sign the players that will give us the best chance of finishing in the CL spots and by that I mean 4th because we ain't catching the top 3 right now. If we were to sign Llorente, Eriksen and one other, then I feel we would have enough to cope with any signings the nomads may make in January. We may see Bale give us another season if we qualify for the CL and can convince him that the club has ambitions that match his own. If we fail to invest in January then we won't finish 4th anyway and Bale will be off in the summer. A cynic may think that that's what the board want anyway, oh and yes I am a cynic so I don't expect ENIC to do anything like the business needed to properly back the manager in January. Make the most of Bale whilst you can because chances are we'll see the back of him in the summer and I for one wouldn't blame him.
28/12/2012 17:02:00
Non starter the only reason he is available is because Inter no longer wants to pay him circa £180k a week. It's easy for Messi to turn down that offer when he is at the same club he signed for as a 13yr old which happens to be one of the best clubs in the world is already in the top 3 paid players in the world anyway. It doesn't prove he isn't motivated by money he already gets close to what was offered and he is settled and happy in an environment that suits him.
28/12/2012 17:13:00
thfc1882whl and frank. I don't see why we can't get 4th or even 3rd without signing big in January. We are doing pretty well atm and we will do even better in the second half of the season, just like we come on strong in the second half of a game when everyone is back   fit and they all play from the same song sheet.
28/12/2012 17:16:00
judge, if He were money motivated He would Have gone regardless. He consulted his family AND the club so, that to me proves he puts his family first, If not he would have been off like a shot.
28/12/2012 17:21:00
chrishove123...... Strength in depth is lacking in my opinion, you may be right but personally I think we'll be 10 points light if we do no business in January. Arsenal will strengthen, we've only got two recognised strikers and one of those is looking so poor at the minute that it's a wonder he makes the bench, let alone the starting XI.
28/12/2012 17:22:00
thfc1882whl I agree with you about strength in depth but I feel we can get there with what we have and then we can spend the summer getting all the players and new signings to work together as a unit and come out next season blasting everyone out of the water. Or is that me being an optimist, which doesn't seem to be      allowed on here much any more. LOL
28/12/2012 17:32:00
Football News 24/7 Numerous reports are suggesting that Inter Milan midfielder Wesley Sneijder is set to make the move from the San Siro to White Hart Lane when the transfer window re-opens. On the face of it, this would be a great move for Tottenham, but I can't help but think that Spurs would be better off doing their January shopping elsewhere, and here's why. There is no doubt that Sneijder is among the very best creative playmakers in the world. During his time at Inter, he won the Champions League as well as several league and domestic cup titles. This success came about after he was frozen out at Real Madrid after being surplus to requirements, showing personal resolve and strength of character to prove the doubters wrong, if there ever were any. Such is Sneijder's quality that he has been linked with moves to Manchester United during almost all of the last five summer transfer windows. He is a player that Sir Alex Ferguson has admired for some time, and has been touted as the player that would complete United’s midfield. Yet, for whatever reason, a move to Old Trafford has thus far failed to materialise, with Ferguson opting to bring in Shinji Kagawa from Borussia Dortmund instead, meaning the Dutch international will have to look elsewhere if he wishes to end his stint in Italy in the new year. However, if Tottenham were to bring in someone of Sneijder's quality, his arrival has the potential to upset the balance at the club. Andre Villas-Boas has a committed and united squad at Spurs with a strong dressing room spirit, and the arrival of a big-name such as the 28-year-old Sneijder is more likely to do harm than good. 'AVB' has a wealth of midfield talent at his disposal and is already struggling to find a place in the side for all his midfielders. As a new signing, and one that would undoubtedly demand astronomical wages, Sneijder would be one of the first names on the teamsheet, and would not be willing to take a place on the bench from time-to-time. With the number of options available to Villas-Boas, this simply isn't possible and it could upset the balance in his starting XI. Whilst it is widely accepted that competition for places brings increased levels of performance, signing Sneijder could result in healthy competition for places turning disrupting the current dressing room harmony. The club could be left in a similar position to when Rafael van deer Vaart played for Spurs. The 29-year-old Dutch international expected to play, and the club had to change its system in order to accommodate him. This was less of a problem at the time as Spurs were undergoing a period of change in terms of playing style. To change the system to accommodate Sneijder would be a mistake as it would threaten the good progress that the club have made under Villas-Boas' tutelage. Sneijder, who has fallen out with the senior officials at Inter Milan after refusing to accept a significant wage cut, has perhaps showed that if he doesn't get his way, he possesses the ability to destabilise a club, with significant consequences. Although it cannot be denied that Sneijder is a fantastic player in his own right, the team must come before the individual, and his arrival at Spurs could disrupt the harmony at White Hart Lane. No-one can be allowed to compromise the team’s progress and chances of achieving its goals. That is why I believe it could be a costly mistake if Spurs were to sign Sneijder. I liked this but didn't know how to put on link
Big Ron
28/12/2012 17:36:00
non per usual the January transfer window is bo££ocks....we aint buying, Levy aint interested cos we aint even seen what or who are 1st 11 is.!....we havent had a full squad together all season long...give AVB the full squad and lets look at the results he gets tats the way Levy will be thinking.......for te fans the jury is out on AVB and every comment on every article posted since avb became our manager shows just how nervous we all are about AVB....we all wish him well but he's got a big fat question mark over his head...Levy and the Board either give him the tools he needs to finish the job or we stay with what we have got, which...lets face it...aint enough to give us 3rd let alone 4th.......the question is; what position do we want in the PL against what can we afford.?...we either buy the Premiership title or we fight for the moment it's who has the biggest wallett?...which is sad..cos its the designer label that wins not football.......we aint a designer label, unlike Man ****h Chelski and Manure... they have a label or brand, we dont .....were still waiting to break in to the FTSE 100 of Football Clubs....players like Bale give us the brand but he can be bought and that means our brand can fall back into the shadow when he goes cos, only the players who excite tv audiences sell........AVB has a job on his hands and that job has to be achieved with a full squad, if we dont get 4th or higher this year AVB has failed...sorry! but that is the facts...HR raised the bar and so with it the fans expectations of getting 4th or higher .......your mission AVB should you choose it is .....? this tape will self destruct in 10 seconds!
OyVeh Maria
28/12/2012 17:36:00
chrishove123..... Is not even close to being right .

We need 1 maybe 2 strikers & a right winger .They are priority ,Sneijuder or Moutinho are a bonus but not vital positions unless the brilliant Dembele struggles with injuries .

Half way we have 33 points & we may need 70 ,second half 37 points .
Very impressed with lloris ,defence well covered with kaboul & BAE comong back ,but relying too much on Bale & Defoe to score or assist .
Lennon & Adebayor need to be improved on & Siggy is not a top 4 player ,Swansea was hi right level but he took the bucks offered to him & who can blame him ,at least he puts in the effort ,you can respect that .
Dempsey is looking better but still falls short imo .If you want 4th then we have a fight for it ,need a better first 11 & let players like Adebayor & Lennon improve the bench ,which is not good enough .
Defoe needs it too sometimes ,but respect to him for his best ever season ,but still so hot & cold .
big cockeral
28/12/2012 17:41:00
striker and maybe a playmaker in case dembele gets injured.....wesley s. must have a problem
28/12/2012 18:01:00
I am not disageeing with anyone that we need a creative MF and a top striker. But I do disagree with those who don't think we are presently good enough for 3rd or 4th. At the halfway mark we ARE 4th and we have top players coming back. I am concerned about Dembele's ability to last the next 19 EPL games and for that alone I would like to see Sneijder come in. If that's not going to happen then we do need to find someone who can back him up. And of course would love to see a solid striker in also.
28/12/2012 18:18:00
Shame, but never a realistic signing sadly. However, a top class, big game player with fight and ability who would have, of course, significantly improved us for a couple of years. :(
28/12/2012 18:25:00
Further I don't agree with those who say the jury is still out on AVB. I think he's shown that he extremely capable of handling the EPL and Spurs. Many of the players are still coming to grips with his game planning and you can see that in their play. They are still thinking the strategy rather than playing naturally so the movements are slow but they're still in contention and getting better with every game. Once the thinking is replaced by reflex (gained through repetition) they will speed up and become even more formidable. I think that many of us think this change is simple for the players but it isn't. Believe me AVB has done a great job so far and I look forward to great things.
28/12/2012 18:26:00
Ditto Frank
28/12/2012 18:28:00
In August avb only wanted two players - William and moutinho. Mouthing this season or comments on the forums would disagree with those types of players needed. Why would avb have changed his targets - maybe the players will change ( eriksen instead of moutinho) but assume he still feels we need to strengthen in those areas. Of course, the press statement is natural, rather than, hike up your prices because we are keen on xyz. Not sure levy will fund any January acquisitions though ???.
28/12/2012 18:28:00
The board should hand over 50 million to AVB (the Under Armour money) and tell him "Here's some cash to fine tune your team in the January, cause we believe in you! Get on with it my son!" Then Levy can get back to doing what he does best, bean counting...
28/12/2012 18:48:00
jvd Agreed we are only 2 points, YES ALL YOU DOOM MONGERS READ IT TWO POINTS, off third. wait until summer when prices will be down on what they are now. Bit dumb spending out when we don't NEED it. we WILL need it come summer though to strengthen the squad for next season's assault on the CL.
28/12/2012 19:16:00
jvd, chrishove123...... Yeah, you're both right it's only 2 points. Trouble is and you've got to be honest here, it could quite easily have been 10-15 points already, that's how lucky some of our results have been so far. Now I've said in the past that AVB seems to be a lucky manager but to pin everything on that luck holding rather than making some solid investment in the team is imo rather silly.
28/12/2012 20:48:00
Pelebro, I like you have always assumed that Levy was a bean counter, but apparently his "degree" is in Land Management, so perhaps instead of counting beans he wiles away his time on his allotment.
29/12/2012 11:46:00
You are so right thfc1882whl, of course we need to invest. Even the top teams strive to improve in every window. Does anybody seriously expect that Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton will stick rather than twist in the January window, of course not, they will all be in there trying to improve their squads. Anybody who believes that with only 2 strikers, and a total lack of match winning creativity from MF, and our weak bench, we can sustain our current league position and finish in the CL places, is in my opinion either overly optomistic or deluded, the reality being that any injury to a striker, or Dembele, or suspensions in key areas, will cost us dearly, and in addition we have several players who "pick themselves" and are under no pressure to perform, which is never an ideal situation.
29/12/2012 12:09:00
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