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Unsung hero!

Many things have been said and written about Aaron Lennon, but sadly many ignore the quality, work rate and team ethic of a genuine unsung hero in the Tottenham team.

Sure Lennon has been guilty of being a little one-dimensional, lacking quality in the last quarter, either in his supply or finish, whilst he is yet to truly convince that he is comfortable cutting inside as well as out, from his favoured right side, but on all counts I see him improving, perhaps due to his own effort and growing maturity, but I also wonder if this is down to the coaching staff instilling confidence as well as demanding more from a player who without question has the ability, but perhaps he has not always had that belief to take on his man or shot himself, preferring the safe and simple option, but giving others the glory.

After the Swansea game I read with some disbelief an article in this sites forum that both Lennon and Walker weren't good enough for our team. Sadly I can't add Walker to this lovefest, as he hardly covered himself in glory with another brainstorm that cost us a goal, but equally, I still have absolute faith that he has the ability, intelligence and dedication to work on his game and become the great full back we all hoped he would do. Lennon may often be overlooked for the likes of Bale in the popularity or glory stakes, but am I alone in feeling that Aaron has developed his all-round game and has a work-rate second to none when compared with others in his position.

How often when fans talk about their ideal Spurs XI, Lennon gets overlooked for a fancy formation or supposedly more popular or expensive buy, even players we haven't got and probably never will have, but somehow Lennon always seems to get picked for the starting line up that counts, whether that is AVB or Harry Redknapp. Probably because he does his job and his role in the team is vastly and increasingly under-rated. I concede that Aaron can sometimes frustrate, but isn't that the life of a winger? What Lennon showed yesterday and also in other games recently is a greater willingness to roam, drop deep, play from the left or centre, instead or sticking rigidly on his right flank, often getting overlooked as the team relies of running through the centre or via the magical pace of Gareth Bale on the left.

Yesterday I was delighted to see Lennon score a great individual goal. One where he created and finished. My only wish is to see him do that more and to do that perhaps he needs to be more selfish, but will that detract from his wonderful team ethic that is so often overlooked by fans, if not by his team-mates? Perhaps getting a balance is what is needed. Both he and Bale have outstanding pace and stamina, but also a brilliant work ethic to their games. Bale for me often goes for glory, whereas Lennon takes the route that more often than not looks to play in a team-mate instead of taking the ball on himself. I suppose as long as the end result is successful, all is good, but I do feel that Lennon needs that extra bit of selfish, to perhaps take his own game further and perhaps allow AVB to develop the team with him in it as a more attacking and goal threat.

For me, where Aaron has lacked, when we talk about playing towards a 4-3-3 or similar is that he isn't dangerous in and around the opposition 18 yard box. If he could add that touch of selfish and get somewhere near ten goals a season, you feel he would truly be the player to offer us the quality of the likes of Remy or dare I suggest Walcott in their ability to play wide or in an attacking three, but be a scoring threat as well as a creative one. Over the last three seasons, Lennon's goals per game simply hasn't matched his potential in my opinion. I know there is more to his game than goals, but I do feel he needs to add that goal threat to his game and therefore I was so pleased to see him score yesterday. Three goals in twenty-seven games for club and country this season remains poor, but it compared with 4 in 32 last and 3 in 46 the season before that, so it is clear that ten goals in two and a half season isn't good for Lennon, but the question is, can he offer more and if not are his all round attributes good enough to be an integral part of the AVB era???

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday December 30 2012

Time: 10:23AM

Your Comments

Another unsung hero for me is Hugo Flubber Lloris.

He has brought a real calmness and steel to the defense. He acts as a sweeper which helps the way we play. Also, the constant change of back 4 doesnt seem to affect him. He just gets on with his job. The great thing about Lloris is, he still can go up 2 or 3 gears when asked for. We have not yet seen him make stunning saves, yet at this time is enough for us to get across the line.
at last a positive article about azza. thanks ox.
He looked very good yesterday and scored a very well taken goal. More please Azza.
As for as Lennon, the best thing about him is his fitness itself. I dont think he has ever started 10 games in a row let alone 19 gaes he has done this season. He is still going strong. He seem to learn a lot this season. His crossing has improved.

One thing he has to improve though his attempts at goal. To my mind, he is one of the best finishers in our club. But he doesnt go for it. May be its the way he has played all these years that always tries to pass it to others. He has to take it on himself sometimes and trust his abilities.
He's vital to our squad. Keep it up Azza. Coys!!
Totally with you there Ox. He's been my favourite player in this spurs era since ginola, and agree that he's been largely overlooked. He is one of those who can create chances other nothing. And We've never had to worry about him leaving, never been any rumour, unlike our other super stars.
special too
Ox.. a good article.. Lennon always underated..yet when we qualified for CL, and season after..... Charlie and Azza were working the right side very well...I remember that run and pass to crouch in the Milan game... and I hope he can get walker to tune in properly to show that same quality play...alongside his increased ability & confidence. COYS
Block D Spurs
Can we still call Walcott a s**t Aaron Lennon?
hes not unsung for me i have always been a fan
I have no doubt that Walker has the ability howeverI am wondering about the dedication and more so about the intelligence!! He should have sorted these mistakes out by now. My main concern is his positional sense, his pace can't get him out of every situation and better teams will target him. However, he can still sort it out with some hard work on the training ground.
Always been a huge admirer of Lennon, massive work rate and great team ethic! If only every footballer had his mentality
He scored a very well taken goal which had the pundits drooling over him. AVB gets it right again as those who know jack $hit still rail against Aron lennon. BLIND PATHETIC FOOLS.
Good article that will prompt healthy debate I'm sure! The final paragraph is a good summing up of the situation, both Lennon and Defoe work best in the traditional 442 formation and I can't see either being able to adapt to AVB's favoured 433 line up. I wouldn't be surprised to see them both sold as soon as we have someone to play on the right of a front three.
Great proffessional and ideal squad player. Helps to allow others to progress..(Bale). That said.....If only a few more goals were coming...from somewhere other than Bale. Until this is corrected, we will struggle to be a consistent top 4 / trophy winning team.
great article!have a poster of Azza on me room!Wonderful team player.Waiting for Big C to comment on this article! (:
One of my favourite players. We all know he can improve on his finishing but when he is out the balance of midfield is not the same. We desperatley need cover. Maybe push walker further upfield when lennon's injured?? that way kyle's mistakes will not be so crucial. Lennon is a master for drawing fouls in dangerous positions and i love his work rate, top player.
spurfect one
Yes, good point there...i.e..lennon draws fouls out of the opposition gains many corners. Unfortunatley this has not been Maximised into goals.....blame that on ?..(coaches / Players ?). Still would like to see Townsend given more opportunity. But No doubting....Lennon is a unsung hero of the spurs squad.
I think we have all said from time to time on here, he gives us balance and gives his all be that attacking or defending. His goal yesterday won us the game, he needs more of the same, his crossing of a football has let him down in the past, his biggest asset is his pace, sometimes it's worth the gamble, to just go past your full back and ping it across the 6yd box, then anything can happen. The biggest worry we have is him getting injured we don't have any back up of that quality down the right. With Bale getting booked yesterday gives him a clean slate, missing the Reading game. Just on yellow cards after yesterday the folowing payers are safe Jermain Defoe, Sandro and Jan Vertonghen - all on four, After this weekend, they will have to accumulate ten by April 2 to receive the same punishment, missing the next game.
spu 4 life
Love the Mike Bassett interview on here talking about wet spam vs reading, ''continued to pin them in'' No you continued to lump it high and mighty onto the reading 18yd box and got phuck all, reading had two shots all game, one goes in, the other one was off target, i watched it after our game, only because i wanted wet spam to lose. And you think we have problems, Lol..
spu 4 life
Off topic... In todays game between Everton vs Chelski what result do you want. Draw in a short term is good for us but both teams will be happy to get a point and might not stop their momentum. I really cant make up my mind
who says 4-3-3 is AVBs preferred lineup... just cos (like every other team in continental Europe)he played with 1 central striker at Porto and had the likes of Hulk as wide attackers who also tracked back (this part is more important than most think).... I think AVB knows we need use a 4-4-2 to get the best outta Defoe and even Bale, Lennon who are wide players... even here Bale may yet turn into a central attacker to maximise his abilities and get more time on the ball (apparently its thought a goodish idea to get your most talented player on the ball alot).... I think with Lennon, he could be a useful 'behind the striker' player due to his unselfishness, workrate, pace and ability to attack the box late.... good to see Lennon get his dues, hopefully far more to come when he allows himself to attack the box more a la Bale
We bought Lennon for £1m, he's already made close to 300 appearances for us and, I think, is still improving. Pretty good business really.
told ya!I was waiting for Big C to comment!
A good article. Lennon does work very hard and covers back in every game and deserves massive credit for that. Yesterday he was superb and also scored, but such performances are needed more often from him - hence why I think avb was keen to get William. We miss his pace when he is not in the team and am so glad he is ours. Keep improving Lennon and keep doing what you did so effectively yesterday. I remember one game away at Chelsea where he played behind forward and was superb too.
Aaron Lennon simply brilliant alot of the time a tue Spurs player but are Mr Levy/AVB convinced as we continue to flirt with Remy?
The guy is as quick and brave as they come, he is a good team player and puts the graft in. The only problems are his final ball and overall shortage of goals, this is probably why there has never been serious suitors for his signature. OK he occasionally lays on a chance, and like yesterday, he will score the odd goal, often to his credit an important goal. What I am really saying is, as useful as he is, there could with more care and awareness, be so much more. However I don't think anybody could argue that at £1M he wasn't a bargain.
Everton lead and who else-Pienaar;also in my fantasy team
and Everton hit the post twice!this game is getting good
Everton 1-0 in a minute v Chelsea, are all over them, and guess who is bossing it, Pienaar, where di we go wrong, he has been massive since he returned to Everton. Together with Fellaini the main reasons they are as close to us as they are.
Frank - You could make the same case for Bassong, since he's gone to Norwich he's suddenly a different player. Players are succesful at one club and not another, its always been true and always will be.
Pienaar didn't do much wrong, glimpses of billiance until his injury against Preston in the cup. It was just that he was competing with Bale for his place and did not get a decent run inthe side when he came back? A real shame we missed out on his best form methinks but heh hoh...
"After the Swansea game I read with some disbelief an article in this sites forum that both Lennon and Walker weren't good enough for our team." - Ox, my article was an attack at how bad the two are as a pairing on the right - the least coherent we have had in many years. I also went on to say that I would rather keep Lennon and find someone to play behind him that would bring the best out of him. I also still think Naughton would be a fantastic partner for Lennon
dave the yid
Opposition teams would much rather play Spurs without Lennon in the starting line up than with him in, great player IMO and only cost us £1M from Leeds what a transfer!
Dave the yid - that pairing is contributing to a team which is currently 3rd in the premiership I think that there are far more worse right sided pairings out there than there are better ones. Yes some performances have not been great - Walker in particular - but lets see how he develops we cant just drop him and not support him because his going through a poor patch in form - that is cr@p support which I expect from Arsenal fans not Tottenham.
Thought we should have kept Pienaar as back up for both wings and central midfield.
Guyver - Pienaar needs football week in week out to be the footballer he is for Everton; make him a super sub or back up and as we found out he isn't the same player.
MrSpurs, there wasnt a single player outside of Harry's special 13 who performed well. The way AVB has managed this squad, i believe he'd have got a lot more from the likes of Pienaar and Kranc.
Everton vs Chelski is really good game. Both are playing well. Whats noticeable is the how fast both team move the ball. If anyone hangs on for more than one second they are being dispossessed. I see chelski getting the winner.
Spot on Ox. Very underrated player for his past 7, yes 7 seasons. He may be one of a few players that could end up with a testimonial at WHL, which seems quite unheard of in today's game. Add 4 assists to his goals and that makes a goal made or taken every 3 games, which isn't a bad start to the season for Azza! He could be a bit more selfish to make or take goals, but I'm glad you highlighted his work rate and other aspects of his game as it's usually the bits you don't see in a player that show the whole picture. Tracking back, simple passing etc... He'll continue to set up others and hopefully take a few more chances in 2013. COYS!!
Guyner - yes but Siggy has not had the impact he was having at Swansea and Dempsey isn't performing like he was at Fulham. Not critising either player as I like them both but if you signed the best player from each club that wouldn't necessary make the best team; players like Demba Ba like the big fish in a small pond situation put them in a team where perfromances are expected week in week out rather than hoped for and you dont always get the same result.
Lennon for me is my favourite Spurs player and he is improving which is refreshing and I think this season he could get 10 goals which would be great for us and him and that is credit to him and AVB and the coaching staff. I think he is a Spurs player through and through and think we are a better side with him in and we miss him when he is out. A bit more belief in himself and continual work rate will make him a all round player imo and I think he can achieve that with the current regime.

Great work rate and team ethic and defensively does more than Bale. He has excellent control when bringing the ball down from a long pass and he can actually shield the ball well even though he is small he is very sturdy and balanced.
how did we loose to everton they are a rich mans stoke all they do is kick rush and lump it in to the box. thats the first i hav seen them this season and i expected alot more they remind me f prem teams ten years ago
I don't think Lennon is an unsung hero. Most fans really like him, as far as i know. He is what he is. He will never quite be the full package buts that's ok for now because we don't have anyone better for the right side. Something i think we should try and address if we get into the CL.
who would you get asher s i cant think of any better that would be within reach for us
He had a superb game yesterday and we were playing away when he often looks very nervous.Great to see him score; wish he would shoot more often instead of passing sideways.AVB tell him to shoot so we can have two scoring wingers.
Apparently Chelsea talking to Dember Ba, they are obviously making their move before the window opens, must be nice.
Also there is talk of a £9M bid by Liverpool for Wesley Sjneider.
got your work cut out with that lot Harry Redknapp, can you play like that against us?
spu 4 life
jljyid, i really don't know. As i said, if we make the CL it's something we should look at. We may be able to bring in that special player and truly believe that player would have been Hazard, had Chelsea not lucked the CL.
MrSpurs what you say is true, but I just feel pienaar has done more in his career for both Ajax (scoring in a CL quarter final vs Milan) and Everton, than Demps or Siggy have achieved for Swansea & Fulham, who I consider to be even smaller "ponds" than Everton.
It would be interesting to hear from all the guys on the forum that was saying we had to buy Junior Hoilett (you know the guy that are on the QPR bench). He was supposed to be so much better than Aron Lennon.
perhotspur, how can you judge a young attacking player in that QPR side, they are so poor it isn't true. How do we know how good Hoilet would have been for us, with some quality supply, and movement around him. For the price at the time, I still think he would have been a good squad player for us. I don't think anybody ever suggested Hoilet in, Lennon out, that wasn't the consideration. He isn't better, or worse, than Lennon, he is different to Lennon.
Our greatest strength as a team is pace on the flanks. IMO Lennon has been good all season, id say behind only Verts, Bale and Defoe as our player of the season currently.
One thing is you can clearly see that Walcott has improved over his time at Arsenal all this guy had was pace, we wasnt particularly amazing at taking on people, his final ball was awful and his decision making was bad BUT he has improved his all around game, Lennon on the other hand has pretty much stayed as he came to us, his final delivery has only improved marginally, his shooting from range is shocking i mean watch his technique its all over the place. But i like the guy he is a threat, the narrow formation should play to his strengths a lot more. I'm actually going to take a shot at the coaching staff and say they simply missed an op to turn a good player into a great one.
Lennon has been one of our most consistent players and when all attention is focused on Bale Lennon takes advantage of the space, if only he'd get a little bit more selfish and bale would get a little less! Having viewed the las couple of games it seems as if Ade is the weak link in the squad, our front two don't seem to be working like they were earlier in the season. No work rate from either player dropping back and offering a opion from deep!
Slurms McKenzie
One good game? I know youre racist and stupid, but blind as well?
Slurms McKenzie, I think that Ade works hard off the ball. He just isn't scoring or assisting. His hold up play has been good.
I mean its almost as if your dissapointed that one of our players has done well, just to save face. Sad.
big cockeral, most people can see that Lennon is having a good season; not just one good game. Unless we all don't know what we're talking about and you're right lol.
Big C, have you been watching Spurs this season? Lennon has been impressive for the majority of games this season and though as I wrote in the article, there are areas that still need work, he is definitely worthy of his place in the team
IMO what we are seeing with many of our players is a) they are inherited by AVB with virtually no additions of his choice, b) He is doing his best with what he has at his disposal and c) I am sure by now he knows the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and the team as a whole. Therefore, IMO, he is deploying players to suit his style and at the same time developing some of them (adapting) to offer more to the team.

So, this season, IMO, both Lennon and Defoe are doing more within the team than they have done in the past 2/3 seasons. Lennon is at an age where imo, he is unlikely to improve on his crossing and shot-taking (an age and body thing). Whilst he has been at Spurs, he may have remained static in his development, but imo he has matured. It is that MATURE role that is being asked of him by AVB. He will never be like Bale (age and physicality) and being diminutive, he will not have that power either. He does MORE on the whole of the RHS than Bale does on the LHS. How many times have we seen Lennon come to Walker’s rescue?! The way he jinks past defenders and still be able to sprint is a great attribute so much so that the opposition still deploy TWO against him.

As I’ve said on previous threads, he has become a more mature TEAM player and if it wasn’t for him, Walker would look like a Championship league player. I hope Lennon stays with Spurs ‘til the end of his career. His impact should be recognised.

On a final note, with Bale missing for the Reading game, I would be keen to put Lennon on the LEFT so that he can come in shoot with the correct foot, whilst bring Townsend on the right. The Reading game gives us an ideal opportunity to try out a couple more squad players. COYS!
Also, re the Reading game, I would give Parker the full 90 mins and rest Sandro...he desrves the rest!
Lennon has been mostly 7 out of 10 this season. I've said this a few times but I can normally count to 2 before he reacts defensively and starts running back. Then it's a sprint and everyone goes over the top about his work rate. If he woke up quicker, we wouldn't notice as much. That being said, he' done his bit for the team this season. I just wish he'd gamble a bit more when up against the full-back. That's what he used to do before Capello and Harry got hold of him. I still think the best is yet to come from him though under AVB.
yes, please do rest Sandro... in fact, take all the tiome you want to Sandro ole boy, and try not to rush back
Are you saying you don't rate Sandro, V-R?
Viyyash,another wind up, Sandro would be amongst my first 3 on the teamsheet.
matt hoten
perhotspur, I am one that wouldn't mind Hoilett joining Spurs, him and Samba were the only two class players Blackburn had. He was in QPR's team before Redknapp arrived and would be a useful backup wide player who can score goals.He would also be in Levy's price range.Another one we could have gone for is Moses.
matt hoten
One of my favourite player for some years now. I read an interview a couple of years ago (the guardian, me thinks) where he said he'd been working a lot on controlling the ball at speed. I think it shows. The lad is 25. He'll only get better. Pro on the pitch - no troubles outside. Dared to put his foot down when HR suggested he'd bottled out before the 0-4 drabbing against Real ***. THE 4-4 goal. I hope he stays at the Lane (or NP) for the rest of his playing days.
Have to agree, he is having a stellar season. Maybe in some due to with AVB and his coaching but his final ball and variation in that final ball has been the difference. Even though he's been slated over the last few seasons I never thought he was that bad. Still as long as other clubs think he's average and don't want to buy him then that suits us! Keep it up Azza!
North Upper
Yes, Lennon has been consistent.....never less than a 6 and never more than a 7. Question is....can he increase his scoring rate ? Think his scoring record is about 25 goals in 225 games for spurs. I think he will score again...vs Reading. My team for Reading...would be...Lloris,naughton,dawson,caulker,vertonghen, Lennon,parker,dembele,townsend, dempsey,siggurdsen. Subs: Friedel,walker,gallas,livermore,sandro, defoe, adebayor. "come on you spurs"
I sometimes wonder how we'd be doing with Corluka partnering Lennon on the right. They had a great understanding and, though slower, Charlie has a far better football brain and awareness of position than Walker. The moves he worked with Lennon a couple of seasons back were real class and made the best use of Aaron's pace. Big mistake to sell him IMO.
coopsieyid, precisely what I have been saying about Lennon's defending. Lennon makes Walker look better than what he really is. I can't wait for Naughton or someone else to be give a chance at the RB so that Lennon can focus on what he is good at. I am amazed that Walker has been given endless opportunities. How?!
It really is amazing bigot c you are right. The "Lennon Don`t give a flying phuck about his back tracking" comment is particularly amazing.
If you don't give a ***** about his back tracking, then we all understand why you don't rate Lennon big c. However, his back tracking has significantly helped in our recent solid defensive record and also the dominance you talk of. A crucial part of a rm role me thinks and azza is great at it, just needs to improve delivery and goals, but progress this year.
Aother outstandng game for AAron good on you. Fantastic performance - well impressed
I agree.. Hoilett is playing for a bad team. And I wouldnt mind having him in the squad. But I see that a lot of people here on the forum doesnt seem to rate Lennon, and a lot of the same people was saying we should get Hoilett as an replacement. Now Hoilett is on the QPR bench. And I think Lennon as been our best player so far this season.
Honestly, I dont see why these topics come up every year - every single time Lennon gets injured we're all talking about how much we need him, yet he continues to become an 'unsung hero'. Granted a few years ago, when he first broke into the England team, he stopped running at defenders. Nerves or something clearly got to him. Now though hes back to his best, and proves time and time again we rely on just as much on the right as we do Bale on the left. Been saying for years we need a genuine replacement for Lennon and Bale, personally id have gone for Sturridge in a big way. I know hes not the best player in the world, but the fact he can play wide left, wide right, down the middle, and has pace to burn means hes an ideal fit in the 3 positions we need cover in. This time last year when he got injured our season plummeted

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