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He's earned the trust, so surely he's backed now?

This is nothing more than sharing a thought I had, but I think it's a thought with some merit & hopefully you'll agree!

In the summer, many of us were left gutted & perplexed by our inability to finalise the much reported deals for Willian and Moutinho. I think both players would have been an amazing couple of additions to our squad, and could have potentially raised our global profile too. However, I think I've come to understand why these deals never actually went through!!

At the start of summer it was announced that our new manager would be a certain Andre Villas-Boas, a guy who had just endured a complete nightmare at our not so great London rivals. Though the media would have us believe that he was an unmitigated failure, I think the more rational amongst us could see that it was nothing more than a case of the massive egos at Chelsea not liking a manager who came in with instructions to get rid of the old-guard, whilst also actually telling the players what to do. This resulted in them not putting in any effort, disharmonising the changing room and, ultimately, getting AVB the sack. The press loved it because they had someone to slaughter, whilst the players loved it because it meant they get what they want, ie one of their 'old buddies' coming in & letting them do as they wished.

Back on topic though, our chairman took this supposed gamble & gave this young ambitious manager the chance to resurrect his career & hopefully implement a true long-term vision at our beloved THFC. Although he (and we) desperately wanted these 'worldies' called Moutinho & Willian, it appears our chairman erred on the side of caution and opted for the 'cheaper' and 'safer' options of Sigurdsson & Dempsey.

Were we underwhelmed? Well in comparison to the aforementioned names, yes we probably were. However, think about it from Mr Levy's point of view for a second. Although it was he who ultimately made the decision to hire AVB, it would be absolutely understandable if he decided to wait & see if this young manager had the same nightmare at THFC, as he did at CFC. Afterall, the £40million+ it would have cost to sign Willian & Moutinho would have been a massive sum to fork out if the manger was to prove that his last managerial adventure (nightmare) wasn't simply a 'one off'!!

So here we are some 6 or so months later, with the same young manager our chairman opted to bring in and, to be fair, he's done a very good job, especially when you take into account that the team that finished 4th last season had options such as Kaboul, Parker, Ekotto, Van der Vaart & Modric. These are players that our latest manager has not had the luxury of being able to utilise. So based on that fact alone, I'd say that AVB has actually exceeded what I believed he was going to be able to do with what he has at his disposal.

So after all of that, I think it's fair to say that AVB has, hopefully, now earned the trust of Mr Levy & Mr Levy can see for himself that IF he dips into those famously deep pockets and buys the quality of player that AVB would like him to buy, we'd be able to push on to the next level & pretty much guarantee CL qualification not just this season, but for many seasons to come. Afterall, who doesn't believe that if we were to add just a 'class' playmaker, ie a David Silva type player, and a 'class' striker, ie a RVP type striker, we would be more than capable of aiming for more than just 4th and, dare I say it, even compete with the 2 Manc clubs..

Over to you… COYS

Written by coopsieyid

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The journalist

Writer: coopsieyid Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 31 2012

Time: 4:28PM

Your Comments

Welcome back Coops! I have to agree that he has done a very decent job to day and the work he has put in to date, will I believe reap real rewards over the rest of the season and beyond

Come on Levy, get the money out. COYS
Fantastic article, agree with every word. Its time to back AVB. I have been pleasantly suprised with Siggy & Dempsey though in recent weeks after slow starts, but with the right investment we can really kick on. COYS
Can we sign up some Liverpool supporters and give them some of ours?
Where does everybody think we need investment the most? Personally for me a striker/winger type to cover Bale & Lennon is a must. Zaha or Ince would provide top young cover at the right price, both with huge potential. Then obviously a VDV replacement is still needed - however i can't see Willian or Isco coming in Jan with their respected teams doing so well. In that respect i can't see anyone being available better than we already have. Must say its a pleasant relief not being linked to Joe Cole for once! lol COYS
Good article Coopsie. Yes I have to admit as a serious doubter on his appointment that up until now AVB has done a good job. As you say Levy could possibly have an excuse for not giving a wedge to spend in the summer as he had claimed to have the previous January with doubts regarding HR's freedom, or his likely imminent departure for the England job hanging over us.
We should certainly test Ajax's resolve with a bid for Eriksen, he has everything we need and should be reasonably affordable. Doubt they will sell in Jan though
Agree 100%, there surely can't be many doubters left now, just Raging perhaps :-) Welcome back Coops and a very happy new year to yourself, to Ox for his splendid work throughout the year, and all posters on here and in the Vital family.
Sorry pressed "submit" by mistake. Meant to continue by saying the time for excuses is now over, the time for realistic investment to secure a CL spot is now here. You appointed the guy, now back him, let's get Wesley Snjeider an a decent striker, let's show some ambition at last. Time to stop sitting on your hans and take a punt Ebonezer Levy.
Happy New Year to all on Vital Spurs, the best supporters web site. Lets hope 2013 brings us some success, and please, please, Mr. Levy let's spend a few quid and fetch CL football back to WHL.
I don't actually think that levy not backing avb in the summer was because of any uncertainty - surely levy trusted his decision to appoint him then as many on here did. Delighted he has proven himself and as the article states, why would he still not want William and moutinho. We made a profit in the summer, have a good squad 15 and only need to add those who will improve us. Levy has to back avb and support his own brave decision. I have always liked the way levy has run things, but must admit to frustration in the last few windows (although was delighted with siggy and Dempsey). Please back him levy and we could have a real shot. Hope he does. Happy new year all. Coys
Clearing cudicini, Bentley, Gomes, jenas would help convince levy. Four out, two top players in and use youngsters as support.
Huddersfield - yes, eriksen is a more likely levy buy ( age, sell on opportunity) than moutinho and similar positions, so assume avb would be as happy. Also hear the noises that Ajax would sell, but equally, positive moutinho noises today.
Was there on Saturday , proper die hard supporters that go everywhere ,3,200 of singing a v b army ,was brilliant ,we all love him and those that don't ain't got a clue !!!!!!
Very good article and agree completely. Am a huge fan of his am he was the only man I wanted to take the job. Not just for the present an our style of football but also the lasting legacy I feel he will build throughout the club, similar to that of Ajax an dare I say it Barca but not quite to that high a standard I feel lol
To add my tuppence worth I also think there's little chance AVB will take his eye off the ball in the New Year like 'arry did, promising better results than last years 1st quarter debacle. As AVB came on board so late it made sense to me to stick with signings we'd made, I can't imagine he didn't have some kind of say in them though. Dempsey, Siggy & Ade are all fitting in now & though Ade isn't scoring his threat & ball holding abilities allow others more time & space. A couple of young back ups in January would be good & fingers crossed for 4th place.
trust does NOT equal a blank-cheque.....both Defoe and Ade were 're-bought' under AVB's watch with new contracts signed this summer. there will not be any money to appease the fans until summer with the money from the Bale-sale. when that happens you can be assured you'll all be thrown some raw meat in the form of a famous person who happens to be a footballer bought, maybe 2.... until then be assured that trust in AVB was already given when he was offered the long and very lucrative contract to be head-coach at Spurs... you might be lucky if we get 10m+ for BAE to re-spend on a backup striker from France.
Coopsie, glad to see you in good posting form. While Dempsey was the best that was available at the deadline, Sigurdsson was an early buy and had nothing to do with whether we signed Willian or not. In fact, he was discussed for almost a month after the signing and would have been a great compliment to Lennon and Bale. He did not come because he had CL and obviously the fee was never agreed. Porto were reputed to be asking more for Moutinho than we got for Modric and then there was the third party ownership issues, which, to date, have not been resolved. I believe Moutinho has also been said to be holding out fo CL in England or Inter/AC or another perennial Cl team, so I don't see it as any more realistic today.

Spurs are between a rock and a hard place. Can't yet offer CL year in and year out and will not pay the ridiculous wages that Chelsea, City, Barca, RM, Inter, Juve, AC, PSG or ManU will pay. It leaves us always waiting on others to decide that we are the best remaining option before they will sign. Llorente could have come to us or gone to Juve. Both teams were apparently willing to pay Bilbao more than what a player soon to be on a free should command, yet, he chose to stay and/or Bilbao chose not to see. Llorente will be free i the summer, no comp and has stated he hopes to play for either RM or Barca. So, so long as it remains possible that he will sign for one of those two, he will not sign elsewhere. Isco too knows he has caught the eyes of virtually every top club. Not easy ever, but then, other than Liverpool or Arsenal, every other team below us in the table has it worse because we're long before them on all of these same lists.

AVB was, IMO, supported from the get go. Levy has always supported new managers. The issue we had was that we had a huge surplus of players and were no willing (or able) to let Modric go for a tuppence. That said, Lloris, Dempsey, Adebayor, Sigurdsson, Vertonghen were all signed and Caulker and Naughton brought back in to the fold. Friedel has been extended. Cudicini looks set to leave. It seems to me that AVB and Levy are on the same page and both understand the financial realities Spurs must live by. That, to me, seems a hugely positive thing going forward. We can't give Schneijder 200,000 plus Euros per week he is supposedly on. A deal may well be possible, but only once the selling club and the player believe what Levy is offering is the best that wll be on the table. If he signs, it will be end of January. If Eriksson signs, it will be end of January. Same for Moutinho. Same for Llorente or Leandro. Only way to expedite it is to pay above market value on fee and salary and we all know that ain't going to happen. I support Levy in that. Like it or not, it's Spurs reality. A new stadium will alter the numbers upward, but we still should not be paying above market value for players. It's just not responsible. I back AVB. I back Levy and ENIC. I back all in a Spurs kit. There are better options out there. Whether they are affordable or not will be seen near the end of January

Happy New Year all. COYS
Mentioned above by windlespur, finally clearing out Cudicini, Bentley, Gomes and Jenas makes sense to me, I can see Hudd being added into that list. News from the physio mentions BAE and Kaboul both having had knee problems closer to returning. When Harry got the size 9 up the high road, the special one at the time said ''AVB was the man to take spurs forward'' Chelsea paid 13m to bring him in, we got him for nothing and his always showed a lot of desire and passion on the touchline, not as much as SF has, stefan is still pretty quick over 5yds when we score, the players have done well adapting to a new way of playing, but that little round thing called a football has never changed, maybe a little lighter. We are still a couple of players short in my eyes, a Moutinho, Eriksen or Sneijder would be excellent all three OMG Dream On, because we only have Dembele pulling the strings, we have Indians, we need a few more Chiefs in midfield, and that one other player another striker, i just feel Leandro (now) would be the best one possible and the answer. Sneijder (now) at the price, Moutinho or Eriksen in the summer, looking for less millions to spend on a versatile winger. AVB is doing very well, keep your foot on the gas and do Reading next up. COYS. Nice article from a top vital spurs member, happy days Coops stick with us. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL.
spu 4 life
We stalled last January, probably due to Harry's departure. No excuses Mr Levy, spent the cash! Happy New Year!!
Interesting point on the attack attack under HR and keeping hold of the ball stop/start under AVB, I get a little frustrated by it at times, but keeping hold of the ball means they can't score, can we please rattle up at least 4 goals in the first half vs reading and not go in 0-0 or like sunderland 0-1, when we have dominated play. That's my only ''beef''
spu 4 life
Coopsie, for all of the supposed flair of Redknapp's game when he was manager, he had the same issues breaking down Villa and any others content to absorb pressure. Modric and VDV did not do anything to change that. What we lack is the fluidity and creativity needed in the final third and that only comes from players who think the game at a higher level. Mata, Schneijder, Isco, Henry, Fabregas are players who can all break down a defence with a subtle run, touch or pass. The problem is, you need someone on the same wavelength or it goes for naught. Defoe would not be a 30 goal scorer with any of those players because he just doesn't get it. His runs are constantly behind defenders. He never anticipates crosses and when he pulls two defenders to him with his turns and control, he shoots rather than passing to the open man. We need a step up in the creativity between whatever two are up top, whether in a 4-4-2 or a 4-5-1, or e will continue to drop points and have games appear much closer than they should be. Just my opinion. COYS
The issue is not about AVB or trust, it is solely about Levy and his cheapskate approach to team building. For ENIC, the stadium and the property development are key, and if AVB can keep the team bobbing around 4th place in the League Levy is happy. Why spend more is his mantra. I doubt many on here would admit it, but the time for investment was when we actually got to 4th place and CL qualification 3 seasons ago, but no. Everyone could see that we needed strikers but no we got a crippled dutch guy instead. And every window since Levy has kept the investment (ie:spending more than income from sales) at a minimum to negative level. AVB has proved that he can manage in PL so now it is time to finally see whether Levy is interested in success on the pitch or he is just another bald-headed property developer. I won't be holding my breath but will be happy to finally see some real investment. And please don't bring up the world-class training facilities which took 10 years to deliver, especially when they are useless if you have no world-class players to use them.
Happy New Year to you and family Peter and all Spurs fans. Good article Coops, I have supported AVB from day one and have said many times Chelski's loss our gain. I have lost a little faith in Levy/Lewis, failing to address the striker issue for so long is not a good sign, showing some intent in January will be welcome, if we loose Dembele for any lenghth of time we lose all creativity.
ItalianYiddo, to you too. All the best to you and your family. OYS
love it coops....i liked avb from start so have to agree totally....two key players and nothing more...he deserves it and it would be nice to give it to the chavs...hmmmmm
AVB is showing passion and commitment which as fans we all love to see, must say I love Freund's eruptions when we score. COYS
Avb has shown great mental strength and a real passion that us fans love to see. Even enjoying the negatives on here slating him and especially those in the first half ( yes every opponent of ours should simply lay down and die) because he is proving them wrong under tough circumstances - didn't get the signings he wanted, lost vdv and modric and king, injuries to bae, kaboul, Parker and goalie situation to manage. Avb is our manager, so back him and support him. Coops, Durham will soon slag him off again, he is an idiot and I no longer follow him. He also said qpr would finish above spurs, Norwich would not win another match and city are better than barca :)
Cuc gone! On website!
Good article coops. You also talk sense in your posts chief. Nice that AVB is getting credit for doing a good job, now the club and fans are all pulling in the same direction, we can hope for an excellent 2013. Have a good new year people, even those on here that aren't particularly fond of me. COYS.
Not convinced by AVB at this time although the last 6 weeks have seen better selection and choice of system and the results prove it! Also would like to see a play maker arrive especially when we play at WHL confronted by 10 men behind the ball, it's then a David Silva type player would be the key. Would also like to see a competent left back arrive as Verts should be a CB and captain - what a player!
Most people here on the forum would've expected 6th or 7th going into the new year, losing Modric and VDV, bedding in a new manager... and look, we're 4th/5th, with several key injuries coming back. We have, finally, a win at Ol Trafford, and look how they are dominating the season thus far. We were oh so close to doing the same to Man City. We are experimenting with Defoe and Ade up front, it's not gelling yet but Ade has been rattled with injury. We had 3 clean sheets in a row without Kaboul, and with 3 different centre back line-ups. SO many positives to draw going into the next 19, I hope we have a sneaky striker back-up coming in, the rest will take care of itself. UP THE MIGHTY SPURS and happy new year to all my VS bruthaz and sistaz
I played golf with Carlo three weeks ago and he said he was hoping to tie up a us deal. Was the model professional and said avb was doing a fantastic job, just understood that he did not fit in with the plans and friedel / lloris were the only keepers going to play. A good lad, wish him well, but yes - as coops says, a good time to clear out early and convince levy to get one or two in.
Harry-Kari- "And please don't bring up the world-class training facilities which took 10 years to deliver, especially when they are useless if you have no world-class players to use them". World-class players aren't queueing up to join us though, is it easy in your world to buy players that don't want to come? If you don't think we've already got some very, very good players at the club then maybe you should watch a Spurs game, you'd probably enjoy it.
Thfc1882whl, he has, if memory serves, 14 goals in 28 appearances with 9 from 4. So 5 from the other 23. He scores in bunches, creates little else, and, for over a decade now scores an average of .6 goals per 90 minutes played. He'll finish with 18 goals, Dempsey and Ade will both score 4 or 5 and will have no chemistry with Defoe. Colour it how you wish. He needs 5 good to great chances to score 1 and that too is same old same old. His starting has caused others to be much less productive. You'll blame everyone else. I'll just say it was the same with Berba, Bent, VDV, Mido, Crouch, Keane and all the other vaut-riens he has played with. He is what he is. As prolific as Pav would have been given the same minutes. COYS
Happy New Year for every and each of my fellow Spurs fans. Be it Spurs related or not, wish you all the best. And, welcome back, Coops. Yours is an interesting article but I think Levy wouldn´t have signed "2nd class" players (Siggs and Demps) just to have a clear vision of what AVB could actually deliver with no "star players". Just for the record, I think Gylfi and Clint are finding their form and feet and we will see both helping us in the business end f the season. Not much Levy´s style, I think. Maybe it was just because it was just too much activity for a single summer. We must remember that Kaboul´s and Ekotto´s injuries came after season kick-off. In any case, Spurs have good coverage for all positions if we take into account players we haven´t much of since august (Townsend, Falque, Carroll). It is not the case of a complete restructuring process. A playmaker and a striker is all what we need. I think a star like Sneijder, given why he would leave Inter, could unbalance dressing room harmony. That is why I would go for Eriksen or William, younger that Wesley and less likely to act like PrimaDonnas. For a striker, maybe Damiao, maybe Llorente, maybe Remy, but no Demba Ba. COYS !!!!
big c, I'm fully aware of that mate, it was just a particular point that I highlighted in that post that was filled with the usual cut-and-paste moans. Hopefully the very good players we have like Sandro will stay with us, progress as a team and a club and improve. We've got a young squad so the future is bright.
big c, I'm fully aware of that mate, it was just a particular point that I highlighted in that post that was filled with the usual cut-and-paste moans. Hopefully the very good players we have like Sandro will stay with us, progress as a team and a club and improve. We've got a young squad so the future is bright.
Sorry for the double post.
happy new year to coopsie and all. i'm genuinely grateful for all who write articles but i will use my preogative to disagree. I said at the time talk of Moutinho & Willian was purely to divert attention for the sale of modric and to sell season tickets. How many top stars were we just on the verge of signing over the years. IF AVB failed the players would still be worth £40m, nobody would blame them. I wish AVB well and like the lad but the jury is still out for me. i can't see too much he has had to change, weplay with less pace and can be a bit boring at times
troffer2, playing with less pace is a GOOD thing, it shows a more measured approach which is less intensive on the fitness levels, and it also means we probably won't have our pants pulled down with a monumental dicking at Wembley like Chelsea dealt out last year. In six games last season we conceded three or more goals, sometimes five, gung-ho 1000mph football is watchable but it's not a winning formula.
OK I am going out on the town so to every Spurs supporter have a fantastic night and may Spurs push on into a hopefully very prosperous 2013 and may Levy dig deep into his pockets and get us the presents we demand/deserve/want HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peterbalb, my Mississauga bredren, too harsh on our little man Defoe. Most would argue that AVB has a way of getting Lennon and Bale up in more of a 4-3-3, with Dempsey behind, that seems to bring the most out of him. Since Dempsey's been injured and Ade's come back in, it doesn't seem to work. But he's working SO hard, he's getting back in the midfield in defence, he's running hard and creating space, and chances.... Have you seen different?
It's always the same. Had we lost the game vs Sun, resting Vertongen, ppl would be calling for AVB's head. Had we rested Lennon and played Townsend or Falque, and gone down 1-0, well of course it was the manager's incompetence. Full faith I have in AVB now, and so SO chuffed he's put some faith in Naughton because he's improving leaps game-by-game, allowing Gallas to rest and hence Dawson to get games.... SO SO much more intelligent and good luck to Harry trying to rescue QPR, who, according to his son, are in danger of "going out with a whimper". HAHA!!
I keep telling you - AVB is the man!!!! Happy New Year all, especially the ones who have a clue, like Coopsie and Crissyboy lol. Peterball, i hope you are watching the Redskins, last night was mentally nerve-racking, if Griffin's leg heals they go all the way.
Welcome back Coops. I, like you, but for different reasons, have been absent from this site for some time (although I have been reading most of the posts). Whre are the doom seekers that said AVB will be sacked by Christmas? Most of us had a belief that AVB was the right man to lead us to enventual glory. "We ain't seen nothing yet"! (in the words of BTO). There is much more to come from our enthusiastic and accomplished manager, given the right transfers in.Sandro asks why "we are not considered as title contenders?". With more of the players believeing, we can acomplish the impossible. All the best for the new year to all you spurites! COYS!!
Coops, we are already 3 and a half hours into 2013 here in China. Great article, keep it up and don't be a stranger. Happy new year to you and those you cherish.
Props SRV, have a good one fella.
StillRicky, great posts from you this year so far, keep it up, you represent, HNY guv
Crissybwoy, one love dred, all gud tings dun next year bredren, nuff respeck
As Uriah has stated, isn't MR. Levy brilliant. Who'd have thought it that not buying world class players like Willian and Moutinho is, in fact part of a grand master plan, and not the oh-so-typical champagne dreams/lemonade pockets tactics of our brilliantly brilliant chairman, MR. Levy. Surely we should buy more crap in case the manager turns out to be a failure and is sacked, then we won't be left with all that world class talent, not knowing what to do with them. Why don't more clubs adopt this approach?
Nice one Big C, happy new year to you too, thanks ever so much for the respect and love
Happy Noo Year and G'night to all. Like Rosemary Shrager doing up her laces in a mini skirt, let's hope in 2013 we don't see an annus horribilis.
Maybe a cheeky bid for the worst signing in Spain might be in order. Say 10 million after a six month loan spell? I agree with the article Coopsie, but if Levy was waiting to see if his AVB gamble imploded then surely he won't really back him until the summer to make sure we don't suffer a three month slump. This could lead t a self fulfilling prophecy (hope I spelled it correctly Big C) i.e. the squad is too thin and we suffer a three month slump due to injuries! Remember we are only one unlucky weekend off seventh! Back him Levy or pack your bags!
Slurms McKenzie
Happy New Year to all out there in RadioLand
Slurms McKenzie
Crissybwoy, thank you for making my point.
This IS Spurs we are talking about right?
Happy days ahead and Happy new year to all Spurs fan around the world!I expect us to sign atleast one or two players;Levy,A high profile one please and not someone half decent...cough....(Saha,Nelson) InAVBweTrust
Happy new year to one and all (yes, even arsenal fans). On topic, someone says in this thread no ins = 5th or 6th. Thing is, when Levy appointed AVB, with the loss of Modric and Vdv, perhaps Levy had already pencilled in fifth or sixth position. Therefore, as Levy might see it, there is no need to buy anyone. Come the summer, AVB will have had a full season and then Levy can fully judge whether to back him our not. Keep going as we are, and a big war chest awaits. Go on our annual loss of form in the new year, and no real spending the summer. I would love to be proved wrong, but I don't see us doing much business in this transfer window which is a shame as teams around us will spend and the fight for fourth is going to be really tight.
Reading this article and some of the comments, a lot of fans seem to live in a fantasy world. Willian & Moutinho would have cost closer to £60m than the 40 in the article, of course wages are just ignored. Levy is criticised for not spending when we have spent everything we earned for the past few years, we don't have cash reserves. I just hope no one with that tenuous grasp on financial reality ever gets control of the club.
Nice article Coopsie. Nice to see you back. Happy new year to you, Ox and all on Vital Spurs. Strangely I'm with Levy on this one. Not about his reluctance to invest but as to who the best midfield option would be for us. I know AVB wants Moutinho but for me he plays slightly too deep for what we need and his goal scoring from midfield is very weak. Eriksen plays further forward, offers more creative support to the striker(s) and he scores many more goals. He's also younger and would be cheaper. All that remains is for Levy to actually go out and buy him. I wait with baited breath....
Ramosh - (crikey there's a bitter gooner if ever I heard one!) why don't you crawl back under the rock you came out from and go and make your noises elsewhere. Besides wouldn't have thought we'd get 10m for Benny myself - or did you mean Bale....? and I thought all second rate French strikers went to the Emirates? Ah, now there you go, you got a rise out of me, well done you. Oh, and a Happy new year to all my readers!
Good morning and Happy New Year to one and all. I too am well pleased with how AVB has done in the first half of the season. We are unlikely to buy this window though I will not be disappointed if we do get some top players in. Today we will win at least 4-0
Big Ron
Today almost every top4 contender have winnable games.

WBA vs Fulham - Fulham woeful away.
Wigan vs United - Wigan could surprise but I see a United win
Chelsea vs QPR - Chelsea to win by 5+ goals
Liverpool vs Sunderland - anything can happen
Southampton vs Arsenal - I hope Southampton win.
Spurs vs Reading - Anything but a win will be surprised annoyed & disappointed.

We cant commit any mistakes toay.
welcome back, droopsieyid. good to hear from you again. but do you think you can go away and carouse somewhere and then just show up and we'll forgive you. Think again, droopsie. as one might say, you'll have to earn your spurs again after running off without us. oh, and i like the thought that AVB has earned the right to spend more of DL's money. lol.
Total knobhead
but seriously, mate, hope all's been alright with you. hope you weren't away from us because you couldn't pay your internet service provider or some other horrible gaffe.
Total knobhead
HNY everyone. When I look back to the summer and my posts then, I thought that the appointment of AVB, clearly a coach with a provan pedigree in Europe, was nevertheless an unnecessary risk, given his failure at the Bridge. Even with the loss of Modric and VDV, we still had an excellent squad well capable of CL qualification again. The question for me therefore remains; has he done any better than any of the other seasoned managers who would have killed to get the job? The gamble hasn't backfired and he may well take us to great things, but the fact remains that he was slow out the blocks to fashion a formation around the players he had to work with and some of the performances were dire. If I was Levy frankly I would be relieved but disappointed that we are not now in the title race. If we were I would not hesitate to splash the cash on players capable of taking us on to that level. As it is, with CL qualification still uncertain, the best players will go elsewhere.
Love totty
Great rant Coops. Good points today Syd, I don't see WBA or Liverpool as rivals for 4th. Liverpool are far too inconsistent and WBA won't improve after the window. We need one or two, you appointed him Levy, you let him down in the summer, fix it now.
Welcome back Coops. General feeling on here towards AvBs appointment was that he'd take us backwards or this season would be transitional with a probable 6th place achieved. I didn't hear many assertions on here that he'd help us retain our top 4 status or take us to a higher level. I felt his appointment was almost a boom or bust move by Levy that depended on how AvB related to his charges. He deserves our respect for manner in which he's kept us alive in Europe and in a position to challenge top 3. Harry failed in this. We should be talking top 3. AvB has too much drive hunger and passion to allow our season to fall apart in the last quarter of the campaign as they did under Harry during his last 2 seasons with us. Whilst the sneidjer transfer would be the bigger head turner, signing Moutinho or Erikssen would be a much better fit in terms youth salary and sell on value. Either way AvB has definitely kept us competitive in the EPL and Europe. So hats off to this young man and let's keep backing him.
Windlespur Cudo's gone to LA Galaxy now. Done deal signed     and dusted.
Coopsie - all clubs have injuries to contend with and transfers in and out. Apart from MU all our rivals have been inconsistent all season and we have missed an opportunity to be in a similar position to last year. As it is our early home form left us 9 points worse at the half way stage. I'm still optimistic but he hasn't yet earned the eulogising he gets on here.
Love totty
Nice article Coops I have to admit i was not sure if he would do good coming back so quick to the premier league after having such a bad experience at Chelsea and the press waiting for him to struggle so they can slay him “Adrian Durham” for example. I'm glad he is doing well with the squad he has at his disposal, also trying to rotate the squad so they don’t flounder near the end of the season and playing modern football. Happy New Year to all at VS
Pretty much all of what AVB has done has been positive this season. He has a squad of players all fighting for a start and he is rewarding them by leaving them in if they play well. Unlike Harry, no favourites and every player is equal. He managed the Friedel / Lloris situation well and it's been great to see his use of Caulker over Dawson. We all know he needs the key injured players back and perhaps 1 or 2 signings to take us up a notch. AVB's biggest test this season will be Kyle Walker. So far he hasn't clicked out of his bad form and poor decision making.
Good article Coops and you make a very relevant (but should be obvious) point about absence of Modric, King etc. Interesting to look back a couple of years and see the points total when Modric was injured for over 2 months, 15 points from 10 games, that’s equivalent to about 57 points a season and 7th or 8th place.. That would have put Redknapp’s performance in line with Gerry Francis(or worse). Modric, Bale and King were our only world class players, we severely weakened the squad when Modric left. Dembele is decent but not an adequate replacement for Modric. If we hadn’t lost Modric I think we would be 2nd now.
matt hoten
All clubs have injuries, but not many have squads strong enough to withstand injuries and still maintain a title challenge, probably only the two Manchester clubs and Chelsky. To state we should be in the title race without two of our best players and the without the spine of last year's team is silly. After all with our best squad for decades we still managed to throw away CL qualification. No doubt in my mind that given adequate resources AVB will make us regular top 3/4. COYS.
we will bid for Zaha but won't get him. bid for Snieder but his terms will scupper the move. if BAE is being fattened for a Russian takeaway then we will probably get a LB (or not, if using Naughton, recalled Rose, even Verts).... no big signings until the proceeds from Bale banked in summer.
Coopsie - yes the season's not over yet, time to really judge will be how we finish this/start next. I just feel that he didn't get the best out of Dempsey and Siggy early enough. Modric going was a real blow but VDV (and I loved him) was out more often minutes wise than in. Same with Ledley. We *****ed about in Athens and Maribor so that we couldn't rest the key players for the PL. Some people have short memories but go back and read the posts. I thought that I had died and gone to heaven at Old Trafford but that was the only highlight of the early season, and Wigan the pits.
Love totty
Sorry to hear that 2012 was the worst year of your life, coopsie. And I thought you'd understand that my earlier comments were meant tongue in cheek. You know you're welcome back here. And I'm sure you'll earn your spurs again. None of my business why last year was the worst of your life, and I hope this new year is the best of your life if last year was the worst.
Total knobhead
I agree Coops regarding stats, rotating helps, it will bring a positive effect on the squad
Love totty, you don't live in a world of reality and are letting your original summer mis-givings cloud your judgement. You are living in la la land if you think a team can go from losing BAE, Kaboul, King, Parker, Modric, Van de Vaart and largely so far Ade to suddenly competing for not only Top 4 IMMEDIATELY but also challenging for the title. LOL! We have changed 73% of the team from last season (if you counting having to bed in Lloris as well). There was always going to be a bedding in period, i personally would have given him a season to sort things out. All credit to AVB for getting us up to 4th already so far AND into the knock-out stages of the UEFA Cup in the Spring - well in excess of expectations all things considered.
I've jolined this thread late!...don't agree with all the article but the presumption is correct....Levy has to back AVB. And imo we HAVE to invest in the team now....if we wait till the summer all our strikers will be approaching the end of their peak before next season kicks off, Bale may go and that would leave us needing to replace too many people all at once...meaning another transition year next season...
we must have funds available or we wouldn't waste cash on Brad's extension....we'd just stick with lloris and Gomes for the 1st team. so perhaps Gomes is off? FFS who needs more than 2 1st team keepers??
SRV - We'll have to agree to disagree as usual :). My point is that all our rivals were also going through big changes too and that presented a real opportunity. Even with some key players out we should still have thumped Wigan and not lost so many points though not killing teams off and losing late goals.
Love totty
lewis holtby---didn't England try and get him to play before Germany snapped him up?....promising youngster, energy have seen him play a couple of times but he didn't really stand out...I think we need some established players rather than just potential...
Llorente, Leandro, Negredo, Soldado, Moutinho, eriksen, Schurle- these are the types of players we should be looking at if we have any ambition...
Love totty, yes the other teams have been going through big changes. They've been spending hundreds of millions on Van Persie, Hazard, Oscar, Mata, Aguilero, Dzecko, Silva, Tevez etc etc. LOL! We are at least 10 years behind Arsenal in terms of squad strength in depth and wages paid. We have to be realistic. However, given that AVB has done so well I would re-align my expectations to a 5th place finish and perhaps even a Cup (given his history of winning trophies) from here on in. If we do better, then great.
I love Sandro's there is a winner! I said before he joined that we'd be getting our own lampard/Gerrard type leader and we have...he talks the talk and walks the walk....a couple more like him and there's no reason why we can't compete against the top...
And for every Wigan game, there is a Man United game. Its the bigger picture that counts and ensuring we do every thing possible to weigh the odds in our favour. Its football, its unpredictable, nobody can guarantee the result of any specific match, certainly not the manager sitting on the sidelines! Even in the Wigan game (admittedly which was terrible) we had something like 11 shots to their 4. Overall, we are doing more than ok all things considered.
Shedboy, you are correct. We need to properly replace Modric and Van der Vaart and also bring in another quality forward/wide player. Not easy, but that is what is required to go up a level.
I don't share your lack of ambition, SRV. Arsenal were there for the taking last this and were still throughout the first half of the season. I said to you many times that we can't yet hope to compete with the other big 3 spenders until CL qualification allows us to attract more high calibre players who are content to rotate because of the competitions they are involved in. A really strong performance in the first half of the season may well have persuaded a Llorente to come but I doubt it now but will be happy to be proved wrong. I'm not against AVB, far from it, but so far he hasn't achieved anything more than Martin Jol did for example. So let's keep a sense of perspective and not rely on blind faith.
Love totty
*last season*
Love totty
Happy New Year to all my fellow Spurs supporters (contibutors and readers of VS alike). And YES YES YES, welcome back Coopsieyid!!!! What took you so long? Everybody has their ups and downs but geez you disappeared for the longest of times! Anyway, happy new year and welcome back again. Just wanted to say that most teams go throughthe pains of injuries and players that are off-form but hell Man City don't have the right to that excuse, they could literally play their second team and achieve aound 50 to 60 points comfortably..... Basically, what I am saying is that AVB has done a pretty good job thus far and may he continue and improve on his performance thus far!!! HNY from the Philippines guys and lady (HH)!!!! COYS and get them 3 points today!!!!
not sure that just cos Defoe is near 30yr and Ade 1-2yrs behind equates to needing new strikers by next season, why were new contracts offered and signed a mere 6 months ago ??.... I think Defoe and Ade have 3yrs of 'peak' ahead of them as they are not ravaged by injuries and have had fairly less gametime the last few seasons.... Llorente, Damiao and other famous strikers will want 120k+ a week so not happening. if Snieder costs 12m and we can get Inter to supplement his 200k a week wage then we might get 1 famous person in, but I suspect we'll get a good and well priced backup striker that won't eat us out of house and home, and BAE will go most likely to Chavs if Cole goes
coops the reason any of the players would come to Spurs is the same as the one you point out -Moutinho, if anything he should be the least likely to sign as he is the only one with CL footy!...why would a player come? wages and being an ingral part in a winning team, it means a lot to players to be wanted, not just enquired about but actually we might not get any of them but we should try. And although Eriksen is younger than Holtby he's already been playing and delivering at a higher level consistently...(think CL)- Llorente- difficult but our interest goes back to before our friendly with them a couple season ago and persistance can pay off, Leandro has never said he didn't want to come to us but 2 years ago did say he would like to play in did Sandro!, Negredo/Schurle- just because others are sniffing doesn't mean commitment won't win the day...we signed Verts over le Arse!
Happy new year lads! Here's hoping Levy gets us some late Christmas presents.
Love totty, i hate Arse more than anybody, but we have to be realistic. They have finished in the Top 4 EVERY single season since the mid-90's. They pay about 50% more wages than us and so correspondingly are able to attract a better calibre of player. They play in a 60,00 stadium. Their BENCH for their last match contained Rosicky, Ramsey, Giroud, Gervinho to change things if required whereas we have a cut-price Dempsey and Siggy! Don't get me wrong, it would be fantastic to finish above them, but we just have to accept that as things stand, we'd be punching above our weight and getting on AVB's back for 'failing' if we don't finish above them this season is just idiotic.
VR- peak in football terms is generally agreed to be 28....they sign contracts so as to protect them as assets or in Ade's case to bag us a bargain!....he's now re-saleable! Llorente may be able to get near 100k pw but leandro won't....what's the current trend on here...don't believe everything you read in the sun...they ain't all on 100k pw....
SRV- spending on wages has a bearing, of course it does but there are so many other variables that can allow us to comptete, we just have to make the right choices..after-all Leeds spent huge on wages and that didn't work!
exactly coops, verts has shown you can get players if you show them how they will fit in...I suspect their are players out there -Marko Marin, scott sinclair etc that regret going to a 'big club' as they don't get game time and can ruin their careers...the big clubs can't have/keep all the best players....
The only way we will EVER compete right at the top is either a change of ownership (and the sugar daddy route has its pros and cons) or we keep going as we are, build the new stadium and hope all these Financial Fair Play rules have some sort of impact. Given the circumstances in football right now, the odd 4th place finish (with a CL cameo run-out but having a slim to none chance of actually winning it) and getting glory by winning the FA Cup, UEFA Cup or League Cup is the best it will get for us for now. But hasn't it always been that way supporting Spurs? Its nearly 30 years since our last title tilt. Best enjoy it. We are doing ok.
I'm not getting on AVB's back, SRV. I've never met the man and doubt I ever will. It's you I'm talking to. Rather idiotic of you to get carried away with the weight that either of our opinions has. So what if Arsenal have all those advantages. We gave them third last year so it is not impossible. Raise your sights man, you're beginning to depress me.
Love totty
SRV- Arsenal have competed at the top without spending huge on players ever since Arsen took over (yes they pay well but not ott, and not all of their players)...he's the main reason they have been able to build a new stadium and stay in I hope you're right and AVB can do the same for for having a 50k stadium to compete, look at Toon they've had one for ages....success on the pitch is what it's all about, that will generate for more income than an axtra 16-20k seats....
coopsie-this article needed to be written,thanks....i must admit that i did err on the side of caution when AVB was appointed and posted a few comments saying that to expect 4th in the then current climate was pure folly and that we should give Mr Villas-boas at least a season to prove himself before making any demands or setting ourselves up for disappointment come final match day.i was just being here we are 20 odd premier matches later and going into the new year sitting pretty in 4th place....honestly,how many of us saw this coming last august?not me thats for sure,but i hold my hands up to that.......i don't think i'm going over-board by saying that AVB has done great job so far under the circumstances, (we know what they are), and he could have crumbled under the media pressure but he hasn't.he now smiles when some idiot hack asks him a "provocative" question before making the said journo look like clown.i do think that his stint at chelsea taught him a lot and it's to our benefit.before the start of the season i really thought we would have been between 6th - 8th in the league by now with OUR top boys leaving or injured,but he has proved me and a lot of other people wrong and long may it continue.....RAGING SPUR-his silence is deafening!.....happy new year to EVERYONE (nay-sayers included) here on vital spurs,especially the article writers who spark the debates in the first place.
g. roberts testes
coopsieyid, wow welcome back coops! Long time no see. Happy new year mate.
Not sure if i agree with the statement of "backing the manager financially". Really, i feel it should be whatever is required for the football club. AVB..has recently said, that he feels he doesn't require new signings in this transfer window, to achieve his goals for the season. Many disagree, some undecided, some agree. I think todays game at Home to Reading and at home to Coventry,saturday...will give many clues to the requirement or Non requirement of Attacking signings this Jan' transfer window.
Coops, pop by in the Philippines someday. You'll eventually see what I mean. Takes you 2 to 3 urs to get around visiting clients but when nightfalls.....ahem, ahem, ahem. Some things ae better left unsaid. Just hope our beloved Spurs takes all 3 points today in handsome fashion!!!!! 3-0 guys? COYS.
*hours and not "urs" Sorry
Love totty, its just football reality as it stands. If we want to do it the ENIC way we have to accept its going to take a 3-5 year plan with ANY manager to get us consistently up there. I accept that's possible and that's why i want AVB to do well because i can see what he is trying to do. What annoys me is the 'we must be this or that by Christmas or AVB should go' brigade. Or the 'we should be 4th this season, anything less is a failure' boys. Give him time and support and anything is possible within realistic parameters!
AVB has definately exceeded expectations with the squad he has. I think that we now look fitter, more orgainsed, and hardworking than we did under Harry. AVB is rotating the squad and giving youth a chance on merit. We can't say fairer than that. I was disappointed when Harry was sacked and he was appointed, I honestly feared the worst, but I wouldn't go back to Harry now. What has impressed me about AVB is that he picks the team according to the team we're facing. I hope to see Walker 'rested' today. It would be great if Sandro could also get a rest. If Parker was to get a start, he would give 200% to get that place from Sandro.
Our starting team vs Reading today: Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Naughton, Sandro, Dembele, Lennon, Sigurdsson Adebayor & Defoe. Our subs are: Friedel, Caulker, Livermore, Falque, Huddlestone, Parker & Dempsey.
I'm looking forward to see what Sigurdsson can give us on the left. I think that he's an intelligent player, here's hoping he can take his opportunity.
I think that if BAE was fit, Walker would be dropped.
I haven't heard anybody on here calling for AVB's head for months, SRV. He can fail this year and still be given time, I've no argument with that if we can see continuous improvement. I'm just not prepared to hero-worship him until I see sustainable results. The last few weeks have been much better, it's true but I've not forgotton the dodgy substitutions he's made from time to time.
Love totty
StillRickyVilla - these have been my sentiments since AVB was appointed.i also feel that this is was part of his un-doing at chelsea.caught between a rock and a hard place i.e.'get rid of the old guard but still finish at least 3rd and win the champions league'....yeah,right!he didn't stand a chance.
g. roberts testes
Have you all heard that Modric was voted the worst signing of 2012 in La liga? He must be so gutted and embarrased. Can't see him lasting long there. He'll probably be sold at a cut price elsewhere in europe.
Fanman - the german word Schadenfreude (pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others) springs to mind.the big question is:would we take him back?
g. roberts testes
AVB was a great appointment and its paying off now, look at harry telling the press everything he can about who he mite sign in january and how it might be difficult to be some players for this reason adn that......sound familiar, im glad hes gone and weve got someone in who can handle himself with dignity in front of the press.AVB is a leg and we WILL get top4 this season. coys
Yidd Fein
I think levy and AVB are thinking long term so we may not get top players in Jan. Levy will not want to gamble too much too early and more importantly pay over the odds for a player. having said that I do think AVB does deserve some money to buy in at least one player of his choice who he thinks will make a difference as he has done well especially as we have had so many injuries and lost the likes of Modric and VDV.

Things are improving that is clear. At the beginning of the season it was clear Modric was a loss and there was a gap in that midfield now i don't see that gap and that is credit to the players and the manager. Players have improved and although the football is not always as good to watch as it was at times under HR I can see some maturity in the players and this is what will make us winners. I personally would like to see JJ, Bentley, Cuducinni and Gomes sold and possibly Hudd so we generate some money. Then bring a couple of younger players to the bench maybe Carroll and Falque.

I think we could generate 15 mil minimum from these players plus so much savings on wages which would get us a decent player on a decent wage but who wants these players. would be interesting to know how long these players have on their contracts.
We have a squad of 25 players, athletes that need to be in prime physical condition- age, injuries and form mean that they will have to be continually replaced all we have to do is buy a player that is better than we already have and we won't go far wrong...
Good article Coopsie and welcome back. I couldn't agree with you more. I've been really impressed with AVB and the players seem to be responding well to him. I can't see us doing much in January though.......but we can live and hope!!
Bit late to wish everyone a Happy New Year ... but Hey ... Been in Phoenix since January, back now and going to the Lane for the FA Cup.

Good to see a few faces returning, good article.

Would also like to thank OX for ALL his hard work here eon Vital, easily the best Vital Site...Cheers OX !

This could be a very exciting season....COYS !
coopsieyid - "the players discussed in the article were mentioned for the fees it would have cost to acquire them", yeah right. I'm sure if you trawl through the transfer gossip you'll always find one story that gives you the valuation you want to hear. You don't think wages are worth mentioning ? you're making my point for me. Scott parker cost us £4m, his contract means we'll pay him close to £16m. Man City had to pay up the bulk of Adebeyor's contract to make him go away. Inter now have the same problem with Wesley Schneider, he's due about £26m by the end of his contract, but they can't afford the hit. The cost of a player is the transfer fee plus his wages, the days when wages were such a small element they didn't matter ended in the early 1990s. Thanks for making my point so clearly.
Jod, unless you run Corinthian Casuals or similar, wages are always an expense, an expense borne by every top football club, nobody gets players playing for nothing. It doesn't have any greater effect on Spurs finances than any other comparable club. That's what match day revenue, world wide merchandising, and huge sponsership deals are meant to cover, oh and I nearly forgot, in clubs fortunate to have a billionaire hiding in the shadows avoiding the tax man, a few quid bunged in by him is always welcome.

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