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Silly Season

I can't believe some of the nonsense I'm reading from some of you guys on this site. Really??? we need a lb, cb, 2 mids, a winger and a striker all in 1 window and then we'll win the league????

Come on, why not an entire new team? Right now Spurs are sitting 3rd if anyone can't remember. 3RD!!! Above the gooners and chelski (even though the later have a game in hand). 3RD!!! Without King, VDV and Modders, with a new coach, new systems, new regulars in the matchday squad…Caulker, Naughton, Vertonghen, Lloris, Dembele, Sigi, Dempsey (Sandro)...argue if you will but the list can go on - looking at the table you'll notice how other teams 'going through a transition' are doing...Villa and liverpool??? need I say more.

At the same time United are 13 points ahead of Spurs at the top, and if their form continues I don't think we'll be surprised if the trophy goes back to the red side of Manchester at the end of the season. Us Spurs fans can be very proud of our season so far. Our lads have battled at times, really dug in…We've seen good possession and attacking play and in my opinion. The Best counter-attacking football from any team this season...We BEAT UNITED!!! Soon AVB will have Kaboul and BAE back, while Captain Scotty is steadily getting more game time…

Our new signings like Sigi and Dempsey are still settling and will get better with time. Yes, I do agree that right now we're still missing that 1 special something...and it's not Moutinho, Villa, Lloriente or another marquee signing who'll break the bank... it's MICHU (could be our Cantona) Happy new year Spurs - may we go 2013 undefeated!!!

Written by Thomas Jamme

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The journalist

Writer: Thomas Jamme Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 4 2013

Time: 11:51AM

Your Comments

Problem is that fans want everything NOW and ignore the fact that major change is riddled with potential problems as it can take so long to get things settled again
Spot on OX. Patience is a very rare thing these days.

Silly season..."NO"'s transfer window time. Everyone, is entitled to their opinions, on a spurs talking site. REALISTIC...or not. To be happy with third !!.............NEVER !! I'd be happy with a top striker, this transfer window, OH ! and a anouncement that the first brick has gone down on the new stadium and should be completed for the start of the 2014 /15 season.......
Agree. We don´t need to buy tons of new players. In my opinion, a creative midfieler and a striker is what we need. There are two strong GK at the Lane (plus Gomes as back-up), Walker and Naughton as RB, Dawson, Verts, Kaboul (from february on, hopefully), Gallas as CB, Ekotto and newly-signed Fryers for LB, Sandro, Dembele, Parker, Carroll, Dempsey, Sigurdsson and New-Signing for Midfield action, Lennon and Falque as RW, Bale and Towsend as LW, Ade, Defoe and New Signing as Forwarders. On the flip side, JJ, Bentley, Huddlestone must be allowed to leave and Livermore can be on loan. COYS !!!
Agree. Unless a great opportunity arises, its silly destabilising a winning team mid-season.
Tactically Challenge
While I agree we dont need quantity, the fact is we need players at right position. How many creative CM we have - 1. How many CM we have who have vision and pick a pass 60 yards away - 0, yes ZERO. Dembele is good player who can tackle, intercept and run with the ball, skip past players. Dembele is not Modric as he cannot do precision passing long range (or has not showed this ability yet). This is one ingredient we miss in our midfield. We need someone better than Hudd.

We played 6 Europa league games and drew nearly 4 games, even at home. We couldn't get pass the defenses of Greek teams. So, to me a signing like Moutinho is required for the team.

We need a quality STRIKER- as simple as that.

We need a backup winger when Bale or Lennon is not available. This is least priority to me, one that could wait till summer.
Defense - No changes needed, we have more than enough.

If somewhere along the line, we get the opportunity to sign a free transfer like Holtby or a 2mpound young prospect like Fryers, I will never say no. But then again, this is more of luxury.
So, to me, we need a CM like Moutinho & push Dembele higher up the pitch and a forward who can score goals.
There are only a few on here calling for 4-5 players mate. I think 90% on here would be happy with a new striker and call that a sucess. If we sign the likes of Holby on a pre contract for the summer then Bonus! Also, i think majority (not you yidmarks ;) ) have realistic expectations of who we could bring in. Falco, Sanchez etc are just not in our range

Michu has had half a good season mate and his stock will be way way over his worth. Im just gonna cross my fingers and hope AVB and his scouts have found us a value for money player who will make the difference. We are doing well at the moment but we all know how you can go from 3rd to 6th in a matter of weeks.
As you said this season is going extremely well. What impress me the most is the work ethos. AVB got it right, high line, huge pressure to counter from others side half but also having the team to play possession footy when needed. We need a back up winger that's for sure but we have Townsend who can do it with a couple of game under his belt. I'm not sure we need moutinho, we have Carroll who i would like to see more. Perhaps the cup game will help AVB to assess the squad. However we badly miss Adebayor on top form and a big deadly striker.
This transfer window should just be about making sure we have adequate cover in all positions and maybe some pre-contract agreements for the summer. Another striker & creative midfielder should therefore be considered in January as cover for Adebayor and Dembele
Michu is a good shout. BUT i see him going to Arsenal for some reason, if he leaves the Swans. I have no idea why you have added Moutinho to the list of who will break the bank?? Because he won’t, the money was there before so will be again should we go in for him. The only question is whether he will leave Porto mid-season. We have just signed a LB, a position many have been calling for cover for an age. So it was needed! Where have you pulled the call for a CB from?? A winger maybe, but it’s not a priority. A new CM and Striker yes. Even then we need a whole lot of work before we are close to challenging for the league title. Props for praising the team as I too think they really are starting to click, but there are gaps. We should try to sort a few now rather than later, leaving a less busy summer. COYS.
We are missing a 3rd striker option. That's it. Points-wise the season is going well. But we need to continue the performances of the last 2-3 games. We need to beat more of the top half of the table, and lose less to them - otherwise we won't stay top 4.
Having said that, I don't think Moutinho will come to us in Jan. As much as I want him to join us, I see him continuing his run at CL.
Every season is silly season for a typical supporter of a football club. When should one expect the silliness to end? Only at the end of the next Mayan calendar. No wait, that's likely to be an epoch of greater silliness.


Of course, Spurs supporters have a reputation for greater silliness of this sort than do supporter of, say, Oxford United. We always remember the glory days of yore and think they will return this afternoon. I'm not sure that they won't, by the way, although I'm not sure they'll return with exactly the same panache as the team of '61.

Total knobhead
Why are people obsessed about beating the top 4 teams, if we beat the remaining 15 home and away that equates to 90 points, which is more than enough for CL football and more than likely enough to be crowned champions.
As for Michu, players just don't seem to move that frequently. He has only just come to England in summer. Swansea could name their inflated price. Not an option. I would buy Shane Long. The guy won't score bucketloads. But he can easily play behind the striker, and do it miles better than Ade, Dempsey, Siggy could ever do. He also can play the lone striker role easily, and much better than our present options could do. He would improve the work ethic up front, and would help midfield because the guy never stops running, creating holes in the defence and always being an outlet. Defoe has scored quite a bit this season, but vs big physical teams - such as Stoke and the team that Reading put out at the lane - he gets shut out. This is where a fighter like Long could come in. Other than Long, I struggle to name someone who could come in and hit the ground running.
Without RVP's goals, MUFC would be 11th. Without Suarez's goals, LFC would be 18th. Without Torres's goals, Chelsea would still be 4th.
I'm dead pleased that we have managed to make 3rd in the league, but it has not been easy. I'd like to see a couple of signings to steady my nerves - Messi and Ronaldo!!
Do you know where we would be without Defoe's goals yiddyboy? Just interested.
yiddyboy - Just out of interest, where would we be without Defoes goals?
Well if we are to believe then money is left over from not signing Moutinho. I still think we are missing a certain something from last season. We do need a really creative player. I know it maybe dream land time but I do think signing a Snider would boast the squad. Not many players as creative as him. I do think we need another wing option in case we lose either Bale or Lennon. Also Ade and Defoe have been so hit and miss this season and if we did lose Ade for the African nations we would be short up top. But who we need up top is a difficult one and one we have not solved for years. If only we could have brought Berb back. We do need to ship out more trash and surely need to pay players like Jenas and Bentley off. Who would want these two. I also would not be too unhappy to see Livermore go and if Kaboul did not have a set back would see if anyone wanted Gallas. Looking forward to seeing the team line up for the cup game as we need games for the likes of Parker and BAE. Levy mucked up in the last january window and I think he will not make the same mistake this year and bring in a player to lift the club. We have struggled to break teams down this year and need a creative player brought in. The two up top do not really work as a pair and if we get a Willaim or Snider then we will have to change the shape again. Going back to a 4-5-1 or 4-4-1-1. Just wanted to know how much time to bed in new players as Siggy, Dempsey and Ade have not been too great so far this season.
Would have to disagree with the main point of the article having "wasted" many a working hour reading articles and posts on Vital Spurs the consensus seems to be we are one striker off having a very adequate squad for this season. Further more that additional striker should ensure we retain third at the very least if not close a wee bit of ground on the top two. Most members here would not complain if Levy / AVB pulled a coup and signed that elusive CAM but that really is the extent of the wish list this window.
Slurms McKenzie
Tonyrich I think you have hit the nail on the head with Shane Long or at least a player of a similar style.
Slurms McKenzie
What we need is a player that can cover wing and striker, a fast powerful player, doesn't have to be a marquee, a remy/sturridge type. And a creative player, if anyone of bale/Lennon/dembele gets a long term injury then we won't get cl football. Please tell me I'm wrong! Add to that worry if ade goes to acn then we only have Defoe so we don't need marquee we need players that can help the squad rotation and act as well needed cover
We don't need many in, but it is patently obvious, particularly if you look at our stats, game after game, regarding chances made, shots on and off target, and actual goals scored, that we need an accomplished striker, not bothered whether he costs £2M or £10M he needs to be a potential 20 league goals/season merchant.If we could find a Michu (£2M) or a Hernandez (£7M) fine, but this is not our forte, we will probably have to pay decent money. Of course the urgency of the situation will intensify if Adebayor, as seems likely, goes to the ACN, leaving us with Defoe as our only stiker. This isn't silly, these are the cold hard facts. We will risk a collapse similar to last season costing us CL football, unless this is addressed. It is also obvious that if teams "park the bus" we also lack the necessary guile to break them down, which has already cost us 6 points in home games v Norwich, WBA, and Stoke. Perhaps a clever MFer would solve this problem. It's all very well crowing that we are 3rd at the moment, with Chelsea and Arsenal and even Everton breathing down our neck, but the important thing is where we are in May, rather than January, and what we could, and should do, to make CL qualification more likely, because you can bet your life that those around us, and others, will be strengthening, so can we afford to stand still, I think not.
Regarding the German lad Holtby, I am afraid lads he will be going to Arsenal.

yiddyboy - Nice one re the Torres comment haha, poor old chavs.

Jantheman/hudderspur - We would be 7th on 33 points!

You don't have to blow zillions, a player I would have liked us to take a punt on in the summer was Jordan Rhodes, as a standby or another striker option, he would score his share with the chances we make.
Thomas I can't believe some of the nonsense I'm reading from some of you guys on this site. Really??? Really, stick around Son you ain't seen nothing yet, we are only just warming up. Queens Park Rangers have completed the signing of former Chelsea defender Tal Ben Haim until the end of the season. Israel international Ben Haim, 30, left Portsmouth in August, but has been training at QPR since early December.
spu 4 life
Coopsie, I suppose we can dream of the partnership that Michu (turned down) and Luis Suarez (also turned down) could have formed. Cheers Harry.
Frank - Lewis Holtby depends what you read (not a direct comment aimed at you, Mr Senior Spurs)
spu 4 life
Shane Long not a bad shout, but he would cost a few quid now, he has done well at WBA..
Thanks Spursone 2, not a big difference then. I only want two players for now, creative midfielder and a forward/winger to cover Lennon but do a job if needed up front and finish chances.
30m for Michu, makes Leandro look a real bargain, not in the same league.
spu 4 life
I think you have the Arry twitter thing all wrong, his spelling is not all that, it was a message to Sandra, Arry wants Liver & Onions tonight?
spu 4 life
still think Kaboul...could be tried as a striker. Be like a bull in a china shop.............think of the damage he would
The point is surely that United aren't away from everyone else because they have a better squad, certainly not better than City, but because they have a better attitude. Treating the premier league like some computer game and just acquiring players may actually work if you have more cash than everyone else. For the rest of us its about getting the motivation and the organisation right, otherwise you can bankrupt the club buying players and still not succeed.
reading the comments above, i had no idea that they gave out trophies for half way through the season?? Thats what some of you sound like. Celebrating 3rd already. If one thing supporting spurs should have taught you is that never, ever consider something done until it is finished. We are not 3rd, or top 4 until May, so forget about it. We could just as easily finish 7th. In an ideal world we would sign 5 worldbeaters and win the league. Sadly with football the way it is, neither will ever happen so lets have some realism please.
Coopsie as I recall back in the Summer of 2011 if you had suggesed Messi and that you had the deal ready to be completed - you would have got dogs abuse aswell. Why then should you suggesting a very talented, available and needed striker result in a different reaction? Shane Long would have been a fanctastic signing for us and still could be!
Slurms McKenzie
With us tracking the situation regarding Lewis Holtby from Shalke 04, another team mate, one Julian Draxler with unlimited potential is alredy gaining good reviews. Excellent left winger.
spu 4 life
For me, Moutinho and Negrado now, then Lllorente, Alderweireld and Holtby in the summer. I think we need rid of Jenas, Bentley, Gomes, Hudd, Gallas, Khumalo (seriously, why do we have him?), Livermore and - depending on how much they improve come end of season - 1 of Dempsey and Sigurdsson, because I don't think either of them are Champions League quality.
Llorente is a pipe dream. Have the third party ownership issues been addressed in the Moutinho deal? where exactly would he play in the current team setup? Which of Sandro or Demeble would you drop? (both would get into most peoples squad if not team of the year). Negrado is what 27 - 28 years of age so realitically 2-3 years tops with a deminishing sell on value. Alderweireld, do we really need to use up 10-14 million on another defender its hardly a problem area of the pitch currently. Holtby I don't really have a problem with. No real issue with your trasnfers out KJS1982 expect neither Siggi or dempsey should be on that list.
Slurms McKenzie
Ooh Draxler the German Bale or Lennon could you really see them letting Holtby and Draxler go? Well for anything other then crazy money? Would be a very good addition to the squad but remember we still need to have at least eight home grown players, (can we count the youth players or is that 8 in the registered 25?)
Slurms McKenzie
I would drop either Sandro or Dembele for Moutinho. You could play all three together. You could drop Moutinho for either of those two as well. Pretty simple really....we lack some quality in depth which we need to become real contenders. Especially if we qualify for the CL. We might not be able to get this guy so the same would apply for any other quality CM we try to get.
4th please - I will be happy on my summer holidays...
Coopsie any chance you could give me a nudge in the direction of possible numbers that may appear on the euro millions draw tonight? Cause you're starting to scare me now!
Slurms McKenzie
Jenas is off for surgery in the US so he won't be going anywhere. Bentley may continue his loan but unless an MLS team comes in for him, I doubt he goes anywhere. Gomes, if reports are true, is in Brazil. If so, perhaps he's woring on moving his planned return date up 18 months.

As for silly season, it's business as usual. If you are not improving, you are going backwards. Fryers is done. Great prospect. Holtby seems like a pure Levy deal. He'll be here next year.

Do we need to add to the current squad? Preferably, but it's not essential. We need a striker who can get on the end of Bale and Lennon crosses. It has to be someone who can play and think the game though. Not many of those around and it'll cost. Leandro? Doumbia? Arnautovic? Mitroglou? All good shouts that should be affordable on the wage side of the equation. We need a creative MF, but with Holtby perhaps coming is there really a need to throw lots of money at the problem? If we can get Isco, then do so. He's a ver special player. Could get Dzagoev or Perisic who are creative, score some and can play the wings. Ince. Zaha. Young guys we should at least be in for.

Fryers is in. It looks like there are legs to the Holtby stories. How about Schneijder on a loan til season's end? Might create value for Inter and would take part of the wages off their hands. Would the player consider it? What about Hunelaar? Seems available on a relatively low transfer fee. Would be in sync with Schneijder immediately. So there, problems solved. Huntelaar in on a transfer. Schneijder in on a loan. Dzagoev to add an option to Bale and Lennon. Then again, Doumbia, Schneijder on loan would be enough, IMO, to add what we need and secure CL for next year while taking a run at the FA Cup and Europa. Room to improve but then BAE and Kaboul back, Dempsey and Ade on form would perhaps be enough. Next two games, for me, are must wins. Stay in the cup and keep the pressure on everyone else around us. COYS
Frank - Super Jan and now Holtby choose Spurs over Arsenal. Let me know what time you want your humble pie delivered?
Didn't Huntelaar sign a new two year contract about a week ago?
Slurms McKenzie
Coopsie, keep bringing me transfers like Holtby and I'll even throw in a happy ending! :-) I'll give you credit for calling this one cause until you mentioned him here last week I wasn't even aware the kid was available!
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms, you are right, I missed that one. OK, Plan A then, Leandro or Doumbia. Still like the idea of getting Schneijder, even if it is only for a loan. perhaps he'll play really well and Chelsea will pay a whackload for him not realizing they already have a ridiculous amont of AMF. COYS
Slurms, Schalke are also very much worried about losing Howedes. He is, IMO, the best young CB out there - out of contract in 18 months. He is, again, IO, better than Vertonghen. COYS
Just keeps getting better and better Peterb!
Slurms McKenzie
@peterballb I agree that we have a riddiculous amount of AMFs and they keep growing!! Hazard,oscar,piazon,mata,marin, KDB and we got reuben loftus cheek, lewis baker and lots more in the academy, all we need is someone who can maximize their potentials, if you guys go for willian in the summer and a good striker, you might challenge for the title. I won't mind a loan swap right now, friedel for piazon or marin :-)
Desmondadonis, the problem is they can't all get anywhre near the playing time they all need. Swap would be good if we did not only have two keepers in form. I reckon your lot would be done like dinner if Cech went down. If we lose Lloris, Friedel (who does not play internationally) will be what keeps us going. Not flashy, but will save everything that's at him. You are welcome to Gomes though. That may seem snide, but he was, IMO, one of the best shot stoppers in the world before Harry scapegoated him. The "howler" against you guys a few years back still has not crossed the line but he saved penalties and, of all the penalties I saw him face, he went the wrong way 3 times. Oh there were many adventures, but he seemed to play well despite having a merry go round of CB's in front of him. COYS
I agree that we can't play them at the same time, so I won't even mind gomez, if only a loan deal can work, but I guess roman won't want to hear of it given the modric debacle

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