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Fryers: Today? Tomorrow? Never?

The announcement that Spurs had signed Ezekiel Fryers might not have been the biggest shock after he spent the summer at the club, but where does he fit into AVB plans?

In the last week or so, we have heard AVB talk positively about the qualities of Benoit Assou-Ekotto and Danny Rose, stating that BAE is a key player and Rose is very much in his plans, therefore where does that leave Fryers? At 20 and with very few senior games under his belt, he could still be considered a player for the future, but wasn't one of the reasons he left United because he wanted to step up from Academy level and play first team football? You hope his decision wasn't purely financially driven, but was made very much with football development in mind, but ...

Considering he has only played about ten senior games, can we yet talk about him in terms of being a first team option? Though I have only seem him play one game, against Leeds in the Carling Cup, a game where he did impress me, I very much question the logic in throwing him straight into the squad over Naughton for example, as cover for BAE when he hopefully returns as a regular from this weekend.

Is this purchase simply a case of adding a very promising youngster to the ranks in the hope he becomes a star, and considering we don't have anyone emerging from the Academy in the left back role and in fact are perhaps light all round for defensive options (Fryers can also play CB), but should Rose return and BAE stays, will it then be the turn of Fryers to have time on loan to gain that much needed experience, or is he already considered good enough to jump straight into first team contention?

We have heard that AVB has said that Rose is in his plans, but this week, Danny has indicated that he wants to stay at Sunderland, likes the North as it is close to his family and in short, wants to play every week. Does this make his return to White Hart Lane unlikely in the summer, especially if BAE stays, but will it be Smart Car driver that is moved on, as the older, and more expensive option? Either way, if Fryers in in the squad plan from the start, you assume that one of BAE or Rose is going to be sold...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 4 2013

Time: 12:24PM

Your Comments

Naughton could switch to the other side now or go out on loan in the near future. Maybe this will this move set a few bells ringing and help him leap even further forward? Rose could stay at Sunderland as he has already stated he is happy there, at least for the rest of the season (can still see him leaving even after AVB’s recent comments). Fryers can train with the squad along with Ekotto. He can also cover CD as Kaboul is a little way off a return. We can now cross that one off the list! There is plenty of time to get in maybe, just maybe one of (or both) CM and Striker ha. What are the chances? Is there more chance of Sneijder going to QPR?
I dont think BAE will stay and believe these rumours that all is not well between AVB & BAE. It will be down to who has the best 6 months between Naughton & Rose. Somewhere along the line Fryers could be tested. So start of next summer, who ever is the best will get the nod as No1, and one will be sold and other will be the second full back. I see Naughton ahead of this pack for now.
No idea on this chap....but if he was courted by sir Alex....and we stole him from him. Then that's no bad I see Naughton as a squad utility player....but better suited to the right side, due to being right footed and 20% left footed. Rose.....i'd sell him...£4 mill' minimum...asap. Benni'....i' welcome back...asap. Fryers...see if he progresses..with the youngsters and go from there.
Or maybe AVB sees him as a future winger in the Bale mould, I've not seen him play but apparently he's got pace, stamina and skill but lacks a bit defensively.
At 29, BAE is likely to be sold. Waiting to sell him would bring down considerably the price Spurs could obtain. If this turns to be true, let's not forget that BAE has been more than a footballer here. After the Tottenham riot he was the first person of note at the club to appear in the neighborhood, getting his hair done at a local shop. For me, this was no small matter and he always get major credit for this action.


As to our present situation at the back four, including our incoming 20 year old, we seem blessed by having a wealth of decent CBs and FBs right now, and so soon after LK retired. Together with LLoris, may we see a plethora of clean sheets in coming seasons.

Total knobhead
I think weve just bought a very good but young player for a steal. Where he fits into AVB's plans only he knows. He certainly isnt going to be anywhere near the first team this season, or perhaps not even next. I can imagine that AVB and BAE may have issues simply becuase its very well documented that BAE plays for the money and not the passion. As harry said he doesnt even know what team they are playing the next game. I just cant see a manager as "Technical" as AVB dealing with that very well. I just hope Fryers isnt another signing for the sake of it.
I've just read an article about him before he left united. Fergie describes him as greased lightning, he played as a box to box midfielder for England and displayed precision passing with his left peg and broke up play well. Seems to be another versatile youngster. Also said that fergie was fuming when he didn't sign a new contract, so hes not afraid to go against to grain. Sign of a strong mentality? Or doesn't know what's best for himself? Time will tell.
I think BAE will go if an offer comes in. I think Rose will be sold to Sunderland. That leaves Naughton, who has done well and improved when he's stood in this year. I reckon Fryers is one for the future, but may get a run out in cup games etc. I hope they try to hang onto BAE though.
If I was a manager and wanted to sell a player who was out on loan but wanted to get decent money for him I would suggest to everyone he was in my plans! Then if another club didn't offer enough money the player would return to us not as a disgruntled player who we could sell but as a successfull loanee returning to a manager who has him in his plans. Thats just smart management. BAE to be sold in the summer and Rose, Noughton, Fryers, Bale and Townsend to cover the left side of the team.
Slurms McKenzie
He got good reviews under fergie and played in some Carling Cup games, your right Coops, fergie never wanted the lad to leave, he had him down as cover for Evra, that speaks for it's self, his quick, tackles well, uses the ball well and plays simple football, plus his a natural left footed player, one for the future, me thinks, he just needs to get his head down and work hard, it's down to him if he makes it, ZEKI,ZEKI, ZEKI, RA, RA, RA,
spu 4 life
Seems to me that there are two possibilities, either BAE is sold or Rose is. There is no way Rose will return as a backup so if one goes the other stays. The club probably doesn't know how this will work out yet. Either way we will need a second left back, someone like Fryer who will accept he doesn't start every game and will hopefully improve over the next couple of years seems ideal.
Part of me wants Pogba and Fryers to be the real deal after they both snubbed Fergie. The realist in me knows though that they were in very capable hands and should have signed new contracts at Utd. With Evra's age, Fryers just may have got some game time this season and forced his way in. As for Pogba, he'd already done enough that most of us already knew of him. Anyway, let's hope Fryers can keep Ekotto on his toes for another 2-3 years and work his way in. Also, with our 6 signings in the summer being foreign it's nice to see a homegrown player being signed. We can't forget we have to maintain 8 in our squad of 25 at all times.
Coopsie if what you say comes to pass (and honestly seems rather likely) then come the summer I still don't really see us being worse off then we are now, at the start of this Season I felt we needed and established LB to offer cover /competition for BAE and come June of this year that will probably still be the case. Only we will be looking to sign a LB to fill the LB berth!
Slurms McKenzie
coopsieyid - If the manager allows that to happen then we are in trouble, but I don't see it. If BAE is sold then Rose becomes first choice, he no longer needs to leave to get regular football and Spurs are a better club than Sunderland. Conversely if BAE stays Rose is gone, to me its an either/or. If AVB was contemplating losing both you would have thought he would have been trying to sign someone a lot more experienced than Fryer.
Ox, Fryers can play LB, CB and LW so there is quite a bit of flexibility there. While AVB has made comments about Rose that seem to suggest he is in the plans, what else could he say? Anything other than, he's a good one and we have every intention of keeping him, kneecaps any value in the market. I wasn't of the opinion that Rose was in the plans as he is a LW who has become a LB. We have no natural cover at LW or at LB, yet, out on loan he went. Naughton was kept as the cover at LB along with Vertonghen who is a much better (and more influential CB). He has impressed on a really poor team (much like O'Hara at Pompey). His value has risen. Sell Rose with the normal sell-on provisions. This will allow Jake to be loaned to QPR.

Fryers has a lot of talent. He could be the heir apparent for BAE at LB. He is fast, strong on the ball, crosses well and can play several positions. His upside is far superior to that of Rose. Our system of play suits his game to a T and it is a fairly telling fact that he got in 6 ManU games last season as a 19 year old. He's a prospect, in that he is 20. He could probably step in and play right now, though there'd be a huge learning curve and lots of errors. AVB won't throw him in the deep end. Development squad, and if he impresses and learns the system, he could well be on the bench in a couple of months. COYS
coops - I doubt that about AVB and BAE. AVB knows it takes all sorts in a changing room and for him it's about whether BAE can absorb his tactics and execute them on the pitch. I think it's more the case that BAE knows his value and probably has a hunger to win trophies. His next contract decision is a huge one. I always thought King would have left had he not been injured and we're now seeing BAE going through the same thought process. In his mind he's a better LB than the current incumbents at Utd, City and Chelsea and I'd tend to agree with him. The main 2, Evra and Cole, are over 30 and he would be a ready made replacement. Here's hoping he re-signs with us as he's as good as it gets in the Prem.
Young, highly talented, home grown prospect for less then three million this is the type of deal Spurs should be doing on a regular basis, remember Lennon, Hudd, Bale, Walker, Noughton, Dawson etc these are the types of deals that move the club forward and can free up huge sums of money for your big name superstar signings!
Slurms McKenzie
Coopsie, I don't think that's fair on BAE. Yes, he's laid back, but he is always in impeccable shape and has never, to my recollection, ever caused a problem for any of the managers he has played under. He is a consummate professional and I cannot see there being a personality clash with AVB. Where the issue may wel be is whether he will be here in another 6 months. There is interest in him (IMO one of the best LB's in the PL) from clubs that are CL contenders and he will be getting his last huge payday. I don't think Levy will pay him what his talent deserve on the market. Now, I like BAE a lot and find him an honest intelligent, pragmatic, professional player/person. As such, he will know that he is performing a service and that he can be paid a certain amount. He won't move for the sake of it, but if the numbers get ridiculous, he'd be silly to refuse what is being thrown at him. It's a job. He has said that. I think you'd have a hard time finding someone he would not get along with. I think you'd find an equally hard time finding someone who didn't recognize that 20k/week more is a lot of money over 5 years. COYS
big c - I heard he's out of shape at the moment. He's now a fat fryers !!!
Lets hope Fryers isn't a flash in the pan!
Slurms McKenzie
Muttley I heard when the chips are down Fryers really comes bubbling up!
Slurms McKenzie
Fryrs and now Holtby. Great signings. Excellent players with huge upside. We are, slowly, but surely, lifting the level of competition for places and creating a very good young squad. Whether we keep Bale or cash in because he wants to go (contract is in place for years to come and he is being very well paid, by our standards) fact is we have been accummulating depth that can compete. Players like Luongo, Fryers, Carroll, Mason, Smith really have me feeling we are in great shape for squad members. There will be players who must be moved on (Jake, Tom, Rose etc) but it is a sure sign of how much our quality has increased. I'd love us to see if we could agree to get Schneijder on a loan til season's end and buy an unhappy Huntelaar (if Doumbia can't be had). Their experience and familiarity will make the bedding in so much easier. Take a good run at Zaha and Ince as well and the future could be incredibly promising. COYS
I believe Fryers will only use a kit thats Crisp n' Dry!
Slurms McKenzie
Huddlestone was chuffed to bits to see Spurs had bought Fryers !!!
Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed his disappointment at Tottenham Hotspur's signing of his former defender Ezekiel Fryers. The youngster was out of contract at Manchester United and looked set to join Spurs last summer but the two clubs could not agree a compensation package. Instead, the left-back ended up at Standard Liege but moved to White Hart Lane as soon as the January window opened. The manager is urging the authorities to look into the matter as the Reds lost out on a sizeable fee for the defender but he accepts that Spurs' actions were not in breach of the current rules. "We expected that to be honest with you," he replied to MUTV, when asked about the Spurs deal. "How would you put it? To me, I think it's a blatant manipulation of the rules. "Tottenham did nothing wrong as he went to Standard Liege. They tried to buy him off us and we'd been looking for a certain figure. They wouldn't pay it but asked if they could take him down there on trial and, at that time, he was out of contract in June anyway. "So he went down on trial and he went to Portugal with them. They then said they weren't prepared to pay the money and, all of a sudden, he signed for Standard Liege. "We knew immediately and suspected that he would return to Tottenham in January and that's happened. It's a [Spurs chairman] Daniel Levy deal. You know, it's his fingerprints all over it. It's the kind of thing we expected he was going to do."
It has taken some of the shine off of this deal knowing that we have upset Fergie and United...
Crumbs! It's always about the bread, isn't it? But when the chips are down there's nothing fishy in this Fryers deal, Fergy, you *****! It codn't be batter for us, tho! Fryer-tucking his Spurs shirt in alongside AVB's merry men. Ok - poor I know - just wanted to join in. Seriously funny to see AF complaining after tapping up Carrick and Berbatov. COYS!
may be AvB sees him as back up for BAE and Rose as back up for Bale and Naughton as back up for Walker. He must have been happy or he wouldn't have joined. Whatever AVB is planning will soon be revealed. I would expect he will come in gradually and we will see more of him next season. As for Fergie so what. He had him and he didn't make him happy otherwise he would have stayed. Fergie lost him through his fingers and we scooped him up at a reasonable price and I think AVB can get him going and improve him.
Manu will get 5% of the fee we paid for him...might be enough to buy Sir A a new watch....
haha fergie its not nice when its on the other hand now is it.
Not sure what all the fuss is about with this story in the press. Fyers was out of contract, Spurs wouldn't pay the fee (plus comp) as Zak was not worth it. He signed for Standard who everyone knows are linked with us. He was offered to any club who could have signed him. Spurs made an offer to sign and it was accepted. Simply Spurs paid what they thought he was worth. Its not as though this was hidden as the potential story was discussed monts ago. If Mancs thought he was that good why didn't they offer him a decent contract I wonder? I heard from a Manc that he was trouble but he is young and has the talent he should get a second chance? Its good of Spurs to offer it methinks... A bit of lazy journalism winding the story up into something that it really isn't.

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