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Holtby Deal Done!

Spurs have confirmed that Lewis Holtby will join the club from Schalke on July the 1st after signing a pre contract agreement

22 year old Holtby becomes Tottenham's second signing of the window following the arrival of left back Ezekiel Fryers yesterday, making a refreshing change from the usual deadline day will they/won't they's, and even though Holtby won't be a part of the squad until next season, it is clear that the club have identified areas the needed strengthening and are acting upon those, but also looking at the long term and also without spending silly money to chase a dream.

Holtby is rated highly for his energy and work-rate, as well as offering good team play and creativity. In terms of attacking prowess, he is more provider than scorer, however he has a very decent conversion rate for the German Under 21s, where he has scored 12 in 20 appearances, which may at least suggest he has an eye for goal and it is an area which if played in a more pro-active manner, he might well make dramatic improvements in this area.

For those who might be disappointed at what they might see as an underwhelming signing, I would urge you to hold fire on your criticism until you have seen him play and settle. He is a player that comes highly rated and recommended by Stefan Freund, but also if I look a Schalke and more importantly the stats of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar where he went from scoring 13 in 35 in the season before Holtby rejoined the club and 48 in 48 last and 11in 25 this season. Coincidence perhaps, but maybe, just maybe, he is a creative force that we underestimate at our peril...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 4 2013

Time: 4:53PM

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Good news. The AVB revolution is gaining momentum.
WHAT? The future of the German national side when Joe Cole was available? AVB Out!!!!!
Get signing and Sign for the club!
Slurms McKenzie
If AVB and DL can build the club successfully with signings like this rather than expensive older players, so much the better. Hope the lad's as good as advertised, but AVB seems to have an eye for talent. I take this as positive news. Onward. Upward. Huzzahs. I am maintaining my optimism for our future. Let Joe Cole go to the Spammers or to Harry.
Total knobhead
Huddersfield, LOL Yep, can't believe we missed out on Joe Cole. It would only have cost £75k/week in wages for the next 3 years for a has-been with no sell-on value. And he's good on MoTD, Hansen reckon he still has it. Bring back Redknapp!
Whats this? A deal before deadline day? My word
Great news.......and early too!
I posted on another thread that I would be under-whelmed if Holtby were to be the main signing....well as he will sign in the summer I can't be under-whelmed. Sounds a good prospect I'll certainly pay more attention to him now and hope he stands 1 deal allegedly done last year and another to be done in the it too much to ask for a signing for now....?
As I said before, anyone expecting those mature 28+ year old proven players may well be disappointed. This is the dawn of the new era at Spurs. Youth, building for the long term. Best start searching to find best options below 27 years old, COYS!
Tottenjam- er no, a deal after this deadline day but before the end of next windows deadline and free....Levy really doesn't like to spend does he?
but Frank said he was joining the goons ??? how can he be wrong ???
we do need proven players for the now 23-27 would be ideal....trying to just guess the stars of the future is folly as is having a team of kids....manu were the exception that prove the rule.
Woeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! A great young player! The German U21 team is ridicuously talented and I was hoping we get one and we got one of the best. If only we can keep Bale we are building a team who can compete for the 1st place.
A Spurs statement read: "We are delighted to announce that we have reached agreement with Germany Under-21 captain Lewis Holtby to join the club in July from Bundesliga side Schalke, subject to a medical."
Holtby, Fryers, Dempsey, Ade, Vertonghen, Sigurdsson, Lloris, Dembele. Add Caulker and Naughton back in to the fold and we have really had a decent past 7 months. COYS
Love it Huddersfield
Good signing,levys plans starting to come to frutation!hand close to chest no pockets,running a tight ship.hope this team is able to win a trhopy or two before profit taking starts.tought there wouldbe one or two young germans arriving when steffan signed up again.avb and him will be a super team just hope they can spring a surpise or two on young good players coming in striker please.
Little spur
Quality signing!
Jables Sandro is saying why can't we win it this season............
Amazing news. Have seen him play a couple of times. Technical brilliance coupled with a good work ethic. Dembele, Sandro, Holtby is a midfield to be very, very happy about.
Tactically Challenge
at long last, we have the signing that should now kill off all those ridick expectations of Moutinho joining.... thanks Lewis!!
Am sure Holtby is a great signing, although not seen too much of him. However, Sky News article this morning on Wengers keenness for him & seems to have majorly upset Goons on twitter :) Downing & Henderson for £40 million anyone OR LEVY Critics - Lennon, Bale, Dembele, Sandro, Parker, Holtby for £34 million
Fryers and Holtby this window Saha and Nelson under Harry last January. Nough said!
Ship out the ***** (ie bentley jenas thudd liverspot) and replace with up and coming players with bags of potential!! Maybe we could snap up huntelaar aswell 😃
Ibiza yiddo
StillRickyVilla- Now Harry has pipped us to the signing of Tal Ben-Haim. Just LOOK what we are missing out on.....
Bring in moussa sissoko on a pre contract for fee then start spending money on competition for Lennon and a forward to compliment Defoe and Ade.
Great signing! All we need now is a predator who will score 20+ goals a season. With fryers & holtby coming on free's, maybe Levy will suprise us all and spend big on a world class foward.......Cavani?..I'm dreaming. Players like Dempsey, Huddlestone, Jenas, Bentley and Rose have gotta find new clubs Asap.
That was meant to be a smiley face oops
Ibiza yiddo
V-R you are jumping about with that rash again!. The window has only just opened for ch sake!. I am still confident there will be MORE exciting this space! COYS!
Good news! A signing at the start of the transfer window (Fryers) and a highly rated player pre-signed for next season. All we need now is a 30 goals a season striker or, more realisticaly, Benny and Kaboom back playing.
this is an absolutely FANTASTIC signing on a free!!!
01tottenham Dempsey will come good!! Starting to showns of it already
Ibiza yiddo
let's not get too carried far our team will not be any stronger THIS season...and we've bought potential before Taraabt, Gio, Kevin Prince-Boatang and we still have Pienaars south african Captain on our books (who's better than a lot give him credit for)....
Agree RE: Dempsey. I was very critical of him earlier in the season but the last month especially he's impressed. He's got flair and touch, plays the Spurs way. For me though he's best coming in from the left. Which unfortunatley for him is Gareth Bales position.
I wanted Kanu and Scholes, AVB out!
want, want, want, want!!!. Bet most folks were disappointed when they opened their x-mas presents....that's before Santa arrived! :0)
shedboy2 KP boatang is doing very well now thank you very much and tarabt is now pretty well rated as well so it looks like we got rid of what could have been very good players for us. I think it was down to the manager at the time couldn't or didn't know how to get that potential realised so he got rid of. Now he is working with Tarabt again and saying what a great player he is.
Most german U_21s are very good, this lad might be the real deal (that is if he gets game time) as I said during the summer, AVB has something that u can never fault him about and that is his signings, he is already looking at willian for u lot, be patient with him and u he might take u to top 4.
Remember the last under 21 German young player of the year etc etc that we signed. He now plays for AC
I wanted Bryan Robson and Ray Wilkins, AVB out!
Huddersfield, can't believe we missed out on Ben Haim as well. Over 30, big wages, stop-gap measure, its exactly what we needed. AVB out!
Ibiza yiddo, I think that's just an excuse he's been using this season. If he came from another league I could accept the fact he needs time to settle down. Great players adapt very quickly and it's taken Dempsey +14 games to learn how to pass to his team mate.
I think the training facilities, the club's controlled development, Levy's patience in creating financial security, a new stadium, the compliment of exciting young players, all of which are 10 year projects, and our visionary (cool and sound also) manager presents Spurs as very competitve attraction against the big guns. Wow, can everyone feel this happening from the Jol era until now? I hope AVB is the man to do it, but the tide is starting to turn for us on many fronts after much sustained effort and catastrophies overcame. Is Levy now willing to apply a little more gas? I feel so. The right striker is a must. I even think that Moutinho may still come, and now that we appear less desperate, we can play Levy's poker-hand with an extra confidence.
I think the training facilities, the club's controlled development, Levy's patience in creating financial security, a new stadium, the compliment of exciting young players, all of which are 10 year projects, and our visionary (cool and sound also) manager presents Spurs as very competitve attraction against the big guns. Wow, can everyone feel this happening from the Jol era until now? I hope AVB is the man to do it, but the tide is starting to turn for us on many fronts after much sustained effort and catastrophies overcame. Is Levy now willing to apply a little more gas? I feel so. The right striker is a must. I even think that Moutinho may still come, and now that we appear less desperate, we can play Levy's poker-hand with an extra confidence.
Yeah, to think we have already sold Saha, Cudiccini and Nelson. The future is bleak! AVB OUt!!
HuddersfieldYiddo, if we were to sign a world class striker then I don't think his attributes will be needed at spurs.
Apologies for the x2 post
Great signing for you Spurs. You are very close to kick if not my Chelsea, Arsenal out of top four next season or even this one. You are getting close to top four status more and more each day.
Hopefully a good signing time will tell, never seen the boy play so Im not jumping for joy like others on here (most I also suspect aint seen him play neither), but a positive signing still.
I agree with you on that luna and seriously I welcome the competition, I just wish we could give the mancs a run for their money too, to even things up a bit
the man i drove everyone nuts over last summer...

looks like a wanted man...
totally liking the way the chairman is working right now...

looks like he is listening to the staff, as this one came from Freund...

2 signings for the future...

the futures white... the future aint orange....
Yidmarks, I am partial to Isco, but Benat is a hugely talented playmaking MF who scores his share of goals as well. To get either would be huge. Benat is probably cheaper and his contract only has 18 months left on it, so if there is a time to buy, it would be now. That said, I like Isco better and being only 20, I would oll out the further 5-10M that it would cost to get him. He is a very special player. Benat would hardly be a letdown, and I would presume would fit both on the transfer fee side of things as well as on the salary front. COYS
Levy might as well go in for a striker/attacker now... he has started so he might as well finish...


Peter i agree, ISCO is a quality player... has played some great football this season...

i have also watched BENAT a few times... i like the way he plays.. he has a crazy eye for a pass that would set BALE or LENNON running, his workrate is immense... isent afraid to shoot.. he is like a pitbull terrier that just wont stop chasing...

i think it was OX that said earlier in the week about our lack of taking chances... we have enough efforts during a game..

the obvious position that we need to look at is goalscoring.. not creating chances... that we do quite well already... its banging the chances we make in....

we have to choose a player that fits within our style or the style in which we have to play.. speed, skill, goals..
The Holtby compilation.
chrishove123-I don't understand your tone..thank you very much lol....but suspect that's because you did not grasp my's all very good signing promising youngsters but if they don't benefit the team what's the point, apart from possible transfer profit?....Gio arguably a flop..taraabt and KPG could be doing very well for us but they aren't and never if we can intergrate fryers and Holtby in the future, brilliant and it should be applauded for forward planning, fingers crossed AVB gets them up to speed and they make it (I too believe we now have a better coaching set up)...BUT the signings will not help us THIS season (notice the caps for emphasis)...we've got two young players on the cheap, great but I'll reserve the bunting for a player who can make a difference this term...the future is a mystery, the past is history, c'mon Levy lets have a present!
Bigc - no Franz is his middle name...v good..;)
a better one..
I have only seen him on youtube like most of us. But he has a tremendous passing range and weight on the pass. Also very technical. This may very well meen no Moutinho. I don't mind so much as Holtby could very well have the full package. But we are still light on options if Dembele gets injured for this season. I think this is a steal never the less.
shedboy2 I don't think you get MY point. If you read the whole of my posting you would/should have understood that what i was saying was that HR couldn't/ get the best out of those players because he probably didn't know how to get potential out of young players, THAT is why he always went for the old guys, because he didn't/doesn't know how to handle youth. The players like Boatang and Tarabt are now playing pretty damn well at the moment and are rated by their teams. seeing as Tarabt was settled at QPR when HR went there he didn't have to do any work on him, whereas with us he had to and didn't know how to. IF they were still here I am sure AVB would have got them up to speed and scratch, but we didn't have him we had HR and as such we lost a few highly talented players who are doing very well thank you at their respective new teams. By the way, doing very well thank you, is a very common English turn of phrase that means they are doing very well where they are now and thank you means that I am pleased for them to be doing well.
Almost as boring as your San Fran Isco joke
Holtby is still a kid. 3 goals and 5 assists in 17 BL appearances is not bad and it's 3 goals 8 assists in 26 appearances in all competitions. 22 years old and in his 4th BL campaign with good stats each year. He is not a fast player, but he is very quick of mind and of foot. he'll take some bedding in, but the PL and the BL are both fairly physical, so I don't expect he'll have too many issues. COYS
A lot of Arsenal and Liverfool fans disappointed on the web. As if there was any question where Holtby was going to go. The mighty Spurs of course! I would now rather see us sign Willian rather Moutinho if there is choice between the two. That Should make Big C happy as Lennon might find it hard to get into the team.
He isn't slow either peterballb. He looks mustard anyway. Hope he turns out to be a gem.
arf...SAF on Manu page on Fryers''this deal has Levy's fingerprints all over it''. I must say, there is the principle of sweet satisfaction from Fergie's obvious feeling of being done over that makes this transfer worth everything paid already. Guarenteed to score in OT, oh yesh! arf arf, ^^
"For those who might be disappointed at what they might see as an underwhelming signing, I would urge you to hold fire on your criticism until you have seen him play and settle." -- I hope you include yourself in this Ox, after all, you did write an article titled "Is Dempsey the New Piennar" -- After Clint had played a handful of games and the always excellent Piennar was never given a chance. I must admit, I know very little about this lad, but I'll definitely give him a chance.
Boss unhappy with Fryers move Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed his disappointment at Tottenham Hotspur's signing of his former defender Ezekiel Fryers. The youngster was out of contract at Manchester United and looked set to join Spurs last summer but the two clubs could not agree a compensation package. Instead, the left-back ended up at Standard Liege but moved to White Hart Lane as soon as the January window opened. The manager is urging the authorities to look into the matter as the Reds lost out on a sizeable fee for the defender but he accepts that Spurs' actions were not in breach of the current rules. "We expected that to be honest with you," he replied to MUTV, when asked about the Spurs deal. "How would you put it? To me, I think it's a blatant manipulation of the rules. "Tottenham did nothing wrong as he went to Standard Liege. They tried to buy him off us and we'd been looking for a certain figure. They wouldn't pay it but asked if they could take him down there on trial and, at that time, he was out of contract in June anyway. "So he went down on trial and he went to Portugal with them. They then said they weren't prepared to pay the money and, all of a sudden, he signed for Standard Liege. "We knew immediately and suspected that he would return to Tottenham in January and that's happened. It's a [Spurs chairman] Daniel Levy deal. You know, it's his fingerprints all over it. It's the kind of thing we expected he was going to do." Is this Pr**k for real. Get a life red nose.
Yido T
Fergie fergie fergie, what a short memory you have!!! Berbatov, remember that one???
I wanted Kanu and Scholes, AVB out!-Crissybwoy. I know how you feel, spare a thought for Arry he made the same written request, only he got a Canoe and Scholls Insoles
spu 4 life
Holtby, some reports say his half english, others say his half german? Fergie all reports say his a (unt
spu 4 life
Yes Jimmy-yid I got the Holtby thing wrong, he has come to us rather than Arsenal. The one thing I am wondering is this, we only have him on a pre-contract agreement, could there be a proviso that we must qualify for the CL. He has already played 6 CL games for Schalke among his 75 games in total, I would have thought he wouldn't want to miss out next season. That is why with Arsenal's declared interest, and 14 CL seasons on the spin, it looked a done deal for him.
Not a great day for Ferguson, he lost out on Fryirs and one of his nags got stuffed at 4-9 at Lingfield, all I hope is he had a decent bet on it, and lost a grand or two, happy new year red nosed pi$$ed up Scottish (unt.
What'a your take on him then Frank, come on don't sit on the
spu 4 life
I never sit on the fence spu 4 life, that's how you get splinters in your arse.
Never seen holtby play, so will trust stefan's judgement. Would love to be in the spurs boardroom right now, seeing what they are cooking up next. The fryers swindle made my day.
van der haart lane
oh I like this transfer even more now Fergie is annoyed...;) He get's away with bringing the game in to dis-repute all the time...If I were a prem manager I'd have a written book of Sir Alex post game comments and when I wanted to criticise a ref or influence opinion I'd just read one of his comments....'As sir alex would say....' they could never fine you...
Was delighted when i heard about the holtby deal but then after hearing that its a pre contract i wasnt as enthusiastic! Great deal but i still think we need an attacking mid like kaka/sneijder on a 6month loan as we will still be lacking that creativity untill the end of the season.
SpursSnm,the sneijder deal might just happen.holtby to bed in now,so pre contract!world class for 6 mounths for a real push this season!come on dan surprise us.
Little spur
SpursSnM, I'm with you on the Kaka/Schneijder loan. Perhaps we can use our new relationship with RM to get Kaka on a loan on wages we can afford. He's only managed to get under 200 minutes of playing time in La Liga this season. Surely he wants to play. Same with Schneijder. Use us as your platform. COYS
Fryers yesterday. Holtby today. Other han a win in the FA Cup, who wil it be tomorrow? Pre-contract with Sissokho? Schneijder or Kaka Loan? Doumbia capture? Leandro capture? Willian? COYS
Didn't we have a pre-contract with Sandro? Don't see it being such a bad thing
Peter,leandro he is another one i think might come in, if not Sneijder! One big one as two the shock would be to much for a lot to believe!coys
Little spur
I doubt would sign a pre-contract with Spurs and move to Arsenal. Don't think Arsenal fans would be too pleased with him choosing us first. I think it would be a great idea to get Sneijder on loan, if we could.
Regarding tomorrows game, of course we should beat Coventry, lets just make sure we do. We can afford to perhaps rest one or two providing they are on the bench in case they are needed to put it to bed if we are struggling, although I can only really see one result.
Very good signing. Midfield options next season increased.
Frank Yeah a 0 - 0 draw.
Only joking HA HA we should bag this one.
You are the boring one. I was making a comparison as to how AVB could have brought those players through if he had signeed them. It was impossible to make the comparison without mentioning HR so get over yourself. and groe the f*** up. It's people like you who bring the whole tone of this site down with your crass comments and so called observations on how we are not doing as well as we should be. That is comparing the two managers without mentioning him so you are just as guilty because when you pour your scorn on AVB all it does is harken back to where we were last season under HR, you think you are so great and so clever and cool don't you, well you are not you are just another non entity fan just like the rest of us so just STFU.
well we can confirm Frank talks garbage then
Guys this is beginning to sound just like the summer when we were all high on signing Verts and Siggy and then had to spend 2 months listening to people gripe about not signing a this and a that!! Just hope we are past that.
I'm excited by this kid. I trust in Freund and trust in AvB to get the best from him. We all know how our last manager was with kids, Gio for example was never given a real chance, so won't worry about past failures with youth. This is a new era. Good times lay ahead if we can just be patient.
Tottenham Hotcore
At the moment we have no cover for Dembele, Holtby looks like he will provide that. At his age you would hope he will continue to improve.
Great addition to the squad for the 2013-2014 season (if likes of Bale and Sandro are not sold in the summer?) But what about the here and now? What is clearly needed right now to secure a top 3 finish 'this season' is a world class player that can turn a match. AVB identified Willian as that man last summer and again recently when interviewed. If Levy makes this kind of signing this January, without selling any of the clubs stars players I will start to get excited! Until such time we can only reflect on Levy's buy to sale, style of football business, that he has operated at our club, for 13 long seasons...
tottingham10 Manure get 5% of the fee we paid Liege mate, so in a way, we have paid them some money. Not directly of course because its paid by Liege.

as Holtby is a free-transfer theres not much downside, must have offered a decent whack tho' for him to sign. I can see him playing as Bale's replacement next season: coming inside central and leaving the flank for an attacking LB.... as for those slagging Arry off for Saha, Nelson and others you are ignoramusses: they were brought to provide BACKUP with experience and to balance the squad, and they cost very little in fees (if any). And wasnt it under Arry that the likes of Sandro, Ade (on loan), Gallas, 2 Kyles came to Spurs ??.... fans should have more respect for a manager that brought 2 Top4 finishes in 3 seasons. but then again I can see AVB get the same response 6 months after he eventually goes too, maybe even before.
Harry had no respect for us. That's all I'm saying on the matter.
Tottenham Hotcore
Viyyash-Ramosh harry redknapp never cared for our club or us the fans. Called us idiots. Criticised the players publicly, didn't sign an extension as didn't want to price himself out of the england job.Said players don't care whos in charge when asked by the press is him being linked with england job affecting our on the pitch performances only to say few months later that the players need to know for assurances about signing new deals etc etc if manager is staying etc etc. Harry was a walking contradiction. I fully appreciate what he did but could see so many flaws with spurs under harry its unreal. How many goals have we scored from set plays this year. Shows what a bit of work can be done when basic things like free kicks and corners are practiced. It was so bad under harry we had players deciding on the pitch oh i fancy this one (walker scored when he decided to take one when on the pitch) We capitulated twice post Xmas. People bleet on about points we had at Xmas last year etc etc. However we have won 6 away games this season already only won 7 all season. mirrored results we are better off as well. With what most seem to agree on an inferior squad to what we had before. We have a team that looks fitter hungrier and players out performing their previous bests. Bale has now scored more goals then he did all of last year and he still has half a season to go. We've had to embrace a whole new style of football. We now have a manager who is backing his players week in week out. Even the fringe players get mentioned. Team rotated depending on opponents. Shows a lot more thought is being put in to things. A manager who celebrates like one of US. Bale for instance gets backed by AVB, were as Harry used to slate him for going down and staying down. Said he should toughen up etc etc. (although he was never shipping him out on loan. If BAE wasn't injured he was going ACN) If you gave me a choice between having harry back tomorrow or sticking with AVB. AVB would win my vote every time. If harry was that good and the football was that great etc etc Why did Chelsea not get him in short term. Says a lot to me. Also please no more stupid suggestions of signings. Cameron Jerome was one the other week. still makes me crack up. COYS. Also great to see coops back on here.
Viyyash-Ramosh, agree with you post mate. But there is no getting the Harry haters to see sense and to show some respect for the only THFC coach since the Premiership began to make us a top 4 club on 2 occasions in 3 seasons, and they don't seem to appreciate in the slightest how he took us to the Champions League quarter final beating both Milan giants on the journey on a much smaller transfer budget then Stoke City... And even more incredibly they seem to have gained no pleasure whatsoever from the beautiful football the team played last season that got our club into an official end of season CL qualification position. I am not saying Harry was perfect.. His team was not the finished article due to the fact he was given virtually no budget to spend after making THFC a top 4 and CL club, but it was certainly the best Spurs side since Keith Burkinshaw's early 80's team which also operated on a shoe string budget, because the club had virtually no money back then. Things are very different now with the vastly wealthy owners we have. Lets hope Lewis/Levy have finally got the ticket , and provide AVB with the cash they refused to give Harry in any of the 4 windows after he made THFC a top 4 and Champions League club... The best of luck AVB!
On the Holtby free transfer... Well there are two ways to look it this one. The first is to say, what a great deal! To sign a young gifted player for the 2013-2014 season to 'add' and 'improve' our existing talented squad... But it Levy has brought in this kid on the 'free' in preparation to sale on other star players at the club, (like Sigurðsson with VDV) possibly to his 'partners' at Real Madrid to make more profits for Joe Lewis without building that stadium? It will be be yet another classic Daniel Levy 2 steps forwards, 2 step backwards style of football business that he is the master of. Lets hope finally after 13 seasons, that Levy/Lewis will FULLY back their coach, instead of pulling the rug from underneath him???

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