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Modric or Modpoor?

Like most Spurs supporters I was gutted when our little maestro signalled his intention to leave and especially as it seemed he could become a hated Chav.

Despite his lack of goals and direct assists we all appreciated his skills on the ball and ability to keep moves flowing. It was something of a relief therefore when it was Real Madrid that he eventually signed for but maybe the grass was not so green after all. Mourinho seems less than impressed with his contribution so far and being voted worst import to La Liga can't have helped his confidence either So what now? Would we welcome him back or has that ship sailed?

Personally I rather like the power of the midfield we have now and believe a really good No 10 is all we need to supply the goals we currently lack to kill teams off early. We may even already have all we need if Dempsey continues his improvement. Much more likely is a return to the PL with another club and rumour has that Old Red Nose is sniffing around. What better way to respond to the shafting he got over the Fryers deal than to rub our noses in it by pinching our former darling.

Written by Love totty

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The journalist

Writer: Love totty Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 7 2013

Time: 3:19PM

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The press was full of "How will Spurs cope without Harry, Modric & VDV" now it's more a case of how are they coping without us?
Spurs Allday
I agree...with Big.c........take that !!!
Buy him back for 10 mill, ive Man Utd are sniffing around him
If Madrid aren't ready to take a big loss I don't see how Modric is going anywhere. In any event he isn't coming back to us as we can't afford his current wages. I don't get all this transfer talk about Moutinho and now Modric, where would thay play ? We have a great midfield pairing in Dembele and Sandro, why would you break that up ? You can't play these kind of players further forward, they don't score enough goals (that's also true of Dembele). You don't want to lose either of the wide players, that's where the real threat comes. So there is no vacant spot in the team and you don't spend top money for a player to sit on the bench (unless you're Man City).
Wouldn't it be great if our "special relationship" with Real meant that we had first refusal on him.
Love totty
I don't want him back, we've moved on. Let him go United. He is very much a Carrick type of player, where he does everything well, and makes the game look easy but rarely dictates a game. Add to that his lack of goals and in hindsight, £35m is a great bit of business. He was a great player for us, but lacked what u need to be a top, top player. So if he went United, I wouldn't expect him to be the next Scholes.
perhaps, would like to swop Modric for Moutinho !?.....just a thought. I think Modric will end up at Man.utd.....but don't bet on it !
Totally agree jod. Dembele has replaced Modric perfectly. Of the two we miss VdV more. Certainly wouldn't see any point bringing Modric back now. We are not in the financial position to be paying huge wages to bench warmers.
Real Madrid swop Modric for Moutinho !?.....
Agree Jod. can't see him going anywhere - usual press speculation. Few clubs can afford him and I reckon our "partnership" with Real meant that he can't be sold back to an english side. That really means that if he doesn't want to go to PSG, he'll have to stay put!
I'd as soon contract leprosy as advocate for the little Modder to come back. No player who shows his level of disloyalty should be allowed back. He didn't play because of a bad attitude when we were paying him? And some would welcome him back now? Leave it off.
Total knobhead
bye bye ratface, we all said, now some want him back? WHY...we are a better team without him i feel, he does,nt score goals, maybe if we could have him on a free, lol
Hands off to you, TK. LOL.
Love totty
Proves what many of us suspected all along, there is a world of difference between a very good MF player, and a great or "world class" MFer, the difference between people who can affect a game, and those who can take control and win a game. Modric is of the former category, whilst Xavi, Iniesta, Yaya Toure, and in the past Ronaldinho, Zidane, were in the latter category. I believe that due to the dearth of world class players we have enjoyed in recent years at Spurs, we had an over inflated view of Modric's ability, which fortunately was shared by Mourinho, hence the grossly inflated fee we received when he left. His limitations in top class are now apparently surfacing, an Mourinho may have realised his error.
I disagree Frank and we need to remove our ***** tinted glasses when it comes to former players. Would love to see Modric back at Spurs and it takes time (as I have been saying about Dempsey & Sigg and as Modric himself demonstrated at Spurs) to get used to new systems, styles and team mates. In fairness, with Ozil in great form, Luka has not played too much, so even harder. Do I like disloyal mercenary footballers, no, do I appreciate the quality of players like Modric & Berbatov - YES. Berb or Ade at the moment anyone ???? Obviously price would need to be right - but yes, Modric above Moutinho.
ParkLane67 - I don't think Madrid would have a problem selling him to an English side, but they'd have to take a loss and I can only see Man U being interested. That's because he would make a straight replacement for Scholes. He's cetainly no replacement for Lampard and City wouldn't have room on the bench.
Remember...Mr.Sugar saying he'd never have Klinsmann back !?....i wonder if so sweet ! I'd give £10 mill' for Jenas and Huddlestone.
For've said it Totty..... thst ship has sailed!
Would love it if Levy had slipped in a little Sell on fee into the deal.
FYI - ALL footballers are now fecking mercenaries, just out for themselves. Just look at how much Bentley/JJ & DosSantos cost us by not being prepared to leave (plus no form to warrant a purchase). Bet they start trying harder when contracts run out.
He was always going to make it to utd even in a round about way.glad he is in our past and no luck to his furture.gone nearly forgottan!
Little spur
It was hard to see it then, but i think losing Modric has become a blessing. Would we have signed Dembele had we not lost Modric? We have a very strong central midfield very physical a tough to compete with. I think the best in the PL. Dembele's silky skills combined with his strength an pace make him the complete box to box player. Sandro is the ultimate DM. I was never to sure whether VDV was as good for the team as his skills suggested. I was not overly disappointed when he left. We now lack technical players. Not as easy on the eye to watch be we always seem to have a foothold on the game and look very tough to beat. Dempsey is starting to shine. Siggy is showing signs. Holtby is that technical quality that we lack. He would challenge Dempsey for that AM spot. While Holtby looks to be the future at the moment i am starting to be happy with Dempsey. He will get the goals. People say we lost Modric and VDV and that we are weaker whereas i think we are stronger. We now have a world class keeper and CB in Verts. Ade is off to African nations. We really need a striker and i think we should go all out for Dimiao and i think we will be in a fine position to finish the season off strongly. Moutinho would be a bonus.
Modric and Bale worked wonders down our left, let's not forget that, he was a top player in the prem for us and the danger is he would be again, i would hate manure to get him, it will only make them stronger, scholes/carrick replacement, fergie would do that just to spite us over the fryers thing. Take him back?
spu 4 life
Id take him back, dont like the guy, think about it you own shares in a company one of the mangers is a complete tool, you dont like him but he gets results. There is no loyalty is football, even the ones we bring through the youth set up will quickly jump if the right contracts put in front of them. I'd also take Berba back that guy was one of the greatest entertainers in a spurs shirt since Ginola!
@spu 4 life, if SAF would do anything to spite us over the fryers thing, or anything else, then we've truly gotten under his skin and that's a defeat for him. Anyone doing anything just for spite is weakening themselves. SAF needs to do what is best for his team, and spiting us can only get in the way of doing what he needs to do clearheadedly. Hats off to DL if he's accomplished this. Kudos.
Total knobhead
Bringing Modric back would be the same as bringing Moutinho in. Both are very, very similar. As peterballb has been pointing out, where would they play? On the other hand, we are lacking strength in depth in the CM position because we suddenly don't look so strong when Demdele is out. But surly it would be very difficult to incorporate Sandro, Dembele and Moutinho/Modric in the same side. We already seem to lack goal threat.
I wouldn't take back anyone who refused to play for us just to get away from us. It's the same reason I wrote that I didn't want us to sign Adebayor on loan originally, given that he had a similar history with other clubs. Don't want a player who doesn't put his all into it while on the pitch. I fit of pique in one match in anger at a manager, I can understand. But a calculated ploy over several weeks is too much. I would object to Berbatov of Modder Focker returning. Don't want them. Some players put their all into their play even when the club shows them no respect. I prefer them, although I want both player showing some respct and club doing so in return. Surely THFC deserved better that we received from Burping Off or Modder Focker.
Total knobhead
Are we too stubborn to say no to having him back & in the process making our rivals stronger!! Personally, if he came back with an apology and stating his 'love' for THFC and admits he has made a mistake then get him back ASAP. We all know how much we struggled when Mousa was injured and Modders is a ready made replacement. Can only improve the squad...
I would suggest that if rednose tries to get Modric, THFC should demand that the FA investigate Manure for underhand tactics to sign him because they knew that Levy wouldn't have sold to them in the first place. Demand that the FA withold his regstration, much as rednose has suggested in the Fryers affair. I'd take him back simply to stop rednose getting him.
I really don't believe he'll leave Madrid, as mentioned he needs time to settle in, you can imagine its quite daunting moving there and trying to hit the ground running with all the other worldies around him. I said in another thread they won't see the best of him until he plays where he played for us but at the moment has Alonso in his position and they're trying to fit him in all over the shop. I'd be very surprised if he left.
A fit of pique in anger, I can understand, ... but over several weeks of calculated strategy in order to leave... no no no... I easily can imagine Modder Focker pulling the same "psychological unfit to play" in the ultimate match of a season that determines our fate if he wants something for himself. I want more money or I'm psychologically unfit to play. This not a mate you'd want to have backing you up against someone aggressive in a pub. He'd turn against a mate for a quid. Well rid of him. Don't want him back.
Total knobhead
Modric is not what we need. If he is sold to another club, I am sure we get a share of the trnsfer so maybe Levy gets his 40 plus Million. His wages are beyond what we would pay. Fortunately Palacios was running in to card trouble and we had to move Modric to the middle beside Hudd. They were very good indeed. Modric does well to lay beack deep and intercept play. His anticipation is what made him great "in our side". The problem at Madrid is that they want him pushing forward and it's not really his thing. He is a controlling MF. Works great in a 4-5-1 and has wonderful ball skills. None of that made him a great playmaker or goalscorer with us, and it really doesn't shock me that things are any different at RM. As competition for Ozil's position, he will always struggle. Push him deeper down the pitch and he will be very good. problem is, they have some great players there already. COYS
"if he came back with an apology and stating his 'love' for THFC," writes 1984Spurs. Mate, I know some prostitutes on a road near me that will do the same for far less money. Some of them, you won't know their sex until engaged in the act, but they'll apologize and commit their love to you. And pay the off would be better, too, than re-signing the Mo Focker.

and good one, spurboy61, deal SAF his own argument if he signs the Mo Fo.

Total knobhead
TK, you can never go back. He didn't just do it one season, but two on the trot. Further, if reports are to be believed, he met with Abramovich on his yacht while under contract with us to discuss going to Chelsea. Karma. COYS
While Modric or Moutinho would strengthen the squa it's an unrealistic sum of money to spend on squad depth. The Holtby's & Sissoko's of this world are where we'll find our strength in depth, save the big fees for the positions where it's most needed. The attacking third is easily our biggest(possibly only) concern. a No10 to pick the lock, a No9 to bury the chances & genuine pacey competition with an eye for goal on the flanks is whats really needed.
Spurs Allday
Spurs Allday, from your keyboard to Levy's ear. Come on Levy. COYS
"reports today saying adebayor will go africa,that leaves us in the doodoo," ghulamville. But maybe the dooddoo is deeper if he doesn't go to Africa. Jessuz, at first I thought he came in late this season and need time to adjust and get in condition, but now it seems more and more that he just isn't "psychologically fit." Need a bit of loyalty from your players after you sign them and you're treating them with respect. If he cannot show some effort, move him along if someone will take his wages. I prefer players who try when they're on the pitch, and who don't refuse to come on the pitch when they're healthy.
Total knobhead
1984Spurs, i agree. But i don't think Modric will be going anywhere just. He has only been at Madrid for six months. He will want more time than that. I was always surprised when Madrid went in for Modric. I couldn't see where he would fit in. There are too many top players in his position. If Modric was to be given a spot i have no doubts he would fit into the team, in his natural position. I think Madrid had the wrong idea about Modric and what he would bring to the team. They never needed him. I just thought they were being greedy. He is going to rot away there unless he is given a proper go in his natural position. So many top players get waisted away at Madrid. If you don't make it at Madrid, it does not mean you are not a top player.
I loved Modric, i would place him alongside Berba,Gazza,Ginola in terms of how they influenced games for us. However we are one or two players short now of being able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Manc clubs. We seem to have a unity and togetherness at the club which is difficult to create and the way Luka treated the club by trying to engineer a move by missing the first month of last season by saying his "heads gone" has no way back for me. Unless he comes live on tv on his knees and sais "im a **** please forgive me ITTID no player especially me is bigger than THFC, please can i come back"....only then will i forgive him COYMFS!!!
Mourinho probably saw how he plays for Croatia and thought he'd push him in to the same role at Madrid but it hasn't worked.
Since start of November, Modric has started 8 out of 14 games for RM. He has been a used sub in all but one of the other games. He's therefore almost always involved in some capacity and when you factor in rotation that's probably about right. He didn't join relegation fodder where you can play every week. He joined the wannabe league champions of Spain and is an integral part of their squad. OK, he may not have set the world alight yet but class is permanent.
peterballb, meeting with Abramovich on his yacht while he was supposed to be playing with us is nothing other than a prostitute who takes your money and blows it off with another potential client while calling you a lover. Bringing him back would show no self respect on our part.
Total knobhead
I would take him back in an instant. But let’s not kid ourselves, class is permanent, form is temporary. The amount of money we sold him for would mean their fans expect insta results etc, could be that he is learning to play with his new team mates? Very much doubt he will leave Real any time soon. Get Moutinho now (or summer) or a similar player in. Happy days. Good luck Luka. COYS.
You forgive too easily, JattYid. Words like those come cheaply. His actions spoke loudly.
Total knobhead
The word "class" and the name Modric do not belong together. Class implies more than threading some passes on a pitch. It requires having some character.
Total knobhead
Anyone who would improve the squad would be considered, Modric would improve the squad or would you rather we extend JJ's contract? Some of you guys have short memories. I'd take RVP at the lane, couldn't give a toss about Arsenal and/or Utd conections.
Spurs Allday- Top post. Totally agree, although i was still hoping to get Moutinho not too long, i have backtracked a little if that means we cannot get a top striker and or winger. And i think this is what Peterballb has been trying to say all along.
I'd take RVP at the Lane, but not if he had insulted us while on our payroll and refusing to play because he was "out of sorts psychologically." The fact he played at Emirates would be a minor offense in comparison.
Total knobhead
Off topic but the bindippers are on a hiding to nothing at Old Trafford this weekend........Howard Webb is playing at number 12 for ManU! :-)
TK, Adebayor is an issue. Whether a fixable one or not, I don't know. I never though he really suited AVB but do believe if we get a creative guy behind/beside/off him,he still has bags of talent. I don't think he and Defoe have anything to offer as a pairing, though I have yet to think that anyone and Defoe is a pairing. I would not have signed him the minute he was not going to be available for the Newcasle game. His battle with City was all about him and he forgot (didn't care) that his new employers needed him. He is not fit. I would not be surprised if he came back from Africa crocked. Perhaps Harry can convince the powers that be at QPR that it is a good buy. I somehow doubt it. I suspect as AVB will have to find a way to get Adebayor happy and playing in a system that suits him or he will become a distraction, just because of his enormous salary. Hope he goes to Africa and finds his desire lies in playing football, not in the money and that he comes back as the player his talents suggest he can be. COYS
I don't want Jenas because he's a bad player to have. I don't want Modders because he's a bad person to have.
Total knobhead
Total knobhead - with those words i would forgive him but i wouldnt re-sign him lol...our team once we get in 2 signings would be one powerful unit like the one Mourinho had at chelski....therefore ModderFocker wouldnt really enhance our first 11...just need a Willian type behind a Damio type and fack me ill be jizzing every weekend COYMFS
I don't doubt Adebayor's talent. Just his commitment. And I have increasing doubts that he will be able to straighten out that issue. But he's got talent when he finds it within himself to use it.
Total knobhead
You phucking joke;UEFA have charged Lazio and Tottenham following the controversial Europa League draw between the sides in November. Lazio supporters were heard chanting “Juden Tottenham” at the away fans at the Stadio Olimpico, mocking Spurs’ links with the Jewish community and UEFA have responded by charging the club over the alleged racist behaviour of their fans. “UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against S.S. Lazio. Charges relate to the alleged racist behaviour of Lazio supporters during the Italian club’s 0-0 UEFA Europa League Group J draw against Tottenham Hotspur FC in Rome on 22 November 2012,” a statement from UEFA read. “Proceedings will also be instigated against S.S. Lazio for throwing of missiles and/or fireworks by their supporters, incidents of a non-sporting nature, late team arrival at the stadium, and late handling of the team sheet.” Tottenham, meanwhile, have been charged over separate crowd disturbances during the November 22 draw. Lazio could face severe punishment if they are found guilty at the January 24 hearing with pressure growing on UEFA to take harsh action against the club.
spu 4 life
Such a shame regarding Ade. Such a talented CF. Could be as good as anyone. Last year he showed that because he tried. I guess we should have known given his history what would happen. Still, there is time for him to turn it around, but now that he is off to the AFN's, he might not get much of a chance, if we can get a quality striker in this month.
QPR have a lot of talent this year, but haven't shown any commitment or heart. Talent only takes a team so far. You need a team. A team in which the individuals show some commitment. That seems simple enough. QPR signed too many big names and they accepted the pay checks but never committed themselves to playing for a club in which they are only a part. The whole must be greater than the sum of its parts. It's called integrity. Modder Focker and those like him didn't understand this while in N17. It's better that he left. Better that he not come back.
Total knobhead
Charges against us? UEFA understand from cafe owner Gianfranco that a spurs supporter asked for a bottle of red wine in an agressive manner quote ''hoy mate give us a bottle of red'' instead of saying in english ''Could i have please a nice bottle of your finest red wine old chap, oh and extra cheese on the pizza, thank you''
spu 4 life
Don't really see him as required in this current set-up never mind what kind of wages he's on. That ship has sailed and the next time we'll see Modric in the Prem it will be in a Red shirt.
Slurms McKenzie
any ITK???? love a bit of ITK I do, get me all excited. an no I wouldnt take him back only because his spot has been very successfully filled by Mr Dembele/
iditots not wanting him back!!!!!!!!!!!! He was by far our best player till bale started to shine. and if we can get him back for a discounted price after making a profit on him y the hell not?? moutininho that much better/different to modders. With him back we can push dembele further forward and have even greater creativity with him back in the team
Modric has already stated that he does NOT want to leave as he wants to stay there to fight for his place and play for THEM on a regular basis so that pretty much puts this whole article out of the window as so much eyewash. We don't need him anyway we are far better off without him as in mentally stronger team. Imagine the ill feeling between him and the players who were here when he played his silly little games to get away, it would disrupt the team harmony. It is a stupid idea to even consider it regardless of whether we like him as a person or not.
We don't need Modric or Moutinho. We're fine for defensive midfielders thanks. We need a creative attacking midfielder and a striker. Modric made his choice and perhaps now realises he's not quite as good as he thought he was. Hey ho! Personally I don't care where he goes now. We're a very different team to the one he left - one that is bigger, stronger and quicker. With a clever 'number 10' and a proper striker we should be challenging for titles.
I don't see how buying a deep lying MF & pushing one of our deep lying MF further forward adds creativity. That's like saying lets buy another CB so we can push Vertonghen into MF to make us more creative. It doesn't work, what we need is an out-&-out attacking MF with an eye for a goal as well as a pass in the mold of a Sneijder to play in advance of Dembele. Plus the Dembele/Sandro partnership is one of our strongest points so why separate it?
Spurs Allday
I don't think that it would be a good idea to push Dembele further forward, as he's excellent in the position that he's playing. His defensive qualities are alot better that Modric, he stronger too. Therefore I agree with those saying that we do not need a Modric/Moutinho type player. What we need is an intelligent number 10 and a top class striker. We could also do with some cover for Bale and Lennon.
If we did make a big money CM signing then I can only think that we're looking to go 433 which in any case can wait til the summer. No need for those sort of drastic changes mid season while sat in 3rd place.
Spurs Allday
Well of course he won’t come back, but if he did I’d take him back in an instant. Best player in a Spurs shirt these last few years, a class above Dembele and even when he was coasting a bit at the end of last season he still put in a far greater shift than Adebuyor is doing (Oh that’s not saying much). I don’t know what went wrong off the pitch between him and Levy but I know what he is like on the pitch. Some of you must have short memories and have forgotten what he played like. Only Bale would surpass him on current form. And with Real Madrid way behind Barcelona at present maybe it's Mourinho that’s past his sell-by date.
matt hoten
If we are serious about either consolidating our current position, or indeed further advancing to ensure CL qualification, to perhaps persuade both Bale and Sandro and anybody else courted by others, to stay longer, then we simply must react to the news re. Adebayor going to the ACN by buying a striker, not a cheap stand in i.e. Saha or Rasiak, but a first choice "proper" goalscorer. When Adebayor returns, then he and Defoe could compete for the stand in, or second striker, role. If we fail to react or just decide to go with Defoe and Dempsey, then when it goes tits up, on Levy's head be it.
i wouldnt bother with Mods as someone said, he gave up playing for us before he had even gone.. he doesnt have heart when it comes to our club.

i would bring in Sneijder(loan or at least low-cost|) or Isco, instead of Mouts anyday...

Isco is is totally our style, he is also young and a crazy talent.

Sneijder fills a gap and also suits us right now.

Feck Modders, we need a striker....

i wanna see this team, with cover as shown.

...................ALEXIS SANCHEZ/AUBAMEYANG...................

Fanman, totally agree on Dembele. He and Sandro are monsters where they are and I would be loathe to move either of them. They are both pushing forward with their play, which I assume is by design as Parker is also doing the same thing, to much better effect than all the sideways and back passing. If Modric came in, I'd suggest that AVB would ask the same of him. I like what we have and see no reason to add Modric or Moutinho. Any two of Sandro/Dembele/Parker in front of any two of Vertonghen/Kaboul/Caulker in front of Lloris or Friedel when necessary, really has me quite content with our back end. BAE on one side backed up by Fryers or Rose and Walker on the other backed up by Naughton or Smith has me thinking that for the next 5-10 years, there will be little need for additions. We can thus grow from within, which is great. It is in the front four where I have concerns (short and long term). We need a ready for prime time cover for Bale and Lennon (Dzagoev, Remy, Willian), we need a creative AMF (Isco or Benat would be great, but as a quick fix, Schneijder or Kaka on loan) and we need strikers. All of our strikers are up there and none are comfortable up top alone. It's where Leandro or Doumbia make so much sense. Expensive, but not Cavani expensive. Each probably could be had for 20-25M and could be the man for the next 5-7 years. Get is someone like Casaignos as well and we could have a completely refreshed strike force. What is clear to me is that the striker must come first and the AMF will then complement. If these options are too expensive, how about Guidetti from City, or Mitroglou from Olympiakos. We must do something. COYS
Modric will not coming back to PL. It does not make any sense. Would he be so stupid to think he would put his feet on "Bernabeu´s grass that Özil and Khedira would both say: "Would you like to have my starting place, Mr. Modric ??". I guess not. He always knew he would have a season long battle to establish himself as one of the Madrid stars (I´m not saying he will be) and before that happening he would be either warming bench or making subs appearances. It would have been different had he choosen United or Chelsea, but Madrid was his "dream move". Back at Spurs ?? Nahhhhh, Levy would never buy him back at such an inflated price neither would he pay him the level of wages he is currently making. Thinking about the past, maybe we should have offered him to Chelsea in a trade for Juan Mata...
Frankly I'll rather see Berbatov come back. At least he'll have a greater chance of playing.
Yidmarks, I actually think, with the players we have, Benat would be the better fit. He's a little tougher and a little more positional. Isco is all over the place. If Bale and Lennon start flitting all over the place as well, the width is gone. That's exactly what happened last season when Bale was on one wing and VDV on the other. They all played in the middle and we became very easy to defend. A player like Benat in the middle and two wingers could be scary good. I also think he'll cost about 5-10M less than Isco. COYS
peterballb, totally agree. Your assessment is inch perfect. Well done mate.
I don't really watch other leagues, so I can't suggest who we could bring in. I think Isco's stock has risen too high for our wage policy, hence us going for Holtby. Once we get a proper number 10 and a top striker we should be challenging the Manchester clubs. Its a shame that Sigurdsson hasn't made the number 10 role his own. Ade going to the ACoN could be a blessing in disguise. 1. It forces Levy's hand to buy a sttiker. 2. Ade might find some form and come back to us on fire. That's what I'm hoping for anyway. Its likely that we'll revert back to 4-2-3-1 on Saturday, I hope to see Dempsey start behind Defoe. With Siggy to make a late cameo appearance. Hopefully, we'll have too much pace and power for QPR.
After having experienced the second coming of Robbie Keane and Chimbonda in recent memory as a big let down, then I'd say no to Modric. It's never as good the second time around. In addition he was massively disrespectful to the club, refused to play for us, tried to engineer a move to Chelski, then the RM fiasco, so no thanks. I like our Dembele/Sandro partnership better anyway, and as others have said earlier, all we need now is a proper no' 10.
Cleveland ARTSPURS
Fanman, I actually think Sigurdsson might well be suited to the Dembele role. I like his passing and he has a wonderful shot. It is clear that AVB wants Sandro, Paker and Dembele to shoot when they can get good leather on the ball and they have been doing it. We saw with Dempsey's shot the other day, deflections happen, keepers can only parry cannons. Sigurdsson could well fit in in that role too. He also has incredible vision and is a great deliverer of dead balls. The main thing I like about all of our new signings (Vertonghen, Sigurdsson, Dembele, Dempsey) is that they are all professional team players. AVB is building a team, not a collection of talent. COYS
peterballb, I think that Sigurdsson obviously has the talent to play centre, attacking midfield, but I'd question his physical strength and defensive capabilities. Unless we were to play a diamond midfield were Sandro operates at the base of the diamond, while Sigurdsson, operates at the tip, with 2 strikers in-front of him. That could be effective. 4-1-2-1-2.
We are DESPERATE for his creativity. I mean look at his stats in all comps this season: 32 games played" 1 goal. 1 assist. We really, really need him so we can average a goal or two a season at the cost of Dembo who can head, tackle, pass, win 50/50's and all of the other ***** Modders could not do because he is a rat faced Judas pass monkey.
I don't think he'll go anywhere, and in fact I think he will be a big success RM in the end. However, if he was an option, which he probably won't, he's a superb one. Where would he fit!? Its crazy guys, just crazy to question where he'd fit. A MF 3 of Sandro/Dembe/Mods would be, let me see, I can't f'n describe how good it would be - you simlpy can't say those 3 wouldn't function perfectly, and considering injuries, ofc there's room. Plus, mods would suit AVBs shooting ethos and would score more. 433 or possibly a 3 at the back system will be utilised as AVB gets to the levels of performance he needs, IMO. THose 3 are as balanced defensivly/offensivly as you'll find. For the same reasons I find the argument that we don't need Moutinho as not well founded. The MF 3 is the strongest set up, you just need the striker, the real quality up top. I do admit, this striker has never been so crucial and is a prioity over Moutinho as it fills our flush that has a jackpot look about it.
i do think that some of us have incredibly short memories.remember him not turning up for pre-season in america?yeah,yeah,yeah he said he was sorry,tell it to the judge!also,it was just a few weeks ago that modric was suggesting bale leave tottenham and join him at RM.not even berbatov tried tapping up one of his former team mates on behalf of his current club.really sneaky and snide......the truth is that we're not missing him as much as we all thought we would,including modric long as there is some sort of sell-on clause in his contract where spurs get a percentage of his future transfer fee then he could go to FC Tobol for all i care.(by the way that's a team in kazakhstan).
g. roberts testes
He's history. We've moved on so let some other team have him, doesn't matter who. We are very close to being a better team now than last year and this team still hasn't reached its full potential yet.
pratts bottom
Ardone, we can't play a 4-3-3 because we only have 1 of the three players that would be able to play up top. You need three predators who can all play together, link up, bury them and create them. Bale, ok. Lennon, doesn't score anywhere near enough and Defoe who scores but does nothing else. We'd be solid at the back, but it would be of little effect in the final third. We now have Holtby and have Sigurdsson, both of whom could be the third cog in the middle. We just don't have the guys for up top. COYS
agree every point made by TK!I dont want that fecking disgraceful ratface!Why on earth would we wanna break the monstrous partnership of Dembele and Sandro!besides all we need this season is a decent Dempsey and Siggi plus Holtby is coming
Not bothered now if he goes to Utd. As long as you he doesn't join Arsenal or Chelsea because in essence Utd are probably going to finsih above us regardless if they have Modric or not we are competing more with the two London sides for that fourth or even third spot.

This happens a lot with footballers they are great in one team and they wnat to move on to prove themselves at a bigger club and it doesn't go to plan. This is why I think Matt Latissea didn't ever leave his club because he knew the grass wasn't always greener he stayed put where he was loved and idolised.

Even Berby didn't get regular footy at Utd he though he was still a great player for them.

Personally I cannot see Modric being sold at a huge loss may be 5 mil max so can Utd afford him and would he want to come back to PL. I would expect the coaches and manager at RM will work with him and hope he has a better season next year. Meanwhile he will be a year older and will start to lose his value. Levy did a bot of good business and although to us he was worth more than we got especially as the season before we wanted 40 mil from Chelsea I think the less money we did get was ok if it kept him from playing for Chelsea this season.

I think we have a good pairing in midfield and although I loved Modric I think we would be mad to unsettle things. It will be difficult if we bring Mountinho in because Dembele and Sandro have done well and Dempsey and Siggy are improving and we need wingers Bale is by far our best player and Lennon has been great this season so even a Mountinho could potentially cause upset. However, I think we do need some creativity and a goal scorer.

Modric is now our past loved him at the time and sorry he is struggling but we are moving into a new era.
No point wasting your breath with this. There is no way in a million years Modric would ever come back to WHL. I'd be surprised if Madrid let him go so soon as he has undoubted quality (can't say I've watched him play for Madrid to see what's going so wrong for him) but back to Spurs? Absolutely no chance.

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