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What next for Bostock?

As John Bostock returns from what could be described as another under-productive loan, I have to wonder what is to become of the former boy wonder?

With a total of nine appearances, no goals and one assist, the stats don't make great reading and though they clearly don't tell the whole story, his lack of playing time perhaps indicates that all hasn't gone smoothly for John. Though it was believed that Paulo Di Canio would have liked to keep him and may still try to take him back to the County Ground before the window closes, but it still begs the question over what is to become of a player that at sixteen was rated as one of the hottest properties in the game.

At the start of the season, Di Canio talked of Bostock's quality and his intention to play him behind one striker in a 4-4-1-1, but as the season has progressed he has reverted to playing two strikers, and the majority of games John has played have been in central midfield, which according to a friend of mine who is a Swindon season ticket holder isn't a position he has looked comfortable, though on occasions he has ripped teams apart, though sadly for all parties, those games gave been too few.

Not being a success on loan isn't of course the problem that many might believe. Players like Jake Livermore or Tom Carroll have struggled to establish themselves when they have gone away, but have returned and looked comfortable in the Premiership and Europe. Perhaps Bostock has again been unlucky in simply not fitting into a managers system or struggling with the more physical demands of the lower leagues, but how often can a player be unlucky in loans.

Ever since Bostock received criticism over his attitude when on loan at Brentford, there has been talk of an arrogance and Big Time Charlie attitude from Bostock, but was that merely a blip in a teenage player trying to make his mark and making a mess of things? John is a deeply religious person, happily married and someone who in many ways is a total contradiction of the modern footballer, but the fact he has yet to settle and force his way into lower division teams, does make you wonder if he is never going to fulfil his potential, though I do wonder if he would be better trying his luck in the Championship, where he may actually thrive on a better brand of football, just as long as he gets the chance to play in his preferred role.

To date loans to Brentford, who didn't take up an option to extend amid criticism of his attitude, Hull, where he started with a wonder goal, but then faded without trace. A short term deal with Sheffield Wednesday, where some fans forums heralded him as the worst player to ever wear their shirt, which is saying something. Last season when he joined Swindon, he looked to be lacking match fitness and perhaps was carrying a little extra timber from what I saw, but in Di Canio wanting him again this season, I was hopeful that he was rated and also that his new manager was sufficiently impressed with his attitude to perhaps dispel the talk of him being a prima-donna. Nine games later, and at best the jury is still out.

John is 21 in a weeks time, and it is hard to see him having a future with Tottenham, though I suppose you never say never, but with the likes of Yago Falque, Alex Pritchard, and others moving up the youth ranks and of course the signing of Lewis Holtby and Gylfi Sigurdsson, who is only two years older, the would appear to be plenty of youngsters ahead of him or at least deserving of consideration in the future, and Bostock could find himself struggling to re-establish himself in the game after yet another unfulfilled time away...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 8 2013

Time: 4:35PM

Your Comments

Loan him to Villa.
You win some, you lose some. In this guy's case we lost one, get rid wash hands and move on.
@frank, totally agree, he's never going to cut it, shop him out for whatever we can and move on, had alot of promise but has never looked near to fulfilling his potential, i wouldnt waste another window loaning him, sell him
I knew from the minute Brentford didn't want him after 6 months and I heardthe noises that he had a bad attitude there he wouldn't make it. Release him, he's not worth anything and is stealing a living.
When he first joined us in 2008 was it? I thought that he'd be a hit, but he's never claimed a competative first team spot. Nevermind what I said about loaning him to Villa, they wouldn't be interested, but then he has to be just as good, if not better than Delph.
like the article ox, well written about him, i havent followed bostock's loans at all really, remember him scoring a screamer for Hull at the start of last season, but, sorry john your gone for me
Frank - Very harsh but very true. You can either blame Bostock or THFC for his failings, but given the fact he has unachieved at every club he has been on loan to the finger points in his Direction. There is a massive danger in coaches and fans placing such a high level of expectancy on such young shoulders. Although he looked good while at Palace, you have to wonder if it was too biog a step too soon. Although Zaha is on a different level, there is a massive risk of him suffering the same fate should he go to United, Arsenal or even us. We have loads of talented players with “prospects” in our development squad but only 1 or 2 ever make it. That’s why it makes me laugh when everyone talks about Coulibally etc playing in the first team. It’s a completely different level.
Amazing that Gylfi is only two years older & yet the two are worlds apart. No future, soon to take up a squad place so off he goes. Pretty sure he's out of contract soon. Decisions have to be made & this kid is nowhere near worthy of a new deal at a club with ambitions of competing for CL & silverware.
Spurs Allday
Prime example of what happens if you can't harness the talent in a players feet, to his heart, and his head. If a player has a bad attitude and never seems to mature, or develop, then I'm afraid he is probably in the wrong business, shame, but there you go.
Absolutely Hudderspur.
It is all about accessing a young player across several games before you buy. Hudders talks about Zaha being in danger of Bostock's fate, but it won't happen. Zaha has 100 games under his belt already for Palace. Bostock apparently had just 4/5 before we signed him. You simply cannot buy based on promise alone. Bale, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain were bought based on several performances. Hudders is correct that there is a major step up. People talk about Coulibally in the same vein that there were about Harry Kane 2 seasons ago... Kane is struggling to make his mark at top level. Yes, Coulibally looks incredibly talented... so he may be a different case...
Shame this kid had talent...BUT as a kid he believed his own hype... he thinks he's already made it. He looks as though he's carrying 21 for a pro that is unforgivable. I think his contract runs til 2014 so we need to ship him out again, but where??? either way better pro's are needed at Spurs...
Tr - you shouldn't access young players mate...;)
Any word on Pritchard I heard his contract runs out in the summer
One of my friends is Zaha's cousin, haven't talked to him lately but he was telling me about him when he was 14, he said he'd be a top star one day and now i think he is right, it is a shame about Bostock, when he signed for us i really had high hopes for him and thought he would be a star, the media over-hyped him big time, he had a few good games and everyone thought he was going to be a huge star but he is his own worse enemy, he's had alot of opportunities that thousands of other players would die for and messed every single one up with a bad attitude, i don't see that with Zaha at all, he looks as hungry as an anorexic pig, i hope we sign him as he can be versatile too, he can play either wing or up top and WILL get better and better. There are so many better players at around the same age as Bostock, he has no place at spurs for me, rant over
S*** i just read we aren't lodging a bid for Zaha, take that all back!! Sorry
IMO I'd sooner have erik lamela as a 20yr old than Zaha...
how much do you think Lamela would be available for? personally i don't think roma would sell him, like him alot though, oozes quality
Sell him. Players need to realise skill will only take you so far. Hard work and dedication play off always.
putting the pressure on him and the step up was too soon, TonyRich is right. And to everyone talking about the quality of Coulibaly, theres no doubting it, but by looking at the U19 and U21 team sheets, he is more often a sub and it looks like he has Obika and Coulthirst ahead of him, he might also have Lancaster ahead of him as well
Kingo- I think they'd try and hold him as well...just like palace so I suspect you'd be talking similar money...
seems to be a good player who says that to himself so thinks he does not need to put in the hard work
your probably talking more for Lamela, roma don't need to sell, they are okay for money, got a good squad and he is going to be a world star so i'd imagine they'd be looking 30 mill+
What does he do?
spu 4 life
Well here we are again with the annual John Bostock debate. As I said 12 months ago, this guy is a busted flush. Sell and move on. I don't want to be writing this again in a years time. Bored now.
pratts bottom
I have not seen enough of him in the last three years to make any comments. He has all the tools. He has been given opportunities. Whether they were the best ones for him or not, I do not know. Whether he makes it or not will now be down to him. He might do well on a loan in Belgium or North America.

I do think our development system has been lacking until last season. It now does appear that we are on the right track. The fact is though that you will win some and you will lose more. All clubs do. IMO, players like Gio and Taraabt needed to be massaged more as their talents are prodigious. Again, that does not guarantee anything. Obika continues to score for the developmental squad. He was also, IMO, the best striker in the pre-season a few years back. He was never given the chance. Is Obika the answer to our striker issues? Highly unlikely and I am pretty certain that AVB does not rate him. That said, what would be the harm of bringing him on against QPR as a sub if the game is well in hand? See what happens. Sometimes, a player just needs a chance. There are far too many examples of players who were deemed too small, too slow, too lazy, etc. who wound up succeeding once given the chance. I'd rather Leandro, any day of the week, but if nothing is done by the weekend, and he doesn't need registration, what's the harm? Personally, I rate him higher than Kane, who I just don't get what all the fuss is about. Obika is two-footed and knows where the back of the net is. Him on the bench would be another great encouragement to all those in the development squad. Sounds like Livermore played well too. He needs to be loaned to a PL squad.

You can never have too much depth. What clubs do need to be mindful of is that the players deserve respect too. If they are not in the plans, the team needs to move them on as soon as they can. What was done to Pienaar, Kranjcar, Corluka, Pav, Gio, Bentley, Jenas and others has been nothing short of abusive. Levy hiring AVB may well just be the tonic. Proof will be in the pudding, but his massaging of the squad to date has impressed me. COYS
Two words.... Who. Cares.
KingofN17- what are you a despot club owner...;) 30m is the preserve of a very few....but they'd probably ask for it anyway as he has 3 years on his contract.
I thik Levy and the brains at the club need to be HARD faced when backing and sacking players. We have a habit of hanging on to failures and give then stupid long contracts ( I know often needed to entice talent), but should have the bottle to say "you are fired"!!. Look at the money we've wasted over the years by hanging on to Bentley, JJ, Gomes, etc. Thought Levy was a businessman. He (like Arry) is a hoarder and wants more money for what a player is worth. As far as the upcoming youngsters are concerned, imo, only 1 in 10 makes the grade. Sorry Bostock but you are fired!.
wow check the odds on Damiao joining us now
Spurs999 1/8, with those odds bookies think if Damiao going anywhere its to us, but Spurs being Spurs Levy won't buy any one of note.
I remember Sam Allardyce once commenting that he spent more time examining a player's attitude than his actual ability, because without the right attitude all the ability in the world won't cut it. It's why, for example, Tevez will always be a much better player than Ballotelli. It doesn't seem to something most fans worry about but it is absolutely vital. I get the impression with AVB that if he doesn't like Bostock's attitude he won't be around long.
Bradford 1-0 Villa!!!! HT.
so 18m + gomes for Leandro and 10m for belhanda and we're done...together with Holtby and zeki we'd have spent the 32m profit from the last two years...and be good to go...will it work out like that though?? or are we in for Saha, again....
How much was he exactly bought for??The Figure anyone?? He was touted as the next big thing.I think the pressure kills you if not nortured carefully $ I think that's what happened!& what's up with bashing Kane?He's just 19 & was injured half of season
How much was he exactly bought for??The Figure anyone?? He was touted as the next big thing.I think the pressure kills you if not nortured carefully.& I think that's what happened!& what's up with bashing Kane?He's just 19 & was injured half of season
lol I just messed up with $ there.maybe I'm seeing $$$ everywhere.Good sign! ;)
How we never put 8 past Villa I will never know Another shambolic display and defeated 3-1 by Bradford!. Bent had one of those "my missus would've scored that" moments.

Sorry for all this off-topic. Just pointing out that if we had a decent striker, we could've improved our goal difference in that game!
Leandro is 1/8 to join us before the end of jan!! 20/1 bar the rest!!!
People talk about Bostocks poor attitude, but can we imagine Di Canio suffering any *****e? Also when i listen to JBs interviews he always seems a well grounded and geniine young man
I'm amazed at how far Villa have fallen. The root cause is MON for me, abandoning them after spending a fortune, leaving them skint with a huge bill and aged squad. Think a bad version of Harry Redknapp. Their team is the weakest I've seen in a long time. And that's with excellent striking options!!! Do feel sorry for their fans.
I don't really know enough about him to be able to say but we have missed out on Zaha, we have backed off because it is thought he is already a manure player in all but name.
Dimiao seems to be a sure thing. I was saying only a couple days ago how i thought the shipped had sailed on that one.
Somewhat off topic here, but the backlash against stupidly priced premier league ticket prices has at last, seemed to have started.
chrishove123, I think we have backed away on Zaha because the parent club want nearer 20M. As a 10M signing with loan back for the rest of the season, I can see the sense, but nearer 20M and you can't have him til next year, forget it. There are other guys. For all we know Townsend will wind up the better player, or Ceballos or any number of other guys. English players are so overrated and, IMO, rarely are they worth it. I mean Leandro may well go for the same amount and he is capped 14 times with the Brazil senior team. I mean Fryers for 3M, Dempsey for 6M, Dembele for 15M, Lloris 12.3M, Holtby (free), Sigurdsson for 8M, Vertonghen for 11M. Behende is rumoured to be available for about 9M and Sissokho would be on a free. Zaha has lots of potential but that's all it is at this point. Routledge was supposed to be the better prospect than Lennon. It's all educated guessing, nothing more. 15-18M for a guess. I'd use that money on a punt on Leandro. COYS
The proof isn't in the pudding, peterballb, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting.
Total knobhead
Especially if you used 100 proof Vodka to kick the pudding up a notch. COYS
Why even bother geting excited over Damiao? Its not going to happen. They want a fortune for him (£20m+) Which Levy wont pay. The 3rd party ownership problems are a nightmare. Plus we wont be able to meet his wage demands, theres the 50% Tax rate here which i believe to be fair - is a hinderance to Spurs in attracting top talent - He will end up in Russia or at PSG on £130k p/w. Although i'm sticking my neck out on this one, i believe theres NO CHANCE we will sign Damiao this window. It would have happened already if it was going to.
1/8 are very very slim odds on us signing Damaio... do the bookies know something we dont...
they don't slash odds like that unless somethings on the cards, maybe they do know something, did someone sat the rest were 20/1 bar? thats a big big gap, i hope the bookies are right this time
if Citeh are actually interested in Cavani...

id go for DZEKO.... class act... strong... can lead the line perfectly...
or St Etienne striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Marouane Fellaini can leave Everton for £23m after insisting on a buy-out clause when he agreed a new five-year contract... according to reports today.
I'm reading Inter Milan are sniffing around Damiao if they can't get Dzeko. Looks like we're going to miss the boat!!
i watched Aubameyeng before xmas, didnt impress me at all, has a good record this season but might be like putting another defoe out there, no thanks, dzeko i doubt we'd get him, citeh wont sell him to us
I seriously do not see dzeko leaving them, maybe Balotelli might be replaced but no way dzeko, he has won alot of points for them this season with goals from the bench and when he has had a start he hasnt let them down like that other fruitcake mario, yeah dzeko would be good at spurs imo but a non starter
The hype around Bostock stemmed from the fact he made a few appearances at 15, not from the actual quality of those performances. Having said that, he was, until a season ago atleast, still rated as one of the best prospects in the England youth ranks. He often plays well when given the chance in our development squad but then again Jon Obika has had some stormers for the side too & I think we all know that lad will never be a premiership player. Probably best to part ways at this point. If he knuckles down & develops his natural ability he could still salvage a top flight career.
Harry was 1/4 on to getting the england job. "Nuff said"

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