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How much can/will we spend?

Two signings already announced is clearly a positive start to a window and a nice change from the usual last minute deals, but have we see a dramatic change in policy or the same but a little earlier?

So far we have had one exciting Bosman and one suggested £3m deal for a young and promising left back, however, does anyone really believe we have spent a definite THREE MILLION on a player that seems destined to start out in the development squad to continue learning his trade, with no guarantee of ever stepping up to become a first team regular? As usual, fans will herald any signing of youth or an exotic foreign name as a masterstroke and a potentially world-class signing, but as we have seen previously and all too often, outstanding prospects don't always become brilliant players.

I believe the £3m suggested may be based more on individual success, than a nailed on figure, perhaps just as United's asking price of £6m was in the summer. Who pays that much for an out of contract full back that has yet to make a breakthrough? If we were talking about Southampton's outstanding teenage left back and potential Gareth Bale copy, Luke Shaw, we might be talking, but can we imagine Mr Levy offering that much for a home-sick youngster who has yet to make the step up? I can't. It seems clear to me that although Spurs may well buy one, perhaps two quality players in this windows, any buys will have to be financed by money that is generated through sales, from this window and funds from the last one.

To me, the idea of balancing the books is a reasonable one and one that we probably need to accept for the medium to long term, as the game changes and clubs also accept that they cannot compete with the huge spenders, therefore they have to be more considered and long term in their building of a squad. Clubs like Tottenham still offer a very attractive stepping stone to any emerging player, such as Lewis Holtby, who would probably get swallowed up at the games elite and therefore see his development hampered. Players looking at long term development and career longevity will see what Spurs are doing and feel it is right for them, which works for our club just as much as it works for them.

Sure, we may well see a £15-20m striker, but will that mean we see the likes of Huddlestone and one or two others sold to at least part pay the fee? Perhaps we will get that play-maker like Moutonho, but haven't we already ear marked that money from the sale of Luka Modric (Hopefully we have a sell on clause, if Real decide to move him on…)? In recent windows, there has been a definite case of generating more money than has been spent, however it is also evident that individual wages on our better players has increased. Lowering squad numbers has assisted here, but at a time when the club are also looking at funds to build a stadium, is there a reality that this is our best and only realistic way forward for the next few years and the right way for a football club to be run regardless?..

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 9 2013

Time: 10:23AM

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Don't know but get a striker please . Good morning all.
We won't buy anyone else
Our business is all done. Levy won't spend anything big now.
Tactically Challenge
Striker needed more than a playmaker in my opinion. We create chances.. we need to bang those chances in... 4-1 against QPR
I be a thinking we have up to £15 mill' available........but, if right player came along...who knows !?
I think that we have the funds ready. Just a matter of approaching the right striker.... We need nothing else. We have started to perform better lately, so a playmaker is not needed until summer.
Finally saw the Mourinho Documentary last night. Some nice bits about how he studied under Sir Bobby. Guess what AVB studied under Jose. I believe with a little backing he could be our special one. I am all for the club being managed well financially but feel 2 top quality players could transform us into real contenders. For me Damaio and Moutinho. May be unlikely but with a few outs we could reap the rewards and qualify for CL and all the riches that will bring from next season. Must speculate now or risk losing a windfall and accepting Europa League and losing our top star each summer.
Wilts Spurs
Just like the summer, two quick deals (great) and then go to the end of the line for the next one or two. Really looking forward to Damiao. However with all the chatter I feel it's more likely an unknown or much lesser known. Also I'm really worried about Dembele making it through the next 17 PL games unscathed.
It's clearly obvious spurs require a young hungry striker, to add to their squad............Question they still believe in Harry (Kane) O'Bika...up to it ? (bareing in mind he scored twice for reserves, recently)....Or Should we spend !? Personnally, i'd edge me bets and acquire another young hungry striker .....for no more than £15 spend.
After all it's.......1 point for a draw.....0 for a lose.......3 POINTS FOR A WIN.
Two are the factors which determine how much a club would spend on buying new players: 1) the financial strength of the club and 2) the ambitions of the owners concerning the club. Like it was the case at the same period last season, the need of buying a proper striker is more than obvious. A striker like Damiao could have a significant impact on achieving the targets set up at the beginning of the current season.
Ioan X
82spursdebut, no more than £15 spend? We'll take 3 at that price!
How long is a piece of string? Club income, financial fair play rules, wages, it is not a simplistic issue. You don't have a wedge of cash under your bed and give it to a club when you buy someone. When you take out a loan dfo you pay installments? So do transfers, the question shows a complete lack of understanding. Fryers has been signed, as he was promised, as our reserve left-back. We have to be careful so we are hiding him in the Development Squad to appease the Premier League and ensure we don't get investigated for doing what we have done, manipulate the rules.
We all know what we need. AVB knows what we need. Even Levy knows what we need. The question is has the little orange man from the Bahama's squirreled all the money away to add the untold fortune he will never be able to spend in his lifetime.
Cape Town Spurs
We all know a striker is most important but I think what is more important to the board is sales of players that are just bleeding us dry through wages.

JJ, Bentley, Gomes non are ever going to play for us again yet must be costing us in excess of 100,000 per week easily. That is at least one quality players wages although it could well be more like 2 players wages as I bet their wages amount to a lot more than the 100,000 per week.

Then we have Hudd and Livermore hardly going to get games do we need both of them now we have Parker back. May be one of them needs to be sold to generate a few quid and we can then bring a youngster into the squad as emergency back up with Parker, Sandro, Dembele and a possible Mountinho type player and a youngster may be Carroll then I think that is a pretty much sound enough midfield to take us to the end of the season.

So I think the board will want players shifting first and then we will see another midfielder and a striker because sell those players mentioned and the wages from those sales will fund the wages of these two new players if not all of it most of it.

Non of these players I have mentioned as a future at Tottenham except possibly Livermore if he is kept over Hudd purely due to his age and it is deemed he has time on his side.

hudd has had so many chances and as good as a player he can be he is just not mobile enough for what AVB is building neither does he score enough. JJ and Bentley well it's over for them, Livermore could go on loan and Gomes seems to have lost his chance of playing for us again especially as Friedal has now extended his contract. So lets get selling if any one wants them.
AVB has come out claiming he is on target to match the goals set. If he included in his requirements a quality srtiker and/or palymaker then the balls in the court of Levy. I think Levy has a rabbit in a hat waiting to pull it out.
82spursdebut-I believe in Kane!But I also believe in Levy that he will spend 15 million for Damiao this season!! Optismistic I guess but I rather be optimistic than be sure that our chairman wont spend any penny on our targets!!The time is now.I would Break the bank now for a quality striker now and benefit with the CL money!Its a win win situation!!!
we are the 11th richest club on the planet, owned by foriegn based Billionaires, we have made 30m odd profit on player sales over the past two years and whilst our salaries have increased (for some) our squad numbers have decreased...we are no longer listed so whilst 'books' are always a bit creative they can be even less transparent now. We allegedly had 30m burning a hole in our pocket for Moutinho but now we are skint? now we can only buy potential? Buying potential is a gamble and if you rely on it as a club you are far more likely to get relagted than challenge the top4, look at Villa. If you want to spend all your money on nice facilities rather than players look at Wolves....The real money is on the pitch success that increases the brand worth and means extra revenue from all sources...we stumbled into the CL under Red adair (arry for you youngsters) but failed to invest, we sat 3rd last year but failed to invest properly, we sit 4th now....will history repeat itself? are we sacrificing ourselves for the new stadium? OR will we finally do the sensible thing and buy a STRIKER!
thfan-There are rumors that a number of premier league clubs are interested in Hudd and Livermore plus Gomes might be heading back to Brasil!!Hope those rumors are true
Yes we have made 2 signings, one a free, and one for £2-3M depending on who you believe, and neither will make a difference to our efforts to qualify for CL this season. Yes I know we have to meet their wage bill, just like all the other PL clubs. AVB in a press interview spent more time on stability, and "we have no debt", than on player and football matters. We have needed a top striker for 7 windows, we have sold a succession of top players and trousered the proceeds. It is high time for this club to make a statement, and show ambition by signing a proper 20/season striker with the wow factor i.e. Damiao or similar. Having said all that, and returning to the "world of Levy", I tend to agree with those above saying we are done for January. Levy has done his duty, now we muddle on with what we have, until injuries, the odd suspension, the lack of any option to Defoe due to Ade and ACN, and the loss of the considerable luck we have enjoyed this season, conspire against us, and we will finish in a "creditable" 5th or 6th, instead of 3rd, 4th and CL qualification if we had strengthened. Sad, but by now we should be used to it, this is life in the world of Lewis/Levy. One day they may introduce a CL for balance sheets, we would certainly win that. While we dilly dally and count our pennies, most of the teams around us are actively strengthening, so as usual we will be playing catch up.
thfan - if it were simple to sell Bentley, we would have done it by now. Jenas & Bentley were on loan, so not bleeding us financially so much. The realistic view is that you are always going to have 3 or 4 signings who did not make it, not playing and on decent wage. Liverpool started the season with Carroll and Cole. Arsenal had Chamakh and Arshavin. Etc... It is not ideal, and you will be incredibly lucky to avoid such a scenario. It comes with the territory when signing players.
I'm thinking leandro damaio..will cost you £25 minimum...but more likely £30
Gomes is trying to get Leandro to move into his gaff.
spu 4 life
It looks as though Livermore/Thud/Daws/Gallas/Parker/JJ/Bentley/Gomes are all up for grabs for the right price (or any price in the case of JJ/Bentley) so I would expect us to lose a midfielder soon and a CB (depending on Kabouls progress) by the end of the window...
There is money available. We are one of the few clubs who actually turn a profit. I don’t pretend to be some financial expert because im far from it, but the fact is we need a striker to be able to keep our position in the league. The youth coming through are exactly that…youth coming through….not players who can step in and win matches. We have been in this striker predicament for the last 10 ice ages, and still haven’t spent any money on a proper striker. I could fully understand why Levy didn’t give AVB 20mil to blow on a striker in the summer, he didn’t know how he would take to the team and vice versa and needed to let AVB look at the tools already available

We can’t hold out until summer….again! I think even the most optimistic of fans realise that a dip in form, injury or gradual fatigue of Defoe (or ADE if he ever finds it!) will send us into a spiral. We will be in the same position in the summer as every summer before. Cant attract the good strikers as we will have no CL and cant afford the mercenaries that would join us. Im 50/50m whether we will sign anyone else this window but common sense would say that we don’t have a choice. Im not being dreary or moaning but how long are we going to do this dance before we just get the situation sorted.
Here found this article in a Brazilian newpaper. You'll need to translate it but basically it says the sales of other players makes it less a need to sell Damiao, plus other factors are considered when a deal is done. Payment terms etc.. I think Sandro is a key player in any possible deal along with the trade of Gomes, maybe?? ................................................................................................
Get a quality CM for the first team now Mr Levy. Spend big on a forward in summer. I would love a new number 9 in now, just have been told by various people it will be tricky to get the right man now. Do we want a loan? It could be the only option for up top if we do. But here's hoping we do get the right one! Our squad is looking pretty good as it stands, i hope the good results continue. COYS.
subs bench.....should always have 3 attacking players on it......ideally, 2 strikers. I.e..3 points for a win.....etc.etc...But that's assuming you want to win. Just my opinion.
Frank - It just so happens that the Lewis/Levy era coincides with a recession. They initially spent BUCKETLOADS to get us where we are now, and they are correct that that initial investment should help pay for itself. Modric being signed for 16m and leaving for twice that. Getting most of our money back on the likes of Palacios and Crouch - despite years of use (try selling your car 3 years later for the same price that you bought it for...). It is now a recession and even Man City, Chelsea and Man U are spending less than before. Arsenal fans have moaned for years now that they should spend more. I believe that Lewis and Levy are overly criticised here - especially when you remember how bad things were before they arrived. Plus spending money is no guarantee of improving.... Liverpool spent how much on Carroll, Henderson, Downing and Enrique ... with only Enrique (the cheapest of the four) enhacing their team...
Before the attacks come in, no I'm not going to go and support Chelsea or Man City or anybody else. Not I am not sattisfied, and won't be, until this, or some alternative ownership in the future, at least show some ambition, will, desire, and bottle, to at least make a valid attempt, to restore this club to where I have been fortunate to have seen it in the past. Remind me how many trophies or even near misses we have enjoyed during the ENIC era, which for a football club is far more important than the balance sheet.
Recession..yes, Tony Rich....but as a general rule...most things for sale ...go down. Hence....many strikers / players ..should be at a more realistic price.... E.g...seen quotes of £15 mill' for l'Damaio.......when, not so long ago...£40mill'...was the asking price. Personnally....i'm thinking £30 mill' would do the trick.....That's assuming he is available.
We are moving forward under inch per day, when it rains !!!
Frank - Plus 10 for the passion fellow yid... but you have no idea when we have new owners or if they will be any good? They might be better bean counting which would be a nightmare.
82 not so long ago 18m was the asking price...
At least we know the new stadium is on the way, money will scraped saved till its up. I cannot wait to walk out in the new one....***** me it will be awsome. Plus the thousands of other yisd yiddettes that will be there to learn how to cheer ;-)
but the recession hasn't really effected us has it?...tciket prices gone down due to poor attendance- No, merchandise cheaper-no and we'll get a lot more TV revenue soon...
I hate to be thinking of a shiny new stadium instead of success....only 15 years to pay it off...
Ticket prices....last saturday, were greatly reduced......and entertainment laid on.
New 100% a keep up with competitors. Plus many many other reasons.
Now being linked with Bellend!
Buying new players and buying the proper players are two different issues. For the first you need money and ambition while in order to achieve the second you need proper technical knowledge. Also buying new players it doesn't always mean buying above a realistic price. Besides having sufficient money to spend, ambition and proper technical knowledge play always a significant role in order to strengthen efficiently your squad. One thing is for sure: if you don't strengthen properly your squad, you will pay the price.
Ioan X
We should spend less than we could, more more than enough to get the job done. COYS and COYDL.
Total knobhead
our new capacity will not allow us to keep with Chelsea, Citeh, United and will put us on par with Newcastle and Arse but of course we'll have a HUGE debt to service- they don't. And if we have to reduce ticket prices now wait until austerity really bites...we'll sell out the new stadium in the first year but after that if we're not competing be prepared for 5,000 empty seats....Success on the pitch is THE most important factor in obtaining greater revenue.
Tony Rich, I still maintain that irrespective of the recession, which incidently has still seen us maintain our situation in the top 12 richest clubs in the world according to Forbes, Deloitts and others, and our esteemed owner Mr. Lewis is still sitting in the Bahamas with his £3.5 billion, and Michael Ashcroft, Allan Sugar and Co. all maintaining their massive fortunes, we have failed to maintain a meaningful challenge, based on financial capability, to our rivals. Yes Arsenal fans moan about lack of transfer spend, but it should be remembered that they have qualified for the CL in every season during the ENIC tenure (14 in succession), won several trophies including the PL title, we have managed 1 CL qualificaion, and 1 trophy during the same period, so to compare their frustration to ours is nonsense. The ENIC tenure was well established before the recession, they promised an increase in revenue by the enlarging of WHL or the building of a new stadium, the borrowing of money at the time was as "cheap as chips" and yet 13 years later, no bricks are laid. Their abject failure as FC owners is patently obvious, but at heart they are not FC owners, or indeed particularly interested in the pursuit of trophies or success, they are property speculators, there only interest being the appreciating value of the business and its assets, and any profit likely from a potential sale.
they go hand in hand....
shedboy2 Dawson No (not with Kaboul out until feb and Gallas calf muscle strain, we have to many games coming up) & Parker No. The others we might get 8m the lot and that's pushing it, what ever we get will dot the i's and cross the t's for LEANDRO, His all we need. IMO
spu 4 life
i don't know why the arsenal fans are moaning at lack of transfer spend. seems to me, they have acquired many players over the last 5 years. Just bought the wrong ones !!!
Frank ''cheap as chips'' not any more, they charge over a ''Lady Godiva'' with Cod these day, long gone as a cheap meal. Pushing the boat out having a Leg of Liver.
spu 4 life
Tony Tony Tony the good old recession debate. Look, nobody is saying going out and splash 80m on luxury players we don’t need. We are a football club, and we need a striker, we have the money to buy one….am I missing something. We have needed a striker for the last four years, and whilst we are unfortunately in a recession, so are the rest of the world. If you want to look at it in from a business point of view, its like an accountancy not employing any chartered accounts. RE the stadium, had Levy/ENIC or whoever not dragged their heels the stadium would have been well under way long before the recession hit.
spot on frank.......i have recently read articles saying, they de - listed....and that is a indication that they wish to sell spurs. BUT BUT...that's not my quote. I think we would all like things to move faster.....but seems mr. Lewis is pre occupied with his usa investments.
It should be remembered that THFC is only the latest in a list of FCs previously owned by ENIC, and they demonstrated the same attitudes at every one of these.
spu- I think if an offer came in for Parker we'd take it...he's on huge money and is of an age when injuries are going to become more frequent...exactly why I can't see anyone buying him IMO he's a good player but was a terrible buy (I said the same about Pienaar but luckily Everton took him back!) Re: Daws or Gallas it would be at the end of the window at that point we'd know how far away Kaboul was and may 'gamble' with Verts, Caulker and the remaining Daws/Gallas until Kabouls fit...
Yes, hudderspur......they definatley dragged their heels.....and i'm very dissapointed with them. For acquiring extra monies via...selling the project with false dates. Then announcing delays..and finish build for 2017/18................They upset my 11 year old son.....and me.
see Negredo has issued a come get me plea...
sheboy2 - you have to be thinking of the new stadium? Why? And its not instead of success mate. We just dont chuck money at players the same way as say chelsea
As someone elses has pointed out i think DL has two clear objectives this transfer window and one can not happen without the other. The first being that we need to off load a few players, players with a nominal transfer fee but eat into the coffers with their significant weekly wage. In my opinion the likes of Gallas (approx £60kpw), Bentley (£50k), Jenas (£40k), Gomes (£45k) should be moved on for very little money. However, this does create squad space and potentially £200k off the wages. If this does happen then I would imagine that DL would be prepared to dip into his wallet for that 'special player'. After all even he (with his small hands and extremely deep pockets) must see the benefit in spending say £25m now should it secure £90m (£57m from TV rights and £30m+ for CL qualification) in the summer. As ever with this great club I do not expect anything to happen until at least the w/c 22 Jan!
1984...i pretty much agree.....but doubt mr.levy would spend more than £20mill'...unless he acquired big monies from big sales. Or a little back hander or similar from mr.lewis.
1984Spurs, you are right but that was also the case last season: spend 7-10m for a proper striker and safeguard CL participation and revenue and eventually winning the FA cup. But Levy and Co had a different opinion and ambition, of course!
Ioan X
sheboy2 - Do you actually go to games? Because if you did you would understand how great the new stadium will be. I'm talking from a fans point of view. All the people who have been waiting years on a list will get their chance and will be able to take younger family to get the experience. This means better support. A better 12th man, a better fortress. And We aint trying to KEEP up with anyone. We are Spurs. We make our success on the pitch regardless through hard work and dedication. You think spending 50 mil now will guarantee success?? I hate to break it to you but it wont.
ioan.....think you are close to being right....but i do think they made offers for Loic Remy..last jan'...but were not prepared to pay £15 the time. Then settled for Saha..........i Hate chelsea !!
Britain currently has the highest level of debt per household in Europe, reading some of these comments you can understand why. Lets start with the Champions League, a good run in it might net you £40m. If you spend £30m on a player then pay him £100k a week you've already spent £35m. Fail to qualify and you are truly screwed. Secondly, yes we would all love to "move on" the players we don't need, anyone got a way of actually making them leave and earn less money elsewhere ? With regard to Damiao the term "third party rights" ought to set off alarm bells. Whatever you agree with the club is not the full price, the third party owners can ask for whatever they like. When a club is trying to balance the books wages are generally more important than transfer fees. Holtby may be coming on a free but we will pay him £67k a week according to one report I read. That's close to £3.5m a year.
jod that due to house prices ?
Klaas-Jan Huntelaar's new Schalke deal includes an option to leave in 2013 and a buy-out clause set to be worth €15million (£12.2m).

according to the German newspapers today...

Levy... cheque book...
29.. but playing the best football of his career at the moment...
If it's true that we bid £20m odd for Moutinho then I would guess about that much. Certainly not enough for two big signings but hopefully enough for one top striker, which we need more than anything else.
If we only sign one more player in this window it has to be a striker. If Negredo is available at a reasonable price then we have to take a punt as he still has a good 4-5 years left in him & is a great all round goalscorer. As far as Leandro Damiao is concerned, I never understood the £30m+ valuation being banded about in the past & now it is a nearer £10-15m it seems fairer but still a huge gamble. I've seen him play a few times and I never get the feeling he is that big a threat & his stats arent that impressive to say he plays in a primarily attacking league & even less so in Brazil shirt surrounded by undoubted talent. However, some on here would probably let him have his way with their partners if it meant him playing in a Spurs shirt so what do I know.
Based on our signings this transfer window, we seem to be opting for the younger talents. As we know we have put in place a great development structure and have great training facilities now.

i agree with buying younger and cheaper and nurturing the players (not in a Jimmy Saville way, lol)...

But when you have players like Sneijder and Negredo willing to come to the PL... dont u jump at the chance.

we could have Wesley for 8-10m and Negredo for around 15m...

if we could have these 2 players for the next 2-3 seasons,,, i think we are pushing for bigger and better things... both are experianced at the highest level...

Come on Levy
@Yidmarks - Sneijder won't happen because we will not pay even close to his wages. If he was happy to take a pay cut then why didn't he take it at Inter? Negredo could be a good shout but he won't be £15m. Sevilla have reportedly rejected a bid of £14m.
I agree our realistic market is to get ambitious young players to play their hearts out for a few years to get a dream move at double the fee ala modders , Berba. th trouble is when we do this we call them all the names under the sun and possibly are starting to get too bad a reputation for makinf this difficut
@shedboy2 - I think Parker was an excellent buy and worth the wgaes, especially as the transfer fee was quite low. He is a top central midfielder and brings valuable experience and leadership to a generally young squad. How much do you think Sandro's development has benefitted from training with Parker last season? Definitely not a player we can afford to lose.
forget sneijder, he has been sitting in the reserves for months rather than take a paycut, and what inter are offering him so that he will actually play football is still much more than we ever could, no way can spurs break this particular deadlock
Hey, can anyone clarify the ownership situation with leandro, I read somewhere that internacional now own him outright? is that true or are there still third party ownership issues?
i heard they own him out right...
kes -we'll have to dis-agree on the buy 5m +85kpw for half a season of good play, half of average and half of this season on the sidelines is expensive. Sandro was always going to make it- I said as much before he joined and he's benefited from playing as opposed to watching Parker on the Physio's I'm not saying that Parker is a bad player or not useful to have around, i just don't think we've had our monies worth nor are we likely to.
i know what many will say (ie traitor bla bla....disrespect) but imo we should have resigned Berba not let him go to Fulham.
SpursOne2- I do go to games but I'm a prawn sandwich brigade these days, I couldn't afford it otherwise even without taking the kids. For me the timing is wrong, I think it's a folly that we have persued at the cost of CL football for the past two years...and despite being told it won't effect player purchases- it will, it has...and quite frankly I think it's the sole reason ENIC are in business. I think the owners have a conflict of interest with the fans- they want to make money out of the property/stadium, we want success...we won't have both! all the so called big clubs have got there by being successful on the pitch even Arse (arsen has been a genius for them)....once the shine of winning/competing fades the supporters will melt away, again look at Arse if they don't qualify for CL this year they'll struggle to sell out (there are already lots of empty seats)....I don't think we should be reckless with purchases either but with on field success you build your brand, increase revenue (much faster and higher than extra seats) and then you can afford to expand the if you think the new stadium will allow for kids to come in cheaper you'll be diss-appointed (at least at first) the demographic of fans is changing rapidly...ask yourself why people support Spurs or any other PL team?'s not that they are the local team or Liverpool and United would have barely any supporters!! And non league grounds would swell....people bathe in the reflective glory of success especially kids...I now see aguro/city shirts being worn around London....wouldn't have happened 10 years ago...that's where the next gen of fans will come in India, China the USA we need them wearing Spurs shirts and dreaming of playing for many of them are wearing Wolves shirts???
Two players needed!! 1 - Striker - Leandro or Negredo (15m) 2 - Creative midfielder - Moutinho or Eriksen (15m) Both players for less than we got for Modrat!!! COYS!!!!! Get in done and our season will end on a high!!!
Don Coys
Quote Jimmy Salville ''i can fix it for you, but i can't put my finger on it'' that turned to be bo//ox as well.
spu 4 life
Parker's injury was due to the last pri(k over playing him and letting england take him when he needed surgery. His been one of the better buy's, having player who put's in as much as he does is worth every penny, we now have pay the jenas wages again what a complete loss leader he is, Hudd and Livermore need selling, no loan deals, still time in this window to jazz it up a bit if needed. All well and good having a new stadium, whenever that is, AVB needs all the pegs in the right holes, his getting there.
spu 4 life
Shedboy 2, you are so right, ENIC's true mission is there staring us in the face, and people just can't or won't see it. We are fed a dose of bollox in every window re. needing to shift players out (but we reject bids and loan deals), needing money to pay for the new stadium, running a tight ship, FFP regulations coming, everybody else has got it wrong only Spurs on track. At the end of the day as you say the way to increase revenue is through merchandising, and the way to do that is to win, and be seen as successful. I now live in the north of England, the sports retailers are full of Man U, Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea, Barca, Real Marid and still Liverpool shirts and general merchanising, same when you go on holiday to the Costas, or anywhere in continental Europe etc. This is because these teams are seen as winners, kids follow them, people who don't even know where the ground is, buy the stuff. Almost always conspicuous by it's absence is Spurs stuff, I wonder why? I don't say the ground is not an exciting project (if it ever happens, of which I have my doubts, completion date now extended to 2018, how many more postponements can we expect), but it must not be pursued at the expense of no squad development. There has to be balanced investment, if of course success on the pitch is an ambition.
We're in agreement but that said Frank...I do think they'll stump up this window....if only to mitigate the future sale of Bale...Chelsea apart (which really is a rich man's plaything)...does anyone wonder why other teams spend ridiculous amounts, City for example? Do you believe they just like spending cash or have so much they don't care if they waste it?...NO, they are an investment company and believe it or not will get a return for their investment which is HUGE and has to be in order to take a 'wee' club and turn into a 'super-club' but by doing so they will reap rewards for a generation...political, goodwill and direct/indirect economically.
Frank, ever thought of just enjoying the fact that we're actually doing quite well at the minute? We've progressed under ENIC, only a fool would suggest otherwise. You almost sound annoyed that your predictions back in September that we'd be "comfortably mid-table by now" have been proven a load of nonsense. Lighten-up mate, things aren't so bad, enjoy the ride as they say.
spu 4 life, if Jim manages to fix the problems he currently finds himself in it'll be his best one yet.
I also agree with shedboy2. Obviously there is a conflict of interests between Enic and the (ambitious) supporters. But I understand also that their mediocre ambitions meet and satisfy the ambitions of the mediocre fans who don't aim at titles and trophies but have enough in finishing fourth instead of seventh or tenth. Also it is true that most of the “not local” fans want to support a “winning” team. Spurs is the 11th richest club of the world at the moment but it is the only club among those clubs that didn't win a major (I don't rate as that the League cup) domestic and international title and trophy last twenty years!
Ioan X
Progressed under Enic ?........yes, but only by a small amount. Have their own bank balances increased ?......????? By enics own words and actions.....they said they had a massive waiting list for season tickets. They even charged us for going on the waiting list. Whilst continually talking of new stadium and originally announcing dates of 2014 completion. But's 2017 /18...and picture boards round the waste ground, showing lovely stadium, whilst charging to park. What we want is ....bricks down.....stadium built striker..(£15 mill' should do the trick). Any way we can increase revenue is great....and yes, great to increase our fan base.......BUT ...INdia.....give me a break !! They are only interested in cricket and IPL !! Uk population is increasing in population....get them in the new stadium and get them spending there, here Loads more reasons for the building to begin now......or very soon.
Frank, let me start by saying I agree with most of what you are saying. Let me disagree with the being fed bollox comment though. We do it. The press makes stuff up, we lap it up and then we run with it. Levy is not feeding us anything. AVB has not fed us anything. Oh sure, he said we are interested in players like Willian, Leandro and Moutinho. Well of course we are. Nowhere does that say that Lewis has sanctioned us to spend the 70M it would take or the commensurate salaries (likely 300k/week for the three, if not more). We do that to ourselves. I have not bought in to the Leandro stuff until this window because, at no time prior, was there an indication from the agent, the player and/or the club that there was anything in the works. Now it seems Leandro, his agent and Internacionale are all talking about the possibility of a move. So for me, now it's game on. Others complain that this is a 5 window saga. Only for those who choose to igore all that goes in to the story.

You are right though, winning begets winning and winning begets merchandise. Unfortunately when you have a manager that throws away two out of four tournamanets every year and has his club well and truly knackered before the fourth gets under way, it's a little hard to build off of the success. Ramos won a title. We bought huge to build off of that success. Ramos was given 8 games and then a much more likeable British manager was brought in. His CV showed in three decades 1 trophy. Ramos did that in one year. Harry was in charge when we qualified. I can't take that away from him. It also can't be denied that he was forced to play a lot of guys he did not want to through injury. It should also be noted that he threw away a glorious chance to get in the FA Cup Final that season through inept management of the players under his charge. He also spent 40M on a strikeforce that is 2/3 gone with only Defoe remaining. What did we need when he came in (an up top lone striker)? We still need the same. Never addressed. Levy's fault? Harry's fault? I don't know. I do know Harry and his staff passed on Suarez. I do know Harry continuously mentioned Forlan. Let's see what AVB manages. If there's no one in by September 1, 2013, then it's a money issue and it matters not who is in charge.

The CL run and our play under Harry has increased our profile. That is certain. The only thing missing is titles. Personally, I believe we had the talent to win the PL the last couple of seasons and could certainly have finished higher every year under Harry. That said, there has been a positive effect. In Canada, all of Spurs Europa League games were on cable. That would not have been the case a couple of years ago (credit goes to Spurs for being in it and the PL for being a very watchable brnd of footie). I should also mention that just the other day, while in Sportschek (sporting goods chain in Canada),I almost wept when I saw Spurs away shirts, hoodys, sweats and jackets for sale right beside the Liverpool and ManU crap. Again, three years ago, that does not happen. I'll go further and state that if we still had Puma, this would not have happened. All credit goes to Levy and ENIC on that one. UA is a fabulous brnd and we are now there with RM, Chelsea, Liverpool etc without having had to buy in to the Nike/Adidas brands.

Things are changing Frank, but it takes decades of consitent, progressive work. Since 2007 our franchise value has appreciated almost as much as ManU and has outpaced Arsenal. We are on the right track. Qualify for CL and get a trophy and the exposure will all be positive. Advance to the next round of the FA Cup and we add $210k to the pot. Drop in the bucket or 2 weeks of Bale's salary, but it all helps. The club is improving, the attitude is improving, the profile is improving and the stadium will eventually be improving. Slow and steady. COYS
Don COYS, Leandro will be at least 20M, Negredo close to 20M, Moutinho about 25M ad Eriksson probably 15M. That's only transfer fee. Add 50M for their salaries over the next 5 years (whichever 2 you want - Lenadro/Eriksson may be slightly less, Negredo/Moutinho a bit more) and you have the correct numbers. Thus, real cost is 90-120M. Which mattress has all the money? COYS
Excellent post peter. Nice to read some positive thoughts about the club.
I am not trying to be the ENIC apologist. IMO, the stadium should have broken ground the year the second we qualified for CL. But then, the only priority the following year should have been to re-qualify. Harry went for unlikely glory instead and we took our eye off the prize. ENIC has done well. The club is in good financial shape showing a small loss or a small profit every year. We spend what we make. Revenues have gone up and our salary commitments have gone up. It's not like the money is being pocketed. ENIC could have done better. They could have done much worse as well. Let's see what happens if QPR go down. Can they move their contracts? Other than Bentley, I believe every contract we have could be moved. COYS
82spursdebut, who are we going to bring in at 15M? Leandro will cost 20M. Last figure I heard out of Brazil was 18M plus Gomes. That's more like 23M. He will also be on wages superior to those of Gomes, so the salary commitents increase. Real cost for the player will be closer to 30M. Not saying we shouldn't do it. We absolutely should. But 15M is not an accurrate amount. COYS
I think £15 mill'...might get you walcott, lloriente, negredo, long, aubemayang, dioumba, Morata.......few more mentioned. I totally agree.....damaio....likely to cost £25 have posted this quote previously.
The "11th richest in the world" soundbite is a load of bollox, five teams from our own division are above us in that list, but don't let the FACTS get in the way of how easy it is to finish above all of them and win things.
Doumbia is valued more than Leandro and is less of a risk. Llorente's owners have stated he is going nowhere and stated in the summer that he would only move if the buyout of 27M was met. Negredo at 15M, possible, but I'd expect closer to 20 and large wages. Arsenal aren't going to sell us Walcott. Shane Long, sure, same for Aubemayang. There have always been guys out there. Castaignos, Arnautovic, Mitroglou but not everyone wants to come and not all teams want to sell. Leandro or Doumbia would best suit us. Both will cost in excess of 20M and will be on decent wages. COYS
With Adebayor seemingly talking himself into trouble hopefully we'll pile whatever funds we have into a striker. We aren't in a bad position to strike really. City have shown with the RVP saga that they won't chuck anymore money at their frontline, United can't bench either Rooney or RVP long term & no big money new signing will be happy to just sit, Arsenal have too many strikers though all are useless it'll still mean they have to ship out first, Everton as usual are cash strapped & will any top striker fancy playing second fiddle to Torres at Chelsea? Can't see it. Leaves us as the best chance of top level 1st team football, just a case of who? Would love Damiao but it seems way too complex, maybe Lewandowski if he wants a new challenge? Or tempt Newcastle for Cisse perhaps?
Spurs Allday
if we had £15 mill'....i would have tapped up walcott. if not him...then enquired after Negredo / lloriente...with offers. If not them......i would have next tried Aubemeyang ..with a offer to st' etienne. If still no go......perhaps ..make a offer for long. Basically, i would have tested the waters, with actual offers. I agree...damaio and dioumba...would cost more..but cannot see spurs going above £15 to £20 mill' at present.....but who knows !?
Crissybwoy, it's not "richest" clubs,it's most valuable clubs, and we are 11th. That does not mean that we have the cash to splash (this is why we are 11th - we haven't been stupid). ManU, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool are all worth more than us. Arsenal do not seem to be able to spend more than us. So their 600M advantage is really moot as to competitive edge. United are the worldshighest valued club and they get lots of money as a result. Took 50 years to get there, so I don't begrudge them it. City this year (so far) have a net spend of 33M, United a net spend of 43M, Arsenal made 12M, we have a net spend of 3.6M, Chelsea a net spend of 79M, Liverpool a net spend of 41MK, Southampton 33M, West Ham 16M, Aston Villa 19M and QPR 20M. A few of those teams could go down. None of this factors in salary commitments to the players that have been brought in. These numbers are, IMO, irresponsible. Aston Villa could move most of their players, if need be, the others, not so much. Arsenal, Spurs, Fulham - that's the way to run an organization. Won't please every fan but at least they will still be able to watch quality players next year and are not at risk of FFPR sanctions. Even if Chelsea had won the CL again, they'd still be at a loss. PSG, as at September, had a net spend of over 125M. What are they going to win that will cover that and the commensurate salaries? It is ridiculous and hopefully will make UEFA have to get serious about the FFPR. Cripes, EPL teams have had a net spend of 300M on player transfers. That's all debt. COYS
If we had £25 mill'.......i'd be tempted at making a offer for Dzeko.
Spurs Allday, fact is, most teams don't have money to spend. Neither on transfer, nor on wages. Arsenal could add a good player. That would probably take them from a small profit to a small loss. If they don't get CL and if Walcott walks for nothing, they will see next season as a really bad one. We need a striker. Leandro or Doumbia would both be good additions. Guidetti would be both affordable, able and young. 7M perhaps. Add him, Castaignos (5M) and Mitroglou (4M)and the strike force has been entirely changed for under 15M. Sell Adebayor and we probably get most back. COYS
Dzeko does not tick all the boxes as Leandroand Doumbia do. COYS
well, i know dzeko scores goals at white hart Come on swansea. Hate chelski
PeterB, good points with the exception of UEFA's attempts at tightening purse strings. You are living in a dream world if you think they can stop that or want to.
As someone stated earlier, we have to unload those 6 or 7 players before we are going to throw money at more players. Blame Harry if you will but having those on 40-60k a week means 12million a year. Better still they have no input. Get rid, loans, free transfers etc, Levy will wait until the last day because he knows deals will be done in the panic.
Btw, does anyone think Towsend might make a striker? He has pace and two good feet with a good ability to take a chance, as far as i know anyway. Instead of defo, he might be the one to get on the early ball for bale/lennon as he's as quick as them two. Bit of a Walcot about him, but he has attitude as well.
lewandowski ticks all the boxes for me...can't see that ever happening but for me he'd fit us like a glove. Leandro would be a great signing but if it were to happen people would have to be prepared to let him settle but I'd sooner he did it playing for 6mths have a rest and then come back to pre-season with a team he now.
RAF, we are stuck with Jenas. In US having surgery on his achilles. Out of contract in June, so problem solved - no savings there. Bentley will probably stay on loan, no doubt helping with some of the wages. Another year of that to come. Gomes is apparently in Brazil. If he can secure himself a deal, we may well be shot of him. If BAE extends, I see no reason why Rose could not be moved. Hudd needs to be sold. Livermore needs a loan. Gallas to QPR. Khumalo was never going to be good enough. Sell him. All of these moves free up space and, more importantly, wages. We have kids like Mason, Carroll, Luongo, Smith who will all be banging on the door pretty soon so we really need to avoid a bloated squad.

As for UEFA, if they don't give some sort of credence to the FFPR, there will never be financial stability in football and thus the system will always be prone to illegalities. The legislation says only, spend more or less what you make. Seems wise given the financial mess around the world. COYS
Ardone, not the worst idea I have ver heard. I have watched him on both wings, an while I think he lacks composure, Townsend might be able to cut it in the middle. That said, Obika scored two more the other day. One touch and driled in to the net. I'd have him on the bench agaist QPR (reward and opportunity). COYS
I thought Lewandowski's team had said not until summer. He'll cost more than 25M an yes, he ticks all the boxes. COYS
Yeah agree about players, get them off the books. Mate, while the owners are pumping massive amounts into football, the authorities will love it. They make as well. I am led to believe that the PFA is the wealthiest union in the country, I'll google in a sec. My point is money talks and no authority will stop it, loopholes and people getting richer!
if we bought Lewandowski.....we'd need a bigger stadium, for all them polish fans, in this country.
They did fact he quite likes it where he is but I thought I'd use him for illustration purposes....quick, strong, mobile, works the line well, links up, good touch and can finish....a proven, quality young player....why go to manu??? In fact Manu have Rooney, Welbeck, Hernandez & RVP...who does he replace? Citeh have super mario, Dzeko, Aguero and tevez. Chelsea have torres and Ba (and every AM in the world) Arse have Giroud, Chamakh(on loan) Gervinho, Podolski, Bendtner...there's not a lot of room at those clubs for another forward...we have to be an attractive bet, don't we?
82- like what you did there..;)
WOW there's an ad below saying only you can prevent wildfires...not really aimed at the UK audience I feel....what with us all having webbed feet.
As I said above, Guidetti, Castaignos and Mitroglou. Three strikers for under 15M total and they can all play. Lackoffunditis cannot be the excuse. There are always guys out there. Some are better than others, but we are building a team here. COYS
82spursdebut - spot on regarding the polish fans and my 23yr old blonde and fit cleaning lady is a spurs fan, the ironing would just pile up, her english is getting better, she used to say i like footall, you take me up arse-now to see i like spurs vs arse-now, big game.
spu 4 life
Its about ambition, determination to succeed, and bottle, as I said before if you are serious about on the field success of a football club, that is owned by owners with the slightest interest in football. ENIC have none, they are property speculators pure and simple, irrespective of all the excuses, and attempted explanations, to the contrary. Reminder 1 trophy in the 13 years of their tenure, wonderful.
Frank, results-wise, I can't really argue with you. We have won one of 39 domestic trophies. A few finals and a few semis. Not great. Then again, how many of the 39 have been won by United? How many have been bought by City and Chelsea? It's all well and good to slag our results, but fact is we were a mid-table team that was not even in the European conversation, and now we are part of it every year. 5th, 5th, 11th with a title, 8th with a final, 4th with a semi, 5th, 4th and sit third. In that same time we have gone from beong worth 243M to worth 546M all while balancing the books, more or less. Not as quick as you or I would both like but if the path continues, we are not long from trophies and will soon be in the title conversation, sustainably. I am happy we have ENIC and they did not let Harry take us down the West Ham, Southampton, Bournemouthe and Pompey route. AVB is a seriously good coach and I have every reason to believe he will succeed. We are third with no firing striker and an ever improvinf defence and MF. Could be better. Appatently better than we've ever had it. COYS
Frank, I can't really argue with you boss, mainly because every single thing you've written or 'predicted' this season about our supposed "geek" manager (your words), our supposed *****-poor results until xmas (your words) that never happened, Holtby signing for Arsenal (your words) that never happened, and the other trove of ridiculousness that has been cut-and-paste a million times over by yourself that has been proven to be totally and utterly wrong, fatuous and a waste of reading. You're a highly respected member of this site, I've been here for over five years and doff my trilby in your direction, but don't you ever get bored of dishing-out nothing but invective chief? I prey Levy doesn't make a decent striker signing this month, otherwise your entire philosophy is built on sand, and I'd hate to think that someone's views that I ENTIRELY respect are as worthless as a Piers Morgan apology. It's a golden excuse to say how little trophies we've won, nice that the man you slated religiously over the summer and beyond is at least TRYING to win something this season, it's better than writing off half the competitions we enter and having half a 25-man squad that never get a game. Open the curtains once in a while, it's not all dark dark dark.
peterballb, 13 seasons into the ENIC era you tell us how far we have come. How much the club has improved and that you are happy with ENIC even though your hero Daniel has the worst trophy per season percentage of any chairman of THFC in over half a century... On a cup level ENIC have been a disaster!
Err, we've improved significantly pelebro, are you pre-pubescent per chance? It would be nice if you could remember the dross that was the 90's.
Regale us with classic stories of old about how Notts Forest were once champions of Europe.
peterballb, you boost about how our League form under ENIC has improved by quoting those two famous end of season top 4, CL qualifying positions, and then quite incredibly you proceed to slag off the very coach that turned THFC into a top 4 club??? The very coach who gave you your top 2 stats! Talk about contradicting yourself...
pelebro, I can't speak for peter, I feel it's important to respect Harry's achievements, but those that still respect his total and absolutely ridiculous lack of respect for the club that's "ours", along with criticising the fans of phoning a radio-staion of which "rent-a-quote" is a massively paid-up member, makes little sense. Harry was so amazing that he forgot how to get out of his recaro for four months, genius.
Harry was not disrespecting the vast majority of Tottenham fans when he gave us top 4, the CL and the beautiful sweet on the floor passing football we enjoyed last season... The only people who did not enjoy it, were the tiny minority of peterballb style moaners who could not enjoy a moment of it! I loved the football and I am enjoying Tottenham with AVB as well... I just pray that Levy/Lewis will support him, without pulling the rug from under his feet as they have done with each and everyone of their previous coaches... The best of luck AVB!
pelebro, IMO, Harry is a hack, as a manager. Yes, he got, IMO, the, at worst, 3rd best squad in the EPL to finish 4th, 5th, 4th. In contention for the title until January in the last 2 years and then his utter inabilities to manage a squad had us back down the table below our quality. The squad, IMO, the year we qualified for CL, was the best squad Spurs have had since the 70's. He then added VDV and Gallas and got King back fit. It should have been our time for titles and trophies. Now, with an inferior team (no King, no VDV, no Modric) a real manager is managing this squad. Jol got 5th twice with far inferior talent. Ramos won a title with essentially that same squad. Harry's team looked great. Even when throwing poits away to Wolves, Villa, Wigan, West Ham and any other poor squad that were determined to defend. No ideas, no answer. Just a bunch of quotes for his adoring media. England never wanted him. Imagine that. Opened accounts for his dog. Yeah, and I'm next in line to the throne. COYS

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