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Is selling Gallas a risk worth taking?

With rumours continuing that William Gallas could be leaving, and probably to QPR, I just wondered if we see this as a sensible move in the middle of a busy season?

Obviously there could be plenty of issues that we know nothing about, such as Harry paying stupid money for a player that is out of contract, forcing either Levy or Gallas to push for the exit door, however with Younes Kaboul still several weeks away from fitness and even then there is no guarantee he will last the season or not break down again quickly. Is leaving ourselves with three experienced centre halves sensible, unless we are looking to sell one and replace him with another.

I would agree with many that Gallas is not a player I would currently have as my first choice, as I feel that a fit Kaboul, improving Caulker and outstanding Vertonghen are definitely better, whilst Dawson offers differing qualities, but for me is at least as effective and is a better long term option and may also be in a better position to leave in the summer, when it is clearer who is or isn't safe.

Last season we left ourselves a little short in not buying quality additions, but we could just as easily do the same, just by selling or releasing players such as Gallas, who offer experience and decent quality, even if it only remains as cover and 5th choice for our centre of defence. We might get a few quid for his early release or just get him off of the wage bill, but would we be better to play safe and retain him as a just in case option, especially with our still looking to succeed in the Europa league.

AVB may well feel we have enough players to cover or we may have someone lined up or just need to open a space for new players, but the last thing we want to do is leave us short in areas and regret moving on a player, just to make or save what could seem pretty insignificant money if we were to ultimately miss out on a top four place as a result of lacking players in the right places...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 10 2013

Time: 11:35AM

Your Comments

Right question for Levy is to leave him free in summer or sell him for couple of millions to teams like QPR. I guess the decision will come down to what AVB wants. I feel AVB likes him, so if he leaves AVB would really want a replacement. But given we have Kaboul fit in one month and Caulker sitting in bench & BAE fit again, we have quite good depth to sell him.
I personally feel he is not good enough for us anymore. If we can exploit Harry's ways of buying over the hill players then yes I would sell him.
rahn DMC
Risk, what risk? The risk is playing him. With BAE back Vertonghen is free for centre-half adding to our stock there. Dawson should now be above Gallas in the pecking order and if it is only 4 games untill we can start giving Kaboul cameos then wait until the end of Jan and let him go on the last day.
We have depth at central defence. Verts, Caulker, Dawson, Kaboul on his way back and both Naughton nd Fryers can play central defence if needed. However, I would still keep Gallas until the end of the season. Old head and still a lot of class.
I don't feel we would get much for a 35yr old with 6months left on his contract-500k maybe??So financially there isn't much benefit,but if Kaboul is nearing a return in early feb i would keep Gallas until the end of the window & then let him move on if the deal can be sorted.
Keep Dawson and send Gallas to QPR with our best wishes. We have brought in Fryers who can play CB so, even with Kaboul out for a few more weeks, we have sufficient cover. As many have already said, Gallas can't deliver consistently at the highest level any more so we can't and shouldn't stand in his way if he can squeeze one more club into his career.
He's been a good servant for the two seasons he's been with us - eventually shut up the North Stand boo boys - but he's desperately short of pace now - shift him off the wage bill and build the new stadium two week's earlier than otherwise! We should be fine with four top quality CBs available as of the end of Feb (and three till then) - both Huddlestone and Livermore (assuming either of them are still with us come 1 Feb) have both covered relatively successfully in that position as well. Put it this way, I'm very glad we are now looking at giving Gallas to QPR now rather than regretting giving Daws to QPR in August last .....
Defender Tracking; At the end of last season we tracked two promising centre half's Lewis Dunk and Grant Hall both playing for Brighton. In May 2012 we signed Grant Hall, who made one pre-season spurs x1 debut and is currently playing in the under 21's reserve fixtures. At the time of signing him, Grant Hall had excellent reviews, even tipped up by some as a future england player, i can't remember seeing his name mentioned even on the subs bench for the first x1 prem games. So what has happened to Grant Hall, i know he is still playing but at what rate if any is his progression? Would i let Gallas go, No we have a busy second half of the season to go, we need our strongest characters with us, he may not be the quickest, but until we finish with Sunderland at home in may, we need his experience. Kaboul scheduled return is Feb, but if anything happens to our other central defenders, we leave ourselfs short.
spu 4 life
We have 4 quality CB's giving us good cover and flexibility for all occasions and all at a good age. Let Gallas go now and if we get a few quid - great! This helps create a space in the squad and we need a top drawer striker - URGENT! Get it done Daniel
I read somewhere that if he goes to QPR then we will bid for Toby Alderweireld right away as cover as we are planning an approach in the summer - now this may have been from some ITK BS'er Im unsure but if true then would be in favour of Gallas moving now however, if we are not going to do so then I would keep him last thing we need is for Kaboul to not recover as well as hoped and then get an injury to Daws, Caulker or Jan and leave us right in it - why take the chance??
If there's one position we have strength in depth in its centre half. I am more than happy with Vertonghen, Dawson and Caulker and there is the huge bonus of Kaboul to come back. I cannot understand how AVB has rated Gallas ahead of Dawson, although recent games suggest he may be reassessing that. Remember too that centre halves can, barring injury, play more games in a season without suffering fatigue than any other outfield player. Age alone means Gallas is surplus to requirements, let him go with our thanks if Harry will pay his wages.
Gallas has been a very valuable addition to our squad and also proves the merits of signing older more experienced players but If he has the chance of earning another eighteen months to two year contract with QPR then let him go and we benefit from having extra wages in the back pocket!
Slurms McKenzie
I see reports that Sevilla FC president is supposedly in London to finalise the transfer of Negrado to one of the London three of Spurs, Arsenal or Chelsea. I would have though our need was greatest and I can't really see chelsea signing another striker after securing Ba.
Slurms McKenzie
I read that too Slurms however there has been no ITK activity about this at all so it has a good chance of being us lol
I'm a firm believer in the two players for every position policy, so we need 4CBs. We have Verts, Caulker, Kaboul & Dawson leaving Gallas surplus to requirements. If we can get money for him we should take it.
Id be absolutley delighted with Negredo. Think he's a realistic sort of target too. Sevilla will sell for a reasonable price, the player would probably join us, we could meet his wages, he is the sort of striker we need....bloody hell i shoudl be his agent lol Certainley more likley than Damiao who the press keep drudging up every window. He doesnt want to go, Nacional dont want to sell, he;s valued at around 35m.........need i go on

Oh, as for gallas, i dont see any benifit in letting him go. He knows the system, is strong in the dressing room, and i couldnt think of a better 4th / 5th choice CB in the leauge. Yeah he's past it but as a back up just in case!!
Let him go, there will be no fee however we save on his wages. Can't see him playing especially when Kaboul is back, let him leave on 30th when we will know the current injury situation. COYS, good article by the way.
I think negredo would be an ideal signing & i hope it is indeed spurs who sevilla are coming to speak to. He may not be as high profile as Damaio etc. but i think he is exactly what we need & presumabely won't cost a fortune. Over to you danny boy!
It could be that José María del Nido is in London to do a bit of shopping for himself or just on a stop over to somewhere else. This whole story is based on him being seen getting on a plane bound for London. I wouldn't gamble the house on Negrado being signed just yet!
Slurms McKenzie
Or maybe he's not in London at all. Why anyone believes any of these transfer rumours is beyond me. Expect little and you won't be dissapointed.
Jonathan01 this is pretty weak as ITKs go or inside knowledge but it is also why the trasnfer window is soo much fun. we can spectulate, dream and fool ourselves for four weeks that we have the finacial muscle to sign anyone we want and its just a case of Levy snapping his fingers and a new superstar will be winging his way to us. Whats wrong with a little harmless fantasy?
Slurms McKenzie
Quote from AVB "extremely likely that we going to sign him" speaking about Damiao.
In-spurs it has caused twitter meltdown that quote but rumoured to be a typo and he said unlikley not likely?
Wilts Spurs
AVB just confirmed on talksport Damaio 90% complete!!!!
I would prefer to keep Dawson and sell Gallas we were woeful when he played in the early games and since Dawson came in for him we improved and credit to Dawson he has improved. Ok he is not Kabule or Vertonghen but Dawson is worth his weight and with Caulker still learning is trade I think we need Dawson for this and next season but not Gallas. However, if we are not going to get much for him then maybe it would pay to keep him as emergency and to rest players in the cup matches. However, if we get a million or above take the money plus we get one more of the wage bill.

I would like to see Kabule and Vertonghen with Caulker and Dawson back up and Naughton RB with Walker back up fighting for his place. With BAE back we should be ok if we do keep Hudd he can be an absolute emergency cover ar CB and I mean absolute emergency. However, AVB may think it is a bit of a risk selling any of the CB's since Kabule will need to come back slowly and Dawson has had his injuries recently. I'm not bothered either way as long as he doesn't get in the team over Dawson or we lose Dawson instead. he will go at end of the season anyway. He has been a decent player for us at the right time but he is not good enough now we have better.I want to hear about JJ, Bentley leaving it is costing us too much money.
How to get talksport?
In-spurs???? You sure!!! or is this your 'ITK' knowledge working its magic.

I think we have enough cover to sell and to be honest I don't think Hudd is much worse as CB, his distribution from the back could be lethal.
T.H.F.Chris, it is on BBC, however as Wilts Spurs says, it may be a typo unlikely instead of likely. Let's hope it's the latter.
It would be very impressive, inspurational even.....
The original source is the twitter account of Times journalist Gary Jacob see
It is a typo @benpearcespurs a journo at AVB press conference says AVB states it is unlikely and will be very difficult for Damaio to play for Tottenham. Shame but hope was nice for a few minutes.
Wilts Spurs
T.H.F.Chris, lol
Apparently AVB just done a press confrence and said the Damaio deal is 90% done, just issues with the % of ownership issues (3rd party id guess). Thats meant to be from the horses mouth. Still not cracking the bubbly open but if
eh - i heard he said 90% complete??
Wilts Spurs, talk sport saying the same now ie unlikely.
No go for Belhanda either. Gallas to stay but Livermore may be loaned. Just shows how little the media actually know is going on, just speculation all the time. Expect a young German or Portugese striker to sign on loan or permanent under the radar. Much like previous deals.
Wilts Spurs
We'll know by the end of the month!
just heard ingterview with AVB on sky sports news and he says we are not looking to bring in another striker even though Ade is going to the ANC. he said we managed before and he is aware it is a risk but he doesn't see us bringing in another striker as he said we are happy with the team.
The one element we don't all know is the influence in the room that Gallas has. I have to say though, it seems that Dempsey, Sandro and Vertonghen are becoming the go-to guys. I don 't think losing Gallas would kill us there. As as been mentioned Fryers is a LCB and a LB so there is cover. We won't get anything more than a nominal amount for him (shouldn't - who knows it's Harry), but it would represent one more senior place in the squad and the salary off the books. I suspect he is being fairly well remunerated and not being paid the reputed 1,250 GBP per week that ManU was offering Fryers. You've gotta wonder wh he left. Poor Zaha, they'll pay 12M to get him in but then will want him to play for nothing.

As for replacements, the best young CB in football today, IMO,is Howedes, who is out of contract in 18 months. If Huntelaar really did have a 12M buyout installed in his contract, he could go at any time, so methinks that the life at Schalke is not all that great. Get Howedes. If not, Alderwierald is up there too. Gallas, while he is slowing, needs to be playing. Dawson looks comfortable playing when he can. That said, Dawson too deserves to b playing week in and week out. Get Gallas off ASAP, and allow Dawson, if he wishes, to go at the end of the season. If he wants to stay, we have three first choice CB's and a 4th who wants to stay and play a role.

Gallas, Hudd, Gomes out the door and we have a little room to create some magic with Leandro/Schneijder. COYS
A more pertinent question is "is keeping Gallas, and actually picking him a risk worth taking", I personally think the answer to that is no, his legs have gone, he is a howler waiting to happen, and his fitness is unreliable, and we have Vertonghen, Caulker, Dawson, soon Kaboul, and in the background Zeki Fryers, so to pay Gallas his big salary, when we can realistically do without him, is unnecessary.
Thfan – well if that’s the case and he actually means it the mans a bloody idiot! We have had a bit of luck to get us up to 3rd so far and if he thinks we can continue with one striker for the rest of the season we are phucked. ADE will never be the same for THFC especially after he just undermined AVB by calling him a liar.
hudd -On AVB; I think he said size 9 my feet?
spu 4 life
Hudderspur, it maybe that Levy's determination to get AVB in as manager were because of a combination of his managerial skills, and a similarity in thinking re. running the club on a shoestring, or trying to. We shall see in May whether they have been successful.
hudderspur - That is what he said I guess now it is a matter of what we believe. Is AVB a manager that says one thing and is doing something entirely different but wants to keep potential clubs from getting our player or is he a manager that speaks the truth in front of the camera. I don't know for sure but my guess probably a mixture of both. I guess managers do have to bend the truth to protect their targets.
After Saturday we should try to strengthen QPR as much as possible without weakening ourselves so they take points of our rivals. Same goes for any other team we have played twice by the end of the window.
Love totty
Club News; they know nothing about any interest in Gallas to QPR, they did ask if the rumour was started by a black cab driver, the reply was ''well it was some dodgy geezer hanging out of a car window''
spu 4 life
Can't believe that some on here still take TalkSport reporting literally! Its TALKSPORT FFS! Always, always try to get a reliable confirmation from a reputable news outlet before taking their word for it. Besides, as we all know, its complete 80llocks until its announced officially by Spurs.

Come on guys, wise up a little.

Love your thinking Love totty, lets loan them Daws & sell them Hudd, Jenas & Bentley!

Talk*****e hate spurs, one of many reasons why i never listen to it.
spu 4 life
If AVB really means what he has said, he must be as seriously deluded as Levy, their combined tight arsed philosophy, may well once again cost us CL qualification. If that is the result then on both their heads be it, there are no excuses this time around.
spu, LMFAO! ''well it was some dodgy geezer hanging out of a car window''. Brilliant!

I agree, the only TalkSport show worth listening to is H & J broadcast between 1 & 4pm & before the ginger gob$h1te & his equally ignorant former cricketer come on. That's when I turn off mate. I suppose Keys & Gray are OK, what little I've listened to, but H & J is the best of a bad bunch. Listening to a fully wound up Chav fan sitting opposite a Spurs fan is great listening at times

Love Totty, absolutely. If we can secure the three points against QPR, every point they take from those around us, is a gain to us. Gallas, Livermore loan. Whatever they need. All after Saturday, of course. This really is a huge game. Arsenal hosts City and United play Liverpool. Chelsea go to Stoke. Everton host Swansea and WBA are away. Take the three points, better the goal differential and let the other results fall. It's these games that you have to be absolutely focused on. ManU doesn't need focus. It's built in. This game must be treated as more important than United. Get it done lads. COYS
I'm just wondering what would be the fate of QPR if they fail to stay up!Old ageing players,heavy wage bill,Long running contracts and the funny thing is everything above before Arry was the manager.Poor QPR
surely we can get rid of a striker or two while we're at it... this squad is way too heavy and the orange midget in the bahamas needs the money off the wage bill to spend on Malibu and Ambre Solaire
Cape Town Spurs
Centre half is a dilemma for AVB. He has Gallas who's head is working well but his body is now letting him down. Then we have Dawson who is supposedly at his peak but clearly has very little positional sense and reading of the game. Neither are the long term answer but with Kaboul and Ekotto injured we've had to use them quite a bit so far. Caulker and Vertonghen should be the current 1st choice and then Kaboul should provide competition as he gets fits again. For the long term we still need another centre half and it's unlikely that will come from Dawson or Gallas. Perhaps AVB will take a closer look at Khumalo and Grant Hall at some stage but more likely we'll go for someone like Alderweireld.
let Gallas go if there is a need cover fit to come on and as we saw last year if you are relying on guys who are old or constatntly crocked when you need them they're on the physio couch anyway...get rid...we could always use his wages.
Slurms-hate to pop the balloon but the dreams are prematurely over since what Avb stated earlier
seville manager in London, Leandro 'unlikely', we don't need anyone...looks as though negotiations are coming to a head....
why should we exactly let gallas go if he's contract is ending at the start of next season!Btw how much exactly are we going to get for a 35 years old whose contract is running out??
why should we exactly let gallas go if he's contract is ending at the start of next season!Btw how much exactly are we going to get for a 35 years old whose contract is running out??
Frank, I don't take AVB as being tight. His buys at Chelsea certainly indicate otherwise. That said, there is a budget. He has his targets. maybe his targets aren't available until summer. Maybe the price is beyond what we can pay. Disrupting the squad is rarely a great idea in mid-season. I'm sure if a quality striker becomes available n a wage we can afford, the deal will be done. I have not seen anything to suggest that AVB and Levy do not have a plan. COYS
Silwal, I was wondering the same the other day about QPR. Net spend of over 20M thus far this year and most of the guys are hardly young and on measley wages. If they go down, I would bet many of their players will be unmovable. Incidentally, seems no Hoilett or Granero tomorrow, so they are down on players that can put the ball in the net. Looks like it'll be Cisse in front of Taraabt. Mark Taraabt out of the game and I doubt they score. COYS
SilwalYid-we'd save his wages for 6mths...enough to fund all of our transfer activty so far....not to mention a fortune in sticky tape and Physio costs!!
Our transfer activity this window is bollox considering the fact that we are not going to add anything to our campaign of qualifying for CL.I'd rather keep Gallas than rely on untested Fryers if incase anything happens to 2 of our CBs
I also recall AVB being asked before the transfer window opened if Spurs would be making any signings and he was fairly clear when he said No and that he was happy with his squad. Then the window opened and Fryers was signed and Holtby signed up on a pre-contract. When I was a kid and had a bit of money to buy a chocolate bar I'd tell my siblings that I had no money and that i wasn't going to buy any chocolate. That way i was able to buy the chocolate and eat it without any one trying to take it off me. Granted my siblings wouldn't have followed me to the shop to try and out bid me for the bar of chocolate or offered teh chocolate bar more gastric juices to digest it but the point is, if in a very difficult market you are trying to make a purchase you don't want to scupper the deal by announcing it before hand and alerting the magpie clubs such as PSG or City or Chelsea that a shiney new player might be available!
Slurms McKenzie
Still what a roller coaster of a thread this one has been! Gallas going to QPR - then he's not, Negrado nailed on certainity to be signed - then he's not, Leandro deal nearly 90% completed - then its not. You've got to love the transfer window!
Slurms McKenzie
peter-Agree that their most influential player is Taarabt!We should be heading for an easy win unless its deja vu from last season.
peter-Agree that their most influential player is Taarabt!We should be heading for an easy win unless its deja vu from last season.
Sorry for the double posts though!I'm pretty sure I pressed submit once
Sorry for the double posts though!I'm pretty sure I pressed submit once
Caetainly looks that way SilwalYid!
Slurms McKenzie
Chocolate bar similies Slurms!? Mate you've eaten too much of the stuff over Christmas! LOL :-0

Guilty as charged Spuds!
Slurms McKenzie
He has already cost us at least six points so far this season so for me the question is: Why is he STILL here??????????
pratts bottom

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