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Leandro Damiao -- Enough Already!

This has been going on for several transfer windows and in fact feels like it's been going on since my pushbike had stabilisers.

So he's a good striker. So we admire him, or perhaps more accurately desire him, but like a girl who leads us on only ever to say no, we always go home alone to wonder what could have been or how we may snare her another day. For me this situation needs to come to a close and now. Either he joins our club this month or we move on.

This courtship has gone on way too long and I for one am fed up with having my advances rejected. I suggest we make one last and serious bid to lure him to our side of the bed, and if not move on, switch targets, have some pride for heaven's sake and stop grovelling around on your knee's begging please please please.

It is not something any of us like to see. So, my fellow supporters, what is your take. Ade or no Ade we were always a striker short. Some would argue that even with Ade we are a striker short, or in fact two. Surely the time has come to stop the nonsense up front which has plagued us since selling Berbatov, in what '09, or was it '08? This farce has gone on long enough.

Written by Cape Town Spurs

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The journalist

Writer: Cape Town Spurs Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 10 2013

Time: 3:36PM

Your Comments

Lets face it it's just not going to happen, get over it, and move on.
Agreed Cape Town Spurs, looks like a quality player but the whole things getting a a bit boring now so lets move on! The player has never really shown any desire to come to us anyway so maybe it's for the best...Next!!
He aint coming in January. No-one is coming January!! :-/
Yes enough already. Why write an article when the sun is shining in SA, CTS. Go out and enjoy yourself while we huddle over our PCs in the cold in Blighty
Love totty
It is all down to Levy. AVB can have as long a wish list he wants, but Levy will play the transfer game his own way!. TBH, I am more concerned that so far we have had little mention of any clubs interested in buying any of our fringe/deadwoods. I wouldn't be surprised if Levy is waiting on that front to free up resources for the new signings. I doubt very much that any of the VDV and Modric money will be spent this time round.
Yea Capetown go for the frumpy, homely girl that you know will put out!
Slurms McKenzie
Said as much last night Critical. Late night on 31st!
Absolutely agree, if we are interested put a realistic serious bid in, if they turn it down publicly state that we have ended our pursuit. I know weíve got to take it with pinch of salt but AVBís basically said we are going to do F all in this market and he is fully aware of the risks of only having one forward. It may be his mouth that moves but its Levyís words that are coming out! Is he honestly gonna rely on Clint to bang the goals in! I just donít understand why this happens again and again. Always make such a positive start and then completely bugger it up after January. This will be the 3rd year on the bounce FFS. Yes I am getting wound up because no matter how you dress it up, its always the same old $hitty disappointing result. I donít understand how anyone can expect us to finish in the top 4 with one average striker & one who doesnít seem to give a *****! Oh sorry I forgot, we have siggy and Dempsey to rely on!!!!!!
Put in a cheeky bid for Stevan Jovetic instead, far better and far more versatile player.
Rather than waste our time discussing, wishing, and dreaming about these phantom strikers, who we can't or won't afford, who don't want to come, can get better wages elsewhere, let's get our scouts to get off of their collective arses, and get out and find us a Demba Ba, Cisse, Michu, Hernandez, all of whom came to England as bargains and have all left their mark. We are now a club that is reluctant to pay top dollar, can't offer CL football, don't pay really competitive wages, yet window after window we are linked with high profile "super stars" both by the media, in our supporter's wish lists, and as subjects of Levy's sob stories and excuses re. we nearly got it done, but not quite, and similar bollox etc. Let's just stop kidding ourselves, we behave like a second or third tier club in the transfer market, so lets start chasing second or third tier targets, you never know, we might even just succeed and end up signing a striker after 7 or 8 windows of trying (or pretending to).
She maybe big up front but doesn't really know what to do with it in the box but we'll keep plugging away hoping she'll come good. All the while we can be thinking about the stunner that got away!!!
Slurms McKenzie
Frank, can't believe Im doing this, but you are spot on. Until we get the stadium that will change our finances, we simply do not pay the wages for these type of players and what else are they going to come for?? The love of the club?? Do me a favour.
Surely its obvious that we have put a bid in already, last year and it was probably around £12- £15m and that Internacional want more like £25m+ plus ridiculous Agent fees and third party ownership shizzle. Basically a giant money black hole. A complete mess and something that isnt going to happen.
The Human Spurs-apede? tophobunty?
Approach has been made for Danny Graham of Swansea
Slurms McKenzie
topho, the german u21 captain on a free transfer is a no brainer. Ive seen him play often and he's always impressed me. Youre right hes nothing like Bale or Lennon. He's more like Toni Kroos. Very good on the ball, clever player and an excellent passer & he can only improve. Half of europe wanted him ffs & we got him for free. Then you suggest Suarez like its actually possible to sign him.
Until this window, there was not even te possibility of him coming. We have a right to match. That's it. Everything else is our own creation. We run with it. Well, until this window, none of the player, his agent or internacionale have even hinted that a deal was possible. They have all now indicated that it is not their intention, but that a deal is now possible. So the game has only really just begun. Fact is, Barca, RM, Inter, AC Milan, Chelsea and other have all had interest in the player. If a deal had been in the offing, any of these other clubs could have also made advances. they didn't because their inquiries were being met with the same, thanks, not interested, as ours were. That has changed. The game is afoot. There is now smoke. Lots of complications so there is no end in sight.

I say, get Mitroglou, Guidetti and Castaignos now. Net spend of under 15M and we have three strikers, a couple of whom can play wing. All young and all able to find the back of the net. Castaignos and Guidetti I don't think even count against the squad numbers. heck, to me, it's a ready mde solution that is a can't lose situation. COYS
You could chase after the same cocktease all night or do what I prefer and play the numbers game
Stop blaming ENIC. They didn't say anything. AVB has only stated that Leandro, along with Moutinho and a fewothers are players we are following. Well, duh, so is every other organization. The hysteria is created by us, the fans. Take all of these fables with a huge grain of salt. Until the Club says something, it is nothing more than gossip. COYS
Cape Town, Blubbertov threw his toys out of the pram just before the 08/09 season kicked off, with Ramos going in October of the same year.

As for Damiao, this has been a standing joke on the Hawksbee & Jacobs show on TS for the last 2 seasons. It invariably comes up during their weekly South American football slot with Tim Vickery. Paul Hawksbee, a Spurs fan BTW, seems to be getting more & more embarrassed by it.

Give it up Levy, either make a bid or move on! We're becoming a bit of a laughing stock over this. Enough!!!

Ox, thanks for publishing. Brought a smile to my face on what has been a generally all 'round pants day. i agree with most comments here, Damiao seems to have zero interest in us so make it happen or give it up already. as to the poster who hopes it's a smoke screen for Llorente, i hope you're right but........
Cape Town Spurs
I'm not convinced we've every been interested in Damiao, if we have he certainly doesn't seem that bothered about coming to us. There must be more than 1 striker out there. Maybe Damiao has been sleeping with Sandro's sister, then I understand his hesitation to join.
Spurticus87 to really play the numbers game you shouldn't limit yourself to one gender! As my old mum used to say - a holes a hole!
Slurms McKenzie
East or West, Defoe is the best! Afterall he's only our senior striker.Back him to score!Oh who am I kidding?
Don't know why i continue to have faith every window, but i do!!? Like everyone I just refuse to believe that we are just settling for one striker and no 'ins' at all!? I may be stupid to do so but i still have faith.. More so because it is something that we need to do to compete, rather than i have complete faith that it will happen!! Find it very hard to believe that AVB & Levy don't see it and aren't trying still!
How much will the stadium really change how much we can spend? We are spending more or less along the lines of Arsenal, and they have a big stadium. Chelsea dont, but we aren't going to spend like them or City. To have the backing of United, you need to do things well and win titles for decades. We're a long way from that. Our players and coach make me believe that we will be trying to win titles. Merchandise is where you can really grow your revenues. That takes decades and it takes winning. To be sure, a new stadium would probably add another 20-30M to the revenue pool every year (once debt is paid) even with a great naming rights deal. So we could buy one more player a year, or more likely, could afford to up our average wage about 5-10k/week. It's not that much. ManU, in losing to Barca, made more from the CL than the winners. That's because they get more TV and merchandising dosh. To get the CL, Lewis had tio put in 9M out of his own pocket as we had a loss. The year in the CL, we made 8M. All that extra money allowed us a small profit while adding VDV, Sandro and Gallas to our ranks. All very cheap, all things considered. COYS
tophobunty "you can't always get what you want"
Slurms McKenzie
nice slurms... classy touch
Cape Town Spurs
5 million bid for Danny Graham
Slurms McKenzie
It's all skin, Cape Town! ;-)
Slurms McKenzie
Actually maybe the winking emoticon wasn't the best choice for my last post there.
Slurms McKenzie
ಠ_ಠ maybe this look of disapproval is better?
Slurms McKenzie
I just can't see A) Mr Levy spending £35m+ on a player B)Paying over £140k p/w wages C) Liverpool selling him to a rival D)He wanting to leave for other than Real or Barca. Its about as likely as us selling Bale to Liverpool. Bale to Liverpool, how ridiculous does that sound? Its as ridiculous as Suarez to Spurs. Not going to happen
Slurms McKenzie
Seeing as teh concept of sarcasm is lost on some folks can we remove Saurez from the conversation
Slurms McKenzie
I agree Hudders, mate. We don't need the cheating rat faced racist at our club. No Thank YOU!

PS, Why is Gerry Halliwell waving a Brazil flag?

ghulamville, exactly, there are lots of guys out there and you don't have to break the bank to get them. COYS
Spuds it was either that or a flag waving a Gerry Halliwell Brazilian...
Slurms McKenzie
All we really need is a couple of men who can put a ball in the net now and then.not a big ask!
Little spur
Little Spur are you talking about signing a few basketball players?
Slurms McKenzie
The best thing that could happen is he signs for another top prem side, his top scorer for every season his here, wins player of the year for the same reason and shi7 loads of trophys and medals, 15m is a phucking joke, 25m is spot on, CL football at spurs - £££££ - goal difference will decide the top 2/3/4 places, we get 2nd or 3rd straight into CL group stages =££££ add this all up and ££££=LEANDRO. No stick with HUDD, LIVERMORE, BENTLEY, JENAS, costing us with little return, Leandro most likley wont scoregoals, but my bet is he would, we just don't see it or levy dont. Graham 5m, Obika would get goals, but how many? for nothing.
spu 4 life
Photo of Jessica Claire Biel showing her brazillian would be tops.
spu 4 life
Peterbalb Ė At last someone speaks some sense about the stadium issue!! The whole concept that the stadium will allow us to bring in a plethora of superstars is completely false. As it stand now, the stadium id due for competition in 2018, thatís 5 years away and given we were meant to be moving into the new stadium this year id expect it to be more like 2020. That is an era in footballing terms. We need to forget building the ďfutureĒ around this new stadium which as you say will only make a slight increase in revenue and think about what we do NOW on the pitch we have. We donít need to go and bid £30m for Falcao or whoever, we just need the scouts to do their bloody job and identify a realistic striker who we can buy now. I would love to sit down with AVB, one on one, with a bottle of sodium pentothal and ask him about the whole transfer dealings at spurs!
so one thing we are unanimous on then is that our strike force is at least 1 goal scorer short of a professional football team -- seriously, I think with the talent we have, if we added a Moutino type in MF and a Damiao type up front (or preferably Doumbia) we'd be challenging for the title. Foe some reason this just does not seem to matter to Tango Man, who is happy pocketing the loot on his gin palace in the Bahama's
Cape Town Spurs
Livermore to Join QPR on loan for rest of the season!
Slurms McKenzie
Big C, you friendly old goat. I do not understand your obscurity. Please forgive me and explain. McFly? Back to the Future? WTF?
Cape Town Spurs
I'm not convinced that he is that good. i'd like someone just like skilled as Ade but with greater desire, who would fit in
Big C - Did you perhaps confuse the explanation symbol of "!", as used in the article headline with the question mark symbol, "?", as used i your post? ! ? !!! Nothing else makes sense to me, but then again, why should it!?
Cape Town Spurs
spu4life, we aren't sticking with those players. Those players are unmovable to most and when the can be moved they don't want to go. It's what happens when you overpay. Anyway, Hudd needs to go for his career. Jenas is in the US having surgery (last I heard) and is done for the season and out of contract in June, so he's almost gone. Bentley has 18 months left and the best we can hope is for loans to continue to make the salary hit a little less painful. Livermore is an asset that they don't intend to sell atm. I presume he will be loaned out. Sounds like he was pretty dominant the other day in the Spurs XI game.

If Leandro signs for another PL squad, it will be because we did not wish to match or because the player doesn't want to come. If it comes down to being more than we are willing to spend, so be it. Books still have to balance. We could go t Palce and now offer 13M which would make ManU have to go back in at a higher amount, but why bother. We have already pushed up Zaha's transfer price. ManU want him and they will pay over the odds to get him. He could be their Nani replacement, or he could be another Ashley Young. COYS
Hello McFly? Old Biff knocks on Marty McFly's head with his cane and says "hello McFly" when Marty McFly appears not to understand a basic concept. Hence Big C is using this qoute to show is shock at someone on here not understanding a basic concept. Hello Cape Town...
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms in that case, sign up James, Bryant, Durant, Melo, Parker, Wade, Paul and Griffin. Fine NBA men who can find the net!
Livermore has joined QPR on loan for rest of season.
Slurms McKenzie
The picture you paint about Gerri Halliwell's brazilian Slurms is completely gross. Yuk!!!

Not a bad shout TopSpur big lanky fellas who can contest a ball in the air and have decent footwork in a tight space, you could be onto something there, although I think they'd all cost more then Leandro and there wages would be astronomical!
Slurms McKenzie
Thanks Slurms, unfortunately Big C lost me at hello... To almost para-phrase movie lines.
Cape Town Spurs
On topic, obviously we need a striker. AVB saying we don't is only to increase the confidence and belief that the current Spurs crew have. But instead of mulling over this fellow and that fellow and posting our ideal football manager teams like Yidmarks does in every single one of his posts, I will just wait and see and hope for an improvement. Onwards and Upwards, COYS!
Spuds-U-Like King of the emoticons! BTW a picture you paint about Gerri Haliwell's Brazilain would be called a tattoo or perhaps a vajazzle!
Slurms McKenzie
25m for this;
spu 4 life
Off topic, a vajazzle... I haven't heard that in ages. I love that term!
Cape Town Spurs
LeBron James Net Worth is $110000000 and LeBron James Salary 2012 is $45000000. Would be worth every single penny! ;)
LIVERMORE on loan to QPR, we must have another midfield player coming in to play 4-6-0
spu 4 life
I would rather pay the money on a European based player who looks like he can adapt. To spend anything more than 12m on Leandro would be a silly gamble for Spurs when we could spend it on someone already playing closer to EPL.
Cape town...Me? Iím scared of everything. Iím scared of what I saw, Iím scared of what I did, of who I am, and most of all Iím scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when Iím with you...people on Vital Spurs!
Slurms McKenzie
@Big C "Hello, McFly" +2
It's amazing how people think a new stadium will allow us to do anything more in the tranfer will saddle us with a HUGE debt and give us the purchasing power of Newcastle, after we've paid it off...
@Big C - I get your comments, finally - maybe I'm having a slow day
Cape Town Spurs
Shedboy, the fact is that City were considering offers of 5M for him in the summer. 7M and they will sell. They do not deem us as competition as they can buy whomever they want. He can be had. No, they won't give him away for free. They are looking to pay 50M for Cavani to add to Aguero, Dzeko, Balotelli, Tevez. Guidetti is available. COYS
Forget Damiao. Too much hard work to get him over the past few years. He can't be worth this much aggro. Anyway we're doing a deal for Negredo at the moment. Expect it to be done in the next 2 to 3 days. I'm confident this will happen.
Don't see us getting LD ever. Would be just as glad if we overpaid Swansea for Michu. Anyone think they'd turn down 10 Mil for him??
Nothing is happening slow again after a quick start.
Negredo.... If less than £10 mil I would be happy with that. Spanish strikers know how to hold the lone role.
Slums mc,just was scared to mention the word striker or damiao! Dont need the basketball players,yet!so if we dont get. Striker well give it a go?coys.
Little spur
peter- they didn't sell him, I'd be amazed if they sold him and to us at anywhere near that fee...yes they got shot of Ade because otherwise he was just going to sit and do nothing....they ain't going to give away a potential for the future...
Damiao is not going to happen. We have tried too hard for too long and still nowhere near getting him in. It's obvious he doesn't want to come so move on. Negredo for me will be spot on.
pratts bottom
Pratts the question is have we tried at all?
Slurms McKenzie

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