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Our new Jewel in the crown?

Up until perhaps 18 months ago, Lewis Holtby was not a name I was overly familiar with.

However, since hearing about his possible opportunity to play for the England national team whilst listening to TalkSport one lonely drive home, I decided to check out the little fella. Young, intelligent, skilful, tough, and apparently smart enough to choose us over them lot down the road, this lad (on paper) ticks all the boxes.

I was just wondering, has anyone actually seen him play? I'm not on about a televised game, I mean actually been there, in the stadium? As that's the best way to judge a player. From what I have seen, he is very similar in style to Luka, whilst maybe providing more of a goal threat. The way he plays at Schalke, is a little more advanced than the role Luka played for us, but from what I have read, he see's himself (or wants to) playing a deeper role in the coming years. He would appear to have a knack of finding space even within congested areas of the pitch, and for me, always shows a willingness to accept the ball and pick out a team-mate with a killer pass.

I for one, am delighted that we have been able to get this business done so early, I think it shows that Levy has complete faith in AVB, and is willing to back him. We also have a new player with us, for the whole of our pre-season, something we've not always been able to boast of! I honestly believe, that a midfield 3 of Sandro, Dembele and Holtby, ticks every box you would want ticking in a Premier league midfield.

Now, if we can just convince Gareth not to go just yet, add another winger capable of covering both flanks as cover for Gareth and Azza, and find ourselves that illusive 20+ goal a season striker, well then I would start to get really excited.......Speaking of that 20+ goal per season striker, would my namesake be too old for us now?! COYS

Written by Klinsmann_18

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The journalist

Writer: Klinsmann_18 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 15 2013

Time: 12:04PM

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Not seen a great deal of him but German U21 captain & talisman for free has to be good business. I hear he single-handedly dragged the German U21 team kicking & screaming through qualifying. 12 goals in 20 U21 internationals from midfield shows promise.
Spurs Allday
Yes if Holtby is as you describe then that Midfield of Sandro Dembele Holtby could be as good as it gets in the prem. Would just love to pull off the Willian deal i feel that could kill 2 birds with one stone as we would have wing cover, front cover plus a player who can unlock QPR types defences! Cumon Levy one signing that all i facking asking for...deliver Willian and minimum top 3 this season i feels COYMFS!!!
We still need a bloody striker!!! You can provide as many goal chances as you like, but somebody still has to stick them in the net.
Klinsmann - you forgot to mention the most important thing for ENIC in the Holtby deal - HE WAS FREE! Lucky for us he was otherwise ENIC would have found a reason to be linked with him all summer only to be pipped at the last by a club in Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, France, Azerbaijan, England etc. Having said that there still seems time for the deal to be undone (according to a number of rumours at the moment) so I wouldn't be surprised if we suddenly miss out on Holtby because Shalke want £2m quid for him now rather than let him leave for free in the summer. Sadly I'm almost expecting it to happen.
Our new Jewel in the crown? yeah he plays his football in brazil and scores goals, i think the name is LEANDRO, but this club is as tight as a duck arse and won't pay the money. Previously a private investment trust, English National Investment Company was floated on the London stock exchange in 1997 as ENIC plc and became a holding company for sports, media and leisure businesses. During the football investment boom of the mid to late 1990s it began to acquire shares in football clubs around Europe and bought stakes in Rangers F.C., SK Slavia Prague, AEK Athens F.C., Vicenza Calcio and FC Basel.[2] As well as football clubs, ENIC also invested in other businesses, such as software company Autonomy, retailer Warner Bros. Studio Stores, gambling website and entertainment complex Church Street Station. In 2001 ENIC bought a controlling stake in Tottenham Hotspur F.C. from Alan Sugar and Levy became chairman of the club. Later in 2001, ENIC's listing was transferred from the main stock exchange to the AIM index.[3] In 2003 Joe Lewis and Daniel Levy, who controlled 52% of ENIC shares, formed Kondar Ltd to buy out the remaining shareholders. A cash offer of £40m was made to take the company back into private ownership.[4] Following the buyout, Lewis and Levy controlled 71% and 29% respectively of shares in ENIC, which was delisted from AIM and renamed ENIC Group. Following its purchase of Sugar's remaining shares in Tottenham Hotspur in 2007, ENIC continued to build up its stake, taking its shareholding to 85%. To fund this investment it disposed of its stakes in other football clubs as well as many of its media and entertainment businesses.
spu 4 life
Newcastle have launched a bid on Siem de Jong, while we are sitting on our hands again! For 9 millions, he is a bargain.
Siem de Jong is quality. A ghost No9 like Michu & he's best mates with super Jan
Spurs Allday
When Harry the dealer hijacked their move for Remy, they went for Siem de Jong instead. That is called a plan B. What is our plan B or even plan A?
One question that is very important but we will never know the answer to. If he wasn't out of contract and schalke asked £10m for him would we still have signed him? Considering we could have him now for about 1m I think it answered the question. Just how much do we actually rate this guy. Great bit of business foresight who had been carefully tracked? Or just another player on the cheap. Lets be honest here guys, none of us on here know very much about this guy.
dannylane our plan A is to buy players from OUR list of targets not who Newcastle or QPR are after. Our plan B is not to panic buy and stock pile our squad with average squad players again. So if targets not available or unrealistic ala Leandro Willian Moutinho then as AVB has said we dont need to buy anyone in this window. This current squad if well managed and rotated is the 3/4th best in the country so no need to panic or pay over the odds this Jan COYMFS!!
Our plan A is to wait untill 11:59 on the 31st to see if any bargains become available....Plan B is to say we had a bid of 30m for a player but there were complications....either way the fans will be happy we got a bargain or glad to hear we're in for superstars, they'll still turn up and cheer so everyones happy.....right?
JattYid- Gylfi and Dempsey are not average squad players on difficult to move contracts then?? Was Dempsey not a panic buy? sure looked like it to me....
Hudderspur if he was 10mil and sought after like people say he is im pretty sure Spurs would be after him as we have always taken a punt on these sorta signings in the past like Modric/Berba/Rebrov even far back as Iverson. But to get to that next level now of title chasers we need that Willianesq player who wont come cheap...if we qualify CL and with his price being realistic in the summer i can see that happening COYMFS
I have to agree that the last minute Dempsey deal was odd. He was available all summer long for that sort of price but we only went in at the death...
Spurs Allday
JattYid Remy has been on our list for a while now, I don`t rate him, but Siem de Jong is class and can perhaps learn Defoe how to shoot!
Dempsey one of the top scorers every season is a panic buy? wtf! The guy been here 2mins yes he struggled first couple of months but he is now looking good. Gylfi hardly started 3 games on the trot to even be judged! Fans like you need patience n need to lay off players backs...guarntee you did the same thing with Pienaar but now wish he was given a facking chance!
I still feel we are looking at developing a strong and balanced squad as opposed to looking for one huge box office signing. So many fans talk of our spending £30m in a striker, but if we step back and think with our heads and not our hearts, can we really see that happening unless we sell someone like Bale or sandro to finance the deal
Sounds like Willian's been tapped up big time, but by us or Chelsea?
Spurs Allday
To be fair that Korean kid looks decent in the clips I've seen. Easy(but wrong) to dismiss a guy who's from one of none footballing superpower nations.
Spurs Allday
Ox we sold Modric so the 30mil you are referring to is already there. We are in a position to invest this now in a top top striker (Damiao, Llorente) or ceative playmaker (Sjneider, Willian et al) I know as spurs fans we are the worst at demanding marquee signings but surely now is the perfect time to invest in 1 or 2 players that can really take us to that next level. Levy has invested in AVB for the long term so the foundations are already laid. I would say that AVB has exceeded expectations this season with where we are in the league. So back him NOW is my view.
Spurs Allday, you can bet that Levy thinks the "Korean kid" is wonderful. Whether he is good enough is hardly relevant, not when you can sell all those shirts "my boy already".
Jattyidd – That’s the problem though, we need a player of willianesq qualities but struggle to acquire them, either because of finances or lack of CL football. I think the realistic next step is for us to be a CL regular (not just in group stages etc). I think we are some way off Title challengers. We sit 4th now but we all know arsenal and Chelsea will have a strong end of the season as they always do. I personally think we need to bite the bullet and try to get some talent in now to give us that extra boost. I agree we shouldn’t thro silly money at players we don’t really want but it seems Shaktar will let willian go for around £18m, and he wants to move to London. The deal is there to be had, I jst don’t know why we are stalling if AVB does want him at spurs. Most important is a striker as we all know. Can you hand on heart say you think we will finish in the top 4 (which lets be fair is where we all think we should be) if we don’t sign a striker or at very least a creative goal scoring midfielder? The fact is, along with a inconsistent strike force we only have one midfielder who’s chips in with goals.
Klinsmann_18 - you seem to make a few assumptions there. Holtby "ticks all the boxes"... Well you must have missed reports of guys suggesting that he may not be physical enough for the EPL. Perhaps lacks pace, strength. The counter argument to that is that you could have said those things about Modric... But he certainly does not tick all boxes. I saw some clips of various aspects of his game, and he looks like he could be a good acquisition if he can adapt. Assumption #2 is that you suggested that the signing of Holtby shows faith in AVB... But the signing of a young player is something that Levy has done regardless of who is in the hotseat. Also Sigurdsson was signed when we had no manager, so I think this signing has little to do with faith in the manager. I hope Levy has faith in the manager, because he only hired him 5 mins ago!
Hudderspur, it is highly unlikely that we will finish top 4 without signing a PROPER striker, we are getting rumbled as QPR showed on Saturday. We have already flogged at least 6 points at home and the 2 at QPR and probably the 3 at Everton, because we can't finish. Up until now we are in front of Arsenal and Everton, both of whom will finish strongly, whereas we are one injury or suspension from a "no striker" situation. The Cl argument for failing to get players is spurious as Redknapp proved yesterday with the signings of Remy and M'Villa whilst bottom of the league. The answer is you have to really want the player an offer realistic contracts to attract them. We talk a good game re transfer targets (usually those we know we can't get, or are not available), do nothing. De Jong is an example, if it is a fact that he is available, as Newcastle seem to believe, and we don't compete for him, it will prove that either AVB & Levy don't have a clue, or Levy has no intention of improving us at any cost (even at circa £10M).
To be fair though Frank if he can play a bit then why not? As long as he can offer something on the pitch then I'm more than happy for us to reap the rewards of a large Asian fan base. He can't be worse than Toda! lol

Impossible for any of us to gauge this window thus far as we've done no immediate business & the window is still open. Lets at least see what happens first. In the summer we made three excellent signings in Vertonghen, Dembele & Lloris if by February 1st we've got Willian &/or a top striker then the window will have been a success. If we've signed nobody then there's good reason to complain but lets at least see what happens first. Lloris & Dembele we're great signings & happened in the last 5 days of the summer window so no reason to doubt the AVB regime just yet. Levy & Harry clearly didn't work but the summer showed signs of promise, lets hope it continues.
Spurs Allday
If financial restraints make a move for say Sneijder impossible until 23.45 on 31st January when prices drop & people panic then it'd be a wait that worthwhile rather than chucking money at a lesser player just because they're available to us now. I'd rather wait & get real quality. Of course if we wait & then don't get anyone in of note I'll be right there at the front lighting the torches & getting the cobwebs off my pitchfork lol
Spurs Allday
With you all the way on that one Spurs Allday.
The problem with waiting until deadline day is that we are leaving ourselves open to dropping more points. Its always tight at the end of the season and if we lose out by 3 or 4 points, that could very well be the difference between doing the deals now or waiting till 11.45pm. It makes me laugh though how many deals we have JUST missed out on by an hour or so on deadline day. We have had a full month to get the paper work done FFS!! I know I sound like a broken moaning record but aren’t you guys sick of the same excuses! It was only 2/3 years ago we missed out on Augero as we couldn’t get the deal done!! Yeah my arse!! Moutinho in the summer!! Again my arse!! They say the money is there but never seem to spend a bloody penny of it. Id rather them just come out and say we are not spending any money, then we know where we stand. Tonyrich – Before you say we spent £50m in the summer mate im talking about actual investment, not selling the clubs best assets and recycling the money. Over the last 3 windows we have made a killing on player sales. I have a spreadsheet!!
On Holtby, I can only assume he's a winner. He chose Germany over England!
I can understand Levy's tactic in the summer transfer window in respect of last minute to save a couple of £m. However, in January paying a couple of £m extra on the 1st of Jan and having the potential to gain maximum points within the month by using your investment (Damaio, Sneijder, Willian etc) will surely give you an ROI come the summer if CL has been achieved by gaining those extra points in January whilst other clubs waited until the 11th hour!
OX- our squad doesn't look too strong or balanced up front! as for box office signings...we never sign one. We've been talking about spending 30 odd mill since the Rossi deal but they are just blowing smoke up our can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time but never all of the people all of the time...they've been rumbled, it's time to spend.
Spot on Hudderspur. ENIC simply don't want to spend the money. If the value of the club is increasing without CL football then the owners won't feel the need to spend the money. They are very happy to rip the fans off though
on the article -'it shows Levy has complete faith in AVB, and is willing to back him.' Levy's complete faith and willing to back his manager is a FREE, c'mon get real. Levy still has time to show some faith/balls but will he?
hudderspur take the Lloris deal as an example. For whatever reason that deal couldn't get done sooner(rumored that he wanted CL football) so would you rather have gone for a lesser keeper sooner in the hope that they may have got us a couple more points from our opening fixtures? Or would you rather take the hit early doors but know that in the long haul Lloris' extra quality will save you even more points? Any old CAM or Sneijder? Even if Sneijder wasn't available for say the next 3-4 matches he'd still get us more points over the remainder of the season. It balances out & in the end the scales tip to the side of the better player.
Spurs Allday
top 4 this season will be extremely tight and lots of factors and plenty of luck will play a part, however the notion that january signings are essential to maintain our position is nonsense IMO. the idea that we need to sign someone to cover for ade's absence is flawed. we are only being linked with foreign players who can hardly be expected to hit the ground running. leandro would be my pick but he has only just finished a full season and will be due some rest. with defoe and dempsey to get injured before its a problem in the possibly only three games that we go without adebayor, I would sooner play bale in a one off game as a lone striker than expect a new signing to just turn up and score. the free fall last season was not due to the fact that we didn't sign anyone but rather because we tried to play the same starting 11 for a whole season, irrespective of tired legs and even injuries in some cases, while completely ostracising the rest of the squad who naturally couldn't care less when they were needed. we now have a manager who knows how to rotate and rest players before they get injured. AVB and Levy will only buy for the future, they have along term plan. If AVB can start to get the best out of adebayor that will have far more impact on our immediate success than any new signings IMO.
Spurs allday – The Lloris deal didn’t drag due to Lloris wanting CL mate, it dragged up until the death because we couldn’t agree a fee. As Lloris said when he joined, the deal on his part was done months before. Im not saying there is anything wrong with getting the best out of a deal but we just seem to try and screw every club. How many clubs have come out and said Levy is a nightmare to do business with!!? We shouldn’t settle for less just to get the deal done, but we should offer the going rate for players who we are interested in. If we put in down to earth, market prices for the targets who would actually improve us we would hit more than we would miss. The fact is mate we offer the likes of 13m Euros for Damaio, I think it was 12m Euros for willian in the summer!! Yet we were asking £8m for the like of Dos Santos!!?? We hang on to the last minute to try get an unrealistic deal (it worked once with VDV) but we NEVER have a plan B. Or will we get Saha back on loan??
Hang on lads - Problem solved!! Keano is back training with us......wouldnt fekin put it past levy...
great realistics posts hudderspur
Guernman - again, it has nothing to do with the ACON, the fact is, we have a pi$$ poor strike force. We are not 3 games in, we are half way through the season and only defoe and bale have scored, and now defoe looks like he's slowing down (again). If you think Dempseys couple of deflected lucky goals is gonna do the trick then fair enough. I will respectfully disagree.
hudderspur I wouldn't take that reason as definite. Don't forget the Vertonghen deal dragged on for a while with us being painted as the bad guys by the press, the club & even Jan toed the line with it being a price dispute only for the truth to come out that the hold up was a contractual dispute between him & Ajax. The president of Lyon complaining is pretty rich coming from a bloke whose screwed every penny out of transfers himself in the past. He's just as difficult to deal with & probably just as much to blame. The Willian offer was crazy but was probably to test the water & also make him aware of our interest which seems to have worked with him now being unsettled. His price will probably plummet so waiting it out(& possibly playing a few naughty games) may well have got us the cheaper deal we were after. Corluka in the summer said something along the lines of "Levy asks for daft money, but always seems to get the price he wants" so maybe not so daft after all then?
Spurs Allday
Guernman's got a great point, what's the point in signing a foreign player, striker, with no pre-season to bed them in? I think we may have missed a trick with Sturridge, and if Walcott has still not signed, he is just catching fire with plenty to prove, rivalry emotions aside. Ba was always gonna get snatched up by a top 3 team. Any other options in the EPL? That's the only way in a January window.

But Holtby is a GREAT signing, and I have to say that those posting on last minute transfers are basking in the Harry days. Those days are dusted I hope and feel.
tengboon If you're thinking EPL why not test Newcastle with a cheeky bid for Cisse? He looks like a man who's wanted a move all season but we know there's a quality player in there just dying to get back out. They always sell just a matter of how realistic their valuation is.
Spurs Allday
Tell you what Spurs Allday, if they pull in the 2 strikers they're after (1 deal already done?) then why not, he was mustard 2nd half last season
Having watched a lot of clips including a full match against A.C. Milan(you can find that match online), i think Holtby he would walk into most PL sides. But that's not saying a lot because these days it's very hard to get into a Spurs midfield. He would have to hit the ground running in order for AVB to switch to his favored 4-3-3 formation that would include Holtby. I don't think Holtby will hit the ground running and i think he will find the PL hard at first. But his has great technical abilities and if he can apply himself right, could turn out to be a top player.
I think our top two target for this window and/or the summer are Dimiao and Willian. I don't think we will be doing any business for either in this window but Willian looks the more likely. I think both will be ours by the end of the summer providing we are in the CL. I disagree that we need a player this window to qualify for the CL but it's going to be close. I just wish Levy would spend a little extra to get one of those players in this window.
BTW, that Heung-Son looks really good for an Asian. Well worth a punt i think.
SpuriousLife - I think what you mean is there was no transfer fee. If you agree to pay someone £3.5m a year they are definitely not free. Unless you think wages are paid with monopoly money ?
That's a good point Jod, it's not as if we are paying Lewis in peanuts. We offered him a very good deal, better than His own club could offer and he is a starter for them. So we obviously rate him highly. Shalke 04 are a massive club.
I haven't seen him play in the flesh, but if he is anything to go by your description then he could be a very exciting player for us. Fair points on the entire pre-season training as well, always good. He will be new to the PL but I hope this will give him extra time to settle and try and compete. We are bringing in some young players but I hope we keep some of the old guard etc. Is Gareth leaving anytime soon? Can see him being with us for this and next season at least. Well I hope! It would be great to hold onto our star players from now on, as long as we keep improving, onwards upwards, we will win trophy's as well. Klinsmann is always welcome ha. COYS.
"really good for an Asian" - oh my days.
SamParadise- I was thinking the same...
tengboon-'what's the point in signing a foreign player, striker, with no pre-season to bed them in?' - you could make the same case for our 'summer signings' as they tend to arrive a month after the season has started just look at Ade....In fact January would be an ideal time to get a player and introduce them throughout the rest of the season I'd sooner play leandro as a striker after only being here 2weeks than Bale there who imo lacks the trickery, movement, anticipation of a striker and would certainly weaken the team by NOT being on the left!- leandro and Willian would both be near match fit...
asherthesmasher - FYI Asians do play football and not just Cricket/Karate/Hockey
It must be acknowledged that Holtby remains a prospect. Yes, he's playing for Schalke and is comfortable in that system. They are not playing a 4-4-2. It makes no sense at all to bring in Holtby and then to sit him. Bedding in to a new team takes time (look at Sigurdsson and Dempsey). It is even trickie when it is a new league and country. Some will hit the ground running (Vertonghen) but most don't. To play in his preferred position, he needs an up top striker to play in front of him. We don't have that, which is why AVB is playing 4-4-2. We could go 3-5-2 in which case he could function in the middle of Bale and Lennon with Dempsey and Defoe up top, but I don't see AVB making that change at this stage of the season. Just like there is no sense signing Schneijder unless we are going to sign a proper, up top lone striker, there is no point rushing in Holtby. July 1 he'll be there and ready to compete. ATM, that seems the best way to integrate him, given the situation. COYS
I was just gonna say the same thing Sam Paradise
Does anyone think it would be worth it to go in after Federico machedo of United. He's big and was a highly touted 16 year old. In the development squad for United he dos very well. Not a shock he has not ben ale to break through with Rooney, Hernandez, Berbatov, and now Van Persie ahead of him. Could probably be signed cheap. COYS
I don't think he's got it peter...apart from his turn and shot on his debut he's looked a little short to me...he'd need more work that we can give..
I only watched him as a teenager and he was miles ahad of the rest. Clearly his progress is stalled or he'd be getting time. He also has looked out of his element in his loan spells. Mitroglou at 3M Euros is probably cheaper and he loked in his element in the CL. He, Son, Guidetti and the entire strike force isrejuvenated with an investmenty of less than 20 M. COYS
I wud love to see alex Pritchard given a go in the 1st team what a talent he is he scores goes great dribbler plus dead ball specialist very creative. could he be a cheaper option to sneijder???
Hey Jatt- Do you have a point? Football is massive in Asia, i know that. But not too many Asian's have broken onto the seen in Europe in a big way. I don't think any have. Anyway, Son has some attributes you don't see too often in Asian's. He looks like a strong lad and very capable in playing CF on his own. He also looks good on the wing. He looks good.
not too sure if holtby is our 'jewel in the crown' as time will tell.heaven fore-fend it may even be lets err on the side of caution for now and not get too carried away if he doesn't fill his boots straight away.great/good players take time to adjust.drobgba did nothing for his first 1 1/2 seasons apart from fall over.....sorry,he still fell over but also became a top goal scorer....and speaking of goal scorers,as we so often do,has levy forgotten that we have a tricky europa tie in a few weeks?so instead of banging on about 'ambition' maybe make an 'ambitious' signing or 2.thus making the lyon games a little less tricky.they are current french league leaders,and i'm not sure defoe can cut it by himself against them,(please prove me wrong).......last point:is remy such a good buy?1 goal in the last 14 games?.....mmmmm?
g. roberts testes
thfc1882whl, well that's just not fair. Who has been sold out from under a manager? Carrick? Hardly. Tapped up. 18M was ridiculous so we took it. Got Modric a few years later for 16M. OK sold him too after he met with RA on his yacht and discussed his leaving us. Grudgingly stayed another year and went to RM for 32M. Not out from under the manager but with the manager having no further influence. Berbatov? Keane? Both wanted out. Both were tapped up. Both went for more than they should have. Ronaldo wasn't sold out from under Fergie. United got stupin money for a player and then won some more titles. VDV was clearly itching to leave, so leave he did, at a profit. None of these players were sold out from under the manager, though Harry would have you believe that he never wanted to sell Taraabt. Well, didn't want to play him either which is why Taraabt stated straight up he had no intention of re-signing. Trade me or lose me for free. If Harry wanted to keep him, there was a really simple way to do that. Include him and play him. Same for Corluka, Kranjcar, Pienaar, Pav, Pletikosa, Gio, Defoe etc. Actually the list of those not wanting out was a shorter one. I should have gone that route. COYS
Don't know why you respond to narrow mindedness way with which thfc1882whl thinks. You will round and round in circles with him. There is not an ounce of common sense or logic there.
I think Macheda's a good shout. Or perhaps we could look around for a loan deal? What about our u21's, is Obika ready for 1st team? He scored two against Wolves in a team that included Townsend, Carroll and Falque
Asherthesmasher, I see what you're saying that we may not need to sign this window, but that's assuming Defoe stays fit, that Dempsey stays fit. We have no back-up, we need to sign, and in my opinion, we need to sign someone that will fit in and compete with Adebayor.
BTW, what the hell happened to whatsux??
peterballb, Who has been sold out from under a manager? Well lets start with Berbatov, Defoe, and Keane who were all sold by Levy without the approval of Ramos, which left poor Ramos without a striker. His team could not score and the club were in serious relegation trouble. Enter Redknapp. Levy begged Harry to save his arse! Harry told Levy to sign back the strikers he had sold, strikers with proven goal scoring records at the club. Keane and Defoe were brought back and within a season and a half we were a CL and top 4 club. Defoe has proved to be a good long term signing and Keane was an excellent short term signing to save THFC from the drop. As for VDV, I don't know if you noticed that he was wearing the number 10 shirt at the start of the season, which was Adebayor's last season as it is now... Why in the world would VDV want to wear the play maker number 10 shirt if he knew he was off? VDV wanted the shirt and still had two years left on his contract! The only reason he was sold was because our chairman didn't want VDV'S contract going into it's final season (next season) which would have given VDV the power of negotiation. Better sacrifice the clubs best player for a 1 million pound profit than have that happen! Enter Levy's 2 for the price personal choice replacements Siggurdson and Dempsey and we are weaker than last season!. Yes rather than extend VDV's contract, Levy quite literally threw away his greatest ever last minute bargain basement signing... Levy's entire entire time at Spurs has been about interfering undermining, and back stabbing his coaches. 8 and counting...
peterballb, please take a good look at the 100 plus players (4 full squads worth) your hero Daniel Levy has purchased during his Fantasy Football fun time, at THFC, that has been paid for by his triple billionaire Sugar Daddy Joe Lewis, that has brought the club and the fans 1 League Cup, the worst trophy per season of any THFC chairman in over half a century... buy sale, buy sale, buy sale, buy sale..... Levy apologists - give up!
peterballb, by the way, any news on the new stadium that you keep telling us is about to magically materialize??? What year will it open pete???
A striker is our top priority but anyone as good as or better than the little Hobbit from Real Madrid who can`t get his place he! he! he! must be great .

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1. Highgatespur 385
2. Spursex 327
3. 80deg16minW 251
4. MAN ON! 244
5. Real Deal 224
6. Big Chiv 178
7. Greavswasthegreatest 177
8. Spurfect11 177
9. Jables 170
10. spurdon 162

League Results (view all)

Latest Results
Spurs 2 - 1 Burnley
Swansea 1 - 2 Spurs
Spurs 0 - 0 Crystal Palace
Chelsea 3 - 0 Spurs
Spurs 2 - 1 Everton
Hull City 1 - 2 Spurs

League Table (view table)

Team P W D L GD Pts
4. West Ham 17 9 4 4 10 31
5. Southampton 17 9 2 6 15 29
6. Arsenal 17 7 6 4 9 27
7. Spurs 17 8 3 6 -1 27
8. Swansea 17 7 4 6 3 25
9. Newcastle 17 6 5 6 -5 23
10. Liverpool 17 6 4 7 -3 22

Breaking League News

Totally Deserved, says Gus Poyet
» Sunderland : 22/12/2014 01:34:00
Pardew Will Have To Live With 4 In A Row Tab.
» Sunderland : 22/12/2014 01:12:00
4 In A Row @NUFC
» Newcastle : 22/12/2014 00:52:00
Sunderland Beat Newcastle Yet Again
» Sunderland : 21/12/2014 22:31:00
Anfield Points Lost, Saved, Won And Dropped
» Arsenal : 21/12/2014 21:25:00

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Spurs MOTM against Burnley?
Suggested By:  Vital Spurs
Lloris 22%
Walker 0%
Fazio 3%
Vertinghen 3%
Davies 0%
Bentaleb 0%
Mason 0%
Lamela 37%
Eriksen 22%
Chadli 0%
Kane 7%
Stambouli 3%
Soldado 0%
Rose 3%