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Now see Jake prove you wrong!

Clearly any loss of a key player is huge, but the positives are that Spurs have not one, but two excellent players to step in for Sandro!

Though at this time it is unclear how long we will be without Sandro. His loss won't effect the teams form in the way we struggled without Mousa Dembele. That isn't to discount the outstanding and consistent performances of our Beast from Brazil, but even now, we still don't have a replacement for Mousa, though in Scott Parker and Jake Livermore, we have two defensively minded midfielders, who are capable of stepping in to perform as a level that will make Sandro's absence minimal.

Last season, I would suggest that Parker was easily our player of the season and only a late drop in form due to fatigue and injury, has to an extent diminished his status with some, but once he regains his full match fitness, I have every confidence that he will once again prove his outstanding playing quality, whilst also adding leadership and experience to the team as a whole and it won't be long before we are debating which of Parker or Sandro is the better player in our starting XI.

As for Jake, it was assumed that he would be shipped off on loan to perhaps either QPR or Fulham, however Sandro's absence will probably put paid to any time away and as long as he gets game time, I will be delighted. I am a huge fan of Jake, who is not only a very good midfield enforcer, but I also feel he has a very good and strong character and that is something to value in any side, whatever level of the game you play. He may well be the rotation or cover for Parker, but as we have seen before, he is more than capable of taking on the role and shining, with last seasons outstanding display against Everton as a perfect example.

I have been hugely disappointed at so many fans criticising Jake for his performances and ability this season and can only assume they are blind, fickle or a little ignorant to the game. Jake was equally affective or ineffective as his playing partner, Sandro, in the opening games of the season, and for me it was more about the pairing lacking the creative spark and being too similar in playing style. That was the problem and nothing to do with a lack of ability from Jake or Sandro for that matter. Since then, his own injury and the form of Sandro and return of Parker have given Jake few chances to show his worth and usually his only appearances are as late substitutions, that are more about putting his body between ball and goal, than showing us his all-round game.

Several fans are looking for Spurs to spend a chunk of their money of bringing in cover for Sandro, but for me, we have two excellent players already and if we are to spend anything on our midfield, we still need only concentrate on bringing that creative spark, which has been one of the few areas lacking in the Tottenham squad. Parker will be an excellent direct replacement for the Brazilian, however I have great faith that Jake Livermore will also shine and remind us of his own quality, if and when he gets his chance. I for one would love to see him start against Leeds, a club where he has an unhappy loan and was to an extent ridiculed as a poor player. What better opportunity to see Jake perform to his best and ram ill informed taunts down a rivals throats, whilst also reminding his own fans of his quality...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 17 2013

Time: 10:00AM

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Livermore will not prove anyone wrong
Livermore will not prove anyone wrong
Livermore will not prove anyone wrong
Livermore will not prove anyone wrong
Livermore is not on the same par as Sandro or Parker, we Hudds is better then livermore, I hope livermore goes to Fulham asap
Livermore is not on the same par as Sandro or Parker, we Hudds is better then livermore, I hope livermore goes to Fulham asap
Livermore isnt fit to lace Sandro's boots. Lets be clear.
If he was - he wouldnt be lined up to go on loan to QPR. I really hope you're right Ox but i dont see if im afraid
perhaps those who already dismiss Livermore. take a look at the opening games and see him play to at least an equal level to Sandro. Im not suggesting that Jake is a better player, more that he is a very decent player and one that wont let anyone down if and when called upon. Clearly Parker will be our man to step in, but rather than spend money that will probably be needed elsewhere, I am more than happy to see us play Jake and I actually might be in a minority that feels he is easily good enough.
Also we dont need to spend big on a player to cover. There are good loans to be had if we're creative, intelligent and know the market. Diarra at RM? M'Villa would surely rather a top 4 push for 6 months and give him and his club a chance to get more money / a better club to move to in the summer? Fernnando Gaga cant get a game, he was decent not long ago? There must eb opportunities out there...
I don't disagree with you Ox. I don't think Livermore will ever be world class but he is a tidy and effective PL player - more than capable of filling in for or around Parker whilst Sandro is recovering. I agree that we need to strengthen the creativity and attacking potential of our midfield far more urgently than we need to worry about replacing Sandro when we already have adequate cover.
Jake is not a good midfield enforcer, see Norwich at home 11/12 season. He's neat and tidy most of the time and has good energy but that's it. He gives silly fouls away constantly and isn't a great tackler.
@ mattspurs1982, both are clearly good players that you mention, but in Jake he would hit the ground running, whilst there is no guarantee that either of those players would adjust to the pace straight away. I know Diarra has Prem experience, but does the fact he has *****ed us about on several occasions ended any chance of him joining
Now it's time for this young man to prove his worth. He may not be as good as Sandro but he is more then capable of doing a short time job for us. Let's all hope sandros not out for too long and huddlestone isn't picked ahead ov Scott and jake.
Ox - fair point on Diarra. I guess I was trying to say that we don't need to spend big on a short term replacement. We can think outside the box if we're clever
Give the boy a chance! I believe with his time out he must have learnt a huge amount from Scott and sandro in training. Good 3rd choice step in player if you ask me.
If there was ever a player to lose to injury it was probably Sandro. Parker is also an excellent CDM and Livermore good cover. No point buying cover. We all know our budget is limited so what money we have to spend needs to go on a striker first and foremost and a CAM after that (although presumably this is the position we've bought Holtby for.)
livermore still has a lot to learn ,still very young ,thats why AVB wants him to go on loan ONLY,he is a defensive midfielder and could be a good one ,one we will possibly need next season,too many people are to quick to discard players, because they dont fit into the way they see the team ,not the way AVB sees it however with parker u have a player who will give u 110% ,but there are not many in the BEASTS class highest interceptions in europe he has come on a bomb this season like lennon ,he has put a lot of belief in them this season . Too think the beloved saviour of spurs redcrapp wanted to send him back to brazil and sell bale nowonder i hated him for 4yrs!!
There is little point in buying someone to cover Sandro when we HAVE the cover. We surely must have expected Sandro to need a rest sooner or later, so we must have been prepared for it. We have plenty of midfielders anyway. Crisis & opportunity suggests that this could be Livermore's chance. Parker in the league, and Livermore in cups perhaps?
Well Ox, having been to most home games over the last 3 seasons I don't see Livermore as a holding midfielder good enough even against Leeds. If he were alongside Parker to shut up shop then OK, but not on his own. I hope he proves me wrong but the club may look to bring Holtby in earlier and that says it all in Jakes possibilities with the club now. Lets see the team selection for Manure with 5 in midfield in who AVB values for that game plan. I would have gone with a centre 3 of Sandro,Parker and Dembele. If you are right about Jake then he would replace Sandro with him on SUNDAY. I think he will have Dempsey in instead.
I think it's time to get Holtby to the club, asap. Let's see, who can step up and fill the mighty beasts shoes. Huddlestone, Livermore or Holtby....maybe a surprise youngster, maybe a surprise buy !?
I think Livermore has been given a hard time by a lot of fans but he is a solid player and has been dogged in pursuing his chance at the lane, he will be good cover for Scotty now that Sandro is out. He may not be the player that Sandro is, but DM is a position that players often mature into - look at Parker now compared to 10 years ago.
Whats he done thats so bad?? He hasnt set the world on fire or shown the same frantic desire that Sandro has, but he has been a solid performer, and he's been in and out of the team. Against Man U at home last season I actually thought he was our best player (granted we lost but he had a good game). I cant understand why he gets such a hard time. Huddlestone, on the other hand, has been a useless fat lump this year, it really is time for him to move on.
Ox – Fair enough for backing one of our younger players but he is nothing special. I don’t think we go out and buy a DM unless we are planning to move parker on in the next year or so, but the Jake IMO simply does nit bring enough to the table. With Sandro and parker you have energy, ball skill, aggression, vision and a A general football brain…..i may sound harsh here but Jake is more bull in a china shop. He is a IMO a typical Stoke / QPR type midfielder. Whilst Sandro is out we play parker, but we lose so much of sandros pace and strength going forward. That’s why AVB may need to look at the system he plays, and HOLTBY would be a very valuable player in the next few months.
I can't believe that everyone is getting on the kid's back. He is still developing his game, I would pick him over Hudd for DM duties most days. Hudd would have to cover for Mousa - given the fact that he can pass a ball more accurately than most. It is a squad game and he is more deserving than Hudd, and far more mobile (but then again - so is my dead cat!). As for the manure game - no Ade - so it'll be Dempsey and Parker in for Sandro. I also hope that BAE starts instead of Naughton, with Gallas/Caulker starting instead of Daws to deal with the pace of RVP.
I say we have four choices here. 1) Do nothing and hope that Parker is fit for the full season with Livermore ready to cover if not. 2) Buy a cheap replacement; I would suggest Diame for £3.5 million. 3) Get Holtby in now, although this is not a like-for-like replacement 4) Buy the player we, and AVB, want - Joao Moutinho. I know which one I would prefer...
Whilst Jake and Sandro are the same age, their experience level is vastly different. It took Sandro a while to get to this level (60 odd apps for Internacional and 60 odd for Spurs - plus brazil caps), and it will take Jake more than his current 30-odd top-level apps to reach his own potential. You have a right to not be optimistic that he will be good enough, but it certainly has not been proven either way yet.
Why are several people saying this means we should bring Holtby early? I'm sure he's an attacking midfielder. I don't see why losing Sandro means we should bring him in?
ghulamville - spot on. everyone needs their John O'Shea...
Agree with StripiestPilot and topho, it's the defensive side to Livermore game that has failed to impress, not good for a defensive midfielder. Even when Sandro is off his game, you can guarantee he'll put in some great tackles. Would love Jake to prove his critics wrong, but can't see it.
scoops50 - it is one this being mobile, and it is another thing knowing where to move to, when to move, and where you should be in the first place. I think that Livermore has much of this to learn, and the only way to learn is to play. Hudd has actually finished 4th for Spurs whilst playing virtually the entire season - so he is more "deserving" than Livermore. Whether Hudd has lost what he had through injury, is another matter....
Kes80....just think it is wiser to have 5 centre mids' for the rest of the seaon and forthcoming games. Also,'s just possible, that we may get a surprise offer, that is too good to turn down on Hudd' / livemore........thinking of long term. Seems schalke are now willing to let go Holtby, now.......and really he is ours...well sort
we should loan someone beter than him
I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to get Holtby now, but that has nothing to do with Sandro's injury. They're completely different players.
As Kes says, Holtby is attacking. Without Sandro, we have more than enough in Dembele, Parker, Livermore, Carroll, Hudd. You cannot keep buying players merely to cover an injury - UNLESS you have no cover (which we do). Injury to Defoe on the other hand, and we are screwed.
off topic, but does anyone think we will ever buy a striker, or a like for like replacement for Modric & VdV. I think Levy would sell the entire squad and field 11 holograms if he thought he could get away with it. i mean how much money does Joe '90' Lewis need. Does he know they don't have ATM's in the afterlife.
Cape Town Spurs
centre attacking a "Myth".....Holtby could be a Scholes. Midfield is midfield....on a 110yard long football pitch.
While Sandro is a major major blow, and Jake is an average back up - lose defoe and its game over
Agree! With the article I mean. Jake is a player I have a lot of time for. He's come through the ranks with us, knows what it means to wear the shirt as he is a Spurs fan - those sort of players don't come round too often. while he MAYBE isn't good enough to warrant a place in our 1st 11, I honestly believe he is good enough to remain part of the 1st team squad. I hear what people are saying about his performances against WBA and Norwich at home, but none of the 11 performed well in those games, singling Jake out is unfair IMO.
I find Livermore as our next geenration Jenas. What is his role? Is he a good tackler / defensive midfielder? Nope. It he a good deep lying midfielder with a great long pass / vision? Nope. Is he a god attacking midfielder who chips in with goals and arrives in the box at the right time? Nope. What does he bring? Fire, blood and guts? Nope... Maybe its just me (and tophobunty)
Livermore isn't as good as Ox suggests and is far better than some on here think. He's a replacement, but not nearly as good as Sandro. He would be a step down in quality as a replacement, but not as far a step down as many seem to think. Playing time might well be what he needs to step up his quality, but he'll not get to the same level as to where Sandro plays routinely. If no one else is available, he should be rotated with Parker so that SP doesn't get wasted. He's no spring chicken, mates, and he needs his intermittant rest. Livermore can fill in when needed without a tremendous drop off in level of performance. But he's no Sandro and he's no SP either.
Total knobhead
livermore is what he is, which is a good squad player for exactly this kind of situation. Expecting more from him is ridiculous, but as long as he's willing to play second fiddle and work hard I welcome him getting some playing time.
82 – Bloody good post there. Midfield is midfield. Its only the duties and instructions that change. Holtby may play higher up the field for Schalke but so did Dembele for Fulham. I want to get Holby in not to cover for sandro, but tyo add strength and rotation to the midfield. Parkers offers no where near as much going forward as sandro. People have a misconception of sandro, and think he is just a ball winner. He creates so much going forward, especially off the ball. Id dembele’s injury comes back .lets face it he doesn’t even look 100% fit) we are going to have Thudd / Livermoore and parker ion midfield. No creativity = Season over. We need Holby in now. Either that or go and spend £25m on Moutinho, who I don’t think we need at all.
I'm happy with Jake as back up to Parker. He will do what he needs to do. Nothing spectacular. I'm sure he'll do it a lot better with the confidence of having the Spurs fans right behind him!
Couldnt agree more. Think he has potential to be a class player. Strangely I think his best game was playing for England, but hes generally very, very composed on the ball. Not as rough and tumble as Sandro, but then who is!!??!? Losing Sandro is obviously huge, he's been immense, but I too think he'll step up.
I agree with Ox - Livermore will do a job for us. Lets be honest Parker will be Sandros replacement but Livermore is solid.
Ox, I find your comparison between Sandro and Livermore somewhat surprising. One has stats for this season, his first as a first team stalwart, amongst the most impressive of all the DMFers in Europe, and one is a bog standard, or slightly below, PL squad MFer. Would Livermore get into any other top 6 team in the PL, whereas Sandro could play for anyone, in fact along with Bale will be one of the players we will struggle to keep in the future. I agree that Parker, providing he is again fully match fit, will fairly adequately replace Sandro, but I feel his absence will be a significant factor in our efforts to maintain a 3rd,4th place finish, and CL qualification. Along with the situation with Dembele, and now probably Defoe, should either be sidelined, it shows our frailty in some positions, where we are unable to replace players due to injury or suspension seemlessly, without adversely affecting the strength of the team. I am afraid players of Jake Livermore's limited ability are not the answer.
Wow topho, ur first post was actually a good post. I agree as most do that Livermore is not the answer, long term or short term.
Though I really think neither Parker nor Livermore are able to recreate the partnerhip Sandro/Dembere, I think they are more than capable of performing as defensive midfielders till May. Sandro´s injury, albeit sad for a professional who spent lat season on the sidelines and was playing like a star, it does not adress our real issues. We still lack a creative playmaker and a striker. Sandro´s absence, if followed by no serious activity till 31/Jan, will show us the strenght (or lack of) Daniel Levy´s stance and support for AVB. Either bring Holtby now or sign William would show the opposite. Time will tell. In the meantime, we should say "Thanks" to QPR an Southampton who managed to squeeze 5 pts from Chelsea in the last weeks.
I'm happy with Jake as back up to Parker. He will do what he needs to do. Nothing spectacular. I'm sure he'll do it a lot better with the confidence of having the Spurs fans right behind him!
I dont believe Livermore has proven he is a worthy deputy for Sandro. I would rather put young Tom Carrol in before Livermore. Even in a holding capacity, in fact I would play Tom ahead of Tom Hudd whom we have used in CDM position.
Total Knobhead - Well put good sir. Of course he is not better than either of Sandro or SP, but he is a decent enough player, and one that is still young and hasn't had perhaps enough playing experience at premier league level. He did well last season and although he hasn't played that well this season, it doesn't mean he will play poor when brought in. We certainly don't need to go and buy another DM just as cover, we have enough players in this position. What we should really be focusing on is a quality striker for competition as well as a creative midfielder to do the same thing... but we all knew that anyway...
rahn DMC
Completely agree with Ox and have been baffled for some time at the harsh criticisms leveled at Livermore. Perfect as back up to Parker and won't upset the balance of the team unlike bringing in new 'big' names halfway through the season.
the trouble with signing a new DM is that if we get anyone whos anyway decent they will demand playing time over Parker and when Sandro comes back we will really be overloaded. Livermore is capable of doing a job as backup, is neat and tidy without being spectacular, and there is time for his game to develop. whats more having come through the ranks he is likely to be happier than a new signing to sit on the bench. Agreed he isnt up to parker or sandro standards (yet, maybe one day, he only really broke through last season) . he's like a slightly better Jamie O'Hara in my book.
Naughton is someone i'd describe as perfect back up. A player who has the potential to overtake Walker and someone id be happy for us to sign today, if he didnt already play for us. Unlike Naughton, I don't think Livermore would be a 1st team regular for a mid table prem team.
It always gets me how fans seem surprised when players get bad injuries, it happens every season and we have actually been lucky that the bad ones have happened to players where we have cover (Kaboul, BAE, Dawson, now Sandro). If we'd lost Dembele and a couple of strikers we would have been in real trouble. You can't go out and buy a player every time you get an injury, unless you're Man City of course. For the rest of us that leads to bankruptcy. We have a squad, we have cover, we need to act like winners and just get on with it not moan about how unlucky we are. If we have money to spend there are are areas of the squad that really need improving, and money can only be spent once.
I don't truly believe Jake is good enough to boss our defensive midfield position, yes he may become better but he's 24 later this year and really should be showing more than he does it that age. I Like Jake don't get me wrong but he reminds me of Dawson in that he'll do a good job, try hard, put himself on the line but doesn't have that edge that really good players have. And like many have said he gives away a lot of silly fouls!
I am not even sure Livermore is PL quality. Sandro is a big loss but we are lucky to have Parker to soften the blow. Lets see what Scott has left. Let Jake go and bring in Holtby.
Livermore is average. Nothing more, nothing less and there is no shame in that. He will have his opportunities to impress and it is up to him to make the most of those. But talk of buying a replacement type player for Sandro is absurd. There are other needs in this squad, before wanting a new 'Sandro'. Half a season to prove his worth, otherwise I can see Livermore being moved along in the summer.
If Jake is good enough to step up given the chance, it's proving it to himself, not me or most likely anyone else on the site, the loss of sandro is a massive blow, the longer we continue in the fa cup and europa, the more games we have and less time in between. Will Lewis Holby be moved over in this window, who know's, Schalke play Hannover in the German Bundesliga friday night, which may be on stream, a chance to see him play, if he does not that may indicate his moving this month?
spu 4 life
Livermore is nice guy and a reasonable footballer but I am not convinced he is a starter of our furst eleven. He hasn't the ability to hold hid own in midfield as the main man and to some extent he wouldn't be good enough to do it for any length of time but he is good enough to come on as a sub and help close shop. Also to play against lower clubs in cup matches. He is what he is which imo is third choice becuase 2nd choice has to be able to come in and do a job for several games if first choice player gets any long term injury. We have Sandro first choice and Parker who is second choice and capable of doing a job but the thought of Livermore being cover for any length of time would worry me. Now he can come on as sub to rest Parker if we are comfortable in a game and possibly get game time in cups. I expect him to be kept if Sandro is out because it makes sense he knows our play, manager and players and will be cover for Parker but lets hope Parker doesn't get injured. No point in bringing another DM and remember we also have Hudd. We do need cover for Dembele or someone to compete with Dembele becuase quite frankly Dembele may be a good player but he is not scoring or having many assists either and he is not Modric who kept the ball well and kept it moving and was great in tight situations. We may as well keep Livermore and Hudd until end of the season now if Sandro is out for a long time and bring in a creative midfielder and then in the summer AVB can chose who to let go in Hudd or Livermore or even Parker if he wants a younger player but if Parker performs again this season then I would keep him for back up.

We all know we need a creative midfielder and striker but does levy and AVB? As for Livermore he will not prove any one wrong he is what he is a good lad but not quite good enough at the moment.
I am sorry but MOST, if not ALL, of our youngsers have been given a chance by AVB and they've NOT taken the opp with both hands. Hence they find themselves on the fringe again. Fine, injury to Sandro may just give Jake another chance to stake a claim. IMO, this could potentially be his last chance. If he fails then I expect him to be moved in Summer as I am sure AVB is still looking to bring in a midfielder and a striker. The chances are few and far between for the 'future stars' but with the evaluation period (imo fist half of season) out of the way, they will not get more opps unless because of injuries. In the 2d half of the season we are going to need the BEST avaialble to get us over the line. I am afraid Jake hasn't convinced me so far. We might get Holtby this window and possibly another midfielder. Likes of Caroll, Jake, Townsend will be very much squad players for the remainder of the season.
No Sandro means Jenus getting near the first team. No Ade means Keane resigning a possibilty! COYMFS!!! Mousa Saib and Noe Pamarot to sign up next happy days!
I find this squad business and it's supposed complexities baffling, it is quite simple surely. We are allowed 25 registered players, and any number of U21s free picks. Surely that should be comprised of 2 players for every position, both of whom who can easily play in the PL team without disrupting, or weakening it, total 22, 1 extra GK (making 3) a utility MFer, and a utility defender, total 25, job one. This must be the objective, and until it is achieved then in every transfer window players should be moved out, and in, until it is achieved. I would suggest we are not there yet, especially regarding an attacking MFer, and a striker. If Dembele gets badly injured, or Defoe then we have no cover that wouldn't weaken the team. We cannot afford inactivity in any transfer window until this is addressed. Currently we have: Lloris/Friedel/ Archer or Gomes, Walker/Naughton, Dawson/,Vertonghen/,Kaboul/,Gallas BAE/Rose/ Lennon/Sigurdson Dembele/Sandro/Parker/Livermore/Holtby/Huddlestone. Bale/Townsend Adebayor/Defoe/Dempsey. Total 24. Free picks Caulker. I am not sure if a) I have missed anyone, or b) The status of the likes of Caulker, Carroll, Fryers, Parrett with regards to U 21 free picks, but I'm sure somebody will correct me. looking at that we have to create spaces, that can be filled by our lock picker, and striker wishlist signings. There is also an opportunity to move out the likes of Gallas, possibly Huddlestone and Rose if we feel we are adequatly covered.
So the situation is this, our Star Defensive midfielder is injured and is out for a couple of months, we have last seasons star defensive midfielder back from injury and fresh for the second half of the season and we still have young Jake who is a very decent defensive midfielder as cover. Why then are some of our fans screaming for us to sign another defensive midfielder when we still have no cover for our strikers, or Dembele. So far this window nothing has changed regards our transfer targets. We need a striker and an attacking midfielder. Sandro's injury or Ade's ACN does not change this. Our squad is well served on the defensive side but our attacking options are very thin. In relation to the article I would suggest that if Sandro and Parker had played together at the start of the season we still would have had the same type of performace from both as the whole team were adapting to the new coach and formation. Two DMF clearly didn't work at the time and stiflied our attack - so we moved on. Jake was solid, reliable and capable exactly what you want in a younger squad member why sell him and buy in a guy like M'villa who would then expect a starting spot over Sandro or parker?
Slurms McKenzie
We cannot have 2 top class players for every position unless or until we are prepared to pay the silly wages that compensates them for part time involvement or guarantees them trophies to tell their grandkids about. Jake is about right for now, competant when paired with someone complementary. Our defense is good and our threat comes from the wingers. Dembele's main attribute is his strength on holding the ball beating his marker, and moving it on rather than any great creativeness. Scotty would have to play that role if Dembele was out.
Love totty
Lets be honest here, the likes of Sandro, Bale, VDV, Modric, Berba etc etc etc are far less suited to the ENIC corporation than the likes of JJ, Jake, siggurdson, Dempsey, Andy Reid etc, which is why all our best players get constantly sold by loser Levy, or get badly injured like (King and Sandro etc). It's called bad karma... It's what happens when a lovely old romantic club like THFC gets destroyed by a couple of tight fisted penny pinching corporate men, like Sir Sugar and his mate Joe Lewis, who have handed over our club to their little fantasy football, rich kid, apprentice Daniel Levy to have fun with until they sale up. Real life Fantasy Football/Football Manager stuff. Every rich kids dream... ENIC OUT!!!
tophobunty - You don't seem to differentiate between an attacking and defensive midfield player. We have three DMs, in a 25 man squad that's as many as you can have. The only attacking midfielder we have is Dembele, we need cover there but surely that's why we are bringing in Holtby ? Talking of "TOP class midfielders" is meaningless if you don't specify what type of midfield player you mean.
As opposed to Arsenal, Liverpool, Man united pelebro? causa their best players never get sold. To stop your best players being sold you need a oil backed billionaire who will treat your club like a play thing buy up alot of fancy players with no real thought to team balance and saddle the club with a huge wage burden and debt burden. But then we'ed be happy Pelebro or would we just be Blue?
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms McKenzie, Man united, only sale when Fergie believes a players time is up in his team, not for financial gain! Liverpool despite having a rough time with ownership issues, (which is on the mend now) have still blown ENIC away on the trophy front with European Cups etc. And Arsenal? well we all know the AFC owners are an upper class, more sophisticated version of ENIC with their huge state of the art stadium with it's huge revenue. The fact that the AFC board are ripping off their customers with their buy to sale, player policy, does not make it right that ENIC are doing exactly the same thing. All be it, on a small time, no Champions League, to tight to build a new stadium, bargain basement level...
Have you lost the plot ox? He ploughs in with no grace or finesse gets yellowed and disappears. He could do with arching some old tapes of makalele. I hope your right I really do but I just don't see it.
pelebro except for Ronaldo in Utd's case, cos no way did Fergie wanna lose him.
Pelebro most clubs control their transfers by letting the manager decide when a player should be sold but as Ossie states when a bigger fish comes calling and dangles a worm in front of your star player you are more or less powerless to stop them going how are spurs any different? Have we actively advertised our star players for sale?
Slurms McKenzie
Idon't believe Livermore is anywhere near as poor as many on here assert. Defensively, I believe he is soid. Where he loses it is in going forward. When he has time on the ball, or options, he seems to not know what to do. I did not blame Hudd or Livermore in any of the games they were subbed in to and we lost or conceded a late goal for a draw. Considering Walker is pretty much the same in that regard, but unlike Livermore, has horrfid positioning, it's hard to suggest he couldn't do a job. I do feel though that Jake needs to be playing every day and he can't do that with Spurs, so he needs a loan to get that comfort level going forward, if he can find it. Hudd needs to move because he is just too far down the talent list. Sell Hudd. Sell Rose if BAE will extend. Loan out Livermore. Sign Sissokho to a pre-contract. Lots of competition next year. Sign Son, Negredo and Willian. COYS
Well Jamie O Hara was going to prove us wrong too and how did that work out? Not saying Jakes a bad player but IMO will never be on the same level as the best DM in the Prem, unfortunate but true, he goes missing in games all the time. Maybe a lack of positioning skills, but also gets tired real fast.
ledge, O'Hara is another example of a player who was not playing when he neeed to be. He played great that season for Pompey, and much like Rose this year, when you can step in to some of these lower teams and be a cut above, it means you have something. The problem is, players like Livermore, Hudd, Rose, O'Hara, they need to play every week. Livermore is not better than Sandro or Parker and thus cannot, in our squad, get the necessary playing time. He is not versatile enough to move from position to position, so he is in a bit of a logjam. Hudd too. O'Hara was different in that he could play im MF, and on the left. He was not a world beater, but, when playing every day, he looked the part. Good dead ball delivery. Good tracking back. Good quality crosses and he could score a few. We are, IMO, doing a huge disservice to Towmsend and Carroll at the moment. They, along with Livermore need to be playing. COYS
Ossie, Ronaldo spent 6 seasons at United winning, 3 Premiership titles, 1 FA Cup, 1 League Cup, 1 Champions League winners medal and 1 FIFA Club World Cup title... In contrast to this VDV was off loaded after just 2 seasons for a million pound profit by our loser chairman...
I've always thought Jake was 'world-class', so in that respect he's already proved me wrong. On a serious note, I hope he steps up to the challenge if he happens to get games for us now.
Big Cockeral is spot on! Ox - While I admire your optimism for one of our young players you are totally off the mark calling to give this guy a chance! He is NOT good enough, every time he is in the team we play poorly and we continue to find out it is no coincidence, he offers nothing else but side passing and running! Finally we have a manager who I believe has recognised this. Maybe I am being harsh but I'm sick of hearing pundits and commentators talking Jake up when he is not good enough for a team challenging for top 4! Put it this way... play him in midfield, lose our place in the top 4! Fact.
Agree garza, pelebro vdv was mastermind business by levy, couldn't play more than 60 minutes and could was overpowering, every free kick and corner despite the fact he was useless from dead balls and the only person who couldn't see how awful he was after 60 minutes was himself stopping off after being subbed, he did have a bit of class about him and I loved watching him but to make a profit on a player of that age, fitness and temperament as well as his injury prone hamstrings was sheer genius. And by the way levy doesn't dictate the budget lewis does, he just controls it
Who mentioned O'Hara, I think he is a fat bloke who plays in Wolverhampton reserves
matt hoten
And I like Livermore, but don't let him get near the 1st team.
matt hoten
To be fair to Livermore, Redknapp wants him and I think Redknapp can spot a decent player, so if Jake can except being a squad player then hold on to him for a bit longer.
matt hoten
I also can't agree that Livermore is a ready-made replacement for Sandro. We seem to have a stream of nearly players coming through the ranks, and it's been a long time since we had a Campbell, Hoddle, Perryman or King emerge.
Jake just isn't a natural defensive player. He doesn't track runners and he doesn't position himself properly in defensive phases. Chelsea's 3rd goal at the lane this season came when he just let his man go behind him as he was too busy staring at the ball. We can't afford to bring a player like him into the first XI at this stage, he's not ready. A loan would still be good for him because he needs playing time, just at a side where he can learn on the job.

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