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Early Deal for Holtby?

With Sandro potentially out for the season, rumours have resurfaced that Lewis Holtby's summer move could be brought forward.

I suppose if we also add that Emmanuel Adebayor is away at the ACoN for a few weeks, would adding Holtby to the squad six months early add anything to AVB's options? Personally I haven't really seem enough of Holtby over a 90 minute game to truly talk up his merits of joining now as opposed for the start of pre season, but with an already apparent shortage of creativity and currently two senior players down, is there a benefit of at least assign Lewis to the squad now to bolster numbers, but also get him settled with next season very much in mind.

Since his deal was confirmed, Holtby has been talked about being the creative spark, playing just off of the striker, but who also drops deeper to bolster the midfield that we currently lack, however it has crossed my mind that his long term Tottenham role could be a little deeper, perhaps as a third midfielder in the medium term or cover/competition for Mousa Dembele in the short term. As I have already written, we already have quality cover (though some disagree) to cover for Sandro, with Parker and Livermore, but what happens is we lose Dembele once again?

Agreeing a deal for Holtby now and paying a small fee, would probably be compensated by loaning or even selling Tom Huddlestone, though perhaps with that in mind, could we rule out Livermore moving instead. To a degree, this would allow AVB a reasonably balanced midfield, with Parker and Livermore or Huddlestone as defensive options and Dembele and Holtby as more creative. Add Tom Carroll as an extra man, and we are sufficiently covered, unless there are any other unforeseen injuries.

Like several other recent signings, Holtby appears to be pretty versatile in that he seems comfortable playing off of a striker or on the left, whilst playing deeper, also seems to be a role that interests him and perhaps AVB as well.

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 17 2013

Time: 1:04PM

Your Comments

Yes please :)
Have to agree with this article ox. Sell Livermore to QPR for 3 mil and get Holyby in early!
Thinking down the line here, how many home growns are we going to have in a year or 2, selling Hudd, Livermore, Dawson, Parker and Defoe are towards the back end of there careers. It'l leave Lennon, Naughton and Walker maybe Kaboul? who are considered home grown. I havent had time to check but wouldnt be running a little low?
I would like to see him come across now.. but thats mainly because I am inpatient and I dont have to open my wallet to get him... but for the benefit of the team.. Id say go get him now. On a another note.. could Siggy drop in as a creative midfielder? I recon he has the right attributes
If he joins then the obivous sale is Tom Huddlestone and as you say the result is a very balanced midfield with Jake and Carroll as the third option / cup midfield.
Slurms McKenzie
Carroll, Livermore, Dawson, Caulker, Walker, Noughton, Lennon, Bale, Townsend would all be home grown and then what ever youth players get promoted!
Slurms McKenzie
Tedspur, Siggy seems a bit of an enigma to me at the moment. I would like to see him play behind the striker and in front of Dembele and Parker.
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms- Yeah after I pressed submit i realized i missed some key players. Doh!
Hang on to Livermore as cover for Parker. Better to bring in Holtby at the end of the season as planned - Let him have a full pre-season. This story only has legs because Schalke are desperate to get a pay-off. I'd prefer us to put the money towards getting a striker.
£6.2 million for Snjeider agreed by Galatasaray. Come on Levy - pleeeease do it & accept low signing fee and high wages to sign World Class. Imagine the impact on the other players. Pleeeaaase FFS. COYS
Yet again - Huddlestone is not a "defensive option", he can't tackle. The fact AVB was happy to sell Hudd but would only let Livermore go on loan tells you all you need to know. It would only make sense bringing in Holtby early if he could hit the ground running. There is a danger that by the time he adapts to the premier league the season is over. Having said that some cover for Dembele would be good.
Do not want Snjeider. His ego would be too big for us, he would upset what appears to be a good feeling within the camp. Quality player, yes, but I genuinely wouldn't want him. His wages would be astronomical, he's never played in the prem. Let him goto Turkey and see his career rot away whilst he gets his nice big pay cheque. In response to the article. Yes, bring Holtby in now. He may not get loads of game time, but he could (just could) be the difference between getting top 4 and not getting top 4. It may all come down to just one goal or one moment of brilliance and he could provide that. The fee would be so small, I say it's worth it. But, as TedSpur said, its not my wallet that has to open. Makes me laugh when I read people still crying out for a striker! we WON'T sign a striker till the summer at earliest, I'm not even convinced we will sign one then.
I sit here from afar with a feeling of deja vu. Another transfer window with nothing but spew. Papers and media telling same old lies. This player that player who we gonna buy. Here we go again the merry go round. Come this saturday same players on the ground. Everyone else has strengthened up their squad. Nothing for us don't you find it odd?
Jod that danger still exists when he joins in the summer even with a full pre-season he will need time to adjust to the pace of the prem!
Slurms McKenzie
Get him over here now. No pre-season can compare to 'real' games. The best pre-season he could have is 4 months competitive top-flight PL football with us. He'll help us this season and be even better for the experience next season.
Very nice Perth!
No leave him where he is and allow him to develop more, unless we gonna bring him in 2 play now.

As for Snjeider great player but onlya few clibs in the world can afford his salary, we aint one of them, case closed.
only a few bad
I don't. Find it odd that is. We're in a position to make a a stance this season, but while our foes add to their assault on where we stand, our administrators sit back with their hands behind their backs, welcoming the inevitable fall that will come with thiet ineptitude. I seem to remember feeling this way last January
Topho - in answer to your questions, No, Yes, Generally around eighty but it can depend on the accuracy of the computerised loading machine and if it is not calibrated on a regular basis it may affect the quantity of teabags that is deposited into any given box. The best suggestion is that you count out all the teabags in every box of Tetleys you buy and where you find a discrepancy return it to the retailer you bought it from and exchange it for a new box.
Slurms McKenzie
both Parker and Livermore struggle to pass the ball forward...what happens when we need to chase a game or don't need a destroyer? Carroll's not ready yet as witnessed by his disappearnce in the 2nd half of his last game, Dembele will also need a rest....are we looking to the mobility of Thud or Holtby to add some spark?
Agree with ParkLane67... Schalke are trying to get some/any money for him as club are getting grief from their fans that they have even contemplated selling/losing Holtby. Don't see it happening unfortunately. Hope so though!
And to all of you that thing Defoe can handle the premier league on his own? I went and saw The Hobbit the other day. And he didn't score one goal with his head. Or am I getting my games confused? Does defoe ever meet a cross? Or did I miss that match?
Perth thats very good. I like to wear a Hood. Will spurs sign a new player? I like my cake with an extra layer. I think we need a new striker. I wouldn't lick a biker. We need cover for Dembele. I've never watched Ballet. Could Holty be the answer? One of santas reindeer is Praner.
Slurms McKenzie
*prancer* - dammit
Slurms McKenzie
So alot more midfield goals or more bench time for Ade Coopsie?
Slurms McKenzie
I like that slurms, like me you like your words. I hope you, like me, football with blokes, Phucking with birds. But January comes and goes too many inhibitions. Levy and phuckers who run the club forget their phucking missions
Was reading through the Spurs website media watch and saw a headline for an article that went something like this: "Would Levy pay for a player we have already signed for free" when you phrase the question this way you would have to think NO is the only answer!
Slurms McKenzie
Hello Coops, long time bruv
Why the hell would we leave him to “develop” for another 4 months in Germany!! If he isn’t already “developed” enough then what the phuck have we bought him. He has said categorically that he has signed to play in the first team as was discussed in the negotiations. Im sick to death of signing “ones for the future”….unless we get our fingers out of bottoms there might not be a very bright future to look forward to

We have just ahs our best midfielder crocked for the rest of the season, IMO if we don’t get Holtby over here now it just shows that we don’t rate him very highly in the first place. He may not be a combative midfielder but he must surely e a better option than Thudd or Carrol in that respect, if not then why the hell have we signed him. One other thing, there is still the small matter of getting a sodding striker in this window.
Perth I bow to your wordsmith prowess, But I lament our lack of transfer shrewdness! At times it seems Levy would cut off his nose to spite his face. Our lack of transfers could cost us forth place. I wish he'd give the dice a throw and sign us Forking Leandro!
Slurms McKenzie
Perth. I still do not understand what people are on about. Since end of last season, I think only Chelsea have spent more than us on players. Come january and we have bolstered our club by signing Holtby and Fryers. That is 8 players signed, plus Caulker and Naugton coming back from loans. The only glaring omission is a striker option. We are fourth whilst not even hitting top gear yet. What more do people want?
I came to the realisation a couple of days ago. We're in for this player, in for that player? Same old *****1ng $hit as last six transfer windows. Don't hold your breath boys and girls. It ain't gonna *****1nf happen
coopsieyid... Hello mate! What position did Holtby play when playing for U-21's so well? No.10 role or another?
Slurms my brother I think it's about time. I acknowledged your ability to put out words that rhyme. we talk about football with feelings of gloom, if we don't phucking strengthen it'll only end in doom. Fourth spot is ours and can only be taken, by stronger squads than us unless we are craven, and don't buy the players that can get us where we want, so come on Levy you tight phucking (unt
Don't be like that Tony, look at who we've bought? Average *****ers, Sandro excepted, but who've we really thought? It ain't phucking saha with one goal in every ten, we need phucking Damio so we can dream again
Tophobunty, I thought the window closed on Feb 30th?
lol hudder u need to chill man, my point is we should only bring him here now if we gonna play him, Sandro being out means in the middle of the park will be Parker/Dembele , out wide Bale and Lennon, so it's Dempsey/Siggi and Holtby by my reckoning battling for 1 place. So why remove him where he's playing week in week out if we only gonna put him on the bench, that why the hell I suggested he stay and develop, as to me he is not a priorty atm.
Tophobunty, I stopped holding my breath a few days ago when the deja vu hit. Blame it on 'Arry, blame it on AVB, Same old story, same administration. We all know what we need. And phuck all happening
A couple of things. Holtby is in shape and has been playing lots of games this year. I believe the reluctance to bring him in early was twofold (money is not the issue): Schalke did not have a replacement in the squad (now they do) and Spurs did not want to bring in a player, who needs to be playing, to sit (Sandro is now down). He is also most effective with a striker who knows how to play football and who is going to work off of him. Does anyone see the problem yet? You can whip in as many crosses as you want, pull as many strings as you want, be as clever with set pieces and corners, but if there's no one there to hammer it home......Holtby was the plan for next year once the next wave of purges went through. We are now down a man and need quality. Livermore needs a loan. Sounds like he was great a couple of weeks ago in the development side (controlled the midfield and hardly put a foot wrong), but he is not yet up to the speed of the PL. He needs to be playing. I would submit it should not be in our lineup atm. Hudd may not be able to be sold/loaned out at this moment, although I would really like to see him sold for the sake of his career. I believe he and Rose (if BAE will extend) need to be sold. There is just too much of a glut. Townsend needs to be playing. If not with us, then with someone else. Pritchard will be the same next year. Smith too. Luongo does not seem to be too far removed either. Obika either needs to get a shot or he needs to be sold. By his results this season, you have to say he merits a shot somewhere.

There are lots of decisions to be made and there is a whole host of opinions as to what's correct or in Spurs best interests. The one thing that has been evident since Berbatov left is that we need a dominant, proper, up top striker who can play football and who knows where the back of the net is. What is the delay on Negredo? They are flogging him. Just get it done. As I understand it, Arsenal are the other team in the mix. Signing him means they do not get stronger. Signing Willian over Chelsea means they don't get stronger. At the very least make Arsenal or Chelsea have to up the odds so much that it hurts them to do it. Come on AVB and Levy. Get it done. My wish list, Negredo, Son, Willian, Sissokho and get Holtby in. Wipe hands. Target 2nd. COYS
Chapter 7 stated that there would be 80 bags unless it was the bonus box in which case the answer is 100. Oh, and we need a striker. COYS
My opinion is get him in now, not because of what happened to the BEAST (who is my player of the season so far) but because hanging around Schalke is going to do him no good when everyone knows he is off in the summer. I have not seen him play and have no clue how he will adapt but, going on what i have read he has a bright future. Get him in for the reported 1.5m and show him the respect he deserves as a new player.
Funny thing about Livermore. Last season, Spurs had a training clinic here in Oz, my boy was on it, and the coaches were espousing his virtues and how he'd come through the Spurs academy. We'd just lost or drawn a match we should have won (whatever, the dropped points meant we missed CL this season at the end of the day), but lost or drawn (?) due to a defensive mistake from Livermore,. I said unto coaches, I noticed you mentioned Livermore, I Phucking hope you're not responsible for coaching him how to defend, at which point they looked pretty sheepish
Has Wenger been at a tea-party with Levy? "Most deals are done in the last week of the transfer window, if not to say the last 48 hours". Levy must have meant the last 48 minutes!
And they were coaching my boy? It makes one wonder.
topho, I think Jake is etter than that. Time will tell. He has, IMO, improved leaps and bounds since being brought in to the fold. What he is lacking, is what too many of our kids are lacking, and that is playing time. Unfortunately, our strikers do not put games away. Because of that, guys like Townsend, Carroll, Livermore, Falque, don't get the playing time they need. Pritchard next season will be in that same boat. How will we get Pritchard time whe we can't get Townsend in games. Both have a lot to offer but both need to be playing at the top level.

I just want to see a couple of reasonable, need based signings. Son, Willian and Negredo. 45M tops. All would fit in with our salary structure. All can score goals. All have the ability to play 4-4-2, 4-3-3 or 4-5-1. COYS
I don't think there's a chance of Holtby getting here early, ever known DL to spend £2m now on what he can get for £0m in six months, no me neither....

Also think Jake is not good enough and Hudd and Carrol are better cover. I don't think Jake will ever cut it at Spurs but as the last article said he could prove us wrong. Only chance of that happening though is if he gets game time, and I think he should be loaded out to QPR now. No risk there, if we needed him we're better off just changing the system/personnel i.e. put Verts in DMF, because Jake's not good enough right now.

Massive game for Scotty this Sunday. A full flowing Man Utd is exactly what Parker needs to get back into the swing of it, shame Sandro isn't there but I have faith in our Subbuteo midfield general.
we talk about replacing the creativity of Luka and VDV....but then again we had Niko and Pienaar (albiet not used)...who's better Niko and Pienaar or Dempsey and Gylfi?
I agree Peterballb, they are need-based signings. Definately would get Willian who can play wide and cover for bal/lennon when injured and also up top aswell ACM. Imagine the versatility this adds to the squad when you include the addition of Holtby who is also just as versatile. Then we all know about the striker situation. Negredo and Son wouldnt be my first choices. Damiao would but I think we are going to have to wait till summer for him - so I would probably just bring in one of Negredo, Son or other providing he is of the right quality. It's all very well saying we are sitting in the top 4 we are doing well etc etc, but we need to keep improving and keep up with the pace of the top 4 and that is not going to happen with one striker! Oh, and now by the looks of it without our best(?) player Sandro. Levy...hand in pocket please! This is what I want to see in Feb: Lloris, Walker, Verts, Caulker, Bae, Parker Lennon,Dembele, Bale, Willian Defoe
Forgot to mention the formation would be: 4-1-3-1-1 Bench: Brad, Negredo, Daws, Livermore Siggy, Dempsey, Ade
shedboy - i was thinking that during the QPR match. Even Gio would have created more. The real pitty is we are phucking stuck with the pair of them now!
Sorry Holtby instaed of Livermore!
No follow the Levy Trend; ''Better to pi$$ around the pot, than in it, why make a big splash'' He should already be here, show some commitment Levy, tight arse.
spu 4 life
Niko and Pienaar without doubt shedboy....
hudds/tops- I couldn't decide either but the former had more creativity... Tornado- you only want Willian...that's modest....I suspect that may happen but I would also like a striker...
On the betting front if you can get 4/6 Schalke on friday good bet. watch out for Julian Draxler another very good young player, he should be coming as well as Holtby.
spu 4 life
Tornado, if we are to be a top team, we can't have starters who are uni-dimensional. Defoe is an impact sub. Nothing more. Put Son in his place and you have a scary, fast top three with Bale, Son and Lennon with Willian able to cover off any of the three. The reason I like Son so much is that he is so technically sound in every area of the game. It would allow us to get Bale off of the dead balls and in to attacking the deliveries. His flick ons are very good. We miss far too many chances from our dead balls. I also believe as Son and Willian, with their dribbling ability, will cause defences issues. This normally results in penalties. Bale needs to start fighting through tackles or he will never get a enalty call. lennon needs to go at guys more. His foot speed and dribbling should really be getting us more free kicks. None of this should take away from the need of a top striker. Sign Negredo. If we can get Leandro in the summer, super. If not, it's not a "need" anyway. COYS
spu 4 life, the other player of Schalke we should be in for is Howedes. I rate him better than Vertonghen and his contract is up next summer and talk is he is not looking to re-sign. I think Schalke have some issues. Huntelaar signed, but the buyout is not onerous. And yes, Draxler has a bit o' talent too. COYS
Funny how we all see things differently. I'd take Dempsey and Sigurdsson any day. Pienaar runs around a whole bunch but he'll never score at the rate of Dempsey and his style of play is less likely to have him playing day in and day out in three years where I suspect Dempsey could play for another 5. I really liked Niko and believe Harry blew it with him. That said, Gylfi's delivery on dead balls is equally good, he has a better engine and I think he'll develop in to a very useful player. I believe Gylfi behind Dempsey would be a far better pairing than anyone with Defoe. COYS
Who is this SON guy? I will be honest I never even heard of him until the papers started linking us with him. @Peter, you seem to think he is the man, and to be fair you have not been wrong with your evaluation of players in the past, but is he really that good??
lol Peter I think we have always seen things different from Defoe to Obika.
Peter don't dispute your judgement, much needed is attacking goalscoring options, this lad is a top young player, looking forward to the under 21's championship in the summer, my money is going on Germany.
spu 4 life
Peter I have to admit I don't know anything about this Son so i'd have to take your word for it. I do agree on defoe tho - we need to get a top quality striker who gives us what Surez gives liverpool and what RVP gives united for example. We need a Berbatov!! I admit Defoe isnt this. But I don't think there is this type of striker available in this window.
Ledge, he is an AMF from South Korea. Typical of players from South Korea/China/Japan, he is technically sound. He can play right across the MF and as a striker. He is 6'. Can hit it with both feet and can use his head. He is just a smart player, with pace and scoring ability. Each time I have seen him play (not every game - probably 5 times or so to see how VDV was getting on). He's also only 20 and Hamburg could use the money. Owner had to go in to his own pockets for VDV. Add Son, Willian and Negredo and bring in Holtby now, Sissokho on a free for Junly and the squad will be greatly deepened and we will have some assets to move on as players will be squeezed out. There is nothing better in a squad than competition for places. Our strikers next year would be Ade (who I dobt we could move - depends on the City subsidy), Negredo and Son. Sounds like a law firm, but there's goals in those boots. Defoe potentially still around as an impact sub unless we are 4-5-1 or 4-3-3, in which case, Defoe has no place. COYS
Ossie, I accpt that. I must admit that when I am in agreement with some of my fellow posters, I do a doube take, just to make certain I am not needing my medication upped. I jest, of course. COYS
lol Peter.
'School-run' was called cross-country in my day mate.
I had no idea you were still at school coops ;)
PETERBALLB whatever you said, whatever I read. Concur wholeheartedly, despite the thoughts of dread.
And just for the record. If there's anyone on here that has the statistical accuracy of PeterballB, then put up your hand. Jermaine Defoe, aint PHucking good enough. We're worse without Ade on the pitch. And I'll agree with anything PeterballB has to say. He's probably the only bloke on here beside's Coopsie, Big C and poor ole Perth Ozspur that has anything worth reading. So happy new year from Oz
COOPS. Happy new year bruv. I can't believe some of the grim tidings I read. As I said above, It's been many moons since I've posted, but not since I've read. But still I see only words of wisdom from brothers from XMAS past. You, Big C, And Peterballb. All, if not with the accuracy of Peter are worthy of repartee. Shiver me timbers bruv. Aint it just the sanme as the last window?
Same that is
Perth, are you trying to bromance with some of the regulars?
I'm ten thousand miles away from phucking white hart lane, and every time I post a phucking message, that ar$enal (unt starts talking on my computer/.
Crissy. Hello bruv. Nope. I am my own man. Just from experience, the aforementioned brothers happen to be knowledgeable in their chosen topic, which happens to be Tottenham Hotspur. A lot of people purport to be Spurs, but only a few I deem to be worthy of consideration. Post something worthy brother and I might consider worthy of response. COYS
No worries Perth, it was just a gag anyway. Glad you deemed it a worthy post and worthy of a response though. ;)
Indeed coops, only with slightly less "your mum" quips on here.
I'ts you or her bruv. AUSTRALIAN CHICK or Hot phucking Spur
Hahahahaha too late bruv. She wins
Jokes aside, I'm Phucking gutted. Here we are one year on from the last time we spoke. Those that have spake unto me afore know to whom you speak. Yet nothing has changed. We still seek that elusive striker. For phucks sake, Defoe ai'nt it. He might be ok at delivering the ring from Mordor. But he ain't going to plucking head the winner against the Orcs
Kenwyne Jones? Ouch. Mitroglou - 3M Euros, Guidetti - 7M, Castaignos - 5M. There are better choices out there. Son is 20, will cost about 8M and would offer huge potential marketing revenues. Ideal Levy deal, no? COYS
It is surely a no brainer for the sake of £1.8M, get the bloke in for 2 reasons. 1) We need all hands to the pump and maximum selection options open, to try to secure 3rd or 4th place. 2) While we have him on just a pre-contract, perhaps somebody else could high jack the deal, pay a few quid in compo, and "Bob's your uncle" we've lost him.
I am an old man, thus glasses are always with me. Aspas is the one to get now along with Son. Negredo is already there and should be bought because of his value. If it were my choice, and it's not, I would get Son (20), Willian (24), Negredo (27), bring in Holtby (22) now and sign Sissokho (22) on a pre-contract unless he can be had for a similar amount to Holtby. Say 45M. Sell Hudd and Rose (if BAE will extend), hopefully Gomes too, loan out Livermore and Bentley, Jenas, as I understand it is done forthe season and walks for free. Sort the rest out in August. But for Negredo, none of these guys is the finished product and they sould, as a result all have sell-on values. It would be a calculated gamble and none but Negredo and Willian can command big money. COYS
Good stats and whilst I (and am sure all other fellow spurs) would prefer a world class striker, feel that at the worst we should bring in a low price goalscorer such as jones, odemwingie, long etc. All three preferable to ade if their attitude to succeed is right and all better than last few windows - Saha, Campbell etc. for me, I wouldn't mind seeing a cheeky bid for luka ku.
Understand the views expressed, but I would still be buying Wesley s for six million and accept the high wages which are offset by the low signing on fee. World class, status and shows massive intent to players like bale. Like when David's joined, vdv etc. surprised so many not keen.
Windlespur, how much do you have to give Schneijder to get him to his 160knet/week. It's got to be close to 300k/week. That's just stupid money. He's geting close to that right now, which is the issue (along with unpaid fees etc). With those wages we could pay all of Negredo, Son, Holtby and Sissokho. What you are proposing is that plus 6M. For how long of a contract? That would be highly irresponsible and without a proper striker, it would be, IMO, a waste. Like Schneijder is going to make Defoe in to a footballer. COYS
Yes please :-)
In preference to stats, I prefer Bill Nicolson's method. Go to the relevant games, stand (in those days) with the home supporters and listen to their views on players. If you did that you would, say at WBA, choose Long in preference to Lakuku or Odemwingi. Otherwise you get people on here saying (like Frank) that we missed out on Chamakh
matt hoten
Coopsie, what you have proved with your figures is that there are strikers out there (307 of them rated better than Defoe), that can be had for reasonable fees, unfortunately none would be free, or none of their clubs would pay us to "take them off their hands", which is what is probably putting Ebenezer Levy off. Those of us craving a striker, are well aware we can't afford £25-30M players, but we could source, and sign, a better striker than what we have (there are 307 to choose from), for a reasonable fee.
Agree Coops - as said, in an ideal world not my number one World Class Striker choice. However, as Frank would appreciate, the above seems unlikely, yet we need to strengthen now and Long/Odemwingie/Jones would be good PL experienced players who are being given a great opportunity and would excite me. As we agree on - Ade is not currently.
Sell Hudd get LH in asap.

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Spurs MOTM against Burnley?
Suggested By:  Vital Spurs
Lloris 1%
Walker 0%
Fazio 0%
Vertinghen 0%
Davies 0%
Bentaleb 0%
Mason 0%
Lamela 33%
Eriksen 66%
Chadli 0%
Kane 0%
Stambouli 0%
Soldado 0%
Rose 0%