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Nearly, but not quite...

Being frustrated at dropping two points against Manchester United must be considered a huge indication that Tottenham are getting ever closer to the established top four contenders.

Now perhaps that was already obvious, in our recent league finishes, however, there has always been that feeling that we have made it as much because of our own quality as with the failings or those around us. Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool were the masters of their own capitulations and that Tottenham had merely taken a once in a lifetime chance to steal a place. What perhaps still offers a question mark are convincing defeats against Chelsea and Arsenal this season as well as a tighter loss at Man City. It could well still be open for debate that until we at least match ourselves more successfully against all the established elite that we can't truly feel comfortable being placed alongside them.

Watching again yesterday it was still obvious that we lacked that elite striker and lock picker, however, everywhere else you feel we are as good or even better than those above and just below us. It is hard to argue that we are better on paper than the likes of Chelsea, City and United, but what we have had for some time is an excellent team ethic and unity that certainly the billions of Abramovich or Sheikh Mansour, have yet managed to purchase. Questions have to again be asked as to whether games like yesterday would have resulted in 3 points as opposed to a last gasp one, if we had our own RVP to score with a half chance or a Silva or Mata to create and cause an opposition nightmares.

Whether we can get these players in during this window remains to be seen, but at least you get the impression that the management and board are aware of the areas that need adding and are trying to address them, however whether all parties agree on which players are ideal in terms of value attainability and quality is another debate. Elsewhere, I was impressed yet again that our squad players seemed ready, willing and more than able to seamlessly step in and look equally comfortable in their roles. Though Aaron Lennon rightfully received the plaudits, Scott Parker was excellent I'n my opinion and ran him a close second. Caulker, Dempsey and Naughton, all players who are perhaps only currently seen as cover, all played their part and looked comfortable in their roles. Watching Lewis Holtby at the weekend, gave me great hope that he is a player of real vision and quality and one that I feel will fit in really well at WHL and is a great signing and one that fits well into out limited budget.

In a game that was always going to be tough, both in conditions and against a side that were rooting for revenge, I felt we were always at the very least, just as good, though again our lack of creativity and outstanding striker, caused us to struggle in the opposing third during the first half. For that we can also credit Fergie's tactics and the outstanding displays of Carrick and Jones in the middle and Ferdinand and Vidic at the back. Credit is also very much due to Andre Villas-Boas, for his own tactical awareness. Perhaps the team picked itself to a degree, though the illness of Vertonghen was unfortunate, he also saw the logic in bringing on the greater attacking threat at Left back of BAE, which added greater balance to the side. No criticism of Naughton here, but we look far better with BAE in is rightful position and I hope he is fit enough to play for the remainder of the season.

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Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 21 2013

Time: 9:03AM

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Heading in the right direction. COYS!
Cannot possibly be frustrated with a point. I was impressed with our fight back. We deserved the point. Lennon excellent. Dempsey did really well, and stepped up in Ade's absence and Defoe's lack of influence. We still are far from the finished article. If we beat 2 out of Everton, Arsenal, Man City at home - then I would be impressed. Our main deficiency is up front - lack of options there. The only sub we could realistically make was Ekotto and Hudd. But we are still going in the right direction since the Jol era, and the others at the top are certainly weaker for one reason or another.
I could hardly believe Fergies comments after the game, the guys going senial. I think yesterday it was clear for Levy to see that a striker is priority. Also fair play to AVB not starting BAE and vertongen, brave decision.
The urgency for a regular 20 goals a season striker has been glaringly evident for the past 3 seasons where we regular racked up 18+ shots per match dominated possession but regularly failed to kill off teams. Our shortcomings upfront is the only thing preventing us from breaking into the top 3. I'm beginning to wonder if Levy is brave enough to push the boat out that bit further and gamble on the striker we need. Burnt fingers Rebrov might be his issue?
We are very hard to beat. A fantastic label to have. AVB is getting the very best out of the team and pushing players to better themselves ie Scott Parker driving forward ( even though he looks a little lost when he gets there lol), Lennon has been a revelation this season even with a few senseless individuals claiming otherwise, Caulker looked calm and collected and will 100% be the future of our back 4, Naughton is progressing well however he needs to be playing at RB, Dembele is making my mouth water and it wont be long till he dominates matches. For whats its worth I dont see this team losing a single match this season and im predicting 2 cup finals! If Mr Levy so happens to grant our last 3 Christmas wishes and buy a WC striker well endless possibilities from there on...COYS
Btw fantastic never say die performance from us, so proud to be a spurs fan. We have indeed pretty much skipped through our transition in weeks rather than a whole season and AVB takes full credit for the fantastic way in which he has kept us competitive at the very top end of the league. Well done that man!!
we certainly seem to have overcome a big mental block with united. I always felt that Harry held fergie and united in too much esteem and that rubbed off on the players too. Now we have a manager who is audacious enough to actually believe we can take them and that rubs off on the players too. As for the game, I have never seen united dominated as comprehensively as we did in the second half. i thought perhaps the teams had swapped shirts. lennon was fantastic, bale was completely taken out of the game by very effective tactics, but he should not be too criticised for that, if a team need three players to keep one of ours out of a game that frees up a lot of space elsewhere. shame we have a player like defoe who can't take advantage. Again Defoe was far and away our weakest link and so frustrating to watch. His greed is debilitating, when he goes wide or comes deeper to be involved in build up play, watch how often he slows play down, avoids obvious passes to players in dangerous positions like bale and dempsey only to play sideways or backwards so that HE can get into a goal scoring position. drives me up the wall. A striker needs to bring a whole lot to a team if he can only finish 1 in every 9 chances. Defoe brings nothing aside from his "hot" finishing.
Strawboy- Rebrov, Postiga, Bent, thats close to 40 mill of complete crap, I think Levy is starting focus on getting the right player and not panic buying, he needs to give his scouts a boot up the Arse or start paying for the players we need. 3 years is way to long but i'd rather stick on 17 than twist to make 21 and risk going bust (ref: Blackjack)
A good solid performance. It's just frustrating that we can all see with a little bit of extra quality up front we could have won. Interesting to hear AVB this morning saying we could be looking at a striker in this window. A bit of a change from the party line earlier this month so either we have something lined up or AVB is trying to put a bit of pressure on ENIC. I hope he gets his way.
we are seriously a couple of players away from making this into a great team, either now or the summer. At this point I would shell out the money for moutinho if only as a gesture of faith to AVB, but also because he is a world class player. who genuinely would make a difference.
People are always going on about a creative midfielder (lockpicker). I disagree, Dempsey SHOULD have had a brace, Defoe SHOULD have scored and on another day Bale would have had the luck and scored. Also Lennon (who was outstanding) SHOULD have laid Dempsey on in the first half, he chose to shot from 18 yards with his weaker left foot. Small decisions/chances that change games. A potent finisher is what we need, doesn't need to be a household world class name, it needs to be someone who WOULD have scored when Defoe was in and WOULD have scored when Dempsey wriggled through the middle. Composure in front of the goal is what is lacking from Defoe and to a degree Demspey. Defoe needs to be benched/replaced, the sooner the better. Bale was double teamed most of the time, which allowed Parker to break into the space, to which he did very well. Dembele just doesn't panic, only want to play football, none of this long ball stuff. I just wish AVB tells Dawson that he'll lose a weeks wages for every cross field punt that gives possession away.

AVB's celebration and almost snub of SAF was simply awesome

Last point, Frank said a while back "wait until we've played everyone and then see us in middle table". Humble pie time, although I know Frank will gladly take a piece.
As well as the extra quality up front, we have to look at Dawson. I could argue that he was the difference between 1 point and 3 points yesterday. You simply can't keep getting dragged out of that centre half area year after year. RVP pulled him to our right wing area at one point in the game yesterday. It was a disgusting but of defending for the goal we conceded. He over committed and got pulled out of the danger area he is expected to protect. He then even had time to get back into position but went into the same area as Caulker thus leaving all the space at the far post. There is no way the ball would have even been crossed that way if he had taken up a proper position. He should have been getting back into an area to mark RVP and communicating to Walker to move over one and cover Evra at the far post. Instead he just stood there like a lemon. We can all see that Champions have a RVP when we have a Defoe. How can nobody see that they also have a Rio and Vidic when we have a Dawson?
A very good performance from Spurs yesterday, however one that highlighted the obvious problem. Imagine if we had RVP instead of Defoe, we would have been 3 or 4 up. Lennon was outstanding. Very very concerned to hear that Levy ahs reneged on his agreement with AVB regarding transfer targets. If this turns out to be true I think something has to eb done by the fans. Be it protests or whatever. AVB is doing wonders for us, and it seems that no matter the results the board will simply not support the manager. I think the fact that AVB has basically said we need a few players in (yesterdays interview) is a bit of a retaliation shot towards levy. Hope its not true but it explains a lot. Linked with Diame today, it has to be a wind up.
Underspur - thing is whilst they spend their time trying to negate Bale, Lennon is getting the freedom. If we bench Bale, then the opposing managers will shift their focus to Lennon and we will be totally negated in the wide areas. What we really need is a fit Ekotto working in tandem with Bale again. Agree about the free-kicks and Defoe comments though. Defoe from the bench would be awesome if we bought the right striker.
I badmouthed AVB a bit early in the season. I was wrong, and I'm glad I was. We look like a real team now and, even better, we can see exactly what we need to do to improve. Still a bit disappointed that we didn't convert our dominance into a win, but United are the best at riding their luck.
Hudderspur..funny thing you say that re-fan protests..I was just thinking this morning that should we not sign a striker this window Levy and Enic should be put under considerable pressure by the fans as no one else seems to be able to it..Just so upset at seeing a quality team like this not been able to push on and reach its full and true potential..The Remy to QPR deal said all i needed to know about who's at fault!!
SA's No1 Fan
Utd splash 24m on van persie with a year left on his contract and will probably win them the league this season. I respect all that levy has done but he has to break the clubs transfer record and bring in a world class striker this jan. If we had Persie this season we'd be challenging utd for the league.
Anyone watch the QPR game? I heard that after scorign the goal, Remy was dreadful. Any truth in that?
Great game, great result, all credit to the players an AVB. however we could an should have won this game. We had 14 shots, 8 on target, they had 4 shots, 2 on target and we both score 1 goal. Is it not now even more obvious that we have a dire need for a prolific goal scorer. Not necessarily a £ 20M marquee signing, just a goal scorer. We have in the last couple of seasons already missed Ba, Fletcher, Sturrige, Suarez, and even up and coming players like Long, Rhodes, Murrey, etc.etc. I know we couldn't afford RVP, but what would have been the result had he been playing for us, and Defoe for them. Whether Adebayor is here or not, we are woefully short up front, him and Defoe are just not prolific enough. I am sure with a decent lock picker MFer and a striker, we wouldn't be striving for 4th, we would be striving for 2nd, 3rd. It is the only are of the team where we don't match up to teams above us. It is just so frustrating.
OX, you said "but at least you get the impression that the management and board are aware of the areas that need adding and are trying to address them"

Sorry, but I haven't got the same impression ......YET! We've had the same HOPE and NOT impression for howmany years?. OK, I'd give Levy the benefit of doubt and suggest that he's nor having to re-adjust and re-assess the recruitment/disposals situation. But the fact that Levy's offer for Hotby has been turned down, suggests that Levy is still Levy! It would be an absolute travesty to not get a striker in this window. Apart from that, I feel we can get by without any other additions for this season and qualify for CL.

Those that mentioned Bale being marked by 2/3 players. Yes, I agree and what we don't realise how (as a consequence) whilst Bale is marked out of the game, eveyone has the freedom to do more. Very good indirect benefit to the team. Just think if we had a striker that needed to be marked by 2/3 players as well, it would not half open up the opposition, with almost 5/6 players focusing on 2 of ours! COYS!
Although I agree with most that we could do with another striker, I think people are getting a little overcritical of our attacking performance yesterday. Had it not been for some outstanding saves from De Gea yesterday, we'd have easily come away with all three points.
nor = now under AVB.
This is not a hindsight post, but watching yesterday and with 5mins + fergie (dempsey goal) time; HAHAHA, to go, get caulker forward and just hump it to him, very much against how i like football to be played, but something different had to happen, in the end BAE crossed Caulker put in a clean challenge De Gea palmed it down to Lennon (who had an outstanding game) squared the ball for Dempsey, GOAL and at that point the snow came off the roof, i screamed and screamed going mental, god knows what the neighbours thought was happening, last time i did that they phoned me to see if i was alright, yeah all ok SPURS just scored; We deserved that for a blood and guts effort, everyone played a part, will we sign a striker, i don't know, maybe the game is changing so much, that guy Younes Belhanda is a top player and the more attacking midfielders we have the better, looking forward to having a look at him in te ACON. I still get the feeling AVB is holding out for MOUTINHO, Lewis Holtby will be a great addition to the options we can play, he as great vision and opens up teams watched him on friday, he was 3 moves ahead of everyone else, our style of play will bring the best out of him. AVB was right in his team selection, brave move to leave out Verts and BAE is not quite fully tuned up yet, next weekend he should have a chance to play from the start, move Naughton over to the right again, on his natural side vs Leeds. Just one wish if we are to buy a striker, let it be LEANDRO. Still amazed how we played football in driving snow, it's had enough walking in it, let alone playing fast attacking football, 4PTS FROM 6 vs Man U good result, in my book.
spu 4 life
Yeah but Remy did score first. Defoe was just awful and did not look like scoring.
Agree we need the midfield creator and a top striker to be finally the real deal. But as I sat there freezing yesterday I felt in the first half we just di not BELIEVE! In the second half we fought our way into the game with Dembele's power and Lennon in the form of his life. The belief came and we were rewarded. Now the two final pieces in the jigsaw and we are genuine contenders
Great post Frank. Pretty much the only consistent thing vital spurs posters agree on (and have done for over 2 years now) is that we really need a World Class Striker to make that 'significant' step up. I am not anti Levy and appreciate the way he runs our Club, however, can we really disagree with Frank's view. The proof is there for us all to see, profits in the last few transfer windows and that Striker missing. Assuming they felt Ade was the one, but quite clearly we need another. As someone said, this squad & team, set up by this manager - just with an RVP or Falcao would be immense. A hopeful rather than expectant final week of transfer window for me. Great draw yesterday for players esteem. Next few games are critical - COYS.
if we sign the two players we need we could keep this team together, if we do not, and levy continues with his car boot sale attitude, we will miss the opportunity and imp Levy and Lewis should be frog marched out of N17 and never allowed to return. this is so glaringly obvious that to ignore it is nothing short of deriliction of duty and in the army of yesteryear that earns you a bullet in the head
Cape Town Spurs
Midfield creator, a top striker and if AVB has no faith in Townsend, then a pacy winger with the ability to push both Lennon and Bale.
RVP goal yesterday was not the fault of Dawson, watch it again and look at Walker, his ball watching when the pass goes to cleverley, he has two players behind him, he was not aware and got caught out, his eyes should have been on them and following the cross put it out for a corner, RVP would have got no chance to score.
spu 4 life
More controverselly I totally agree with Gary Neville, during his summing up. We need to develop a killer, must win instinct, and take every opportunity offered to us. The incident where Dempsey burst through to get 1 on 1 with De Gea, which incidently resulted in nothing, because he saved the shot, Evra stuck a leg right across Dempsey and made contact, he should have gone down like a shot, penalty, and Evra off for denying a goal scoring opportunity, we probably score from the penalty, and play 10 men for the rest of the game, greatly improving our chance of winning. We need to get ruthless, adopt the same "win at all cost" mentality as other top teams do. It's a footballers job to try everything to win football matches, referees jobs to make decisions, it's a professional game, not a "lets have a kick about, then let's all shake hands, and go for a pint, friendly affair", to win consistently is about being a nasty ba$tard as well as a skillful player.
Southampton could do us a massive plus tonight, getting all 3pts vs Everton
spu 4 life
Dawson was in a good position to deal with Welbeck who made a run through the middle, Walker "had" Van Persie, who isnt exactly Drogba in the air. Evra made a late run from the left, but we were stretched and he was the least dangerous player in the least dangerous position, so it was ok in that situation for Evra to be unmarked. All Walker had to do was keep RVP in front of him, rather than turn his back and allow the striker the peel off and head home unchallenged.
spu 4 life - RVP goal was the fault of Naughton being out of position, hence Cleverley having the time to pick out RVP at the back post. Walker was caught in no-mans land but had the cross not come in due to better positioning and marking by Naughton then this would be a non discussion. We can always pick fault at all goals, the end of the day 95% of ALL goals come from a mistake by someone, the other 5% are individual brilliance. What annoys me most is the striker ratio, Utd had 2 on target a score 1. As I mentioned earlier, we need someone with composure in front of goal. Dempsey's 1 on 1 would have been converted by VDV
spu 4 life - I'm not saying that Walker wasn't culpable, but Dawson is to blame when you study the whole move. Could you not see him commit and get caught way out of position upfield? He then runs back and instead of getting back into the right position, he just ball watches. In previous seasons either Gallas, Woodgate or King would have ordered him to get over and at that point and I don't think you would have seen the cross played so easily. Defending is subtle and Dawson just hasn't got the ability in his head. He just constantly gets dragged out of his position and has no positional sense. He's 28 nowadays and the senior pro. He's now the one that should be getting into position, moving Walker on and taking responsibility but is still doing the same things he did 5 years ago. It's simply horrible to watch year after year especially when you see a 21 year old like Caulker do things so naturally when put under that pressure to make a decision. I don't like knocking AVB, but a pairing of Caulker and Vertonghen should have been the way to go yesterday. We needed brains out there when you play against intelligent footballers.
So proud of the team! Great to see Benoit coming on and giving us some width on the left. Lennon was awesome!
I think these last few posts say it all. We've all found the right reasons why Naughton, Walker and Dawson were all culpable. How can a top 4 side have 3 of their back line making schoolboy errors in one move? That's what AVB needs to address.
To those that say, "but for De Gea we would have won", I would say that is what GKers are paid for, just as strikers are paid to score. Given the dimensions of a goal i.e. 8yds x 8ft, sod this metric bollox, the odds should always be on the striker, it must be harder to hit the GKer, than it is to get it past him, or you would think and hope so. Yesterday suffice to say the GKer did his job, our strikers failed to do theirs. Incidently, but for De Gea we would have lost, it was his failure to deal with BAE's cross that caused our goal.
Frank, while neville may have had a point, i think one can argue just as convincingly that a. we would have missed the penalty - dempsey missed his last, defoe is a terrible penalty taker and b. we benefitted from an open game against united, if down to ten men they would have shut up shop which would not have suited us. I think the fact that dempsey didn't go down when perhaps he should have is a sign of his killer instinct in any case, de gea pulled off a great save but dempsey would fancy his chance to finish from there and if you play that scenario out ten times i am sure he would score more out of ten then any penalty taker of ours right now
Frank, if the game was in real life played in slow motion, then I'd agree with you that Dempsey could've gone down for a penalty. That was one of our best moves with very fast passing and penetration and it would've been impossible (in that millisecond) for Dempsey to think anything but to keep going. Had that gone in, it would've been an amazing goal that would've shown how we carved open utd. But I am sure you know as well as most others that our priority is the other obvious area!. COYS!
Muttley. I am not sure why you are blaming one or two players. If I am going to play the blame game then: Caulker fouled Rooney in the box, and nearly lost us a shout of a point. Defoe was late in pulling the trigger for his best chance of the game. Parker got booked too early. Dempsey missed a great chance before he did score. Some of these players played well. One mistake does not make a poor game. Generally Walker, Naughton and especially Dawson played decently. At the point of RVP's goal, Spurs were not into gear yet - so the whole team is responsible for that. I am not saying ignore individual mistakes, but we should not focus on one alone. Yes, Walker's defensive solidity has been brought into question this season - but for RVP's goal you could equally blame the midfield for not seeing the danger earlier. It is a team game.
Our most valuable asset right now is not Bale, although he surely is close. It's AVB. If Levy and ENIC botch their relation with AVB and he leaves at some point out of frustration with them, shame on them. But what is right about the play of our team these days is down the the managment skills of AVB. Remember how recently many were slagging the man off and saying what a mistake it was to bring him in? Well, it looks now that he was the right man to bring in and he's got us headed in a positive direction. Hats off to AVB for setting us on the right course. Kudos.
Total knobhead
Wow we left two points behind against United while we were playing our back up CBs and stand in LB our player of the season (Sandro for all you Defoe-o-philes) out injured and his replacement playing his first competitive game. And we have peopel whinging that Dawson and Caulker aren't as good as Ferdinand and Vidic!
Slurms McKenzie
Muttley, Vertonghen was taken Ill just before KO. That’s why he didn’t play apparently. Quick question, can anyone remember a save that Lloris had to make? The defence did fine yesterday, it was just one of those collective mistakes. It happens in football. As the stats show we created plenty of chances. The simple fact is we didn’t take the chances. It’s all irrelevant isn’t it, we all know we aren’t gonna buy a striker, and if for some miracle we do it will be another quick fix cheap as chips solution. Like I posted earlier, I think it’s about time the fans made their thoughts on the matter known as he clearly doesn’t care what AVB thinks.
The defensive job done on Bale yesterday highlighted the threat that he and Lennon combined pose! No coincidence that Lennon had his best game of a very good season while United focused all their attention on Bale! Even without the ball or even without moving Bale was creating space by drawing in two united defenders! If only we had a striker that could convert some of those wonderful changes we create!. Our need for a "lockpick" type midfielder is not really that pressing when you look at our chance creation (Not aimless punts from 30 yards) but our defiency in the frontline is painful now!
Slurms McKenzie
Morning Lads. Great not to be defeated by United this season. Surely an improvement from all past seasons. After yelling like a madman after Dempsey´s goal, I caught mysel reflecting on some Spurs things. We all here agree that we are srt of 2 players short of being a lethal side: a playmaker and a striker. I don´t think we have to go for 2 expensive players to achieve that status. Holtby is probably 1,5 million pounds worth trying. If not, why would we buy another playmaker for more than 15 million (William) just to get another one in the summer ?? I positive Holtby is worth a gamble, which would leave us with more "spending power" for the striker position. Swansea has already shown one does no need to buy a star to have a prolific forward. Anyway, it cannot be an impossible task for Levy to sort this matter out. I´m positive any money from CL Group Phase would cover these investments.
Hudderspur, yes, He made a fantastic save from RVP, not knowing that he had been given off side, SHows he was alert and I DID panic when that cross went in!
Hudderspur Lloris keptour a Wellbeck half change at his right post when he did a litel "starjump" to clear with his leg. But I think thats about it! Defoe always seems to hit his shots to quickly and then generally skies them. When he was put clean through yesterday he decides to fanny about on the ball and take a couple of touches WTF is that about?
Slurms McKenzie
I believe Schalke have refused to let Holtby leave in this window. That does not take away form Alexspurs point we will not sign another player to fill this role for six months if Holtby is arriving in the summer and is earmarked to play there. So a single striker is all we should be signing this window. Considering Holtby seems to be the new Moutinho that we seem to indicate that at least 25 million is available to spend. At this stage a proper striker should be enough to see us home in the top four and to push on next season!
Slurms McKenzie
Need a striker, need a striker, need a striker! Swap RVP and Defoe yesterday and we would have won 3-0! Parker was excellent for Sandro but did we expect any different? Hope all the people who were calling for us to panic buy a CDM will shut up now. Parker is only 32 and can easily remain competitive until the end of his contract.
AlexSpur - isn't Willian usually played on the wings? As such I'd think he's not a bad buy because we lack good cover for Bale and Lennon. Depends on what money is available though. Striker must be no.1 priority.
Slurms, maybe Holtby is actually coming to Spurs this january:
Kes80, as fas as I remember William can play as a winger and as an attacking midfielder and that´s why he is really worth bringing in. However, my point is since we desperately need a striker and we already have secured a playmaker (Holtby, who was class last friday for Schalke), I´d would bring Holtby now for the 1,5 million or so (midia info) and get focused on a striker, even if he could cost 15 million.
Good post Michael, I felt the exact same yesterday. I think we need more than just a striker, we need options on the bench, yesterday we have no1 to look 2 if the game needed changing, a wide player, a creative midfielder and a striker to me are priorities if we really want to challenge, we sold 2 many players in the summer and not replaced them.
Dawson = Liability. Ok so Man U scored only 1 goal from his mistake, but what Muttley is saying is totally correct. He is so easily pulled out of position and these mistakes are of a concern. It is a worrying trend that needs to be addressed.
Tony excellent point about the blame game.
I agree that we need a top class, can make his own goals, striker but much less convinced about a lock picker. In any three of Dembele, Sandro, Parker and Dempsey we have a very powerful central core with Holby to come. I'd also like to see if Walker could cover Lennon with Naughton behind him.
Love totty
Yes the nudge and in a fully fit squad Kaboul and Vertonghen would be ahead of him whats your point?
Slurms McKenzie
AlexSpur I love to stand corrected but if Holtby does arrive it doesn't change my point we need a striker and only a striker, 1.5 million to bolster an impressive midfield is good business but doesn't really impact on a striker trasnfer budget.
Slurms McKenzie
Who's frustrated? That was delicious. Can you imagine the stink fergie would have kicked up if Spurs had been 1-0 up and there were only three minutes of stoppage time! And then we bang one in with the last kick of the game. I reckon fans of clubs up and down the country were warmed by Dempsey's late equaliser.
We are almost there but we must must must sign a quality striker who can play on his own and do some damage, it's the only major missing ingredient! I also would like to see a bit more invention from midfield that would release Bale a bit more often and also play the killer ball against a packed defence such as QPR etc. which we are going to face in every home game. I would have liked to have seen BAE play from the start yesterday as he gives us another dimension and I wouldn't mind seeing Naughton play on the right for a game or two. Walker was asleep again for the Utd goal and his runs forward are very predictable and not delivering the danger of old. Surely with his pace he should go gor the line and get crosses in to test a keeper dodgy on crosses. All in all we are getting there but DL needs to put his hand in his pocket during the next 10 days!
Can I just say I thought the performance of the lads yesterday was absolutely top class. Personally I think we deserved all 3 points and given the chances we created maybe should have took all 3. I think the fact that we did create those chances and failed to convert them underlines our need for a top CF. Apart from that I really couldnt be happier with the way the team played yesterday. Fergie had his usual moan the red-nosed to$$er.
According to one of the "red tops" this morning, they are saying that AVB rejects the idea of the need to sign a striker. He is supposed to have said, that because we coped without Adebayor earlier in the season, that we can continue to cope with his absence, and are adequately covered with what we have. Surely this cannot be true, it is obvious, patently obvious, that we need a prolific striker, and ideally a "lock picker" to unlock teams that park the bus. Incidently, before we are overly critical of our defence, let's remember that we restricted Man Utd, with their forward options to 1 goal, and that should and would have been a consolation goal, if we had converted even a fraction of our 3 times as many shots on target. It is also a tribute to us, that they were more interested in coming to avoid losing, than trying to dominate us as they have invariably done in the past.
get Holtby in for 1.5 m...

spend less than 15million on NEGREDO....

a player like Diame or M'Vila would be valuable to us as cover only for Dembele..

why we missed out on Sneijder i do not know.. could have done a job for us...
TonyRich - I maybe didn't articulate myself well but the point I was making is that if either 1 or 2 or 3 out of Dawson, Walker and Naughton had done their job right, it probably wouldn't have been a goal. It was a combo of Naughton once again letting a cross come in to easily, Walker not doing some basic things defensively and Dawson being all over the place that cost us that goal. It's not as if we haven't seen all 3 symptoms from them this season already. It's subtle but the accumulation of errors led to the goal.
Given away a goal out of nothing in the first minutes of a game against MU because some of our defenders can't read the game and take proper position and stay also always concentrated, it makes things more difficult. Without that fact and if our strikers had a better ability to score, normally we should have won the game. Also having at least a player who can shoot efficiently from just outside the box, it would boost our chances to win a game. Juventus had the ability to buy such a player (Pogba, 19) this season for only 600k!! I hope Levy will use his (financial) brains and ambition, if any, and he will buy a striker who can use his brains and will bring in Holtby during the current transfer window. Otherwise we would risk again our participation to the CL.
Ioan X
I think that we need another top quality striker to supplement not replace JD or Adebayor, who are both provan PL strikers on their day. There's the rub, form can be illusive for even the best; look at Torres or remember Forlan at MU. Michu is just as likely to go off the boil or Leandro fail to settle like Rebrov. The Drogbas and Van Nistleroys are not easy to find before their value rockets.
Love totty
Giving away ...
Ioan X
AlexSpur - totally agree that striker needs to come first but if we can sign a striker and there's money left then Willian would be next as I think he has a place in the team and would not be clashing with Holtby for position. Not sure what all this means for Sigursson of course.
Lock picker? Modric-type player?? 18 shots on goal against Man Yoo, 3 one-on-one chances. We need a striker. Dembele is doing a good job carving oppositions open with his runs and lay-offs, Lennon is taunting and teasing left backs and his crossing and passing is sublime. Don't get this whole "we haven't replaced Ratface" or, the quite unforgiveable, "I would have Ratface back in an instant" comments on every forum. Don't think we've struggled at all in that department. It's putting them away that is causing an issue.
I was one that didn't want AVB, thought he was far too big a risk but he's done well, not brilliantly like some would have you believe...but done well. Now he's asking for a striker publicly do you think Levy will listen? He needs to OR is it a case of we can have some players OR a new stadium but we can't have both???
two players- Leandro and Willian...that's all we need...a striker and cover for both wings as well as being able to provide the creative spark at AM...not cheap but saves us having to pay out 2m for holtby now and 3.5 for Diame (that surely has to be a joke?)
Man oh man, we have never needed a striker more than we do now. What a master class in tactics by AVB yesterday, pure class, getting 100% out of the players. Everybody new the job they had to do. Not giving this man a proper forward line with one addition is nothing short of criminal.
Diame does he play for wet spam? If he is the one leave well alone, plays like a giraffe carrying a bucket of sand, as for M'Vila ''snubs spurs for russian club'' how about spurs are just not interested, might as well have a knap hand Ade, M'Vila and Blotonatele, they can all sit and sulk together, what with all this ''holding playing'' Sandro is just a top footballer who is able to tackle, get forward and set up attacks, Parker the''holding midfield player'' as going down the left, attacking down the right, in United's penalty box, in ours making tackles, pushing forwad with the play, not bad for two ''holding midfield players'' If we want a player who can do all that and have class about them 3, who can are MOUTINHO, ERIKSEN, BELHANDA. Glad we have put the RVP GOAL to bed, looks like all the back four are to blame, i think the ball got lost in the snow, it came down with it on it.
spu 4 life
Diame has a heart issue does he not? I remember when he was at Wigan?
And as for Holtby leave him until the summer, he is not what we need most right now.
You can compare this performance with the one at Old Trafford. There were two key differences. Firstly Dembele is not in the form he was then and is not having the same influence on the game. Secondly United this time came up with a plan to deal with Bale, double marking him all the time. BAE is key here. When he plays in tandem with Bale they deal with double marking by BAE overlapping and going past Bale who drops into the full back position, taking the markers out of the game. A right footer like Naughton playing on the wrong side just can't do that. I find it hard to criticise a defence who only allow United's strike force one goal, maybe a reality check is in order. As for the individual players, Lennon was excellent as he has been for the whole season. I couldn't help noticing how Bale ambled back to defend while Lennon came back at warp speed and often won the ball. Remember this is a player who couldn't defend to save his life when we first signed him. Parker showed the attitude that makes him the player he is, running himself into the ground for the cause. I actually thought Dempsey was having a poor game but he kept going right to the end and eventually got the goal, mental strength is never a problem with him. We could obviously do with a striker, AVB has said that himself, but the squad we have is good enough to get into the top four, we shouldn't be making excuses. One of the paradoxes is that if we got champions league football this season we would actually be in a better position to get the striker AVB really wants in the summer rather than making do with what we can get.
Muttley you are now having ago at our defensive cover who are playing becasue our established defensive players were absent due to injury and illness. The idea that our defensive cover should be stronger then our first team defensive players is crazy. Noughton has been played out of position all season to cover for BAE and has aquitted himself very well. Dawson was fifth choice at the start of the season and Caulker is 22 and still learning. You logic is that we should sell all these players and buy new ones because RVP scored yesterday? He has scored 22 goals so far this season and our patched up back four restricted him to one chance (which he took), he or United didn't get a sniff for the rest of the game. I hope you dont apply the same high standards to the rest of your life as you do the squad players for Spurs!
Slurms McKenzie
RVP is going to score more often than not. He did yesterday. So be it. Our defense was pretty darned good, but not perfect, which is about what one reasonably can hope for. Daws, Walker, Caulker are not of historically wonderful proportions, but they are providing decent defense most of the time. AVB and staff ought to be working to improve them, and I'm sure they are. Walker, in particular, seems to have slipped a bit, but he's too darned skilled to give up on the lad and reports are that he works his butt off in training. Give the lads a break. RVP scores against everyone, and it was not a shock that he did so yesterday. Overall, we were the better team and we've taken four points off Manure this year. EFFing great showing by our lads. Historically greating showing. AVB has the team moving in the right direction. Patience, lads, patience. Excellence isn't built in a day. If in May we've continued growing as a team, then we should be pretty darned pleased with AVB's first year. (And we do need to augment the personel a bit; only a blind man wouldn't see that.)
Total knobhead
On a side note Total knobhead, I read yesterday that Daniel Levy's new guide dog has arrived and its a labradoodle!
Slurms McKenzie
Time for that miserable ole g*t Fergie to call it a day.Such a shocking loser!Seems to have overlooked all the times Spurs have been cheated on.Howard Webb springs to mind. Is it true he claimed that Evra could have been killed by the snowballs aimed at him?......Oh there were grenades inside.Well that explains it.
FOOTNOTE;After reading this you may wish to kick the blokes head in if you see him, but those wishing to do so, i think the QUEUE would be all the way down the high road to seven sisters, several times over?
spu 4 life
"they’ve got a great fan base, but this over-celebration of anything Andre Villas-Boas does smacks of desperation from a set of supporters who need something to cling on to" fellow yidsters,please help me out:who is andy durham.i really do need to know.i have seen a few people on here paint as the anti-christ but apart from being a Talksport jock,what else has he done?
g. roberts testes
spu 4 life:sorry,i never read the posts before posting my one.this guy andy durham should be taken to court for slander,or is it libel?or simply just hung,drawn and quartered.
g. roberts testes
LOL Slurms, not only that but the dog will only eat kosher grub. Wentworth, Fergie isn't used to an official not kissing his arse, and a hand grenade in a snow ball aimed at that horrible little prat Evra, sounds like an excellent idea.
Thanks Frank. Just love my Spurs like you.Supporter since 1953 and yesterday's 92nd minute goal was as sweet as any.COYS
Police are looking for the person or persons responsible for an attempted assassination attack with ''snowballs'' at yesterdays game on Patrick Evra, SAF said ''he could have been killed'' may i point out to SAF the assistant referee missed the fact (watch the right foot) that it was a foul throw and his got a history of missing things, has anyone seen his car keys?
spu 4 life
Not really fair about Diame. Yes, health issues are the reason I would prefer M'Vila, Belhanda or Sissokho, but he is a very dynamic player. He has been very good this year and looked very good at the weekend. He caused all sorts of issues in and around the QPR box and was unlucky to have not scored. At 3.5M he is a steal which is why West Ham have been trying to get him on improved wages in exchange for upping the buyout to 7M, which they could probably still get. He has refused. Belhanda, IMO, is twice the player, but will cost probably 9M and wages will be higher. Diame, for all his health issues has played a fair number of games the past 5 years. He is very tough. The question that is relevant is, are we better with him in as cover than Hudd. I like Hudd, but I feel Hudd's lack of pace is hinered by AVB's style of play. My order though would be Belhanda, Sissokho, M'Vila, Diame, if it were only the four to choose from. COYS
How many teams limit United to 3 or 4 chances in a game? How many only concede 1 goal? How many get 4 of 6 points? Spurs and United, onform, were the two best PL teams for some time now. Since the Arsenal defeat (where we dominated until Adebayor got sent off), we have gone 9W-1L-4D in all competitions, having scored 27 and conceded 7. 7 clean sheets. That's in all competitions. Sure, it could be better. But it's hardly poor. Our away form has been very good indeed (could have/should have fared better at QPR, Newcastle and Everton) and could have done better against Stoke. Other than that, pretty darned happy wit our play. If we continue in that vein until the end of the season, we will be in the CL next season. COYS
How many teams limit United to 3 or 4 chances in a game? How many only concede 1 goal? How many get 4 of 6 points? Spurs and United, onform, were the two best PL teams for some time now. Since the Arsenal defeat (where we dominated until Adebayor got sent off), we have gone 9W-1L-4D in all competitions, having scored 27 and conceded 7. 7 clean sheets. That's in all competitions. Sure, it could be better. But it's hardly poor. Our away form has been very good indeed (could have/should have fared better at QPR, Newcastle and Everton) and could have done better against Stoke. Other than that, pretty darned happy wit our play. If we continue in that vein until the end of the season, we will be in the CL next season. COYS
That last one was really good so I did it twice. Ox, you may remove the double post, if it so pleases. Apologies. COYS
So near but not quite..........on the positive note....Very pleased that we are challenging for third place, rather than thinking 4th will do. Worryingly.........No sign of striker being signed...Plus no use of a in form striking youngster being used ( O'Bika...could have been sub' vs utd).....Yet, once again, our conversion of chances still eludes us. Can "Siggurdsen" be used as our main Point striker !?......after all he has scored goals, in the prem'.
spu4life, when Fergie explains Kagawa's actions in both games (2 clear fouls pulling players to the grund in this leg and the dive -he still hasn't been touched - in the opening leg on the edge of the box) the repeated shirt pulling of players like Evra, Ferdinand -several of which took away scoring opportunities in the box- and so on, then I'll listen to his shout for the penalty. Had Rooney played the ball inside, towards goal, instead of outside away from goal, it would have been a penalty. Fact is, rarely is such a move called. He played it, went down. Not given. Just like ManU got Fergie Timed, Rooney got Baled. Ow well, get up and play on, as Dempsey did. COYS
uttley, Caulker had Kagawa, Dawson had Welbeck and then switchedoff to help when he saw that the cross was over Welbeck and Walker had RVP then let him go. He left him in acres of space which permitted him to get power on the header. If Walker just stayes glued to him and ontests the ball, there is no way it gets on target with power. As for Naughton, his priority is to make sure the wing player has no direct line to goal. Frankly with our height advantage in the middle and Lloris in goal, I'll take that every day to him lunging in and allowing for a nutmeg and a lost player attacking the next defender. Every United player could have been covered as we had enough guys back. Lennon and Bale get crosses in all the time. Blaming Naughton for allowing a cross is a little much. His player was contained and had no shooting angle. Positionally sound. If the other players had all been covered, there was no goal to be had. COYS
having seen the utd goal a few times now......I feel their is a element of blame....attached to AVB, Lloris, Walker, Parker, Naughton, DAWSON. BUT...keeping utd down to one an achievement.
Here's a nice little quote from the Telegraph for big c to chew over. .. Dembélé was assisted by Aaron Lennon, who exerts an influence equal to that of Gareth Bale with a fraction of the credit. He was the more dangerous of the two here, a point underlined as he provided the astute pass for Dempsey’s goal. High praise indeed methinks. Her's the link for the article. Not bad at all.
AVB breeds belief in our players he doesn't treat individuals as special he treats everyone the same and as I see it the only person not responding to that approach is Ade.

Players are improving and so is the team. Mentally we have put a few ghosts to rest where Ytd are concerned now we need to do it in other areas like beating Arsenal and Chelsea and killing games off and becoming a CL team. A lot of these things are mental attitudes and beliefs and confidence. AVB and his team are moving in the right direction but we still need a striker.

Any news on transfers.
For all the moaning on this site, I ask you all 2 questions:
1. When was the last time we took 4 points from Yanited?
2. If Ade was putting them in ala last season, would you all be screaming for another striker?
Just a little perspective people ffs. COYS
miamispur, my view on Q1, the answer was on match forum sat; Like everyone else, i want us to win and take all three points. The big question is can we stop them from scoring, i don't think we can. The next question is can they stop us from scoring, again i don't think they can. At this moment in time and after 90mins + fergie time i would take a draw, the spin comes from beating them away and a draw at home, reverse those results, taking 4pts from 6 vs man u is not the end of the world. All 6pts, worth it's weight in gold. Read more: On Q2. I have said before you don't score the number of goals he has (Dempsey) being a bad player last season at fulham; Ade has not looked the same player, having missed pre-season through his own fault, slowly things will fall into place; Present his first touch is missing, he has first class movement, as a player he offers options; Defoe is a top forward, but with Defoe we have only one way of playing, thats keeping the ball on the deck; If one of these gets injured, the options become less, so in my mind we still need a Number 9, more of a centre forward, who we can stick a ball into the box in the air and has all the parts to his game, like the three we have, for me that player is LEANDRO, he has age on his side to be a real hit at this club. Also no news on Negredo, is he leaving this month, he would be the next selection, but his older.
spu 4 life
We should sign Holtby, Diame and Danny Graham, wouldn't even cost £15 million and would improve the squad! Also, what is there to debate? we got 4 points off those dirty mancs, couldn't ask for more (well we should have won yesterday but I would have paid for a draw!)
Love Totty, ref another striker to supplement JD and Ade, I comp-letely agree with you on that one. It's nice to be able to say that I am in complete agreement with you.
spu 4 life I didn't realise Ade had a first touch. LOL
thfan we have offered 1 million but Schalke are holding out for two million Euros for Holtby to come this month. They know full well we need him pretty much ASAP so they have us over a barrel so to speak. I have a feeling we will either pay that 2 million and go for it. There is the expectation in Germany that Holtby will move to Tottenham this month. Schalke have signed the attacking midfielder Raffael from Dynamo Kyiv and they are close to an agreement for another creative Brazilian midfielder, Michel Bastos, from Lyon. ...............................................................................
I'm thinking Siggy on for Defoe, with Bale to play behind Dempsey and rotating with Siggy from inside to out-left. 3 runners from MF for Dempsey work with (Dembele, Bale, Sig), 3 targets for Lennon (Dembele, Sig, Bale), Sig can cut in for BAE to work the room. Get Bale in the hole un-marked is trouble for anyone, cover him with a CB and the space is inside for him to go at, if they pull the CMF back to a deep line, get him, siggy and demb to command the edge to free BAE and Lennon on the wings. Defoe does stick it in the net from a counter attack and that's why he's in - only Bale has this quality as Demp (pace) lennon (finishing) don't cut it. This is why I like the Townsend solution too (for Defoe) - pace + finishing + two footed, but it doesn't look like it will happen. Siggy scored plenty of goals last season and we might think that there's a season still to come from him. I'm not too worried about the signings as we can go on without. I think there's still another 10/15% to come from the players we have, quite a strange expectation but the steady improvement and the appearance of competence and belief gives me the impression that the team also believe that they have yet to really hit top gear. Confidence comes from knowing you still have more and I've never seen a spurs team more self assured and steadily driven.

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