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Case for the offence!

I think I am going to talk about the most stunningly obvious talking point that is on the lips of all Spurs fans, but I hope to put a bit more meat on the bones. goes...when are we going to buy a striker? Unbeaten in 8 league and cup with 5 wins and only 3 goals conceded, it could be argued that the current squad is good enough, but when you look behind these stats, should it have been better? Blanks against Stoke and QPR have cost points and, it could be argued that we should have won against Man Utd. We only conceded one goal in those 3 games, so the finger cannot be pointed at the defence.

It looked on September 1st that we were light up front and Adebayor's absence (since last season) only makes that a bigger concern. The problem is the lack of a genuine number 9. 'How antiquated', I hear you shout. 'You don't need a number 9 in the modern game'. Well maybe some teams (Barcelona) don't, but the truth is we have a squad of players that demand a target man. Defoe cannot play on his own against good defences (see Man Utd game) and his form is just a little too erratic to justify that tag.

I am a fan of Dempsey, but not in the striker role. A target man could take either of these to the next level, alongside Defoe in a 4-4-2 or with Dempsey behind in a 4-2-3-1. We don't have the creativity in the team that we had with VDV and the Madrid exile, but in Dembele and Parker (Sandro is potentially world class midfielder, possible player of season, and his absence saddens me beyond words) we have a very combative midfield. But it makes the use of our wingers even more important.

A target man gives them another option and another threat from set pieces. So what is the criteria? He must better the first eleven, not just the squad. I think it is time for Levy to really back his manager. I am not a Levy basher. I think the club has been very well run. But, even though AVB has spent a fair amount of money, we have recouped the same amount of money mostly through the two previously mentioned players. There must be money there and surely the fillip of CL cash must be worth the investment.

I am not Daniel Levy, AVB or the Tottenham scouting team. I don't know who is genuinely available and at what price (just out of interest, I cannot stand ITK or ITBS as it should be known), so I don't have any answers. But if Damaio, Huntelaar, Llorente are available and interested, go and pay the money. If no one is available and/or interested then fine; however, if we miss out on CL because there wasn't a bargain available, I think it would be unforgivable. COYS!

Written by Gibyid

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The journalist

Writer: Gibyid Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 22 2013

Time: 8:16AM

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Hell yes
The Hudd
Hi Gibyid, I think we all agree with you.
In Summer, AVB said he wants only one striker. Thats wat we got. On Sunday he said we are at a risk in striker department with just one available striker. Reading between lines, it was evident he wants another forward to strengthen us. I am 100% sure we will get a forward before Feb1. COYS
Well said!
Good article. Glad your not a Levy basher.... What a fantastic chairman. So shrewd and always bringing great great players to the lane for us to watch. I think Remy may have been worth a punt and also Sturrige. Llorente , Huntelar or Damaio would be fine as well. I hope we give up trying to sign another midfielder and get the striker we obviously need. More keepers than strikers at the mo may cost us.
Damaio fits the Levy profile of young, extremely talented and only likely to get better and value rise. Buy now and double the money in 2-3 years, whilst scoring a shedload of goals and making an impact in the Champions league. Even if he costs 25m, it could be the best 25m we ever spend.
What with Holtby and co in Midfield and a mean defensive squad surely one more striker could push us towards fourth or even third. Bring on Chelski at the lane!
Sorry, I have disagree. We can't afford to throw stupid money at the problem and ourselves in the foot. While we're at the brink of break into the top 4 we need to be cautious lest we end up e Leeds
I think Levy would love Damaio. It's no secret that we want Damaio. I don't think it's a matter of money. Is a matter of does he want to come to us now.....does he want to come to us in the future? I think many top European sides would take this Brazilian international at every turn. It was the same with Ba . Yes we wanted him....but so did Chelsea. We need a striker who wants to come to us. I'm sure if Llorente wanted to come we would have him by now. I believe in Levy and AVB. Keep the faith.... COME ON YOU SPURS!
SpurBRE!! What planet are you on? How will this well run club ever end up like Leeds. Leeds were paying ridonkulous wages matey boy. We have one of the best run clubs in the world and buying one striker won't alter the foundations laid from decades of smart decisions . Foolish child....
Well Said GibYid. Really had hoped for a different outcome from Levy this transfer window, after the quick and early business of Zeki Fryers and Holtby; finally some decent activity and we will be done well before the 31st. I don't imagine any of us WANT to be sat watching SSN all day for us to be left disappointed by no activity, but looks that way again, as in every window. We know we need a striker, it is well documented. Seemingly we didnt bother going for Remy again, at that price was it a question of his wages, if he is or was a target, so I can only assume we have another plan, or is it that Levy wont pay for who AVB wants, and AVB doesnt rate the options Levy will pay for? whoever we get IF we do, he had just better hold the ball up better than Ade, who I cant remember taking more than 3 touches before being muscled off it every game.
Jackson Martínez From Porto?
The way Levy see's it imo is that we could well pay £25m for a striker and still miss out on CL, whereas if we stick with what we have and miss out, wheres the big deal? For us fans its a massive deal, but is it for Levy? You say it brings more money into the club, but then your telling him to spunk £25m today. The best sencario for Levy is we don't spend anything and manage to get 4th, its seems risky to us fans, but is completely low risk for him. What I do know is, Levy will be working his nuts off trying to do deals for players that will improve us, but who are also a bargain.
SpurBRE - your point is counter intuitive. If we don't invest sensibly now (£15m or so) on a 'real' striker then we will probably miss out on CL football again next season. That will cost us in excess of £45m. Missing out on £30m of potential revenue each season will make us poorer not richer. It's time we stopped hiding behind the accounts people. Yes we need to be well run, financially sound and we are. However we are a football club and success on the pitch is where all football club revenues come from. As a matter of interest in how many leagues are the wealthiest clubs those that never win anything? It is a chicken and egg scenario. If you dont invest because you're frightened to fail you will never be successful and therefore your decision to not invest will look like it made good sense. However one thing is certain - if we don't invest properly in the right areas of the playing staff we will never be successful and never challenge for anything. In that case what is the point of being a football club? Football club owners must strive for success on the pitch to generate returns, Yes it's a gamble but that's the nature of the beast and why football is the king of sports worldwide. If owners want less risk then they should invest in banks, businesses or infrastructure. they have no place near a football club. It really is that simple. Step up or step aside - particularly when we're so close to becoming winners of proper trophies.
its only the 22nd of January people..

We still have till 11pm on the 31st January...

to be waiting and watching SSN outside the lodge for the freezing reporter surrounded by young yiddos to announce that we have signed.....?
Yidmarks - nobody!
If the squad we have now don't make the top four there is something seriously wrong with their attitude. If that's the case then buying a striker won't paper over the cracks. Conversely buying a striker won't guarrantee the top four, it will however massively increase the penalty for failure as we will have spent £20-£30m and be locked into a contract on high wages. Lastly there is a catch 22 here. By getting champions league football we would be in a much better position to get a quality striker than we are now. If AVB has identified a striker he thinks will do what we need at a price we can afford then lets try and sign him, if not we play with what we have for now.
How can anyone not motivate for a striker and keep a straight face? We have 2 strikers, one is absent both when he is here and when he is away and the other is simply not good enough. Strikers score goals and goals change (and win) matches. We have sold Modric and Vdv & Berbatov and not replaced them with equivalent quality. The team are doing great right now, hats off to them and to AVB, but to argue we are okay as we are is absurd, bordering on insane.
Cape Town Spurs
A seriously working and well organised club, specially if it is targeting high but can't compete with the really big ones and those clubs who have a sugar daddy, should know at any time its shortcomings in order to have a well balanced squad or in order to boost its chances to achieve its targets. Also it should have specified its realistic targets at the beginning of every transfer period and should have find solutions concerning the offloading of its deadwood. A proper and well qualified DOF could facilitate that. Acting in time it is also a characteristic of the serious and ambitious clubs.
Ioan X
Part of me wants a Negredo, Huntelaar, Llorente type of player. However, with the ages of Defoe, Adebayor and Dempsey I would still rather have someone of Damaio's age to compliment the group and fit into AVB's strategy. What's clear though, with 6 of our current free picks turning 21 this season and others like Khumalo and Rose doing well on loan AVB will have some tough choices to make in the coming 6 months. He has a ceiling of 25 registered players and knows he needs to to buy 2 or 3 and realistically he's managing to over 30 players at this point.
Cape Town Spurs - its not a question of being OK as we are. You are always looking to improve the team, you never assume its as good as it can be. Equally with a limited budget you know you can't make too many mistakes in the transfer market. Most of the comments on these forums start from the supposition every transfer will work, that's not the case in the real world. Strikers cost serious money and you need one that will fit whatever pattern of play AVB sees as the way forward. It may be what is available is too expensive, it may also be there is no one who AVB sees as being up to the job he wants doing. Buying whoever we can get is definitely not the way to go.
Hi all. If the clubs concerns are about saving a quick buck(on a transfer) , what is the point in keeping Bale , Lennon , Walker , etc . It would look, from any neutral point of view , that we are, and will always be the best run club in the country!! BECAUSE, we will be and continue to be best selling club in the country!! I for 1 will not hold my breath for a new signing (especially in the striker department ) . That don't mean i won't keep hoping though . I am a Yid through and through . If i could be a billionaire , then we wouldn't worry about strikers !LOL! song ! But seriously , we have a great squad , but it needs that striker to make us the top 4 consistently , that we all crave ... COYS ... in AVB and LEVY we must trust ... BUT IN SPURS WE LOVE ...
@jod... I agree with you... and personally have never suggested we simply spend and buy whomever at whatever price tag is being bandied about... only Citeh & the Chav's can afford to throw that sort of money down the toilet. My point / opinion is quite simple: A) I cannot accept after the outs we cannot afford to spend 20 million on a striker; B) I cannot accept (believe) that anyone including Levy & AVB can possibly think we are okay as we are, it's like saying you only need one leg, yes you can get around, but it's not ideal is it; C) There MUST BE someone out there that fits the bill, and if we do not know who this person is then someone should be fired and someone better hired!
Cape Town Spurs
Huntelaar has just signed a new contract at Schalke a month ago so he's not available. Damiao wants to stay until after the World Cup and Llorente wants to play for a club who play Champions League football every season. 'Go and pay the money' shows you have little idea about business.
Med1/tophobunty - clearly you have difficulty with reading skills. Using the words 'if players are available and interested' implies I understand players need to be available and interested. I was just listing players we have been linked with. But well done at the attempt at patronising. I didn't realise you were best mates with so many footballers and know exactly what they are thinking. And finally, this type of player would make us a team that is playing CL each season.
The real fear is that both arsenal and liverpool WILL spend to strengthen and we'll miss out again. Even if its a six month load, a striker is a must
should we not be targeting third? look what happened last year. Chelski may have been lucky but what is to stop our neighbours being just as lucky. unlikely yes. possible also. spend a bit ona striker and get third.
Wilts Spurs
* 10 points clear! Ox the site needs n upgrade because as we type characters get missed out!
Topho - I agree it is a hard case to make but the evidence of last year is in my favour. third in January, 1 points clear of Arsenal. Two free transfers in January, nio quality, no class and no goals. Second half season collapse resulting in no CL this season. I know we finished 4th but it should have been 3rd with ease and that would have meant CL. I don't want the same to happen this season.
Id be in for Willian..

An attacking line of 4 players... WILLIAN.. BALE... LENNON.. HOLTBY

We will not sign a striker in January 2013. We will sign a striker in August 2013. Who the ***** it is, I have no idea.
Why can't people understand that recouping 50m and then spending 50m IS high investment. Recouping 50m and spending 25m is moderate investment. Recouping 50m and spending 80m means that extra 30m is going to come from somewhere. Perhaps out of the stadium fund (short-sighted), out of the wage bill fund (counter intuitive AND short sighted) or from loans (which need to be paid back, and will ultimately make you poorer UNLESS you recoup more than you spend at a later date in order to pay it off). Man C and Chelsea can take that out of a single person's current account...fine. But everyone else cannot. Yes, I want a striker in Jan - but no superstar right now. Just spread the load of our current crop, and give us options.
Please nobody say 'wait until we reach the CL then we can attract the better strikers'....uh, we reached the CL and went on a crazy 8m spending spree (yes being sarcastic)...we have to have a striker so we can buy cheap and buy twice or buy quality...
What Madrid exile, Gibyid? You mean the Madrid fugitive? We didn't send anyone into exile in Madrid, but there was a little greedy mo fo who fled there to find riches and fame galore. How's that working out?
Total knobhead
I don't think anyone is saying that , any of us are naive , with regards to money and transfers , or getting the right player . I would assume we all have our favourite kind of player/s , and would like the club to spend X amount on them . But i , like most , will watch the transfers with hope of the next VDV , Bale etc , but we see season in season out , that we make money each and every window , because LEVY is so shrewd , as to get the maximum amount for our dead wood and best players ! when the good fee comes our way . BUT for the last six or seven windows , we have all cried out for the striker that has been needed , even the press has , and the pundits , and our rivals ? WE cant all be wrong! can we ! I for one , am starting to get fed up with Westham /Chelsea/Arsenal fans pointing and saying delusional Yid fans, again for believing we are a bigger club than most . So yes I most definitely want us to spend on a striker , even if that player does not hit the ground running. IT would show we are serious about winning at UTD , and drawing at home ! 4 pts ! (I made my kids /wife/parents inlaw all jump outa thier skins sunday !GETTIN!) Get the striker now , when it is most evident that we need him ..
TonyRich - whilst I understand the logic of what you are saying, I don't you are right, as you have missed two important sources of income. Firstly, investment from the owners. I am not talking about hundreds of million as with Man C and Chelsea, but £25-30 million to secure a world class striker. Man Utd spent £24m on Van Persie and look at the impact. Secondly, CL money. Had we spent money last January would have secured third place and that money would have been swallowed up in this year's budget. Speculate to accumulate.
Total - I meant that he is now being exiled by Madrid.
In the recent history of our beloved club, deals tend to get done, if they are to get done, in the last hour before the window closes. (And when they fail to get done, it also is right at the deadline.) Far to early to think that nothing will happen. We won't know until 1 am on Feb 1. Patience me bredrin.
Total knobhead
Cape Town Spurs - Why do you assume their must be a £20m pound striker out there who can do what we need, is within our wage structure and wants to play for us ? £20m is not that much for a striker, apart from the club's fee anyone with third party ownership will be more expensive. You can't be sure anyone who hasn't played in the premier league will actually be able to perform here. To just assume the player we need is available for what we can afford is wildly optimistic.
Gibyid - Firstly Man U bought Van Persie, but we spent MORE than Man U in the summer. The money for Van Persie is NOT investment from the owners. Man U have a massive Glazer debt. They are rich from revenue - those clubs are RICHER THAN US. They can pay a higher salary than us, they can spend more than us based on international revenue alone. They CAN buy a world class striker with ease. Plus because those clubs are more famous than us right now, the players go they for the prestige as well as the money. The top players will only come here for money - not good. Up and coming players will come here as a stepping stone towards Man U or Chelsea... We are playing catch up, and the best way to catch up is to gradually create a presence and become one of the big boys. We are getting there. There really is no rush. We do not need a top striker in Jan - just a good up and coming striker will suffice for now. We have a new manager, and let him have a full season to get used to it and then buy a bigger name striker in summer.
Plus, buying a striker in Jan is problematic. Dzeko was pants when he first joined. On the other hand (non-big name) Pa***** Cisse was incredible....and now could not score in a knocking shop. There is no guarantee when you sign players. Modric, Sandro were slow to get into stride. Siggy, Dempsey are slowly getting into their stride too. Also do not forget that AVB is a fan of easing players into the team. Lloris and Vertonghen were eased in. Dembele did not go straight in. AVB would show faith in Defoe, and we would not see the effect of the new striker until March or so.
TonyRich ,!! there really is no rush. We do not need a top striker in jan!!I for one must protest young man... I am not getting any younger ! So in my eye's there is a bit of a rush to see us reach greatness sooner rather than later lol .
TR- 'They can pay a higher salary than us, they can spend more than us based on international revenue alone'...that's the rub Manu understand that they have to stay at the top of the heap so they buy the best RVP, Kagawa, Valencia, Young, Veron some work out some don't but they still buy DESPITE the debt as the income outstrips it over time...they have created a myth that they are the best club in the world and it's self perpetuating....we could also be seen as a solid top4 team by now....but we lack the ambition on the pitch. You are technically right that we spent more than united but we made 6 times as much revenue selling our players....the net result was we made a profit!
TR- I'll give you £10 you give me £12...technically I've spent 10 but when I check my pocket I'm two pounds up....technically you will have spent £12 but when you check you'll only be £2 pounds down....let's not try and hide our lack of investment in the first team behind 'spending figures'....
If, if, if...nothing is guaranteed. It CAN take time to settle in, but if you buy a great player they will eventually be a great premier league player. At the moment we need another player in. If Defoe gets injured, we do not have a recognised striker at the club. If we had to wait til march to see the benefits, so be it. That was about when we hit the skids last season. I can't agree about Dzeko either. Yes, he failed to score, but his general performances were good and allowed other players space to score etc. Fergie could practically man mark Bale and Lennon, because he knew Defoe would not be a presence upfront.
vicspur +1 you should copy that and post it to Mr Levy c/o N17.
spu 4 life
On the money spent in the summer, I would argue that only two players improved the first team - Lloris and Vertonghan (Whilst Dembele is a very good player, I don't think he is better than Modric) and upfront we are weaker. The squad has definitely improved with Dempsey, Siggy, Fryers, Holtby and the emergence of Caulker and Naughton, but we need a strong hold up player to complete the first team. How long till we lose Bale?
Spurious...."Step up or step aside"! Pretty easy to say when it's not your money. Not that I disagree with wanting a striker but I (and all on here) have no idea what the financial constraints are presently at the club. I suspect that the stadium plan is sucking, not only cash but our ability to borrow freely. Levy's actions of near 0 net spend over the last several windows is a hint. So unlike many of you I have no expectations of a big name coming in. Maybe someone in th 5-10M range who would be paid for by selling Gomez, JJ and Bently and maybe Rose or Hudd. Read the tea leaves folks.
Tophobunty - I'm not sure if you're trying to be funny, got a bad memory or someone is signed in using your account, but you may want to check the list.
Shedboy2, the difference between ManU and ourselves financially is not only vast but very different in terms of how they make their money. Simply put ManU's revenue base from their ticket sales, TV rights, shirt sales and various concessions provide them with enough to be profitable and service their high debt load. CL revenues are gravy. Our revenues in comparison are quite small and the profit is mainly derived from the profit on player sales. Without that profit over the last several seasons we would have produced several years of losses. There is no special fund where we accumulate cash from net gain on player sales to spend on more players. It is all part of the P&L account and the cash gained pays down our debt. To buy new players we borrow new money which was always forthcoming because we showed the ability to service what we borrowed. The new debt for the stadium (I am guessing) is making it difficult to borrow for player purchases because the ability to service it gets more and more difficult as the debt grows. Borrowing cost increase as the risk to the lender increases. My opinion is that we are at a point where DL has to be very careful how he borrows and how he funds it.
JVD-profit from player sales is a self defeating and ultimately a failing business model for a top team...yes we don't have the same capacity as United but success on the pitch brings you new fans and revenue do you suppose Manu managed to get to be the biggest? Our commercail department needs a good kick up the backside we've been a top4 side for 2 of the past 3 are they maximising it?
agree with that Coops...Soldado and Negredo both within our means....I hate the stats...they don't show that some of the shots were weaker than a 6yr old girl or it would have been much better laying the pass off to a team mate....I've heard people on here talking about money ball...we had an England manager like that...worked on percentages and getting the most out of the stats....his name was Graham Taylor!
SB2 you are absolutely correct, it is not a good business model for a top club. But because of our small revenue base, largely determined by our stadium size and our years of mediocrity, coupled with the high inflation of player costs our profits have been steady but small. Hence the focus on trying to get the stadium going as this will increase our revenue base significantly. Next season will also be the first in the new TV deal which will see an additional 34M in revenue for Spurs which may ease the constraints on spending a bit.
Topho - we're all spurs, so seems very little point in arguing, I just made the assumption that if someone made a comment on a thread, they would have read the main article. Coopsieyid - thanks for the comments. The point I was trying to make is that we haven't replaced the creative attacking guile of VDV. I think the Adebayor's form is a direct result of lacking the 'link man'. If we play 4-2-3-1 we need a more creative AM. As I said, I think rather making Dempsey or Defoe redundant, buying a presence upfront who gives us another option and would fit well with the players we already have.
No none Coopsie. If I had a problem with people disagreeing with me, I wouldn't post articles. I just wanted to clarify the point I was making. COYS!
JVD-that's where our opinion differ...there are far greater revenue streams than home ticket sales....the new stadium will only increase capacity by 20k if we were going to fill out a 90k stadium then yes I'd say go all out for the stadium...but how long will those extra seats take to pay off nearly half a billion pounds (30-50 years transfer budgets) cost to build? and if we 'borrow' money from the transfer budget to fund it our results and preformance will suffer...the more successful you are on the pitch the more people want to watch. The avg age of a PL fan is 41 which means the new generation is not coming in. by the time we've built the stadium, factored in the demographics, the lesser players -will we even fill out season after season? And if we get it wrong there's a danger of us following Wolves in persuit of a stadium rather than success.
Stop ucking about oopsieyid, you osser :). Good article and think we all agree on one thing, a striker is needed as ade is clearly proving not to be the one. The most disinterested display I have ever seen during Coventry match few weeks back and misses against qpr sum him up. The big debate is who or rather how much investment or risk. I would say three categories and whilst one is clearly a fan preference, suggest all are better options than nothing and last January. 1. World class goal scorer ( falcao, villa, aguero type) requiring a big investment. 2. Investment, but lesser and type as mentioned ( doumbia, negredo, lukaku etc). 3. Levy type purchase budget, but pl experienced ( long, odemwingie! Michu type from scouting network).
coops- I wasn't having a go...just saying....I think we're all getting a little too USA when trying to analyse's not the same as Grid Iron or Netball....;) I had the same problem with this site for ages...thought it was a virus....
However, for me, levy must back avb and he clearly wanted and assume still wants Willian. Back him levy, he deserves it.
Well said! Agree 100% with every word, think the club has been run exceptionally well but it's now time to invest
@jod... I don't think there's a 20million striker out there, in fact I don't even think we need a striker. i think we should put Gomes through a retrospective training plan and get JJ and Bentley back in the squad ASAP. I also thing we should sell Bale to Madrid, spend all the money on Ambre Solaire and search out a Bosman for the coming months. Oh, & we should put up ticket prices while we're at it.
Cape Town Spurs
I say run the club into the ground, sell sell sell -- never invest, and what you can't make on players make om pies. Feck off with your BS tripe comments.
Cape Town Spurs
om by the way is not to be confused with "aum", the spiritual word, but is in fact meant to read, up in, as in, make up in pies.
Cape Town Spurs
Do you sit at home debating when the games are on as well? Explain Gary Hooper. 5ft 9in goalscorer (sounds familiar) who was playing in league 1 two seasons ago and scores goals in a team/league where Georgious Samaras is like Lionel Messi. Oh, he'd scored against Barcelona, must be a world beater.
Jod, I am not the chief scout, I am simply saying and I do not think it is unreasonable that we should be able to muster up 20BAR, and that maybe there is someone out there that can improve us. I don't propose to now every player, I'm not throwing about Damaio this and Huntelaar that and Negredo & Llorenete so do not think I deserve your BS slap down
Cape Town Spurs
in short JOD, go F yourself. You are rude, insulting, and all after my opening words were, "I agree with you"... Jesus Christ, imagine if I said I disagree lol
Cape Town Spurs
You should read it. It's very good. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.
to put this whole nonsense to bed @jod, all I am saying is: A) we need a striker : B) we should be able to afford about 20bar for the right person : C) It would help us move forwards. If you disagree with this please report to the nearest pcyciatric evaluation center.
Cape Town Spurs
To put it politely We definitely need to freshen up our strike force. To put it bluntly our strike force isn't good enough for a top 3 club. We lack strength in depth and we lack a clinical finisher to put away the numerous goal scoring chances we've created to take us break into the top 3 come the end of the season. Fact is that we have just two 1st team specialist strikers,now currently one. Logic would dictate that Levy will spend on a striker, fact remains that Levy has had his mitts burnt by the likes of previous poor big money returns such as Bent Rebrov Postiga etc. We all know that buying a striker of any repute doesn't guarantee goals. To put a bit of perspective Just look at Man City, Balotelli Tevez Dzeko and Aguero for a combined fee of over £100m and they have scored just 5 more goals than us and their Midfield isn't too shabby even though I prefer ours. I think Levy still needs to gamble on a striker while we remain competitive and on the cusp of the next level or I fear it will be an opportunity missed closely followed by the loss of Bale.
Bored with this now. We've done OK so far. It could be argued that we've coped with Adebayor's absence when he's been on the pitch a lot of the time. But it's only going to get tougher now and we know what happens when you run out of energy at this stage of the season from last year. We don't need to break the bank, just someone who can be relied on for some extra goals when we face the teams struggling for survivaland give the strikers we have some support and or rest at times. Ie, rotation. If we get top four then we should be able to attract someone special in the summer, and not at the last minute.
@topho, you know what, it does! Thank you.
Cape Town Spurs
IMO I think that finally buying Ade has hurts us both financially and on the team front. On his day Ade is superb but the long drawn out transfer ( money the guiding light ) followed by the injury, suspension and ACON has dampened my enthusiasm for him.

To be blunt I would rather we had never bothered with him and had instead bought a different striker. I would also add that I would avoid ACON players like the plague, the ACON in the middle of our domestic season just doesn't work for me. COYS

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League Results (view all)

Latest Results
Swansea 1 - 2 Spurs
Spurs 0 - 0 Crystal Palace
Chelsea 3 - 0 Spurs
Spurs 2 - 1 Everton
Hull City 1 - 2 Spurs
Spurs 1 - 2 Stoke

League Table (view table)

Team P W D L GD Pts
4. West Ham 16 8 4 4 8 28
5. Southampton 16 8 2 6 12 26
6. Arsenal 16 7 5 4 9 26
7. Spurs 16 7 3 6 -2 24
8. Newcastle 16 6 5 5 -4 23
9. Swansea 16 6 4 6 2 22
10. Everton 16 5 6 5 3 21

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Spurs MOTM against Newcastle?
Suggested By:  Vital Spurs
Vorm 13%
Chiriches 1%
Fazio 7%
Vertonghen 1%
Rose 1%
Stambouli 3%
Bentaleb 15%
Townsend 1%
Eriksen 44%
Chadli 1%
Kane 9%
Dembele 0%
Soldado 3%
Capoue 1%