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Get Holtby Now: And Then What?

After watching Lewis Holtby have an excellent game at the weekend, I am more excited than before about his signing. However is there really an urgent need to have him now?

As things stand, Holtby is a player who seems to have been used more for his attacking prowess and certainly his ability to link midfield and attack and supply that killer ball looked impressive last Friday, however his supposedly urgent need at WHL this month does surprise me a little and makes me wonder what is to become of Clint Dempsey and Gylfi Sigurdsson should he arrive?

In reality, it is probably fair that neither have that creative edge to dictate play and pick the lock of an organised defence, however both have looked good and certainly in the case of Dempsey, you would feel it harsh to see him back on the bench, but looking at the whole teams deficiencies, would the addition of Holtby playing off of a main striker make us a better unit?

That is perhaps a question that we wont know the answer too, until he arrives and gets a few games under his belt, but I do wonder if talk of the urgent need to sign him early is more about an inability to bring in another creative player such as Willian, as opposed to the loss of Sandro to our midfield? It seems clear to anyone that Holtby isn't a like for like replacement for our Brazilian, but perhaps he is better cover for Dembele, or even that they would offer a decent mix in the middle, with Mousa offering the steel and Lewis the more creative edge, either alongside to in the more advanced role, but again where does that leave the other two?

I know and accept that we are in a squad based era, but this signing, whether now or in the summer indicates that one of Sigurdsson, Dempsey or a more established player such as Bale will be departing in the summer. But if we are to lose someone in the summer, would we really need to spend money now for a player we will get for nothing in six months? Looking at the squad, I still feel we will be looking at another striker and also an additional play-maker, regardless of Holtby signing. Based on that and the number of attacking midfielders already at the club, I wonder where Holtby really fits in and who will have to make way for his arrival...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 22 2013

Time: 9:00AM

Your Comments

as fans it is all to easy to want new players to arriva, but for them to do so, others may have to leave.
Get Holtby in... its quality replacement factor should be enough if a reason..
i can see him playing behind a quality striker..

even though Dempsey is doin a job for us at the moment... is not having cover/strength in depth what we need?

i see Siggy as good cover for Bale...
Ox - I don't think AVB believes Sigurdsson is the answer for us yet. That being the case, at best, he is going to be a squad / backup player. We desperately need midfield creativity now so the arrival of Holtby makes sense. It will hurt Siggy and maybe even Dempsey but improving the team now is more important. We're close to moving up a level or two and it would be criminal not to grasp the nettle whilst it is dangling in front of our noses.
I'm not sure Holtby will be playing as far up the pitch for us, the suggestion is he will be playing in the Dembele position, where we do need cover, or maybe as part of a midfield three, we'd have options. As he showed against United, even when he's having a bad day Dempsey can get goals. I am actually much happier with him in the side than Adebeyor on current form.
Sell Jenas and Bentley this window... buy 1 get one free... 2 million quid.. hopefully to HR...

that should balance the books on Holtby this window.. and save on 1 wage bill in the meantime...
I think there is more to it than whether Holtby can slot in the 1st team now. He needs to get used to the English game, living in London and make sure he is ready to hit the ground running next August. In an ideal world he'd spend the next 6 months with us to feel his way in, spend some time on the bench and play the Europa and FA Cup games. I think it just comes down to what it will cost us for that privilege.
Do world class players go for a free at 21? He reminds me of O'hara (good players)... I think Leandro would have cost us £16m at his age.....We need a striker!!!
Get Holtby in now, M´vila to cover in the absence of Sandro and Negredo for competiton up-front!! COYS
Don Coys
He can compliment the current crop of players, when teams sit really deep, we need a lock picker. He seems to have the ability to perform this role. Perhaps we can offer Sig on loan to sweeten the deal!
Tactically Challenge

.......................NEW STRIKER/Defoe.............................
Holtby is coming in the summer though? Everyone knows this? He isn’t the player we need now imo…. We need a top quality player to come and beef up our options and more importantly be able to change the game when they come on or from the start. If we keep heading in the right direction then Levy has to back AVB. We have some really good players but we just need to look at one or two areas and make the right call imo. Dempsey, Dembele and Sigurdsson all have major pluses to their game but we can do well to support them by adding some real flair and competition. Jenas, Bentley (and although I rate him as a decent squad player/challenger) Hudds could head out so there is space. And not only squad space but first team space. Look at the changes United are able to make to their first team and still be a quality side. We are not up there with them squad wise yet but can be with some good business. Creative midfielder Mr Levy please sir!
I think we are going to line up like Spain soon - 6 midfielders and no forwards - anyway Holtby is not needed as Bently & Jenas are back!!
SpuriousLife, though I agree with you re Siggy, I therefore have to wonder why we spent £9m on a player that we dont yet think is ready.
I think we may say Holtby come and Dempsey will be pushed up top. There was an interesting article in the Standard yesterday where Dempsey talks about his new role as a striker and repaying the faith AVB has put in him. Demebele is a great ball carrier and very strong but he doesn't play too far up the pitch. With Holtby in the team Dembele has the options of spraying passes out wide or through the middle, something we have lacked, and so does Holtby himself. Ideally we all want a new striker, but I feel Dempsey may be asked to cover that role while Defoe is off form and Adebayor is on holiday.
Normally the sooner you have in your squad a player you bought for certain reasons, the better it is. Of course in such a case you should have seen to get rid of the deadwood and create room in your squad and budget.
Ioan X
English clubs in talks with Lisandro Lopez, president says move is likley. Spurs??
Agree with Sebthespur, I think at the moment Dempsey would be a better fit upfront than in the no.10 role. He also has the ability to hold up play and bring others into the game than Defoe.
Spurs ZA
I would play Dempsey up top any day..hes used to playing there as well. Good option and or cover for Ade imo. And 2 goals against united to this season! Couldn't believe it when he put that one in on the 93rd. I'm starting to like the bloke alot ha :-) Ade plays today at 3 o'clock i think? Hope he has a good game if so. COYS.
I think im on my own here but apart from the late equaliser i thought Dempsey was pretty poor. Better than defoe by a long way though so i guess that just proves our need for a striker. At least Dempsey got invloved in parts, defoe was just a passanger who missed chance after chance.
Disagree hudds, imo he could have bagged more than one..their keeper made some fine saves.
Adebayor vs Drogba today
If he will play and improve our goalscoring then bring him in. if not let him play well in CL for schalke. We need striker to get third as 4th may not be enough, though hopefully lightening won't strike twice and a team finidhing 6th in PL wins the CL?!
Wilts Spurs
We need a goal machine. In midfield/attacking positions we have Bale, Dembele, Parker/Sandro, Lennon, Demspey, Siggy, Defoe, Ade. Where are the goals coming from?

Last season City scored 93, Utd 86, Arsenal 74 and us 66. Defoe will end up with about 15, Bale 12-15, Ade 10, Demspey 10. These numbers are simply not good enough if you want to compete at the top. We need to find a 25+ goal machine, someone like Hernandez at Utd.
I cant believe how Spurs fans completely dismiss our current players! Dempsey and Siggy have only just joined us. Dempsey has been a great addition so far! I wonder what treatment Holtby will get when he does not hit the ground running in his first match! As far as I can see Dempsey makes the team play much better, his movement and positioning is excellent and he actually is the only player who wins the ball in the air. It amazing how Spurs fans like to have ones cake and eat it...
On Dempsey, just wanted to say I was actually pretty impressed with how he tucked it away so calmly. From behind the goal you can see he's slotted it clear in the corner. Defoe, tho i love him, and pretty much anyone else probably woulda just blastd that goalwards. Cool under crisis, same as lennon finding him in the first place.
Defoe needs a goal soon. He has been really go for most of the season but lately his form has dipped a little and we really can't afford for that to continue as he is our only striker and even when Ade comes back his form is even worse. I hope a couple of goals against championship opposition this weekend should build up his confidence again.

I am really glad Dempsey has improved, now starting to look like the player we signed from Fultham. It's essential his goals keep coming because realistically I don't think we will buy a new striker this window no matter how much vital spurs, and I, think we need one.
Lewis (already on first name terms) has done extremely well for Schalke 04, his very much the key player in the German under 21's, i also watched fridays game vs Hanovver, not a lot of passing backwards and to the keeper, both teams played with the choke out, he did play further forward and at times was holding the striker position, has a great left peg, eye for a pass, works hard and as mentioned before was 3 moves ahead of everyone else. IMO he can only get better and with AVB and his staff, he will be a top player for us. Q. yeah where does he fit into spurs. Not my problem, all he has to do is work hard and the rewards will come his way. The more good players we have the better, the more class players we have QUALITY, he is class.
spu 4 life
Holtby will come in place of mourtinho as the playmaker and dempsey the new striker so will suit the club and dans pockets.dempsey as the lone striker would be my choice anyhow and will do well!
Little spur
Lovely quote from Holtby in today's papers: "I am not going to just ***** off without busting my arse for the team." Hope it gets through our censor algorithm.
Total knobhead
Oh well. You probably can figure out the censored word. Begins with a p has an i and two s's.
Total knobhead
The lad will fit in London without trouble, I think.
Total knobhead
"I think we are going to line up like Spain soon - 6 midfielders and no forwards - anyway Holtby is not needed as Bently & Jenas are back!!," tottenhamtony

Finally someone other than me sees the future. 4-6-0!!

Total knobhead
Don't see the point in getting Holtby now if he only has Defoe to supply to.
Tottenham Hotcore
TK I would see why a player wouldn't want to put the effort in every game, at the end of the day football is fun and a lot more fun if you win so you have to try. Good to see he has a good attitude though.

p.s. that game was quality btw, did you see the Hannover's 4th goal, awesome overhead kick.
I think he'll be Jamie O'hara mkII....can play deep, can play AM wonder if he can play LB?
Just because Dempsey scored doesn't mean he is garenteed a place in our next match. Take the goal away from clint and he was absolutely Dreadful and really frustrating to watch, it's not just a one off game where he has been poor. Holtby coming in could be our lampard, unlocking defences and scoring from them long lampard type runs. If we do sign a striker and holtby, Dempsey will be nothing more then a fill in player. I respect him for the goals he's scored but in my opinion he is not tottenham quality.
Clint Dempsey is ***** poor!
A cm arrives so bale leaves? And siggy has been avg. on his very best game so no problem seeing him leave
Have to agree 01, Dempsey wasn't that good on Sunday even though he took his goal well, I guess scoring clouds peoples judgement.
T.h.f.chris, how has Dempsey improved? He can't even find a 5yard pass to one of his team mates. Aaron Lennon has improved clint hasn't. Those of you who use the words " he needs time to settle in" need to open their eyes and see dembele came from the same team and slotted straight in....why? Because he is a top class player. Dempsey in 29, been playing in this league for longer yet " he needs time to settle in".
Ossie, that's exactly right.
Hey coopsie, i'm just saying he did really well for the goal under the circumstances, and that should be applauded. Cos the temptation would have been to smash it.
The Star, Sun and telegraph all rated Dempsey 7 or above for his performance against Utd. He has also played well against Coventry (MOM) which was his only other start this season. Compared to his first few games he has now added goals and started to settle in. In a perfect world he should hit the ground running but that isn't the reality for most footballers.

I admit he should have scored earlier with his 1:1 and doesn't have much pace but he has definitely improved and I think he will get better. All round though he put the effort in (him and parker especially) and scored the equalizer which is everything I could ask for. Generally I believe if you score which strongly influences the match you HAVE had a pretty good game, I didn't see RVP do much else.
Coops - It’s unlike us to disagree ha. I think he did fella, at least 2 stand out saves amongst the rest. Their defence along with their DM got the most praise as well… Mostly we were on the attack and they had to keep our attacking players at bay….and they did up until the 93rd. Bale was kept busy, Lennon they had most difficulty with (tons of fouls on him, like they were lining up) and also Dempsey. I could see him scoring first actually! And as I pointed out, he should have had more than one. It doesn’t matter what part of his body De Gea was keeping the ball out, he was getting down to them, spreading himself well and looked well *****ed off when we broke in. He did well with our crosses as well (not his strongest point last season). Anyway I was giving deserved credit to Dempsey, don’t think he was poor as hudds said. Do you think he was poor then?
*this year not season
coops - "I think it's a simple matter of accepting the fact that IF ANY PLAYER can be improved upon, and a player is available to do so, then we should be attempting to improve". Agree on that line though ha, Levy must see that can really help our chances this season by adding some quality, not just anyone for stupid money but the right one could be the difference. My area would be attacking mid, do you think up front then? Cheers.
ghulamville - Harsh for someone who has scored in two games this season v the league leaders. Hes improved from the start of the season, was never a replacement for VDV but has proved he can bring goals (maybe vital). I'm not saying he is the answer to our long term plans but..some credit no?
Dempsey is also second on our poll, a few people must think he done something right.
Ade has just missed from 2 yds out, trying to go around the keeper, Ivory Coast 1-0 up 10mins gone
spu 4 life
Coops sounds like a shooter to me....wiliam H Bonny is more the type, not sure about the touch but he is one that could interest. He's a pest....
Why are people jumping on the back of Dempsey, he had a good game on Sunday. He works for the team and has more end product than Defoe. IMO.

I don't think Dempsey is going to convert into the 25+ goal machine we need but he's the best we have at the club based on current form.

Defoe is looking like a player desperate to score to give him some confidence, for this reason I expect him to start against Leeds on Sunday although Dempsey is likely to play too.

If Ade comes back from ACON and produces the sort of form from last season then we'll have enough to get 4th place. In the summer we need to sell on of the fore-mentioned with a world class striker. For me I'd let Defoe go
Without Dempsey this season we'd have 0 points against Utd, for that reason alone he's alright with me!!
T.h.f.chris, the sun rated him 7, I rate him 3. It would have been 1 but he did score. I think he has given the ball away more then any player in the prem and Spanish league.
Don't see the point in getting Holtby now if he only has Defoe to supply to. Tottenham Hotcore
Spot on TH. That sums it up for me and should for everyone else.
Coopsie nice to see such legends reappearing on here. And is a kid in another league which hardly anyone on here even remotely better than what we have? I have to say its a bit optimistic to be honest. As 01 tott pointed out ( after watching him from the sidelines in each of his 20 games this season) he will be the next Iron Man... The only thing that's ***** poor 01tott is ur intellect! It's actually a joke how members are bias to certain players in our team, I dont hear anyone saying how crap Bale was? In fact has Bale actually produced much this year?
01tottenham, Sun (7), Star (7) and Telegraph (8), pretty sure other people paid to judge him would have given a high score but can't be bothered to check - 1 is a pathetic score, John Walters is the only contender for that this season. As yiddyboy said Dempsey worked his socks off and obviously helped us take 4 points from Utd, the guy done well, very well.
that must be why he calls himself 01tott THF...
Commitment and consistency is certainly a strong form of influence Mix.
lol too true mate
If Defoe or Ade could actually finish the chances that Dempsey has created he'd be top of the assists league table.
Slurms McKenzie
OH DEAR I TAKE BACK A POST ON GARY COOPER....I would lay money on two things, if he had 5 half chances in a game, he would put 3 away, if had 5 clear cut chances he would score 4 if not all 5; BUT DID YOU KNOW; But the report claims Andre Villas-Boas has dispatched scouts to watch Hooper - a player Tottenham rejected as a 14-year-old schoolboy back in 2002. Hooper is quoted in the Daily Mirror, from an interview with the Scottish Sun newspaper in 2010 - just after he signed for Celtic from Scunthorpe - as saying: "I was released by Spurs when I was 14, I had been with them for seven years. I went on 20-minute trial - just 20 minutes of one game and they said no. "How they can judge on 20 minutes I'll never know. The rejection from Tottenham has motivated me a lot. I want to prove to them I can play at the highest level. "The disappointment of being released by Spurs has never left me - and ever since I've been trying my hardest to show what I can do. Spurs didn't believe in me and I think I've proved them wrong by joining Celtic." The 24-year-old has been prolific since moving to the Scottish champions, scoring 55 goals in just 81 league games. The former-Scunthorpe striker has a reputation as an out-and-out goalscorer, a player that works hard, and often steps up with goals in the big games. ----So Gary Cooper for 10m we could be on a real winner here, my mistake.
spu 4 life
Bale was closely marked by two men, this made space for Parker, Dembele and Lennon to exploit. Defoe did a lot of closing down and off the ball work which often goes unnoticed (especially when it's a striker doing it). Both Defoe and Bale tried to score from impossible angles/positions when better options were available. Dempsey did a lot of off the ball stuff too and was rewarded with a goal. If 01Tott gives Dempsey a 3 only because he scored then what do you give Defoe?
Bale was closely marked by two men, this made space for Parker, Dembele and Lennon to exploit. Defoe did a lot of closing down and off the ball work which often goes unnoticed (especially when it's a striker doing it). Both Defoe and Bale tried to score from impossible angles/positions when better options were available. Dempsey did a lot of off the ball stuff too and was rewarded with a goal. If 01Tott gives Dempsey a 3 only because he scored then what do you give Defoe?
HOOPERMAN, but to me his known as gary cooper a sharp shooting actor in westerns, so the mistake in name is for real.
spu 4 life
I like the look of our next 4 fixtures, Newcastle, West Brom and Norwich are all out of form which makes West Ham probably the hardest match. I don't think West Ham can defend which suits as well as we can counter them. Our current squad should be good enough, would love a new player but if we can get some momentum we should be fine.
I'm not sorry for the double post :-P
One underlying reason to bring Holtby in righ now is one request by Spurs fan in the last seasons: We should give european football and FA Cup the respect they deserve. To accomplish that we need more coverage for key positions in our midfield. Also, if something happens to Dembele, we have Parker and Huddlestone to do the "steel" part of the job, but no creativity forward. Again, Holtby could be the answer. Besides all that, we are not talking about a trade off of 5 millions for nothing, but 1,6 million. What if we miss CL again because we lacked that creative spark to break any deadlock ?? Would it have been worth missing CL millions for 1,6 million ?? Of course there is a strong gamble here, but isn´t our motto something like "Audere est Facere" ?? COYS
Coopsiyid ... was reading the Wilifred Bony message, thought 1 goal in 18 .. has Coops lost the plot or just lost the 6 !!! LOL So funny !!!!

Tell me are you using IE7 ? I found that missed letters but Chrome appears to work a little better ... COYS
Holtby is quality. Can play anywhere in the midfield or as a classic 10. He would increase our options and be able to strengthen the first team. Has looked quality in the Champions league and in Bundesliga.
Whether Holtby comes now or in the summer, the pecking order and jostling for positions vis a vis Siggy and Dempsey isn't going to change. If he wants to miss out on Shalke's CL campaign I would say grab him now. I cant see Levy getting a creative player this Jan. A striker is the priority so fingers Xd for that. Holtby offers something different in midfield. And we still have Tom Carroll, don't write him off just yet!

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