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What next for Gomes, Bentley and JJ?

For all the talk about players arriving, Just for once, I want to look at those hopefully departing.

Now I don't want to start by being critical of any player, but it seems obvious that none of Heurelho Gomes, David Bentley or Jermaine Jenas are in AVB's plans and when we consider they are probably costing in excess of half a million pounds in wages every month, the idea of moving them on, offers massive appeal, especially to Daniel Levy, I'm sure. Perhaps losing these players is key to funding an early arrival of Lewis Holtby, as that money is roughly what it would cost to bring him in early and pay his wages for the remainder of the season.

Recently we saw that Gomes was heading back to Brazil and hopes were raised that he would find himself a club and perhaps even be part of a deal to bring Leandro Damiao to White Hart Lane. Supposedly he has now returned and there remains interest from home and abroad, but as has always been the case, wages are the stumbling block for any move. In truth I don't see too many obvious Premiership clubs that he could step into as first choice, though perhaps Fulham or Southampton are potential destinations, however you feel that Tottenham might have to pay something to get him off their books, either in the short or long term to compensate him for a probable drop in wages.

David Bentley is out of contract in the summer, therefore he potentially represents a bargain for someone who is willing to take a chance of his ability being rekindled. Though David has had a terrible time at WHL, I believe there is a talented player in there, perhaps just waiting for the right move and I actually feel he is someone that would do well at several Premiership clubs, though have his days as winger ended? With so many clubs forfeiting wide me and looking at more creative central players, I wonder if David could actually do very well in a more central role for someone and may well relish the opportunity to prove himself now he is seemingly fit after a series of injuries. at 28 years old, you assume there is plenty of worth in signing him on a short term deal for someone.

The problem that Jermaine has is his constant struggles with injury. This continued on loan at Notts Forest and you can't really see too many clubs taking a serious punt on him in this window, but the catch twenty-two here is that without games, he can't prove his fitness, but who in their right minds would pay anything other than peanuts to sign a player that has struggled do badly with injuries over a long period. This is of course as much a problem for Spurs as it is the player. This makes me wonder if there is a logic in Spurs loaning him out to anyone that is willing to take him and paying all or at least the majority of his salary? Realistically he is miles down our pecking order of central midfielders and will remain a financial liability as long as he is under contract, but without being able to prove he can play every week, he could be in career limbo for the remainder of his contract, so surely giving him away in the short term may at least give him the opportunity to find fitness and hopefully another club.

As things stand, all three are in our twenty-five man squad, but with little or no chance of playing. I'm sure the frustration for Mr Levy is that we have over £30m worth of player, wasting away and with little or no chance to recoup anything but a fraction of what we paid, but is it better to simply cut our losses and the wage bill, though there is always the situation that players expect to retain their earnings for as long as possible and that makes it all the harder to off-load anyone, especially when it comes to relocating and uprooting families, though you hope that all three will see they need to look elsewhere to rejuvenate their careers and perhaps Spurs need to help things along, even if it costs money in the short term...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 22 2013

Time: 10:52AM

Your Comments

Gomes is a strange one for me as he is a better reserve than Friedel at 41 IMO. Maybe he was/is planned to be part of the Damaio deal. Time will tell. As for Bentley and Jenas, i think its time to cut your losses on both. Find a suitable club to buy them or pay them off asap.
When fans argue for signing players on long contracts on high wages they always ignore the fact that if the player fails those contracts will have to be paid up. I generally agree with the article but those players aren't "worth" £30m, they are in fact worth less than nothing, they are a liability. If the club could tear up their contracts and stop paying them it would, but it doesn't have that option.
agree with yiddybot re Gomes..As for JJ he's injured, out of contract in the summer so we'll pay him till then and then he'll will pay a penny for him. Bentley is his contract definately up in the summer? If so I'm sure he'll also leave for would have thought we could have shifted all 3 had we been prepared to take a hair cut and subsidised wages....
Jod i have never heard a fan request long contracts and high salaries...I think you are confusing fans and agents...;)
when the club sign a player they should at least make sure he fits within our pattern of play....
A little cash for Gomes. Suprised no one has put in an offer as the standard of GK's in the BPL is quite poor. Bentley and Jenas leave for free. All this will to happen in the summer.
What will they do??????? they will sit around getting loads of money for doing nothing till they are free agents and will then sign for someone else and get a fee for doing so. In the meantime the supporters will pay through the nose to enable these people to live the rest of their lives in comfort. What would you do if you were one of them?
Why get rid? JJ's better than Dembele, Gomes is better than Lloris & Bentley can do a shedload better than Lennon! Get rid of those instead!

Oh, Elvis isn't dead & Jimmy Saville is merely misunderstood. Bowl of Froot Loops anyone?

Shedboy 2 How can we sign players "to fit our pattern of play" when recently ENIC/Levy have changed our manager regularly. I know there is a certain style of play that is inherent in the club but not all these previous managers have adhered to that flair. I just hope that AVB will, given time and the players HE wants.
What next for Gomes, Bentley and JJ? Shut the door on the way out, ASAP.
spu 4 life
longtimespur- you are of course correct, we all tend to blame the players but if the owners didn't keep changing managers perhaps more would work out....a little joined up thinking from our club would be good. Who's signing was Gylfi?
so how much is Gomes worth per week? 30k?....if we'd supplemented his salary by 15k pw.....and sold him we could have saved 30k pw....after all we're saving Citeh a 100k pw for Ade...yep saving them cash so he can go and play in ACN...
shedboy2 - Of course you're right. What fans do is argue we should spend big money on players and ignore the question of wages and length of contract. Its as if they think the player will play for free.
I would also include Billy Gallas on that list. His wages must be north of £50kpw and surely with JV,MD,SC and eventually YK we have adequate cover!!
As there are three articles on the go discussing similar points Iíll just do a general summary of my views on the whole transfer scenario. There are so many diverse people who frequent this site, all with very different opinions. From the Tonyrichís who appear to be very much in support of the transfer tactics, strategies and allocation of finances employed by our board, to the Yidmarks who think we should sign Messi, Ronaldo and Maradona

My View is simple, yes funds have been spent in the past, funds have been brought in from player sales and some of it reinvested into the team, whilst maintaining a profitable business. The problem is the way we hack and slash through players and managers. When a new manager comes in he will undoubtedly want to bring in his own players, regardless of the talent he has at his disposal, this MUST be discussed before the manager is appointed. The fact is, it seems that once the manager is on board, targets are missed (for some reason), cheaper / inferior alternatives are brought in, the expected results not achieved and the manager is dismissed. This has been the circle for the last 10 years. Whilst I understand the fact that we need to keep the balance in the black, and the need to sign the quality players, there seems to be a lack of harmony between the two. I donít think the AVB / Levy partnership started off well at all, ADE was clearly not an AVB signing, neither was Dempsey, AVBSís main targets (moutinho and Willian) were missed. This must have put a strain on a very early relationship

I think under AVB we will get it right, but only if he board hold up their end of the bargain. When he signed, and in the future when they discuss targets and strategies, surely the possible and probable difficulties are discussed. For example, AVB says he want Willian as he fits perfectly into the clubs ethos, Levy aggress and then offers Shaktar £10m!!? Do you see where im coming from? I know its not easy and I have made a lot of assumptions without any inside knowledge of the discussions held, but thatís my view on the situation, and one of the reasons we are stuck with the players named in the actual article subject. I do think however with Bentley it was a mixture of bad management and self destruction. Maybe that hurt Levy more than we know.
Hudderspur Bently ruined himself through self destruction, bad management and a big bucket of water and a certain wheeler and dealer, 'arry never got over that and banished Bently for his sins.

Personally I like all three players and wish them well. Bentleys 45 yarder against the scum, Gomes because everyone loves him, and JJ because he is actually quite good and underated i.e. set up all of Bales goals in Milan but got no credit. But like most others I like it even more than they are not in our team as they all have faults and none are a top 4 player.

One thing I don't get is Levys handling of Gomes, he hasn't played for 2 years, we have/had cover but still haven't sold him. I get the salary issues but surely he was a £5m player so selling for £2m would have been a bargin for someone. Instead we have kept him, kepy paying him and will get nothing come the summer???
Hudderspur you're spot on there mate. Rebrov, Bentley and Bent. Even to a lesser point Palacios. But you can't win them all. The profit made on Modric, Berbatov, Keane, etc far outweighs the money spent. The annoying thing for me is that Jol, Ramos and Redknapp were all significantly backed in the transfer market. Now we have a manager who actually seems to know about tactics, squad rotation, team ethos, man management etc, it would be great to see him backed too. If Levy could be convinced to sign Crouch, Chimbonda, Palacios, Zokora, Davids, Woodgate, Hutton, Corluka, Malbranque etc, why can't he be convinced to sign obviously decent players now??
I think our valuation of players are another big factor. As you say, we had a few good seasons with Gomes, hes a few years older now and very much surplus to requirements, yetr Levy is holdign out for a very unrealistic fee. I cant remember which chairman said it, but in the summer when we were in for one of thier players said if Tottenham vaule Dos Santos at £10m then "X" must be worth £30m. Cant remember who he was talking about but it shows people think we take the pi$$ sometimes.
The best way these players could help the club is by leaving now, but all will understandably see out there high earning contracts that we stupidly gave them and leave in the summer. The only one who will gain s any cash is obviously Gomes... Surprised no offers yet but some may come!? As others have said summer is the most likely. Anyone know when Gomes' contract is up???
Speaking of excess squad players leaving I think we have done quite well over the last couple of windows; Kranjcar, Corluka, Pienaar, Bassong, GDS, O'Hara, Hutton, Palacios all netted £39m since 11/12 so maybe Daniels hard ball tactic is long term and obviously pretty successful (not even included the £22m for Pav, Keane and Crouch).
yDave I think Gomes is out of contract in the summer, not sure though.
Easy and quick one this (sorry Gomes the clown fans) get rid of all three ASAP. Get them off our payroll as not good enough for starting eleven or as back up. Funnily enough, nobody wants them. Says it all.
We should of sold some of them sooner now there is no chance of selling them. We should keep them as emergency back up until their contract are up and loan out are younger players so we can increase there value and experience ie livermore carrol falque. That is unless we get some offers
"The problem that Jermaine has is his constant struggles with injury."

Might I suggest a minor editing change to this sentence? Instead of "the problem that Jermaine has..." change it to "a problem that Jermaine has... " It's certainly not the only problem with JJ. Even when he's healthy I'd rather he weren't on the pitch for us.

Total knobhead
Windles - HOW do you get them off our payroll? Kindly ask them to tear up their own contracts..?
To move these players on we need to take a financial hit, but this still could be better than them staying on the books. If AVB can see no circumstance in which any of these three will get playing time, then like Man City and Ade, it's better that we pay part of their wage and move them on, rather than the whole of the wage whilst sat doing nothing for us. Can Levy bring himself to do this, I unfortunately doubt it.
Rumour has it Jenas is set to join the coaching staff once his over his injury, i had no idea he could drive a 52 seater?
spu 4 life
Niko Kranjcar linked to Arry at QPR? Niko has told his agent if some dodgy cockney geezer phones you, tell him i'm injured, phucked if i'm going to sit on QPR's bench for 4yrs.
spu 4 life
Whilst I believe Gomes is the 2nd best keeper at the club, we need closure on it. That means him leaving. I feel bad for JJ as he is a top pro with ability but again we've moved on. As for Bentley, I've never been a fan but would say that he was unlucky getting injured when he went out to West Ham. He would have probably got his game together and been gone by now. All 3 need to leave ASAP.

I also feel sorry for the stick Gallas is taking at the moment. We are in 4th because of his contributions this season. His leadership, positional sense and reading of the game has been part of the AB era. Quite frankly he would never have made the mistake Dawson did it that weekend. The problem is he might have made another type of error due to his body finally giving up on his tremendous football brain and leadership. So agree, 4th one to go in an ideal world.

That leaves decisions on the following by AVB: Falque, Khumalo, Rose, Dawkins and Obika. All over 21 and I'm unsure whether they have a future with us. I would say though that Harry just too many of these players just hang around for too long and AVB shouldn't make the same mistake. If they can't contribute to the 1st team setup either now or in the near future then we should make the tough call.

The final group AVB needs to look at is the players turning 21 this season that would imply they need registering next. January is a good time to make decisions on these players. These are Caulker (no brainer), Smith, (Grant) Hall, Parrett, Mason and Townsend. We can still use the loan system next season to test these guys out if we have no space.

Levy of course will be looking at the high earners so JJ, Bentley, Gomes and Gallas will become priority.
I always liked Gomes and hoped he would bide his time and replace Friedel and Cudicini. But it seems he has lossed his appetite, for the prem'.......or has he just lost his spurs !! Goodluck and thankyou, to him, where ever he goes. I see we are now linked with Gary Hooper (celtic) the thought of Jenas or Bentley being a part of a possible deal. Both could do a decent job.....outside of the prem'....if they desire. Oh'....i like your post, muttley.......we can definatley do with losesing a few.
had to say that I thought that Jenas had 18 mths to go on his current deal, but looking at archives, it seems he is out of contract in the summer, as is David Bentley.
Adebayor is about to play for Togo...vs Ivory coast....Looks a good match, on paper.
Tony rich - much the same way that city did with ade pay, sadly, but better than full amount for nothing. Assuming we are not demanding fees for these three.
Best news all week OX.
OX - peterballb posted an answer to a question i had on contracts, Jenas ends in june, i think plus his injured AGAIN !!!! Bentley getting rid of him is like trying to get dogs poo off your living room carpet, the harder you try, the worse it gets. Gomes was home in brazil and told to find a club, but the british embassy have a goalkeeper.
spu 4 life
Ade just missed an absolute sitter. Chuck him in with the 3 amigos as well :)
so how much is Gomes worth per week? 30k?....if we'd supplemented his salary by 15k pw.....and sold him we could have saved 30k pw....after all we're saving Citeh a 100k pw for Ade...yep saving them cash so he can go and play in ACN... shedboy2 Shed boy Gomez is on 45k per week tophobunty TOP- I took your 45k for the above example....I suggested he was worth only 30k pw ie what someone else would be prepared to pay but let's make it 20k....we then subsidise his salary by 25k pw yet we still save 20k per point paying out 45k a week to a player for nothing...
thenuge - that was 110% poor from Ade, how did he not score from that bloody ribbish, if he had done that n a spurs shirt, what repsonse would that bring?
spu 4 life
Gary Hooper?????? is someone having a laugh at our expense?
ledgespur I thought we had been linked with Gary Cooper, only his brown bread played lots of roles as a cowboy many years ago, they put our name with everyone. Someone posted on twitter the other wk Leandro was a done deal, so talkshi7e got wind and broadcast it, phucked them over. haha. gary hooper do me a favour.
spu 4 life
This IC/Togo game, some crowd they have why dont they let african kids in for nothing, give them a treat for the afternoon and enjoy seeing a football game.
spu 4 life
Im not convinced on Hooper either, but anybody half decent is better than nobody. He clearly knows where the net is & would be cheap. IF we signed him PLUS Negredo then i'd be delighted, i'm not sure taking a chance on Hooper is wise tbh
Why did Ade bother going to the ACON, he must have put more effort in getting on the plane, i hope AVB is watching this, lazy, no interest, offside from a free kick, he looks out of love with football.
spu 4 life
does anyone how ong does jenas has left on his contract
OK top - you're on the wind up now...;)
This is the backing we give our new man in charge.....GARRY F'N HOOPER??? If this is true, we should all hang our heads in shame, that we have not rounded on Levy and ENIC sooner. Garry Hooper, f'n spare me please.
SPU 4 LIFE, Ade went 'caue they agreed to pay him his back wages/bonus, so he went knowing more money and still gets his pay from us.
@the_nuge... you always go on about the "bpl"... b is nowhere near e on a keyboard so either you're a real bad typist or you follow some different league none of us are aware of? educate me please... I have read this "bpl" at least 20 times now
Cape Town Spurs
The Hooper thing has to be some sort of sick Joke. Saying that, im waiting for the usuals to come on here telling us how brilliant he know.....the same people who reel off lists of players in the Championship and leauge one who we should be looking at.
GARY *****IN HOOPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? wtf
and in answer to the question, what next for Gomes, Bentley & JJ... anyone know of a car boot sale?
Cape Town Spurs
The only person that I can think of who credits Hooper on a regular basis is that twot Durham on Talk****.
bpl= Barclay's Premier League?
spu4 life... on the treating kids to an afternoon out post, with you 100%. unfortunately in this place too much bureaucracy. sad, but true.
Cape Town Spurs
who the F knows it as the barclays premiere league? the english premiere league yes, but barclays, come on... i know they're the sponsors but noone refers to this. It is the EPL not the BPL.
Cape Town Spurs
Unfortunately as much as we would like to get rid of Bentley and Jenas, they are not daft, they will continue to sit on their arses until their contracts run out, on wages nobody else will pay them. They are both wastes of Oxygen but we will will continue to be lumbered. The fact that nobody seems to want Gomes suggests 1)he is grossly over paid at Spurs, and can't be shifted as nobody else will match his wages, or 2) that he is nowhere near as good as many on here believe, he obviously isn't greatly rated by any PL manager, or indeed any notable European club either. I'm afrai we might be lumbered with him as well.
Re. Hooper, it it's true, which I doubt, I find it a bit surprising that we would go for him, to the tune of £8-10M based only on his scoring form in the Scottish Pubs League, when for that, or not much more, we could be shopping in Spain, where most of the clubs are heading for financial melt down, and there are bargains available. Seville are skint, we should be abler to bully them into selling Negredo for a reasonable fee, a player whose stats suggest, he is far better than Hooper.
Sorry Cape Town Spurs. It must be the other site I visit quite often. They use the BPL alot more than the EPL. Here is Oz, the Barclays is advertised / emphasised a lot more as well, so I guess I have fallen into it. Have to respect Swansea and soon to be Cardiff as well :)
I have been a fan of Ade since his arrival, (especially last year) and have been prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt for the majority of this year as well. I know he is an awkward striker and sometimes his touch is like a golf ball on concrete, but after watching the African nations cup game Togo v Ivory Coast, I seriously believe we may have made a grave mistake in signing him to a permanent deal. Very worried to say the least.
Ade is playing dog$hi.ite at the mo but he is still better than Hooper. HOOPER!!!?? (Head in hands) REALLY? I mean... REEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAALLY!!!!? (starts breaking down in tears) FAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKING REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! (puts gun to head and ends own life)
On Hooper, I would say no. I think he'd be an ok striker, nothing more. We need something better. I also can't see why a player who is in the CL would consider moving until that run was done. It's what I don't get about Willian. These chances are so rare, why take yourself out of it. The money will still be around in the summer. Now it's for the glory. But what do I know?

I would suggest, if we are looking to spend 10M on Hooper, the money would be better spent on Mitroglou (3M Euros) as I understand Celtic are looking at him to be Hooper's replacement, and Son 8M GBP. Both are strikers. Both offer huge potential merchandising possibilities if they are successful and both will likely come on lower wages.
Negredo is a deal that will happen on the 31st. He will wait to see what the best offer on the table for him is at that time and that's what he'll take. If they spoke to both Arsenal and Spurs as was reported, I'm sure there is no issue with the transfer fee. It's all about the player and like VDV it will happen at the last.

People are saying Levy and ENIC aren't supporting AVB because we just won't buy Moutinho and Willian for the amounts bandied about (26 and 20M respectively). Since there are other clubs interested in both players, clubs who can afford much more than we can, and the players have not moved, suggests to me that whatever is being asked (wages and/or fee) is over-inflated. I don't think we need Moutinho. Holtby is coming and any of M'Vila 7M, Sissokho (free) or Belhanda (9M) would be better suited to our pace in the middle of the park. Not saying Moutinho cannot succeed, just fail to be convinced that he is worth so much more than all the others whose prices will double or more depending on their level of success. M'Vila was recently valued at 22M. Sissokho, 18 months ago was to be the next great box to box MF. Belhanda is a fabulous powerful goal scoring MF. I'd even sanction the 3.5M for Diame before I'd stump 26M for Moutinho. Willian, we need, but 20M seems steep. Could probably get Dzagoev and Son for the same amount. COYS
peterballb Who the hell is this?
If Hooper is the type of signing that the owners want to give AVB, it tells us the new direction the club wants to go in. Challenging the likes of Norwich for 14th spot. Joke. I do not rate Defoe and not a top four striker, but if you put him into that Celtic team playing in that leagues Defoe would be a 30 goal a season striker.
Look folks, Ade was not in shape, came to camp late, was not fit and as a result got injured, got suspended and has just not gotten in to this season at all. I would not have signed him the second he was not going to be available to us on day one of the season. IMO, he put himself long before he put the team. He is, however, ours, so I will not judge him until next season when he has a full camp. I probably wouldn't play him much this season either. COYS
nice answer the-nuge -- no apologies required -- I feel silly I didn't get it! good on ya!
Cape Town Spurs
If Hooper comes it will be because AVB wants him. It will not be his number one choice but he will, no doubt, be somewhere on the list. Levy will not be forcing any players on the coach. The one thing it would do (signing Hooper) is to eliminate some of the pressure on signing a striker. I have to believe it would also get Defoe out of the starting lineup. If he can meet the crosses, I'm all for it becuse we have had lots of supply, just no one to pound them in to the back of the net. COYS
All that said about Hooper, he is, IMO, better than Remy. COYS
I would say he is bottom of a long list of strikers. He would not even make AVB's top 20. If we get him, then he will join the what next for Hooper, Siggy and Thudd list in a years time
I watched the Togo Ivory Coast game, Ade played well, yes he should have scored that chance early on, but played well, this site has getting me confused, Dempsey plays poor yet scores he's great, Ade plays well but doesn't score we should get rid!!!!!
What a waste of money especially Bentley. We got some good performances and a season from Gomes and JJ has contributed but Bentley so much wasted cash it is criminal. Worse still greed is a problem with players because most will collect wages even though they are no chance of playing rather than take a move with a cut in wages but at least they play. I'm sure all three of these players could have gone if they would have took a wage cut but greed got the better of them I think.

Best we can expect now is possibly a few bob for Gomes and all them off the wage bill by summer.

When you think of the recession and all the starving people in the world it makes you think how can all this money be wasted but then how has football become a mega business I suppose that's another thread or story.

Lets hope we don't make these mistakes again.
@Ossie - My main concern with Ade is that this is his World Cup. His performance was ordinary today. I will say however, that it is the middle of summer in SA, so maybe conditions are not the best for 'full pace' football.
tophobunty- I realise we pay him 45k pw I was trying to highlight the benefit of subsidising his salary so we could shift him, I guess I failed to communicate it very well..
the quicker we get rid the better, offer to pay a third of there wages for 6 months anything just get them out the door. none of them will ever play another game at thfc so why pay there wages
Give Gomes to Arsenil!!! Give JJ and Bentley to anyone who'll take 'em.

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