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Can we trust the domestic loan system?

With yesterdays announcement that Iago Falque has left on loan for the rest of the season, I yet again question the merits of our domestic loans.

Perhaps loaning Falque to Almeria who currently sit in second place in the Spanish second division, is as much about allowing a player a return to his home country with a view that his time is up with Tottenham and it is the best way to secure him a permanent move in the summer, however, I also wonder if Tottenham have looked long and hard at our own domestic game and quite rightly realised that our lower leagues are no place to develop our creative talent.

There is also talk that our young striker Souleymane Coulibaly will move to Italy and perhaps the same thinking could be applied there, if the belief is that he won't train on. However, will the same thing happen with our young English talent, should we seriously believe there isn't a suitable structure in England to bring on players such as Alex Pritchard. Last season Tim Sherwood spoke of the difficulties of placing someone like Tom Carroll, due to the type of football and its physical nature, making the right kind of footballing development impossible.

This season we have seen a very talented player in Massimo Luongo effectively miss out on an excellent loan opportunity at Ipswich, not due to his own failings, but from a change in playing style of a new manager and the teams early season struggles. Luongo was getting rave reviews at the start of the season for his impact at Portman Road, but clearly relegation struggles are not the place for inexperienced twenty year olds, and the direct football they currently employ under new manager Mick McCarthy is not Massimo's game.

I don't blame the new manager, because he was given a task of saving his club from relegation and so far his methods have been successful, however the choice of clubs that play nice football is decreasing and sadly even if you find a club that suits a players style, he has to face opposition that will do whatever they have to, to stop a gifted player, after all his development isn't their problem. Based on this, is loaning players abroad the next consideration? But in doing that, how does it prepare them for our own domestic game?

I would certainly suggest that the recent additions of the NextGen and Under-21 and excellent steps in the right direction, but the gap between them and the Premier league remains a massive jump and this still needs addressing and in so many cases, our Championship and below, simply don't cater for the ever increasing number of technical players developed in the Prem, as the style of play simply doesn't allow them to express themselves in the right way. People have accused John Bostock of many things, however is it him failing or the system that he plays? Perhaps if John was moved to Italy or Spain, he would be considered a far better and more complete player today.

Perhaps in the longer term there could be a step up league, perhaps with a greater emphasis on older and senior players taking part, though can we ever envisage our top teams taking over lower league clubs and developing players in a format of a nursery club? I like the sound of that as an idea and somewhere where, clubs can look to dictate how the football is played and therefore monitor players better and to their own plans, but as things stand, I see little chance of that happening, therefore is loaning players abroad the best and perhaps only short term answer? Would another alternative be to reward the lower leagues with greater financial reward and also relax the number of players allowed on loan. Not a guaranteed fix, but if clubs had a greater influence and perhaps even be allowed an unofficial say in playing policy, either as a whole or individually, we would see improvements in play and also quality.

Altering the face and shape of English football, may seem OTT, but is it the best and most logical step towards improving standards within our game and also securing a better long term future for clubs that face a constant struggle to survive. I am constantly amazed at how clubs survive in league 1 and 2, when there is such a high turnover of players and this is usually the result of short term contracts, often of one or three months. Is this really the way to go and as fans, is it better to have a relationship with a bigger club, who are willing to offer quality players for half or whole seasons, For me, I feel that lower league football has an identity crisis.

When I was a kid, I knew every Oxford United, by face and name, even though I didn't support them. However when I watched them, I knew the players and therefore felt an affinity and wanted to see them more. Today, occasional watchers see players one game and they are gone the next, is this really a way to gain a community and local support. Having a tie in with a Premiership club, may feel like losing a clubs identity, but with players coming and going without any real loyalty to a club beyond the very short contract, have they already lost that feel, and for the good of the game as a whole, should we seriously look at forging closer ties between top and bottom placed teams. The alternative may well be that clubs make a similar arrangement abroad and that for me doesn't make our game a winner on any level...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 24 2013

Time: 9:56AM

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Good morning all. 1 week to go before window shuts.
I'm in agreement, that "falque"...going back to spain / almeria....looks like doing him a favour.
Thanks for article ox. I hope Falque and Coulibaly going abroad is not a precursor of them leaving. I've been happy with their performances thus far.
Madaboutspurs.......think it is with a view to a move back to spain (but i could be wrong). Falque now 23...and let's say, the competition is fierce.
I think technical gifted players could benefit form going abroad and the less technical but more robust players probably like a lot of defenders could benefit from loans in the English division. I would have like to see Falque and Coulibaly more but it wouldn't surprise me if AVB send one or two others abroad. I think him being foreign he knows a lot of people abroad and the sytle they play and would want some of our players to benefit from different styles of play and training. I think Carrol would do well abroad because he is not robust and he plays a passing game. He wouldn't do so well in a Championship side. We have to trust AVB knows what he is doing.
Understand the loans announced. Clearly Danny Rose is improving & playing weekly as did CAULKER.
I'm pretty sure we are in need of a striker.
82spursdebut, I thought he was younger like Coulibaly. hmm. IAVBIT then
The older players, ie 23 and above should be loaned out to English clubs, especially the Premier league. Falque, needs to be playing in Championship or PL to see if he's cut out at Spurs. Seems like a bad move to me. But what do I know.
I'd like to see Heung min Son...signed..(if no more than £12mill')..he is 21 in july. To me, he looks ideal, for both spurs and Enic. But we do also have Townsend challenging...and Cellabos, is also one to watch......thinking of wing positions.
If Falque is 23 and is nowhere near our 1st team, then perhaps rather than postpone the inevitable by loaning him, we should be selling him instead, we simply cannot afford to harbour 3rd an 4th choice players around the place. We are allowed to register 25 players, any 23 year old that cannot make that 25 should be gone. It is hard enough to accommodate those that come up to 21, and maybe good enough, without wasting time and resource on 23 year old failures.
I think we need a reality check re. our fringe players. Due to the 25 man registeration rule, the continual evolution of youngsters from the Age groups, and Future gen, system, we must not have surplus players, who we can't select, around the place . We must apply a filter system to players as they get to 19. We need to decide whether a) They will serve any purpose as "free picks" in the PL whilst U21, and b) Have they got a realistic chance of earning a place in the 25 when they get to 21. If the answer to these questions is no, then they should be helped to find another club. Yes, you might lose a miniscule number of "late developers", but you will save wages, and training resources that can be better spent in keeping, or seeking, genuine 1st team players. If funds are limited, as many claim, then they must be directed towards the best return. We may even discover that this streamlining of systems may suggest that there maybe surplus staff involved and that could be rationalised.
I would say yes most of the time. But I like the idea of players going over sea to play on loan as well. Falque has played for a fair few teams now, in Italy, Spain and England. Maybe he does want to go back home… but he was just starting to break through. Maybe there was more than one offer on the table but this one appealed to him more? Coming back for pre-season with us in the summer will be enough time to settle again imo. Its good experience but I do wonder if he is coming back. With the new staff and manager, they will give the nod to deals like this as they probably know these teams in the Spanish league better than us, it could suit his style and I’m sure they will play him regularly? (which is the point). Best of luck really, sometimes this kind of move works really well the player and current club, other times it just cements what the player really wants and they move on. Saying this we will be lacking extra cover if he leaves plus the EL is approaching again..
Our youth policy should stop at age 20. After that players must be in or around the first team squad or else they'll never be good enough. Loaning them out home or abroad is only postponing the inevitable.
Iago Falque going out on loan free's up a squad place, Jenas is out injured and was named in our squad so that's another free place, if Iago Falque is or was behind Townsend in the pecking order, then he has liitle hope of making it @ spurs
spu 4 life
Well atv least the site is not in BOLD today or in ITALIC, that's until the children arrive?
spu 4 life
The sooner the FA catch up with the Spanish and allow 'B' teams to be owned and played in lower leagues the sooner all these mess can be cleared up. It really is that simple. the problem is the old farts at the FA simply can't get their heads around why PL clubs all see it as a natural progression after the new academy system has been put in place..
Another excellent article OX.
Thought Falque may come good but he may be our new Dos Santos! Agree Frank number of players needs rationalising. No point in continuing to name Bentley or JJ in 25 just because they are English. Such a waste hope we register obika instead as it would allow him to play unless we sign a striker
Wilts Spurs
In general, our young footballers are way below the technical ability shown by young players from Germany and Spain. I would love to see the whole structure of English football completely revamped. Germany did it and look at the amount of quality young talent they produce. Our whole footballing ethos is wrong. I won't go into depth on my views on the English game because I would be here all day, but one point for example is look at kids playing football in England. They start playing on full sized pitches at the age of 11 (that's what happened to me). This completely stunts their ability and footballing growth, the team I used to play for focused on fitness size as the main attributes to succeed at a young age, I remember players in the team who were not comfortable on the ball at all. Compare this to Spain and you see where we are going wrong....... As for the loan system right now, the same thing happens really. It's hard to find an actual proper ball playing team in the lower leagues. That's why sending them to somewhere like Spain could be a good idea just because of the technical side of the game should in theory make them better overall players. Look at Caulker for example, went on loan to Swansea last season and now he looks to have really benefited from that, he can actually play the ball and seems calm under pressure - In the modern game this is SO important - he certainly looks more cultured than Dawson (who I really like btw).
rahn DMC
We have obviously looked at buying young talent, Holtby coming, Son only 21 (linked), and these are deemed ahead of Falque in pushing the first team. Livermore, Thudd etc will also be pushed down the pecking order. If you cannot sell players under contract then loaning is the only other option to improve the wages outlay and game time to promote a sale. In the past the Football Combination league (reserves) used to have a mix of young and experienced 2nd eleven players, playing clubs in the same division. ie: WBA (A) a second XI would go away too and play earlier in the day on a different pitch v WBA. This way they get to play a similar game against players trying to get in oppositions 1st XI.
rahn DMC,
the kids and new PL youth academy system has been dramatically changed in the last year or so - so things have changed, including when kids get to play on full size pitches...the problem remains a simple one as far as a comparison between here and abroad. Here, our facilities are 3rd perhaps even 4th rate for kids compared to germany, Holland, Spain and even Italy. And you can blame the FA for pouring a near £1 billion into a national stadium rather than a national project (as both Spain and Germany did) for that..
I think you have to tailor the loan to the loanee....the most important thing is that they play....sometimes you'll want a technical player to play in a more physical environment and vice verse....I'd be interested in the stats as to how much it costs to run an acedemy, pay players coaches travel costs etc as to the amount we earn/save on the those that come through..I wouldn't be surprised if it were cheaper just to scrap the lot and only buy proven players...
taraabt, KPB - v good players but we had them at the wrong time....people are talking about Son, not seen much of him but what I have he looks if we bought a player like that and he didn't settle straight away the best thing would be a PL loan before we got rid at a loss...
Seen one goal on youtube by "Son" and read his wikpedia......and just by them. I'm convinced...that he would be a Decent signing....and good value, at no more than £12 mill'.....for spurs and Enic. The goal.......he ran 30yards, controlling the ball with his right foot.....then unleashed a 20 yarder into the top corner, with his left foot.....lastly, he smiled....german league.
Ox - when I read the article the first question that came to my mind was whether an U21, English or other, lose their affiliation to the England and Wales FA if they go out on loan to another country. I'm wondering whether that is the reason we see such few loans outside of this country because their "homegrown" status is in jeopardy. We know that the structure of a 25 man squad needs to have 8 home-growns in it and with the perceived lack of good English and Welsh players it is likely that the other 17 will be mostly foreign or non-homegrown. Getting the talented foreigners in at 16 / 17 years old makes a lot of sense but it seems a shame we can't loan them back into an environment where they can progress. Our lower divisions are no place for cultured footballers to improve their technique but it does toughen them up.
Gary Hooper is apparantly on a flight down to London....... Oh dear!!!
TomYid - I heard it was Norwich who are interested in Hooper, not Spurs...
SpursOne2 - Lets hope Chrissy Hughton sill has a house in London, or there's a meeting being held at Delia's gaff. Heard his name linked with us earlier in the week and we've apparantly had a loan bid rejected.
"Can we trust the domestic loan system?" Don't you mean, can we trust the Daniel Levy last minute, bargain basement, buy/sale, loan in, loan out, Fantasy Football style of Football Manager/Ebay, spoilt little rich kid, uncle Joe bought him his very own personal football club play thing, kind of transfer business? It's been over 100 players signed already... 4 squads worth! And still we all keep writing, informing the spoilt little rich kid the glaring holes in his squad... Time to take the toy away from your spoilt little nephew, uncle Joe, before he does anymore damage...
I don’t think there is anything in the Hooper story lads (like it or not), as far as i know the reports that AVB were at the match have so far been unsubstantiated. Fergie was seen and pictured there but ive seen nothing that AVB was

Arrrggh I hate myself for saying this but I do get the feeling we will be seeing one or two players in……I know I know, we all get the “feeling” then bugger all happens but this time I think its different. I promise ; )
TomYid - Could be mate ha. Maybe QPR are linked? Yeah i heard the link to, but then read AVB wasn't at the game up in Scotland after all? Your guess is as good as mine then
ahh sorry hudderspur
pelebro, you feeling alright? So we've bought a lot of players, so what? It's something we have to do when you buy potential. Potential is not always realized.
Son would be a free pick next season then as well which helps with Squad numbers. He would be a great marketing ploy and does look a decent player from clips etc etc but then doesn't everyone. Would be good to just sign some 1 or 2 attacking players.
thfan is right. Clearly for the likes of Caulker & Livermore the domestic loan system has worked, they are less technical players & are physically strong and have improved rapidly over the last 3 years. Loaning Iago Falque or Tom Carroll to Sheff Weds or Hull isnt going achieve much though imo. Why not look abroad?
Just quickly on Hooper, he would be an upgrade on both Defoe and Adebayor this season. That being the case I'd be happy to see him signed up. Don't knock him please. Beggars can't be too choosy!
Tom Yid, i hope hooper is on a flight down to london and it's to see us, because watching Ade for togo, he only has to put in 50% effort and that will be 50% more then Ade does of late. In his Togo game The game was only a couple minutes old when Ade pounced on a poor back pass from Kolo Toure. The Togolese striker ambled forwards, the keeper was already on the floor, Toure had his head in his hands and the supporters dotted around the Royal Bafokeng Stadium prepared for the goal. No he missed it just like he did at QPR, Ade looks out of love with football.
spu 4 life
AVB was at celtic the other night along with time on our hands fergie, both looking at different players.
spu 4 life
Holtby to open them up and Hooper to knock them home, jobs a good un !!!!!!!!!!!!!
spu 4 life
"Contrary to reports, Andre Villas-Boas did not attend last night's Scottish Premier League fixture between Celtic and Dundee United. Neither is the Tottenham manager interested in strengthening his squad with Gary Hooper or Victor Wanyama in the transfer window. Hooper has been the subject of an offer from Norwich City, while Arsenal are considering a bid for Kenya midfielder Wanyama"
Juve have just confirmed the llorente deal...dum dum dum... ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!
Was hoping for someone of a bit higher pedigree than hooper but would still prefer him to ade and defoe, ive come around to the beggers cant be choosers. on the brighter side holtby and hooper would definetly be better than nelsen and saha
TornadoYid - Lucky buggers :-(
spu 4 life - "out of love for football"? I don't Ade has ever been in love with football. I believe he is in love with short term goals. Spurs: been there, done that, got the contract.... He has history.
with the one or two comments about Caulker and Rose doing well on loan, firstly they are defensive players and perhaps therefore they benefit from a physical development, but wouldnt they also gain something from playing against players with pace and movement, wherever they were played. also in the case of Rose, he is a player that struggled on loan in an advanced position, but has excelled ar LB. however both he and Caulker are/were playing in the Prem, so therefore are playing at a level of the Tottenham team
Ox - I don't think that it is so much that they are "defensive", but more that they are robust players AND individuals. Jamie O'Hara went on loan a few times with great success, and back then was a more attacking player - but he is robust despite not being particularly big. Carrol, Falque, Townsend are always going to be difficult to send on loan because they do not come across as robust. Finding the right loan is tricky. But we do not do too badly overall: Walker, Naughton, Caulker, Taarabt were successful loans (Taarabt - because it allowed us to sell him for more than we would have done). I feel that EVERY time that we are cruising in a game, it should be general policy to bring a youngster on... Yes, occasionally this could lead to the game turning...but usually it will be win win. We would give players better (albeit limited) experience. We should also look to giving Townsend his first league is the only way we can see if he will step up.
SpurBRE, you write, "Potential is not always realized." Couldn't agree more! Daniel Levy has over a period of 13 years, failed to realize the enormous potential of the 11th richest planet on the globe, both on the pitch (1 League Cup in 12 seasons) and off the pitch (no new stadium in 13 years and counting, despite an estimated season ticket waiting list of around 30,000 Spurs fans...) Huge fan base, vastly rich owners, a long, long romantic football history, one of the great English old clubs. Everything there, apart from the fact the clubs owner Joe Lewis, doesn't give a tosh about our club, and his nephew, who he handed over OUR club too, because he is way to tied up with other much more important projects, is a novice in the football world! Yes we poor Spurs fans have had to endure the long, tediously slow, painful, process of watching a footballing novice tying to learn his trade in full public view. How many cringe moments have there been these past 13 years...? Yes we've all watched Danny Boy go through football chairmanship kindergarten schooling, the infants, the juniors, and now we are watching his college internship. The big question is.... Will the spoilt little rich kid every graduate???
I really don’t understand the Llorente situation. He has refused to sign a new contact since the summer of 2011. Even last summer with only a year on his contact Bilbao wanted 27m for him, realistically they could have got at least £5-6 this window but now Llorente has dug his heels in and only wanted to go to Juve. Strange situation, I think Llorente basically stuck the middle finger up at Bilbao by refusing to go to any other club who were willing to pay now. What is really weird is that Llorente has only played about 5 games all season and looks utterly average in his performance. I see Schalke have turned down another bid. Its obvious we want him now and schalke obviously know we need him. Bet if we offered them £850k before sandro got injured they would have taken it. Chicken is a dangerous game Mr Levy, its either pay the £1.8m now or wait till summer I think. If it were my money I know what id be doing.
Could it be that he was allowed to leave on loan to free up a space on the roster? As clubs are allowed to rename their 25 man roster in Jan, i think that the club could be making space for some additions. Well at least that is my hope.
Someone mentioned that Jenas was also on the list so that would clear up another space and i think that we had one space open going into the season.
If my math is right (questionable!) this would leave 3 open slots: Holtby plus 2 more. If Sandro is out for the rest of the season then his name could be dropped leaving us with 4 possible slots, hmmmmmm
Its the responsibility of the club that's loaning the player to make sure the system works. Case in point; Adam Smith was loaned to Millwall and has done well there. Now, apparently, a couple of premier league teams are interested in taking him for the second half of the season. Spurs need to decide whether he is ready for that step up and whether the clubs that are interested are going to give him the kind of experience he needs. There is no point in sending him just to sit on the bench. Its our call and its no use complaining if we get it wrong. You can also get it wrong by not loaning a player, Danny Rose should have spent last season on loan instead of wasting his time sitting on the bench. One change I'd like to see to the system is that there is an option that players can be recalled if the club we loan the player too has a change of manager. Once that happens any understanding we have with them goes out the window.
Frank valid point at 23 you would be expecting the player to be backup and ready for the bench. However we have to realise some players can make it at a later age as some players as some players mature physically later in life, Carroll will be one of those and may be Falique.
Just how secure is our pre-contract deal for Holtby, could we still get gazumped by somebody wishing to offer a realistic fee before his contract expires. OK we may get a bit of compo, but would that be better than getting the player. There is a story on "Newsnow" that we are looking at a 19 year old striker currently on loan at Watford, there is a funny scraping noise emitting from Levy's office, as he reaches the bottom of the barrel. I fear another Gregor Rasiak or Louis Saha at 22-30 on 31/1/2012, we have been here so many times before in the last 12 years.
Frank, pre-contracts are legally binding, he's ours and there's no way back for him now that it's signed.
Spursex - You are right, there has been movement towards a better youth standard but there is still loads that could be done for grass roots football. I also agree that their facilities are far superior to ours in England and it's all well and good having a brand new England international team base but that doesn't help youngsters starting out all that much. We have an abundance of kids who play football in England so it is possible. I think another one of the big factors which hinders us is the fact that (I don't know the exact figures) Spain has about 5 times as many qualified coaches than we do... and Germany definitely has more than us.
rahn DMC
One report on holtby how true was ''offer'' around £850.000, then i understand Levy upped it, by another £150.000 (paper gossip) No idea what they really want Schalke that is or what if anything Levy will go to, another phucked up transfer saga, then he has him for free in the summer, signing on fee was quoted £530.000, Surely 2m is worth it and get him in. Another for 11th hour on the 31st. Reports linking us with some watford loan Czech Republic player. Negredo what happened to El Presidente's visit, never mind loans out, STRIKER IN would be handy
spu 4 life
Cant see Falque coming back to be honest i think this is his ticket home. Townsend is a better prospect and younger imo so no real loss really not as impressed by him as others were. Also Coulibally from what i have seen of him is poor we have better at the club already. I do think if we could get loans abroad for some of our young english lads that would be fantastic for our small technical players like Pritchard for example. However why would a on the continent want to develope players for our league and national team. I think some of our young players could have a great career in Holland and the like.
Every player is different. Some will be energized by a loan, some would do better in and around the first team or the development squad. Luongo said as much. Loved the loan, but at the end of the day he has fallen down the pecking order. I am not a big fan of loaning players out unless it is to a PL or Championship team and so long as the player will play. If a player is not included because they are not pulling their weight, fine, but players like Obika, Bostock and others have had loan spells where they sit an awful lot. Rose, Walker, Naughton, Caulker are recent examples of how I feel it should be done. I also love the idea of buying a player like Butland and loaning him straight back. ManU should do the same with Zaha, if and when they get their man. I think loans to Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Austria could also do a lot for the kids in our system.

Pritchard, from all I am reading, is an incredibly bright talent. He doesn't want to extend. That's a worry. The boy needs to be playing. So does Townsend and Livermore. Even Carroll. It's not easy. I also think we need to be a little more respectful of the kids. There is no shame in telling a young kid, look you are 10th in our depth chart. If you want to go and try your luck elsewhere, please do. If yu want to stay and fight, we'll respect that. Fact is our MF is pretty good and pretty young. If we were to, for example add Holtby and Sissokho, we would have a surplus of senior players, all of whom need playing time. It's already pretty bleak for Hudd and Livermore who need to play but who are just too far down the talent list. Hopefully Hudd gets sold and Livermore goes to QPR on loan, and hopefully Harry plays him. COYS
negrado would be very for the loan system here it worked at frist for Khumalo then it didn't (not his fault but got pelters anyway) now he's doing well in Greece and OK at the ACN...even if it's decided he doesn't have a future with us we will have increased his value by loaning him abroad....we almost lost it domestically.
when people mention grass roots football there have been a lot of changes - better facilities, smaller sided games (11 year olds play 9a side) more coaches (although most are still v poor ex park footballers) but the one thing we seem to overlook is the grass roots themselves...we train them in skills and touch and then send our kids out muddy fields, or with grass up to their ankles...all the skills goes out the window and it still comes down to strongest. The spanish/Brazilians have an unfair advantge...the climate! Let's get the kids on 4g turf and let them play games on it....
If Falque helps Almeria get promoted, Almeria will want him to stay on. If we were to sign say, Willian and Son (not the law firm), there would be no place for Falque anyway. Townsend, Pritchard need playing time now. McEvoy is right behind them. It's one of the reasons that I believe the staff are conflicted about signing wingers. If we don't get Pritchard involved, we risk losing him. He has apparently not penned an extension. He looks a dominant player, and from all reports, is calling for the ball every game. That's what great players do.

Credit also where Credit is due. The Next Gen Series, the U-21sa and the developmental league have all worked wonders for our team. What is great to see is that Sherwood and Co. Have really done a great job making sure that all of these clubs play the Spurs way. By all accounts, our young players are great to watch. COYS
The best way to solve these problems is to simply introduce the top academies from Premier League clubs into the English leagues for real.
Holtby, Willian, Negredo, Son, Sissokho - too much to ask? 45-50M. Sell Hudd and Gomes and you have repaid 8-10M and covered off a couple of the salaries. Let the dust settle where it may in August and perhaps the majority can be recouped from sales of players that no longer fit. Certainly Jenas and Bentley look like they'll both be off the wage bill by August, so there are more of the salaries covered. I can't see Gallas back. If BAE extends and Fryers looks the part, Rose could be sold. There's no doubt he's improved his value. Falque may do the same. I can see Livermore doing it too. If Son and Negredo hit the ground running and Dempsey keeps contributing, Defoe and Adebayor will be available. Get in Alderweirald or Howedes in the summer and Dawson would be way down the list.

To me, it just seems that the names I am suggesting are all young enough and talented enough to either become the plan and displace someone who has a value, or who will have a value going forward. Son to me is a no-brainer. Hamburg needs money. Son has refused to extend and is out of contract in 18 months. He does not look out of place in the Bundesliga. He can score. He can play any AMF position. He represents a huge potential merchandising coup in the South Korean Community. He's just a kid. I can't see a negative to such a deal. Worst case scenario, he does't settle and still remains a talent worth what we paid for him. Best case scenario...... - Levy should be all over this. COYS
I think that is too much to ask Peter lol. There is an ex Tottenham trainee who I am aware of an many of my mates know vey well. Of course take it with a pinch of salt but he says that Coulibaly was apparently useless and tat Ceballos is a very very special player.
I actually only think we need Holtby an that striker. For me only two pieces to the jigsaw are left unsolved an it is those two pieces
Ceballos is a player...
Never seen him myself tbh shed. But this is without doubt the most talented group of youngsters I've seen at spurs in my time who are also part of a quality coaching set up. Perhaps this is where the reluctance to buy players lies?? For certain positions if this was the case that wouldn't bother me one bit
Brooksy, I would suggest that the wing option is also a huge need. Thus Son, Negredo and Holtby solves the immedate issues. Add Willian and Sissokho and we are scary deep.

All reports I have read about Coulibaly suggest that he is nowhere near ready. Ceballos does look good but there are huge (ahem) issues with his size (or similar lack thereof). His Ronaldinho impression on youtube is pretty darned good for a 13 year old. His ball skills have always been there. The question is is it a bridge too far? Much more interested i Pritchard and McEvoy. COYS
We don't need a striker ''BALDRICK'' has a cunning plan!!! just watched Malaga 2 Barcelona 4 - lining up with Messi playing behind the striker, well he would have if they had one 4-5-1-0 amazing game of sheer class and passing football, the movement was outstanding and Malaga are a good side, they will over come Porto in the next CL match up, Pique scored in the week he became a father, in the box, chest control and left footed into the bottom corner, that was a strikers goal, let alone from very good centre half. Couple of incoming players at spurs like getting this Holtby deal sorted and a fast attacking player like Heung-Min Son or Son Heung-Min and away we go.
spu 4 life
No one likes to struggle against relegation or lose, especially youngsters in need of a boost. Lets form up a Tottenham B team and start at the bottom of the pyramid, and let our youth play against non/lower league teams and win their way as high as they can. I'm sure our youngsters will benefit more from winning 5-0 against amateurs every week under our own management than struggling in a Nationwide mid-table team under a crappy coach.

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