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Hands up if you want to see Spurs Live!

Hands up if you want to see Spurs Live!

The FA Premier League was formed on 20 February 1992 following the decision of clubs in the Football League First Division to break away from The Football League to take advantage of lucrative television rights deals.

You may have heard yesterday that Sky has secured extended rights to televise Premier League Football. This season coming TV rights will be worth £3 billion as of 2013-14, with BSkyB and BT Group securing the rights to broadcast 116 and 38 games respectively. The Premier League is the most-watched football league in the world, broadcast in 212 territories to 643 million homes. In the 2010-11 season the average Premier League match attendance was 35,363, the second highest of any professional football league other than the German Bundesliga and stadium occupancy was 92.2% capacity.

The Premier League ranked second in the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) coefficients of leagues based on performances in European competitions over the last five years. Since 1888, a total of 23 clubs have been crowned champions of the English football system. Of the 45 clubs to have competed since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, five have won the title: Manchester United (12 titles), Arsenal (3), Chelsea (3), Blackburn Rovers (1) and Manchester City (1).

Adult season ticket prices for 2012-13 £985-£1955 (includes seven cup matches) For Spurs: .Average attendance 36,026 (+0.9% on 2010-11) .Adult season ticket prices £730 - £1,845 (up by 3.6% 5.79%) Adult matchday prices vary according to the game.Clubs in London are generally more expensive than around the country, with Arsenal (£100), Chelsea (£87) and Tottenham (£80) having the highest cost of match day tickets in the country. However, Chelsea's cheapest ticket is £23.50. Champions Manchester United and Man City compare relatively well - United's cheapest day out is £35.60 while City's cheapest ticket is £25.

Now watching Spurs on the TV is nothing like actually being in the ground but for many fans that is about as close as you are likely to get. The League and FA Cup offer some chance but anyone who has tried to buy a Ticket on line or contact the infamous Tottenham Ticket 'Hot Line' will know that you probably have to leave for work at 8:00 in the morning, leaving the phone in the wife's hand and know she will still be holding the phone when you get back from work! Spurs are one of the most expensive teams to support. Yesterday we heard that the club had lost £32m or 12% in turnover for the last year.

At one of my sons football club games the opposing team coach saw my Spurs emblem and told me he had now reached number 7,000 in the season ticket waiting list out of 35,000. To all season ticket holders, and those that travel to away matches we all know the cost of supporting Spurs but is it right that ticket prices should be so high and so difficult to get and are many fans who truly love the club now left to watching Spurs on the big screen, and what happens if you dont have Sky? There's always Match of the Day I suppose!

Written by OyVeh Maria

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Writer:OyVeh Maria
Date:Thursday January 24 2013
Time: 2:07PM


Yes.. COYS
24/01/2013 14:13:00
I watch 90% of matches via streaming sites or arab channels...
24/01/2013 14:14:00
spurs need the revenue and with only 38k seats compared to our competitors on 45k and up....YES we need to charge more...especially if the demand is way higher than supply of seats...
24/01/2013 14:22:00
Supply and demand.
24/01/2013 14:32:00
That's why we need a bigger stadium. The Germans manage with much lower ticket prices, of course they allow standing and have much bigger crowds.
24/01/2013 14:38:00
Just wait until we're playing Wigan away, buy a few of home tickets and have a whole stand to yourself.
24/01/2013 14:39:00
OyVeh Maria interesting post. The Premier League attracts a massive world audience, i've watched spurs games on true sport and other channels on holiday in thailand, it's a while since i have been to the lane, but the reasons are to long to go into and i live in england, you only have to read vital spurs we have members from all over the world, so for all of us who are unable to get to white hart lane, it's the only way to see games via what ever means possible. I was able to always get tickets (never been a season ticket holder) when i wanted to go if i was not playing football on saturdays, that's the difference now, all games got played at 3pm on a saturday, in my early days, plus midweek european and cup replays, now we have sat, sun, mon, midweek, different times, higher cost. A waiting list of 35,000 and it will get bigger, shows the need for a new stadium, i would like a pound for every minute i've spent pressing redial for tickets, i could buy several season tickets with that in a new stadium. For me being at a live game is both very emotional and exiting, the place rocks on match days inside and out, great banter and only one TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR FC.
spu 4 life
24/01/2013 14:52:00
There has to be a way for the club to leverage the amount of people that watch games for free through streaming....think if it were only £2 to watch they'd still rake in loads or at least the club should be advertising on the dodgy sites....there has to be a way to maintain the atmosphre and leverage world wide support....we have joint TV rights...the Spansih don't, how do the germans make so much money from such low ticket prices? There has to be a way of connecting the dots in a digital age...this site for example makes money from us talking about much geos to the club?
24/01/2013 14:56:00
Thank goodness for streaming ;0)
24/01/2013 14:58:00
as fans we cant have everything of course. We want cheap tickets, but at the same time demand that we buy top players and therefore have to spend big wages etc to get them. Short of clubs all agreeing to have a fixed price admittance I think prices will remain high and clubs like Spurs and Arsenal will rightly feel they are selling out every week so why drop the price. We are assuming that the clubs give a *****e about who buys them, and that they care about the man in the street. just as long as the seats get paid for, who cares?...
24/01/2013 15:00:00
Very insightful article pal. I think the main comment has already been made though - Spurs can charge what they want. They benefit from being in London, where people pay higher prices anyway, and demand far outweighs supply. We could fill a 50,000 seater for every game, and I would expect ticket prices to be (slightly) more reasonable...
24/01/2013 15:03:00
Have not been to the lane for 8 years but i never miss a match due to streams.due to a very bad accident left me with limited capablites but im going to make it to the new staduim if im still alive by the time or if it is ever a struggle but then im a spurs fan so no other way for it.coys.
Little spur
24/01/2013 15:07:00
It is NOT difficult to get tickets for WHL. You become a Bronze/Lilywhite club member (£48 - £56 per year) and you go on the internet on the on sale date at 9.00am, wait till 9.30am, for each match and click on the seats you want. You can allocate to other members so you can sit together, and pay for all at the end by way of credit card. I have not failed in 5 seasons to go to the matches I wanted to attend. It is expensive yes (Manure for 4 of us was £198) but so is the theatre, shows, etc for a similar time period, but we get great entertainment and usually 3 points at the end of it. (tongue in cheek that one). Awesome.
24/01/2013 15:17:00
COYS R Us - absolutely. Even just a quick look at the spurs website today and we have both Lyon and Newcastle on General Sale. I don't buy this excuse 'we can't get a ticket'. There's loads and loads of opportunities to support your team. Away games are also a great opportunity to get a ticket, particularly if the game is on sky on a Sunday, or Monday night or something - and you get a far far better atmosphere amongst the away support anyway. Its expensive though so you have to pick and choose the games you want to go to and plan ahead. Even if you can only afford one game a season - just do it!!
24/01/2013 15:29:00
I've never owned a season ticket & living up north every trip to WHL costs me at least £300 all bills included, travel, night out after etc. Plus i often drag my poor Liverpool supporting girlfriend along with me costing her a bomb as well. Ive booked matches through Thomas Cook 6 times costing me a fortune. I visit the lane 3 or 4 times a season & nearly all the northern away games. Simply put, i cannot wait for the new stadium. Ive chosen a very expensive religion to follow. COYS.
24/01/2013 15:33:00
I can no longer get the the lane due to illness and disability. When I have been prior to my illness it cost a fortune especially when I took my son. I want to watch Spurs live all the time so I would go for live televised games if possible. Then again I think English teams in Europe and CL should be live on TV and so should England games in all competitions. We invented the game didn't we so games should be made accessible to people of this country without having to purchase additional TV channels like Sky and so forth. I hardly watch TV but I watch footy so signing up to sky TV and having to get the extra package of Sky Sport added is a not worth the expense as apart from wacthing footy the rest of the channels wouldn't be used except for Sky Sports news on Transfer deadline day.
24/01/2013 16:09:00
Hi all , i have yet had the chance to see our team play live . 1 , i lived in Cornwall for a long period , 2, i am now disabled and can't afford it . Between me and the wife , we have 5 kids!! So money won't be lavished on the footy . I do try and watch through streaming , but i cant guarantee that i'd get to see the game , Spurs always seem to get shut down quickly , and any other game still runs :-(( .. but that don't stop me buying as much shirts and clothing for me and the kids as i can lol. My 19 month old boy has pyjama's and kits and clothes , the older kids have shirts, clocks,cups,posters, so i will support in my own way as much as possible even if we have to shop about for price . i am obviously a tad older than most and i remember watching football on the tv , without any sky/broadband !just good old fashion terrestrial tv lol.. But like most would love to get up the lane and roar the team on , so the next best thing is the internet (for me that is). So yes is the answer ..hahaha , got there eventually lol ..COYS... in AVB and LEVY we must trust ... BUT IN SPURS WE LOVE ....
24/01/2013 16:41:00
It's a businesses, if numbers don't drop, carry on putting prices up. I'm priced out of going as it is and for the good of the club I guess this is irrelevant.
Tottenham Hotcore
24/01/2013 16:47:00
OyVeh Maria, nice article my man, which brings to attention yet again, how Levy and Lewis, despite having a season ticket waiting list of 35,000 Spurs supporters desperately wanting to see live football at the Lane, which would give the club hugely needed revenue, have only added about 200 extra seats to the entire stadium in 13 years. Economic madness! Hundreds of millions lost in revenue every season... The ENIC Hotspur fan club members keep telling us how well Levy is running the club as a business, but the season ticket waiting list only heightens, and exposes even further how ENIC have totally failed to utilize and profit from the huge Tottenham Hotspur fan base... I mean, if Levy had even knocked down the old shelf side and built a 3 decker stand similar to the one the Russian built at the Bridge, it would have taken the attendance of the stadium up to about 46,000. Ten thousand extra seats, a home game would increase revenue by almost a third. I just don't get this ENIC crew???
24/01/2013 16:56:00
0 your talking, I always stood on the shelf from 1968 right through to when they started knocking stands down starting in 1980 with the old West Stand and replaced by a new all-seater stand, which they opened in 1982. The East Stand got renovated in 1989, and then of course it convereted into an all-seater in the early 1990s. Then they built the second tier for the Paxton Road Members Stand. But you couldnt be more right, what a cock up! we could have had at least 40k plus in there by 1990 if they had just planned it better but I dont think the club had the money for a bigger design.....its a far cry from the days when it was all standing, the shelf used to heave under the sheer weight of numbers and Park Lane was always "big" especially for big nights I still think the new NPD aint going to be big enough I think 55,000 is still too small ....
OyVeh Maria
24/01/2013 17:20:00
WOW - there really is nothing happening at the moment is there - articles on loan system, live TV, hazzard, Enic etc. Come on Levy, back AVB and give us something to argue (oops, sorry - discuss) on here. COYS
24/01/2013 17:36:00
@topspur13, you said, "Just wait until we're playing Wigan away, buy a few of home tickets and have a whole stand to yourself."

Being from up norf, I only really get an opp to go to the away matches when they are being played up here. Wigan, Blackburn + Bolton used to cost me £25. No pre-booking, just turn up and pay!. Great atmosphere amongst Spurs fans, generally louder than the home club! Man U, £45. Not been to Etihad yet!. Unfortunately, of the cheaper venues, only Wigan remain in the PL....may be not for long!. so will look forward to that. I think in the modern economic climate, seems football clubs are immuned to such pressures to keep prices affordable. However, what annoys me most is the fact that Wembley management rather have half empty stadium during England friendlies than reduce prices to fill the stadium and create an atmosphere. Alas, the days of making it a family event are long gone. :( I always wondered how well England may play if they had a full house, but no, not the power that be, they want their money!
24/01/2013 17:53:00
With you there, Oyveh - I was on the shelf from age 7 between 71 - 82 (and occassionally after that) and most of the time my feet were off the floor as it was just solid with Spurs. Had more variety of songs back then, too - not all polite - but very imaginative lol. I might be able to afford one trip up this year - I'd like to see Bale play before the Summer just in case he ships out. COYS!
24/01/2013 17:56:00
good comment Critical and spot on about Wembley......but if you want to see more seats at WHL vs space to accommodate a more corporate form of income generation you only have to look at what Spurs charge for their Executive Boxes;Example: EAST STAND BOXES FOR THE 2012/2013 SEASON: 10 seat Boxes from £42,000 + VAT 12 seat Boxes from £44,000 + VAT 16 seat Boxes from £54,000 + VAT 18 seat Boxes from £60,000 + VAT
OyVeh Maria
24/01/2013 17:59:00
Bloody hell Newcastle have opened up the cheque book. Seems stupid how they seem to have got all their players sorted for the positions they need yet we seem to be just ******** about sitting on our arse.
rahn DMC
24/01/2013 18:09:00
Thanks for the smile Windlespur!
24/01/2013 18:12:00
rahn, yeah, Levy is doing his usual with Holtby by the looks of things, Apparently he's made two offers and both been turned down! :0(
24/01/2013 18:16:00
Critical_Spur - I know it's ridiculous, It's not like they're demanding 10M for him now. It's more like 2M, probably less which is an absolute steal if you consider his quality. Sometimes (well, pretty much all the time) I really feel Levy takes the ***** when it comes to transfers... Oh the joys of being a spurs fan :/
rahn DMC
24/01/2013 18:21:00
24th january already guys. In 7 days it`s Daniel *****i`n Levy time. I hope for gods sake we do something.
24/01/2013 18:42:00
pelebro, everyone wants more seats at the stadium. While you will disgree, more fannies in the seats would allow Lewis (through Tavistock) and Levy to make a whole bunch more money, so it is in their best interest. As for knocking down a stand and building a bigger one, it would be money that would never be recouped as we'll be knocking it down again in 5 years.

As for the ticket prices, yes, there should be a way for fans who do not have the wherewithal to pay top freight to get to see the games live. To my mind, modified standing room seems the best bet to accomplish that. Now, if you lived in the Toronto area and were a fan of the Maple Leafs, tickets can be had from $55.00 - $415.00 depending on where you sit in the stands. The next jump up from the nosebleed cheap seats is $95.00, so there really aren't that many seats available at what one would consider a reasonable price. Oh, I should mention that Premium Games the prices go from$70.00 to $450.00. As there are 41 regular season games (in a non-strike season) you can do the math as to how expensive it is to get a pair of season's tickets (you also have to pay for the pre-season games, Toronto Raptors games and/or games of the AHL-basically the Championship farm team for the Leafs- and the Lacrosse team). So, you have to pay a lot. Contrast that to many cities in the US where 4 tickets for a hockey game, with four hot dogs, four pops, four team logo baseball caps, and, in some areas, free parking all for $100.00 US. Football tickets may seem expensive, but it is nothing compared to what is charged on this side of the pond. I recall paying about $55.00 15 or so years ago to watch an exhibition match between Inter and the Canadian National Team. It's what the market will bear. I don't expect tickets at the new WHL to be any cheaper. COYS
24/01/2013 18:48:00
$55 Canadian dollars!! wow that is expensive....we could only get a packet of crisps for that (potato chips)...;)
24/01/2013 19:59:00
only joking with you Peter- spent a couple of years in Toronto and loved it...
24/01/2013 20:06:00
i can see i'm in the minority but it shows to me why we don't need a new stadium. i was pleased with sir alex's comment that he really got up for visiting the lane. you never know for sure the atmosphere of a new stadium. i agree it is not that difficult to get tickets the 35k on the waiting list are not all in addition to those already going to the game. more impotantly sky do a pretty good job for those of us who are old enough to think going to the game is a journey those who want to watch the game with a few kids or those who need to think about spending c £50 a ticket.the pubs are getting better and better at creating an atmosphere. once it goes out of fashion to hold corporate hospitality tickets i cant see any london club generating over gates of say 40k
24/01/2013 20:27:00
If you put the effort in you can get a ticket. As COYS R US has shown members can get tickets even for the best matches. Me and my mate jump the 35,000 queue. by getting a half season restricted view ticket two seats behind one of those posts, literally you couldn't see Lennon for the first half, but after a halfyear we renewed and moved. Yeah it's costs a grand but I have no kids and come the 93rd minute against Man Utd it's worth every penny. New stadium should sort the ticket problem for all, it'll just be the travel which will be a [extreme swear word] nightmare!!!!
24/01/2013 20:34:00
It's ok shedboy, we Canadians make fun of the low value American Dollar. Politely, of course, and then we apologize. Fact is, I have seen deals online including flights from Buffalo to Tampa with 4 tickets, hot dogs, caps, drinks and accommodation for one night that is cheaper than 2 Premium seats at the ACC (Where the Leafs play). Unfortunately, the Leafs crowd is now entirely corporate. You are there to see and be seen. It is nothing like when I was a kid and would go to ee games with friends or with my father at the Old Maple Leaf Gardens. It is a cautionary tale about the expansion. What I will say is this, the plans I have seen have the pitch very close to the seats. It looks a really good design. We'll see when it is done. COYS
24/01/2013 20:57:00
Troffer, I think you have a good point,Arsenal are not always filling their stadium and if/when they dont make top 4, their attendances next year will be very interesting. I am not a season ticket holder but have managed to get several tickets this year, obviously not Arsenal,Man U etc but just ordered my Fulham ticket. So the 30000+ supposed waiting list are obviously not too interested.
matt hoten
24/01/2013 23:41:00
In the States here I'm paying for an online subscription to where I get to watch most Spurs matches live, except for when it's broadcast live on TV for which the online broadcast will be delayed until 1159pm EST. So I paid for a Verizon FiOS package as well so that i can watch those few live matches, which are usually always the big ones like Spurs vs Man Utd etc.

I wonder how much of the money I paid goes to the club. I would love it if Spurs opt out of this Sky TV rights thing and just stream their matches live to paying subscribers. I'm sure the club will get a much better deal this way, not just with the subscriptions but with the advertisements they can put in at halftime and popups during the match (I won't be so *****ed at the in-match sidebar ads if I know the money goes to the club). Hopefully someone has brought up this idea to Levy, and he has at least analyzed the cost vs benefits of such an arrangement.
25/01/2013 01:40:00
We are at the cusp of greatness with this team and with this manager especially with the current league position we are in. So, why oh why do we have to wait till the last few moments in the transfer window to complete the deals that we (and that includes AVB) deem necessary. I know everybody harp on about financial prudence with the impending new stadium, harsh economic times generally and overinflated players valuation but my point is that Levy and co. should be able to do better. We as fans are programmed to this last minute deals (if we're lucky) or maybe even nothing, so much so that we are not really complaining to much on these blogs anymore.

C'mon Mr Daniel Levy, why don't you have a good chat with Mr Villas Boas, narrow down the targets to 2 or 3 in each position we need help in and make a decent offer. If it is rejected and we do not feel a higher fee is warranted, then move on and find someone else. Stop mucking around for crying out loud. You do NOT have to do everything at 10 minutes to midnight final day. What if that dodgy fax machine plays up again (I know that was an excuse)? If we do not get into the Top 4 this year , the failure is on you Mr Levy!!!!!
25/01/2013 01:47:00
Only way Levy gets us out of this is if he gets us at least Holtby, Belhanda or Coutinho , Negredo or RvW or Hooper. Simples.
25/01/2013 05:54:00
I live in jakarta, indonesia. My annual pilgrimage takes me to white hart lane. Could always get tickets one way or the other, but granted its not cheap. COYS
25/01/2013 06:24:00
I read with interest that there is a campaign to have all away pickets priced at £20, all very lordable, however, we know that clubs expect or need a certain revenue, so all that would happen is the away areas would potentially be looked to be decreased or more likely, the home fans would see an increase in their own tkts to counter the loss from away fans
25/01/2013 08:12:00
peterballb, I was not saying that the ENIC should not build a new stadium, I was saying that the least ENIC could have done, as the Russian did at the bridge immediately after he bought CFC, was to build one new stand to increase the attendance. But ENIC have not built a new stand, nor a new stadium. They have done nothing whatsoever to increase the size of the 13th biggest stadium in England. An embarrassing joke for the 11th richest club on the entire planet... Still no starting date for building work on the new stadium! Why? Has Joe Lewis bottled it? Is he worried about the real estate sale on value of property in N17??? Or is he just buying up as much cheap property (which Danny boy is knocking knocking down) in the surrounding area of the stadium to sale on as a package. Which consists of a famous old famous English football club with a huge fan base, a squad of football players, a new training centre, and lot's of London north London land with planning permission to build yourself a 56,000 seater stadium on. All the evidence is pointing in this direction, because if Lewis was so keen to make the investment himself, or borrow the money as the Arsenal did, then why has he not announced a date for the building works to begin? Let's not forget, Lewis did not buy the club a couple of years ago like John Henry the owner of Liverpool, who's plans for Anfield are already well advanced of Lewis's White Hart Lane plans.. Lewis bought THFC 13 years back! 13 years and still no start date for building works to begin? It's clear that he is planning a sale, unless of course I have missed something? Do any of you ENIC HOTSPUR fans have any information about a REAL start date that building works will begin? I look forward to your response peter...
25/01/2013 08:53:00
I think this is a bit concerning now. I support Levy and the board but unless there is something bigger transfer wise going on behind the scenes they are handing 4th to arsenal. There is a point we can reach when it's better off not shopping at all and. 3.5 mil for Diame might just be that point. If we don't improve what we have in the days remaining in this window arsenal will finish above us.
25/01/2013 09:12:00
OyVeh Maria, same big Joe took the same dividends as each year.... nothing.
29/01/2013 13:07:00
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