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Coulibaly makes Italian loan move

Souleymane Coulibaly has joined Serie B side US Grosseto on loan until the end of the season.

The Italian side are currently rooted at the bottom of the Italian second division, and although there is no guarantee's that the player will ever make the grade at WHL, this represents a good opportunity to get games and perhaps develop without quite the same pressure as he might have expected in a loan in the English lower leagues.

At only just 18, Souleymane has all too often been overhyped by Tottenham fans as they have looked to see him pushed into a Senior place, almost from the day he signed for the club. That may well be as much about the clubs lack of attacking depth, but the fact that he was at school leaving age when he joined us in summer of 2011, made any hopes of an instant elevation to the first team and from what I have seen and heard, he remains a player of very strong potential, but he is still a young man with much to learn and his career could still go one of two ways.

As I speculated earlier in the week, following the loan of Iago Falque to Spain, this perhaps cements my thinking that we will make a greater effort to loan our offensive and creative players abroad, as there appears difficulty in finding clubs that can assist in their development. Perhaps if we see some home-grown players take the same route, we will then know for sure...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 25 2013

Time: 2:12PM

Your Comments

Loans are fine, but really want to know when the deadwoods are going to be moved.
Hope this loan works out for him and spurs. Could we ask for a weekly or monthly update on how our loanees are performing or at least teh amoutn of game time they are getting? I almost feel greedy posting that question as this site is so well ran but like Levy I keep raising the bar!
Slurms McKenzie
Will do coulibaly a world of good. Why are we hanging on to Bentley, JJ and Gomes FFS?!! At least one of those sold will esily bring in enough dough and savings on the payroll alone will be enoough to bring Holtby over NOW! COYS!
Critical_Spur keep calling them deadwood that really helps when trying to sell these players!! :-) I think our two biggest problems are out of contract this summer anyway!
Slurms McKenzie
Critical_Spur - The deadwood isn't going anywhere. It pays them to see out their contracts so that is what they will do, there's nothing the club can do about it. That's what happens when you pay someone far too much.
more out on loan, making room for someone coming in?
Paying too much...that's what we've done with Parker, dempsey and long before they become deadwood? Or Ade even? I thought Gomes would get a taker but be surprised if Bentley does and JJ will be gone by 1/7/2013.
Of the three Gomes would be the one I could live with holding onto given Friedels age but I think he is the only one agitating for a move away to get first team football!
Slurms McKenzie
Spurs 1st team could do with him on loan! Had to. Dont have to be mad to follow spurs but it helps
Little spur
Critical I think we held onto Jenas hoping his value would reach several millions 10m / 20m even 30m but he kept getting injured when spurs loaned him out and he had to start playing football for his money instead of doing phuck all for it, at the moment or he may be back his having surgery in the USA, surely we can pay some doctor to tell him he will never play football again and claim the insurance which most likely will a lot more than the 1m will get on a transfer fee. His contract is up in june so he could phuck off for nothing.
spu 4 life
Critical_Spur - who's going to buy JJ and Bentley? Seriously name a club who might come in for them?
Hope Souley has a good few months, only the team his joined are bottom of League B, they must be some side?
spu 4 life
Good loan move for him to play - maybe free up space for an arrival from Italy - Coutinho. Pacey & skilful & Brazilian :)
If they are good enough they are old enough just ask Ronaldo Rooney and messi, would love to have seen him have 20 minutes in a cup game although agree the loan is a good one
I am guessing that it isnt us holding on to the deadwood, but them holding on to us! If you were them earning 60 grand a week, would you take a big pay-cut (or would the wife allow you too?) to be playing football every week? Of course I assume players want to play, but who seriously half or even quarter your wage to play, especially if you had to relocate and up-root the family. it is unlikely that these players will earn this money again, so they will be hanging on to it for as long as they possibly can
Deadwood? What about the live wood? we all know what we need but yet again a stagnant transfer window. Yet another disappointment, like the end result of the season will be unless we get a striker that can at least meet a cross and make a header
Lots of talk that we have had an offer accepted for Philippe Coutinho at just over 10m. nothing concrete, but...
Guys, did we sign Coutinho?
I'd rather have seen Coulibaly been given a crack at the premier league and defoe loaned to some backward Italian side than us play a 4-5-0 that turned out against United last week.
Hope he does well, saw a comment from someone on another thread saying we should get rid... utter bollox. He's still only 18 and has a lot of raw potential. The problem is he got over hyped way to early (as do loads of youth players) and when he doesn't bang in ten goals in five games for the first team after signing he's considered $hit (OK an exaggeration but you get my point). Lets see how he does and go from there.
rahn DMC
Not sure - now twitter saying Trolled rumour. Who knows ???
All over Skyitalia that we have had a 9.5 mil bid for Coutinho accepted. Liverpool have also had a bid accepted tho it looks like...
No we have not signed him. But, it is a Liverpool target so maybe it may come
Levy wanted 10 but we have accepted a bid of 9-50 for jenas from the landlord at the Dog and Duck. what's with all this coutinho bo//ox, no doubt some arse on social network ie twitter
spu 4 life
Guys, re the deadwoods. Well, so much for Levy being a businessman!. A good bsinessman also knows when to cut his losses. Surely Harry and now AVB must have made a list of 'not fitting his plans' players and it seems obvious the three culprits are high on that list. Why not get shot at whatever?. I accept that at the end of the day the player also has a say in the transfer, but if you are looking to let him/them go FREE at the end of their contract, then f__k them and pay them off now. Find a compromise so that we can continue building our squad. I am surprised that even Gomez never got sent on a loan so that someone else could cover part of his wages.
This is a bizarre move. Don't know what to make of it. Wish him all the very best,maybe he has family and friends over there to help him settle in. More concerned about Liverpools interest in Pritchard.
The Coutinho rumour is FAKE, it was a tweet by a Liverpool fan to see how fast it traveeled and got picked up, it's a P#ss take and a good one at that.
I thought I read that JJ was having Achilles surgery in the US. If true, there is no moving him (makes sense as he wasn't playing due to ongoing injury issues). Bentley, if loaned, will be subsidized though there has been some interest (apparently). There is interest in Gomes, but, if he is still planning to go back to Brazil in a year and a half, there will not be many takers and certainly not at any value. Realistically, Gomes could be sold. Bentey loaned. Hudd sold if we get Holtby in. Beyond that, there are ot many funds that can be generated now.

That said, it shouldn't matter. As I have said, even if we brought in Son, Negredo, Willian, Holtby and Sissokho (or Diame), the 45M spend (less Hudd and Gomes) could be sorted in August when Bentley and Jenas will be off the payroll and when we can determine who are surplus and who are part. If Dempsey keeps going, Son and Negredo hit the ground running, you could easily see a situation where Defoe and Ade are surplus. Parker, Dawson and others would all have to think hard about whether staying and playing occasionally is in their best interests. To me, Son is a no-brainer as is getting in Holtby now. Sissokho on a pre-contract as well seems a very shrewd move. Negredo, if it happens, will happen at the last. Townsend and Pritchard need to be playing. Kill off games and get them in there. COYS
AVB should put pritchard on the bench vs leeds, well he had vertonghen last week and he was at home ill
spu 4 life
peterballb levy will have all your deals sorted a week today, his busy on thursday
spu 4 life
peterballb levy will have all your deals sorted a week today, his busy on thursday next wk
spu 4 life
Critical_Spur, with AVB, I have no doubt. Harry's comments about Taraabt are indicative of is thoughts. Paraphrasing here, but he basically stated that he never wanted to let Adel go. So, why did he go? Perhaps because the coach that so wanted him to stay didn' want to play him and thus made the player state that he would be walking for free at the end of his contract so move me or loe me for nothing. He begged Niko, Corluka, Pav and others to stick around, to not play. He wanted Pletikosa in, to not play. Harry is a disaster for teams. AVB has got us down to three players that need to go. By July 1, perhaps he will have cleaned up the entire mess in one year. Blame Levy all you want. Birmingham and Russian clubs wanted Pav. Pav wanted to go. Harry said no, because he didn't want to be short (which makes one wonder how we could barely cobble 11 senior players in the FA Cup Semi against Pompey, but then that's another chapetr in the same story). Harry, not Levy. By July 1 this will al be obvious. COYS
Peter, I acknowledge what AVB is doing and I praise him for TRYING to tidy up the mess. However, what concerns me most is Levy tinkering with the squad. I am sure it came as surprised to MOST last summer when we almost lost Hudds and Dawson at the last minute. Lo be hold, both are in the SQUAD regularly and Dawson actually in the team, still as the captain. So was it case of Levy seeing dollars or AVB agreeing with their disposal? We hear nothing about the so called deadwoods and yet, it would appear Levy will listen to offers for almost anyone!. Hope AVB is firm with his requirements and is supported when he knocks on Levy's door.....though I do wonder!
Peter, what are you on? The most sensible poster on Vital and you wan't to spend 45M in January and sort it out in August? Well, good luck with that and best regards to Mr Levy!
Critical_Spur, AVb toldDawson he was way down the list ad would not be featuring. He was offered a way out asthere wre suitors. He refused and stated he would stay and fight. All credit to Dawson for doing so and to AVB recognizing th effort and progress. Hudd, didn't want to go but again, he was way down the list. It is respectful of the player to allow them to go. Levy did deals, AVB was ok with them and the players chose not to go. Good for all. If I were Hudd's agent, I would recommend he go, only because he is not going to get enough playing time in this team. He needs to play every day because his touch is so importnt to whether he succeeds or looks lost. Dawson is much more direct, and as such, not playing, does not have the same effect. Any owner ought to know that every player has his price. If someone offered 20M for Defoe, you've got to listen. Levy inquires about players every day and gets inquiries every day. You listen to everything. Neither Dawson, nor Hudd were part of the "plan" at the beginning of the year, and neither will be next year (just guessing). If, just say, Holtby and Diame or Sissokho or Belhanda come in, there is no place for Hudd. Even Livermore would be on very thin ice. If we pursue and get (as I would suggest we should) Alderweirald or Howede in the summer, Dawson and Gallas have no place in the squad. It's harsh, but true. If you're not improving, you are going backwards. The corrollary of that is some squad members lose their spot every time there is an upgrade. Fact of life. COYS
dannylane, I have already explained why it makes sense, but here's the Coles Notes version. Son makes sense because he can play at striker and AMF and he represents a huge possible merchandsing boon in the South Korean market. We are going to Hong Kong in the summer. Price is right. No way to come out losers on that one. Negredo will take the best deal for him at the end of the window. He is being hocked, he will go. if us great, if not, we have added a striker in Son. Willian, like son, can play AMF or striker. He, like son represents wing cover. Holtby early is a no-brainer. Cheap, allows him to bed in and the kid can play. Sissokho is free. Same early deal could be done with him as with Holtby. if not, Diame at 3.5M is cheap. Other than Negredo, the others are not even in their prime yet. Value will go up on all. You lose now but gain in August when we determine the 25 going forward at which point we may get 5M for Rose, some for Livermore, Dawson money, Hudd money and anyone else made surplus because of the additions. None of Jenas, Bentley, Gomes will be named to the 25man roster so, Friedel, Lloris, Walker, Naughton, Dawson, Gallas, Kaboul, Dawson, Caulker (counts as 21 or under), Vertonghen, BAE, Fryers (doesn't count), Sandro (out so needn't be named), Parker, Hudd, Livermore, Dembele, Bale, Townsend (doesn't need to be named), Lennon, Sigurdsson, Dempsey, Defoe, Ade. That's 20 players who need to be named. We can add 5 more. If the 5 I have mentioned were added, Hudd would also be sold. Along with Gomes that might get us 8M. Livermore loaned. If Gomes and Hudd go, that's two wages removedm, so even on wages we are only 3 up. Son would not need to be named. Yes, for 6 months our wages would be higher. Some of that resolves with Jenas and Bentley going in the summer. Gallas probably too. If (just as an example) Defoe, Dawson, Livermore, Rose, Parker are all believed to be surplus then we may well have no real net spend, just a 6 month bridge. If it gets us a trophy and CL, is it not worth it? If it all blows up, the players we bought could all be sold for the same, if not more. If it succeeds.....COYS
Willian is too expensive, Sissoko has gone to Newcastle, Hotlby is starting to become too expensive for a lad we'll have for free in four months time. Spend 3.5 on Diame and in the summer will have Diame and Hotlby for 3.5 million makes alot more sense. Son makes alot of finacial sense but will he be like alot of uniteds Asian signings only there for the preseason tour?
Slurms McKenzie

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