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At what cost?

As always there is a difference in opinion over how the club should be run, how much money should be invested in the playing squad and what is the best way to take the club forward regarding a new stadium.

I find it greatly frustrating reading through some of the comments on here that I struggle to understand what it is the poster would like. A difference of opinion is not only healthy but makes this site all the more interesting because it would be relentlessly boring if we all agreed but the question I have to ask a lot of the members here is at what cost?

There are cries of frustration with our lack of investment in the playing squad with quotes of 'Levy and Lewis are business men first and fans second'. Of course they are, if they weren't then they wouldn't be in such a position where they could own and run a club of the magnitude of Tottenham Hotspur. Would you rather they were fans first? Would it honestly be in the clubs interest if they splashed out £30 million on a striker and a further £25 million on a creative midfielder? Borrowing heavily against the club creating huge debts in the process and putting the future of this great club at risk. All for what?

Have we not seen this enough times to appreciate the weighed approach that our board takes regarding the future? Leeds, Portsmouth and Rangers to name a few. Our very own club was on the verge of bankruptcy until Mr Sugar bailed us out. How many of the Spanish teams are in trouble right now or have been of late? I often read that we need new owners, a sugar daddy to compete with Chelsea and Manchester City.

I would love it if we were able to attract the world's best players to watch week in week out at White Hart Lane. The thought of watching the likes of Oscar and Hazard or Mata and Toure every week must be great for the respective clubs fans and in the case of Manchester City at least they have a bit of class about it, even if they are destroying the games financial structure and integrity but let's look at Chelsea. If it had have been Spurs that Roman had taken over would we feel the great sense of pride and achievement that we do now? Would you not feel embarrassed over the way your beloved club was being run?

Sacking some of the best managers in the world for no apparent reason despite some colossal achievements, Mourinho, Ancelotti and Di Matteo all deserved far better treatment than what they received. Take a look at them now, Very few people respect or appreciate what they have achieved because of the way they have been run. They are nothing short of a laughing stock at times and that is the last thing I would want to happen to Spurs.

The new stadium is not something I know a lot about other than this is something that has and is going to take a lot of time and money. I am very proud to be a Spurs fan because of the way we have gone about our business and the way our steady progression has been achieved through a great business module with integrity and the future at the heart of everything we seem to do.

A wise man once said 'You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.' As much as I'd love to see superstars walking in every window whilst building a brand new stadium it's just not possible with our current setup, so I ask what is it that you would sacrifice, Our long term stability and future? Our owners and therefore our integrity? Or do you have the faith and patience in our board to take us forward?

Written by spurticus87

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The journalist

Writer: spurticus87 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 30 2013

Time: 11:07AM

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Relax, something is gonna happen
Unfortunately the league has turned into a competition between the commercial goliath that is Man Utd and the 2 sugar daddy clubs. Not even Arse with CL every year and a 60,000 stadium can compete. We are doing very well given the financial limitations inflicted upon us by ENIC, we need a new stadium and the odd injection of CL cash would be useful. But neither of those things enable us to compete properly - like 'win the league' compete i mean. We need to compete on all fronts and do our best. Gutted at the FA Cup result. I guess we'll be watching one of the top 3 at Wembley again in May lifting what used to be our trophy.
though I am like everyone else, in wanting a new striker etc, I also like to think I am realistic in my expectations and accept that we are not on the same financial level as a few. In saying that we are better placed financially than about 95% of the league and that is something we should be proud of. At this stage, we are still in a situation where we have to be sensible amd look at the percentages over any buy. based on that, even in our current situation, I would still prefer us to bide our time and get the right player to make us a better club as opposed to buying just because we need someone today. this evening, Adebayor could be preparing to fly home and could potentially line up against WBA at the weekend. with that in mind, do we spend 20m on a player that is no better than what we have just because we have an injury?
honest yes, wise ?? not so sure?? old Abe that is
at what price? today's money about 10m per year transfer budget added to whatever is recouped in player sales. Salaries up to 70% of T/o....
It's all the trickery we don't like, Levy claiming to try for 30 million pound players one window, them claiming poverty the next.
Tottenham Hotcore
I thought the saying was 'You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time but never all of the people all of the time'...A bit like..we had a 30m bid in but just couldn't get it done won't wash anymore. And please don't confuse our owners and our integrity we can lose one without losing the other.
Just one player thats all we need. dont think we need to spend 55m on a striker and ACM. Im sure we can get a player between 10-20m who will drastically change our club. We have the basis at the club so we wont need to spend big every year. Actually have we spent that big in the last 4 Years??
can we afford 30m on a striker and 25m on a creative mid....well if Bales is worth 55m then yes. If they flop he'll be leaving anyway if they succeed they'll earn us extra revenue. And why is he worth so much? partly because he ripped CL teams apart....
Essentially those who advocate spending money we don't have just pretend financial constraints don't exist. Rather than coming up with sources of cash they pretend the problem doesn't exist.
Well said Ox, the same people moaning about us not blowing loads on a striker would be the same people moaning about us blowing loads on a striker if that striker ends up being inadequate. But here's hoping we take the the risk!
Oh silly me the formula I posted was the one we were following that took us into the CL...that could never work best stop using that and pump our money into developing.
Those who think a £450m stadium is a sure bet are those who think financial constraints don't apply....balance is the key....not having a recognised snr striker is not's negligence.
I think in a different era we would be top of the league. Its a shame ENIC didn't build the stadium in the early noughties but we are where we are and we're doing very well considering. But how can we compete when teams can go and spend £100m here, £100m there (of someone else's money!) whenever they like. The financial inequality is ridiculous and makes a mockery of the sport. Any news on the Fair Play Rules?
Whoever we buy is gonna be a gamble it is a chance a club has to take. You cant guarantee a player is gonna be a star player. 20 million for Leandro Diamio would be a gamble but he is an out and out goal scorer. It does make me wonder why the other top clubs have not shown as much interest as us. COYS
Yido T
This is all well and good , but we always make money , on virtually every window ! Admittedly not all , but when we see the free B's coming and going , I THEN QUESTION , when are we going to properly fill the striker role ? I am not asking for the club to constantly spend big , but we all see our short coming's , and that is a out n out striker . 1 investment to secure CL and more money can't be wrong can it . TO DARE IS TO DO ? ... COYS AVB and Levy we must trust ... BUT IN SPURS WE LOVE...
OX - My granddad would be better than what we have now. Defoe just isn't good enough for a top 4 team, Ade could be, he is extremely talented - when he wants to be ! Shame he's not bothered but as it is, he's not good enough.
Whether Business men or Fans first, bottom line is a striker is needed so go get one!
No matter how you pose the question the answer is the same. We donít pretend financial constraints donít exist, but we also know that we are in a very strong financial position. The whole striker debate isnít new, hell it has been going on for the last four years. OX Ė You say why spend £20m now on a player we might not need if ADE is back, I think youíre missing the point. We ALWAYS wait, and wait, and wait and year after year the same loan / freebies are dished out to us. We havenít spent any proper money on a striker since we were duped into getting keane back!! Even then we made money on the sodding deal!! Its just getting really really old now, and its gonna be the same broken record until its resolved.
I think most of us here arent looking for a30 40 mill signings.Its just that 10-20 mil striker that we deserved some 4 years ago.I am pretty sure Negredo would be more than enough to please us when we are even considering hooper.Its only about that one goalscorer and noone dreaming about falcao or cavani.We are top4 for Christs sake
AVB has said to Levy Damiao is who I want. Watch this space or 11.59 on Thursday.
Yido T
By the way I'm looking forward to seeing Holtby, hopefully tonight. COYS
Yido T
We've been waiting for a decent striker since Berbatov left. What *****es me off is that Levy sells Barbatov (and Modric) for 30 million but instead of spending that money on a similar quality replacement, he spends 10 million on a "replacement" and the remaining 20 million disappears.
If we spend 20m on a striker the odds are there is a reason that striker is rated at 20m and not 9m (is better, younger etc) if we buy a 9m striker and he's a flop we have to go and buy another 9m player again not considered the same level as a 20m if we buy a 20m striker are we gambling 20m? No we are gambling the difference ie. 11m if the cheaper option is 9m ...also if we constantly invest in players when we double our money (like Luka) we can afford to spend 20m on a striker and still be quids in...
All depends on whether we are moving forward and at what pace. Always many talking points involving THFC.....that's the beauty of supporting spurs....or even a football club. Fact is we are at least one decent striker our 25 man squad. Enics own words....we require a much larger stadium to accommodate our large waiting list of possible season ticket holders. Patience, faith and trust come to the mean time, we spurs fans will speculate and talk.
If you WON 100million on the lottery, would you buy Leandro for the club you support, lets say his 25m and spurs pay his wages over a 4yr contract, any re-sale value over 25m you recover your spend and the club get's any millions over and above 25m. My answer to this is yes i would.
spu 4 life
The stadium has nothing to do with money spent on the pitch. The club announced some 18 months ago that the money to build the stadium was already in place and accounted for separately, the stadium building would not affect player purchases.
spu 4 life dito.
Yido T
Still there is a significant difference between buying established super stars or doing risky business and been able to buy affordable players who definitely (because they have the proper skills and qualities) can improve your squad and address certain shortcomings. Such players exist all over the world but you need the proper staff and an adequate scouting system to spot them. Placed just below the ten richest clubs of the world, Spurs still can compete in the transfer market from a dominant position comparing with hundreds other clubs. What Spurs actually miss is proper staff and proper organisation and planning. Addressing those shortcomings falls under the responsibility of the owners of the club.
Ioan X
Check out the link.
Yido T
We do not know the finances available, but if there is a budget spend it now. I do trust Mr Levy to keep the club afloat, but what about making the right investment? I'm not so sure... To consolidate our precarious position in the top 4 to keep finishing in the top 4 to keep our best players and to win trophies...that's what we all want. There has to be a point where the risk in investment is worth a small gamble - and every decision is a small gamble. Mr Levy doesn't gamble though. What he does do is waste money on make do players
I have have the same way of thinking as you spurticus87. I agree with everything you say. But right now i think is the time to take a gamble on Dimiao for 20m-ish. We really, really need a striker.
23-00pm the window shuts on thursday, sky are setting up coverage at the new training ground waiting for late arrivals, be better setting up at heathrow, they would capture a lot more.
spu 4 life
Groan! Why do I keep getting drawn into this? I keep reading all the latest gossip, despite being pretty sure a striker won't be coming. They'll carry on with Dempsey, Defoe and Obika until Ade returns. Yes, it does make sense to wait until we can get someone significantly classy to improve our squad, but 3 competitive strikers is a minimum and either thru their style or lack of PL experience Dempsey and Obika don't fall into that catagory at present. Anyway, looking forward to tonights game. COYS!
That is one of the best articles i have read on here in the last 3years
be proud of who we are and how we became that --------One thing to add to the article--Holtby chose to come to us without qualiying for champions Lg.(yet) because we are a big club"and getting bigger every year" surely he is not the only player in Europe who has seen our club grow and steadily challenge and reach the top 4...In Levy I trust he is not gonna turn us into a sinking ship...It is brilliant been a spurs supporter COYS
Groan. I keep hearing this phrase "lack of investment in players" yet we have spent more than almost all of the rest of the league this season... Including top six teams. I still do not understand why people do not see that... I hear people say that we only spend what we recoup from transfers, but it does not matter where the income comes from, we earn less than Man U, Man C, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea from other revenue, so it has to come from transfer revenue. There is no lack of investment. We spent 50-60 million this season, on 7-8 players.... I am not saying that mistakes were not made...I did not want to side Ade for example, and it is yet to pay off. As for up front, we are deficient, but that should have been sorted out in summer. We should wait until summer to sort it out, but sort it out properly and at the right time.
When I was taking my MBA degree, an issue was always brought to discussion: "From which department should the next CEO come from: Marketing. Finances or Operations??" . All possible answers had their pros and cons, but Marketing was seemingly a nose ahead. Foundations for that were down to the general preference of "Vision and Passion" coming before "Accurate and Boring View through Numbers". In my opinion, it is good to have the opposite at Tottenham Hotspur if it is not possible to have it plus a slice of the 1st. I mean, Levy does a great job by keeping the club afloat and competitive (4th, 5th, 4th, current 4th) but he could make good use of a more "footballing" brains sometimes. What is the use of being financially healthy but stagnated ?? Not talking about splashing tons of cash on the most hyped players of the month, but acting wisely and getting aboard players like Holtby. It is just a matter of good scouting network because I refuse to believe there are no decent strikes around for affordable prices. We cannot forget we are neither Chelsea nor City. Even so, the risk of missing another CL season now increases the chences of losing key players in the summer, hence Levy should consider spending wisely ahead of not spending at all. Taking into account that Stadium building and debt amortization will take Spurs 8 to 10 years to be completed, it would be a good piece of advice to sign a very young player.
Chelsea has a revolving door policy on managers, and so do we. But then again so does Real Madrid, and Barcelona. The difference with those other three is that they are SUCCESSFUL. I wouldn't mind half the trophies the West London arrivistes have won in the last 10 years, and have other fans braying at us for being 'a laughing stock'. What the hell have they got to laugh at, I'd think? As for integrity, tell that to Martin Jol, who was humiliated before being shown the door. Tell that to the various clubs, players, governments local and national who have had to deal with ENIC, and their version of integrity. When I see Levy as Chairman, pride is not the first emotion that springs to mind.
Hot_Spur- Is that because they were not planning any player purchases?...wasn't that about the same time they stopped putting new money into transfers? thing we all should have learned by now is the club doesn't always tell us the truth.
I think most just want a credible additional striker. We can't compete currently with the bigger boys, so we aren't going to BUY world class, we can buy POTENTIAL world class? I would have thought the need to secure Champions league, thus KEEPING Bale, Sandro etc would be worth a calculated investment in another striker? If we fail, we lose Bale anyway, thus reducing our deficit and wage bill anyway next summer. I can't see how we lose unless we buy a complete duffer, which you would hope a top 4 club in the EPL wouldn't do with a highly professional scouting network? If we don't invest 15M in a striker, we are very likely to miss out on that 4th place, thus the increased revenue, capacity to attract players of the next level up, reduces our marketability, other revenue streams etc. Levy must have all of this worked out in Excel. I cannot understand why we already haven't bagged a Damio etc. My only thought on that is the club is not actually in business to succeed on the pitch, but in the transfer market. Buying Holtby for next to nothing and selling him in 3 years as a £20m player, or buying Bale and selling him as a £50m player is a more lucrative business that winning football matches. Whilst we can sell the dream of becoming a big club, flash training facilities etc, we can attract the future gems at the end of their contracts to potentially sell on for profit. How much income is their in winning the Champions league? What are the chances of us actually ever winning it? exactly, better money to be made as a player trading organisation. Look at the Modric sale profit, Berbatov, proably all better business than champions league, without the need for ever finishing 4th. Synic? Maybe, seen too many transfer windows come and go without an established star purchased at top brass, always a deal with an eye on profit.
it just needs to be someone and not noone, at the moment even carlton cole would be better then defoe. Damiao or Negredo for me.
noone never been the same, since you lost Hutch......
We may have spent a lot, but we have sold a lot as well.
Tottenham Hotcore
82Spurs - he's at Stoke now, triffic lad, err, sorry, that's Huth!
How about a team for tonight: Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, BAE, Parker, Dembele, Lennon. Holtby, Bale, Defoe.
Yido T
Would you field Holtby right from the kick-off after he had just two training sessions ?? Iīd would stick to Dempsey and, if needed (due to emergency or just to give him playing time), bring him in at second half.
Yeah why not get him in there. COYS
Yido T
Imho, maybe because it would be better to start off with a XI that has been playing together fo some time. Iīm not sure Holtby can make an instant impact like VdV didyears ago. I think AVB is likely to use a shorter version of his smart "Lloris-Friedel" approach again by starting him on the bench.
We are currently in the position of having allegedly two strikers, but they amount to one who performs as though he is not bothered if he plays or not, symptoms very recognizable, and predictable, given his antics at his previous clubs, and a guy who is adequate, just, as a PL striker, and is having treatment and injections to get him on the pitch, so could break down at any time. In this situation we are vulnerable and our 4th place finish is in jeopardy. All that is needed is a relatively modest investment in a decent striker, to make up the 3 we really need, for cover, and selection opportunities, without resorting to the likes of Obika (do me a favour). We are not asking for Messi or Ballotelli or their ilk, just a competent striker. Is this likely to bankrupt the club for Christ's sake. It's only last year we were allegedly agreeing a fee of £24M for Moutinho, before that allegedly we were bidding for Rossi etc. and since then we have more than covered purchases with sales, now £15-20M would go a long way to ensuring CL football and additional revenue next year, surely this is not going to bankrupt the club, there comes a time if you really want to stay up there, you have to take a punt. Of course we could no nothing, finish out of Europe, and cash in on Bale and possibly others in the summer, that would really enhance the balance sheet, but as the title says "at what cost". It is not as if this is a new problem, we have had 4 years, 8 windows to sort it out, but this time I would suggest our needs are urgent. If we are reluctant to buy in January then a loan deal until the summer would be better than nowt, but we must do something.
cheeky bid for Modric, on loan anyone? :) Then send him to train with the kids.....:-)
Starsky, in the year we qualified for CL, there were, by my count, 21 points thrown away in games we dominated. Those extra 21 points would not have gotten us the title, but pretty close. We then had, IMO again, one of the top three squads in the league for the following 2 years, and but for relegation runs in the New Year, would have again been in the thick of it all. Could we have won it all? Odds are long, to be sure, but just qualifying for the group stages of the CL would have put another 20-25M in the coffers the last 2 seasons. Our starting XI this season is weaker, but I rate our "team" better. All of the top sides have issues (Liverpool, us, Arsenal, ManU, City, Chelsea) and Everton don't have a squad for 4 competitions. I don't think that our team quality will really be able to be judged until after the summer and the final cull of the deadwood. Then and only then, will we have all salary funds to apply to the squad.

Just as an example, if Fulham really want Hudd (who is clearly not an AVB type of player) sell him. Take the 5M, give West Ham 3.5M for Diame and it is one issue solved. The problem is, I am beginning to get the impression (andI hope I am wrong) that AVB just wants certain players. The problem with that is, you don't always get who you want. If we are focused on Moutinho (who is grossly over-valued), Willian (who is over-valued) and Leandro (who, regardless of valuation, is a huge risk, huge talent, but huge risk) it makes it really hard to press on. Why not sign Son? Reasonable price. Ticks off many boxes. Is available. Oh, and there's a huge marketing potential to boot. Such a signing takes off all of the pressure to get a striker and wing option. Just like signing Diame allows Hudd to go and could allow Livermore to go out on loan. We have about a game a week. If healthy, Parker and Dembele will play the vast majority of minutes. Diame would allow rotation and Carroll could get minutes here or there where appropriate. We'll try in Europa, but there are no easy cup games and luck has a lot to do with whether you make a run or not. The priority has to be the League. 3 points today and then 3 against WBA is all that matters for the moment. There is a strategy to win each and every game. If it is on, and the players execute, why can't we qualify for CL this season and be in for the title next season? Sure, it's tougher for us as we have less margin for error, but it can be done. I live in hope. COYS
starsky...well you could be right..if it's Holtby in (£1.5m)....Hudd' out (£5m)....perhaps, that's the price you pay for going out of the cups early. Time will tell.
82spursdebut has been quoted, today, that Diame' out clause is closer to £7mill'.
The problem is Levy is a fan and a businessman. He is now acting as a DoF and lacks the experience to do so. At least Roman has the money to keep on buying, Levy is hunting round for loose change. I question most of of his summer purchases. I wasn't convinced on Adebayor and so far have been proved right. For me only Vertonghen has been worth the money. We could have saved the money on two/three of the signings to buy an out and out striker. All this last minute running around after Damiao is either demonstrable of his lack of a transfer strategy, or a way of appearing to do something. After all he can always turn round on Friday and say, 'Look I tried to buy Damiao but it was just too complicated.' How many fools are going to believe him?
Frank, IMO, transfer fee amount is generally not at issue. What is always at issue is the wages. Rossi, yes, Harry liked him (like Forlan) and we were in for him. I don't think Rossi ever wanted to come. He got his wage increase so he was happy. I am wholeheartedly with you though in stating that there is a need for a modest investment in a striker. Whether it be Son, my preference, Guidetti, Hooper. I can tell you that if Leandro will cost over 20M, I would not do that deal. Get Willian and Son in and we would have wing/AMF/striker cover. Something needs to be done. I also think it is foolish not to invest in the MF. Diame at 3.5M is a steal. Neither Hudd nor Livermore are, atm, up to what AVB wants. This was Harry's big failing. All the guys on the bench and in the squad that he didn't particularily want to use. I know, it takes time to get a squad the way you want, but if Fulham will give 5M for Hudd, buy Diame. If he doesn't fit perfectly, sell him for 8M next January. The boy can play and do so at pace. Sometimes I think this is all made too difficult.

If our books are more or less balanced and there will be 20M more next season from TV rights, where will the harm be in spending 10-15M on a couple of players? Wages are not an issue as Jenas and Bentley are off next year along with Gallas in all likelihood. COYS
StillRickyVilla - you have been mighty quiet in your messianic adulation of AVB since he cocked up our FA Cup chances with a ridiculous team set up. So to the rest of the Blind Faith Brigade. Are the doubts resurfacing?
Love totty
82spursdebut, that is not what was being reported. West Ham wanted him to sign an extension so that they could up it to 7M and he has refused. Otherwise, why all the hubub? Belhanda (who is a far better player IMO) could be had for about 10M. There are always guys. 5 windows ago I was suggesting Castaignos, Arnautovic and Perisic. In total perhaps 10M. Now closer to 30M. Always guys out there. Son will be a good one for a long time, IMO. Leandro too, though I don't know if he'll be great and I expect there to be a considerable settling in time. Can't really afford that, can we? COYS
peterballb new money in...why can't people see this is not a sustainable business model and ultimately self defeating? does matter where the money comes from as you lose a're robbing Peter to pay Paul....
peter' ..yes, sorry it was............i don't think we can afford anyone, if you really want my honest opinion........but..i be hopeing, like most........Yes, "son"..for me.
Love totty, yes, there are surely issues with the team selection against Leeds. I had no issue with what he did up top. I expected Sigurdsson to play and felt Dempsey would be in as he is scoring. Bale, Lennon, obvious. Even Parker and Hudd seemed to make sense as we need to protect the health of Dembele. So, that all made sense. Vertonghen hadn't played in a while, BAE needed a full game, Walker needs a big kick up the butt. Friedel was obvious. Now, Caulker is really the only one I cantake issue with. He needed time on the pitch, to be sure, to keep him fresh, but playing him on the right - that was a huge mistake. Should have been Dawson. Vertonghen and BAE on the left looked poor. Caulker looked lost and Naughton showed his lack of playing on the right. I did think though that Naughton was looking very good in the second half and was working with Lennon better than I have ever seen Walker do. I would not have taken him off. Second goal was saveable. Parker did little to protect the back 4, who were all shaky. Dembele, when he came in was poor. Lennon and Bale on off wings was haphazard at best. Sigurdsson behind Dempsey was ney. Vertonghen awful, Caulker lost. Better defence and one goal should have been enough. Dempsey had about 4 chances. Bale and Lennon too had chances. THe entire team was poor. Loose passes all over the place. Still, if we had been as solid defensively as we normally have been, there would have been at worst a replay, at best we win 1-0 with an unconvincing win. IMO, I can only fault playing Caulker out of position. THat's it. Other than that, calculated risks. Our XI on the pitch should have been able to win that game. COYS
For the record, I too am frustrated with our lack of striking options And crave another option especially given ade's form and Defoe being Defoe, but the right man at the right price not waste the money now on someone we don't want come August
82spursdebut, on this year's budget, we probably have no extra money. I am just of the belief that an investment now, even one as ridiculous as 50M could be costed. Wages would be a short term pain. As mentioned, Jenas and Bentley will be gone in the summer, Gallas probably too. THat's three salaries. Sell Hudd and Gomes and we break even on salaries assuming it is Son, Willian, Belhanda or Diame, Holtby and Leandro, Negredo or Hooper. 5 in for perhaps 50M. Hudd and Gomes, perhaps we get 8M back. In August let the dust settle where it may. 3, 4 or 5 guys could be on their way. Not only will it lower the salaries owing, it will also generate some more of the funds necessary for the repayment of the 50M. If we qualify for group stages that could mean 25M or so and the TV money adds 20M next season. So, it would mean a loss this year followed by a potential gain next year. As I see it, it's a big number, but a low risk. Whether we make CL or not, there will be money to pay the overspending down next year if not entirely. Moutinho for 26M nets us a good player, but he'll be on good wages and he is unlikely to ever be worth any more. No sell on. Son, Sigurdsson, Holtby, Fryers, Vertonghen, Lloris, Diame could all have decent sell on values, so the risk is low. I'd do it, but it's not my money. I also don't know if AVB wants a single one of the players I have mentioned. COYS
Lovetotty, nice try. I've no need to come on here now and speak some sense as there are clearly less of the idiots about spouting media cliche's about how crap AVB is. So yes, quite happy with how its going under AVB thanks. Naturally gutted with going out of the Cup. Caulker and Verts were shocking and Leeds got away with murder in the second half with lots of little fouls and gamesmanship - we just couldn't get our game going.
Peterb - all of the changes that AVB made were OK individually but all at the same time.....completely bonkers! Let's face it, we have enough evidence now to know that he is human after all, doesn't walk on water but isn't the worst we could've ended up with.
Love totty
"Not the worst" Is that fair, SRV?
Love totty
The trouble with the football business is that invariably, very few clubs make money. If you want to be truly competitive i.e PL winners, CL then it is likely that you will lose money. The financial landscape in football is both ridiculous and grossfully unfair which leads to a complete lack of competition across the board. It's laudable that ENIC run a tight financial ship and that we as a club don't carry much debt, but with the current business model we have we will never win the league. We can't compete against ManU, City or Chelski. ManU can raise money for players through their vast wealth, and the other two from their owners. The City owners have ploughed around half a billion into their club on players over the last few seasons, they won't see a return on that. It did enable them to break into the top4 and subsequently to win the league. That's what you have to do I'm afraid. Where does that leave us? Well we can compete with Arse and Pool for 4th, because Arse have their stadium debt and arn't really spending, and Pool had Hicks and Gillette. Once Arse pay off their debt which they should shortly, and if they decide to invest seriously in the team again, then the top 4 will become locked tight like it was during Jol's THFC tenure.
Cleveland ARTSPURS
Mr Levy; regarding a striker. In the words of Mick Jagger ( You can,t always get what you want but if you try sometime you just might find you get what you need) Mr Levy we NEED a striker
Love totty, each and every one of the changes, I would have made for the same reasons that AVB presumably made them. I would not have played Caulker on the right because he looks as comfortable there as Dawson does on the left. If Vertonghen, Dembele, Parker, BAE etc all look in sync tonight, I guess including them all the other day was not a bad idea. None of the changes account for loose passes and poor effort. If we'd have tried as hard as Leeds did, we would have won. COYS
"Well I think we should break the bank to sign..." and in that moment is the kind of comment blurted out that betrays the mentality of some for whom talk is cheap, empty, fantastical and away with the fairies. If you 'don't mind about bankruptcy', it's likely you need a shrink.

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