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Come on Tunisia!!!

Come on Tunisia!!!

Tonight see's the mighty Tunisia take on Togo in a game that will see which of the two sides make the knock out stages of the ACoN.

If Togo win or draw and they face the mighty Burkina Faso in the quarter finals and more importantly for Spurs, we lose Adebayor for another week at least.

Should Tunisia win, we might have Adebayor free to face WBA on Sunday, which with Defoe struggling and Dempsey at best a stop gap No9, I would be happy to see, even if we manage to bring in a new striker between now and tomorrow evening.

Love or loathe Emmanuel Adebayor, he is a Tottenham player and one that could still play a big part on the remainder of our season, especially If Jermain is struggling.

I can imagine Daniel Levy watching tonight's game in hope of a Tunisia win and a hasty return to North London for Emmanuel. That might well save him a considerable amount of money and though I don't anticipate one game being the difference between our buying or not buying a new striker, it certainly alters the pressure either way...

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Date:Wednesday January 30 2013
Time: 12:00PM


Will be great to see the big man home and score the winner against WBA at the weekend.
30/01/2013 11:36:00
Hopefully Ade gets a big confidence boost from being the main man with Togo and comes back to us full of goals!
Tactically Challenge
30/01/2013 12:04:00
be great to have him back and fit. one of our better players last season
30/01/2013 12:06:00
30/01/2013 12:10:00
Whether Adebayor comes back early or not, the fact is that Levy needs to buy another striker before the close of this window. It is vital for us to finish top four. If he does not and we finish 5 or 6, we will see mutiny from the top quality players in the squad wanting CLF in the coming season. It is a no brainer!
30/01/2013 12:14:00
i woulda been in for Tom Ince... winger cover and can play the striker role if called upon... and oh yeh.... hes young...
30/01/2013 12:39:00
marc, though I 100% agree that we need another striker, I still maintain that I would rather get our No1 or 2 choice as opposed to buying too rar down the list of preferences. If for example we could get our No1 choice in the summer, should we wait as opposed to getting yet another compromise signing that then reverts to a squad player and we also fail to get the main target because we have spent the money on someone that we didnt really want or feel would drastically improve the side
30/01/2013 12:39:00
OX - and while you are waiting for the summer for your "no.1" target, we miss the CL spot. That makes sense.
30/01/2013 12:44:00
Balotelli leaves MANC and they start looking for a replacement. We have One off form on national duty and Defoe injured and (hopefully not longterm) going through an dry spell in front of goal and the powers that be still wont buy a striker. Ade being out shouldn't be an issue
30/01/2013 12:48:00
Ox - agree. No more panic buys please Levy. Also, this time last year the Adebayor and VDV combo with Lennon, Modric and Bale supporting them propelled us to a clear 3rd. Obviously, Defoe did his bit as well but it certainly got me thinking where Adebayor played when we got the best out of him. Defoe out of the side might be a blessing in disguise especially as we've signed Holtby. Dempsey is contributing a few goals from the withdrawn position as well. Perhaps just pushing Adebayor into the more forward role that Defoe has been occupying will work better tactically for us. Perhaps he gets a goal and he's off and running again.
30/01/2013 12:54:00
@ Hot_Spur, we have got to 4th with two strikers and one of those injured for much of that time. as I said, I want a new striker, but I can see a logic in getting the right one as opposed to rashly spending on someone that will only offer a short term solution as he isnt anything better than we already have. I take it that you are quite happy to spend money we have allocated on a striker gambled on a player who is lowe doen our list of possibles, just because he is available. Of course we will then be complaining that we cant offload him or his wages in 18 mths time and cant afford the right striker because we have *****ed that money on someone inferior. Lets not panic. Arsenal are yet to strengthen, Liverpool remain hopelessly inconsistent and Everton have bought one CM, as have we. If those around us were adding real quality, then we might have a valid point, but so many are suggesting our season will go to pieces because we dont add a striker. surely we are better to buy well as opposed to be best available
30/01/2013 12:59:00
"son"..and "eder" ......should meet all the requirements. £10 mill' each....edge your bets.......i'd rather have them two, than Damaio. If not both now.....then perhaps one now and the other in the summer. Faith in Adebayor...and Defoe...yes' have a little..but it's fading. But they will never get you better than 4th in prem' or a semi final.
30/01/2013 13:04:00
there's more chance of Oldham beating the Bin Dippers that Togo loosing to Tunisia
Cape Town Spurs
30/01/2013 13:40:00
Lets be brutally honest. We're not going to sign a striker this window. SO in light of that we are desperate for Ade's return, even if he has been pants this season he has so much more to give & he's better than Obika
30/01/2013 13:58:00
Hot_spur - ok, so you buy your number one target, and he gets injured for the season, doesn't settle, or does an Andy Carroll and is basically pants... What guarantee is signing a player anyway...? We could sign him and still not make top four. Chelsea and Arsenal are capable of sequences of wins that could make anything we do immaterial. Everton will finish strongly. Liverpool have improved with Sturridge. As for signing players, The best you can do is to take your time and do your research, and make sure you have the right guy. The more expensive and high wage he is, the more careful you must be. No more panic buys please, because they are overpriced and impossible to shift. We stink of desperation.
30/01/2013 14:03:00
It was obvious to everyone with eyes what Adeybeyor was and is. He gets bored and lazy unless playing for a contract like last season. We warned by ALL his ex-club's supporters, City fans were laughing at us in the summer. Yes we got him on the cheap but i had severe reservations the moment he turned up unfit a few games into the season. What kind of message does that send out? Since then he's either been unfit, injured or just looking plain dis-interested. He's a quality player when he's 'on it' and its a big test for AVB to get him playing - we need him desperately assuming we don't sign another striker. Can't see him being the long-term solution though. As Tony Rich says, we need to be doing our careful homework on these signings not just buy them cos Levy thinks there happens to be a deal going.
30/01/2013 14:31:00
Adebayor is as useful as man with one leg in an arse kicking contest .

What would be a good result is if he signed for someone else this window instead of coming back .
big cockeral
30/01/2013 15:00:00
Tunisian to win 4-3, Ade scoring a hatrick. Everybody else has fantasies on here so why not me?
Love totty
30/01/2013 15:15:00
The big question for me is - if Hud goes to Fulham, will he ever cut his hair? Or will it take an own goal playing for them when they meet us, before the locks come off? We'll have to call him Rapunzel! COYS!
30/01/2013 15:38:00
I actually what Togo to win, and get thru to the semis and lose against Ghana (who will lose to Ivory Coast in the finals), but Ox I agree with your point, as much as desperately need reinforcement (not yet a striker for me), I would rather we got AVB's targets rather than last minute panic buys.
30/01/2013 15:58:00
0 bad
30/01/2013 15:59:00
Panic Buys Panic buys...what panic phuckin buys!!! Why is everyone acting like this hasn’t been an issue for the last 4 bloody years. You want to talk about panic buys, Dempsey was a panic buy!! We clearly missed out on our 1st 2nd and 3rd choice options so it was an 11th hour transfer. Jeeez i understand where people are coming from i.e. rather have nobody than someone like Hooper, but lets not pretend that we should have Signed a quality no9 last summer, and as we didn’t the First week in January should have been nailed on FFS. First of all there was a big uproar when ADE went to the ACON (WE ALL KNEW HE WAS FFS!!), now Defoe’s treading water and still nothing....oh yeah that’s right we will just wait till summer!! What a Joke.
30/01/2013 16:33:00
Adebayor has to be our most naive signing ever
big cockeral
30/01/2013 16:43:00
To be fair to the big lug we signed him on foot of the previous season where he played as the target man and performed reasonably well. This season he has been played "in the hole" behind defoe (when he has actually been available to play) and had a very poor showing. With Defoe now doubtful and a new striker being signed very unlikely we may yet see Ade played as the target man with Holtby in behind. He may then be in a position to recapture some of the form that convinced Levy to buy him. Or at least do enough to make him an option for some chinese club in the summer!
Slurms McKenzie
30/01/2013 17:07:00
Is Adebayor really that bad...? To be fair he knows where the goal is...sometimes...and is better than Clint...
30/01/2013 17:10:00
Not on this season stats he's not TaxiforMaicon!
Slurms McKenzie
30/01/2013 17:16:00
C'mon Tunisia!!
30/01/2013 17:35:00
If adebayor was 5 mil and his wages aren't to bad he still a good investment if we tried to sell him we'd easy get are money back maybe more I'm sure Harry would take him. I'd say Siggy was worse He flopped in germany had a purple patch for swansea and we wastedbig money on him
30/01/2013 17:38:00
I've said in a recent thread that Adebayor has had 23 shots in 14 appearances. Any law of average would tell you that this is the reason he's not scoring! He's just massively out of confidence I'd have thought and AVB for me has to rectify it, try and take the pressure off him somehow.
Bernio Villas-Spuras
30/01/2013 18:30:00
Am glad that Togo are just 2 mins from qualifying as no Ade = more pressure to buy a striker this week.
30/01/2013 18:44:00
0 Ade is a frustrating talent and has his demons, but I love watching him when he's on form and hope he can come good. I'm almost certain there's gonna be no more signings this window, which is a shame - Willian or my Son would have added some good positional options, maybe for a 4-3-3. Bring on the canaries! COYS!
30/01/2013 18:49:00
Togo are through so Ade remains out for us
30/01/2013 18:53:00
Do we expect Adebayor to come back from the ACN full of verve, vitality, enthusiasm and get up an go, or lolloping around the pitch at a leisurely pace, with a face like a smacked arse, looking like he couldn't care less whether he plays or not, just as he was before he left. As I have said before, this guy makes Berbatov look energetic, but I suppose we have to make do, we ain't gonna get another.
30/01/2013 19:14:00
If we are so financially embarrassed to the point that we can't afford a striker, while the fecking hell don't we loan one while we save up. We could also post Levy on the gate on a Saturday with a bucket taking a collection, then we might just be able to afford one by 2018, and we can have a double unveiling, the new ground, and our long awaited striker, "kill two birds with one stone".
30/01/2013 19:22:00
Frank, as you well know, I think ENIC do an overall good job. If they made an announcement saying we could not afford all three of Guidetti, Castaignos and Son, let alone any one of them, I would have to call BS on them. Wages are always an issue and that's where I believe this year we are probably above 70%. Any player coming in adds to that. As I stated before though, it is a short term issue for all the reasons I have mentioned. I do however expect, much like Harry, AVB knows who he wants and he does not want anyone else. I get it, to a point. But then, why bring in Holtby who would be far better in a 4-5-1 than in a 4-4-2. Defoe doesn't suit a 4-5-1 at all. Today it's Dempsey and Defoe. It matters not whether it's 4-4-2 or 4-5-1. Defoe has shown for over a decade, that no matter who is out there for him to work off of, it will not work. He will snatch a goal from nothing, or as he has in 7 of the past 8 games, snatch nothing from something. While I have not liked Adebayor's attitude at all this season, I do feel that he and Dempsey or he and Holtby could fashion a partnership that would benefit both parties. I have no such confidence in any partnership that involves Defoe. History says it will not work. COYS
30/01/2013 19:36:00
Agree all ends up Peterb one of Defoe's most underrated weaknesses is his generall all round weakness
30/01/2013 23:50:00
ade gonna come back tired
31/01/2013 01:02:00
Yeah spot on as always Big C ha.
31/01/2013 08:22:00
We could have used him yesterday to be fair. Good luck in the Quaterfinals Ade!. COYS.
31/01/2013 08:23:00
big cockeral a man with one leg in an arse kicking contest can still lie down to lick his own arse, so he could theoretically, still win. SO Ade could still come good, I doubt it, but maybe, just maybe AVB will turn him around.
31/01/2013 12:16:00
Let him stay out there and I hope his team win long as we sign Damiao or someone...anyone...anyone good that is!
31/01/2013 12:56:00
The level of performance by Adebayor for club this season, one wonders why the title of this article isn't Come on Togo. Anything to keep him away a while longer. But I know this is far to cynical. Let the chips fall where they may.
Total knobhead
31/01/2013 14:17:00
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