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January Round-up

January Round-up

Okay, so we didn't sign a striker, but what did actually happen?

Signings: Lewis Holtby (Schalke) Zeki Fryers (Standard Liege)

Outgoings: Permanent; Jermaine Jenas (QPR)

Loans: Heurelho Gomes (Hoffenheim), Alex Pritchard (Peterborough), Andros Townsend (QPR) Simon Dawkins (Aston Villa), Ryan Mason (Lorient), Tomislav Gomelt (Espanyol), Iago Falque (Almeria), Souleymane Coulibaly (U S Grosseto)

Extended loan: Adam Smith (Millwall)

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Date:Friday February 1 2013
Time: 9:56AM


Still not happy:-(
01/02/2013 10:00:00
Pretty gutted about it all, though Holtby looked good but we've got big problems I fear. Glad we didn't sign Nelsen and Saha last minute though. No action is better than that action!
01/02/2013 10:03:00
01/02/2013 10:05:00
We're 4th by rights, everyone else around us is capable messing up - see all of Wednesdays results as a good example - Ba won't play because of Torres, Scum and Everton didn't do much either, and Sturridge won't make Liverpool top 4, WE just need Defoe or Ade to find some form.....COYS, COYS!!!!!
01/02/2013 10:07:00
You would think Real Madrid would of had a 18-21 year old starlet they could of loaned us for 4 months
01/02/2013 10:10:00
Really thought all the outward movementwas to make sapce for one or two signings. After three years you would have thought that ENIC /Levy would have know if a player was fr sale or not!
Slurms McKenzie
01/02/2013 10:12:00
obviously not getting that extra striker is a blow, but I am looking forward to seeing how the loanees progress this season
01/02/2013 10:12:00
Best case scenario we finish 4th this year keep bale then have 20+ mil for avb to spend as he wishes (hopefully a new striker and defender). Worst case scenario we finish 6th lose our biggest asset bale for 50mil then avb will have around 40 mil to reshape his team. Coys
01/02/2013 10:19:00
If you don't spend over 20 million on a striker and then lose over 20 million by not being in the CL seems like stupidity to me. The chairman must realise that his position of hard bargaining can sometimes backfire and you end up being the loser just like last season. If we fail again to get CL then Levy should resign. COYS
01/02/2013 10:19:00
Very disappointed that we didn't get a striker but getting Holtby for a pittance, and Fryers from Man U without giving them diddly squat and infuriating Ferguson into the bargain was great. Getting rid of Jenas was priceless. Btw, did any money cross palms on that deal or did we just give him away?
01/02/2013 10:25:00
Too much pessimism. AVB always said that we wouldn't sign a striker but we all chose to believe that this was a smokescreen. Still have high hopes of 4th or better and a good shot at the Europa. Keeping the faith! COYS
01/02/2013 10:26:00
woke up and punched me fist against the wall and screamed!at least that was less doing some simple mathematics we have 15 games remaining in the league and 2 against lyon and more if we qualify in europa league;17 games total imo we need roughly 2 goals a game to win them.defenders job isnt scoring and parker has only scored for our U21s.Dembele scores less than modric in a season and well lennon is lennon and siggi has yet to score.SO that means we rely on bale,dempsey,defoe,ade and hopefully holtby for 90% of our goals.It all depends on our players and how much they want that cl spot.
01/02/2013 10:31:00
4ever your logic is perfect fans logic but I think Daniel would say if you buy a £20m striker and still finish 5th you've just lost £40m (A La Leeds).
01/02/2013 10:37:00
Pelebro out!!!!

01/02/2013 10:45:00
PL67 agreed. Unless we could do the business for who AVB wanted, Damiao (Bluff,Inter were not prepared to sell), Willian (35m was an outrageous fee), Moutinho (too complicated with ownership + we now have Holtby). It was better to get our house in order getting a few players out to clear the decks for the summer. NO reason to be pessimistic about our chances of 4th with the players we have as our rivals have NOT strengthened either. Anyone is prone to an injury, even new signings, it is just something we have to deal with. With 2 strikers and Dempsey we have options and they won't play every game together anyway. It was only 3 games ago we were knocking in 3 goals a game and we looked superb. It will come back and we will push on. Our last 4 games, 3 were AWAY and Manure at Home. None of them easy in the PL and FACup. Another Away on Sunday but do need 3 points this week as a must. Holtby to get off the mark ???
01/02/2013 10:46:00
CONFUSION? Yesterday Levy received a phone call, the caller asked him ''Are you interested in a MP3 Player'' Levy's reply was ''what position does he play and how much are you asking for him'' Read more:
spu 4 life
01/02/2013 10:51:00
Lets reserve judgement until the end of the season. On balance we are perhaps better off in terms of first team quality that we were at the start of the season
01/02/2013 10:59:00
we also have to accept the need to develop our youth and loaning them out to give them desperately needed experience is absolutely a must
01/02/2013 10:59:00
...we will miss the 30 goals from Ade/vdV last season. So far Ade only have two.The 3 points dropped against Everton will bite us in the back in May
01/02/2013 11:07:00
The most positive move in this window was 1.5m paid for Lewis Holtby, in a short space of time he showed me, what i have been saying for weeks (not a brag) that pleased me more then anything, his a class player and not one to sit on the bench, barring injury god forbid he should be starting in the same role he played for Schalke in behind the striker, this moves Dempsey to the bench and Adebayor when he returns, Defoe is AVB's number one striker, that put's two very good players and they are, when they are on top of their game; How we managed to move Jenas is nothing short of a miracle (good luck to him) but he had lost his way and every loan he got injured; Alex Pritchard to P'boro this will help him, playing against and with senior players, the Kindergarten nursery football is over, for me again i hope the experience shows what a good footballer he is, I wish him all the luck in the world; Same goes for all the others. Gomes proves himself again we can sell him, Same goes for Townsend, the others as i have said go away as boys to return as men, like Walker ad Caulker did.
spu 4 life
01/02/2013 11:13:00
On a point of accuracy, Jenas has joined QPR on an 18 month loan, at the end of which he will be out of contract, I don't think there was a fee involved, not that he is worth anything anyway.
01/02/2013 11:14:00
Holtby was an excellent signing, it would be interesting to know what yarns he was spun about the club's ambitions for the future by our ace story teller to pursuade him to sign, having played in the CL what was he told to expect. He looked a player during his 20 minutes, an is no doubt earmarked for selling and making ENIC a few quid in the future. Fryers will be decent judging by his Man U connections, they tend not to bother with dummies.
01/02/2013 11:21:00
What we have to fervently hope now is that Defoe can soldier on with his injury before surgery in the summer, and that Adebayor comes back from South Africa looking as though he is interested, wants to play football, and starts to contribute to the team, he has been largely a waste of space this season, what with his late start, and then "injuries", how you get injured when you do as little as he does baffles me. I notice that Obika has been kept at WHL, rather than go on yet another loan, this lad has never shown any evidence either at Spurs, or while out on loan, that he is likely to come through, and the prospect of having to rely on him for cover for our two strikers is frankly frightening, he is not a PL top 4 player by any stretch.
01/02/2013 11:31:00
A predictably disappointing window for Spurs. There are many who love to cling on to the dream that Levy always pulls something out the bag for us and they will often cite the VDV deal as the shining example of this. That deal should be judged in context. It was our biggest deal that summer worth £8M. A summer where we were in the CL and were looking at a revenue boost of £20M. Being in the CL would have also made Spurs and easier sell for Levy. What I’m saying it wasn’t the miracle deal that some fans seem to think it was. In fact with CL football that season, that was the perfect opportunity to attract a top striker. Now, on this window. Will we pay for not investing? Well, truth be told, we won’t really know the answer to the end of the season but I reckon we will; We have no back up at all now for 4-4-2. Anything happens to Defoe (presently not 100% fit) or Ade (presently away and on this season’s form not 100% up for it) and we can’t play that system even as a plan B. All good teams should be able to have the option to change a formation if things aren’t going well but for whatever reason, those with the final say at Spurs clearly believe that Spurs don’t require this for whatever reason. Clint can ‘do a job’ there but its not his best position. Question I would ask is why would we be happy going into the business end of the season with a player who can merely ‘do a job?. Other issue with Dempsey is that, presumably he and Holtby are also now the covering players in the wide positions. With the departure of Townsend and and Falque and no new investment out wide there’s no cover at except for Holtby and Dempsey. In other words, any injury’s to Defoe, Ade, Bale or Lennon will result in us having to disrupt our midfield to cover and if two or more are injured at once we reach crisis point. After a mildly disappointing summer of transfers the club has the chance to redeem itself but didn’t seem to want to ( given the form in previous windows regarding Moutinho, Aguero etc I take the rumours of our Damiao bid with a pinch of salt – it was a PR excercise). If we get lucky with injuries we might get away with it. I think a big spend on a striker was worth it to improve our CL chances. It would have been a risk but consider this; the TV contract that kicks in next season means that even the club that finishes 17th in the PL next year will receive more prize money than City did for winning the league last year. Spurs will at least be in the PL next year so are guaranteed and windfall. With Bale still at the club, now was the time to kick on and make something happen. It won’t be so easy next year. This season may prove to be our last realistic chance of CL football for a while. Shame. Lets hope luck goes our way with injuries and we get away with it. As I stated on recent posts I do not believe the board are prepared to go all out for CL as they indicate publicly. I believe the board privately hope for CL football but do not expect it and that they certainly are not prepared to invest significant money to get us there. I anticipate that this is the shape of things to come at Spurs. We can expect net spend in future seasons to be at either break-even or profit. All additional funds will be going into club infrastructure; stadium etc. Whilst I can see some wisdom in this I am also deeply frustrated by it because I think we are so close to being a top side that additional investment would actually make financial sense in the medium term; speculate to accumulate etc. However I’ve been going to WHL long before Levy was there and will continue to do so long after he leaves so I guess I’m just gonna have to hope for the best. COYS
01/02/2013 11:40:00
We'll never know, but personally I'd be intrigued to know what discussions went on between Levy and AVB before he took the job regarding budget and transfers and how close that discussion has been to the reality odf what has happened thus far. I suspect there's quite big gulf between Levy's promises and reality. Many of Levy's supporters seem to marvel at his ability to 'do a number' on other clubs so it only makes sense that he's the type of guy that would do the seam to his manager, sorry 'Head' Coach' (an important and telling distinction I think). AVB won't tell us. He's too much the professional and he's looking to re-build his reputation - he's doing so nicely. Herein, I suspect lies one of the reasons for the 'Arry sacking. 'Arry was less likely to be diplomatic and the club were worried about what he might say to the media to undermine their position as they looked to tighten their belts with transfers. One thing's for sure. A look at the club's net spend over the past 5-6 seasons and their can be no doubt that it is now club policy to reduce transfer net spend and ideally start turning over a transfer profit. In netb spend spend terms we are becomming a selling club.
01/02/2013 11:58:00
Have say Good luck to Jenas, good guy and generally underrated at spurs but unfortunately not quite good enough for us, missed that key ingredient. Frank I think the 18 month loan thing is so he doesn't come back regardless of injury, like how Villa had to pay his salary all last season when injured, no payment but QPR take all the risk.
01/02/2013 12:00:00
JENAS IS PERMANANT he wont be retrning from the spurs official web site; Andros Townsend has joined Queens Park Rangers on loan until the end of the season, while the Club has also reached agreement for the permanent transfer of Jermaine Jenas to Loftus Road. Andros has made 18 appearances in our colours to date, scoring three goals, having also picked up experience on loan at Yeovil, Leyton Orient, MK Dons, Ipswich, Watford, Millwall, Leeds and Birmingham. Midfielder Jenas, who spent time on loan with Aston Villa last season, made the move to White Hart Lane in August 2005 from Newcastle United and went on to make 202 appearances, scoring 26 goals. We wish Jermaine all the best for the future.
spu 4 life
01/02/2013 12:39:00
Harry Kane returns. There is the answer to our striker shortage.
Wilts Spurs
01/02/2013 13:12:00
AVB made it clear that Damiao was and still is the No1 striker target. He is confident that he has a squad capable of securing a top 4 finnish and was not willing to bring anyone in who does not fit the profile which he and Levy are working to.(Young and talented with resale value. Look at Barca, Dortmand and Ajax to name a few). This is why a young coach was brought in. Holbty confirmed this by saying one of the reasons he came to Spurs was because of AVB. He also has bought into the plan and vision that Spurs are working towards. Levy has invested in a training complex that is been touted has one of the best in world. This is a promising time for Spurs, lets get behind AVB and the team and judge them at the end of the season.
01/02/2013 13:52:00
Liking the Dawkins and Townsend Loans hoping to see alot more from these lads! Again Ox any chance we could have a weekly update on how our Loanees are performing? Some along the the lines of Minutes on the pitch, games played, goals scored, tackles, passes completed and bookings?
Slurms McKenzie
01/02/2013 17:06:00
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