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Harry Kane returns to Spurs!

Tottenham have recalled Harry Kane from his Norwich City loan.

Putting two and two together, it could very well be to add the 19 year old to our squad, at least until Adebayor returns and Jermain Defoe recovers from his injury, However there is a possibility that Spurs don't feel that Kane will get quite the same opportunities at Carrow Road for the remainder of the season, after Norwich brought in Luciano Becchio from Leeds and Kai Kamara on loan from Sporting Kansas City. Both are experienced campaigners and may well be seen as more likely starters over the developing Kane.

Kane of course was highly unlucky to break his foot early in the season, but has returned and looked bright, but has failed to score in his six league and cup appearances. That of course doesn't make him a poor player or even one that isn't yet ready to play Premiership football, but although his return may well offer a short term solution to our lack of attacking numbers, I do part expect to see him loaned out once we aren't so short on strikers, with perhaps a Championship return a likely option. There is a brief period from next week where non Premiership clubs can bring players in on loan and I could see Spurs happily allowing Harry to gain greater experience, once Adebayor has returned. Millwall who are currently short of strikers, may well be very happy to have Kane back after his highly successful spell there last season.

Should Villas-Boas be looking to bring Kane straight back into first team contention, it doesn't spell good news for Jon Obika I would imagine. At 22, he is at an age where he needs to be playing and the fact that allowing him to play in the Premiership, he would have to be registered in the clubs twenty-five man squad, could make his selection all the harder. Bringing back Kane, who comfortably remains a free Under 21 pick, is far easier, though Spurs may well have room to add Obika, sure to the lack of over twenty-one numbers they currently have.

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 1 2013

Time: 2:40PM

Your Comments

Welcome back Harry! Will be interesting to see whether he is on the bench for Sunday
We got our striker.......YEAH BUDDY!!!! ;-) Welcome home Harry, now kick on and play your heart out for the Spurs. He has a game to him and I would love to see him do well, here's hoping.
Oh Lord, I "called" this jokingly in another thread about our striking situation! I didn't really believe that was going to be our Damaio plan B. I really hope Ade comes back invigorated and without Malaria. At least Kane shouldn't be burned out.........
I for one was one of the merchants looking for a new striker and said it would be bad if we didnt sign one, but on reflection and the way AVB wants to play, I think Holtby will be a better fit IMO, I'm excited to see him get a full game. COYS
Go on Harry lad!!
I ma happy to have a young player in the squad, at least they try. TOM HUDDLESTONE, is a joke to his profession, so over weight I do not know why we tolerate this, it makes me sick seeing him get a game when he cant be arsed to get in shape.....disgrace
Perhaps if we has signed a 19 year old Brazilian U 21, we would have been wetting ourselves last night...
Can we loan him out back to Millwall?
If we had bought neymar ox I'd have probably gone no. 2 as well
I thought he might be one to break through but when he played for the 1st team and subsequently on loan he looks a yard short both in mind and body...Ox-you mean someone like Neymar who's a year older? no much rather Kane...
Aah Harry Kane is back well that's all our problems solved then. I don't even know why we were worried about signing a striker. How silly of us.
Harry is a goal scorer who just needs the one in the prem to get started and they will start to flow ! Have faith and good luck to harry to prove me right !
Little spur
At 19 he's still got a change to come good. A premiership goal may well set him on his way. I'm hardly ecstatic but we shouldn't be writing a teenager off. I believe Bale was 20 before he *really* started to show his class.
You couldn't make this stuff up... It's mind blowingly ridiculous
Cape Town Spurs
Totally agree with big cockeral bar the Danny Graham comment. Compare Kane to Rooney & Owen, even Milner/Lennon (position i know) but the point is they were showing their quality at that age. Sure it does take time for others to develop. Ok fair enough then let him develop. He is certainly not ready to take on the responsibility of firing us into the champions league if it came to it!
Iíve never been too impressed with Kane. I canít decide if its nerves or just lack of conviction when he plays but he just doesnít look confident. Heís a big guy and I want to see him put himself about a bit more. I donít think bringing him off the bench is going to do him any favours either. Experienced players like Defoe are good to bring on as they can get straight into it, if AVB wants to see Kane in action I think he should start him, not I that I think heís good enough. Its about time one of our attacking players actually steps up and breaks into the first team. Every other club seems to have one. Im confident in our youth system and think we will have players making the grade in the foreseeable future, just doesnít really help us now. Can say Cellabos or Prtichard really be any worse than Siggy at the moment? We could have got a cool £10m for him and brought one of them into the squad.
Agreed Kes, we should not be writing him off and I hope we give him a fair crack, the fact that his gap came around a result of professional ineptitude is not his fault
Cape Town Spurs
Ox, I think we should have a poll, will we sign a striker in the summer or will we leave it to dead-llne day (again) & fail for YEAR FIVE!!!!! and have some more feeble excuses. This is kind of fun as we all get the chance to guess at the future, what do you say?
Cape Town Spurs
whaooo i am wet !!
South L/Derry Spurs
talking of Polls Capetown- why are so many people going to be devastated at 11pm tonight?
Have to be honest, don't know why you're mentioning Obika. We have one out & out striker in the team at the moment, & even he isnt 100% fit, but Obika still cant even make the bench for a premiership game. As much as I'd love to see Obika burst through & bang them in like he does for the development squad, he clearly isnt going to be given a sniff. With regard to Kane, he hasnt looked too good up until now but it is too early to write him off. I think with real belief instilled in him by the management he could be a useful player. With strikers it is all about confidence & he hasnt really looked confident or comfortable up to now so I dont think we've seen the true ability that he has just yet.
I'd put Kane on a sprint training regime...let's face it he ain't going to play 90 mins he just needs to be sharp, sprint, sprint sprint for him....
As a Norwich fan I can say that we are not going to miss Harry. He was unlucky to get injured but I have to say that every time I have seen him play he looked lightweight. He is only young and has a chance to improve but he was bullied by the Luton centre backs in our FA Cup debacle. I suspect that if he stayed his game time would've been limited. Still, he's got a good attitude so good luck to him and you guys.
Norwich have brought in Bechio and tried very hard for Hooper. That tells you all you need to know about Kane. Obika I think has more talent.
matt hoten
BigC, where would Graham fit in? Is he cgoin to replace Defoe in the likely 4-5-1 going forward or Adebayor when he comes back. Holtby will be the big addition. Just as VDV was. He is a player that completely enhances your attacking options. I think AVB likes Defoe and I don't think he would envision Graham as the player we need going forward. Given that he played Kane before, he obviously sees something in him too. I do not, but there are others on here I respect who say he has all the tools. He's number 4 so I'm not all that worried. Health permitting, in 2 weeks we have all the strikers that are likely to feature meaningfully for the balance of the season. COYS
I believe that we have learned one thing in this transfer window: AVB has more influence than we think. If it's true that REading bid 10 million for Gylfi, I never trust figures in the media, Levy would have gone for it. Same thing with Hudds. According to Jol we pulled the plugs in the last minute. That's about 15 million, if I dare to speculate. Seems strange that Levy wouldn't have approved those transfers.
Is Kane better than Obika? Anyway, one of the two should get a chance now untill Ade returns. Loan for Kane to a Championship club is an option.
I rated Gylfi very highly when we signed him, but he doesn't seem to fit our playing style. Therefore 10M for him would have been great business. But Gylfi is young and time is on his side. He is good with both legs and has a good shot. Selling him this early would have probably been a mistake.
Time will tell about Gylfi, but Levy would have cashed in if AVB had give his approval.
Jables, city fans said the same about Dzecko on his first season with them (and we were laughing up our sleevesfor wasting soo much money on a dud!) But with time ot settle in he has proven a very valuable member of that team and would be the first name on probaly any other teams startign eleven! Lets give the boys some time? Not like we are desperate for cover in that area of the pitch anyway. From what little I've seen of Obika he seems to offer more then Kane with regards to pace and strength!
Slurms McKenzie
Luck just doesn't seem to be on Gylifi's side, if his late strike against Norwrich had crept in we'ed have hailed him as a hero and maybe it would have given the lad the lift he needs. Since Dempsey has banged in a couple his form has improved dramatically. Sometimes Luck and timing have the biggest impact on a players career!
Slurms McKenzie
Maybe the current team setup hasn't really suited him either. If we were to play a 4-1-4-1 formation with two of Holtby, Dembele, Dempsey or Siggy inside Bale and Lennon and Parker covering the back four and ideally a much improved Ade as the loan striker we might see better form from Siggy?
Slurms McKenzie
Mex_yiddo - agree 100%. Why vs Norwich was Obika not on bench, yet we had two centre backs there? Possibly he could have been injured, but the point is that we ignore this dude completely. He is 3 years older than Kane, and takes up a squad place, yet he had only played four times for us. We need a) striker options on the bench. I do not care how junior they are. They need a carrot, they need to feel that there is a chance. If we have only 2 strikers, and one is on inetrnational duty, the other injured, and no young gun on the bench, how does that make you feel..? Defoe needs to rest his injury when Ade comes back, and we need Kane as backup.
Kane aint good enough, simple !! i want to see more of Obika to be honest !!
Orson Wells (fecking Citizen Kane) would be about as much use. So we have gone from Leandro Damiao (allegedly) to Obika and Kane, talk about coming back down to earth with a bang, it's a shame Ant and Dec are busy.
Ade is having a good AFCON playing with pride and passion whats the chances he plays like that for us when he returns!!
Personally think Kane is a better prospect than Obika but there you go. Would obviously love to see him do well, he's talented but looks like he's pretty easily knocked off the ball. Maybe with a few games under his belt he'll do alright and with Holtby supporting the strikers, there might actually be some chances created. From what I've seen of Kane, his movement seems decent and intelligent. Whether he can hold his nerve at the top level remains to be seen.
Bernio Villas-Spuras
If you can, of course, lad.
Total knobhead
Harry "Kandy Kane" Hotspur. May you shine on the pitch like a Damn-i„o mi lad. Ride fast like the wind. Strike like a hotspur!
Total knobhead
YAY! Beggars cannot be choosers and we've got our striker now .
A striker with no goals in his last 6 games. It looks like he's already learnt a lot from Defoe.
I'm surprised Townsend hasn't been used more to be honest.
Bernio Villas-Spuras
Harry Kane returns to Spurs! Because just like us they have returned the goods, not wanting to pay his wages, why would they, having signed the lad from leeds Utd, we loan out players to give them experience and also to get them off our wage bill, be it only short term, we no longer have to pay Jenas for sitting on his arse doing nothing, every time he got loaned out he got injured and returned, more money on the weekly paid by spurs, Hudd to fulham? when then had a closer look, they most likely thought it was Martin Jol arriving with an Afro, we have shifted out Gio, what's he doing, hardly setting the world on fire, Pav left and put on weight, the dead wood is slowly floating away down the river, we have ''step over'' Bentley back, i for one will be interested to see what AVB makes of him and if he can turn him into a footballer again, if he does, my god, he is some coach, just keep him away from water, his like a gremlin. Harry Kane well it makes the under 21's stronger, if his around long enough, i think you can still loan players to a championship side, any takers, QPR will be one next season, perhaps his future will be with Arry Trotter.
spu 4 life
1 trick of a tiny belly? Cut down a bit of your belly every day by simply using this 1 weird old tip, what ever that is, has Hundred-stone died his hair?
spu 4 life
spu- I would actually like to see Bentley play again....he tried too hard but he did settle and have run in th team that qualified for the CL. Not sure we have the right style for him or any games that could be used to bring him on...
Once again I find myself agreeing with tophobunty with regards to Sigurdson, if we had £10M offered and turned it own, then somebody is deluded, we could have got out of jail and made a £3M profit. My only area of disagreement is on Townsend, yes he is quick, yes he goes past people, but if you opened a gate at the end of the pitch, he would run to the Manor House, before he thought of crossing or passing it, he has less end product than Lennon had.
Shedboy2, we usually sing off the same hymn sheet, but Bentley. I think you will find that he has sold his boots on e bay as no longer required. He has discovered that he can sit on his arse on the bench, or lay out in comfort in the treatment room, without expounding any energy running around on a football pitch, getting his exorbitant salary until somebody says "your contract is up", he will then pi$$ of to the MLS. or Australia, or some such football wilderness, where he will look as though he can play, cop a big signing on fee, and live happily ever after. Nice work if you can get it.

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