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Spurs announce 25 (or 23) man squad!

Spurs announce 25 (or 23) man squad!

Tottenham have this announced their twenty-five man squad for the second half of the season.

Although they have only named twenty-three players, Steven Caulker, Tom Carroll Harry Kane and any number of youth players qualify as they qualify as an Under 21, so there is no real need to panic at the lower number. Perhaps looking a little deeper however, you do wonder how many games David Bentley or Jonathan Obika play active parts, whilst Sandro is even less likely to play unless hobbling around on crutches is considered an asset. Perhaps we will see Bentley getting a chance, at least on the bench and then who knows. Stranger things have happened...

So in effect, 23 could almost become twenty, but does this offer opportunities for Kane, Carroll and even the likes of Parrett, Bostock and Louongo, should they not be sent on loan in the next few weeks? All have great talent, but so far have lacked Premiership opportunity. forget indifferent loans away, that counts for little, in my opinion. Sure we want to see a youngster dominating in a lower league loan, however is that really what is important, and developing 'boy into man' and returning a more rounded and mature individual with a greater understanding of life and the game being what counts. Livermore, Carroll and Townsend have hardly set the loan world alight, yet both have looked decent, when called upon. Could one of the others be the same, if given half a chance?

So the squad is: Hugo Lloris, Brad Friedel; Kyle Walker, Kyle Naughton, Benoit Assou-Ekotto, Michael Dawson, William Gallas, Younes Kaboul, Jan Vertonghen; Scott Parker, Sandro Cordeiro, Jake Livermore, Mousa Dembele, Tom Huddlestone; Aaron Lennon, Gareth Bale, David Bentley, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Lewis Holtby; Clint Dempsey, Jermain Defoe, Emmanuel Adebayor and Jon Obika.

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Date:Saturday February 2 2013
Time: 2:41PM


It goes to show how few senior players we have available. We've included Sandro who is out until at least next October, Bentley who hasn't played for us in years, and Obika who has played 20 minutes in our senior team in our squad of 23 (not even 25). Are we serious about trying to get in the top 4?
02/02/2013 15:05:00
After reading this article, the Townsend loan to QPR seems even more stupid. (Can't wait for the anti-Levy brigade to comment on this article: penny saving bean counter,etc,etc.)
02/02/2013 15:22:00
Really disappointed to be honest. Surely the powers that be realise that we are light in attack. Big fan of Levy and of course AVB but questions are rightly being asked here, how can you justify giving Arry tens of millions to spend on Keane, Defoe, Crouch, Palacios etc and not invest in a manager who actually knows what he's doing? Weve basically just spent the Modric money. I know the shadow of the stadium is looming but i cant help but think yet another opportunity has been missed here to really push on.
02/02/2013 15:29:00
Spurs announcement 25 man squad with only 8 good players in it .
big cockeral
02/02/2013 15:39:00
Levy is and has always been tight for years he only spend money first yr redknapp era cause we in relegation dog fight but since then if you look nothing has really been spent
02/02/2013 15:41:00
Levy needs to realize that standing still is as good as going backwards...No-one is saying bankrupt the club but WE NEEDED A STRIKER!. JD isn't the one anymore, he's nearly 30? Get rid! Rather have Hooper than JD right now.
02/02/2013 15:45:00
"Spurs announcement 25 man squad with only 8 good players in it," wrote big cockeral (sic).

Vital Spurs have 35 viewers this minute but only 8 good commenters. No good would come of my articulating which ones those are. lol.

Total knobhead
02/02/2013 15:46:00
I can only say if we can only get 4th if AVB done very very very well
02/02/2013 15:51:00
Apparently we only have 8 good players. Who'd of known? I guess Lennon wouldnt make the list huh. Yawn
02/02/2013 16:00:00
Apparently we have no good under 21 players. Love the rabid, we only have 23 -find a lamppost and hang ourselves brigade. We have some brilliant youngster like McEvoy, Coulhirst etc.My moneys on the whingers who probably complained we don't give youngsters a chance a few weeks ago doing a swift 360 degree turn to maintain whining status. One of the amusing things as a Spurs fan is to read comments and over the season see some fantastic acrobats. Olympic gymnastic quality. Some with gold potential. Oh well back to the playpen to watch some real infants and catch toys.
02/02/2013 16:15:00
Big C - that squad is good enough for 4th thus far.
02/02/2013 16:48:00
How many good players do Arsenal have?
02/02/2013 16:51:00
I am still amazed at how so many people suddenly consider us to be crap, just because we didnt bring in a new striker and loaned out a few players that have barely kicked a Premiership ball this season. We have added a player in Holtby that looks to be a very decent player and have Parker, BAE and hopefully soon Kaboul, whilst the summer buys are six months more integrated. Not having a new striker is perhaps a blow, but it is hardly the end of the world that some are desperately trying to make out. Sadly we all know that some fans are never happy to look for positives and far prefer to root around for the slightest hint at a negative
02/02/2013 16:55:00
...and both Chelsea and Everton drop points...
02/02/2013 16:57:00
The voice of reason as per usual Ox
02/02/2013 17:02:00
If we can nick 3 points tomorrow it would be huge given the other results, although Arsenal sneaked another win. Such an important game tomorrow, COYS
02/02/2013 17:06:00
It's funny. These are the players we have used so far. What is the point in bemoaning the loan of Townsend? Has AVB shown an inclination to use him? It's like moaning about Corluka being loaned out last January. Whether good enough or not, the fact is he isn't going to play. My issue with the loan is that it is to Harry and he is renowned for sending out the same guys game in and game out. Good if you're playing, not so much if you are not.

I urge everyone to watch the AVB interview from yesterday. IMO he did not seem too unhappy. Prices were unacceptable and that's it. We have a budget. Players we want weren't available at prices we'd accept. We weren't going to take players we didn't want. We live within our means and there is a plan. I can't expect much more. 3 points tomorrow would bevwelcome though. COYS
02/02/2013 17:08:00
Ox....Arsenal have better attacking players than us.
Andre's Crouching
02/02/2013 17:08:00
We added Holtby, Fryers and extended Pritchard. Got loans for Mason, Townsend, Pritchard, Falque, Coulibaly etc in places where they should get meaningful time on the pitch. Got Gomes out on loan and sold Jenas. This is all forward progress. COYS
02/02/2013 17:15:00
AndresCrouching - well, I'd take Cazorla, Sagna, Podolski, and Walcott as sub... But not much else from Arsenal over what we have...
02/02/2013 17:21:00
Andre's Crouching, but do they have better defending players?
02/02/2013 17:39:00
Interesting that Townsend has got great press for his performance today against Norwich. Lets not get too carried away in calling for his return or that we will miss his cover, because it is obvious to anyone that he is still a work in progress and needs to improve his team play and decision making. he wont get that on our bench, but could come back a very good player and who knows ready made Bale replacement, should we lose Gareth in the summer.
02/02/2013 17:42:00
Basically all teams have their weaknesses. Ours is plain. Man U's defence is creaking, the keeper is suspect, midfield ageing. Chelsea have the wrong manager, and screwed up their attack by not using Sturridge nor Lukaku, and relying on Torres, and now Ba...who scores but is an enigma. Arsenal are a jigsaw puzzle that even Wenger cannot put together, and it is not helped by Walnutt trying to do Wenger's job for him.... Plustheir defence and centre midfield solidity is suspect. Liverpool are Liverpool... Everton are heavily relianton Fellaini and Baines for goals...and they aren't strikers nor wingers... Short statement...nobodys perfect here....
02/02/2013 17:48:00
Ox - Did not even know Townsend played today. Wow. It is strange because harry hardly played Taarabt, Townsend, nor Jenas for Spurs....and now he is reliant on them. Could add Nelson to that list... Townsend needs Premiership games full stop. We certainly should have brought him on more when we were cruising in games. I do not think that we'll miss his cover because we prefered to use Siggy or Dempsey on left wing, or we can now use Holtby. At full back we have Bae, Naughton and still Vertonghen...
02/02/2013 17:54:00
Redknapp doesn't have Bale, Modric and Parker/Sandro, and was none too keen on rotation, which explains Taarabt, Townsend and Jenas getting match time. Taarabt and Townsend looked really good. Easily the best I've seen either of them play. On the basis of what I saw today, I wouldn't be surprised if Townsend is a fixture at QPR, and we'll get a much better player back at the end of the season.
02/02/2013 18:23:00
Holtby is a diamond and is going to make the midfielders and the strikers, sorry striker step up there games! Watched a lot of holtby a while back and hoped we could get him,stopped watching when i believed we would never get small squad with the added gog will help,will it be enough?
Little spur
02/02/2013 18:40:00
Tony, can't remember too many cruising games!!
02/02/2013 18:41:00
Ox, townsend as always excited me as a top player ready to come out some day!hope harry can finally crack him.
Little spur
02/02/2013 18:44:00
PeterB, my only question is why didn't we sign a striker. We are on the verge of greatness. CL is within our reach again, yet last season we didn't, this season similar. No impact sub, just Defoe, who we both don't rate and Ade who looks disinterested. Come on, we have the best squad I have seen at the lane in some time with the exception of forwards. An injury to Bale and we will finish 6th at best.
02/02/2013 18:46:00
RAF yid - not disagreeing with you there...
02/02/2013 20:00:00
RAF, I have to assume there was no one out there that was available at a price we were willing to play on wages that would be acceptable to us and the player and who would represent a step forward. AVB was not going to buy cover for cover's sake. Saha was free if we wanted that. Last season, even with Harry going for Saha, he really did little (1 good game) because Harry had no intention of playing him. He was cover. It was 4-5-1 which meant Adebayor up top. I think with Holtby in, we are back to that. If we want 4-4-2 Dempsey can be the second striker. It'll be Defoe until Adebayor comes back. If Adebayor hits it off with Holtby, Defoe will become an impact sub, as he should be. In a 4-5-1, as AVB has said, there just isn't enough playing time to keep number 4 happy.

We aren't on the verge of greatness. I believe our squad was better the year we added Gallas and VDV. We are approaching it again and the cull of surplus will be made in the summer. I expect Gallas to be gone. I expect a quality CB to come in (Alderweirald or Howedes) and Dawson to be gone. I expect us to sign another top box to box MF. Hudd will be gone. I think AVB likes Livermore and I still think there are possibilities there, but I am much more of a Carroll fan. I expect us to pursue the striker we want. Lots can happen in 6 months. I think we only go back in for Leandro if the demands come down. Same for Moutinho. Willian is now out of the picture. Personally, I'd have signed Son and Belhanda. The thing is, I believe AVB understands the limitations of our budget, so he is going to spend when it is that player to take us forward so wait he will until what HE wants is on offer. On the salary front, I don't believe as there will be issues. Sounds like Gomes played well today. If he can get his form back, he will be movable. Same for Bentley. Best thing for us would be able to kill some games off and get David in there. Any value we can create would make his sale more likely. Jenas is gone. Hudd should go. Gallas is done. Gomes and Bentley need to be gone. That's 5 significant salaries off the books which could easily be replaced by three quality players.

The difference in the team is there is more of a "team" ethos, and if AVB can continue "coaching" and if he can get Adebayor firing, third is not out of the question. COYS
02/02/2013 22:07:00
Peterb - I believe that we have a better squad, if not the team than Vdv's first season. There were strikers available, but AVB really did believe that we would get Leandro, and had no backup. Maybe next time AVB will no do that again... I expect Dawson to stay. I see no point in selling him. He cost us peanuts as part of Andy Reid deal. He is bound to not be on mega wage. He can do a relable job, and does not moan when it is time to wait his turn... And let's not forget that he played 29 of the matches that got us our first EPL 4th place. Up front is more the worry. Defoe is 30, and should have played more and certainly should have scored more...time for an upgrade. Need options up front, and I expect us to sign two strikers in summer.
02/02/2013 23:25:00
Couple of points: Maybe we should view the 23 man squad announcement as a pointer to the strength of depth with the younger players. Re Townsend and cover for a wing position. Its not just Townsend its Pritchard and Falque. I feel we should have retained one of them. And its not just cover, its also rotation. For instance we play Lyon away on a Thurs, WHam away on the Monday and Arsenal at home following Sunday. Probably Siggy will relieve Bale/Lennon some point, but I still think we should have retained one of those wide playing loanees. Maybe in the event of injury, we have a right to reclaim.
03/02/2013 01:19:00
TonyRich, our strikers that season were Crouch, Defoe and Pav. Crouch played every game, Pav Rarely and Defoe would play here and there. If we had played all the guys, like Pav, Kranjcar etc, it would have been a better squad. Our bench was not as match fit as this year's. I believe our starting XI is not as good. Our players 15-23 are better. Stronger weakest link. COYS
03/02/2013 02:06:00
PeterB, my issue is that we would have CL this year with the signing of a decent striker. It's so much easier to attract the quality of player we require if you are in it. No impact sub, for a club our size that's not good enough. We did this last year, I could understand why with stock piling but this year is different. Targets should have been identified, no excuses.
03/02/2013 08:14:00
Well, how many seasons have we begged Levy to get shot of the deadwood? and now there is no Cudicini, Gomes and Jenas collectively on the Wage Bill, I am surprised Hudd didnt go, but would expect that to happen in the summer, although to be honest I'd rather see Gylfi go. Maybe Levy wont just buy a Striker for the sake of it, and see us repeat the poor signings like Saha, Rasiak (remember him?) Mido etc. If we can get Damio and Moutinho in the summer, then I will forgive him, but lets hope it isnt too late by then. was surprising to see Falque go out on loan though in the circumstances of our light attack, could have been a good opportunity for him, but I fear he is just another Dos Santos .
03/02/2013 10:21:00
Why would we panic when the other sides around us have named less players than us?
03/02/2013 10:48:00
Just shows how fans have got their priorities all wrong when we were all running around tearing our hair out screaming for a striker to be signed Levy was in the smoke filled back rooms doing the hard graft needed to hold onto players of the calibre of Bentley. Kudos!
Slurms McKenzie
04/02/2013 12:11:00
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