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Will losing Defoe wreck our season?

You just knew it would happen. We fail to bring in a striker and sods law makes sure that we lose the only one we currently have available. Sure we have Adebayor thankfully returning from the terribly disappointing ACoN after Togo were knocked out last night, whilst The addition of Lewis Holtby not only adds creativity and energy in the supporting role, but it allows Clint Dempsey to push forward, but with only the inexperienced Harry Kane and the perhaps not quite good enough Jon Obika in reserve, the not buying a striker last month seems to have bitten us on the arse at the first opportunity.

It is suggested that once Defoe's strapping was removed yesterday the ankle blew up like a balloon, which is hardly positive and not only delays the ability to scan the injury, but also adds fear that it is a more serious problem and one that could take months and not weeks to recover. Sure Adebayor may well hit the ground running upon his return and being seen as the main man, even by default, may make him look a different player from the one we have seen so far this season, and if he can stay fit and firing, we might even become more productive, but relying on ifs are always a worry.

Although strikers do so much more than score goals, that is usually what they are judged upon and certainly in the case of someone like Jermain Defoe, his reputation stands or falls on how many times he hits the back of the net. Problem is of course that in recent weeks that simply hasn't happened. Of course we can look to his already problematic hip injury, however, does a Jermain Defoe playing and not scoring contribute more than Dempsey or Adebayor, even if their goals average wouldn't be better?

One goal in the last ten games, might have meant that he would at least force AVB to look to Adebayor and you do feel that if Adebayor can recapture the form of last season, we will actually look stronger as a team, just as long as he doesn't get injured...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday February 4 2013

Time: 8:36AM

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Great results yesterday. Win At WBA and Togo lost! Means Ade should be back for Newcastle game. There's rumours Defoe has metatarsal damage if so he'll be out for a few weeks. Ade has to step up now, he'll be the first on the sheet as striker so should pander to his ego!! COYS
all we can do is hope that the team as a whole rises to the challenge
Big Ron
If losing Defoe wrecks our season then we are not mentally strong enough. Man U have been playing with makeshift midfields for much of the season but they've just got on with it because they have a winning mentality. Hopefully AVB is instilling the same attitude into our squad.
No. That's 3 points out of three since Defoe's injury.
Nope, it will make AVB play Ade up top on his own for the rest of the season and we will be a better team for it, altho it would be nice to have Defoe on the bench.
Defoe getting injured at the moment, is not bad for us. Its not like he is firing every game, infact cant remember his last goal. Ade was not great for Togo, missed a sitter, but later he scored one & assisted one and lead his team to QF. He has now minutes under his belt. I really really see him doing well for us. If AVB starts him, he could recapture his form. Some one like Holby behind can only help him.
I would suggest not. I can't believe I am saying this but I think with Gareth Bale we could actually play the false 9 system anyway. He's impossible to mark, runs at defences and can shoot on target. Dempsey on the left, Holtby in the hole, Lennon on the right. I would hope Ade comes back all guns blazing, but if he doesn't I still feel we'll be ok.
Ade works better as a lone striker as well all know. And also as the main man. But in Defoe we have a player with a terrific shot, I just wish he was also a fox in the box sometimes and not just a 20 yard driller. Holtby , Bale and Dempsey can advance and I see us (with a solid back line) progressing well in the coming weeks. Lyon will be not easy feat but we are easily capable of going on a winning streak. Our strong squad can cope with the loss of anyone....midfielders can push up and quality will show. Bale as a striker could be fun ;) I'm a firm follower of AVB, I like the mans chat and also I'm a firm follower of Levy. COYS
agree with jod, we have the players in Ade and Clint, the players simply need to get on with it and accept these things happen and not use it as an excuse. I do hope that Ade see's this as his opportinity to secure first choice status at the club. players accept injuries to themselves and others as long as they are not overly serious and though Ade will concede that he would have liked to get the shirt based upon his performances over someones injury, he will still happily take the opportunity that Defoe's injury has given him
Also most of us underestimate Dempsey hugely. Given he has not had a pre-season with Fulham or with us, he has had a relatively good season with us. Worst case, if Ade too is injured , I can also see Dempsey & Bale do the job up top. But Bale is key though. Cant think what will happen if we were without him.
defoes injury might well be what adebayor needed, its obvious he wasn't comfortable with 4-4-2, and now with a proper vdv replacement in holtby I can see him getting his form back.
Well there be no blaming AVB if Tottenham don't make the CL next season! It will be totally down to Danny Boy and those 2 tight as a ducks arse board members (joint worth 4.5 billion) who have left AVB with no top class back up strikers or wingers. Heaven forbid that Bale or Lennon get injured!
we could always bring back Louis Saha...
Ade knows now he is no 1 choice. I feel he was a little cheased sitting on the hard surface. He is a player who loves playing football and hates it when he's not. His attitude is worlds apart in either scenario. Ade will be a new player for us and in all honesty I'm happy to rather play Ade than Defoe any day of the week.
" just as long as he doesn't get injured..." or get himself sent off!
pelebro p elebro pel ebro peel bro... broken record mate...
Why will losing Defoe effect us in any way. As far as I'm concerned we lost him around Christmas. This will be a blessing in disguise as it forces AVB's hand in not picking Defoe. We will be a stronger unit without Defoe.

Off topic but did everyone else see the German mentality in Holtby yesterday? He's working tireless for the TEAM, he will be a big hit for us and NOBODY (excluding me) has given Mr Levy any credit for getting a talent for £1.5m. Well done Daniel. Ox, feel free to put up an article in honour of Levy!
this will be make or break, Ade will be back now and with either Demps or Holtby or even Dembele or Bale playing off him we may find the magic formula. certainly if in the long run AVB wants to play 4-3-3 Ade would be better suited to that formation. Just hope he finds his form.
yiddyboy holtby was a revalation not only for that but the way he also sped up our play so much, we've complained about our play being too slow this season and I think he's made a massive difference to that! I refuse to criticise Levy until the end of the season. that is when he will be judged, on whether or not we win the europa league/gain champions league football.
If AVB knew what most of us know about Defoe, then Defoe would have been dropped weeks ago as soon as the goals started to dry up. So losing Defoe won't wreck our season, but I wouldnt say it was a good thing either. As we've seen in the past, he's excellent when used as an impact player coming on off the bench. Hopefully when he returns from injury and AVB inevitably eases him back slowly, Defoe's more suitable role as an impact sub will be realised.
Loosing Defoe should improve us that guy can only play for half a season he's pretty much done it throughout his career. Unfortunately, if Ade comes back firing that could be all she wrote for Defoe and he'l be nothing more than an impact sub, one for which i support.
wiltshirespur - I respect your decision to sit on the fence regarding Levy, but with hindsight it's far easier to criticize or complain about something or someone. I think I'm in a minority but I actually like the way Levy is running our club. Anyone who thinks football is not a business fall into the deluded category. Of course I'd like Messi up top with Ronaldo and Bale on the wingers, but I am realistic too :-)
It all depends on which Adebayor turns up. If we get the Adebayor we had last season then we'll be OK. If we get the Adebayor from this season (including his performances at the recent ACN) then we are in for a long, hard and depressing second half of the season. I hope for the best but fear the worst.
blessing in disguise, the only thing AVB hasn't done right for me is show he is willing to drop defoe, well now the decision is out of his hands and we can finally play closer to our best 11. shame he couldn't have dropped a fit defoe to have as an option off the bench but i am not convinced he would have. adebayor as the mains striker opens up so many attacking options in a game especially now holtby is in the team too
we will miss Defoe but Ade will hopefully bring back some team play. Since Sandro was injured, its been the "marauding" Welshman and the "unplayable" Lennon funnelled into the mess in the middle, mostly ending with another predictable impotent corner. Dempsey may have given up looking for a pass from Bale a couple of games ago and is popping off shots any time the ball is near him just to remember what it feels like. Bale's goals have been world class but his short passing, team game is *****e, and his crosses are ONLY about him muscling around a defender flamboyantly without any congruent sense of where his teammates are. If he starts playing with the team again he will have many more multiple goal games. As will his teammates. I really hope Ade comes back refreshed, recharged and lights a new torch as a leader who reminds us this is a team game.
Also re Ade's attitude, I know he does fizzle out of games sometimes but he gets a bit more stick than I think he's due, never stops running, at times the most unselfish player on he park, which can be to his detriment as he sometimes looks to pass instead of shooting.
I agree with Holtby assessment. So glad to see his spirit, skill and linking play. Play him in Parker's role once?
yiddyboy I too am inclined to defend levy, but if it wasn't for togo losing yesterday we might be in serious trouble in the striker situation, big risk for levy but if it pays off, as with appointing AVB, it will be a massive victory for him. Yorkspur I totally agree I think ade is a bit of a bogeyman atm, people too keen to criticise.
Good posts there mix mate, too many doom & gloom merchants ranting on about strikers when the real problem this season has been creativity. We're definately not as creative as last season, but at least Holtby is showing signs that this should improve as he beds in. As for Don Quixote, well enough said.

It looked like he twisted his ankle quite awkwardly. Imo he will be pushed to be back for Newcastle, but could be available for one of the Lyon ties…or the west spam game. Of course it’s bad when a player gets injured but we do have 3 forwards. Dempsey and Ade returning is good cover, remember those 2…our other 2 forwards? Holtby, Sigurdsson and Bale are proving to be versatile as well so things could be worse. AVB has backed Defoe from the start so will miss him that’s for sure, but we have options. Get well JD and get back on that score sheet upon return. COYS.
I said before yiddy you're not in a minority mate, the other lot are simply more vociferous & have nothing else to say, that's all.

good to see a lot of positive comments coming out I just hope that we are ok. Liverpool are now firing well, Everton are staying the pace, and we still have some hard games to come. It might not be losing Defoe that costs us but dropping silly points earlier in the season which will come back to haunt us. I just hope I am wrong. COYS
Off topic, Holtby's been here for only a few days and I like him already.
Now the ghastly transfer period is over, we can focus on who we have got, not who we wish we had.We are sitting in a strong position despite Defoe's loss of recent form,so the squad can't be that bad!Barca seem to manage very well with only one recognised striker.The addition of Holtby ,who looks the business,will enable us to pass the ball quickly around the edge of the penalty area until a shooting opportunity arises.Like Barca we need our midfielders to shoot when those gaps appear.This surely is the Spurs way ahead,skillful passing and pace.Bring it on,I say;and yes, Gareth is our Lionel Messi!
have to agree, I have been very impressed with his quickness of touch and thought, as well as energy and vision. I think he is still in the stage of understanding his team-mates playing styles and getting used to interlinking together, but that is an obvious issue for someone that has just joined
Defoe has been awful in recent weeks, his injury not only gives Ade a chance to come in and make a mark on the team as the main striker... a chance I feel he has been waiting for all season. His injury also gives him the chance to have a rest and rejuvinate himself. It's been a few years since Defoe has played so much football!!
It shouldn't wreck our season but it again limits our options but I expect Ade up top, Bale left, Holtby in the middle, Lennon right....where that leaves Dempsey and Gylfi i don't know?
Considering the form of Defoe this few games, I will say NO, and infact it may be the opposite lol
Defoe is definitely one of my favourite players but even I was starting to think he needs dropping when Ade came back. Playing Ade upfront on his own is exactly what he wants, I know he's been relatively rubbish and his heart doesn't look in it but I can't believe he is happy and must want to turn things around.
I haven't seen it said anywhere - possibly because we won AND they did get a man sent off - but West Brom, unlike them, came out studs flying and in the end we were lucky to lose only Defoe. They were very rough and I found them to be a mean-spirited, even dirty, bunch. Popov got a red but I felt his nasty actions seemed to be in the spirit of the way West Brom were playing the game. I repeat, it is not how I've come to know them, so I was a bit surprised.
If only he could get him back on a decent run again. I still hold hopes he will have his best season in a Spurs shirt. I don't mean he’s been playing particularly poorly, but he just needs to end up on the score sheet! Dropping may or may not help, but I hope AVB can get him back to his best, he’s backed him and generally set him up well at the start. Having said that, I’m glad Ade is back soon and I hope he takes the bull the horns while he has the chance! COYS.
Just hope that ADE comes back interested. Holtby is looking like a very good addition. With Him, Dembele (great game from him) bale and lennon we can probably cope goal wise, Dembele and Lennon need to chip in a bit more with goals but we create so many chances. If Ade can just help link up play and chip in with a few we should be ok. It feels like I single him out but again Dempsey did very little to earn his place in the next 11. Just a yard of the pace, no shots on target, he is not the answer. TBH I would rather play a 4-6-0 with bale as the “striker” and Sigurdsson on the left. I honestly think it was a blessing in disguise that defoe went off yesterday as it changed the game. It just shows how little he contributes. That’s the second time Holtby has come on and completely changed the game. Needs to start against Newcastle.
Hudderspur you've got to think holtby will start against the Geordies but who for. Ade will be in for Defoe and I think Dempsey will keep his place, drop Parker maybe?
If Holtby starts T.H.F.C., it'll be in place of Dempsey surely? Either him or Ade I'd have thought & as for dropping Parker - oh no, no, no.

Ox yes Bring back Saha. We are playing the Barcodes at Home on Saturday and he had his only good game for us last season against them. Ade was also unplayable and had a point to prove (4 assists and a goal). A good chance to put a bit of daylight ahead of Everton and Arseanal and put pressure on Chelski for 3rd.
TBH Spuds I'm just hoping for a attacking line up, even with their French Revolution I think the Geordies are there for the taking. Very unlikely AVB won't start with 2 DMF's though.
We must start with Holtby behind Ade at the weekend with Both Parker and Dembele in the middle. As for A striker id be happy with Benteke but think if we get champions league we should be going after a Falcao or Cavani
Well, Defoe has gone off the boil, but let's not forget his goals and improved team-play this season have been a major contribution to us sitting 4th. Having said that 7 x outta 10 I'd start Ade and use Defoe 2nd half as he's simply the best super-sub ever - shame he can't accept that. Some good signs yesterday in terms of our work-rate 2nd half, but not so many good little triangles as we were seeing earlier in the season. Maybe Holtby's presence can fix this - bloody hope so, cos it's like watching a rugby league match whenever Spurs play at the moment - yesterday the WBA defence lined up and we ran at them with the ball, failed to get thru, passed sideways to someone else who runs at them with the ball, can't get thru, passes sideways etc etc. Worst thing for me is Bale's getting badly clobbered every ******** match and the refs just watch and do nothing - that forearm smash nearly took his ******** head off, yesterday. If he doesn't get some protection it's just a matter of time before the inevitable bad injury happens and we all know what that means. As for the non-striker decision - silly gamble for me - but Ade can be world class and he can be consistent - just up to AVB to get it out of him. I think we'll squeak CL this year at the expense of either CFC, Arse or Goons - it'll be tight as a gnat's but could even be 3rd or 4th because the top teams are all inconsistent (but we rarely get beat). However, if Gerrard's still fit next year, it'll be a different story. Liverpool will even stronger COYS!
I thought this was a very good ACON for Togo who got to their first quater final ever! Ade is still probably ten days away from a starting spot for Spurs. So I expect to see Dempsey play as the striker and Holtby come in for Defoe. I would perfer to see Obika played as the striker until Ade returns!
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms just interested why you think Adebayor is 10 days away from start?
Jacobslad, realistically travel time alone (including homecoming to Togo) will mean hes not going to arrive in England until Friday at teh earliest which means barely one training session before our early start on Saturday So I don't expect to see him play until the following week.
Slurms McKenzie
Only time will tell how badly were going to miss Defoe but I honestly believe if we can just keep plugging away 3rd is not impossible but we have to remember there are equally as good teams close behind us. The thing that might help us were not as many points clear as Arse this season last season we became to complacent with the gap we had.
Maybe Topho but with midweek international friendlies he still won't have a squad training session until friday, you really think AVB will throw him in to his team for Saturday morning?
Slurms McKenzie
Can you all remember when for years we didn't have enough defenders and were always struggling to cover. Well we sorted it at one end only to find we have aproblem at the other. It's all part of being a Spurs fan. We can all see what needs fixing except the people who are in a position to fix it. I hope we have the quality to maintain or even improve on where we are, but it was only 3 days ago we had the chance to sort it. Maybe next season eh?
top'.....i agree...100%................get addy' in the team, fresh start. Holtby..doing the vdv role...but not dropping too deep. Dempsey / Siggy' subs bench...and a shame that Yid Defoe is not sitting next to them.
No Defoe is awful and in his case does nothing apart from score goals, I'd rather play with ten men at times. Adebayor wasn't fit and lacking match sharpness we will be a lot better team without him in it
Oops I meant ade wasn't fit at the start of the season and we'll be a lot better with him in it
Strangely I think we could benefit by the timing of Defoe's injury. I believe AVB would have resorted to Ade and Defoe again. The combination doesn't work and seems to have a negative impact on both their performances. Ade seems to thrive as the lone front player and I would like to see how he works with Holtby. Hopefully AVB will start both of them against Toon.
Yea 'cause AVB has a rich history of throwing guys straight into the team...!
Slurms McKenzie
I wouldn't start Dempsey over Holtby, but AVB's probably been starting him because he'd scored 6 in 8, hadn't he? or 5 in 6 - well, he'd been scoring a few lol.
Forget the Defoe injury it is complete mis=management of the club we all love! There are not many fans that do not believe we need a striker! Look at all our competition for the fourth spot and quite frankly third spot if we had some real desire !! yet again we have failed when it was imperative we bought a striker! We should not be looking at options of makeshift strikers if we are looking to get into the champions league and hold onto our best players. fingers crossed i am wrong but i feel we are outsiders now for a champions league spot because of our inability to notice the blindingly obvious!!! Levy your days are numbered and i hope that if we do fail Joe Lewis will get shot of you as you got rid of redknapp for failing to deliver champions league football when perfectly placed to do so!!!!
Called it!
Slurms McKenzie

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