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The re-education of Gareth Bale.

Watching Gareth Bale dominate yet another Premiership side, there will again be increasing talk of our losing him in the summer.

However seeing the way he celebrated yet another outstanding goal and his recent success in a more central role, it did cross my mind that he might actually prefer to stay and only leave as the complete footballer, nit one that is outstanding, yet still improving and developing extra qualities to his game. Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but I have always had the feeling that Gareth has a very clear career agenda and though he definitely wants to show his qualities for and against the very best, I do think he is happy at Spurs and seeing the rewards of his and the clubs efforts to make him the complete player.

If Gareth has the ambition to develop as a greater attacking threat that plays through the middle as opposed to the confines of the wide areas, I think he might prefer the idea of waiting a little longer and leaving as an even better player than he already is. Can we imagine his status in getting twenty goals this season and doing even better next? Add to the possibility that Spurs could have the lure of Champions league football, and it might well be tempting to wait another season before making his big and career defining move.

Should Bale leave the Premiership, you don't see too many options for him to pick. Real Madrid have this 'special' Spurs relationship, but will they could also have a new manager that may or may not sway Gareth to wait and see what happens before joining. Of course a sale of Cristiano Ronaldo, seemingly Gareth's favourite player, could also swing things one way or another. Bale as Ronaldo's replacement, might be a perfect time to move or alternatively add extra pressure to shoulders that still feel there are things to learn.

Do Barca have the money or need? Would PSG be an option? Whilst I doubt that he see's Russia or another newly rich football nation being his dream move. I imagine that Daniel Levy would as usual be highly reluctant to allow Bale to join another English club, unless the bid was absolutely vast compared with what he could expect from abroad. So for me it leaves Real as favourites, with Barca, PSG and perhaps Bayern as possibles, in my opinion.

Bale will be 24 when the new season starts, so unless he has a desperate desire to move or feels he has to make a certain move when it is offered, I can easily see him staying for an additional year, whether we make the CL next season or not. As I write earlier, that may be wishful thinking, however he might also look at the Luka Modric move and feel that one more years experience and polish to his game, will make him a definite starter as opposed to someone who has to fight for his place, especially if he wants to make a more central role his position of choice, he may well not only have to re-educate himself to that position, but also prove he has the quality to shine in that position for the games elite...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday February 4 2013

Time: 11:00AM

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Twice in one day!!!
Now I'll read the article. lol
Bale will bet the protection in the Spanish league, although I think the offer of CL football could tempt him to stay another year under AVB and then who knows. I know money is the route cause for our loss of quality players over the past seasons but if we get CL and AVB gets a couple of his targets in the summer, maybe, just maybe the grass is not greener and he'll decide to stay for at least AVB's reign?
He certainly seems extremely happy at the moment. If (big IF) we get CL qualification this season, I think he will stay, especially now we have Holtby. With his quick thinking and feet, I think he will help Bale to improve and showcase his obvious talent. How much further he can get is up to him and, I thinnk, AVB. I'm sure he has progressed this season from last and AVB must get some credit for that.
Just having a baby will definitely help him stay at spurs a bit longer. If he did go though I think he'd start every week for whoever he plays for, he's one of the top 5 players in the world.
I don't know what to think. People are quick to judge but without any evidence. What i see is a player loving playing and scoring for us.
Tottenham Hotcore
Man United might come in for him, don't see him going abroad for some reason..not this early in his career anyway. A strong finnish this season will go a long way! CL, silverware...we still in it? COYS.
I think he needs to establish his ability to play the central role as well. Other wise he is constantly in jeopardy as a wide winger when some young turk who is faster comes along! Bayern would seem to make the most footballing sense. Real are in real trouble and Barca don't play the Bale way! Still a third place finish from Spurs may convince him that anothe ryear or two in England might be no harm. Lets not rule out a banana-boats bid from City. 80-100 million offer would be hard to turn down for any club. Would the FFP rules have any impact on the bids clubs could make?
Slurms McKenzie
As good as Gareth was yesterday (and he was awesome) It was only after Holtby's introduction that he was fully unleashed on WBA! Dempsey was more or less a passenger for the entire game! If I'm honest I'd start with Bale, Holtby, Lennon, Dembele and Parker with Obika up front!
Slurms McKenzie
And my only complaint about yesterday was Walker being taken off for Gallas agaisnt a ten man WBA who were on the ropes and with us only being three goals ahead of Everton and ten behind Chelsea surely we should have pushed for one or two more?
Slurms McKenzie
THF Chris.....sentimental as it seems I think you got it right. Sometimes we think footballers are money, money, money. The timelines suggest that Gareths new contract was negotiated and signed just at that point in time when Emma Rhys-Jones was confirmed happily pregnant. He knew what he was doing, and most of us were gobsmacked. The Bale's are no brand Beckham. Family life is very important to them. The article is written purely from an agent/commodity point of view and I can understand that. But this boy comes from a very close family, and when you add it all together, he isn't going anywhere this summer. He is immensely happy. We talk about agents, RM, Barca, Mourinho, but for the immediate future grandmas Bale and Rhys-Jones will have a more important say. Aother years 2/3 who knows? But not this year.
Cant see Levy selling to another epl team. Madrid id imagine is where he will end up but not for another 2 years. Its also gonna cost upwards of 50M With Bale were in a strong position with him or with the 50M fee.
The combination of two forums in one, when Sandro did his knee not a single player was near him, yesterday Defoe did his ankle and again, not a single player was near him, both of them suffered injury without being tackled; We ask Will losing Defoe wreck our season? Well it won't help but the club has to get on with it, Losing this guy (Gareth Bale) would be far worse, AVB can adapt players into certain positions, we are not trying to put round pegs in square holes, they are round pegs in round holes, AVB has already played certain players in different set up's the addition of Lewis Holtby is and was a fantastic move in January for what 1.5m£, his movement is outstanding, his run off the ball opened up the space for Bale to go into and shoot and score, that is the sign of a very clever footballer, you can do just as much damage without the ball as you can with it, that's what some body once told me, when i played. All i can say on Gareth Bale is, his a talent to be enjoyed, a pleasure to watch, for a player who once was ''we don't win when he plays'' the clown prince at spurs, well the clown prince, is becoming the KING. He still has a long way to go in his football career and his our player until such time that changes, so don't worry about things that have not yet happened, ENJOY.
spu 4 life
Interesting to see Townsend being encluded in "teams of the Weekend" for his performance for QPR! This could be the making of him and the answer to our wing cover! One more player we don't need to sign.
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms McKenzie; On Gallas for Walker, Walker was getting a lot of stick from the WBA fans for the sending off of Popov (spit the dog) this was starting to get to him, Walker continued to play in his normal way attacking with Lennon, when AVB made the sub, he could have use Naughton, but went with Gallas who never made any forward runs he held his ground, used his experience and made a solid block down the left wing channel, stopping WBA coming down that side, we moved the ball around, made them chase us, 1-0 3pts yes we could have gone for more goals in fact we did, but it was a professional performance in keeping with what we had all three points. That was the objective. I understand what you saying on going for more goals.
spu 4 life
Spu my point was not that he took off Walker (actually nice to see one of our lads being protected) and I'm sure most of the WBA fans when they saw the highlights were ashamed of themselves! But Gallas on when Dawson and Parker were already pretty much redundent in the game actually invited more pressure onto us. He could have gone with three at the back against Shane Long and pretty much no-one else with Parker and Dembele in front of them Holtby, Bale Siggy, Lennon and Dempsey up front.
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms, it was great to see townsend play so well on saturday. hopefully if he can become a Prem regular with them, it will be a great education for him and hopefully prepare him for a long term career with us
The next Kyle Walker in other words Ox! Harry finally has faith in one of our youngsters!
Slurms McKenzie
How has Lloris got 23% for the MOTM poll?? Yeah he comanded his box well etc but he had nowhting to do for 70mins! Holtby only has 11% and Dembele 1%!! Strange. Hate to sound negative but again we looked very average in the first half, how Demspey missed that header (and the target) from 6 yards was worrying.
Morning Lads. I´m not willing to get a stick here but I´d like to play sort of Devil´s Advocate role here: Bale has certainly improved a lot since his "Jinx" days when Tottenham would not win a match he had started. However, I still think AVB should have a private talk to him to get his attention to a single footballing detail Gareth has been, let´s say, somehow distracted from: ball passing...I know last Spurs´ goals were singlehandedly taken by him, but there were countless times in the past and in the very recent past when Bale could have assisted a better positioned team mate rather than sending the ball to the stands. I´m not talking about crosses, I´m talking about slashing a kick against Arsenal when we were 2-4 down when he could have assisted Defoe for an easy tap-in and a menacing 3-4 for Arsenal. If he is going to leave next summer depends more on his will and Levy´s evaluation of any obscene offer than Tottenham grabing a CL spot. In the case of Bale´s departure, incoming resources would be more thatn enough to sign in the players AVB really wants to work with.
Agreed, if we are in the CL next year i think Bale will stay for 1-2 more seasons. 2 at most. He wants to play in Spain at some stage and fair play to him, he's given us his all, been the model professional, he is world class and catching up to Ronaldo standard IMO - sure I read a stat to say that Bale actually has more goals and assists than Ronaldo did when he was the same age. Started as LB then LW now looking to play the number 10 role, might see him in goal at some point! But CL qualification is pretty much a must if we want him here in 2013/14 season.
I'll help to spread teh flak Alexspur and say that I tend to agree with you. There is a touch of the "Defoes" creeping into his game style. The goals are great Gareth and thank you very much but it might be nice to see someone else score, once in awhile, as well. The counter argument though is if you don't shoot you don't score!
Slurms McKenzie
Worse comes to worse we lose bale in the summer and yes its hard to replace him but it will at least give us a lot of revenue to spend on new players and with having this link with real madrid a certain player if I was spurs id want Jese Rodrigues in the deal with 40 million in the pocket to spend on new players.
Is Sarah 4 miles away from you guys as well? No matter where I log on from, she’s always 4 miles away. Stalker or bunny boiler it’s not good….
I'll jump in on that one as well Alex....he still has a lot to learn if he's going to come inside....could easily have put Gylfi through 1 on 1 at one stage. I didn't think it worked that well against WBA (although we did win) he congested the middle and but for poor defending the 10 men may have frustrated us. How many clear opportunities were there? The game was calling out for width when they went down to 10 but we just battered away at the front door....eventually it caved in, against a better team we'd be left frustrated....And if we play Bale central who do we have for width...only azza...Holtby central behind Ade, Bale on the left floating in occasionally but all the time? not for me...
Educating Bale.........Hmmmm.......needs to be reminded of Discipline. Best playing him in a Left wing back position. Allow go outside and inside diagonally towards goal, when attacking and reminds him of his defensive duties when defending. Both Bale and Walker can be Wing backs...imo......with 3 central defenders. ..i.e...Vertonghen,Caulker,Dawson. With Ekotto and Naughton, as back up, on the bench or when necessary. 3 / 5 / 2..imo..suits spurs at the min'..........Similar to 1990 world cup...with England playing.....Pearce, Wright, Butcher, Walker, Steven. Baines has no problem....attacking and defending for Everton....and wins Vast applause. I feel Bale is best suited to attack from deeper, with his Decisive fast leggy runs....Not forgetting the finishes.
@Alexspur you're right he is becoming a little greedy and sometimes would be better of passing to someone else,but i think it is just because he is just becoming more hungry for goals.Not to long ago people were saying he should shoot more and instead of putting a good cross in that was not getting finished.There is probably only one player (messi) that has the balance in his game of when to pass and when to shoot almost perfectly.Bale has made it clear he is trying to clone his game into Ronaldo's and he is ruthless in front of goal and hardly ever passes it,so for me that what he is trying to become and ronaldo aint too bad is he?
I think Bale will be off....Levy will sell to anyone who comes up with enough cash...
Shedboy based on the modric deal I'd say Levy will sell to anyone who comes up with money!
Slurms McKenzie
shedboy2 - If we was to play bale in the middle how about moving BAE into that position ?? the guy can cross the ball and loves to get forward or you could even get an attacking midfielder there and give Bale the option to go wide or stay central during the game and if Bale does go wide the player on the left can come inside it would cause the opposing players so much trouble to deal with and having the likes of lennon etc it will free up space for them as well so maybe having Defoe injured could be a blessing in disguise.
No one player is bigger than the club........£60mill'... tempting to Mr. Levy......i would have thought. Question much would go to the squad replacement and how much towards the Stadium replacement.
82spurs - "No one player is bigger then the club" this is true but big Tom Huddlestone is giving it a good go!
Slurms McKenzie
Slurms - Chelsea came up with the money for Modric..
Yes TopSpur13 the only case in history where a club offered too much for a player so the deal never happened!
Slurms McKenzie concern with playing Bale central striker. Is that he may be too far up the field, too often..and not allowed to stretch his legs from a deeper position, like he is doing at present. Against was somewhat different...due to wba going down to 10 men. Thus Bale was now free to roam as the extra man, quite rightly so....and to superb affect. But come back to opposition with 11 men and the ball game, is a different matter. Ronaldo....roams from the left....perhaps ..more 4,3,3...system. Maybe, in time, AVB..will want to go to that system.........we'll see.
Tom'..eats too many clubs......but you can tell
Before turning Bale into a central-attacking force, I´d like to see how a 4-5-1 with Holtby playing behind Adebayour would work. I´m pretty sure we´ll have a taste of it against Newcastle. I´m not sure if AVB will start Holtby or if he will start Dempsey (which I think it is the likeliest scenario given AVB´s "new player insertion philosophy").
True haha but still it does seem Mr.Levy is wise enough to at least do all he can to sell abroad. If a ridiculous bid came from City or UTD then fair enough but like the Modric deal I would expect him to take a bit of a hit on the transfer fee to ship him of to Spain.
Alexspur,Shedboy2 spot on mates!I remember once right wing being swarmed with defoe,azza,bale and walker and there was absolutely noone at left!
alexspur....yes, i agree........Holtby, Behind / Raoming around ...Adebayor.....similar to VDV. For me, Dempsey, best starting the bench. BUT...Addy' has to produce / goalhang and finish. Like you say.....AVB does show a fair bit of loyalty.......but..he should remind himself of the Firsthalf displays vs Leeds / Norwich / Wba.
Bale to Utd / City / Chelski'.......nothing less than £100 mill'..will do....;-)
Has anyone read this: About football matches results being fixed ?? Including a CL tie played in England and also World Cup matches ??
And I hope I'm correct in expecting Bale to act in a more dignified manner than Modric when the time comes for him to leave.
Garath "Roy of the Rovers" Bale is playing for himself these days and yes he has scored some superb individual goals but unfortunately he is unballancing the side and its obvious that players dont expect to get return passes from him. He spends most of his time apologising to his team mates for not giving them the ball when they are clearly in better positions. He must be very frustraiting to play with at the minute. Its refreshing to see Holtby coming in and moving the ball quickly and unselfishly. This will lead to a much more fluid and better TEAM..
I have no problems with Bale being greedy. How can U blame him?. In the recent matches both Bale and Lennon have constantly made the crosses that our, either lazy or diminutive', strikers failed to reach. Even in y'day's game, Crosses came in but no one at the end. So I am happy that we have someone in a position who is prepared to have a go and has a good success rate......more than I can say for our strikers (success rate that is!). COYS!
Sounds like Fryers and Kane are both having good games against the spammers
Ade back in the middle as a lone striker would cure that. Providing Bale stays wide crosses are put in early. Its hard to make the run when the ball never comes when it should.
mudsy, that's what I was thinking too!. Get Ade to be ever-present in the box anticipating those crosses. Could work well. COYS!
Critical_Spur, just for the record, when I made my point about Bale´s recently discovered taste for selfishness, I said I was not refering to crosses that fail to become goals because of our lack of strikers but to the those moments when a pass could increase Spurs´ chances of scoring, for example, like a pass to Siggurdsson last sunday.
The great thing about Bale, is that he is learning more and more, is able to be used in several positions and getting goals as the same time. As soon as we need him too, AVB can tell him to keep his discipline to delivery on one side. Hes on fire and i hope this season is his best. COYS.
Look at the facts, if Bale hadn’t played against Norwich or WBA we would have taken 1 point instead of 4. I understand where some of you are coming from regarding his newly found “selfishness” but that is down to the potion he has been instructed to play in. When he’s on the wing his instructions will be to bomb down the flanks and cross it…I think the fact is AVB has realised without ADE we have nobody to cross it to, hence why he has instructed bale to move inside. Sorry guys but saying that Bale is currently detrimental to the team is just complete nonsense. It’s not like Defoe who refuses to pass and either loses the ball or blasts it into row Z, bale is actually using the ball. Yeah sometimes he does refuse to play the simple ball….if I saw Dempsey or parker stood there with their arm up id ignore them too. Some of the passing between Bale, Holtby and Dembele was awesome, its not a case of Bale wont pass, it’s a case of he knows who to pass to.
Alexspur, Absolutey valid point mate. My post was in deed not directed at you, but a general observation. I thnk the issue you refer to can be said for other players at Spurs too. But obviously Defoe and Bale's selfishness is mroe evident because they are seeing a lot more of the ball and I agree that they have to strike a balance. Hind sight is a wonderful thing and our vision from the armchair can be misleading. When you have to make a split second decision, allowing for your confidence to dictate things, it probably is not that easy to do certain things on the field.

On a similar note, I am often more frustrated by the diabolic shooting by several of our players. You look at the statistics and how many shots we attempted y'day and how many actually were on target. I'd have thought that was basic practice on the training ground!!!...even Walkers' corner taking was at a 50% level wrt accuracy.
hudderspur-nobody's saying Bale's detrimental to spurs.Everyone knows that he's best player on the pitch!But sometimes You have to do what's best for your team,not what's best for you and I think Bale is slowly forgetting that!And I am pretty sure Dempsey and parker can score goals if bale can square or find a perfect through ball or score some tapins.Even arrys missus and gramps would score tapins.
Critical-walker's corners are worse than afcon pitch. we score 1 from 100 corners
Talking about passing How can we encourage our team to pass in a forward direction. This particularly applies to Parker and Walker. Each time I see Walker get the ball I wonder how long he will stand making up his mind before he realises all the options have gone and then has to pass back
Big Ron
I agree topho, if Bale's still with us at the end of the summer window, I'll be very surprised - no matter where we finish this season. Even if it's a CL finish. Nah, he's gone mate.

topho: "..want to be well planned ahead for it..." Wot?..Levy and ahead planning?!!!. You avin a larf!. Levy will haggle for the best price (for Bale) 'til the last day pf the window and then make some 11th hr attempt to sign someone obscure!
16 goals already quarter of the season to go plus hopefully a proper striker returning we are very lucky to be spurs fans at this time. Hopefully our new lad holtby will score more than Lennon or dembele. We are still missing vdv.
topho and spuds thats absolute hogwash. We have seen time and time again how players have left for the bigger stage only to be sat on the bench. Ask Berbatoss if he made the right move? Modric? Both deemed world class yet benched from the first game. We have seen numerous players turn down big moves and even more so owners turning down big money. Levy will ask for 100 million pounds of that you can be assured. It will take a monumental offer for Levy to even budge. In truth we all initially thought what a loss Modric would be... I'm not sure we would all have the same opinion if asked the same question again... Bale will be going NOWHERE in the summer and without him we can kiss a title shot goodbye!
Ox you paint a wonderfully romantic picture of this lad from the valleys via Southampton, who has found his spiritual home at Spurs, and that although he could double his money by moving, and undoubtedly play for anybody in Europe, and star in the CL every season, he feels fulfilled playing for us. Of course he will go, he is a professional, he want's to play at the top level he is able, and he is already goo enough now, incidently who at Spurs is arrogant enough to believe that they can "improve Gareth Bale", the guy is world class now and is entitle to earn a salary befitting his undoubted skills and abilities, which of course he never will here. There are of course two further factors 1) Unless we appear to be building a team to compete with the best, he will get frustrated, this may hasten his departure, as we apparently can't, or won't, afford to do that. 2) Gareth Bale is ENIC's "jewel in the crown", the most saleable asset at THFC, and don't kid yourself, if a big offer comes in i.e. £50M then Levy will sell, earning another "house point" from Bahamas Joe. Nothing is more certain. Levy may learn from the Modric affair, after all the "he isn't for sale" and "he is going nowhere", posturing, he eventually finished up accepting a lower offer than he had refused earlier, he won't want to repeat that error. Our concern should be that when Bale does go, (this summer if no CL), whether the fat wedge that will be forthcoming, will be re-invested on the pitch, unfortunately I think it highly unlikely, it will be swiftly trousered as before. (Peterbalb will be on in a minute denying any retained profit from previous player sales).
Alex- re: match fixing....I've been saying it for a multi-billion pound industry that feeds the betting industry you would be naive to think that there isn't corruption....I can't think of any other industry from the police service to banking that has such poor must be made more transparent...from selecting referees at random, have forensic accountants follow the money of referees, coaches etc earnings, time-keeping on the stadium clock and open mikes....there are so many things we can do to protect the integrity of the game....but then again with people like Sep and Platini in charge would it be in their interest to clean up the game?
Frank- If we sell him for 55m and re-invest 40m in the team you can be sure to have posters telling us how lucky we are that ENIC have 'spent' 40m improving our team making us one of the highest spenders in the prem...
Mix 26, what title shot? The two Manc teams, and Clelsea will be back, are up there and we can't, and won't, get close, there is a chasm between us re. budget, and that won't change. We may get a new ground (emphasis on may), but even then we are, and will remain small potatoes compared to them. We are striving at best to compete with Roman's mob for 3rd, the title is a pipe dream, like hoping to win the Euro millions on a Wednesday.
SilwalYid- I think Walkers set piece delivery has been very good...we could do with a bit more inventiveness though...
I agree with mix, Bale will still be a spurs player next season.
BC- yeah but not just short corners, a bit of creativity...our coaches should look back through the 80's internationals there always seemed some free kick that caught everyone out...
Frank you are ever the pessimist and its a pretty sad reality for you. I would question if you believed in your team but it's been proven time and again u have zero faith in anything Tottenham Hotspurs. This team, its relative age, the great young manager we have, a competent and effective board and more importantly the undying support from our fan base around the world. Spurs are on the up and there's nothing you can do about about Frank...
Bale will be sold, no doubt, most probably this summer. Agree with Topho, Spuds and Frank on that one. Also agree with BigC's comment regarding DL's transfer policy
Cleveland ARTSPURS
lol really topho? Desire and ambition? There are facts and reality that stand in the way of that firstly...
Shedboy2, you are of course absolutely spot on. The amount of money that swills around football, guarantees that aspects of it will be "bent". There have been cases in almost every front line sport, it has happened in football in Italy, and there have been cases of corrupt referees in Germany, anybody who believes that similar is not, or will not, happen in England, is incredibly naive. One only has to look at the performance of referees regularly in PL games, that are readily accepted as due to incompetence, or down to "the difficulty of the job etc.". They could be equally, and probably more accurately, explained by their succumbing to the passing of fat brown envelopes. This thought has always been dismissed as fantasy, but is it? I firmly believe that it has been going on for years, after all key decisions in key games can involve the winning or losing of fortunes, define seasons, cost managers jobs, and there is now the additional factor of in play, and spot betting. The temptation is too great, everybody as they say, has his price. Incidently your comments re Blatter an Plattini are also very apt.
Well mix, if I'm wrong, all I can say is OOOOIIIINNNNNKKKK!


Selling Bale for 60M to 80M is fine (Not that I approve of it or want it to happen) but............what percentage of that will Levy allow AVB to spend? 10%? I read somebpdy saying 3-5-2 formation? Lloris, Dawson (Kaboul when fit), Caulker, Vert (3); Walker (RWB), Lennon, Parker (Sandro when fit), Dembele, Bale (LWB ); Holtby (behind Striker); Dempsey / Defoe / Adebayor (any of them will do...though I prefer Ade with Defoe as Super-Sub). That's my version of 3-5-2 or 3-5-1-1. Bring on Newcastle!!!!! COYS!!!!
Mix 26, of course Spurs are on the up and great, I haven't got a problem, nor have I had for 60 years with Spurs, the team, the club, or it's players, or the fans. The problem lies with the ownership, who haven't got the remotest or slightest interest in football, and are driven totally by finance, profit, and loss, as proved by their abject failure to adddress our obvious striker problem during this last window, the latest failure to address the issue for 4 years . For all they know, or care, Spurs could be Rugby Union Club, Rugby League Club, or a team involved in any other sport, as long as they didn't cost much to run. When the next session of asset stripping is due, the most salable asset at the club, one Gareth Bale, will be sold. We will continue to be "on the up" whilst we keep our best players, and our track record during the ENIC tenure, shows we are unable or unwilling to do so. Unless the aspirations of the top players are met they will leave, simples.
If Bale goes, it's only to Madrid or Barca. That being said, both of these Spanish clubs are in MASSIVE MASSIVE DEBT, so I don't they'll be able to afford him anytime soon (next 2 years perhaps). Barca I think will now solely rely on their youth. Madrid are not gonna spend if Ronaldo doesn't leave. Further, Madrid I assume will focus on what they need, a Xabi replacement which they kinda found in Casemiro, who is on-loan w/ a view to perm.
I think we need to differentiate the difference between a 'Fact' and the 'Fact of the Matter'...a lot people seem to confuse a fact (incontrovertible truth) with their opinion...quite often worlds apart...;)
If Jose goes to Chelsea I wouldn't be surprised to see Bale become one of his signings...
Dspur- sorry missed your post...I think whoever we dropped to allow BAE to play LW would have their nose put out of joint...just don't think it's something we would experiment with given the personnel we have available...
top- way too close to didn't look like it would have stopped Luka...and If Jose were there I don't think it would stop Bale...unfortunately.
The thought of Bale on another team in the epl is terrifying...just imagine him coming up against us..he would rip us apart. This is why he should not be sold for anything less then 55m
topho the facts. Who can afford him? RM,Barca,PSG Man City (but they would have bid a long time ago),United ( I highly doubt it). Out of those teams who really needs bale? Barca but they surely will never spend such a large fee. Who will Levy sell too? We have seen time and time again this transfer talk come up with HR simply stating NOT FOR SALE! In fact I would ask have we ever even recieved a bid for Bale? One thing is certain that Levy will never sell Bale to a PL club, Fact. So the reality of the situation is Bale can stay with Spurs who are moving in the right direction and under the guidance of a fantastic manager, world class facilities and a group of players who have the chance to be great. The other reality... move to spain, catch some sunshine, learn spanish, warm the bench, learn a few more step overs, play against avg opposition and fight it out with one team for every trophy... So basically if Bale had ambition to take his career forward there is a hell of a lot for the boy to consider before jumping ship to the best there ever was and crashing into an iceberg....

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Spurs MotM v Newcastle? (League Cup) (Thursday December 18 2014)

Bentaleb Has A Night To Remember (Thursday December 18 2014)

Pochettino's Newcastle Verdict (Thursday December 18 2014)

Sheffield United in Capital Semi! (Thursday December 18 2014)

AVB Moaning (Thursday December 18 2014)

Tottenham v Newcastle: Team Line-Ups (Wednesday December 17 2014)

One To Tick Off The List! (Wednesday December 17 2014)

Spurs MotM Against Swansea (Wednesday December 17 2014)

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League Results (view all)

Latest Results
Swansea 1 - 2 Spurs
Spurs 0 - 0 Crystal Palace
Chelsea 3 - 0 Spurs
Spurs 2 - 1 Everton
Hull City 1 - 2 Spurs
Spurs 1 - 2 Stoke

League Table (view table)

Team P W D L GD Pts
4. West Ham 16 8 4 4 8 28
5. Southampton 16 8 2 6 12 26
6. Arsenal 16 7 5 4 9 26
7. Spurs 16 7 3 6 -2 24
8. Newcastle 16 6 5 5 -4 23
9. Swansea 16 6 4 6 2 22
10. Everton 16 5 6 5 3 21

Breaking League News

Bruce: Swansea City At Home Is a 'Cup Final'
» Swansea : 18/12/2014 21:57:00
Chelsea`s Zouma Joining Besiktas on Loan?
» Chelsea : 18/12/2014 19:02:00
Liverpool: Balotelli Banned And Fined
» Liverpool : 18/12/2014 18:46:00
John Alder's NUFC Collection To Be Auctioned
» Newcastle : 18/12/2014 18:10:00
Villa In The NON Rip Off List For Mascots
» Aston Villa : 18/12/2014 17:09:00

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Spurs MOTM against Newcastle?
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Fazio 6%
Vertonghen 2%
Rose 2%
Stambouli 4%
Bentaleb 14%
Townsend 2%
Eriksen 46%
Chadli 2%
Kane 8%
Dembele 0%
Soldado 4%
Capoue 2%