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Scott Parker on a downward trend?

Last year Scott Parker was arguably one of our best players.Parker was full of running, showed plenty of enthusiasm and was always prepared to put his body on the line. Generally speaking, Parker seemed to operate better alongside Modric, rather than being along side Sandro as well. However, as the season came to an end his performances (along with others) petered out.

Now personally, I feel he was overplayed last year and feel that this has definitely hampered his preparations for this season. I know he has recently come back from injury and AVB has been wise in returning him slowly to the first team set up. But can Parker still be considered a full time member of the Spurs first XI?

I am not liking the Dembele / Parker partnership at the moment. It is far too pedestrian and slow. Parker offers very little going forward and his defensive presence, interceptions and tackles cannot be compared to that of Sandro's. Has Parker's reign come to an end at Spurs? Definitely not, he is still a very useful player to have, but he should not command a regular starting spot, even with Sandro out injured.

So then if not Parker, who? I suppose in many ways it depends on the opposition, the pitch conditions and it also depends on our formation as well. Can Hudd come along, run around and finally get a haircut? Can Jake come in and establish himself? Can Siggy partner Dembele? What if Jan or Caulker pushed up as a DM? Can Tom Carroll surf his way into contention? Or will we be content with Parker running them around in circles. Literally.

Written by thenuge

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The journalist

Writer: thenuge Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 5 2013

Time: 8:34AM

Your Comments

Firstly, I would have to say that we need to give Scotty time to get back to 100% fitness and he seems to be improving game on game. On Sunday we lost the need to use him ove WBA went down to 10 men as we were so dominant on possession and the need for a DCM was not really required. In saying that, I do feel that the game is developing into an era where we need players allover the pitch that are multi skilled and have versatility of position and ability to offer a team an allround mix of talents. This was why I like players like Sissoko at Newcastle, as he is equally adept at playing ACM, DCM or wide and seemingly will equal effectiveness. a player like Parker is exceptional in a defensive midfield role, but simply doesnt have the offensive/creative game for what I believe will be the next generation of players.
Parker is the wrong side of thirty and he's a player who depends on work rate, its inevitable that his performance level will deteriorate. What is more significant for me is that Dembele is not making the impact on games he was making earlier in the season, perhaps one reason we wanted to bring in Holtby early. Personally I don't like playing Hudd, the whole game is slowed to walking pace. If Parker isn't playing use Livermore as a straight substitute.
An interesting post until i got to the bit about Caulker playing in midfield then i realised you didn't know what you are talking about !
Agree with both points above, having said that Parker is still feeling his way back in after his injury, age will not help his game.

Missing Sandro massively but will he ever be the same? An ACL operation and six to eight months off could see our Sandro not return.

Sissoko would have need a good option but perhaps Lewis and Dembele in front of Parker ?

Off topic but just read ' Emmanuel Adebayor: I'm physically exhausted ' Fantastic ! COYS
ro6ertj - he'll probably want some time off to recover. I mean that seriously! He has still got the ache with AVB for his comments before he left for the ACoN so don't expect him to put himself out for the club in the short-term. Ridiculous really. As for Parker he is a one-dimensional player. He is good and he works very hard but his age and changes to the way the game is played will inevitably make him less effective. He's the best we've got for now so let's get behind him.
FFS thaiyid, thenuge asked the question what would happen if caulker or jan played as DM, he is hardly espousing it as the solution so perhaps you can tone down the criticism of someone who took the time to write a decent article. As for Parker, give him some time, he is still one of the best out there in the role, and while he certainly doesn't have the versatility of sissoko, who really was a bargain, he is an almost ludicrously good option as our second choice to sandro.
Parker's career as a footballer is at the beginning of the end, Jod pretty much nailed it. With the emergence of Sandro, Parker should start to be considered as a quality back-up player. His leadership and experience are priceless around the club, if Livermore is ever going to be pushing for a regular start he may want to adopt Parkers style of play.
he's 32....played really well for 6mths in the system for which he was bought. As Ox mentions he really doesn't have the all round game that the modern player should have...Add to that his injury record has never been great. I've said it before he's a good player but a bad buy...
How many games do/should we need an out and out DM? I think Thud sitting in front of the back 4 in the 'quarterback' position with Demeble and Holtby in front Bale left Lennon right and Ade up top would work...but would AVB be prepared to adapt? I would also like to see Dembele/ Livermore as a pair....Livermore has more presence..
a bad buy? a bad buy? don't be ridiculous! he was our best player hands down for most of last season. him and modric were the best CM pairing we have seen for years. parker did the tackling, modric did the playing. complemented eachother perfectly, and parker takes just as much credit for our posession as modric does. The problem with the Parker/Dembele pairing is that Dembele is not half as creative as Modric, and in fact has more to his game when regaining the ball back and holding onto it until another more creative player (holtby) does something with it. so that is more the reason why it isn't working. we brought dembele in to replace modric, but it hasn't worked out.
Holtby looks like the man fr the job
I like Parker he is a good player and deserves his place. However as he is now getting towards his sell by date I wonder if it would not be wise to sell him on in the summer and invest the money in a younger model? COYS
last season DCM was solely parker's but this season is an entirely different story,parker is just deputising for the beast
How is Scotty improving game on game? His passing is poor, he puts players under pressure chosing the wrong options and has slowed down. He couldn't last more than 70 minutes last season and can't now. We are playing a different system that isn't suited to last minute tackles and lunging in taking yourself out the game. We need a defensive midfielder who stays on his feet. As for the bunch of daft questions at the end, well, such stupidity is hardly worth commenting on.
Spurfect11- You're confusing player and buy...even if he was lionel Messi would 6m and then paying 80kpw for 5 years be value for just 6mths of good service? He gave us a very good 1st half a season, he was poor 2nd half...he is a good player....but he'll be hard to shift, hence bad buy.
He'l be hard to shift?, just call Harry
Scott Parker should be stand in for Sandro. Sandro is Injured so Parker plays its simple as that. He still does alot of the work in the middle of the park. Yeah his passing isint great but dont tell me Sadros is. The talk of playing anybody else from Livermore to Caulker is total rubbish.
Also hes not past it. We signed Davids at 32/33 and he had a great first season with us. Hes great in the changeroom and gives 100% everygame he plays unlike most of the others
Knee-jerk stuff. The guy missed pre-season, is in his 30's and is injury prone. It was always going to take a few matches to get in his stride, especially with his all-action style. Having said that i would never have bought him for that price and wages, money we'll simply never see back.
@StllRickyVilla - lot of knee-jerks around here today - that's Scotty and Ade slagged off - who's next?
Scotty Parker ona donward trend? Utter rubbish. What every side needs is balance and Parker brings that and thensome. He has leadership skills in abundance, gives 100% every game and is well respected by the rest of the team bringing much needed experience and tactical nouse to the team. Coming back from njury takes some time to get back to a players peak. This has also affected BAE. Scotty is an absolute must for us to if we want to push on for a top for finish!
OK, dump Scottie & replace him who exactly? Livermoor? Not good enough ATM. Parker's the best DM we have right now & he doesn't lose possesion that often compared to some like Walker for instance. Questioning the guy's ability when he's only just back from long term injury in a team playing differently to last season, is daft.

OK Ox, I see you ever pop off at "first" posts again, I'll come round & bolt a Gooner shirt on you! "Firstly, I would have to say...." You're as bad as the rest of us you tinker. :-)

Scott hasn't been the same this season and I'm afraid it's his own fault. We all knew he had an injury at the Euros, but he obviously saw it as "his time" and played anyway. Low and behold, Spurs, the club that pay him 60,000 a week were left to suffer as he returned with the injury immediately.
Scott Parker might be the ''wrong'' side of thirty, his legs might not be as good to get him around the park as they once did, but he still gives 110% every game, he has so much experience, he still makes up 5yds quicker then Hudd and tackles, his a far better player the Livermore will ever be, losing Sandro is a massive blow, but it would have been even more of a problem had we let Scott Parker go, considering the other two options, Hudd might be this ''Quarter Back'' some refer to as in a footballers name, if Scott can stick with it remain injury free for the last 13 prem games, I would rather have him in the side every time, worst case holding onto Jenas, we could have had him playing and at last he was fit enough for us to sell him and some idiot to buy him. Scott Parker is not a problem, his a massive asset to this side.
spu 4 life
I actually think we are lucky to have such a player who may n ot be a Sandro but he is a damn site better than some DM players in the PL. He is a good back up and has done alright since coming in. He puts a shift in and although he is not effective as Sandro he is reliable. I think your missing an important point, what has Demeble done? He had a few decent games but he is not creating, scoring and he doesn't do what Modric did and keep the ball moving and he is not the best at the defensive role either. Dembele may be a good player but he is not a Modric and he is over rated imo.

Last season Parker and Sandro did well with Modric, Dembele looks better with Sandro. Sometimes it is about partnerships as well. Parker is useful but he is getting older and we will need someone else to cover Sandro.
And also ... what was the name of that player everyone said was the best player last season ...? There is a species of Spurs supporter that feels that supporting is best done by slagging off a couple of players (choose your own). Truth is, we have got a set squad till the end of the season, and criticism of this kind just reduces a player's confidence. Here's a novel idea: real supporters SUPPORT. COYS!!!
Just on Dembele for fulham he scored 2 goals last season, to date he has 50% of that total and he did that in half a game on his first appearance, so don't expect a shed full of goals from our midfield, when the time comes, this is another area AVB needs to look at, goal scoring midfield players, Modrc was not a prolific goalscorer, Parker's not, Dembele's not, Hudd's not, Livermore's not and Sandro was not until injury, Tom Carrol? So you can say ''we need a striker'' if we don't get goals from midfield then the two go hand in hand. Lennon needs to score more. I can see why are goal difference is on +13 compared to the ones above us, Holtby can and will score goals, Dempsey can, we have one outlet for goals BALE.
spu 4 life
Last sentence well said tommy, that applies to the whole club too.

4everaspur - You can't sell Parker. We are paying him 75k a week, no one else will pay him anything like that so there is no way he would agree to go. Jenas was on a lot less money but we have still ended up paying part of his wages for the remainder of his contract while he plays for QPR. Of course when Parker was playing well last season this was a non issue for the fans. After all he'd just keep playing like that for the four years we'd agreed to pay him wouldn't he ?
spu 4 life - Every player in the premier league is 5yds quicker than Hudd.
Parker is great cover for Sandro. Sandro is definitely no.1 CDM, Parker no.2 and Livermore no.3 and even he's not too bad. We are well covered for CDM. I think Dembele is equally to blame for our slow play in the middle and I don't think Sandro fares that much better. That is where we miss Modric. Carroll could possibly step into the middle but he doesn't seem to be getting much game time, even in cups or as a late sub, so I'm guessing the he is not gonna make the grade unfortunately.
jesus christ!! yeah he's total $hit, too old, what a waste of money & as for Ade what a joke!! In fact.....yeah fu(k it....$purs are $hit. What a crock of turd. Totally agree with about supporting the f-ing team....this site is depressing these days.
Well jesus, you'd be forgiven for thinking the site's been infiltrated by Chavs & Gooners recently its been sooooo negative. Unbeaten in the league since Dec 9, sitting in 4th despite injuries & its still not enough for some. Too much expectation mate.

Jod how true that is, lol. Spuds-U-Like somedays after winning you can't through to the samaritans ''hold the line caller'' press line 1 if your a spurs fan, line 2 if your calling from a mobile and about to jump off a bridge, line 3 if your an arsenal fan, just get in done and pi$$ off, etc
spu 4 life
Kaboul is back soon I think, so until Sandro is fit, in key games especially, id prefer Vertonghen as a DCM over Parker. He can do pretty much everything Parker can do and can shoot as well. Unlike Parker, Vert already has a Spurs goal and scored a few for Ajax. He's no stranger to the position either, playing there at international level.
Great Scott......not getting any younger, but still a useful squad player, with a good footballing brain. We'll need him, as i cannot see Sandro getting back to a top level of play in 2013.
just be thankful to have parker, 11 players never last more than a few games, let along a season. parker is a spurs fan since was kid. i wish ade had half of his mindset. do not be ageist. on the other hand, lately, i thought dembele is overrated as his pass is not prompt and lack of penetration especially for a creative cm, his positioning is also questionably behind the ball - where parker is as well - but not reliable enough to be a sole defensive DM but parker is
Stunned this should even be raised as an issue. Give him time to get fully fit.
Parker was overplayed, but we were reliant on him. Sandro was also overused last year by AVB. We still need Parker because Sandro has a suspect injury record. They should be used in combination once Sandro comes back. I also feel that Parker is far from the end of his career. Your career is often defined by a finite number of games until it takes its toll. Parker has spent huge periods on the bench for Chelsea, and has not played full seasons for anyone. He has come back from a long injury, and obviously it remains to be seen if he comes back to last year's level. Incidentally, Huddestone did not come back the same player, and we do not know if Sandro can either.
Have to say last game you didn't notice Parker, and that's because the west brom team bypassed midfield most of the game making Scotty's strengths redundant. He's not the best passer but he holds position and recycles possession and that's what he's there to do when not cleaning people out. Dembele need to push up more and leave Scotty to do his job
Agree with the sentiments about slagging our own players. Valid criticism yes. But one request, can we exclude Levy from this? Let's save the vitriol for him. Lol.
I believe we have lost a lot of the forward push since Sandro has gone down. In Parker's first few games he was pushing the ball forward and looked to be playing as a like for like sub for Sandro. He has gone back to his circles, sideways and back passes and slows everything down. He still gives everything and has no issue putting his body on the line. I just wish that he were pushing forward with pace as that seems to get Dembele going as well. I think Parker's current pedestrian pace has stopped Dembele from pushing forward in to space because that space is now being gobbled up by the opposition. For Newcastle I might even consider Dawson and Caulker at the back with Vertonghen and Dembele in DMF. Slowing down the attack allows other teams to properly position themselves and that limits what we do. It's why we have so many issues against teams that park the bus. We need to be much more direct. That has never been Parker's forte, and is why I would have signed either Sissokho or Belhanda. Good players both. If not, I'd rather see Carroll out there. You lose a bit in bite but the lad can certainly move the ball around and do so at pace. COYS
I don't so much know if it's criticism of a player or a pairing. Fact is Sandro looked terrible with Parker last season. He also looked terrible with Livermore. Dembele has not looked very good since being partnered with Parker. That's a fair observation, IMO. I thought with Holtby's introduction, it would open space up for Dembele to run in to, but it hasn't. IMO, players like Walker, Parker, Dawson, defoe give all theyhave every game. The problem is, none of these guys are possession players. It was the same thing with Palacios. He could break up play with the best of them. He just had no clue what to do thereafter. I still remember last season when BAE passed the ball to Parker who immediately, without looking passed it straight back (no pressure, no reason, just because). BAE passed it straight back to him again, and Parker again passed it straigt back. Now BAE, with hands fully outstretched and with a WTF look on his face again passed it straight back to Parker who finally turned and passed it to someone else. None of those passes served to accomplish anything but to annoy a teammate and bolster the passing stats. I was howling. The change in facial expression on BAE's face with each successive pass was priceless. He slows the game down. So does Walker, Defoe and Dawson. We need to play much faster. Hudd,for all his cement boot running, can speed the game up with one pass. Possession football is fine, but it must be done at a pace that makes the other team have to chase and must always have the other team having to work hard to maintain positioning. If not, all we do is allow the other team to set themselves up. This is why it is so difficult to break teams down. We need to play more like City and Chelsea and less like Arsenal. COYS
"I still remember last season when BAE passed the ball to Parker who immediately, without looking passed it straight back (no pressure, no reason, just because). BAE passed it straight back to him again, and Parker again passed it straigt back. Now BAE, with hands fully outstretched and with a WTF look on his face again passed it straight back to Parker who finally turned and passed it to someone else"
Parker does this quite often, ive always wondered what he thinks he is achieving by doing this. Sometimes he will play these passes, while simultaneously moving towards his own teammate, shortening the passing distance even further. Bizzare, but he always gives 100% and will be of value to us with half a season remaining inc Europa games.
"Can Hudd come along, run around and finally get a haircut? Can Jake come in and establish himself? Can Siggy partner Dembele? What if Jan or Caulker pushed up as a DM? Can Tom Carroll surf his way into contention? Or will we be content with Parker running them around in circles?"

I am reminded of the endings of those old serials that ran in cinemas pre-war. Will Pauline be freed from the train tracks before the trains runs her over? Will Rin Tin Tin warn the cavalry before the Indians kill the wagon train?

Now let me take on your questions: Why does Hudd need to get a haircut? Are the aerodynamics caused by his Afro what is slowing him down? Jake cannot, in all likelihood come in and establish himself. I'd take a shot at trying Siggy out in a midfield role with Dembele instead of Scotty P. Jan said he came to us rather than to Emirates because they wanted to play him at DM role. Tom Carroll is not the answer. Maybe he can be later, but not now. We'll probably have to hope that Parker's running about in circles is to some good effect. Pauline will be freed before the train arrives.

Total knobhead
Guyver totally noticed that, I think he is trying to speed up play through quick passing, sometimes works, did when he came on against Villa......

We should have bought him in January 2011 (6 months earlier than we did) he was at the top of his form, it would only have cost 3m more and we would have qualified for champions league. Last season he tailed away and can't seem him coming back in this current spurs team, he's simply put too much effort in in the past I.e. tackles with his head.

Scott is a great asset, brilliant squad player. Only problem is both he and dembele are not creative enough. I would like to see holtby in that roll against Newcastle, either from the start or when we are 2-0 up.
Parker simply hasn't returned to form following a serious Achilles injury and months of playing far too much. It's a reasonable question as to whether at 32 he's prematurely passed his sell by date, but that isn't so old and he may yet return to form. But it is a merited question about whether at this age and after this recent history he can return to something like his previous stellar form.
Total knobhead
Maybe that's his intention Chris, but imo, he overdoes it sometimes, can and has lead to all sorts of problems when the opposition close him down while he locks himself into a tight area of the pitch.
Someone above mentioned Davids coming to us at 32/33 and still being good for a season. But there is a reason Davids was playing for us and not the elite clubs he regularly played for in his prime... Davids was deteriorating and Parker is no Davids, not even close.
"I still remember last season when BAE passed the ball to Parker who immediately, without looking passed it straight back (no pressure, no reason, just because). BAE passed it straight back to him again, and Parker again passed it straigt back. Now BAE, with hands fully outstretched and with a WTF look on his face again passed it straight back to Parker who finally turned and passed it to someone else" the whole barca do this as well... it's called "keep the ball moving until find space" even in the backyard it keeps the rhythm and pace controled and going - i like this
With both fit I think Sandro and Parker are the ideal cover for each other. The young and willing enforcer and the old head for a crisis. Sandro was over palyed because we had no option b as he was injured. We get plan b back just as Sandro is injured. With Bale, Dembele, Lennon, Holtby, Dempsey or Siggy on the pitch you would hope that we weren't relying on Parker to be the creative force!
Slurms McKenzie
Scott Parker.
Still outstanding. A true leader, which is something that was lacking in some past seasons.
Hotspur 1882
SpursWho, Barca make passes to make defenders move. What Parker was doing, and does almost every game, has no effect on the defence whatsoever. He is not ooking at them or considering them at all. It is something he has always done. Much like Bale racing to deliver a cross whether there is a target in place or whether he has engaged a second defender. The reason Lennon was so great in the first half of 2009-2010 is because he was routinely beating the first guy, drawing out a second before delivering a cross. If Lennon and Bale would get back to that, a player like Defoe would have much more time and space in the middle which would result in goals. It is tis same lack of engagement that stops us from breaking down sides set to defend and stops us running right at players already on cards. When was the lst time Spurs got anyone sent off for a second yellow? WE are way too nice and far too predictable. COYS
Anyone else noticed he looks like a old fashioned subbuteo player when running about....
I've read some crap on this site, but this takes the bourbon. For some Parker was never their type, and I remember the nonsense written about him before he arrived. He proved the doubters wrong, emerging as one of the most influential midfielders in the league. He has been a consistently good performer, and, even with his long term injury, has stepped in and produced. Perhaps those so pernickety about midfield performances might like to look at Dembele, who has to my kind been cruising and not performing for the majority of this season, and reminds me, unfortunately, of a certain Huddlestone T., in that he has the odd stand out game, and then withdraws for some time. Let's hope not.
I think Parker has the Brain power to speed up and slow down play, according to the situation spurs face, at the time. His directness towards the opposition goal, depends largely on his capabilities. His Capabilities, depends upon how much he is involved in the game............i.e..if he is Knackered..then don't expect him to go forward. At the moment, he is still a solid dependable spurs player and worthy of his place in the team, for saturday.
Hello all, Please help! Off topic I know but I want to go to watch the away match against Olympic Lyonnaise as I am living in the SW of France at the mo. Where can I get the tickets from, are they even on sale yet?
As Ox said, he is coming back after a major injury and I dont think he is up to speed yet. Also agree with Jantheman, WBA were lumping it over his head most of the game. He is not running over to where the ball is now,AVB presumably trying to get him out of that daft habit. Still an important part of the squad (just).
matt hoten
I suppose it is not what you say, but how you say it. It appears I have touched a nerve with some. In no way was I suggesting or 'slagging / slating' Parker as a worthless player. He has a massive role at the club both on and off the pitch, but I feel on occasions he might be better suited (more so than Dembele at this stage) to a role from the bench. No one thought that Phil Jones could play a DM position for Man U, so is their any reason why Jan or Caulker could not play a similar role, on occasions? With only the Europa and PL to play for, Parker will see the majority of game time. Jake and the two Tom's will have limited opportunity. Again though, the Dembele / Parker partnership is a concern for me at this stage. Thankfully, we have a young welshman who is covering our ass at the moment, although he needs to find some form as well :). Appreciate the responses, time to move on. BTW TK, Hudd has promised to cut his hair once he scores a goal for Spurs. I think he'll get in cut in July, when we're on tour.
still should of gone for sisskoko or diame, both complete midfielders and more talented than parker and sandro put together
Parker is slowing down because of his age, so he is not as effective. However, i would keep him beside Dembele and play Holtby as part of a three man midfield. Don't fancy Hudd. The only other option i can think of is Vertonghen. He almost seems to good a footballer to play CB, however, i think he would already be playing in midfield if he was any good there.
FFS, he is 32, Giggs Scholes are over 37, parker will come good again, I do not want to go over past but due to a lack of rotation last season by Twitchy, he was run into the ground .... not fair to say he is losing it when he is not 100% fit ...
FFS, he is 32, Giggs Scholes are over 37, parker will come good again, I do not want to go over past but due to a lack of rotation last season by Twitchy, he was run into the ground .... not fair to say he is losing it when he is not 100% fit ...
He's just part of a growing list of modern footballers who thinks having one talent is enough. He is (more so last year admittedly) excellent at tackling, intercepting and laying it off to a team mate. Unfortunately he cannot pass a ball to save his life and takes about 10 seconds to pass the ball sideways. I've never liked "defensive" midfielders and I've never been afraid to admit that, despite the fact they're sucked off on a weekly basis by pundits.

Of course, you do need players in the side who can tackle and put themselves about, but why on earth is it acceptable at the top level for that to be it?! I'm not much of a "told you so" person, but I said the same thing about Wilson Palacios from the moment we bought him to the moment we sold him. It's not good enough at the top level to not be able to have a dabble at everything as far as I'm concerned. A player can be disciplined without being negative. Scott Parker may get told every week to "keep it simple" but there are as many options for simple passes forwards as there are sideways.

Alan Hansen completely ripped into Joe Allen earlier in the season because he was passing sideways and backwards as a reflex rather than passing forwards to someone in 20 yards of space. He was 100% correct.
Bernio Villas-Spuras
still reckon we should give Jake more of a go. he gets an unnecessary amount of stick on here, he may no be as good as Sandro but he's still young enough to improve. Against Man U at the lane last season he was our best player. the games he's played this season were 1) at the beginning and we had a slow start and 2) playing alongside Sandro, giving the midfield a very defensive flavour. reckon he should get more games and see what he can do.
York good points on when Livermore has played. He did get quite a few good chances during that period though and actually went down in my estimation. The best thing for him, and us, would have been a prem loan - he is worth giving at least one more chance but not when there are better players ahead of him - 'get out on loan, improve and prove you can cut it'.
alee. Applying through the club was by Away application to Members. We had 2700 allocation that has SOLD OUT. I would think you should apply to Lyon, to see if they have tickets available but would not be with the Spurs fans.
Indeed bring back Harry and he'll be on an upward trend again or sell him to QPR..
Ok, thankyou COYS R US, I guess it'll still be worth going even if I have to sit with the frogs. I'll just have to be reserved with my celebrations; either that or wear a riot helmet, lol.

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Hull City : 19/12/2014 19:35:00

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Spurs MOTM against Newcastle?
Suggested By:  Vital Spurs
Vorm 10%
Chiriches 1%
Fazio 6%
Vertonghen 1%
Rose 1%
Stambouli 4%
Bentaleb 16%
Townsend 3%
Eriksen 45%
Chadli 1%
Kane 7%
Dembele 1%
Soldado 3%
Capoue 1%