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Wake up Emmanuel!!!

I could almost stop the article after the opening line and await the uproar from Spurs fans, and those who have watched what I consider to have been a terribly poor ACoN tournament, that I have described as being the quality of the Championship, only played in slow motion. It is a worry that our only fit and natural striker is claiming to be tired, just as a point when we need him most.

Speaking after Togo's elimination, Ade said: 'I'm still young, so whenever my country needs me I'll be up for it because I've started something and I have to finish it.

'We were stopped in the quarter-finals, maybe next time we'll be in the final and win it. So for me, it's never finished while I have the chance to win something. [The future] is looking good, with all the problems before coming to Afcon, and we've showed character, good face and showed we are a team that can play good football.

'I think I have done my best and physically I'm exhausted, but that's football. It's a tough one for all the players, for myself, for everyone, but life goes on.'

Of course it may well be just a throw away comment and one based on the disappointment if his countries exit from the competition, however, I'm sure I am not alone in wanting his next words to be about how much he is looking forward to rejoining Spurs and scoring the goals that secure us a top four place. If he is too exhausted to contribute his best for Spurs, perhaps he should tell Daniel Levy not to pay his wages until he feels refreshed enough to play a full and active part in our season. Now what are the chances of that happening...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 5 2013

Time: 9:20AM

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Lets hope he is awake when he gets back...
agreed on the wages front there Ox...
still believe our strongest X1 has Ade in it...


Bale Holtby Lennon

Dembele Parker

BAE Verts Daws Walker

Reckon its wishful thinking on my part but got a feeling he will come back and either score or set up many goals...reckon he will work well with the new messiah i said wishful thinking
Yidmarks replace Parker with Sandro and i think thats our strongest line-up full stop...oh and maybe Kaboul for Dawson aswell
it is very easy to read negativity into his comments. If he had had a great tournament and had been on fire for Spurs prior to going, we would be all concerned for our tired hero and complaining about the stupid ACoN scheduling as opposed to the player making excuses. What I want to hear next though is some big words about how much he is looking forward to getting back in a Spurs shirt and scoring the goals to secure our CL place.
Adebayor needs to come back and start scoring goals.... not to save or rescue our season but his own. So far he has been poor. Now he has a chance to show he is the player he thinks he is. COYS
A bit harsh considering temp in South Africa were approx 30 degrees plus most days. I watched a few matches and attended one for the give away price of 10 pounds... It was obviously given to SA as we were in the best position to take it after the cancellation but there was very little marketing or advertising etc leaving the stadiums very empty and no real atmosphere... A far cry from the amazing world cup in 2010. Im not surprised Ade did not make any impression as not one single player stood out in what can only be described as avg football at best...
I think he's just trying to impress the point that he gave his all at the tournament amongst the criticism the team took. I wouldn't take it too literally.
Well if he's on £150k a week he's so far he's cost us (and perhaps City) nearly £300k per appearance and £1.75m per goal! He's definitely not a long-term AVB option certainly in terms of mentality - but he needs to knuckle down and start performing for us NOW. We need him.
i'm sure he feels emotionally flat after being knocked out in the QF's... I know we need him as our only other striker is injured (as though we didn't all know that!) but I can't help thinking it might have been better to loose him for another week, have him score the winner in the final and come back a hero and filled with pride. What we're getting back is someone who sounds like he needs anti-depressants. Think of your wage Ade, that should cheer you up mate. I know it would certainly cheer me up if it was my wage!
Cape Town Spurs
The simple truth is we are 100% reliant on him now - so he better full his finger out his arse and get scoring!
when were these comments made though? probably straight after playing 120 minutes. as the captain what is he actually saying other than I gave it my all?
How dear he be tired
I guess we're now in the situation where we only have Ade and Walker to moan at (now Defoe is injured). I think Spooky said (over at DML) that there is a certain type of Spurs supporter that has to have someone to blame it all on, though I have heard it said that it's a team game, and that the manager picks the team. My prediction for the next scapegoat is Parker - because he REALLY let us down before his injury ........
well said tommy
@Sebspur - the truth is we are part reliant on him so we'd better get OUR fingers out and give him some encouragement .....
I for one am still a fan. Yes he's been a shadow of the player that turned our attitudes towards him last season but- (has been said over and over) no pre season injured after a couple of games etc.... He was playing with Defoe in a different role,not that it's an excuse for a pro footballer to not perform. But hopefully as already stated, him up top on his own with Holtby (oh my god could have knocked one out over what i've seen so far!!) in behind a la VDV could kick start his Spurs career again. Lets show our support for the big man even though i along with the rest have agonised at his inability to hit a cows backside with a banjo this season! His ability to hold up and generally bully defenders is something we have missed in the last few so come on Ade lets start by putting them geordie tab smerkers back in their place COYS!!!!
This is where AVB will have to show his management skills: and bring the best out of Ade. What better time to show it, than against Newcastle where he had arguably his best game for us last season. More of the same Ade- terrorising defences as your size, quality, presence and above all WAGES demands!!
Let me suggest what is really exhausting. It is the media taking every little sentence that a player says or a manager and making it the central theme for an article. Now we are doing it also. People say things which are stock phrases. Most have no meaning beyond that moment in time. Please let's not have a hundred comments on how lazy Ade is and how little he contributes in games. Give it a rest.
Ade you played well for us last season, 17 goals and numerous assists. I'm glad you're back and I look forward to you playing on Saturday vs Newcastle. I wish you have a great game, put a couple in their net and set up one for Dempsey or Bale and we win 3-0. COYS!
Mix and Guernman are closer to the truth - his comments were made after playing 120 mins in 30 degree heat and he wanted to convey that he had given his all!.........hopefully!
Stir,stir, moan, moan now news reports are an excuse to knock a Spurs player. We are the most critical and weakest support around. Anyway any guesses who will be next to be maligned?. Watch his space.
This is such a non-story.
Playing on a horrible pitch in africa in 30+ degree heat is not the same as playing in europe so it is no suprise he is exhausted. But hopefully now he will see his chance whilst defoe is injured and take it with both hands. If he gets firing for the rest of the season, we should be fighting for top 4.
He had better wake up
Let's look at the ACN as his pre-season...he'll fly back 1st class has almost a week to rest....he knows he's got the control back in his hands...I suspect he'll start on the bench giving Andre his chance to reward Holtby by playing him behind Dempsey who he'll show 'faith' with...I however, would start Ade, think the warm weather training will have done him good...
I don't and never did think (Ade & Defoe) the two of them on the same pitch together worked, after all when Ade was playing on loan for us he was the main striker and Defoe was on the bench, Ade brings a lot to the side, when his on his game, he has good movement, creating space for others, only problem was when he did this Defoe was standing in his way. Again we have 13 games to go, like i mentioned with regards to Scott Parker, Ade needs to step up a few gears, he worked well with VDV, let judge and jury decide once he has the chance to play with our young VDV aka Lewis Holtby, you never know in football, these two together could be something very special, I don't for one minute think Ade plays football to look a complete twa7, some say it's the money, well he don't need that, his most likely got plenty, what he needs is some TLC and goals.
spu 4 life
yep, warm weather, altittude(660m?) training actually playing games....we couldn't have designed a better regime to get him back up to speed...
Ade need's to get his arse in gear. It's time he started his season with us now. No EXCUSES!!. The fight for 3rd is on!
Can't wait to have him back! A tired Ade is twice the player of Defoe. He's worked hard this year, jut lacking confidence in front of goal. He'll come good, just need to get off his back and support him!
Latest reports are of Adebayor slating Didier Six publicly. Basically saying he (Adebayor) is the main man and cant do everything. There is still the pre ACN issue to sort out regarding AVB stance on him attending the ACN. Adebayors comments were he was going to see Levy on his return. Don't like this man. Don't like his wages, don't like his attitude and don't like the fact he knows and we know we are now reliant on him. Should never have signed him and it will all end in tears.
He should have bags of energy because he has hardly done anything since the summer.
FRIENDLY INTERNATIONALS, please don't let any of our players get injured, i hate these games.
spu 4 life
When we had him on loan last season I remember an Arsenal supporter making the comment that Ade was always good in his first season with a club, then the problems began. I hope he was wrong but am concerned. The frustrating thing is he has all the attributes to be a top centre forward, its just a mental thing.
This is where Ade's season starts for me, match sharp, fit and gets to start in the position we bought him for, no Defoe gives this team what I've wanted since Ade signed. If he plays gets gobby and plays ***** until the end of the season then he can ***** off!
hopefully he can grab an early goal against the toon, any tiredness will disappear & the smile will be back on his face. Come on Ade we need your goals now more than ever for the end of season surge into 3rd!!! COYS!!!!
jacobslad it is a bit of a worry however Ade has not been horrendous, only a little disappointing. He knows he needs to convert goals and I suspect when he signed there was a few in house rules that were put on him from the top. Ade is a player who does not like management, he does however love glory, self glory and the crowd when they cheer him. A player of this nature is hard to control yet easily motivated. i'm not sure of the stats but I believe we played pretty poor during the Defoe and Ade combo and as usual our fans hack at the players. Players hear it and perhaps we should cheer our 'mercenary' like other clubs do theirs...
He wants to try working nights, doing 60 hours a week and trying to keep a fitness regime going, whilst balancing social and family life on a yearly wage that he earns in days. Get over yourself.
Tottenham Hotcore
The acn this year what i have seen which is enough as been slow and a grind to watch it is that poor.the last few were right and good to for ade ,swap lifes and he will know what it is like to be tired 24/7 and still cant sleep.grow up shoutup and score goals what he is paid to do or stay in africa !
Little spur
AVB should have pulled off a few players in the WBA game.. and said they would be injured just over this international game week... saves our lot getting injured....

wot happens if Dembele or Bale get a knock?
"The coach was not a help," the Tottenham Hotspur forward said. "Me, I was on the pitch, so I couldn't do his job and mine, I couldn't coach and play. I tried to do my best, but he didn't help us." "You've seen that I give the best of myself. I speak in the dressing room, I'm a leader, I'm the captain." Well said Egobayor, and welcome back.
Yidmarks, then we're forked.
strongest 11 means nothing, it's a league + cups not one single match
Fanman, proper phucked!
He'll be fine....and should be up for the Newcastle game, given he scored 2 goals in last seasons encounter. Hopeing to see...Holtby, roaming around Adebayor.....similar to VdV and Crouch.....vs Newcastle. Won't be a easy one, after Newcastles impressive win vs Chelski'. Fingers crossed no injuries this week.
Mix26, indeed.
I agree, dissappointing comments from Ade, but, I think the tournament is still fresh in his mind and it's just dissappointment on his part that Togo did not proceed further. Hopefully he will be back in training by Thursday and his international playing will have sharpened him up for the rest of the season and put the goal hungry beast back into his belly. If there is a time to step up to the plate, it's now. We need to keep pressure on the 3rd place and ALL the players need to give 110% for the rest of the season..COYS
Yidmarks you are absolutely spot on with your staring 11. That is our best available selection for this weekend. I'm not going to comment on the Ade comments as I am hoping it is just a throw away comment. I am expecting him to be really up for the game on Saturday. Anything less than 100% from him and I not be the slightest bit hesitant to vent my feelings towards him.
Glad to see some positive comments about Ade, on his day he is one of the best strikers in the league. If we get behind him for the next few games i'm sure he'll come good. We are about to enter a tricky run of fixtures and with BAE, Kaboul (if he ever returns from injury), Parker and Adebayor all relatively fresh we could get a few good results. It's the business end of the season and we are well positioned. Performances haven't always been that great but we still haven't played our strongest team (I agree with Yidmarks but with Sandro and Kaboul for Parker and Dawson). Hopefully this means there is so much more to come. There are a lot of doom and gloom comments on here sometimes (ok, all of the time) but I can honestly say that this is the most excited I have ever been as a Spurs fan.
hopefully hel b fine and hes just talking shi£e again, just ssen ther john carew and saha are free agents, are we desperate enough?
glendalough yid
Exhausted? He didn't start his season until mid-Septmber. He's been away with Togo for 3 weeks when he's played 4 games which is no more than his colleagues here have played in his absence. He has no excuse for being tired unless of course the weight of his head means he gets more tired than the average human being as he has to carry it around on his shoulders. Exhausted my arse. Try a real job for 40+ years and then tell me you're tired in your mid-20's on over a £100k per week. before your retire into the lap of luxury at the age of 34. Fecking footballers! Rant over.
Mmm, I too am surprised and disappointed that we have 2 consecutive negative articles about our own players. Good night to all from Melbourne.
Carew glenalough yid might just do the job to buzzel opposite defenders to let others score !
Little spur
If AVB can get Adebayor playing as he did last season, we only need him in there for 60 minutes every game anyway. It'd be nice to just get ahead in some matches so that players could be rested and so that some, who need game time could get that time on the pitch. He was bright and electric and then stupid in the Arsenal match. If AVB can just get him to come out and give that level of effort (leave tackling to others) game in and game out, we'll be fine. To be fair, he has been through a fairly difficult period fighting with his association, then playing then apparently fighting with the coaching staff. His comments at least show a player who wanted to win. He did leave out the fact that if he'd been a little more clinical, there would have been no need for extra time, but then, nobody's perfect. COYS
Two basic thoughts:

First, one shouldn't take completely at face values what one says at moments of great disappointment. The man had just lost an important match for his country on a late goal on a poor pitch and in a match with a sketchy referee. This result after a contentious lead-up to the cup competition with negotiations with his federation and country. And this after an experience with his national team in Angola in which some bandit political group has attacked the team bus and killed and wounded teammates in front of Adebayor. One might interpret his words in the context of this lengthy series of horrors and disappointments ending in a disappointing loss in the quarter finals.

Second thought: Adebayor has a history that suggests that he is a very complex man. I wrote on this site against taking him on loan from Man City two summers ago. Many disgreed with me then, saying that we should not forego getting on loan a player of such obvious skills, but I wrote that I worried about his history of becoming alienated from previous clubs. We all knew about that history. Well, he came and he shone for the most part in his season on loan here. Statistically he had the best season for a striker that Spurs have had for a long time. People write about Berbatov as our best recent striker, but Berbatov never has a season statistically as good as Adebayor had last season (he he was jobbed by poor officials on a couple of offsides calls made in error, which would have led to even more stellar statistics). He played well off the ball, be came back on the pitch in support of his mates, and looked everything to good citizen. I wrote on this site that I may well have been wrong in my words of caution against his being brought on.

So, on the strength of his stellar performence, our club took him on, we changed from a loan and made him ours by contract.

And nothing has been the same since. We can debate about what caused his diminished performance since signing on with us as ours, in place of being a loanee. He arrived after the training period a bit out of shape. He never quite got into shape. He has played a different role than in the first year here when he was sole striker up front. This time he played with Defoe in a partnership that most of the time seemed to get in the way of both men on the pitch. (I'm not at all clear that this lack of coordination was Adebayor's fault, it may well have been more down to Defoe, but that's best left to a different thread.) He has looked less energetic for the most part this season than last. His first touch never has been his strength and that's seemed even more the case this season that last.

The one match where he seemed to come out "with all guns blazing" this season was at Arsenal, where his personal history gave him amplified motivation, and he left us in a lurch with an early red card (which seemed overly harsh to many, but he did take a great risk with silly aggressive play that led to the card.) Since then, he's looked even more out of sorts and lethargic.

So finally, we must recognize again this history as a complicated fellow. Should we indulge this a bit in the wake of his African disappointment? Perhaps send him to a posh spa for three days to recharge his battery and get daily massages with sexy masseuses and twice a day mud batchs? Of should should our coaches shout him awake in a brutal introductory training session. I'm sure many supporters would prefer the later, but wouldn't anything in that direction only drive him deeper into alienation? A luxury spa, you say? Popplycock and worse. But perhaps this complex man would respond well to a bit of ostentatious love on his return. Perhaps he needs to be seduced and coaxed. Perhaps with some sweet talk when he returns to London, we could coax something resembling the on-loan Adebayor. Beats me. The man is one complex fellow who needs something special to be special.

One needs some patience, I think, after signing this man on, and he won't respond well to a place that castigates him. Great him warmly since he's here whether we're all thrilled about that fact or not. (Or, abandon all formations that use a striker and start playing some del Bosque inspired formation with the name I dare not utter yet again.)

Peace and love, me bredrin.

Total knobhead
Bloody hell, I hadn't realized how much I was writing there. Hope you had time to actually plow through it all. What a knobhead!
Total knobhead
We absolutely need to beat Newcastle Saturday morning to put pressure on those around us. Looks like Cech is out. If things fall our way, 3rd is not out of the question. If our playersperform to their abilities, we will be in there. COYS
Sorry for the couple of typos in that screed.
Total knobhead
Ade contributed with a combined 30 goals in 37 games last season and if i remember had 3 goals wrongly disallowed for offside. Also i lost count of how many times it was his pass that led to an assist for a goal. Not bad for 3 months
it seems that we had agreed a fee for leandro before the brazilian club changed their mind at the last minute. certainly AVBs comments suggest that he feels aggrieved by the situation and reading between the lines I believe that he probably spoke to the player quite a bit and was let down at the end. The fact that Leandro publicly thanked spurs for the interest is very unusual and suggests that there was a lot more going on behind the scenes than we know.
He's only played 810 premiership minutes in total this season, which is about 9 games. I think if we are to see the best of him, it would help if he was leading the line rather than supporting someone like Defoe.
It still surprises me how little some people know about the game
To whom was your question about gullibility posed, big c?
Total knobhead
Dempsey might be knackered, after Playing for USA, in South America.
Glad to hear that, big c, but to whom? And can spurspanther let us know in ways in which he thinks comments on here have demonstrated the paucity of nous about footie? What are the problems you're seeing on this thread, Spanther?
Total knobhead
How do you think Demsey will feel with a round trip to USA to do this week. Holtby makes a refreshing change with his attitude thank God. 4-6-0 set up for us then at WHL early on Saturday.
Cry about it mate. CoysRus, Id still drop Dempsey even if he feels fine. Holtby playing behind Ade would be our best option imo.
Yidmarks i agree with that team 100% although when fit and on form Sandro & Kaboom are immense players and would surely fit in. Will we have Ade back for the Newcastle game? And if not will we ever see Harry Kane be given a chance? And if not then what's the point of having him? He looked unready for his chance last season when he played although the guys so young still. He's obviously a talent & better than Obika... Why then isnt he even on the bench?
How many times have you played in Africa? You have no idea what you are talking about. A pathetic attempt at an article.
How many times have you played in Africa? You have no idea what you are talking about. A pathetic attempt at an article.
I think Ade’s return and Defoe’s injury is quite timely. Ade has only led the line once in the league this season – against Man City; and I thought he played really well. The thing is, even when he’s not playing well (in terms of first touch etc.) he still causes a lot of problems for defenders and creates space for his teammates. Defenders hate him and we seem to play better when he’s involved. Contrast that with Defoe; if he’s not scoring he contributes very little and defenders find it easier to defend against than almost any other EPL strikers.
TK he's referring to Guerman's post about us agreeing a fee for Damaio..... As for Ade he's actually played 4 games in 12 days, and I do think his comments were after the game and not in general, I reckon AVB will put him on light training this week in order to be ready for Saturday, hopefully I will get to watch Spurs without Dempsey on Saturday!!!
bigoted much?
DISGUSTING to think the premier league has 20 teams in it and only 16 of them are below us, what is going on AVB, I bet that's ENIC's fault, then again i could shell the blame on Levy.
spu 4 life
"4-6-0 set up for us then at WHL early on Saturday," wrote CoysRus.

Ah, yet another convert to a just cause!

Total knobhead
Adebayor tracks back so much in some matches that even if he's assigned to be sole striker, we in practice are playing a IV VI Oh.
Total knobhead
big c what about your favourite premiership player of all time Roy Keane? Did he ever have problems with his national team during a major tournament for poor preparation? What was his solution? What did he say about his manager Mick McCarthy at the time? phucking w*****, **** coach **** player or something like that..
One thing Dempsey does do is get fouls in good positions. Now, if we could get Bale to complete the Ronaldo impersonation and score from them, it would really help us out. We do lose a lot by wasting free kicks, corners and crosses from Bale and Lennon. These are areas that can be worked on in training. Ade will help that because he gets a lot of attention from defenders which open up more space for Vertonghen, Caulker, Dawson etc. COYS
lol...your not wrong there.......Nope dempsey a average player, poor first touch. He thinks forward before he has the ball under control, too much. No pace....reasonable football brain....he ain't getting any younger. Holtby roaming round Addy' for VDV did with Crouch. Last season, VDV dropped too deep, too often. This did allow modric to spring forward, but Modric not such a good finisher as VDV. Holtby..looks like he can a younger version of VDV, espec' when the young VDV was a striker in the German / Dutch leagues.
Harry Kane could be inline for a starting place this weekend, after his wonder goal for the U21's, in training this morning Bentley supplying crosses for Kane, Bentley also could be inline for his first start, AVB said they both looked good, now come and join in with everyone else.
spu 4 life
total knob'....yep' like you say..Addy' has roamed too much, this season....i.e..been pulled into the wrong areas. He needs to stay central / goal hang.......i doubt he could hit a decent shot from 22 + yards, now days.
The first time Adebayor touches the ball at WHL, the supporters at the grounds should greet him with a loud cheer, and do the same the next several times he touches the ball. To do otherwise can only encourage any tendency to go into a funk. Encourage the best in this complex man if you expect the best. Slate him off early and you encourage the worst in him. If you love our Spurs, encourage the man. Cheer him on. Don't slate him off.
Total knobhead
Keane is 1 of my top premiership players as well, he'd be in most people's top prem player list. but I can compare his attitude with his national team to Ade/Togo, or maybe I can't because Keane's was much worse.
Adebayor, he's our man,

he can do it,

we know he can.


Total knobhead
peter....i agree.....Hence the reason, i'd play 3 centrebacks...and 2 wingbacks. We simply do not make the most of our attacking positions. Also...generally inswinging is a greater threat on the goal. Dempsey can draw those fails...when he comes on as sub', later in the game, from tired opposition defenders....Just my thoughts, though.....and Addy, Holtby have to produce.
I also doubt that Adebayor can hit a shot with pace at distance. It's good that he tracks back, but he's been all over the pitch recently without much of a sensible pattern than I can discern. Keep him more centrally up front with VDV-like support from Lewis H, and have him track back judiciously and when not expected by the opposition. But if he's a central striker, I'd like to see him really in that position and with some real support. Lewis H seems perfectly constituted to provide that role. There's a real chance the two of them can become of very nice pair with Adebayor as the 1 in a 4-2-2-1-1 (a modified 4-2-3-1) and Lewis H in the center hole behind him. Perhaps the lack in Adebayor this season is that no one has filled the VDV supporting role until now, but DL has added someone seemingly just fine to fill this role now. Defoe's injury might turn to be a blessing if a partnership can be forged in his absence.
Total knobhead
Some of the stuff Roy Keane did on the pitch was criminal, I also recall him pushing around his own teammates and was very outspoken against players and coaching staff, he was no angel.
Tot'..yep' i see all that.......4,4,1,1.....i think is the best overall football system...and has been used by Sir Alex, for last 10 years. BUT.....cos' our players seem good at drawing fouls...and we are crap at corners....i'd like to see spurs trying 3 centre backs..2 wingbacks...3 central mid'...and 1 / 1. But i do Like Ekotto..thus 4,4,1, also fine by me.
No im not going to find you a list topho, il just change my statement to I THINK, he'd be in most people's top prem player list. You seemed to think VDV was crap so I do have to question your ability to judge a player.
Oh I thought you expected me to run around the internet copy and pasting 100's of quotes.
top'.....dempsey doesn't do anything fast....falling over, the exception. He getting old.....i know the
Wasnt talking about ability and player achievements Big c.
yep' Big C'..i agree, Addy' needs a Haircut and shave......
Total knobhead spot on!!! cheering ade up, constantly will do the magic!
Yep'..spurswho / tot'....but make him shave his hair off.( by ribbing him)...i.e..let him know who is the boss, before you put him into the side.
Called it!
Slurms McKenzie
With recent revelations of match fixing rife across Europe, i sincerly hope Martin Fulop is investigated his "performance" against Arsenal in the final game of last season. Surely the most obvious attempt at throwing a game in Premiership, costing us £30 million in the process
"Total knobhead spot on!!! cheering ade up, constantly will do the magic!," wrote SpursWho.

I never suggested constantly, just that we give him a warm welcome back. If he plays git-like football, we won't be cheering him long, but why boo the fellow on his return. Like the prodigal son, give him a warm welcome home. He's more apt to play well, I think, if we show we're happy to see him than if we treat him like an unwelcome git. I appreciate the sarcasm of your exaggeration of my words, it's an effective debating technique at times, but being overly sarcastic can backfire when it's perceived as in bad faith. Clearly I never suggested constant praise and warmth for the fellow, only that we great him warmly on his return.

Do you dispute that the man is more likely to play well if we make him feel welcome instead of booing the man on his return to our pitch? Do you think one catches more bears with vinegar than with honey? Are we more likely to get the result we want with a bit of wooing rather than a bit of a beating? Carrots before sticks is what I'm suggesting.

I hope your sarcasm isn't signaling that you'd respond to his return by telling him he's unwanted here? I'd wager that that strategy won't get the desired results.

But I never suggested an unrelenting campaign of show adulation to the man. Only that he be greeted warmly on his return. It is, I think, a matter of expecting more with honey than with vinegar.


Total knobhead
Tired! Seriously, he has had almost a whole season off !

Luckily he is a footballer, would not make it in the real world ! COYS
Don't think we'll see him on Saturday as his mind won't be in a good place!
Slurms McKenzie
If we want to be nasty to anyone, be nasty to me, not Adebayor. I cannot do us harm by being unmotivated on the pitch or by showing passive aggression when feeling aggrieved. But Adebayor has shown a tendency towards moodiness, and making him feel wanted and welcome when he comes back is more likely to motivate him in the direction we want than would be treating him like an outcast. we know he doesn't respond well when he seems to feel that way.

So, better to take out frustrations of the Old Knobhead than to boo our players on the pitch.

Let me die for their sins, but castigate not the returning prodigal.

lol at the grandiosity of the image!

Total knobhead
flip eck' Tot'...i have to get me bible and dictionary out, for your posts..;-)
TK I doubt very much that Adebayor reads Vital Spurs, and no matter what people say about him on here, whenever he puts on the shirt, he will always get 100% support from the Spurs faithful
"TK I doubt very much that Adebayor reads Vital Spurs, and no matter what people say about him on here, whenever he puts on the shirt, he will always get 100% support from the Spurs faithful," Ossie.

My earlier remarks concerned not what we write here on VS, but about how Adebayor is greeting in WHL on his return. I think the response when he comes on the pitch and when he touches to ball is important, and I hope he's given a warm greeting then.

My impression of the lad is that he has a complex and sensitive sense of self and does not respond well to being unwelcome. Under such a circumstance he tends towards petulance and passive aggression. So, a warm greeting from the supporters in WHL when the prodigal son returns could have some bearing on how he feels about being there.

As to what we write here? I don't think my words here, or yours, or those of big c, will have any impact on him. But if he hears boos on his return to WHL, it could be bad for his performance.

As to my remarks about crucifying me here rather than castigating Adebayor, I was writing in jest. I haven't to power to saving him through my suffering. And anyway, attacking me here doesn't cause me to suffer like Jesus on the cross.

Just joshing, lads. I'm not a megalomaniac, although a couple of ex wives and a few lovers might dispute that.

Total knobhead
Always said it and haven't changed my mind about Ade is is not the right man for Spurs and we should not have signed him. He has too much going on in his head to be consistent for a club. We need players that don't have so much baggage who don't need their egos massaging players that want to play for us and players that will fight for the team. waste of money, poor decision whoever made it when they signed him. I don't actually think he is actually that good. His hold up play and first touch is woeful. His goal scoring is not prolific either at times. He has this knack of doing well for a season then everything becoming complicated. We should have known that and realised we had that from in when on loan and second season would follow suit to how he has been at previous clubs but we didn't we got sucked in imo.

Now we have to probably play him unless Dempsey and new boy Holtby can deliver. Each game the longer we go without scoring with Dempsey on the pitch the more likely Ade will need to be on it. Unless he gets straight into scoring we are going to come unstuck for getting goals. We have to massage Ade ego if we want to get the best out of him even if it is fake. I want him to go in the summer and I want at least two new strikers brought in with Defoe as back up, if he is not happy with that role then get three new strikers and lets get on with it. Either way Ade needs to go in the summer.
"Respect is a 2 way thing .Players who put 100% in ,will always get 100% support ,whilst they wear that Spurs shirt .But they themselves must do their part," wrote big cockeral.

Yes, big c, but what can do done to encourage the lad to do his part. And what would discourage him from doing so? It's in our interest to coax the best and discourage the worst from this big talented yet complex man.


Total knobhead
"Always said it and haven't changed my mind about Ade is is not the right man for Spurs and we should not have signed him. He has too much going on in his head to be consistent for a club," thfan.

Yes, but he's here whether you want him here or not. I advised against taking him on loan in the first place, but here is is, and now the question concerns how to get the best out of him while he's here.

It does us no good to spite the man. We spite our own face when doing so, as said Saint Eusebia in the 1100s as she warded off rape by Viking raiders.

Total knobhead
Actually it's in dispute which bloody prioress first spited her own face by disfiguring her own nose to avoid congress with Viking raiders, but we know the problem that concerns spiting ourselves in spite of ourselves when we seek to spite others.

Castigate Adebayor publicly by booing him on his return and the returns for us could well be bitter. Sweeten up his return with some applause and he might be encouraged to reward our good cheer. We spite him at the possible expense of cutting our own noses. I prefer my nose as it is, lads. No need to take a knife to it to indulge my frustrations with a Togolese who doesn't always play to his full abilities.

Total knobhead
I have to say, I think that the home suport needs to give a lot more. Our traveling support are awesome and I respect each and every one of them. I feel that away the fans pull the team along to something whereas at home it seems that the fans want to be impressed before they go out of their way to support. I still sense a lack of support of AVB and that, to me, is somewhat unkind. We are 1 point out of third in a season where most expected us to be lucky to get 6th. People should be dancing in the streets, or, at the very least, jumping out of their seats from the get go. WHL can be incredibly intimidating. Sadly that goes both for the home club as it does for the away club. If we want CL and cup success, teams need to know that any visit to WHL will be one of the worst of their season. Just my 2 cents worth. Cheer on Adebayor. Cheer on Bentley. We're going to need all of tem to perform to ability if we are to get 3rd. COYS
Interesting thought that we ever will have a chance to cheer on Bentley! Who knows?

But we do know how sensitive a fellow Adebayor seems to be, and the lad needs to be soothed not booed if we are to get the best out of him. Perhaps we would be best served to have him move along, but he's ours now and I'd rather the Adebayor with 17 goals and 11 assists in a year rather than someone moping on the reserves or playing without enthusiasm on the pitch. At his best he's a marvelous player to have. We begged for a striker, and we have one who on his day is world class. Let's encourage him to play that way.

Bentley? If he does ever play for us again, let's hope for the best, not for the worst.

Total knobhead
Bic c mightn't like Lennon, but the lad can put real pressure on a FB. He's worth supporting even if he never developed to be an outside presence of historic dimensions. We're better with him than without him and he's a Spur for sure. Cheers to Aaron L. He's a yid to cheer.
Total knobhead
Total knobhead---Boooooo... I fell so much better...;)
Should have bought Balotelli when we could have, A huge miss there.
I don't believe as City would have sold him within the PL at any event. He'd have been a huge risk, but he does tick all of the boxes except the distraction one. Doumbia is the dirrection I'd go now and I'd do it the second thewindow opens. If we wait for the Cavani, Suarez, Falcao madeness to play out the market will be out of control. City, PSG, Bayern, RM all looking at the upper end strikers and I would not be surprised if Chelsea didn't get their wallet out as well. COYS
Hello all, Please help! Off topic I know but I want to go to watch the away match against Olympic Lyonnaise as I am living in the SW of France at the mo. Where can I get the tickets from, are they even on sale yet?
alee...THFC and OL's...websites.....i suggest.
Big swop shop...during the summer expected, all over Europe / World. No Big Tournament distractions, this summer.
Thanks, I just dont want to get tickets and end up with the frogs inadvertently if I get them from OL
"Total knobhead---Boooooo... I fell so much better...;)," wrote shedboy2.

My pleasure to have been of service, shedboy. Anytime.

Total knobhead
We hope lennon does well for England, tomorrow. I didn't like Cappello's handling of Arron.
Somehow Adebuyor has to raise his game but he is a class above many of the 5-10million so called bargain players suggested sometimes on here.
matt hoten
This season Lennons been close to his 2009 form, he's also played more mins than any other Spurs player, I hope he can keep it up for the rest of the year.
TK- pretty much agree with all you said there....Ade needs to feel the love, anything else is counter-productive...
A question for all you guys who are critical of our scouting system (or lack of).... Who identified Holtby?. AVB?, Levy?.. Just curious because the lad has brought a bit of a spark to the team. Seems a snip at 1.5m, could potentally have been a freebie in summer. Similarly perhaps we could identify a striker in summer?
shedboy2 Ade needs a kick up the arse and nothing more. If he doesn't perform or can't be bothered chuck him in the reserves for a couple of months or so, that will make or break the lazy git
shedboy2 Ade needs a kick up the arse and nothing more. If he doesn't perform or can't be bothered chuck him in the reserves for a couple of months or so, that will make or break the lazy git
one more attempt.
Ade needs a good kick up his arse nothing more. If he can't be bothered to perform chuck him in with the reserves for a couple of months or so, that will either make or break the lazy git.
I am partial to getting Kane/Obika onto our bench at least and stick them in when we are chasing a game, need a change or when we are cruising. Gotta try them some time.
"Ade needs a good kick up his arse nothing more. If he can't be bothered to perform chuck him in with the reserves for a couple of months or so, that will either make or break the lazy git," chrishove123.

This is the sort of thing that I include in cutting one's nose to spite one's face.

Total knobhead
Madabout...both Kane/Obika scored against WHamU21 2 nights ago. I was surprised one of them was not on the bench against WBA, particularly with Defoe carrying an injury going into the game. But AVB, had probably already calculated he'd bring on Holtby as a first choice.
As Yidmarks said above, our very best team is actually available with Holtby and Ade. I think Ade plays better as a lone striker.
jacobslad, I must say AVB's decision making so far has been very good. There must be a reason why he had not brought either of the 2 young strikers in thus far, either they are deemed not good enough yet or he wanted to try something or someone else, like the 4-6-0 .lol
Welcome to the 4-6-0 train to glory, Madaboutspurs.
Total knobhead
Agreed Madabout. AVB is pretty shrewd, if Obika/Kane had been on the bench it would not have helped their confidence seeing a midfielder going on.
At this stage I think Obika has the better build to survive int he premiership. Ane still looks a little light weight. Hope at least one of these lads goes on to be a solid performer for us!
Slurms McKenzie
Lennon and Defoe are turning into right little Spurs legends ha. COYS.
Ade needs some man love. and affection.. as in last year Harry style & spurs fans... then we can see the Ade we know he can be...... TK. 4-6-0 ? 4-5-1 will be our shape in Newcastle game..Ade infront of Lewis, the old vdv & ade system. Enjoyed TK's brief history lesson.. COYS
Block D Spurs
I think he was trying to illustrate that the team gave it all they could, rather than using physical exhaustion as an excuse for his or their failings. We'll have to see how well Ade gets on without Defoe. When he and Defoe play together, Adebayor plays deeper. Doesn't seem to suit him. Hopefully up front, supported by Holtby he could find a purple patch.
Bernio Villas-Spuras
Total knobhead This is the sort of thing that I include in cutting one's nose to spite one's face. No it isn't, because if he isn't performing then he won't be playing in the 1st 11 SO he has to be sorted out and rather than have him sit on the bench as a superfluous sub who won't perform he would be better off playing in the reserves to keep his fitness levels up and make him regain that sharpness he had, ALSO it sends out a message that this is truly a meritocracy and that AVB won't pander to the can't be bothereds of the squad. I said in the first place we shouldn't have bought him as he would revert back to his normal useless self once he was under contract. We were warned by all and sundry, even Citeh fans warned us off him. NOW we reap the non benefits of having a lazy selfish git on the team who can't be arsed to perform now he has his contract and a fatter bank balance..
TK a Togolese who doesn't always play to his full abilities. More like a Togolese who now very rarely plays to his full abilities because he can't be arsed as he has got what he wanted and knows he doesn't have to try any more for that contract.
Bernio, nothing I have seen from Ade/Defoe indicates that i will be any different to any other partner Defoe has had in a Spurs lineup. Ade with Holtby behind is the way to go. Defoe on as impact sub to run at tired defences. COYS
Agree peterballb. Defoe was typically on form at the start of the season and AVB was very fair to him by rewarding decent form with more games. I think AVB always wanted Ade on the pitch which was why he went with both players, but I think he compromised by having Adebayor playing deep. AVB, with Defoe injured has the perfect chance to drop Defoe, who incidentally has 1 goal in his last 10 Premier League outings by the way. Proved time and time again that he cannot be relied on throughout a season. He'll always be worth keeping because he will get goals, but he's only worth a bench role for the most part because he offers very little else.
Bernio Villas-Spuras

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