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Main Striker for Newcastle?

We all knew there was a certain inevitability that when we didn't buy a striker, one or both of what we have, would break down and cause the wheels to fall off and we fall flat on our faces once again.

Of course at a time of crisis, everyone needs a hero to step in and save the day, or in this case the season. Though he looks more James Bond Villain than James Bond, Emmanuel Adebayor is the obvious and seemingly prefect man to step in and bring us Champions League football once again. Question is, whether he is fit, willing and able to face Newcastle this weekend and if he isn't, who steps in?

Clint Dempsey has scored an impressive five goals in his last seven games, however, is he still more effective starting from a deeper position as opposed to leading the attack? Though Clint may be a short term solution, he just doesn't look to have that X-Factor to be the main striker. That isn't a direct criticism of him as a player, but it is just that he is better served elsewhere in the line-up, though it could be argued that with Lewis Holtby looking so promising, his most likely role is from the bench.

I read with interest that Chris Coleman is considering playing Gareth Bale in a central attacking role for Wales, and if we consider that he is our best player and perhaps most lethal finisher, is that worth a try for Spurs, at least for Newcastle, should Adebayor still be tired. Of course what happens if he starts there are scores a couple and looks fantastic? Do we keep him there for the longer term?

Gylfi Sigurdsson has been talked about by AVB as being a player that is potentially able to lead the attack, but I still feel he is better served as a deeper lying player, perhaps from wider positions. Could he hope that Bale takes the lead and that gives him a better chance of nicking a wide role? Maybe Gylfi needs to be given a role and to feel loved and valued. Could pushing him into a main strikers role be something that will inspire him?

According to reports, Harry Kane was outstanding for our U-21s against West Ham on Monday, scoring one and setting up another for Jon Obika. He certainly made a statement, but is he or Obika ready for the big stage and Tottenham's first XI now? For me, the best he can or should hope for in the short term is a place on the bench. Give him a chance to prove himself as a sub, and lets see how he gets on from there. If he produces the goods, either in performance of goals, I can see him as a serious alternative for the 3rd striker position next season, but he, like Defoe and Adebayor will be in a position where they need to prove their worth to remain as striking solutions, beyond this season. At least in the case of Kane, he has plenty of time on his side. Can the same be said for Jermain and Adebayor?

Of course the hope will be that Emmanuel Adebayor returns to Bulls Cross super charged and ready to make a statement and reignite his Tottenham career. A fit and firing Adebayor, could be just the man to take the team to another level, but equally on his form this season, he could be a waste of space and we need to look at alternatives. Question is, whether we have other options and from what we do have, which is the best and most effective pick for AVB???

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday February 6 2013

Time: 10:21AM

Your Comments

Have Kane and/or Obika on the bench and get them in when we need options on attack or when cruising.
Perfect opp for Adebayor the young guns should be itching to start as well.
Ade up front, Holtby behind him, Dempsey on the bench, and Obika and Kane in the U21's
'He plays on the lefffffftt, he plays on the leffffffffffffft, Gareth Bale, he plays on the left!'
Clint's got a long journey home from his International match, Ade should hopefully be crackling hot from his endeavours with Togo and ready to fill the void and keep the shirt. Ade with Holtby behind him? Clint and Kane on the bench.
clearly its got to be ade. he holds up play, provides assists and if he has his shooting boots on we could hope for 10 goals out of him. despite all the stick he gets he's a hard runner, always working the channels, and is unselfish, sometimes to his detriment as he will sometimes pass when maybe he should shoot. when he's on his game he is that all round striker we all hoped we would sign in January. If he's on his game there will be goals in it for Bale Lennon Demps Holtby and Sig as well. Kane, well much as i would love it to work out, if you can't get into the Norwich team... but maybe a spell on the bench might boost him up a bit, before another loan attempt next season. Obika, forget it. If i was gonna happen, it would have before now.
I think Adebayor needs to feel loved. So far he seems to have an indifferent cold shoulder fom AVB, or at least that's my impression. Either way if Ade feels he is "the man" he can flourish. A single striker with Lennon and Bale making a front three is preferred and Parker (Sandro when fit) Demeble & Holtby look the perfect middle three to me
Ade obviously. I'm sure with AFCON out of the way and Holtby playing beside him, he will be better. Let's not forget that his best game for us was in this fixture last season, 4 assists and a goal in a 5-0 win. I hope the memory of that game gives him a lift, when he has got that smile on his face and is playing in the right system (i.e. not with Defoe) he is one of our most dangerous weapons.
I would go for (tiredness permitting) Ade up front, Siggy behind, Holby, Dempsey, Kane on bench, Bale to score... Dempsey to come on for either Ade or Siggy should they not produce. Holtby still should be eased in as there is little reason for him to jump ahead of others so soon.

It’s a team effort one person is going to single-handedly save our season. The main striker should be Ade though. Dempsey is more than capable of leading the line….he’s done for years at other clubs. He might prefer to sit further deep or in from the left but he can do that job if we need him too and he will get goals. The two youngsters you mention is a very good shout, I would have one possibly on the bench as an option.

We need to give Ade a bit of time like we have the coach…I hope this game will be this best in a Spurs shirt but we still need him for the others. He will be the first to admit that a few gaols will do him the world of good…but I will be happy if he just set up a few and we came away with the points. A few decent games for him and his best form will return. Team effort! COYS.

clearly Adebayor is the man to look to, however based on his form to date this season, can we really rely on him? I very much hope so and have absolute confidence that he has the ability, but does he have the attitude and desire?
the fans need to get behind the team, adebayor and AVB. It is no coincidence that our home form has suffered this season, we fans have not provided the 12th man advantage to the same degree as in the previous few seasons
Ade for sure. Newcastle's defence are nothing like they were last year, I think siggy should start also and i expect a goal from him on the weekend.
van der haart lane
might be blind optimism here but maybe defoe's injury was a well disguised blessing, as now Ade will be the main man, which he unquestionably was last season, and look how well he played then. and it may help AVB to shape us into the 4-3-3 that he used to favour.
Most important to our season is when will kaboom be back and how long will it take to get back to last seasons form?
Yorkspur - Yeah maybe! Having Defoe back as quickly as possible will also push Ade to try and Keep his place. No news i suppose is good news re JD?
Louis Saha on a one week deal just for this game & bung him up top with Ade? As much as his signing was berated by most, my god what a joy to behold those two were together in this fixture last season! But in all seriousness it's not even up for debate. Adebayor. Plain & simple. Stop hating on him & start loving him & we will reap the rewards. He was only kept out once he returned because of the purple patch Defoe experienced during Adebayors absence. Give him the adulation he desires & he will perform as he did last season.
Ade with Holtby playing just behind. Bale isn't a striker, he just doesn't have that positional awareness yet to take on that role and would likely end up roaming around the entire pitch like a headless chicken. He'd also have less chance and space to get up to his full pace. And with him central and Lennon not the greatest crosser of the ball most of the service would be limited through the middle, which again for a player with no experience in that role who'd be far more suited to running on to chances coming from wide it'd be a disaster.
Damiao? But seriously, Ade on his own, and start Holtby instead of Dempsey.
One of Kane or Obika at least need to be on the bench. I was shocked to see neither there against West Brom. A start seems unlikely for such inexperienced players but as the only true strikers available at least one of them needs to be in the squad.
Kes80 - That could have been down to the fact our game was away on the Sunday and the under 21s had a home game the following day at noon. There is another under 21s game against pool on the 11th I think, home again at 12. This time it’s a few days after our toon match so maybe we will see on the bench this time? I’m purely speculating but I suppose its AVB's call at the end of the day.
SpursOne2 - I didn't know that but even so I think the 1st team should take priority so if the matches are too close then pull one of them out of the U21 fixture, surely?
Kes80 - Yes mate, without JD i wonder what he will do? If Dempsey and Ade both start then we will have Hotlby and Sigurdsson as our options for attack.
ade uptop with dempsey/holtby behind. end of ..........
word is ade is still in SA and did not get plane back. that would not surprise me. hope its just bull.
Bale up top with Holtby in behind. Siggy to play on the left. Ade and Dempsey on the bench. Replace Bale and Lennon on 65 minutes when we have a 2-0 lead. COYS
I really hope Ade is up to the job. Knowing his attitude/demeanour of late, he could easily take the line that well AVB, you are up the creek and you need me!. Now get on your knees!....could say that to the fans too, who (rightly) slagged him off for an indifferent attitude. BUT, here's his chance to prove that HE IS a PROFESSIONAL. Win everbody over with a committed performance and get back to being loved by ALL. COYS!

Oh, and I'd be keen to see Kane/Obika getting game time in matches where we are comfortably ahead.
adebayor is a big turd,apparently his causing havoc in a south african hotel
Everybody should show Adebayor love so we can see the best of him ,love & support is what he needs .

What a load of $hit ,it`s called doing your job .Adebayor do your job & stop ripping people off .Or maybe Spurs fans enjoy being ripped off ,because when a player does not perform ,he`s ripping the punters off .It`s like that across the entertainment industry ,actors ,singers ,comedians etc get paid very well to do what they`re good at .
£150 grand a week in enough support don`t you think ,but he`s got it so tough .Those nurses on minimum wage have it much better than Adebayor .
big cockeral
Ade is still in South Africa if he's not playing Saturday he can f*** off and never come back
who ever AVB picks, i will go along with that, as long as Lewis Holtby starts and everyone comes back from tonights games un-injured.
spu 4 life
Big C - At the game we need people 'showing him the love' which is the point. 36,000 people shouting ‘do your job’ isn’t gonna help is it
***** sake the whole team is 'allegedly' still there due to a ***** up with the this actually true?...and why the ***** are people assuming its Ade fault
BC - Agree!
SpursOne2 I agree but he needs to stop ramming that support back down the fans throats .IMO Adebayor is exploiting the situation & through years of experience has it down to a fine art .He`s not playing for the fans or the club because he has no care .Last time he spoke warmly about Spurs ? I thought after the Arsenal forced apology he would look to make amends ,but went even worse .Spurs need to know when they`re being laughed at.

At least Modric ,Berbatov ,Campbell & Carrick were brilliant whilst in the Spurs shirt ,i can respect that .
big cockeral
Any player not Participating in training at the spurs training ground friday, should not be considered for selection saturday..imo.
Big C - Forgive me, but how exactly has he rammed this support down our throats? I’m talking about encouraging him so he ups his game, so he scores goals. Get behind him so he improves his game...we need him at the minute mate, love or hate him
SpursOne2 Because the exact thing you`re talking about he has had all season . We support ,he doesn`t bother ,we support ,he doesn`t bother .At waht point is enough enough ? .I will agree to giving him maximum support for a fresh start ,but how many fresh starts can one player be allowed ? We owe Adebayor nothing ,he owes us at least to try his best & at least pretend to care .You support a player & he plays $hit with no passion or desire that is ramming it down your throats .
Lewis Holtby instant hit due to his spot on attitude & willingness to give his all ,carry that on son .Brilliant

Are fans there to please Adebayor or is Adebayor there to please the fans ?
big cockeral
Robbie Keane.
Lets go for Mido, hes with out a club. Only 29 could do a job for 4 months
big c - Fans want their team to win simple as that. Ade's got 'previous' so hes always gonna be shaking that off, no reason us to now turn up and give him grief? You get on a players back like that, it effects them and we are not exactly flush with forwards are we. Last season, he did well right? I have seen flashes of that this season but its been a non-start really. I want him to do the same, benefit both us and him. I agree with people wanting to urge him on..just for that reason
"Though he looks more James Bond Villain than James Bond, Emmanuel Adebayor is the obvious and seemingly prefect man to step in and bring us Champions League football once again," wrote Ox.

Hey, Ox, there have been so many actors playing James Bond I no longer know what he looks like. Why don't they make a James Bond film with an actor who looks like Adebayor? It would bring James Bond into the new multicultural reality of the U.K. in the 21st century.

If we think of Adebayor in terms of being a James Bond villain, the more likely he will be to act like a James Bond villain, no?

Let's expand our notion of what a hero looks like to include someone like Adebayor.

Total knobhead
SpursOne2 Him having previous means nothing to me , Gallas had previous & we all supported him ,until such time that was abused .
First season Gallas was here he was superb & has always put on that Spurs shirt & tried his best ,just hasn`t got the legs & has clearly lost a yard .But Gallas i will always respect ,he came & played for this club .
Adebayor is different ,he`s a very disrespectful person & cares nothing for Spurs ,we don`t even cross his mind .The body language is the worst i`ve ever seen from a Spurs player .
He didn`t play well for Spurs last season ,he played well for himself .Now we`re seeing the real Adebayor that was predicted & warned about .

last season was Adebayors best game for us in 2012 ,so maybe that again .If this a fresh start & he comes back a new man ,the player we know he can be .Surely this is last chance saloon ?.
Why are we even top toeing around him ?
big cockeral
last season against Newcastle was Adebayors best game for us in 2012 imo ,so maybe that again .If this a fresh start & he comes back a new man ,the player we know he can be then great .
But surely this is last chance saloon ?.
Why are we even top toeing around him ? It`s like if we hurt his feelings he`ll go & throw his toys out the pram & say "i`m not playing anymore ,you lot are mean "
C`mon he`s a grown man ,we all have to do our jobs under pressure & he needs to start doing his .
Shall we buy him an ice cream if he has a good game ?
big cockeral
we need to put adebayor in the reserves-apparently he has asked the players to stay behind so because they will board personal jet
I understand the lack of enthusiasm on the part of many concerning Adebayor. I was one of those who didn't support taking him on loan two summers ago, but we did take him, and then we signed him ourselves, so here he is, for better or worse.

So now the question is simple. The question isn't whether we're thrilled with him or not. Clearly at the moment we're not thrilled with his form. Last season, whether he was playing only for himself or not, he showed he has a pretty good skill set. So the question now is how to maximize the probability that he will engage that skill set. I suspect that there are times that he wants to do that (e.g., the Arsenal match showed too much motivation on his part). We need to get the best out of him because he's ours for better or worse. We don't need to lower his motivation, as that, to use an expression I used on another thread yesterday, is cutting our nose to spite our face. If we make Adebayor hate being here, he gets the last laugh by cashing the checks and screwing us. What's the advantage of maximizing the chance of that happening? Let's bring out the best in the lad, and his best is considerable. Let's not encourage the worst in him. He may be a complex man, but he isn't necessarily a Bond villain.

Total knobhead
big c - Maybe last chance saloon but that’s not our call. I just see some tough fixtures ahead we could use his A game from now on. The tip toeing is because people have seen how he responds with decent support....from his very first tap in goal for us. I just don’t see this disrespectful person you see…..hes never siad any thing bad to the fans? As for playing football, its obvious his form wasn’t what it was last year, so this is us trying to back him up
"Shall we buy him an ice cream if he has a good game?," big cockeral (sic).

I don't know if ice cream is part of his training diet, and don't know if he has a particularly sweet tooth anyway. But if he has a good game, I think a bit of enthusiastic applause would be a decent idea. He does seem to place some importance on being accepted.

Total knobhead
With Dempsey flying around the world these days, Defoe out injured, Adebayor wan'ts to party with his mates in S. A. Well, that's why we pay him lots of money, isn't it?
Everyone likes ice cream....but yeah agree TK
SpursOne2 He`s not that foolish to speak badly about Spurs ,he doesn`t care enough or will waste his own time in doing so .
All that counts is his performance wearing the famous lily white shirt ,everything else is not our business .
The same when you go to the cinema & watch Tom Cruise ,Brad Pitt ,Denzil Washington ,Julia Roberts etc ,you just want to watch a good film ,phuck everything else .Same with players ,just want to see a good game .£55 i paid to watch my last game ,really ?

Wearing the Spurs shirt should be an honour & a privilege .But with some they don`t share that ,do you ?
big cockeral
Adebayor plays his best when he has a point to prove .
Last season he did ,this season Arsenal he played like a man possessed ,all because it was his game .No player is bigger than Spurs ,or Togo
big cockeral
Big C - I have to agree any player wearing the spurs shirt should see it as a privilege and honor...of course mate. Sometimes a player walks away from a game and you hear them later on motd praising the’s all we can do to help is that. I can force him to say nice things or kiss the badge! Wish I could and I hear what you’re saying. Our fans won’t always be urging him on if he doesn’t respond
One case for me was dos santos....i just gave up caring, he didn't want to be here you know. Ade is different to him so still have time
SpursOne2 Lets hope that after the Newcastle game we only have positive things to say about him .How he plays is up to him .
But from the first whistle he should be cheered & supported .But if he`s booed & criticised come the final whistle ,then he only has himself to blame .
IMO the paying punters on £ 25- 50 grand a year deserve better .
big cockeral
Well reports are the Ade got the whole Togo team to skip their flight and stay on at the hotel in SA...he promised to arrange a private jet for them all...and guess what it didn't turn up on will he? It doesn't look good us if his mind is on having a laugh with his mates and acting like billy big bollox...
I feel sorry for the fans who have been fighting his corner ,many fans were willing to give him all the support & love he needed .
Only to have it .........
big cockeral
As I said previous we won't see him until next thursday at the earliest, AVB should be plannng with out him. Dempsey or Obika up top with Holtby in behind. Ade has performed exactly to his second season expectations!
Slurms McKenzie
If ade is still in Africa then he’s clearly not an option for Saturday Mornings game is he!? Some of the comments he’s come out with since Togo have been knocked out are just shocking. Not the whole “physically tired” thing but the fact he has slated everyone from his teammates to the coach. That just sums him up really…its always someone else’s fault. It’s a shame as I have supported him, and wanted him to do well, but he’s let himself, his fans, and now his country down. Main striker for Newcastle…..have we got more than one choice?? Maybe Siggy has played up top in training?? Who knows, but I can only think of Holtby behind Dempsey.
Big C, I have to fight your corner this time. Ade has only himself to blame, even if AVB wants him to play a different role. Since AVB's arrival there have been differnt styles/roles that everyone has had to adapt to. Regardless of the different roles, the body language for me has not been there from word go. Too many things off the field have affected his performance on the field. That is his problem. My employer wants me to give my best even if my cat has been taken to the vet. Barring bereavements, there is not room in the modern life to not to give your best for the employer and the consumer (fans). He has let himself, the team and the fans down repeatedly. The current plight of Spurs gives him an ideal opportunity to re-ignite his lust for the game/team. If he fails again, I am afraid I see him being replaced in summer. A luxury we can ill aford when we are bargain hunting for talent. COYS!
Andy Carroll for West Ham - could get him for a snip from pool in the summer :)
Hudderspur, TBH, I'd give Obika or Kane a chance rather than have a striker (Ade) whose mind and state is unlieky to benefit the team. Neither of my choices can be worse than what we have seen of Ade this season. I hope he returns a reformed person, but I'll reserve my judgement until I see him on the pitch. COYS!
Having dinner tonight with Ossie Ardiles, Pat Jennings and John Lacey. All great guys and will ask them about our striker situation. Ade has to motivate himself now.
Having dinner tonight with my family tonight. All great guys and will ask them what the hell Connor Sammon is doing playing up front for my country.
TopSpur13 my guess would be a helluva lot more the Rubbish Keane or Fat Cox!
Slurms McKenzie
Long, Walters and Doyle are the best out of the bunch. Keane is still Keane no matter what and Cox must be shagging Trap because he bloody adores him. Can't see Sammon being a diamond in the rough though. Future doesn't seem to bleak to be fair, Clarke, Cunningham, Brady, Coleman, Duffy, McCarthy, McClean all looking decent. Hopefully we'll be heading to Brazil.
i beleive that ADE will be a different player with BALE, HOLTBY and LENNON backing him up....
Going to be hard with no keeper! Would Like to see Long and Doyle play together and don't forget the Irish Gareth Bale also at spurs! But Ireland's biggest handicap in getting to Brazil will be Trap himself!
Slurms McKenzie
We only have one available
I agree with Yidmarks, subject to his head being in the right place
Ox Harry Kane and Obike will never be good enough sadly
"Andy Carroll for West Ham - could get him for a snip from pool in the summer :)," JohnnyOz.

Now that's a depressing thought.

Total knobhead
i just looked on sky sports to see the Belgium score and team ,they played 433 and Dembele played in the centre up front it looks like ...
Edinburgh Spur
Ade will be on the bench IMO. Dempsey to lead the line, with Holtby in support.
With the emergency loan window opening today (Thurs), could we possibly get in a striker?

What say you?

Start with 4-3-3 that becomes a fluid 4-4-2. Let me explain. Back four of Walker-Dawson-Caulker-AssouEkotto, midfield trio of Parker-Dembele-Vertonghen, front three of Lennon-Adebayor-Bale. Attacks start with the full backs. If Walker starts the attack, Lennon goes to the wing to support and Bale plays as a No.10 to Adebayor's No.9. If Assou-Ekotto starts the attack, bale goes to the wing to support and Lennon is the No.10 to Adebayor's centre forward. This way, we don't lose out on our biggest weapons, which are our two pacy wingers.

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