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Rose won't return to sit on Spurs bench.

Rose won't return to sit on Spurs bench.

Danny Rose has again spoken of his desire to be a first team regular and therefore hints as a permanent move away from Tottenham in the summer.

Rose who has had an excellent season with Sunderland, has stated a love for Spurs, however he feels the need to play week in week out, if he is to fulfil his international ambitions and no doubt, continue to develop as a player. Rose will be 23 at the start of next season, and when we consider that he has still to play fifty senior domestic games, you can perhaps understand his wanting to play regularly and though it may hurt my club in losing a good player, I actually admire his stance of putting playing football at the top of his list of priorities.

Speaking of his situation, Rose told Sky Sports: 'I honestly do not know what will happen next season. I do love Tottenham, they have done a lot for me over the years, I will be forever grateful for the stage I am at now. It's hugely down to them.

'But I am not prepared to go back to sit on the bench and watch other people play football. I've done that enough.

'I've got friends progressing into the England team and being in the squads. I'd like to think one day I'll have a shot at doing that.

'I'll only get that when I'm playing week-in, week-out, and I'm doing that here. I'm enjoying it here and I love being back up north.

'Nothing has been discussed with the management here or the management there about what's going to happen next season.

'I want to reiterate I will not be looking to sit on somebody else's bench again.'

Should Spurs wish to keep Danny at WHL, it will surely take some major encouragement that he has a future at the club and perhaps even mean that they look to cash in on BAE, who will be 29 in March, and it is still unclear how highly AVB rates Benni and similarly, he might even consider selling both and bringing in his own left back and was recently linked with his former Porto player Alvaro Pereira, though that could of course have been media rubbish..

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Date:Wednesday February 6 2013
Time: 2:03PM


Shame he.s not right footed as he,s better than walker
06/02/2013 14:11:00
Hopefully he will bang in another super goal vs the gooners at the weekend!
06/02/2013 14:12:00
Fine, if he's too lazy to work for a place, then he can go.

06/02/2013 14:18:00
Hats off to the young man, I appreciate his honesty. With the recruitement of Fryers though, I believe it may be in the best interest of both parties to part ways. Thanks for that wonder goal Danny, I will never forget that. The next time you visit WHL you will get a warm welcome no doubt, regardless of what colour shirt you'll be wearing. Well sort off, just don't push your luck :)
06/02/2013 14:20:00
I think you will find that it will not bed your decision mr rose. Show a better attitude and work for your place, after all there is a huge difference in the quality of the 2 sides, you cannot expect to walk straight in to the spurs team!!!
The Hudd
06/02/2013 14:21:00
really like rose, we would do well to hang on to him I feel
06/02/2013 14:23:00
He has a good work ethic and is keen to play. I think we can rotate him with BAE next season. When he says "not sitting on the bench", I don't think he means he has to play every week, but certainly more than he did under Redknapp.
Tactically Challenge
06/02/2013 14:25:00
I can see u selling Benny in the summer for around £10m and getting Rose and Fryers to fight it out. Seems like something Levy would be keen on.
06/02/2013 14:26:00
How about extending his loan contract for another season? Then we can asses DR, BAE & Fryers and decide who to keep if want to keep Danny Rose. But If AVB believes BAE & EF are good enough then make Rose's switch to Sunderland permenant. Could it work?
06/02/2013 14:33:00
06/02/2013 14:34:00
didnt realise Rose had a say in the matter, if we think its best for the club he sits on the bench then he will do
06/02/2013 14:35:00
@Tactical, You've got a point there. Certainmènt.
06/02/2013 14:36:00
whitehartmart- i think smith is doing really well!! i have seen some sunderland games this season and believe me he was byfar the best player for sunderland in some games. i think next season might be the right time to sale Benny
06/02/2013 14:37:00
If he proves himself to the manager then he will get in the team. Personally I think he will be sold. COYS
06/02/2013 14:44:00
until BAE extends or indicates he does not want to, this situation will remain up in the air. We didn't sign Fryers to not bring him in to the squad. He shouldn't want to sit. Lack of rotation really killed the harmony in the team as it was starting XI and subs. Naughton has started 17 games this season, and if Rose had been around, those starts would likely have been his. If BAE extends, he needs to be sold for his good and for the club's. If BAE is sold, then we recoup more on the market for a player approaching 30 and have Rose and Fryers to compete for the playing time. It all depends on BAE though. I like BAE, but if I'm honest, I worry that more mistakes will start creeping in to his game and I do believe as Rose and Fryers could offer more going forward. Rose is very good in the air (Fryers don't know) and both are young so that's the directio I would lean, though I would be unlikely to usher BAE out the door. If he wanted to go, I would old the door for him and if Chelsea wanted to pay big bucks, as was rumoured, I'd be happy to take them. Southampton could go down. They have two really good fullbacks. COYS
06/02/2013 14:48:00
oh my oh my he refers to rose not smith.but smith is doing good as well,played 75 mins,got 2 assists as well for u21s against sweden if i am right
06/02/2013 14:48:00
06/02/2013 14:51:00
Considering the context, my seat position and who it was against I think Danny's wonder goal was the best I have ever seen at WHL. It would be great if he could stay and progress but it is unlikely so I would not blame him if he wants/needs to leave.
06/02/2013 14:52:00
jimmy he isn't in prison mate
06/02/2013 14:55:00
peter-agree shaw at 17 looking good and playing week in week out for southamton. I also think this Ince kid is good. :) but hey thats me
06/02/2013 14:57:00
peter-agree shaw at 17 looking good and playing week in week out for southamton. I also think this Ince kid is good. :) but hey thats me
06/02/2013 14:57:00
peter-agree shaw at 17 looking good and playing week in week out for southamton. I also think this Ince kid is good. :) but hey thats me
06/02/2013 14:57:00
someone else once said the same thing Scarlet O'Hara, his doing well, what league is he in? Don't worry Danny you wont have to sit on the spurs bench, won't be room anyway that's why we signed Fryers, just keep racking up good games and Levy will get decent money for you, I don't want him back.
spu 4 life
06/02/2013 14:58:00
With all due respect, who cares if he returns or not. We have bigger problems at the moment and namely: sorting out strikers first! This article is a non-issue.
06/02/2013 15:06:00
"and perhaps even mean that they look to cash in on BAE, who will be 29 in March" -- oh no! what ashley cole must be thinking playing left-back for England at his age!
06/02/2013 15:08:00
It could be that AVB sees Fryers progressing into a wide attacking position ala Bale. In which case Rose could easily be Benni's replacement if he decides to go. I like him and hope he stays.
Love totty
06/02/2013 15:13:00
Until BAE's decision is made, there is eally not much that can be decided either way. Great news is that Rose is playing well so if BAE wants to stay, awesome, we'll get money for Rose. If BAE decides to leave, Rose will have played the entire season in the PL. We get cash both ways and we have players. COYS
06/02/2013 15:20:00
Hasn't Fryers been playing LB in the developmental squad? COYS
06/02/2013 15:22:00
Esso, Fryers, Naughton and Verts. Thats plenty, Rose is a good player but we should look to offload for around 5-6M
06/02/2013 15:36:00
I would sell in a heartbeat, decent player, but not exactly the best left back in the club and Im no BAE fan.
06/02/2013 16:00:00
Just a sense,think this will be bae last season with spurs !
Little spur
06/02/2013 16:06:00
Love totty,same thought occurred to me also.but could not say it.hoping b will be here next season. Coys
Little spur
06/02/2013 16:08:00
Tough one. I think having an experienced left back like Benny in the squad is important, especially as he's been with us for quite a few of those years. Would having a young left back and a really young left back (Rose & Fryers) be a good move?
06/02/2013 16:25:00
THF Chris.. I too was in Upper East Stand and was at a slight angle, behind rose whe he hit that shot.. saw it all the way into the net...brilliant goal...
Block D Spurs
06/02/2013 16:27:00
Wow we're putting a lot of faith in young Fryers, where a decent LB who has being playing regularly in the prem (this Season) can be turfed out of the club because we signed an ex united professional? Kind of baffling how we ended up with no strikers if this is how the club is ran!
Slurms McKenzie
06/02/2013 16:48:00
How refreshing to see a player wanting to move for footballing reasons. How much dead weight did we/do we have on the books just happy to collect their pay. Fair play to Danny, he's got a great attitude so good luck to him, no matter where he ends up.
06/02/2013 17:30:00
SpursEagle, of course the cynic in me says that Rose wants to play as it's the only way people well pay him good money later. If he is at spurs and not playing, then at the end of his contract, he may not get another well paid job
06/02/2013 22:21:00
He is just being honest he wants first team footy and he can get it with a lower league club so may be he needs to go. If he wants to play at a top level club then he has to accept he needs to compete and make the bench first then work his way into the team unless the player of course is good enough to play at such a level as first choice and he quite clearly isn't yet. Yes he is good enough for first team at a lower club but not at a higher club. BAE is better and even if we sell BAE has he really proved himself as a first team player for a top four side - No. This is the reality at Spurs now, the youngsters are having to break into a top four team not a mid table team so it is going to be harder and some will leave because they want first team footy. Bale wasn't even a PL player and he had a difficult start but he stuck around and worked hard and it has paid of now he is seen as our best player and possibly one of the best in the PL. Sometimes it all about patience and timing. What ever he decides good luck to him but it would be a risk to sell BAE at this stage as he is a good player and knows our we play and to sell him would be risky, too many changes too soon and I don't think Rose would get in above BAE.
06/02/2013 22:28:00
Completely agree with thfan. I really want us to keep BAE. We are one of the top few teams in the league and there will be intense competition for the first eleven and the first eleven are going to be very very good players. So if you are not top notch then you'll just have to bide your time and work really hard. Or you can play at a lower team in the league.
07/02/2013 00:42:00
Really good of the Wales coach to remove Bale at 60 minutes, knowing there is a game in 3 days time.
07/02/2013 02:34:00
In-spurs-atonal. I hear ya man. It's so easy to be cynical about sportsmen these days. But to others who say its about staying and fighting for your place? That's fine if you are getting a proper chance to prove yourself ... And that's impossible to do from the bench or reserves every week.
07/02/2013 07:25:00
Would like to keep him, but if he really wants to leave, then sell him and place a buy back clause.
07/02/2013 08:25:00
Air of unreality about some of these posts. The idea Rose has no say in what happens is stupid. There is no way Levy will keep a player who has said he won't sign a new contract if he's not playing regularly for us. Especially as Sunderland have already said they would like to buy him. Which makes we wonder where the idea Rose would have to go to a Championship team has come from. There is no doubt he would end up playing for someone in the premier league, probably Sunderland. I assume we have bought Fryers because we see him having a big future, that means BAE or Rose need to go. For my money BAE is the third best LB in the league, after Cole and Baines so if he wants to stay Rose needs to leave. Three into two doesn't go. We seem to be suddenly awash with full backs, Walker and Naughton must be getting a little concerned at the progress Adam Smith is making.
07/02/2013 08:49:00
thfan... BAE is less likely to know our way of playing as he has been injured most of the time AVB has been in charge. I wonder if AVB rates him as much as some on here do! I think he can be a liability at the times when he seems to switch off but he surely is a great assett working the left flank with Bale. He has a great cross on him and they work well in tandem but he is nearing the end of his career ( as far as recoupping money on him) and Rose is at the beginning of his. Think Levi would rather keep Rose than BAE as it would be more profitable to cash in on BAE
07/02/2013 11:02:00
We probably should have arranged a loan of this standard ( A prem team) a few seasons ago instead of sending him to poor clubs. We would've been able to know sooner than now whether he was up to the job or not. He would've been happy getting regular games and learning his trade in a less pressured environment. The fact that he has got to almost 23 and has played so few times is a sign that he has been mismanaged and this has created this situation. I can fully understand his position he feels as if he is already behind his peers due to the lack of football he has been given and now wants to play regularly to catch up. He asked to go out on loan last season was told no and hardly played.
07/02/2013 21:42:00
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