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Sig- Our- Forgotten- Son

Sig- Our- Forgotten- Son

Well it seems not so long ago that I rubbed my hands together with glee, a massive smile on my face and a 'whoop whoop' loudly shouted.

It was with great excitement that we had signed a player who was a prolific scoring machine from midfield, on loan at the Swans and ripped it up in the Premiership seven goals and four assists in such a short period of time.....MAGIC! Gylfi Sigurdsson, a player with dead ball skills and a knack for finding the net with runs from midfield that excited me so much, finally a player that can be a constant goal threat from a key area.

Fast forward six months and I feel depressed at the lack of chances afforded to him, lack of chances taken by him and overall fairly miffed at how he has failed so far. Is it a bad patch? Is it the system? Reading apparently offered a 10m fee for him in Jan, so I'm wondering for a player that has not featured at all really.....then why not sell?

AVB states that he is a player he has high hopes for but, really? Is this just to be nice? From what I can see he really is not an AVB player. Levy bought him with the transfer board IMO. The fact is if he does not score in a game some say he does not do much more for the team. I for one would love to see him kick on but, with Lewis Holtby now in I can't see much chance for him. So again why did we not sell? just to save face, Mr Levy??

Written by ledgespur

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Date:Thursday February 7 2013
Time: 8:38AM


Definately a let down at the moment, but then he's not playing often enough & that's a problem for him, but all he can do is get better & force his way in.

With the emergency loan window opening today, could we possibly get in a striker? What say you?

Ok, I put this up on the last article, but it's relevant I think.

07/02/2013 08:51:00
Too early to say. So far he's not reproduced his form at Swansea but that's not to say he won't. I don't think AVB will be making any final decisions on him until the end of next season. From what I have seen so far I'm not sure what his best position actually is.
07/02/2013 08:53:00
Still think he is better out on the left with Bale up top...
07/02/2013 08:55:00
If this guy was going to set the world on fire, i think we would have had to pay slightly more than the 10mill we did, he had a purple patch and we bought him, that for me shows his potential the guys got he's still young, at a new club, new pressures. Give it a year or 2 and we'll see a hell of a lot more than what we're seeing now. Although the performances have been unremarkable, he hasnt done anything specifically terrible to make me think he has no future with us.
07/02/2013 08:57:00
thats where i have seen him play better football.. he is just a squad player at the mo... nothing more..
07/02/2013 08:57:00
Give it time- he just needs some game time and longer to settle in. But you can't get rid of a player of Sigs quality after half a season- the sport is a Squad game as well as team game. He definitely offers a goal threat as a sub, even now when he's not in best of form. Let us be patient with the bloke and AVB.
07/02/2013 08:57:00
the boy is young and can develop... lets hope its with us and not elsewhere... for now...
07/02/2013 08:58:00
I'm wondering if perhaps we can see a mid three of Sandro/Parker-Holtby-Sigg with Holtby deeper and Siggy up top. It does seem Holtby has the workrate to play deeper and would fit better than Siggy, who is firmly an AMC.
spurring you on
07/02/2013 08:58:00
It's a difficult one. Talented player but not currently good enough for the first 11. Made some decent cameos though, but it seems he is 3rd choice for the #10 role at the moment. He is versatile which makes him a good squad player, but that is also limiting him as it prevents him from nailing a spot down.
07/02/2013 09:06:00
Spurring you on. I think Holtby could play CM. I have been very impressed with his 1 touch passing. Would relally make us tick in there. In fact, with our current options (lack of) I'd chuck him in there now.
07/02/2013 09:07:00
I'm in the give-him-time camp. I saw a documentary on TV about Icelandic players in the Premier League and, without exception, his countrymen all rated him highly and expected big things from him. Sometimes it's a thin line that makes all the difference for a player - like if Sig's strike against Everton had gone in instead of hitting the crossbar. Football can be cruel but his fortunes will surely change if he keeps his confidence up.
07/02/2013 09:16:00
The looks so out of sorts at the moment and when given his chance he never takes it with both hands he is a small fish in a hugh pond at WHL .
07/02/2013 09:22:00
We got rid of Pienarr and he slots into Everton at one of their best. I expect similar from Sig. A young talented player and cracking squad plr. Def keep the faith with this kid.... Got some nice skills, some crafty through balls and one hell of a cracking shot
07/02/2013 09:24:00
You can't judge a player that hasn't really had any opportunities. If he had a good run like Dempsey I feel he would shine. He would offer us a greater threat with and without the ball. Just my opinion.
07/02/2013 09:30:00
I think someone was saying a while back he is only 2 months older than Livermore, who is probably getting more of the benefit of the doubt. Although, of course, Livermore didn't cost millions. I think his problem is that at Swansea, he had more to do and, subsequently, a more varied role, and was able to use his football brain to make the most of that. I think at Tottenham, we have a good squad and we don't have the need for a player to do that same sort of job - we have specific roles that require a certain type of player for that role. I think/hope he will come good, and probably just needs that bit more confidence. He seems to have a good relationship with Bale already, and think he is a good player of the game, which will always be useful. I would be interested to see him in a slightly deeper position actually, where he can create for others.
Topher Hotspur
07/02/2013 09:38:00
Off topic, i been thining.............Jenas, modric, Vdv, Krancjar, Pav VS Siggy, Dembele, Holtby and ADe. To me the later is an upgrade by a mile. No doubting VDV and Mdric are world class but the later fills me with more confidence that we are building something speciail. Sorry thought id share that. I am beleive this kid has great potential and has the desire to excel. He wont be happy to sit and no play and is work ethic is great. I do believe that there was a spark between him and Bale early in the season. They were linking very well and Siggy's corners were very effective. I am surprised after 18 corners against west brom tho we didnt convery any.
G Star
07/02/2013 09:43:00
Just read my post, i had about 6 different converstation there hahaahaaa sorry people. No sleep and no food can do that to a man
G Star
07/02/2013 09:44:00
Decent player,hasn't hit the heights yet, but I think 1 for the future. Worth keeping him still.
07/02/2013 09:53:00
I seem to remember a certain Mr Bale who couldnt find the net or win a game for us when first signed and look at him now! Lots more to come from Siggi. I hope
07/02/2013 09:58:00
What's his best position? Mickeys1969 - you could see Bale was quality he was just not stopping enough crosses at LB....once pushed further forward (as some of us had been advocating) he shined. G Star...for me the older players were better, the new ones are potential and may get there but at the moment Dembele has been good but not as consistent as Luka, Gylfi has been invisible Kranks when played in the hole or on the left scored and looked good, VDV finished article v Holtby who's played 70 mins! Ade v Pav -on his day Ade offers more to the team but Pav could dig out a shot from nothing...Jenas v no-one close call both as effective as the other....;)
07/02/2013 10:26:00
Some of the criticism of Siggy has been very unfair. He is young, very talented & both fitting into a new & bigger club, but also not getting a run in the side. Very similar to the Pienaar criticism and lack of game time. A difficult one, as Bale rocks.
07/02/2013 10:57:00
Lets not beat about the bush…he has done sweet FA so far. He had a few games on the trout early doors and didn’t o anything, now he’s nowhere near the starting line up. Can we write him of???…..far too early to tell I think, but I think the £10m would have made the decision easier for me. Maybe now the team is settled a run of games would do the trick, because he clearly has talent, but like pienaar may be better suited to another team. Im very surprised that AVB hasn’t played him for Demspey in a few games though, fair enough clint has chippe in with a few crucial goals but his overall play has been under-par. Maybe now we haven’t got a striker we will se him get a few more games, who knows where AVB plays him in training. For me he better than Clint but from first impressions no where near as good as Holtby. Bit hard to make any worthwhile judgment considering we have seen almost bugger all playing time between the two of them though.
07/02/2013 11:27:00
I'm pretty sure it was AVB who didn't want to sell Gylfi. If that was a good or bad decision, only time will tell.
07/02/2013 11:39:00
Our new Jenas
07/02/2013 11:53:00
Too early he has come close to scoring a couple of times and I think a goal will help him and his confidence. Not sure he fots our system at the moment but we are still in transition so may be AVB sees him one for his future plans. Dempsey is scoring some goals which we need at the moment but look when we get a prolific goal scorer I think Dempsey will be moved on and we may see Siggy more in a different system of players. However, Holtby is hungry and talented and has made an instant impact imo. I think Dembele has not done that great neither has Dempsey but they have given us something Siggy hasn't been able to do yet and that is goals from Dempsey and strength in midfield with Dembele but neither have been that great. Siggy still has time and I think give him the chance and wait until we have a different strike force and AVB players and see if he gets more time then. Dempsey, Ade and too some extent Dembele are not going to be at the lane more than one or two seasons I expect Ade gone in the summer possibly even Dempsey and Dembele the season after. AVB has plans and I cannot see these three players being part of his long term plan. I can see Holtby being a long term player for us, AVB will make some critical changes especially if we get CL.
07/02/2013 12:03:00
Interesting comments about Dembele thfan. I persoanlly think he could be our one of our central midfielders for many years to come. He's had one or two poor games (V QPR he was very poor) but overall id say he's been one of our better players. The guys got talent, and is still adapting to the CM role. Hope he stays.
07/02/2013 12:23:00
Sadly he is not good enough for where we want to be, good enough if we are happy to be a mid table team.
07/02/2013 13:12:00
If you look at Sigurdson's career then, perhaps with hindsight we were unwise to pay £7m for him from Hockenheim, and even more unwise to turn down a bid of £10M from Reading in this window. He started at Reading, then Hockenheim, who were subsequently willing to let him go out on loan to Swansea, where he had a purple patch under Brendan Rogers, in a system of play that seemed to suit him. He built up quite a reputation for his free kick and corner delivery, and long range shooting. Although he looked decent, there is nothing to suggest that he is good enough to enhance a side with top 4 aspirations. In the transfer business you "win a few", and "lose a few", that's the nature of the beast. I would respectively suggest that on this occasion we got it wrong, but the frustrating thing is that we turned down the "get of jail card" offered by Reading in the window, and whats more with a £3M profit to boot. With the signing and promising start made by Holtby, and the presence of Dempsey, it is difficult to see how he can become anything but a bench warmer in the foreseeable future, and as such, given his fee and reputedly high wages, he appears to be an expensive luxury.
07/02/2013 13:31:00
He may not make the starting eleven in what is perceived to be our strongest team but that eleven cannot play every game in every competition. He is an important squad member who offers something a little different and will get better the longer he trains and plays with the group. He has good skills, that's obvious. He just needs to find a better fit with those around him.
Love totty
07/02/2013 13:35:00
whether a levy buy or not, it was certainly AVBs call not to sell him in january. he sees him in training and he knows what he wants the team and squad to look like after the summer when he can make more transitions and what role siggy should play longer term. i think we should AVBs judgment on this. Siggy has shown some very decent moments, he can read the game very well and spot a pass, his dead ball delivery is far and away the best we have and once he gets one goal you fancy that more will follow quickly. I think he is an intelligent player with a lot of talent, my only qualms is that I think we overpaid on the wages front for someone who is not a sure starter, but we had to to beat liverpool to him and it's not his fault.
07/02/2013 13:45:00
6ft 1 but with a physique that resembles Crouch, he get's brushed off the ball far too easily. Not confident with his 1st touch, especially when under pressure. Not particularly quick, though he can dribble a bit. Doesnt have a great passing range so rarely passes further than 10 yards, when he does his passing can be unpredictable. Fairly intelligent, but just because you can spot a pass, doesnt mean you have the ability to play it. Can shoot well with both feet, especially from range and can cross the ball very well, which is where his goals, assists and great MOTD type performances come from. Siggy in a nutshell... imo.
07/02/2013 14:02:00
Was never as enthsused as some on here when he came, thought he was an MOTD player but I have given him teh benefit of the doubt. When he started more than Dempsey early in the season we were still gelling as team and were grafting out results and noone impressed. He was then dropped instead of Deuce and while the team has played better Dempsey has got his run of games. Whenever, Sig has come on though I think he has shown more than Dempsey, when it comes to creating and skill and his shooting however the luck has been going to Demps. Sig has had a clearance off the line, hit the bar and a great save made the other day. Any of those goes in his confidence improves and he starts. Dempsey however has scored two deflected shots and some tap ins. Fair play I think Dempsey has been decent but it shows how luck can have an impact. I think it would have been too rash to sell him in Jan so think we should reassess in the Summer.

I would like Sig to get game time ahead of Dempsey though in the future and try out a midfield 3 of Dembele Holtby and Sigurdsson. Dembele with Sandro were destroying most midfields, and I think Dembele has the tackling ability and strength to be a ballplaying DM as an opposed to an AM. Holtby has the energy and tenacity to also provide good defensive cover and I think those 3 would have enough about them to both create score and defend sufficiently. Parker makes no more challenges than Demebele so we might as well have a better ball player there. Lloris barely has a save to make, so I think we can afford to risk not playing Parker and he can be used to shore up our defense in the later stages or Livermore. Man utd do not play with a traditional DM with Carrick and Arsenal play Arteta there. I think having Sandro here and Parker somewhat we've been spoiled by having an out and out class DM and I think as a DM they (def Sandro) would get into any team in the prem. But they are not essential.

Lastly I dont know how more people are willing to give Sig a chance and the benefit of the doubt yet slag of Livermore and players like Kane. COYS
07/02/2013 14:15:00
With Modric,VdV and the rest, we reached the quarter-finals in the C.L. This season we barely got through the group stages in E.L. If this team is better than the C.L. team,we should win this competition. If we do, I will admit I was wrong, but until then I must disagree with G Star.
07/02/2013 14:17:00
Don't understand why we didn't sell, don't see a future for him with holtby, Dempsey and even bale higher up the pecking order in us position
07/02/2013 15:06:00
Lovetotty, what does he offer that's a little different?
07/02/2013 15:19:00
Topho - The ability to shoot from distance, dead ball specialist and eye for the through ball mostly. Perhaps you thought I meant he could pick it up and run with it? If his direct competitors are Dempsey and Holtby they are all a little different don't you think?
Love totty
07/02/2013 16:28:00
The signing of Holtby and not a striker would lead me to believe that we will be progressing with a 5 man midfield and lone striker. In this event Holtby Siggy and Dempsey would be the central attacking midfielder, Sandro, Parker & Livermore the defensive enforcer, Dembele, Holtby, carroll the CM which will allow for more rotation and game time for the likes of Siggy who has suffered for the squad not been properly balanced. Yes theres eight men listed but thats the competition for the three positions mentioned.
Slurms McKenzie
07/02/2013 16:46:00
The only issue that I have with playing Holtby rather than Dempsey is that Dempsey can drift out to the left when Bale comes inside. Bale seems to be spending more time there than on the wing and who can argue that he hasn't been successful?
Love totty
07/02/2013 16:58:00
Good player,he will come good for us when he gets a few games.stick !
Little spur
07/02/2013 16:59:00
Alright lads calm down, i said on what we are building. Modric took a season or two to settle before we saw his true potential, same with Bale it took time. All im saying is with Siggy, Holtby and Caulker coming through, with Naughton and walker still progressing, Rose on loan to Sunderland and Falque on loan, we have a bunch of talented players that are improving. I feel we are building for the future. I feel we have a sqaud that can compete. For those that think Siggy is a sqaud player..we can select the same 11 every game and if we qualify for CL well I will be the first to point out to the doubters he is not a Jenas.
G Star
07/02/2013 17:04:00
Difficult to produce any kind of form when you only play very limited minutes and never in your best position. Why on earth would the club buy a player in august not really use him then sell him in January?
07/02/2013 21:34:00
It's just that the attention has gone to other players, not surprising with a new manager, new system and the signing of several other good players in transfer windows summer and winter. Siggy has got something. If he gets the games, he'll deliver. He may get to play more in the Europa League matches approaching but should also be given opportunities as the season moves through its most intense period and when tiredness and injuries hit all squads. And Mickeys1969 is right to remind others here the way that Bale was getting discounted, being regarded as a jinx and all that nonsense, and 'sell him and get a better player' was written by people with little patience and not much idea. It is next season that looks like it will keep Spurs squad plenty busy as it copes with more challenging competition, and Siggy ought to be in there, playing.
08/02/2013 10:36:00
09/02/2013 10:19:00
09/02/2013 10:21:00
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