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Adebayor in Friday return (Hopefully…)

Despite Togo getting knocked out of the ACoN on Sunday, it seems that Emmanuel Adebayor wont be back in the UK until Friday morning…

Now of course you don't expect to have the player jump on the first plane to London after Togo's elimination, but surely the time-scale between knock out and flight is unacceptable, especially when Ade knows that his club is short of strikers and you would hope he would not only want to help Spurs, but also help himself in seeing this as an opportunity to secure his starting place, and what better time to do that, that when his biggest) or only) rival is on crutches?

Now, without knowing the exact reasoning why Adebayor and many of his team-mates refused to travel on the official transport provided, it would be unfair to criticise the players, particularly as the Togo FA and their players tend to have a rather strained relationship, however, how difficult would it be to get a plane ticket from South Africa to London, sooner than Thursday afternoon? The man earns £4m a year, surely he can afford to charter his own...

This again brings up the debate over Adebayor's attitude and commitment to Tottenham Hotspur and though there may well be very valid reasons why he couldn't make the trip earlier, I do have to question why more wasn't done or more wasn't demanded by Tottenham to get him back in sufficient time to prepare for Newcastle on Saturday.

If is it the fault of Ade, and he was expected back earlier, I hope and expect Spurs to fine him the maximum allowed, as this is the least he deserves, and who knows, this may well be another nail on his coffin as I don't expect AVB or Daniel Levy to forgive and forget easily, should Adebayor have let them down at a time when both are under pressure following the non arrival of a new striker.

Perhaps we can offer a better and more considered opinion, if we are faced with Cheick Tiote in the Newcastle squad or that the Toure brothers are available for Man City a few hours after we kick off. All of those players were in the Ivory Coast squad that were knocked out on the same say, so if they can make it, surely so can Emmanuel Adebayor...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday February 7 2013

Time: 9:08AM

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Just thought I would post a picture of him in an Arse shirt to inflame the mood further ;-)
Never wanted him permanently anyway. Get rid.

Getting a bit troll-like there are we OX? Possibly time to up your medication mate. ;-)

He wasn't due back till Friday anyway. So actually, hes done ***** all wrong. Same as the other guys returning Friday, like Tiote for Newcastle. Do you want a bigger wooden spoon??
All he cares about is himself. We were warned. Agree with Get Rid.
Dempsey has loads of traveling to do as well.
A childish article.
If he scores a couple Saturday he will be back in everybody's good books again. As far as I can see he has not caused any fuss in the 18 months he's been here. Had a great loan season and been injured a lot this season. If he can keep himself fit for the last 4 months we will be a lot better team with him up top.
There's a long history of players returning late from ACoN, its one of the reasons premier league managers dislike it so much.
Surely he would have agreed this with the club anyway. If AVB wanted him back sooner I'm sure he would have told him to come back. Friday is fine anyway, its not like he doesnt know the team or needs to bed in or anything.
I suspect he'll start on the bench Saturday. But I'm glad he is back and will cheer him on. We need that, not getting on certain players backs.
Metal Spurs
I wouldn't blame any Togo playing for avoiding official travel after their last bus journey.... Also with the other internationals he will probably be getting back the same time as everyone else, I doubt Bale will be training today?

Like Spurspanther says a couple of goals and everyone will be talking about how glad they are Defoe is injured (maybe how good Ade is aswell). Personally I really hope Ade starts, he needs to kick start his season now, if he does we could have a good run in and press for a 3rd/4th place finish.
If he is ready and fit to play on Saturday then we can't really complain. However, if he strolls back tomorrow and then isn't fit / able / in the right frame of mind to play, I think we have every right to place the toe of our collective boot firmly up his backside. This is a very big test for Adebayor on a mindset front. He knows we are desperate and solely reliant on him for at least a few weeks. He can really endear himself to the fans and the club by stepping up, taking responsibility and manning up, being the great footballer we know he can be. Alternatively he can be petty and continue his feud with AVB and Levy not playing or finding reasons to make our situation worse. Depending on how he reacts in the next few days will be a very big factor in whether Adebayor will ever become accepted as a Spurs great. He holds the cards...
Exactly SpursOne
If he is due back Friday are we talking due back at work or in the country? If he only gets into the country on Friday I dare say he won't be ready for a Sat lunchtime kick-off.
Metal Spurs - Could be he starts on the bench...With Perch doing well for Newcatle maybe Tiote will be on the bench too? I'm glad Arfa is unavailable. Will be a tough game going by their last 2 results, so we need good support for the lads
I can't believe this article or half the comments on here. Only a couple of days ago everyone was commenting on getting giving Ade support & showing him some love - I hope he doesn't read any of this C-rap. Tell me what difference does it make if he arrives early & rests here or rests there & arrives late? All that matters is if he is, or isn't available to play! FFS get behind our players ALL of you, stop winging about what we haven't got (get over it) & support what we have. It makes a difference y'know.
Can we cut him some slack please? We do need him to help us by trying his best.
Hang on, who’s cares if he was “due back” Friday. Who said he was “due back” on Friday! They were knocked out on Sunday night FFS!! Yet it’s taken a week for him to get back. That’s a disgrace. We pay his phucking wages not TOGO. I Don’t care if Tiote is back in march!! He’s not our player. If ADE doesn’t get back till Friday he won’t even be in a state for the bench, no training all week, Jet lagged, and lets face it he’s hardly the model professional. No sod all of you who are saying stick up for him, I was behind him 100% until he has started taking the royal pi$$. He needs to get his arse back on the pitch and start scoring some goals, there’s no time fir sentiment or any other BS. He’s a striker who isn’t even trying, now he can’t even be arsed being in the country!! His ego is ridiculous, who the phuck does he think he is. Africa is about 5 hours away FFS, he’s not coming back from the moon! If he WANTED to come home he would have been home by Tuesday latest.
I do have to laugh at some of the comments on here. Nobody knows what was agreed between club and player. Nobody knows whether he is still in South Africa or even back already. Yet we all have an opinion!

All that matters is the 3 points on Saturday. Do we really need Ade to obtain these points, I doubt he'll start anyway! We have a good squad where others can do a decent enough job. The problem with most on here is the current rather than the big picture view. England beat Brazil last night, are we going to win the World Cup in 2014 now??
It’s good to see our players doing well for their countries. Bale and Dempsey getting on the score sheet was a touch. Hope they bring that form into our weekend game! Brazil could have used Sandro yesterday...
Defoe out for 3 weeks
Yes Ox, it is sad how Ade has let down the great Levy in his hour of need. However, if the great Levy had bought a striker sometime over the past 3 years it wouldn't be so much of an issue would it? Shame how Levy has let the fans down.
The fact that all the other internationals in the squad haven't been around most of the week kinda makes the "issue" of when he gets back irrelevant really. So many Spurs just hate the man for the sake of hating him! Get behind him and he'll start putting the ball in the net again.
gothic spur
Do my eyes deceive me or is ADE wearing a Ar5ena1 shirt on?? Ox you gone stark raving mad!!
Huddrspur.....No jet lag they're on the same time zone as us I think. Yes it may be 5 hours away but so is scotland by road in a HGV. Doesn't make any difference to your sleep pattern. Wish people would stop knocking Spurs players all the time. WE are SUPPOSED to be supporters!!!!!! Get behind the team and push them into 3rd not drag them back towards Europa league. COYS.
OH and by the way I don't like Ade's attitude either but I'll still be backing him and the team.!!!!!
longtimespur got it right. Egobayor is again fannying around, and as I keep reminding evryone there is this unresolved issue with AVB/Levy about his attendance at the ACN. No way he will start Saturday and I hope he leaves Spurs asap. All these sycophants saying give him a hug, we gotta love him, he isn't used to being No1, WTF!!
T-spur5 just another wind-up on here. lol
We have an anti Abedayor campain in full flow. What is it about our support?. Is there a reason behind the continual moaning and booing of a few Spurs spectators. We will get what we deserve with negative outlook and attitude. Who next for the criticism. Still some must enjoy being miserable.
JD out won’t make AVB Happy, he’s backed him from the start. Major boost with Ade being back in time.....and Dempsey is ready to go. Sigurdsson and Holtby will do anything to play for us which is great so we have some options. But i wonder if Levy will look at a loan option or bring Kane in as temp cover for now?
does anybody know anything about this? This is just a deliberate wind up article getting on Ade's back. If he performs badly, fine, he deserves it but to just have a pop at him before he has done anything wrong is poor. Seems some people just want him out no matter what.
camper..are you saying that any Spurs player is without criticism? Let me tell you I have supported Spurs since 1959, I have rarely criticised any player. Would support Friedel, and Dempsey. I won't give you a history lesson in who the boo boys have turned on. But sorry, this man Egobayor, may be a hero on his continent, maybe a fantastic supporter of charities, just like Balotelli, but he has let spurs down this year, big time.
Yes - 5 days later is unaceptable - especially given our striker issues. He has been poor and disinterested. However, a talent and if head is right, could be a massive plus for us. Positive thinking needed, but am not certain based on his last few outings for us. Pleeeaaase prove me wrong Ade - your Club needs you.
How did it go last night Windlespur?
AVB has just saidAde will be selected for sure for saturdays game
AVB knows where Adebayor is & it's not a problem. He's due back for 3pm training today, but AVB's told him that Friday's training is OK & he will definately feature Saturday. Dempsey isn't back until Friday as well.

Just read that Kaboul will be back in training on Monday. It will probably take him until April to become match fit but we should have him for at least the last 4 games. Ade will play if AVB feels he should otherwise we,will probably get to see Bale up front and Siggy on the left. Think Dempsey will be too jet lagged to play effectively.
Well said "longtimespur"..... we are SUPPORTERS. Supporters enhance your strengths, not your weaknesses! What best way to get "the best out of a person"!?
Great player, better than Defoe. We need him and he's worked hard for us this year. Get off his back.
Arseanal fans? Out of order there ghulam old buddy. Call us anything you like, but Gooners. I'll take it that its a tough day for you today, & that you don't really mean it. Hang loose my friend.

ghulamville - Your the biggest wind up out there, and who gives a **** about talksport?
Ade is a gent and a scholar compared to you ha
For those aged 5 and under
Has anyone seen Dempsey's travelling schedule this week?! He has no chance of playing Saturday, well if he is playing he WILL be knackered. Therefore i'm assuming its all been agreed between Ade and the club and we should expect him firing on all cylinders on Saturday. If not, its a disgrace.
With Ade "I'm leavin on a jet plane" Bayor all over the place, Dempsey flying round the world and Defoe out, this game vs the new French Connection will be very harsh. Newcastle looked like a new team against Chelski. COYS!
Wow…..some of you on here are just too damn soft. “but we are supporters”…”he’s a spurs player” stop acting like bloody five year olds. It not about not supporting the players or anything like that. Did you bother to actually tread what I wrote?? I do get behind every player, but the fact is he has been behaving like a complete idiot, and I expressed my opinion accordingly. Can any of you beautiful loyal fans remember that 4 weeks ago he didn’t even let us know if he was going! I wish all you high and mighty fans who don’t agree with certain comments would stop implying that you are superior fans, or have more passion or what ever other crap you come out with. Get off your high horse and understand this is a forum for debate and discussion! He has done bugger all this season, shown no interest, but yet the same people on here stand on your pedestal and proclaim ever spurs player is a god! Players come and go FFS!! It’s the club you support not the bloody overpaid w&nk3rs who kick a ball around for £100k p/w. If bale acted like that and showed no interest for an entire season then yeah, id be slating him as well. The are paid to play…….. so phuckin Play!!!!
Explain how he has acted like an idiot hudderpur? Must have missed the reason....ive got to make sure i tune into that talksport more often ;-)
Where to start spursone2. From the holding up of contract negotiations (which were down to his ridiculous demands), his procrastinating of going to the acon (down to his issues with the coach and president of togo), his refusing to leave the hotel on schedule (was meant to fly out on Tuesday morning) or the fact that he has shown no will, desire or fight to establish himself as a spurs player this season. We all know about the shooting, so let’s not make that the issue, the security demands were met LONG before January. I would love it if anyone can pull a statement from ADE this season about how he wants to fight and succeed for spurs. Its never about spurs, it’s about Adebayor. The fact is, some people will not hear a bad word about any spurs player, manager, chairman or anyone else affiliated. That doesn’t make you a loyal fan or whatever, it just makes you naive.
Med1, how is this article childish???
I wonder what impact, if any, the knowledge that Spurs tried to sign Damiao will have on Defoe and Adebayor. Both most know that in AVB’s favoured lone forward system, both of them could have been and are likely to be, come the summer, fighting for a place on the sub’s bench.
SpursOne2 - Adebayor acted very poorly towards us a club by not actually telling us he was going to play in the ACoN until about 3 days before he actually had to leave. He kept waivering and never made it clear if he was going or not until the very last minute. Put aside we are a football club, that is just very poor from any sort of professional person. With all the prevaricating before the tournament you would have thought he would have made sure he got back to London as quickly as possible knowing how reliant we are on him now that Defoe is injured. However he doesn't seem to have put himself out much does he? He seems to lack enthusiasm for us as a club at the moment. In fact he has lacked enthusiasm since he joined this summer. It doesn't stop him pocketing his wages though does it? That's why people are getting a little fed up.
looks like he will be fine, for saturday. As long as he can do a bit of something sometime friday, at training. To show his body has mentally and physically recoverd. Hopeing to see Addy' at point with Holtby hovering around him. Bit like crouch and vdv. "come on you spurs"...we got a good home record vs newcastle..but won't be easy.
hudderspur - People are genuinely trying to get behind the lad, same as calls to the for the coach at the start of the season….that’s what I see mate. They do this for the benefit of the club…which he is currently part of. I doubt its people just being soft? I’ve heard Ade after games actually talking up the squad, manager and fans. Have you seen when he’s done that? That’s come from his mouth...not like these unconfirmed reports...or windups. Its up to you if you love or hate him…but I cant see any Facts where hes acted like an idiot… and you have not provided any either, nor statements where he has slagged the club off? All players come and go….spurs its what’s it about. The players like the fans getting behind the team come match day. I will do that if it helps Spurs and Ades game. IMO he’s still got loads to prove on the pitch this year…but he’s not acted up to the fans or club outside of that? Its down to AVB to play him and motivate the team, I hope he continues to that as we go on into these tough fixtures. COYS.
Seriously guys, there are no facts and plenty of assumptions. If anyone on here has all the facts based on why he decided to go to the ACON at the last minute or isn't returning to training until tomorrow then we can put an end to this fairly pointless debate.

I'd much rather debate about something where I have valid input rather than gossip, etc...

Imagine a jury with half of your lot on it...LOL
I will be believe that Adebayor will come back all fired up, and full of verve and raring to go, when I see it. He wasn't exactly pulling up trees before he went, what with his late start (while he was ringing the last quid out of his transfer deal), getting "injured", getting suspended for that ludicrous challenge v Arsenal, and then ghosting through games, with a face like a smacked arse. If we are to finish in the top 4, we need to maintain a goal threat, and with Defoe injured a lot of responsibility will fall on him, hopefully he realizes that, and is up to it. This is why another striker, even on loan, would have perhaps put pressure on him to perform.
SpuriousLife - The club fully backed Ades decision to go to the ANC. And they were the first to know about it as well (which is expected as Spurs are a professional outfit). …again that’s isn’t acting like an idiot or poorly ha...I knew at the start of the season he more than likely was going to represent Togo. You didn’t I take it? Hes back now, and in time it turns out. I want him to up his game as well mate, which is why I'm gonna try and back him might do wonders. Cheers
just looking at the site poll, Im surprised that so many want or think Adebayor should start against Newcastle. sure he is the best man in theory, but based on his seasons performance and what will be a lack of time with the team before this particular game, I think it isnt a foregone conclusion. also why has obika got more votes than Harry kane, who may be younger but seems to have leapfrogged Obika
This ACN lark is a joke, the players are contracted to clubs, they bugger off to Africa in the middle of the season, then they go for a jolly for nearly a week after their last game, before finally returning to the club that pays their wages, nice work if you can get it. I suppose the next excuse for poor performance will be fatigue.
Here is what Egobayor said on siging for Spurs: “I am pleased to be signing for Spurs on a permanent basis. It may have taken longer than expected, but I am delighted to be back. I really enjoyed my time here last season and I am hoping we can achieve great things together again.” OK, read it carefully. "We can achieve". There is Egobayor and THFC. No words like I hope to get in the team, help my team mates, get back into top 4 etc. The fans on here who criticise Egobayor, only state the facts that have been eloquently expressed by Huderspur. Delayed contract, unfit, only raising his game for persoal reasons v Citeh and Arsenal, the latter of which let us down ultimately. Then the ACN. Publicly slating AVB who thought he was doing the right thing by saying to him privately I dont want you to go I need you, but easing his way by telling the media he doesn't mind if he goes. Good man management from AVB. But no now he wants to talk to Levy. Now he has chastised Didier Six, he isn't fit to tie his boot laces. Finally, I dont like writing this a s a spurs fan, but I cant stand some of you saying "give him a cuddle". To be really honest if its him and 4th or someone else plus 6th I'd take6th.
hudderpur - I'm also intrigued as to why you think he has acted like an idiot. Just for the record, Holtby often tweets in German. Come on now, he plays for an English club.....WHAT AN IDIOT??? ;-)
Spursone2 - Oh i'll still get behind him, i hope he has a belter of a second half of season. If he does then great, becuase he can be a very good player. Thats whats so frustrating! I must have missed his comments mate, bit i'll take your word for it. The press always overhype stories to get a reaction, and spurs are a target for them, but tabloids / talksport aside i would have come up with the same conclusions. Gonna be a tough game on saturday but we are a better team than newcastle so we have every chance.
jacobslad - To be really honest if its him and 4th or someone else plus 6th I'd take6th. Shame on you ha...i cant believe you just said that. Haters will hate i suppose
hudderspur - Cheers fella, we are both thinking of right or wrong in opinions…one way or another, Ade needs to prove this to himself, how well he can do. Loads goals I hope! COYS.
SpursOne2...maybe I was OTT but as a spurs fan of 53 years, I can recall the day when players would die to pull on the shirt. Fortunately for us many still do. I just hope AVB doesn't start pandering to him. We don't need him, his wages or his attitude.
With some astute business in the window, particularly the purchase of Sissoko for £2M, an absolute steal, Newcastle are now far stronger than they were, making games against them now far more difficult. before the widow activity, I would have had us as near certainties to beat them at WHL, but now I think we will need to be at our absolute best to get a result.
OX - As you say, you don't know the exact reasons. How can you criticise when you don't know the reasons? AVB has said that ALL the players have been given time off and ADE had some issues he needed to deal with and has been given permission. If he is back today or tomorrow there is no problem for Saturday so what's all the fuss about. There were a host of people on here slagging Ade off for not being back, those people had not a clue that he had permission to do whatever he has to do. I( hope all those *****ers will now write to Ade and apologize.
Cutting through all the crap as no-one has seen the full deck of cards, only one thing matters. Is he available and will he play well for us as he is our main striker? We'll see come Saturday.
Love totty
Bale can't really play up front topho, he needs space in which to be most effective. Playing up front denies him that space, so why shackle our most effective player in that way?

Thanks for adding to the crap Love Totty...!
53 years supporting, Jacobslad? You must be entering your second childhood.
Love totty
I wish love totty....
agree with your last post Spuds!!
THF Chris... are you really such an idiot? I doubt it, I mean you managed to log onto this website an type, so then what is the excuse for your absurd typings, "after their last bus trip" etc... yes we all know what happened, but you seem to completely ignore the geography and political situation. Okay, having been through this I am now prepared to conceed that actually you are an idiot. You talk about Africa like you know it, though have probably never been further South than the Canaries, and lump it all together like a land mass considerably larger than Europe is just the same, north, east, south, west... yep, you defo are an idiot
Cape Town Spurs
"Just thought I would post a picture of him in an Arse shirt to inflame the mood further ;-)," wrote oxfordspur.

Apparently, Ox was kidnapped and someone else is writing in his name. Ox always is a level headed fellow, so I'm worried for his safety. I'd alert New Scotland Yard, but they seem to work for some Bond villain newspaper and football television chanel mogel, so I doubt they will care about such an insignifican kidnapping (sorry Ox). But he hope Ox is still level headed if and when he escapes his kidnappers.

Total knobhead
Just to add some FACTS to the debate. Tiote trained with Newcastle today (Thursday) They had 9 players called up for International duty and only 1 played outside Europe last night. They will hardly be over travelled. Unlike our chaps with global fixtures. Crazy we didn't pull some out with a fixture first up on SATURDAY. However, we played Newcastle last season when they were flying and tonked them 5-0. Not saying we will do that again, but are Newcastle really better now than last year ? I doubt it. They don't usually travel well to London.
There are enough passions against Adebayor already and they are not apt to be productive for our club. I'd urge people to calm down in the service of maximizing something productive from Adebayor, but I'm probably now shoveling something scatalogical against the tide. Bet seriously, folks, shouldn't we be trying to get the best of Adebayor for the remainder of the season instead of tossing him on the ash can? Stories in yesterday's papers were talking of Defoe missing for more than two months. If we toss Adebayor aside then we are left with only three choices for those two or more months: Kane, Obika, or (hold your breath) 4-6-0! Yes, there you have it: 4-6-0. We are out of strikers except two untested untried still wet behind the ears, umbilical still attached football babies. Do you really want the 4-6-0 for those two months. (Or Bale playing central forward? Won't that encourage his departure?) The only person who could possibly be made happy by such an odd turn of fortune would be some git who has been talking up the 4-6-0 for months and would you want to provide satisfactin to such a knobhead? I think not. So, in the service of circumventing a happy knobhead, support Adebayor upon his return. In the mean time, I am praying for the safe return of Ox. May he be safe until his return.
Total knobhead
My apology for all the typos. I'm getting too sloppy in my dotage.
Total knobhead
We should beat Newcastle Saturday, but are less likely to do so if a controversy is generated over Adebayor and fines are being imposed, etc. Let's not create a circus when we want a smoothly functioning football club. If you're worried about Adebayor having a bad influence on the club, who help to create the problem?
Total knobhead
Whilst we're on the subject of African football, this is a bit off topic, but I was just wondering if anybody knows any websites that I can buy a Mali shirt from. I sponsor a couple of children through a well known child sponsor foundation, in Mali and Haiti, and they are both mad for football. I'm trying to buy them their national kits, however I'm not having much success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. On Ade, let's not castigate him before we know all the facts.
Cleveland ARTSPURS
Cleveland - If your sponsor is SOS Chidren's Villages like mine (my child is in Rwanda) you might be aware that Ade does work for them. He is a generous guy and doesn't deserve half of the criticism he gets.
Love totty
Cleveland (mistake on the lake?) ARTSPURS:

I googled "Mali football jersey" and got a slew of hits.

Words of wisdom concerning Adebayor: "let's not castigate him before we know the facts." Let me add that the supporters castigating him can only worsen the situation.

As to Adebayor: COYSS Come on you spindly Spur.

Total knobhead
Who should start as our main striker against Newcastle? Suggested By: Vital Spurs Adebayor 73% Dempsey 4% Bale 11% Sigurdsson 3% Kane 4% Obika 5%


I wish an additional choice were available to the poll. Adebayor should not start because I will have just stepped off the plane from S.A. Bale should stay wide left, Sigurdsson is not a striker, Dempsey is not a striker, and Kand and Obika are still attached to their umbilical cords.

So, the 4-6-0 it is, lads, the 4-6-0 it is.

Please change the poll so that a choice of no striker is added. lol.

We have no acceptable striker available.

Total knobhead
Dotage be damned, I typed I when I meant he. Dotage be damned!
Total knobhead
Dempsey played last night in Honduras. When will he be back? Exactly. None of this needed to be a soap opera. Get your butt back to your employer and pull your weight. If he comes out lollygagging on Saturday, the WHL fans will be all over him. He'll have earned it so there won't be much sympathy from me. He did not consider it important enough to be available for the first Newcastle game, so why would this be any different? Sad. COYS
Why would he rush back? Who cares that we are short of strikers. He said he was e x h a u s t e d, remember? Give him a break and let him rest (in peace), haha!
I bet he will be fit for the trip to Bahamas in May. Perhaps it's the motivation he needs to start scoring goals again. Very clever of Levy.
Adebayor & fines TK? Not a chance fella. I posted this above:

AVB knows where Adebayor is & it's not a problem. He's due back for 3pm training today, but AVB's told him that Friday's training is OK & he will definately feature Saturday. Dempsey isn't back until Friday as well.

I'd have posted the link, but didn't want any clog for "reading" a certain paper! ;-)

Bale needs the space topho to get into his stride mate, he's not that great receiving & working the ball when surrounded.

Bet I get some doodoo for saying THAT! :-)

Given that several people on here are clamouring for Bale to play as a striker. And that he has received 11% of the votes in the poll to play the role. I just have to ask, what has anyone based that judgement on? When has he ever played a a main striker? As far as my memory recalls, his overwhelming success has been from runs either from the flanks or through the centre that have begun from deep. He very rarely makes forward runs that make him available for the long ball or defence-splitting pass. Leave him up front and you negate a hell of a lot of his threat, because his threat comes from running from deep and committing players. Not to mention the fact that we have no alternatives in his position offering natural width. And yes I know his recent tendencies have leaned towards cutting infield rather than heading for the by-line, but I fail to see other than a good eye for goal that he offers any qualities that a good striker should possess. Gary Cahill has two good feet and knows where the goal is, that doesn't make him an option as centre forward. So again, can I ask what makes anyone think cutting off our greatest creative outlet and goal threat by hanging him up top is our best bet? For me, it's Adebayor if fit and Dempsey if not, with Holtby tucked in the hole. Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
Cape Town Spurs. The political of ineptitude and Geography of Africa is far to complex and disastrous for me to analyse or call myself an expert on. The fact that these players were involved in a horrific terrorist attack would be a valid reason for me to suggest they would like to make their own alternative arrangements (whichever continent they were on). I never used any ...etcs or made assumptions on YOUR beautiful continent so please stop crying about it mate.
LilyWhiteHart, he is our top scorer this season, whether striker or not. Mny of his goals now are coming from more central locations as he is having to leave the flank where he is double teamed. Could he be that up top lone striker we are looking for? I don't think so. Could he play up top off of someone else, get his head to crosses and get players out of position with his movement and pace? Absolutely. We don't need a striker necessarily. We need a formation that will allow our players to score goals. I can see where the 4-2-1-3 would be solid at the back and would be pretty difficult to fdefend up front, so long as the three up top respect the width. If they do that and Bale scores, is he a striker or a goalscorer? Does it matter. His goal for Wales yesterday, he took the long pass off of the right, cut in and scored from the middle. Pretty much what he did against West Brom. Bale, Lennon and Sigurdsson running in and out are not markable. If we could add more of a forward presence from the fullbacks, it could really be electric. Holtby in the middle pulling the strings and Parker and Dembele chocking off anything through the middle. COYS
"Adebayor is not Spurs ,never has & never will be .I bet he cares more about his car than he does you guys," wrote big cockeral.

Let's suppose that you're right about his attitude, big c. But he's still on our roster and he's still the only real striker of any experience that we have on our roster at the moment. Attitude or not, we need to get the best out of him we can. Seething in anger at the fellow isn't likely to help us do that. We need to deal the best way we can with the situation we really have. Would like someone committed to our club? Of course, but that's a fantasy, not a reality. Adebayor is our man, like it or not. We need to accept this and find the best way to live with it.

As you wrote on this site a day or two ago, you'd like to have a 10" cock--perhaps explaining your choice of avatar here--but you don't, so get along with your life in the best way you can with the equipment you've got. Forget about an appendage that exists only in your fondest imagination, lad.

I'd rather we had RVP, but we don't so we need to get along with the striker we have on our books. No sense moaning and bitching about it. The man has talent, let's figure out how to maximize having him show it on the pitch this year. Public shaming of the man will encourage him to bury it.

Total knobhead
Great posts LilyWhiteHart and TK!!
Hear, Hear, TK. Panning any player before he kicks a ball is just so stupid it defies logic. They only get to play if the manager selects them so fans should save the vitriol for those who pull the strings.
Love totty
Bloody hell! What a load of fuss - let's wait until the end of the season before we shoot our horses otherwise we'll all end up walking. Anyway, I'd rather have RVP than a 10" - I mean seriously what are you gonna be using that thing on? It'd be like trying to pick ur nose with ur big toe (unless your Kenneth Williams). COYS COEA (We need you and get ur finger out!).
"Anyway, I'd rather have RVP than a 10" - I mean seriously what are you gonna be using that thing on? It'd be like trying to pick ur nose with ur big toe (unless your Kenneth Williams)."

Well expressed.

And we ought to have pity on the recipient of such a tool.

Surely on the pitch it would only get in the way. And think of the scandal if it dangled!

Total knobhead
What a way to earn a red card!
Total knobhead
Could stop players backing in!
Love totty
The players "only get to play if the manager selects them so fans should save the vitriol for those who pull the strings," wrote Love totty.

I'm fairly happy with the man pulling those strings, that is, AVB. He's been doing a darn decent job so far. Do I agree with all the decisions he's made. No. But then, I don't agree with all the decisions I've made either.

Total knobhead
Good one, LT. Heck of a barrier to confront if you're a Shearer-type traditional central forward with your back to the goal. Better to play off the shoulder of such a defender. (wink and a nod.)
Total knobhead
I'm off to a meeting and won't be able to participate in more mirth for a few hours. Bye for now, lads.
Total knobhead
I think Saturdays game is gonna give us a good indication of what to expect of him as a player for the remainder of the season, this is his chance to crack the first team ahead of Defoe, but if he's playin at 50%, it won't happen and a clear sign his attitude is dogturd.
THF apologies for calling you an idiot... not required... I disagree with your post 100% but should not personalize. Night
Cape Town Spurs
I smell an influx of trolls. That and the jealous ramblings of the resident bigot.
I don't understand Adebayor. He doesn't seem to want to play for anyone.
Topho and Peter, both good posts with good points. But doesn't Bale being our top scorer this season point to the obvious fact that he's by far and away most effective where he is? He's scoring primarily because he's running through midfields and at defences. He isn't hanging up top waiting for the ball to come to him. Playing him as a striker nullifies his most potent attacking instincts, unless he's going to spend the majority of the game playing deeper as usual. In which case we would still have no striker, so why not start with a player who actually knows that role? Don't misunderstand me, neither Dempsey nor (particularly) Adebayor fill me with confidence. But they are far more suited to an orthodox strikers role, if for no other reason than they have actually PLAYED there. Bale is our top scorer because of the postitions he takes and the runs he makes. And in my very humble opinion, he should be left to carry on his great run of form uninterrupted by a sudden position shift. Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!

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