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Your team for Newcastle?

Spurs have the chance to leap ahead of Chelsea and into third place on Saturday with a win over Newcastle, but what would be your team selection on the day?

The will he / won't he issue over Emmanuel Adebayor is perhaps the main debate for Spurs fans and the media, but with Jermain Defoe being confirmed as being out for up to three weeks, you expect that Ade will at least be expected to sit on the bench and a decision may well depend on whether he is at training tomorrow and how he looks in terms of fitness and motivation.

Though AVB has already used twenty-eight players this season, you almost feel that seven or eight of the eleven selections pick themselves, with only the central defensive pair and the two attacking places are up for grabs. There might be a consideration to start Kyle Naughton in one of the full back positions, as both Walker and BAE have been on international duty, but equally neither played a single minutes football, so you would hope they are fresh despite the extra travel in the case of BAE. Similarly in central defence, Jan Vertonghen was the only one of our fit CBs to be selected and therefore play, as he returned to left back for Belgium against Slovakia. Does this mean AVB will look at two from Dawson, Caulker and Gallas?

In midfield, Aaron Lennon came on as a 75th minute sub, Bale played an hour for Wales and of course dominated yet another game, Mousa Dembele played 90 mins for Belgium a more attacking role, whilst Gylfi Sigurdsson operated in a deeper for Iceland as he also played the whole game, in their 2-0 home defeat to Fabio Capello's Russia. That leaves only Scott Parker and Tom Huddlestone at home, but you assume that we will go with Lennon, Parker, Dembele and Bale over other possible options.

The final attacking places, will I assume depend on Adebayor, as previously stated, and though AVB has indicated that he is likely to start, managers do tell white lies on occasions. The majority of fans would opt for Holtby behind Adebayor, and perhaps with Clint Dempsey also on international duty and having the longest trip of all, it gives AVB a nice excuse to 'rest' the player and give our new superstar his first start. That leaves Dempsey to perhaps hope that Adebayor is still having flight problems to secure his own place, perhaps.

In goal, it has crossed my mind that AVB will go with Brad Friedel and allow Lloris to face his former club Lyon in the Europa league, and by giving Brad a league start, he keeps him motivated and also gives Hugo an emotional reunion with his former club. Personally I hope that Lloris starts on Sunday and perhaps gets one of the Lyon games and Brad is happy with one or none, considering the opposition and links with the Frenchman.

My team for Saturday is quite predictable in picking Lloris; Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, BAE, Parker, Dembele; Lennon, Holtby, Bale; Adebayor (Dempsey)...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday February 7 2013

Time: 12:19PM

Your Comments

Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Verts, Asso, Parker, Dembele, Lennon, Holtby, Bale and Ade. If were struggling to break them down take off Parker and bring on Gylfi
I still cannot see Holtby starting yet. I think it is a chance for Siggy behind Ade. The rest picks itself.
All being well...i'd like to see > >>>>>>>>>>>>>Adebayor<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Holtby<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ....................................................................................... Bale...............Demebele......parker.....lennon.............Walker ........................................................................................ >>>>>>>>Vertonghen.......Caulker......Dawson<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lloris<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Subs: Friedel,Naughton,Ekotto,Livermore, Siggurdsen,Dempsey,Kane
You want to play Lennon in central midfield 82?
nel yid
spurspanther's team is what I expect to see. As you say in the Article Ox, most of the team picks itself.
Yes,..well inside right....bit like Paul Allen did, when 1986/7 team did so well.
Please no Siggy. Take him out to the barn and end it all. Holtby behind Ade please...
Please no Siggy. Take him out to the barn and end it all. Holtby behind Ade please...
I feel that strongly about it I posted it twice! oops
Hmm, interesting choice, but just feel lennon may get a bit lost playing such an 'important' role, especially with only three at the back...
nel yid
Daft changing to 3 at the back with 13 games to go when we sit 4th the way we are doing it now.
I feel that Siggy should play in the hole for this match because: a) Dempsey had long trip - same him for sub - plus he has can come on for Ade, Siggy, Bale, Lennon... should we need b) Holtby has only been here a week or so...needs some adapting time. c) Siggy needs time to adapt to AVB's system. Keeping him on the bench is not going to give your investment a good chance of becoming a good investment. d) No one has nailed down this position yet, so we can afford rotate there.
He does that role more or less ...3 when attacking, 5 when defending. Which is pretty much how it is, when it 4,4,2. I.e....quite often only 3 at the back when attacking, as we tend to attack up the wing....and the saying goes, one fullback back, whilst the other can go forward...i.e..when 4,4,2....only one fullback goes forward at a time, in open play...that is the general rule. I would like 3 central defenders....for our attacking set pieces. Bit like ..Wright ..butcher..walker....from england 1990 world cup.
82spursdebut you confident we will beat Newcastle..? Bareing in mind we have failed recently against teams with 11 men on the pitch. We do have a good home record vs newcastle..but they be confident at min'.
I’d be tempted to drop Parker and play Dembele in the DM role. He has most of the attributes needed for the position and is excellent at bringing the ball out from deep. With Holtby and perhaps Siggy ahead of him, we’d have pace and creativity to attack (Holtby today and hopefully Siggy in time – but he has to start getting game time). I’m sure after last year Pardew will set his team up defensively so we should have more than enough to cope with anything they produce going forward. Both Holtby and Siggy are energetic enough to track back too. I’m assuming Ade will start.
Theres no way we will play 3 at the back. End of.
Lloris, BAE, Vertonghen, Dawson, Walker, Siggy, Dembele, Holtby, Lennon, Bale (in the hole), Adebayor (if he's back in time).
4,3,3 - with two inside forwards (Lennon/Bale)... Lloris - Walker/Naughton, Caulker, Vertonghen, BAE - Holtby,Parker,Dembele/Sigurdsson - Lennon, Ade, Bale. I think a midfield 3 that attacks and defends together would work. And seeing as Bale now cuts inside a lot we should play him and Lennon as inside forwards with BAE and Walker/Naughton pushing on. Ade can hold the ball up and is a great target man on his day (let's hope he shows up). The important thing for this formation to work though is attack and defend as a team, and to play with a high tempo.
rahn DMC
Holtby and Siggy would be interesting. Give Demspey a break.
We aint gonna play 3 at the back, I think 82 is picking the team he wants, rather than the team he expects on Saturday, but with the article the team pretty much picks itself, only question is who plays behind Ade, which I hope its Holtby, but think it will probably be Siggi, who does need a run out.
So p1$$ed off i cant watch the game. hers to a 3-0 win with Ade, bale and holtby all on the scoresheet
damn ox, now you have me worried about friedel starting. I can't count how many times lloris has diffused dangerous situations with his excellent anticipation and speed off his line (and out of his area) where friedel would have stayed static and either have to make a great save or more often concede. if friedel starts this game we will face a real uphill battle, because he will certainly concede goals. I think lloris is quietly proving himself to be an absolutely fantastic signing and I honestly wouldn't swap him for any other keeper out there.
Guernman, i think Lloris will play Sat and the away leg at leyon with friedel playing the home leg
there is no way in hell Friedel should start ahead of LLoris! Lloris is number one on the team sheet , end of!
Siggy is a 100% no the lad is not good enough and Naughton is a right back not a left back LLoris Walker Dawson Caulker Vertonghen Ekotto Lennon Dembele Holtby Parker Bale COYS !!!!!!
I'm all for rotation in the team but not the goalkeeper, Lloris should start in every game until the end of the season, this is a football club not a charity, keep giving friedel a game just upsets the back four, not suprising the back 4 had a mare vs Leeds. Defoe is out (reported) 3 weeks, Kaboul is back training from monday. I hope Holtby starts and long may it continue. So that's Lloris and Holtby, should be enough to see newcastle off
spu 4 life
It's gonna be Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Verts, Benny, Lennon, Parker, Dembele, Bale, Holtby and Dempsey.
2 mistakes, 'lloris playing Sunday' n then follow up sentence, game on Saturday, make ur mind up ox! Also, as title suggests 'your team for Newcastle' I'm assuming it is the team we want to play and not the team we expect to play. Iv got money on ade to score, have a 'feeling'!
POP - maybe Siggy isn't it, but maybe he is. We don't know yet for sure. We need to give at least a season to see. Modric did not show until latter part of first season at Spurs. Siggy is still young, and expectation is higher here than at Swansea & Reading. We aren't Chelsea/Citeh, so we can't just write off 10m's worth like that. Anyhow, Lennon has our second most apps - he will need rest at some point - or may succumb to injury, we will need guys like Siggy to be ready to muck in when we need. Keep him on the bench, and he will remain rusty.
Spurs will meet Jamaica in the Bahamas in May. All Spurs supporters will get flight tickets and a free stay at my luxury home according to Joe Lewis. I knew he was a good guy all along..........
Been reading vitalspurs articles for about 3 years and I have decided on my first post today, line-up should be lloris, naughton, vertonghen, caulker, bae, bale, Parker, dembele, Lennon, Dempsey, ade. Holtby on at 60mins. Another thing, we say the squad picks itself, then why are we always commending AVB for rotation? Which seems to be 'phantom' in my eyes, team never changes apart from CB position.
Bad timing to face Newcastle. Not only because of our own problems upfront but also because of the boost the magpies received from their "French revolution". All new signings are gonna come out to prove their point the same way Sissoko did against Chelski. Talking about the latter: we won't leapfrog them into the third place, ffs they play Wigan at home!
Our main striker should be whoever wants to play more! If both Adebayor and Dempsey are going to sulk start Obika I don't care.
Welcome sirlordos, good point on the rotation. I would play our strongest 11 on saturday with a couple of changes for the Lyon game 5 days latter. I would rest Lloris, Walker, bale and Dembele. Then we have 1 week till the next game with those 4 coming back in for the second leg with Asso, and Lennon rested. We dont play untill the following Monday after the second leg.
I certainly am not going to make any judgments on Sigurdsson until he has a proper run. I wonder how he would do beside Dembele in the middle with Holtby up top. I did like how he was playing in the pre-season switching in and out with Bale. He has a very good shot and is better at delivering corners than either Bale or Walker who are both, IMO, incredibly wasteful. If Ade is not good to go, we will have an issue though. Dempsey is always available, but he played last night in the heat of Honduras. Those are never easy games physically. He will be knackered. I would almost want to go with a 4-2-1-3 with Holtby in behind Lennon, Bale and Sigurdsson. They can all flit in and out as they desire so long as the width is maintained. That's where Sigurdsson's discipline will come in because he will go out wide if (I mean when) Bale cuts in. It's a huge game. Three points heaps more pressure on everyone around us. Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, BAE, Parker, Dembele, Holtby, Bale, Sigurdsson, Lennon. Don't concede and we'll win this one. COYS
Tiote returns for them. Cabaye is in form of his life. Expect midfield to be dominated by Newcastle. Plus they are going to play 3 upfront (2 of them are new signings and one of them already scored a double). That's going to be a very difficult game especially for our defenders. With a current long term form of Walker being ***** I don't see us not conceding. So it's just a matter of who scores more. And that's where we hit a concrete wall with strikers again...
Lets give them somethig to worry about moscovite. Holtby has looked very impressive, Lennon is in his best form and I cant think of to many footballers in world football who have been more effective then Bale this year. Coys
I fear we will be over whelmed in midfield by Newcastle and expect to see major bully boy tatics from Tiote and the Frogs in response to Holtby, Bale, Dembele and Lennon! If we win its one thing if we manage to finish the game with these players intact I think it will an equall big result.
Slurms McKenzie
I hope Newcastle to come out and have a go with 3 up top. It is the teams that have 2 banks of 4 and play on the counter that seem to best against us. They had Ba and Cisse there last season and we gave them a good hiding. Need to be solid at the back and break out with Bale and Lennon, and IF Ade runs the channels like last season, when he was unplayable, then we are good for 3 points. HOLTBY to start please as he looks bright and Siggy to replace if we need to change it. Agree fully with the team on the headed article.
Well said slums can not afford any more injuries !
Little spur
Little spur
I know siggy has not performed but has not been given much chance. Id like to see him start behind Ade and see how he goes. Can always bring holtby on later.
Love Daws but AVB might not play him if he thinks Newcastle might play counter. They might not though obviously, they could fancy their chances and come at us. Just saying Verts and Caulker's an option.
Options, options, options... the joy of having a manager that uses the whole squad. good stuff.
Why when we are struggling to break teams downs does the boss not take of Parker and throw on an attacker dembele is more than capable of patrolling the back 4
@millspur This article explains why Ade wasn't here earlier, basically because of his overinflated ego and his sense of self importance. The article sums him up pretty well. I never wanted him here permanently in the first place. He is a disruptive figure who is already accusing AVB of having double standards by saying one thing to him and another to the press just before he left for the ACoN. It was in the news back then and made pretty poor reading from a supposed professional sportsman. He has a p1ss poor attitude to anything and everyone apart from himself. .........
Ade on the bench...


SIGGY, HOLTBY and Lennon... all feeding the pace of Bale...

Id like to see it .. just the once...
2nd half...Bring on Ade for Siggy and revert to this attacking formation...

Bale is by far our best finisher... and our fastest player (maybe)..

why not play him up top...he has the pace to beat all the PL centre-backs...
they have the joint 4th worst defensive record in the PL..
we have to attack... coz they will... with the new boy Sissoko looking sharp....

All out attack...
how the feck did i do that?........... COYS
Yid Army....
Can't agree with suggestions of Ade & Gilfi ahead of Dempsey. I don't care how far he's travelled, for me his form suggests he plays. Either throw Bale up with him and Holtby out left ... with the option for those two to swap, with Holtby playing just behind and free to roam.

Loris, Walker/Naughton, Verts, Caulker, Benny, Lennon, Dembele, Parker, Holtby/Bale, Bale/Holtby, Dempsey. Bench: Brad, Naughton, Daws, Gilfy, Hudd, Ade (IMO arriving back so late after ACN it's the best he can hope for). COYS
Sorry for shouting I didn't realise things were bold!
Lets fix this...
Ok fixed...
Yidmarks' team selection PLEASE. Or 4-6-0.
lol Underspur Maybe Newcastle would swap their full backs with their centre halves to counteract your cunning, yet confusing, selection.

I'm shaking my head in disbelief at the poll today. Obika, Kane and Gilfi all getting the same % of the vote as Dempsey? Gilfi, I might be able to make some kind of case for (a pretty thin one), but the other two? When we are missing our second leading goalscorer this season, there is a clamor to drop our third leading goalscorer? A guy who is scoring a lot in recent weeks.

So, when we need some goals, are people actually suggesting we drop a guy who is doing it in favour of those who aren't/can't? Seriously?
No way Friedel will start over lloris. There is a possibility however that Lloris may start against Lyon when we play then AWAY. He can then have his sentimental time with their fans/players/coaches and the tea lady! COYS!
Depending on Ade's fitness and mental attitude as to whether he should come straight in. By rights he should as he is a striker the only striker fit but did he leave to go to ACN with a bag on and if so will he be up for it? If he is then he should start with Dempsey behind him and usual midfield. If he isn't up for it then play Bale and Dempsey with Holtby. Going to be a difficult game as newcastle have brought some good players who have lifted the team and out to impress. A win would prove we are serious contenders a draw wouldn't be too bad a loss would show our weaknesses.
Maybe we WILL see a certain Mr. Bale as centre forward sometime in the near future. ......... “Players performing at this level always get the attention. It doesn’t mean that the club doesn’t foresee a future with Gareth. He’s a player we rate very, very highly.”So highly, in fact, that the normally cautious Villas-Boas did not shirk from comparing his attacking midfielder to Cristiano Ronaldo, a player upon whom Bale has modelled his game. Villas-Boas said Bale could emulate Ronaldo by evolving from a winger into a central midfielder or even a centre forward.......... very interesting.......................
There is no logic whatsoever in 'resting' Lloris. Even the most attentive and active goalkeeper spends large portions of a match watching and waiting, fatigue should never be an issue. The only risk is injury, yet every player takes that risk everytime they step on the pitch. Lloris picks himself. If fit, then it's Walker-Dawson-Vertonghen-BAE in front of him. Parker and Dembele in the middle, with Bale and Lennon wide. Holtby behind either Dempsey or Adebayor completes my preferred line-up. I'm wary of Newcastle, I think it's a dicey time to be playing them. But in my opinion, my starting 11 stands the best chance of getting the 3 points. Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
LilyWhiteHart ................... But in my opinion, my starting 11 stands the best chance of getting the 3 points. HA HA That's what EVERYONE on here who posts a team thinks ....... ............................................YOU ARE NOT ALONE. LOL
Friedel in Goal. Noughton, Dawson, Caulker and Fryers. Livermore and Hudd with Siggy and Dempsey out wide play kane in behind Obika. Just to prove chrishove123 wrong!
Slurms McKenzie

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