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What Price Bale?

What Price Bale?

As Gareth Bale continues to be Britain's Most Wanted, I wondered what price Spurs fans would put on his head?

Firstly, I thought I would have a pop at the media, who seem to actually want Bale to leave Spurs and potentially head to Spain or wherever. I don't think many of us would disagree that he is a player that is good enough to be playing with and against the very best, but am I alone in feeling that they are actually talking up this deal, even at the cost of losing one of the countries best players to another league and country? Perhaps it is a continued attack on Spurs or maybe we are not considered worthy to have one of the best players at our club? I have always felt that having more competitive teams makes for a better and more competitive league, which in turn surely increases interest, which sells papers etc, but it seems I am wrong or the press are just short sighted as usual..

So lets assume for the sake of argument that Spurs decide that they wil consider offers for Bale, whether we make the CL or not. Talk of a gentleman's agreement, probably means nothing unless it is in writing, Just ask Luke Modric. so if Madrid have secured some form of deal, I am guessing it is written in blood, but for how much id Bale worth and how much would it take for us to consider selling? Perhaps we can start the bidding at £45m, based on other deals that have recently been made. If we consider that PSG paid close to that figure for Lucas Moura, a player of outstanding quality, but with no European experience, maybe that figure is a good place to start.

It is always very difficult to estimate a true value for any player and is all too often depends on the length of a players remaining contract, financial strength of the seller, interest from clubs with big pockets and of course whether the player himself will look to cause problems to make his 'dream' move.

The fact that Spurs tied Bale to a new contract at the end of last season and the player might not be desperate to leave, should Spurs make the CL next season, makes it seem quite possible that Daniel Levy will hold the majority of good cards. However you also feel that there would be more than just Madrid willing to pay big money for Bale, but I suppose the question is, how much?

We can debate for hours the fact that Tottenham shouldn't sell Bale at any price, but we know the player is ambitious to play at the highest level and it will be nearly impossible as things stand for us to give him the chance of major trophies season upon season in the short to medium term, so lets not even get onto arguing that we much make him stay or spend the money on players to make him feel we are able to match his ambitions, that wont be happening...

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Date:Friday February 8 2013
Time: 9:50AM


Ive heard barcelona value him at £5 million plus £30 million in add ons based on the number of passes he puts in for messi, how well he speaks spanish, how good he is at kissing Xavi's arse, how many heart sign celebrations he makes, if he is a supporter of catalonian independance, does he hate madrid etc.
08/02/2013 09:57:00
Madrid can have him for 40 mil plus modders
08/02/2013 10:01:00
I suppose everyone has a price. But don't forget Bale had a new addition to his family, and the new contract was signed when he knew the happy event was going to take place. He is on good money, happy in life and happy in his football. I think we got him for another year. RM and Barca, like Spain sadly, are broke.
08/02/2013 10:02:00
Not that I want him to go mind
08/02/2013 10:02:00
Yes the media machine is in full swing to create a "Gareth Bale" for sale storm. GB isn't going anywhere for the next 2 seasons. And if he does it will be in excess of 45M, more than enough to replace him with a couple or three excellent players. I am not worried but getting sick of the constant harping on the possibility. Ignore it please.
08/02/2013 10:02:00
£60m. Or fu(k off!
08/02/2013 10:04:00
If he wants to go to RM, as it seems from press aspersions, then I think we should get at least £50 mill. After all what did they pay for Ronaldo? I tried to start a poll on here once about it, ............. 1. should we sell him for that, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2. Only if the money is re-invested in the team, .......................... 3 even if the money isn't re-invested, ........................................ 4 more money to a rival PL team or ........................................... 5 only to a foreign team. Something along those lines.
08/02/2013 10:10:00
Although the Ronaldo comparisons do have an inevitable feel about the outcome, they also provide Real Madrid with a problem, as it gives a yard stick to any potential transfer fee. If Bale is anywhere near Ronaldo then surely his fee would be in excess of £60M?
Tactically Challenge
08/02/2013 10:10:00
Didn't mention Barca as they don't have the cash and are saving for Neymar in 2014 anyway. Also, they see Bale as a left back, for which they already have Jordi Alba.
Tactically Challenge
08/02/2013 10:11:00
100 million dollars! Muuhahahahahaha
08/02/2013 10:12:00
Nothing to trade this Friday morning? Housing market that quiet, is it?
08/02/2013 10:13:00
If we do not get champions league football for next season, then i see Spurs and Bale mutually agreeing for him to go....but who could afford £100mill' !?....i don't know !?..;-)
08/02/2013 10:14:00
What a pointless article, prompted by all the media hype and bollox currently doing the rounds. Bale has never said he will leave "in the summer" as suggested by many on here, in fact he has never said that he will leave at all !! All he has ever said is that MAYBE he will leave for a bigger club AT SOME POINT. It may never happen !!
08/02/2013 10:33:00
It will have to be 50-60M abroard only.
08/02/2013 10:33:00
And as for the bit about "Spurs consider offers for Bale", it's not up to spurs, it's up to Bale whether he leaves or not.
08/02/2013 10:36:00
Let's worry about that in the summer. Now we have a big game against Newcastle, and then it's West Ham away and then Arsenal in the P.L. Plenty to worry about as is it is. Let the rags do the transfer bollox while we concentrate on the games.
08/02/2013 10:43:00
£100 m is a starting point for the most seeked player in the world. 50 or 60 is a joke with the new tv money coming.not for sale is the real starting point and end ! Spurs are the best team for him,we all know that dont we! Coys.
Little spur
08/02/2013 11:00:00
The problem we have is that he is motivated by ambition - which means when he wants to go, we cannot stand in his way nor throw more money at him. But what that means is that we cannot pretend that he wants to stay, and lure a big bid. It could leave this summer.... But then again he is still progressing, not he may see no point in moving yet..
08/02/2013 11:22:00
Ronaldo left for £60m how many years ago!!?? Values have rocketed since then. Avb pretty much said CL will decide if bale stays or goes. It will also determine his value. If finish 5th and he wants to go we will get half of what we want for him, or have an unhappy player at the club. Finish 4th and he either stays or we simply name our price!
08/02/2013 11:23:00
88 million.... no negotiations... take it or leave it... with a 25% sell-on clause and first refusal on re-signing...
08/02/2013 11:48:00
£70 million
08/02/2013 12:00:00
Bale is good at the moment, not great. He is still learning and I believe he himself has acknowledged this. I can see another 2-3 seasons of Bale staying and I hope by that time, we would have grown/match his ambitions too.
08/02/2013 12:25:00
My guess is that there's only one event that could trigger a move for Bale in the near future - Ronaldo to PSG. So, I definitely hope he decides to stay at Real. If Bale were to go, it'd take all or most of their Ronaldo cash.
08/02/2013 12:47:00
Not even worth contemplating until we need to. Every player has a price. If ever an issue, it will be one Bale initiates and at that point we'll hold out for the maximum amount, as any club should. COYS
08/02/2013 13:29:00
Players come and go. That's not to say we can do without Bale. We can totally rely on Levy to get the best possible deal for our club. I am more concerned that should we sell Bale, who would we replace him with? Selling Modric and getting Dembele for half the Modric fee was good business. But selling VDV and getting Dempsey wasn't. Would love to see us keep Bale for years to come, but If at some point he wants out, I'd like to think we'd identify our, or rather AvB's target and get him long before the transfer window slams shut.
08/02/2013 13:50:00
Wonder if Findus lasagna is on the menu for the lads tonight?
08/02/2013 14:07:00
Robbie Savage was at this in the mirror today saying Gareth needed to move on to further his career etc...WHY??He is 23 playing in every game for one of the top clubs in the most competitive league in europe, obviously his talents are worthy of being showcased in the champions league but i'm very hopeful that he can do that here next season at the lane. Its not as if he's still playing for southampton(with all due respect.) To be fair Gareth has said at some stage in his career he would like to play in Spain but I believe we will see him continue to develop and shine for another couple of seasons at spurs before he moves on...COYS
08/02/2013 14:29:00
You guys are mentioning sums like £70m, really? He's not even worth £40m and he's definitely not the best player in the league
08/02/2013 15:08:00
Park Lane I'd horse into a bowl of it!
Slurms McKenzie
08/02/2013 15:16:00
No matter mhat price they get Spurs have to have a player (or system already in place to cope with the massive vaccum that Gareth Bale leaving would create. Still wonder why the lad would be so kean to move when he is only 23 and is the big fish in the Spurs pond
Slurms McKenzie
08/02/2013 15:26:00
What is the bench mark - Andy Carroll 35m; Fernando Torres 50m; Luka Modric fee in the region of £33m reported? If Gareth Bale is to be sold, which i for one hope he does not, but it's going to happen and regardless what blueblood92 says, as a club and in terms of what he does for us, we must up the price so it is so stupid, that they (whoever they is) pay way way over the odds, Willian sold for 35m, i would like to start the bidding at 75m and if he does not reach that price his not sold. That is his reserve price, end of story. So onto Saturday something that will happen, has Adebayor returned, when did togo get knocked out? I think his taking the pi$$ if his not back. Phuck selling Bale, sell Ade in the summer.
spu 4 life
08/02/2013 15:33:00
I think every bodies buying into the media hype a bit to much, Bale is a very good player no where near as good as Messi or Ronaldo though. Bale is kind of in that category behind Messi/Ronaldo but ahead of everybody else, 40mill at MOST, at the moment. If he starts scoring 25 league goals a season then you can justify 50-60mill. You have to remember the guys been playing for 6-7 years now, so he should be reaching his potential.
08/02/2013 15:33:00
Torres went for £50m so for me he is worth at least this amount, but only to a foreign club. Hes not for sale at any price domestic wise. Id only allow Gareth to leave if he wants to & explain that only Real or Barca are potential moves for him. Possibly Bayern too, PSG can ***** off. And only in a couple of years time as well.
08/02/2013 15:34:00
Blueblood if Torres is worth £50m, Lucas worth £42m then Bale is definatley worth the same. He SHOULDNT be but in todays market where even Willian went for £34m then Gareth Bale at only 22 is worth a bomb. He is definatley in the top 3 best players in the league along with RVP and Juan Mata.
08/02/2013 15:38:00
Based on the Torres, Andy Carroll benchmark we better hope Bale turns into a crap player or we won't get anywhere near those fees!
Slurms McKenzie
08/02/2013 15:40:00
Chelsea paid £50m for Torres because they were desperate for a new striker & Liverpool always overpay for British players (Carroll,Allen,Henderson). Bale is a very good player but needs to add a few goals & assists to his game in order to get u anywhere near the £70m some are demanding because Ronaldo before joining Real scored 47 goals from the wings
08/02/2013 16:00:00
The media and football pundits absolutely hate the fact that a great player plays for spurs and not liverscum or manure, it's absolute heresy to them which is why they don't want spurs to get 4th so they can print more baleout crap and call it a thrilling play on words!
08/02/2013 16:36:00
The market will dictate the price. If Suarez, Falcao and Cavani are all going to be going for over 50M, I don't see as it's out of the realm of possibility that Bale could fetch 55M. I still think there will not be an issue for a couple of years but would not be surprised to see a 25 year old Bale considering other pastures. Hopefully a couple of Townsend, Pritchard and MacEvoy are able to grab the gauntlet when he does decide that it's time. Then again, perhaps his best route for success lies in this Spurs squad. What if we developed Townsend, Pritchard and MacEvoy and put Bale in as the striker. I love Bale on the left, but he is showing an ability to score from the right or the left, from deep and from close, with his head with his foot. It's fairly simple to double up on him out wide, plus you can set up your game plan to choke off our service to him. As a striker, you can double up on him, but you can't stop him from going deep and flitting in and out. It's why RVP and Rooney can be so successful. The defene that works is straight up positioning and a bit of fortune. Bale can do the same. Imagine him off of Adebayor. Try to cover one too tight and the other is free. MF of Holtby and Dembele, Sigurdsson and Lennon out wide. I wouldn't go that route against Newcastle, but West Ham, absolutely. We need to start scoring early in games to get the opposition on the back foot. This is why we never have easy matches. We wait so darned long to get going. COYS
08/02/2013 16:39:00
It is embarrassing just tuning into Talksport at 4.40 on Friday afternoon to hear some motormouth Spurs fan blabbering on and on and on about a jumble of issues and players and defending AVB, making little sense and wasting his breath trying to persuade a man hostile to AVB, Spurs and the whole package. Why do it?
08/02/2013 16:44:00
There are several factors that would affect the price that Bale would fetch should he leave Spurs. As Peterbalb says he would fetch what the market was prepared to pay for him at the time of his leaving. It is a myth that in any business transaction the vendor sets the price, it is always the market. The other factor that would affect the transaction, would be Spurs readiness and willingness to sell. we have seen in the past despite his "he is going nowhere", or "he is not for sale" statements that Levy is willing to sell assets if the bid meets his expectations or even, as in the Modric case, they sometimes fall short.Whether we are prepared to admit it we are a selling club, we have eventually sold every really top class player we have had in recent years. It is all very well talking about Bale's contentment and willingness to stay, this maybe the case for now, but should we again fail to make CL I'm sure he will begin to wonder if he could do better elsewhere, and given his lack of opportunity at international level with Wales to play in the biggest competitions, he may see that he needs to do it at club level, not to mention the opportunity to double his salary to a level matching his class and ability. I personally think that when the time comes a realistic fee will be £55-60M and I'm certain that Levy would snap anybody's hand off at that figure.
08/02/2013 17:38:00
Any contract Bale signs from one of the Superpower clubs will see him on at least 50k/week more per week. In all honesty, he would be foolish not to take it. It's a far easier League, better climate and less load on him as "the man". In 82 seasons, RM or Barca have finished first or second 96 times having won it 53 times. So really, it's a two team league where twelve of the top flight teams do not even have stadiae that will hold more than 35k fans. Italy and German are far more competitive than Spain and Serie A is probably more watched than La Liga. It will come down to a Bale decision in the end and money will be a huge part of it, both in luring him and in making Levy willing to sell. 55M buys a lot of young quality players Not the same, I know, buut it's where we should be investing. Arnautovic looked great the other day. Castaignos, Son, Doumbia, Southamptons fullbacks, Ince, - lots and lots of guys out there. COYS
08/02/2013 18:11:00
Taniban hope your right man !
Little spur
08/02/2013 21:49:00
08/02/2013 23:01:00
Did anyone see the story that Robbie the nob-ed Savage wrote the other day for the Mail? He claims that in order for Gareth to become a better player he has to spread his wings and leave Spurs, it was the same with Modric, when he was linked with RM all of these Croats came from nowhere demanding for us to let him go.
barra Spur
10/02/2013 13:03:00
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