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Adebayor: Time to forgive and forget!

So many people can look at a face and interpret emotions. On Saturday, some suggested that Adebayor looked glum on the bench, but would have no doubt considered that he couldn't care less if he was laughing and joking. Sometimes people simply can't win, even if in the case of Adebayor, he might not deserve too taste personal victory. What I did feel when he came on the pitch was someone that was looking to perform and also perform with a smile on his face and effort from his body. Sure he didn't score and was his usual ungainly self at times, but he also offered us that physical extra that I believed we had been missing up to that point.

I sincerely hope that the club fined him the maximum two weeks wages and it would have been fully deserved. I also hope he is billed for the hire of the plane that the club arranged to get him home on time, or well on time, give of take three or so hours. Adebayor has clearly been unprofessional in his conduct, sadly however, did we really expect anything else? It again highlights the madness of international football in conflict with the domestic game and can clubs really expect players who have travelled halfway around the world to hit the ground full of running? Yaya Toure may well have come back early, but he looked out on his feel for City against Southampton. Then again, so did Gareth Barry, and he stayed at home…

What is now important is that Spurs and Adebayor start afresh and concentrate on what really matters, and that is securing a top four place, and you feel that Spurs are a lot better with Adebayor, that without him at the moment. This may well be a short term truce, as I have a feeling that neither AVB or Levy are men to forgive and forget in the medium to long term, however. They also know that for the good of the team, they need a happy and focussed Emmanuel Adebayor and perhaps Adebayor realises that for his own career, he needs to get his act together, as he probably can't afford another acrimonious parting and expect to retain his playing status in the game, even if he finds someone willing to retain in financially...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday February 11 2013

Time: 11:40AM

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No choice in the matter - our only available senior forward!
Unprofessional conduct is embarrassing for the club, particularly from one of your highest paid players. I'm sure as long as he puts in a good effort on the pitch all will be forgiven, and with Defoe out for three weeks, what better opportunity for him.
I wonder if the players really expected anything different? They will know each other very well and will know the lazy, the cheats, the workaholics etc etc, and though I assume they were a bit *****ed off, I can imagine that once Ade walking in the same room all smiles and high fives or whatever, it was all forgotten once the banter subsided
I think it’s a case of papering over the cracks. I honestly think unless his attitude seriously changes he will be exiled by AVB at the end of the season. There was something about AVB in his interviews, no matter how much he tried to hide it he was fuming. I hope that ADE is a bit embarrassed over the situation and that the players have give him a few mucky looks, maybe he will realise that he needs spurs just as much as spurs need him. I hope he turns it around, and he really has the chance to with two back to back games in the Europa league

I think AVB ad spurs are once again getting a bit of unfair press. All of a sudden we are a one man team!!?? I though we played ok against Newcastle but yeah bale was the difference. Just like Fellani for Everton, Wiltshire for Arsenal, RVP for united, every team has a player who makes the difference, yet only spurs actually get abused for it! There are a few players who need to up their game or will become just another squad member but how ****z like Adrian Durham can mock spurs (and AVB!) because we have a player on fine form and his team mates are taking advantage of it.
It's my understanding that Spurs (AVB) gave him 3 days off after Togo got knocked out a week ago last sunday, was that then 3 days off in Africa or back home? Either way the club according to reports hired a private jet to fly him home, what ever communication or lack of it took place is over in my book, his back so let's get on with it.
spu 4 life
He needs to earn forgiveness. He ain't even earnt his wages yet.
Tottenham Hotcore
By the law of averages he should score again soon. And as he has been average, this will undoubtedly help.
I can't see him being a long-term AVB type player. We need players with the right team mentality. He simply does not have it. However, that said, needs must. We need to get him playing as we have no choice. We need him to get a couple of goals against Lyon get him and us smiling again.
The bloke acted like a prize tool. Fine him then get over it. Hes got the best part of 15 games to prove himself, that he wants to be here and help the team. Ill still cheer him.
He did well coming off the bench, held it up well and his presence caused the hesitation that led to the 2nd goal. He's been fined, he's back with us for the rest of the season and he will now get a run in the side. It's time for him to reboot his season and to me it looked like he was ready to do that.
The trouble we will have is if we do want to get rid of him, who's going to want him? his crap attitude when playing for some of the biggest clubs in the country surely isn't going to make someone take an 80 grand a week punt. may have spelled punt wrong ;)
There’s nothing to forgive? It’s down to the manager to keep him and the others in check and show that he is boss. We all want his good form to return and to help propel the team onwards, but he will need games and to work hard…and to get back on the score sheet. No more ANC, and he has already played some minutes upon his return a day later. If he can get his head down and show the fans he can not only change a game, but score as well then it’s all good. If he is not performing then AVB has to make changes, and he will need to work even harder for the team to get back in. Same as the rest of the lads! I'm happy with the way AVB is not making a mountain out of a mole hill like others and the media. He is the manager. Clearly we need him this season, AVB thinks so as do most fans. It’s exactly the same as the other key players in the team. When Defoe returns we need him to get back on score sheet also. All of the team needs to be pulling in the same direction. Work hard, fight for your place, bang in some goals and earn some good results! COYS.
I agree that it's time for us to forgive but it's also time for Adebayor to forget his ego and start putting the club first. He needs to put in a shift for the team and help us through the rest of this season. If he tries his best from now until the end of the season, I will have no qualms about forgiving everything that has gone on previously. However, anything less than maximum effort and commitment and it will be difficult for him and us.
He is part of the squad, we need him on the pitch at the moment and we all know what he can do on his day. Lets start that on THURSDAY ADE !!!!! Lyon just lost their last 2 matches so they are there for the taking as confidence will be low. Ade can do a lot of damage to their shot defence. He can also pull them around for others to benefit. 2-0 SPURS.
The jury is out - lets see what he's got to give. He's not done much for us this season, not that I'm saying he hasn't contributed when playing. A few more goals would be good - the one's he promised us after he finally signed for us.
The attacking element of our game improved when he came on. I still wait to see what and Ade & Holtby combo will produce. If engalnd had been knocked out of the world cup at the semi final stage would we expect our english players to just forget it and return to play for the club a few days later? Most of this smacks of European clubs and country's treating the ACON nations and a secondry tournament. How many times have we heard of players being excused a poor start to a season because they have played in International tournaments over the summer months? Lets have a little bit of balance here!
Slurms McKenzie
Quality player, he'll come good. AVB said it himself, he was authorised to return Fri. Spurs are partly to blame. Why not charter the jet for Thurs? Feel bit harsh on Ade yet again.
Fine him, have a long chat with him, move on. As much as I like the guy he obviously has to be managed. He also needs to know that he is wanted and loved. In that he's like a child. Unfortunately there are people like that. AVB needs to work with him simply because he's like 8000 times better than any of our other striking options. When he plays, all players come into the game and scoring can come from anywhere, anytime. When he doesn't play we seem to try to force the ball to our other striker who is likely to then shoot and miss or shoot straight to the GK. I really don't want to see us go back to that again.
Either Spurs decide that Adebayor was a mistake and we need to be rid of him, or we find a way to accommodate him and get the best out of him. One thing that is for sure is that he's on our roster, and having him sit and not play is an absolute waste both for club and for player. What is the path to coaxing the best out of this complex man? If we want to rid ourselves of him, we surely won't get much in return. Indeed, like Man City we may find that it costs us to be rid of him. And why should we want to lose a player who had a statistical year like last year? Did Berbatov ever perform as well statistically as Adebayor did last year for us? Clearly, we (and he) are best served by finding a way to coax the best out of him.
Total knobhead
Beggars can't be chosers we need him to perform full stop. He has really confirmed all my reservations about buying him. We could have used the money spent on him and his salary far more wisely. Looking forward to reading the vitriolic venom spewing from the keyboard of big cockereal on his fave Spurs player.
The 3rd of March will kick start his season, he is always up for that match and after his debacle at the emeriates he has a point to prove!
I have a feeling he's going to find his form in the two matches against Lyon, ruin the spammers, and then have an absolute stormer as we smash the goons all over the shop, Defoe then coming on as sub and getting his shooting boots back on with a late brace. I'm feeling confident and i'm fully behind the team for this run in and I'd just love it, really love it if the goons and that mouthy**** wilshire don't get in to the champions league.
Adebayor has just helped us win a "must win game!. So just let the club take any discipline necessary and move on. It is not good for a few gulible fans to respond to irresponsible media, (who have there own agenda) and boo during a crucial game. Liverpool and Manchester supporters would behave differently.
Adebayor will be all right, even if for now he has to get over his country getting just so far in the Africa Nations Cup. Slurms McKenzie is right, that allowance gets made for other players at other clubs after playing for their countries in the international tournaments. I am less bothered about Adebayor scoring than just working hard, being involved in play and supporting his teammates who can score goals just as much as can he. I don't want him hyped up the next time he plays against Arsenal, so in that sense he should keep all those speculating headlines at a distance and so get them in perspective. He is a good, strong player who takes the strain, works away and occasionally sparkles.
Just needs to Knuckle down, show some good form. The summer will be a whole new ball game. Till then.....come on Addy' show us your spurs.
great post Slurms agree 100%!!
The introduction of Adebayor greatly influenced the game. Newcastle's defenders were aware of him at all times and whether he was touching the ball or not, he was freeing up space for others. Whether playing well or not, he is a handful for other teams. I think Holtby behind him will allow him some space and Adebayor in space is a recipe for disaster for other teams. So often, 2 or 3 defenders just get sucked in by him. He should be disciplined, but that's about it. We need him going forward and his size will be a handful in Europa. Let's hope he has about 20 games in those legs. Better corners and more free kicks like Bale's would also be hugely helpful to us getting points. When he was not available for selection for the first game of the season, I would have refused to sign him. That's me. We did, he's ours, and we need him the rest of the way. COYS
I don't fuss too much about what the press write. We are a one man team. I'm good with that. Hopefully the other team prepares accordingly. Holtby and Dempsey looked close to scoring on Saturday. Bale could have had 5. Caulker should have buried the corner. We created lots and Lloris made the saves we needed. Dawson was again throwing his body at everything and though I'd be furious with the first goal if I were Lloris, he made two other key blocks. We also haven't lost a game when he has started. He'd be first on my team list. Just a one man team. Works for me. 8W, 1L, 4D is what this team has done. since we lost to Arsenal. Message received. COYS
peter....i thought naughton was to blame for newcastles goal. for allowing the deliverer..(think it was sissoko)..of the cross, to get a run on him, pass him and then naughton also failed to get a left footed tackle in, before he crossed. We have a talented doubts on that. One man man winner, perhaps.......let's hope not.
When he came on Saturday he caused more issues than Dempsey did all game. END OF.
He has apparently been fined two weeks wages for failing to meet the deadline for his return, that should be the end of the matter although his apparent disrespect for AVB and his rules is worrying. It is up to Adebayor now to prove ON THE PITCH that he has an appetite, and the commitment and desire, to contribute to the best of his ability, for the rest of the season. Only then will his antics be fully forgiven.
Talk shi7e really don't like us, i know they only do it to get numbers ringing in and make money out of it, now they have a contact and madrid to bid 38m for Bale, the phrase ending in ##phuck off## springs to mind, they paid 80m£ for Ronaldo, so i don't see why we should sell (if at all) for anything less, proves the ''Royal Madrid'' can raise the money, Partnership my arse.
spu 4 life
Pope Benedict XVI will resign on February 28. Is he next in line for the Chelski job?
spu 4 life
I am a big fan of AVB, BUT Im not going to lie, his perseverance with Dempsey is causing me some grave concern. He was again utterly dismal on Saturday. Whilst I could understand why he brought off Holtby for ADE as Holtby did look like he was tiring, how Dempsey survived another 90mins is beyond belief.
I wonder what Siggurdsen was thinking, given avb had just praised him. perhaps....siggurdsen is earmarked for the lyon game.
Forgive him? why, he won't change from the arrogant self satisfied over rated prima donna that he is. Buy we can get rid of and then simply forget him. He seems to think he is a bloody world famous rock star or something the way he was messing about until Spurs have to charter a jet for him to get back because he either couldn't be bothered to do it himself (especially after offering to give others a lift in it), or he didn't have the know how to book a ticket for himself, which I very much doubt. He is irresponsible, doesn't care about the club or it's fans and is just seeing how much he can take the p1ss before something happens. IF he gave his all on the pitch every game then it would be a different matter, but most og the time he doesn't try.
So glad AVB is keeping his cool over this Ade thing and not shouting his mouth off to the press the way some other manager would have done. ................................................
Like it or not we need suck Ade's balls until the summer. If we get 70% out of him between now and the end of the season it should be enough contribution for us to reach our objectives. Once we have qualified for Champs League i really hope Ade gets a biatch slap and shown the door and we can revamp our front line with players who respect the shirt and manager. In the mean time bite lip and try to draw a line and get the best of the man. Seems like AVB is gettting a full on testing of his managerial credentials..if he can come through this season smelling of roses it will hold him and Spurs in good stead for the future and be a 2 fingered salute to all the snipers esp that ging on talksport COYMFS!!!
I bet siggurdson was thinking “how bad does Dempsey have to play for me to get a game FFS!!”……don’t get me wrong I respect Clint as a professional, getting his arse back from south America and straight into it was very good to see, but as far as performances go it was another lack lustre performance where he had zero affect on anything. He is reminding me how many people look at dawson, big heart, big passion, but just not quite good enough. Good to see Daws have a good game though, he seems to be getting back to his best. Another strange decision to leave Vertonghen out by AVB, wonder WTF that was about. It’s good that we have the depth but its got to be Kaboul and Vertonghen with BAE on the left when everyone’s fully fit.
Lol @ spu 4 life. The fact that he's resigned even earlier than you stated could prove ominous for Benitez. Here's hoping Rafa keeps his job until the summer.
hudd'...he could have perhaps made a double substitution. I don't think avb had used all his subs, when he replaced Holtby. I be thinking siggy' will get some game time vs Lyon, judging by Avb's historical actions. I'd certainly like to see Siggy' tried at least as much as, perhaps more, Dempsey...given he is younger...and we have no Townsend at the club, at the min'. But, Dempsey, to his credit....remained energetic, to the end.
Hope we can have a team of Lloris, Walker, Kaboul, Verts, BAE, Dembele, Parker, Lennon, Holtby, Bale and Ade fit for the last 3 months of the season
As I wrote above, we either figure out how to get the best from having Adebayor or we must get a divorce. Divorces are expensive. with child support payments, and the ex wife is entitled to monies to maintain her life style in the manner to which she is accustomed. Ill will lingers for years and colours the ways that we act with the next lover we take on, and the messier the divorce, the harder the rebound. Reconciliation also is difficult, but in the short term, at least, much easier than a savage and messy divorce. He's ours and we need to recognize that fact and get on with it. And even if we decide mutually to divorce, the process won't begin for a long time and will take even longer to run its course. I recommend making the best of what we've got. And let's not forget, it was pretty darned decent last season. Calm down everyone and count to 99 before blowing a gasket and worsening our season. The man was a few hours late past his curfew. He wasn't out dating another behind our backs like the little Mo Fo did.
Total knobhead
The question is, if Ade is played up front with Bale playing through the middle, where does Holtby play? Dempsey can play on the left but can Holtby? Dempsey's goals have been just as important as Bale's so can't agree with you Hudderspurs.
Love totty
hudderspur, I believe AVB thought that the height and aerial ability of Caulker and Dawson was what was needed. Had Caulker scored, it would have looked briliant. Dempsey got closer to a Bale cross than Defoe has all year. I suspect AVB was hoping that Dempsey would have scored and allowed Ade to just sit. Sigurdsson was not going to be the striker now, was he? BAE seemed to get a nice kick up the butt. His mind seems to be elsewhere. I'll be very interested to see the lineups for the next two games. COYS
I wrote in today to suggest an article on Ade and the fact that the press say he's been fined £160k and wondered what response it would get. From the comments on here I think it has been answered. Seems like I know now!!
i would play Holtby roaming around Addy'......bit like vdv to crouch. If it didn't come off....then later in the game, i would expect float to the centre more....and perhaps then, consider if substitutions are required.
Love totty, I think that Holtby will play in between Lennon and Bale behind Adebayor. They will all flit in and out as they see fit. If Holtby can get Adebayor scoring and if Adebayor can get Holtby scoring and if Defoe is able to be used as a sub to run at tired defences, we will be in great shape. You can't mark a player out of the game if he is all over the pitch. When Bale came deep, there was tons of room up top. That's where the pace of Lennon, Walker and Holtby along with the constant focus on Adebayor will leave our guys time and space to create. If we can get them all rolling, we'll start scoring a plenty. Keep the goals out of our net first. COYS
peter....i see you be thinking.....4,2,3,1.....could well work. We'll time.
82spurdebut, if Adebayor gets going, then I'd be going more along the lines of 4-2-1-3 with Holtby linking up the MF to our attackers. For now though, yes, 4-2-3-1 with one of the threa attackers making way for Defoe as an impact sub in a few weeks when he returns. COYS
Lol...yes, addy has to stretch those legs to keep up with Bale and
Could you imagine if Rooney had gone missing for a few days after an England game? I think the press has been fairly quiet on Ade...good job too, we move on. If he gets on his game he could really turn himself into a Spurs's all set up for him now...a few good games and smashing Arse would ideal....
time yo forgive i say....anyone would idle a bit when they get near their relatives...we are all human
Peter Im wondering where you get that 4-2-1-3 formation, who do we know that plays that formation, and is it 4 at the back, 2 holding midfields, 1 attacking midfielder, and 3 up front? if so isn't that the same as 4-3-3?
Ossie, there's no team playing this that I can point to It is a system, given our players, that, IMO, would best suit the talent we have. It is not the same as a 4-3-3. It is predicated on a solid defence and a quick, dynamic offence. It would be the same bank of four at the back wih Lloris in net. The Fullbacks and Holtby would be the players to get the ball up to the attackers whether though linear play or though crosses from deep. We have seen Bale take to this recently, both for Wales and for Spurs. his control and ability to shake off defenders comin in from the right has been nothing short of class. We'd still build as a team and keep the ball on the floor, but the four guys up top basically would have license to go where the going is good. If teams try to play us high up the pitch, then the pace of Lennon and Bale brings the long ball in to the equation. We have to play to our strengths. We have no one able to keep up with Bale and Lennon and thus turn in their by-line crosses, so we need the crosses to be coming from deeper so that they can be attacked by the front guys and to allow Adebayor to pull defenders to him asthe three other attackers get in to open space. I think Holtby is going to score loads once he gets himself up to the frenetic 90 minute pace of the EPL. When Sandro is back, 4-3-3 becomes viable. Parker just does not have the ability. Sandro is also good enough to play the base of a diamond in MF, which could open up some cool 4-4-2 options. Right now, I am of the opinion that we need to be attacking the box with our 4 attackers and need to be defending resolutely with the other 7. Build from the goal out. I think we are doing that. COYS
bowerman; You could just see the headlines ''Roman pulls in xRoman Pope'' Arsene Wenger has put his name in the hat for the job in Rome, his got all the right credentials and could be sworn in under ''Kiddy fiddler. pidley phile, fiddler kiddy''
spu 4 life
Just watching a bit of the Hertha Berlin v Union Berlin German 2. Bundesliga, before Pool and wba come on, must say the Hertha Kit was good
spu 4 life
The most entertaining Adebayor ever was, involved his pundit contributions on the BBC, until they found out no-one could understand a word he was saying. He'd do very well writing the blogs on this site.
I don`t want to scare you guys, but ... Dembele / Calf/Shin Injury / no return date . Any news on that somewhere?
I am sure AVB will use the Lyon game at home to identify the best formation and options to suit Ade and the advance midfield maestros (Bale, Hotby,Lennon Siggy). Dempsey will will probably be rested (bench). COYS!
West Brom are totally camped in their own half, I don't think I've seen a more one-sided game all season.
Wow, I spoke to soon! WBA have played on the counter-attack, and it has worked.
Wow, I spoke to soon! WBA have played on the counter-attack, and it has worked.
Double post sorry. Lukaku wa great, I thought that the chance was gone when the ball was played behind him.
His touch and finish were top class.
lukaku is a monster, he could be perfect for us, if only chelsea would sell
Says alot about AVB, we were able to break down WBA i a way that Liverpool struggled to do, and paid the price. What a performance by Ben Foster. Can't believe Lukaku doesn't start every game. COYS!
Good, that would take Liverpoo out of the equation.
That's why I couldn't understand why he was taken off against us!. He is a a powerful player. Intimidating enough for any defence. I thought with him in the team WBA created more against us. Glad though that he WAS taken off and we took 3 points! COYS!
I think AVB is taking the Lyon match so seriously that it's the reason he rested Vertongen and BAE. Risky, but I love it, it's a huge fixture for us, if we can get past Lyon we have a pretty clear shot at the last 4 or 2.
March 3rd, Arsenal at the Lane. That will define our chances pretty much. West Ham away before that won't be a walk in the park either, Big Sam is a sly one
If you speak to the Baggies fans they prefer Shane Long. Against us Lukaku was quite poor, very little movement of the ball,lazy and I can see why Chelsea loaned him out.He also misses too many chances.
matt hoten
OK topho, wasn't at that game so cant comment,But have a Baggies mate and was in the Sportsman pub in WB last week and that was the general opinion amongst their fans. He looked to me that day like he needed a longer loan spell and he has been on the bench most of this season. Off the ball he was walking around just looking for a ball over the top. Only seen him live once though.
matt hoten
March 3rd, Arsenal at the Lane. That will define our chances pretty much. West Ham away before that won't be a walk in the park either, Big Sam is a sly one
Topho, I think I would swap him for Dempsey and Sigurdsson. I dont get it....Dempsey and Sigurdsson, its..they just need a run a games or need to get use to AVB’s methods, or they cant play with Defoe. So when Defoe’s out then they would be great when Adebuyor is back. Holtby comes in and looks the part after 2 days of training. Why, its because he’s better than they are. I'd love to be proved wrong though
matt hoten
tophobunty, we would never have gotten lukaku, he was always going to chelsea, only team he wanted to go to and they were always in for him. they also paid a crazy amount. nothing we could ever have done about that
Unless either teams drops silly points (there are no easy games, granted), I agree with you teng boon that game on 3/3/13 would more or less determine if Arsenal can catch us.
topho, just pointing out all the excuses that are made for Dempsey and Sig not performing when Holtby comes straight in and looks the part. Agree with you about Defoe with Holtby and Bale interchanging. Defoe to me has improved under AVB but not many on here give him much credit.
matt hoten
Shane Long would be a better signing for us he works non stop can hold the ball up well is a very good finisher wouldn't cost too much,he would have more goal chances playing for a better team---sign him up---COYS------delighted with that result tonight
Post 100!
Hudderspur, Dempsey's picking us up a lot of new fans in America. Not something that I'm particularly bothered by, but you just know that the board love him! Throw that into your thinking and his playing a lot will make more sense.
Just something off topic but thought I would post this

Holtby is spot on in my opinion
Off subject, I think we all now how much AVB wants Europa, think he's resting Sigs for that one as creative midfielder(specially with Dembele doubt). Think he elected to pull Holtby to give him full run on Thursday(if eligible to play, not sure?), with Abe not start up front. Verts and BAE starters too. squad rotation a key at moment
Sorry, Abe to start
It seems Lukaku has been more effective as a sub with 20 mins to go than when he starts. Not sure how many 90 mins full games he has played but it won't be many this season. Long has been the better 90 min player up top for them.
I agree with matt hoten, Holtby is already looking a player, he looks on a different level to Sigurdson, with a far better work rate, and more pace than Dempsey. Mind you I can't believe that Levy considers the potential for increased shirt sales and Spurs marchandise in the USA, above the footballing factors re Dempsey, as if he would let such things affect his thinking, how you could you think such a thing Lizardspur, really.
Ironic two strikers one with great attitude and desire for the club to do well but isn't the technical player and another who has the technical ability but lousy attitude.

For me I expect Ade to be gone at the end of the season or at least be a bench warmer. We must and will especially if we get CL get a striker who will become our No 1. This will not please Ade or Defoe because both will want to play regular. Now who will partner that new striker will depend who works with him best and here we will have Ade, Defoe, Dempsey, Siggy all players that play behind the strikers fighting for one place. I cannot see siggy being that player has I don't see him in that role and of course we have Holtby who looks promising but again not sure where he will play. Dempsey has got goals but imo is not good enough to be first choice and Defoe struggles to play with anyone it seems and Ade will probably be the best option but is lazy and a pain in the butt.

Personally I feel if we get a top striker it will change the dynamics of our game and certain players will be benched. neither am I convinced that Dembele is good enough to be automatic first choice CM either.

However, for now Ade needs to get himself in gear for our benefit who pays him and his own career.

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4. West Ham 16 8 4 4 8 28
5. Southampton 16 8 2 6 12 26
6. Arsenal 16 7 5 4 9 26
7. Spurs 16 7 3 6 -2 24
8. Newcastle 16 6 5 5 -4 23
9. Swansea 16 6 4 6 2 22
10. Everton 16 5 6 5 3 21

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Spurs MOTM against Newcastle?
Suggested By:  Vital Spurs
Vorm 13%
Chiriches 1%
Fazio 5%
Vertonghen 1%
Rose 1%
Stambouli 5%
Bentaleb 16%
Townsend 2%
Eriksen 44%
Chadli 1%
Kane 7%
Dembele 1%
Soldado 2%
Capoue 1%