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How many Points to get 4th Place?

Since season 1995/96 the lowest points tally for 4th Place was 57 (2004) the highest was 68 in (2010) until last season when we hit the highest 4th place total in the PL when we got 69, but we all know what happened after that! Apart from 3 seasons where 4th was achieved in the 50's all the other 13 Seasons the points tally has been in the 60's. This season could see 70 points as the minimum requirement.

Scum have qualified for Champions League places 15 times in a row. This year, however, could just be the season that the Gooners don't make it into a Champions League place!!! If you look at the fixtures that are left for us and Citeh, Chelski and Le Arse there are some very interesting permutations. It's a statement of the blindingly obvious I know but we really cannot afford to draw against the Scum on Sunday the 3rd March because of how the fixtures unfold for them and us in March, April and May. Having seen Liverpool shoot themselves in the foot against the Baggies you have to hope that we can create a similar score when we go up to Anfield.

The most stand out fixture for us is the Citeh v Chelski on the 24th February. Whichever way that one goes a Win by us at Wet Spam would suddenly make our season potential look very different, especially because we have Chelski at the Bridge on the 13th April and Citeh at the Lane on the 20th. If we go into those two matches a couple or 3 points between us we are into a whole new ball game! But we all know that Scum down the road have a habit of coming up on the rails and overtaking us. Last season we blew a 10 point lead and then watched the unthinkable happen as our 4th place turned into effectively 5th.

Swansea away will not be an easy fixture and Wigan always manage to pull off some unexpected results just when you think they have been given the last rights. Hopefully, we may have more to play for by the time we get to the Brittania to play Stoke in May and so our run in is helped by having Citeh and Scum at the Lane with the one that you really can't call at the Bridge.

Inevitably it's the Scum's run that requires closer scrutiny as they appear to be our most obvious rival for 4th over Everton. Le Arse have, on paper, a better set of fixtures. Swansea could actually have a hand in the 4th place contest as they play both us and the Scum at the Liberty. 6 of Scums last 12 are at home. 6 of their 12 are also against opposition in the bottom half of the table including; Fulham, Aston Villa. QPR, Wigan, Reading and Newcastle. However, they do have Manure at the Emirates and Newcastle away as the last game of the season could be tasty!

So what do you reckon we will need in terms of points to see us across the line?

Written by OyVeh Maria

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The journalist

Writer: OyVeh Maria Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 12 2013

Time: 10:04AM

Your Comments

add to the fact that all over arsenal,city and chelsea have to play united.
in april we have everton,chelsea,city in a row. get two wins from them and at least a draw against the scum and I think we'll get at least 4th.
More than the other teams
Horny Helen
7 wins out of 12 games and only 2 defeats. so 24 more points are what we should be aiming for. that'll mean scum need 28.
We have to beat the scum down the road! Once this is done we will be 7 points clear and afford to lose 2 of the reminding fixtures.
One game at a time. Don't look forward but only at the game you are playing now. West Ham! Lets win that one, see what happens to everyone else. One game at a time.
Us to finish 4th and Arse to finish 5th. They then win the CL. Just a bad dream I had?
I think 70 points will be the benchmark for 4th place. I predict Arsenal should get 69 pts so we need 70. I have us for 6 wins, 5 draws, 1 defeat (Chelsea A) to get 71 pts.
4th !!!! pants !! don't even get a medal for 4th !!.....Forget points totals. 100% effort..every possible thing tried...should be what is win every single game, spurs play. NO table watching.....just 100% all guns blazing from all associated with spurs. AIM HIGH.....ACHIEVE HIGH. They then got all summer to look at the table...and nurse their wounds !!
Obviously the results against the scum, Citeh and Toffees at home will dictate the pressures in the rest. Chelscum away will be irrelevant if we fail to win most of those three. I'd say that 26 points and not losing any of the 4 aforementioned fixtures, will have us sitting inside the top four - with Bale staying fit for the rest of the season!
We are now entering the period of the season when there really is no easy games. Lots of teams down the bottom will park the bus and hope for a valuable point, whereas draws are no good for the top teams. The maximum we can achieve is 84 points, I think we'll get 71 points

West Ham - 3 points, Arsenal - 1, Liverpool 1, Fulham 3, Swansea 1, Everton 3, Chelsea 0, Man City 1, Wigan 3, Southampton 3, Stoke 1, Sunderland 3.
Arsenal's CL trip to Bayern is just 3 days before they go to Swansea A. Could be a key week that one for them to slip up. Hopefully they will drop points regularly and a final day at Newcastle may be a trip too far.
Our best hope is to drag city and Chelsea into the fight, with our run of games we will drop points unless someone other than Bale scores. Hope you're reading this Levy.
Spurfect - two wins against Everton, Citeh and Chelsea?!?! Crikey thats optimism. We aint won at Sbridge for decades, and Citeh have stuffed us at WHL. Best we can hope for is a win against everton, and possibly two draws (realistically!). We need to win the Wigan, Stoke, Sunderland, Wet Spam fixutres to create the gap to afford us the luxury of facing the tough fixtures with the freedom to give it a go and less pressure
One more than the 5th team, to get third we need one more than the 4th team and so on, apart from Man Utd's position which is nailed on, calculating possible points is to hard to call, proved last night when L'pool dominated WBA and lost 2-0, it's a funny old game.
spu 4 life
84 points and Europa league sounds great to me that's what we should be aiming for!
Loving the optimism gibbonfc, of course we need to try and win each game.

At this moment in time it is in our hands, let's keep it that way.
I think 6 wins, 4 draws, and 2 losses, will see us in 4th with 70 points, goons could easily end up with 68-69 points from their remaining fixtures, Liverpool and Everton won't get past 65 points. Winning against our rivals at home is a must.
anyway we won't get 4th, we will finish 2nd
spu 4 life
Why are we thinking of 4th, we should be thinking about 3rd or even 2nd. Its possible. COYS.
Yido T
difficult to guess the points totals but one thing for sure is we have Arse rattled that's why their talking about it....we just need to focus one game at a time and try to squeeze as many points out of each and every one of those games....if we play to our ability we should get 4th....just hope injuries and ref decisions go for rather than against us (as usual)
I don't think it's any coincidence that Pools good run comes to a halt with Sturridge need teeth to hope Ade starts firing...
Was looking at the run ins last night for all chasing CL teams mainly arse us chels and city.with the way the team as been playing and some run ins i am not filled with confidence.that little bit of luck needs to stay until the very end of the season!clanch cheeks and hold tight time coming again!.
Little spur
Its tricky to guess how many points we will need but for a final 12 games it will be testament to our progression under AVB and the following of his philosophies if we dont lose a game from now until the end of the season. Chelsea and Citeh are going through a real sticky patch and yes they won't last forever but teams below Spurs have taken points of them notably the Saints and OPR. As long as we remain focused and dont take our eye off the ball then in believe we can aim for a very high finish. Oh and COYS
Lady Yid
I agree with Little Spur. We're not exactly convincing at the moment (QPR, Leeds, Norwich spring to mind) and our run in it incredibly difficult. Those wishing for 2nd (and even 3rd), be realistic. We've got a massive fight on our hands to stay in 4th. We've got to go to Anfield, Stamford Bridge and typically dont travel well to Upton Park or the Brittania. Then we have Citeh, Arsenal and Everton at home. All games where we'll need to play much better than what we are if we're going to avoid defeat. Not being a pessimist, but i think 2nd (and even 3rd) are people with their heads in the bale clouds, and not actually looking at how we're playing rather than results... Hope im wrong!!
There are so many permutations but what I do know is it isn't a race for 4th it's a race for 2nd. Arsenal are 9 points behind City but will still be fancying their chances of 2nd, and so should we. Realistically we could be looking to overtake them the day they come to WHL. To do that we need to win our next two games for sure. City and Chelsea are full of discontent and in-fighting. We are not. We are the 2nd best team in the league at the moment; the form guide says so. We haven't lost in more than two months. Since defeat to Arsenal we have played 14 games, winning 9 and losing just one when we switched off against Everton. It's a fantastic record. Going out of the Cup did us a favour. Keep up a similar record over the next twelve games and we can achieve our goal of CL football.
Mattspurs yes your right it seems optimistic. However City are struggling for goals and we don't conceed to many lately. Couple that in with what will they have to play for. They should be safe for top 2 but with UTD running away with the title, when we play city they should be assured of a top 4 place with little left to play for. So could be got at. The same goes for everton. When we come to play them it could be too much ground to make up and they don't look so hot of late and have been struggling recently. Chelsea are better away from home then they are at home. There defense looks clueless and midfield is totally lopsided. We could 9 points from these games as all three sides will at least try to win the games. We play better against sides trying to win as opposed to trying to contain us. Defoe should be back for the arsenal game which straight away gives us attacking options and we suddenly don't look overly short. However this is spurs we are talking about and we could just as easily capitulate. But we need to be hopeful take it one game at a time. Winning breeds confidence and with every win it will grow and dent other teams. If we in our next two games. it will mean at least a 6 point gap from everton and 7 from arsenal and i think 7 points with 10 games to go will be too much for them as you think they would have to win 8 of remaining 10 to close that gap. and hope we totally collapse which i don't envisage as we seem to have a lot more determination and belief within the squad. Time Will Tell. Lets beat the hammers and have the same discussion next week
We're five points of second one point behind third and foour clear of fifth lets aim a bit higher then fourth for the moment at least?
Slurms McKenzie
Excellent post mattspurs
IF we beat the spammers and city chelsea draw, we will be 3rd place and 3 points behind 2nd with 11 to play. That sets us us up with a very good shot and our best ever finish. We need a few results to go our way and need some of our players to seriously step up, but its do-able.
dangerous game this, saying we will win here or draw there. On our day we can beat anybody but we can also lose to anybody, you seem to forget we are tottenham not barcelona. 70 points will be the target but i cant see us just losing one game from man city, everton, arsenal and chelsea. Not to mention stoke away, swansea away. Its a huge task but some of you think its in the bag already. I really hope your right but fear you are setting yourselves up for a massive fall ..... yet again !
hell yeah, forgot about liverpool away as well. Really difficult run in,cant see us in 4th at all after all that. Those of you saying 2nd or 3rd, wow, can i have some of what your smoking please? sounds mental, shame it just isnt realistic though isnt it !
If Arsenal think they can catch us then we should believe we can catch City. Simple as that.

The key is the timings of the games, if we play first we can put pressure on the others and vice-versa.
ghulamville - and your source is?? Twitter, Talk****, Gut-Feeling?
We need one more point (or goal) than the team in 5th. That is all.
Tottenham Hotcore
Ghulamville I read somewhere the other day that there wasn't a release clause in Bale's new contract but if there was I'm sure it would be set higher than a measly 38mill. Ronaldo went for 60m and Bale is as good as he was then.
Madrid are in chaos at the moment. Surely if you were Gareth Bale you'd wait a year and see who the new manager is and how they are doing?
Slurms McKenzie
Just keep winning and hope others drop points will do :)
No way they would have put a 38million release clause in Bales Contract. Just can not see Levy giving some1 an out like that and not for that amount. Release Clauses are normally much higher value then the players real worth. 38million sounds like the opening bid in a process that madrid know will go on a while. More importantly i don't think Bale is playing like a man who wants out. Modric went in to autopilot for the last few months of the season. All i hear from bale is about his and holtbys understanding and hoping he can help fire spurs to the Champions league. Doesn't sound like a player hoping to leave in 3 months time. Also people who are worried about us playing arsenal at home and everton at the lane etc. I think they will be more worried about having to come to play us at the lane. Also i'm yet to see evidence that Chelsea or Arsenal can win 8/9 out of their next 12. Win our next two and i think pyschologically top 4 will be ours. The Goons will be desperate and will not win 8/9 out of remaining 10 games. same as we won't lose 4/5 out of remaining 10 games. Time will tell. but lets not be too doom and gloom about this. looking at chelsea do you really think we can't beat them, or everton at the lane, or liverpool who have nothing to play for. Did we not beat them last season at anfield. I'm sure we did. people have faith. did a team we beat away from home not go to anfield and win 2-0 last week.
AVB said there is no release cause sp this must be bs.
Tottenham Hotcore
Lol the usual pessimists thinking they know it all after being proven wrong on nearly every count this season! Telling posters we can't beat this team and we don't have a good record against that team. How many games have we been unbeaten in the PL? Have we not seriously progressed from our early season misfortune? Do we not now have a competent manager proving u fools wrong each and every week? Silly boys... I predicted that we would be unbeaten for the rest of the season after the Sunderland match I think we are extremely hard to beat now.
I think we need 72 points to get 4th and CL.
I think we will beat Man City and Everton, and draw with Arsenal at home , draw with Liverpool away, and hopefully minimise any slip ups against lesser teams. We have had at least our share of the rub of the green so far, hope that prevails until the end of the season.
put it this way, if we don't think we can beat the teams around us, then why should we think we can finish 4th? I for one think we can beat Chelsea,everton and the arse. That's why I think we can finish 4th.
Think ahead to April's fixtures seems premature. We need Spurs to take care of business in the matches between now and then. At WHU, Skum at home, at Poo, Jol, at Wales. If we pick up 13 points out of this grinding out 1-nil, and 2-1 results, we'll be fine in April. Stumble in three of these matches, and April will be miserable. We need to pick up all three points when we play lower tier clubs. Steadily and without exception, we need maximum points vs. the lower tier clubs. No exceptions. No stumbles. We took four of a possible six vc Manure, so we have no excuse to stumble vs the Spammers and the like.
Total knobhead
We should be aiming for 2nd. The goal must be to catch City. When we played Arsenal, they were completely hemmed in until the red card. Chelsea did not out play us. Cech made two briliant saves. Friedel didn't. Cit did not outplay us. We could have won any and all of those games and we took 4 of 6 points from United. We are as good as anyone, we just need to continue to become more of a "team". I believe 7 more wins will do it. 8 more wins and we get 3rd. To make that easier, wins against Everton, Arsenal and Chelsea will pretty much put us in the driver's seat. There are no easy games for any of the clubs involved. Every game from now until the end of the season is a Cup Final. Nothing more. Third is in our control. One more slip up by City and 2nd could be in our control. Look after ourselves. We have not yet seen the best of Parker, BAE, Holtby, Dempsey, Adebayor, Sigurdsson, Walker so there is all sorts of room for optimism. Kaboul and Defoe should be back playing by March. The future is bright, the future is LillyWhite. COYS
We will get 4th and arsenal will win champs league, it would be hilariously painful!
We also need to tak in to account the FA Cup and the congestion that can cause. We ae not in it, so I'll be hoping for progression after replays for Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton and United with City to lose so that they have nothing to play for. Those further fixtures could be seriously kneecapping teams like Chelsea and Arsenal who still have Europe to contend with as well. Every extra game causes strain and stress on the squad. We need to take care of business against Lyon at home so that we can rest players for the second leg. The marthon continues. Target is 2nd and Europa. The League comes first though. COYS

Here's a quote from today's reports from Holtby, ""The team spirit is very high, that's why we win these tight games. It's fantastic to be here."

This team has some weaknesses, and we all know we haven't been scoring from central forward and scoring has been a struggle considering the chances. This is why I said, we need to win the 1-nil and 2-1 results and we've got to take maximum points from the lower tier clubs. But Holtsby tells us why we've been getting those wins since December 9th. This team is set up to get the three points from the worst teams, and that alone can position us to get into the CL. In the past, we've bled points against the WHU and Wigans and the like. We shouldn't do so this season and that is the key to ending up at top 4 club this season.

Total knobhead
"There has been some reports emerge which have suggested Real Madrid are planning a summer move for Tottenham Hotspurs Gareth Bale in a move estimated to be in the figure of 38 million. (sic)"

At that price tell 'em to naff off. Make it 83 million and we'll talk.

Total knobhead
tophobunty - Starting with Naughton and Verts on the bench got us 3 points against Newcastle. No problem with AVB's team selection. In fact I'm liking the fact he's prepared to change it to what he thinks is best for the individual game. We all have our best XI but a good manager has his best XI for individual games, a poor manager (eg:Harry) plays his best XI whenever possible and they burn out. When we play the likes of Stoke/West Ham I fully expect Dawson & Caulker over Verts, simply because of the physical aerial threat of the teams. Against Chelsea/Arsenal Verts will get the nod.
Love the release fee discussed but it's pure guesswork. No evidence at all exists about Tottenham EVER giving a contract with a release clause. Anybody even thinking Levy would do such a thing needs help or sectioning. Why do people eevn give credibility to a report that emanated from a Spanish paper known to be creative with facts. Blimey we are in danger of providing the oxygen for a rumour to gain credibility. Makes you want to give up!!!!!!
Total knobhead - Maybe the 38 also includes Ronaldo ;-)
Although I don't want to lose Bale, surely we have the best chairman in the world to ensure we get top dollar if he does go! Levy may not be everyone's favourite when spending but he certainly won't be giving Bale away either. When we have an asset Levy is who I'd want to handle the deal
I watched Goals on Sunday last Sunday morning with Chris Kamara. He was summariser for Sky at that game and he stated that Gareth Bale like homely life and that would NOT be eager to move abroad especially with a young baby/new mother (of it) to consider. He had had a good converstaion with him and was enjoying life at Tottenham. Suggest this agent fella sees an opportuntiy to raise his stock profile by having a quiet (not so quiet) word with our so called link club as some easy stirring/ money coming his way. I think the Bale family life will dictat this one. Oh and a certain Danny Levy of course.
COYS R US - Levy doesn't dictate anything, Bale has a contract, it's ENTIRELY up to him whether he moves, not Levy
I am amazed by the many who are saying we are struggling performance wise. What games are you watching? I say again, many of you expect us to play patsies every week, obviously. Guys this is the EPL simply the best league in the world. There is very little difference between the top 16 teams and even the bottom 4 are playing to survive. Very few teams are going to beat anyone BADLY! Also yes we should be looking at results, obviously! That's where points come from, not style. Ask Liverpool. Geez come to grips with the fact that we have a very good team, a very good manager/coach and we are gaining in confidence every week. 2nd is possible!
topho last 2 post on point!!!
8 points from arsenal, chelsea, city and everton. I think draw at swansea and stoke, and win the other 6 would leave us with 76 points, so its on at the moment. It took Arsenal 23 games to pass the 35 point mark (halfway), so they needed to match that in just 15 games in this half of the season, which i dont think they can do. Best chance to finish above them since last year. The problem with arsenal city and chelsea is that they can easily just win 8 in a row against any team, and we dont have that at the moment. Im judging avb from now onwards, cos it was this stage in the past two years where we fell apart
craig spur
top'....that's pretty much how i saw it, sat'. And yes, fingers crossed, another season from Bale, minimum. Think it largely depends on THFC progression. What we have a good progress further. We may even have established a "they fear us factor" which, now, is the time to capatilise and go onto win, win, home, our superiority. BUT ..i could be talking c**p. Maybe, we will see the answer thursday night. Let's smash them !!
"Total knobhead - Maybe the 38 also includes Ronaldo ;)," yiddyboy.

Then I'd drop my price to 80 million.

Total knobhead
Seriously, though, folks. Stop all this talk about Bale leaving. Big Karmic error. He's not the little Mo Fo, who was quite clear in trying to leave. Anyone have any credible evidence that Bale has said he wants to leave? Why are we supporting the idea then? Enough! Stop it now! Why add to such rumors? Would you run about speaking of how your wife is leaving for another man when there's not a shred of evidence to support the notion? Idiotic unless you want to be rid of her. I'll take it that everyone who writes about Bale leaving is responsible for increasing the likelihood that Bale is leaving. Sole exceptions will be those writing ironically.
Total knobhead
i don't believe we are that reliant on bale. AVB is better than that. We have a manager with an obsessive attention to detail. Bale is our best player so it makes sense to make him central to what we do. He will score goals when playing well, and AVB is getting him playing better than ever. if bale was injured, yes it would be a big blow, but AVB would set us up to compensate as well as possible. We have a really tough run in, much harder than arsenal's, but we do have a very good manager
We are going to need to get 70 points (minimum) to get top 4, which is on, if this shallow squad (no players to rotate with Bale or Lennon, and light up top as we all know!) can get through the remaining fixtures with no more injuries to key players. Luck will play a big part in the outcome, which we all know you cannot rely on if you are going to make the CL on a regular basis, and win silverware as well! Danny Boy's squad 13 seasons in, is still not strong enough! And money can't be the excuse because the club is owned and run by muti billionaires who haven't invested in that stadium either, so there can be no excuses! The best of Luck AVB! You going to need it!!!
yes pelebro' are probably right.....don't worry swop shop will begin in the summer. You may even see Mr.levy spend over 20mill'....and some progression on the stadium. BUT, till then Best to support and Praise what we have got. They might even surprise us and finish higher than what you might think.
I believe that 70 points minimum is necessary and I have us on 68 at the moment expecting no points from the City and Chelski games and one against the scum. These are the crucial games imo so need to do better than my predictions. It's all to play for so COYS.
Love totty

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