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Hooper to Spurs?

Hooper to Spurs?

There seems to be a lot in the press regarding Hooper and his apparent wish to come back to his boyhood club.

After watching the Celtic v Juve game the other night, I'm not sure he is of enough quality to play for us once we get to where AVB wants to be. He was certainly manhandled at every corner/attacking freekick Celtic had and didn't seem to know what to do about it. He was rarely involved in team play and didn't really get on the end of any forward play as far as I could tell from the TV screen.

Just wondering what other THFC fans on here thought about his performance. Would they want him playing for us next season? We'll see Lisandro López tonight, who we apparently offered 6mill euros for in January, and could compare them with each other. I know they'll both be on a one-off appearance but should give us some idea of which would be preferable for the way AVB wants our team to play.

Written by longtimespur

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Date:Thursday February 14 2013
Time: 2:04PM


He is good, but probably no better than Defoe. We need a real top quality striker now, enough of the £10m - £17M range, we need £20M+, or accept our place as the 4th/5th best team in England.
Tactically Challenge
14/02/2013 14:16:00
From the little I've seen he doesn't look to have enough. Having said that our whole attack is going to have to be looked at in the summer. Defoe is 30, Adebeyor is not really showing us what he did last season and Dempsey is really a second striker. We need at least three strikers to allow for rotation through the season, they aren't all going to be world class.
14/02/2013 14:21:00
I didn't watch the whole game, but I have seen the manhandling incidents. It would appear that Hooper wasn't the only one who didn't know what to do. You can include the Ref and the deaf, dumb and blind fellas that FIFA have seen fit to install behind the goals rather than accept the use of technology.
I've seen, heard and read nothing but good stuff about Hooper, and his SPL stats are tremendous. The question remains: can he do in the EPL what he has done in the SPL. Reports suggest that he would be keen as mustard to come to Spurs, which is no bad thing. Does AVB want him though? Nothing substantial would suggest so. I get the feeling that he, like Tactically Challenge, would rather wait and pay a little more for someone with a better pedigree. And, of course, a higher price tag.
14/02/2013 14:28:00
He maybe good but I don't think he's good enough. From what I've seen he doesn't link up/ hold up well or get on the end of the crosses that Bale whips across the box. Not for me.
14/02/2013 14:31:00
Non starter this, he's a decent player (even though was very poor on Tuesday), but not the quality we looking for.
14/02/2013 14:34:00
Talking of the press, i noticed how there trying to stir up trouble with Lloris being rested tonight. We need more pro spurs journos. Back on topic Hopper isn't good enough.
14/02/2013 14:44:00
Hooper's job on the corners was to try and impede Buffon. I actually thought he made a nuisance of himself against some very good defenders. He missed one chance that really he should have done better on but there really wasnot much supply in that game. His movement was good and he tried to play others in. Juventus are the best team in Italy and unfortunately a terrible defensive play in the first couple of minutes gifted Juve the lead. Always an uphill battle thereafter. Italians can close up shop like few others.

Is Hooper the up top lone striker we need? NO. Could he be as effective as Defoe? Probably and he is younger. But, assuming we get the striker we need, it does not really make sense to go out and replace one of the best impact subs in the PL. I suspect as this is just talk to get the offer he wants from Celtic. If he was what we wanted, he was available last month. COYS
14/02/2013 14:46:00
If he wasn't good enough in 2002, (yes, I know he was 14!) he's not good enough now. Rather have the agricultural Grant Holt, at least he's got EPL experience. No, Spurs should be looking at strikers a lot, lot better than Hooper. Time for Spurs to stop going for 2nd best & as the motto says, To Dare is To Do. If we don't "Dare" in the transfer market, then we won't "Do" it where it counts - on the pitch.

14/02/2013 14:57:00
peterballb - no one said anything about Hooper replacing Defoe...although Defoe does not have long left at a top 5 five club. I don't think that Defoe is one of the best impact subs either... Dzeko easily better off the bench. Lukaku was an awesome sub, and now starts. Hernandez is awesome off the bench. These guys change games when they come on. Defoe can be a great sub when you take the lead, anticipate that the opposition will try to attack you to equalise, bring on Defoe, and he picks them off by exploiting the space. As for Hooper, well he was linked due to his past, and the fact that we come across as being beggars and not choosers. This is not the case. Our lack of striking talent is borne out of Levy getting cushy deals to re-sign Defoe, Keane. Then the refusal to give Harry any cash, so the Ade loan, and Saha short deal came around. Then we changed manager, and the management was more concerned with replacing the outgoings of Modders and VDV, plus King retiring. This summer I expect 2 strikers to be signed - or at least one of the youngsters to be promoted to senior to join the signing of one main striker.
14/02/2013 15:08:00
Spuds-U-Like - I could say that about Kevin Prince Boateng....and now he is an AC Milan regular... The earlier in the career it is, the harder it is to tell. Arsene Wenger finds it incredibly hard to spot good young players in various positions for example....GK, CB, up front. Spurs have not been good in identifying young striker talent for some time....Nick Barmby...?
14/02/2013 15:16:00
Segueing effortlessly from TonyRich's comments about our summer purchases, who do we think it'll be? There was some idle talk this morning on SSN about Cavani going to Man City in the summer for a paltry £57m, with Dzeko being flogged to make room, and to pay lip service to the FFPR. That seems to me to be the perfect situation for Levy to take advantage of and to land us with a really good striker, but one who, I feel, still thinks he has a lot to prove in England.
14/02/2013 15:27:00
Fair point Tony, but I still don't think he's good enough for Spurs. Who else apart from Norwich are interested in him? No, as I said, we should stop trying to gazump the likes of Norwich for players they're interested in & compete with the top clubs for players of real quality. If we don't get them, it's not the end of the world. Unless you try, you don't get players like the RVP's of this world by looking in the corner shop, unless you stumble across that young rough diamond. Finding one of those there is as rare as finding a Picasso in the local flea market.

If you don't aim higher, you won't get any higher.

14/02/2013 15:33:00
wicked post Spuds, agree 100%
14/02/2013 15:53:00
Spuds - Just because other teams are not in for a player does not mean they are not good enough. There was only us and a half-hearted Wenger in for Holtby. By all accounts, we were the only team that made a bid for Damiao.
14/02/2013 16:06:00
Maybe so darkenvai, but I think the principle I make is a valid one as I think you'll get more misses than hits competing for players with the likes of Norwich mate. Aren't we better than that now? We don't need to shop for players like Zamora or Raziak any more, we should be able to get the likes of a Benzema or Dzeko now, considering where we are. We are not a mid table side any more.

14/02/2013 16:14:00
TonyRich, have to disagree completely tere. Dfoe is a great impact sub. More goals from the bench than any other. Last season, in that role he scored at the highest rate per 90 minutes of his career. Dzeko, is he better? Well sure, but then so would Aguero. The thing is Dzeko does not want to do that role and Defoe would have to accept it. Lukaku wants to start too. You can't have it both ways. If Defoe wants to play every game, he will play for a team outside of the top 7. If he wants to play for a top club, it will be in a defined role. At his age he would probablyaccept that. Hooper, Dzeko, Lukaku etc are not coming to sit. Cushy deals for Keane, Defoe? How so? We paid a lot for Keane (sure Liverpool still owed us money but it essentally became a loan with us taking back huge salary and throwing away our profits on Keane). he was done within 12 months but stayed on the wage list because he wouldn't go. Defoe we paid a fair chunk for as well. The Pompey had no money crap is a red herring as wages and transfer fees are all first charges and do not get paid out at reduced levels. We paid for Keane and Defoe what we could have paid for Suarez and Falcao. Brilliant talent scouting by Harry made even more acute by signing crouch who was paid by us to leave just two years later. Harry spent 45M on strikers and bought average, crap and crap. So, that Levy refused to allow Harry to buy forlan, as he wanted, is kudos to Levy. We'd still be saddled with that one, Ferdinand, Cole and Nevile if it was Harry's choice. Hooper was not signed because Hooper is not wanted. He is not the up top lone striker we need. Signing him would have given us a player for the next 5 years who would have been a sub. Doumbia, Osvaldo, Negredo are all better. I'd prefer we went down the Son, Aspas, Dzagoev road myself. Better cover and all versatile attackers.

I doubtr we'll sign two strikers unless Ade wants out and there is abuyer for him. He still gets subsidized wages next season. It is only in th extra year where his wage bill will be reasonable for a buyer. Why sell Defoe? Who's going to perform that role? Dempsey perhaps, but in a one striker system, how many strikers do we want on the payroll? I expect we will sign one striker and perhaps a winger that can also play as striker, but the striker will be an up top lone striker that will suit a 4-5-1, 4-3-3 where none of our current strikers do. COYS
14/02/2013 16:23:00
I don't think that it is the price tag that stops Spurs buying so called marquee players. It is the reward structure that seems to be the obstacle. It's easy to say get rid of two unwanted players and pay someone double but it sets the precedent that causes wage drift which is irreversible.
Love totty
14/02/2013 16:30:00
Spuds-U-Like, all well and good but who are the strikers you are mentioning? There is already talk of City spending 62M on Cavani with Aguero going to Barca for big money. Bayern are said to be looking at paying around 100M for Suarez and Falcao. All of the top strikers seem to be in play and not a one is affordable by Spurs on the wage level. I don't see City moving Dzeko unless they buy 2 strikers and ifthey do, I'd much prefer we went in for Guidetti. We ned to look at players who will fit in our salary structure and that is not going to be players that are already top strikers in top leagues. Younger players like Guidetti, Arnautovic, Aspas, Son, Mitroglou, Castaignos is where we should be looking and if we are to throw a lot at one player, I'd suggest Doumbia before a player like Leandro, who Inter now seem interested in and will make an offer that we will refuse to match. It's just how it is. As I said above, if Ade gets going, I'd prefer we just went in for Son and Dzagoev and kept Ade and Defoe. We don't need to overpay and will probably not be able to do it given all the rumblings from RM, Barca, PSG, Anzi, Bayern, Chelsea and City not to mention AC, Juve ad Inter.

It's going to be a summer with huge numbers. Get in early, get Son and Dzagoev and then wait and see if there are any great deals to be had on players like Castaignos, Aspas, Arnautovic. Who knows? I do know we will not pay outside of our salary structure and will not pay over the odds. If Spurs fans don't see that yet, thy they really ought to watch closer. There is a clear pattern. COYS
14/02/2013 16:40:00
Having watched the game, he got pushed around @ every corner, Celtic huffed and puffed all over the park, but missing was the ''waiters'' he never had any service to get onto. So i would not worry to much about his performance, because it was not his fault. His a goalscorer for sure, but does and this is who matters AVB think his good enough, he will have someone in mind and that STRIKER wil arrive in the summer, question is WHO?
spu 4 life
14/02/2013 16:41:00
love totty, exactly. You can't call Bale World Class and then pay a striker who is less so more. At least not if you hope to keep Bale around. Bad wage precedents kill clubs. COYS
14/02/2013 16:42:00
Spuds - the fact that Norwich were desperate for his signature doesn't have any bearing on Hooper's quality. Poorer, less fancied clubs need to cast their nets wider. It doesn't follow that if they are after a catch that it must perforce be crap. If we'd tried to buy Michu, we'd have been competing with Swansea. That doesn't change the fact that he was a top buy. Like you, I'd love to see us buying the Dzekos and the Benzemas of this world, but contrary to what you say, we still aren't the sort of club that they naturally gravitate to. We need to be looking for next great thing. I'm not saying that Hooper is, but he could be. Wiser heads than ours will need to decide whether he would sink or swim by taking the step up to the PL.
14/02/2013 16:43:00
Nope.....not for me.......Not two footed enough and no real electric pace. To enhance our squad and challenge the top clubs....better quality, needs to be added and a few need to be moved on. Hooper wouldn't be on my spurs possibles list.
14/02/2013 16:52:00
Hooper is not the striker we need, nor the one AVB wants. If he was then we could have easily got him in Jan IMO. We need a complete number 9, A Drogba basically. It will be hard to find that striker which has the quality that we need that we can also fit into our wage structure, but it will not be impossible. And contrary to some peoples belief, we do not have to spend 20M+ to get this type of striker.
rahn DMC
14/02/2013 16:56:00
Cheeky £12m bid for Michu?
14/02/2013 18:42:00
He is not good enough. End of. We need to give Ade loads of love. If he can turn it on in the games remaining then he is the top striker we need. Getting him firing could be AVBs biggest job. If he can hit top form I do not think that there are many better strikers in the league. But it is all ifs with Ade.
14/02/2013 20:17:00
Gomis to Spurs???
15/02/2013 06:23:00
Why DbnSpur? I didn't see much from him last night to properly judge mate, & what I did see wasn't all that great. Be interesting to see what he can do next week though.

15/02/2013 08:33:00
IMO his work rate was more than Ade's, he used his sze effectively and, whilst did get much opportunity, was always a threat. Jan was lucky not to have conceded a penalty to him
15/02/2013 11:04:00
True Dbn, I will admit that he does look like he can hold his own in the Prem, so as I said, it's going to be very interesting to see what he can do next week.

15/02/2013 11:56:00
The problem Hooper had v Juve was nothing to do with "knowing what to do about getting man handled", it was the fact that the ref had left his white stick and Labrador in the dressing room. I think if we could nick him for £6-7M he would be a decent addition. He is a decent finisher, is big enough, strong enough, and quick enough, and would score his share with us. Incidently Laudrup ain't daft enough to shift Michu for £12M it would take £15M+ and then I doubt he would part.
15/02/2013 14:37:00
Love Totty, why doesn't wage drift occur in the likes of the rest of the top 6 clubs. They all have top earners getting double what some of the others get, there are no standard salary agreements, that's why individual players and their agents negotiate individual contracts and there is no collective bargaining.
15/02/2013 14:47:00
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