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Kings of North London?

Potentially, seven points clear on Sunday and for many, Spurs have the better team and squad, but at what point are we really No1 in North London, with the footballing world?

Such is my feeling of Tottenham team domination, that I would only see Wiltshere as a definite starter in a combined team, though I'm sure that there are arguments over the likes of Walcott and Carzola, but at this time, is there anyone else that is a serious contender? You feel that Arsenal are still declining slowly, but surely, but Spurs seem to go marchin' on, as the famous song states. Talk of spending £70m and having £123m in the bank, is all well and good, but there are so many hole's to fill, that you feel that would be the minimum requirement and even then, revamping a side is no guarantee of a fix, especially with Wenger's recent record of buying.

I have said for some time, that Wenger has got too obsessed with the beautiful player and forgotten that every team needs a bit of ugly and nasty and though his side have the quality to beat almost anyone on the game, even that is a declining statement, because a couple of years ago, you knew they had the ability to beat anyone, not almost all. Bayern taught them a football lesson, but you do feel that Wenger has built a side that would have struggled to have got past any of the last sixteen in the CL. Something that was again, expected in previous seasons, unless they were drawn against the very best. In all honesty, I'm not claiming that Tottenham would have done better, but just considering that we could have faired equally, is a statement that the gap between the rivals has not just closed, but is increasingly opening the other way.

Up to this season, it was difficult to claim that Spurs were now the top team in North London, as even in perhaps having the better team on paper and also perhaps having the upper hand on recent results. Arsenal still finished above us last season, whilst they also hit us for another five goals in winning at the Emirates in November. Sure we can claim a Harry induced capitulation or an Adebayor blamed red card, however the facts are in black and white, and even a convincing win this Sunday, wont yet cement us as top dogs, only stealing their top four spot at the end of the season will give us that initiative, but for the long term, you still feel we have to do it season upon season and see out neighbours suffer, as we have for so long.

It may well be that until Spurs have a new stadium, continued superiority over Arsenal in the league, silverware and CL qualification that we can actually say we are now the Kings of North London, but currently I am happy just to enjoy the moment and keep my powder dry for the time when I feel that we hold the upper hand over a sustained period. All too often have we felt that we were the better, only to fall flat on our faces, as somehow they nicked glory, and given us more failure and frustration, but maybe, just maybe, this is the weekend and season, when we at least get the upper hand and if not secure an unquestioned No1 status, at least prove we hold the initiative and look the most likely to steal the crown...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday February 27 2013

Time: 9:09AM

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A lot of our players will need to up the game on Sunday if we want all 3 points. I personally believe Arsenal's weakness if their GK. So many pundits rate him, yet I believe he was errors in him every game. AVB needs to make sure everyone's head is in the right frame of mind too. No stupid Ade moments
Now dont get me wrong here, im very happy with our results and position in the table and the strong minded why we dont give up but,we are not playing well, giving away the ball too much and speed of attack seams to be slower, but when i watched the wet spam match time and time again Parks and dem hold on to the ball too long, there was no quick release, or do i want too much,coys
No spurs50yes. It is true. Too many pirouettes from parker and Dembele. Not enough give and go. Would be great to see carroll or Holtby in there, but saying that it is difficult to change a winning team, so I wouldn't do it just yet. AvB has some tough selections to make on Sunday
Its really about being top dogs in London, not North London. Spurs Arsenal and Chelsea are locked in a struggle that could end with them finishing in any order. On paper Chelsea look to have the best squad, but that Abramovich factor seems to be undermining the manager once more. Arsenal look decent going forward while weak in defence. We are much stronger at the back but have limited options up front. If I was looking at Arsenal players who might get into our team I would mention Giroud, seemingly not rated by many Arsenal fans but a much more convincing centre forward than Adebeyor this season. We have two advantages in this run in. The first is obviously Bale, lets hope he keeps playing like this until the end of the season. The second is the manager, AVB seems to have added a level of organisation and mental toughness that hasn't been there in the past. Sunday will make things a lot clearer. Lose and Arsenal have virtually caught us. Win and we are seven points clear, they are under severe pressure with a game against Everton up next.
Can anybody tell me why Vertonghen played LB, and is lennon tired or just a bad game, because i think hes playing hes best football this year and hes tracking back has been a delight to see, coys
We cannot say we are kings of North London until the final day of the season. However, should we finish top 4 and Arsenal not, we will see a sea-change in the superiority stakes. In the early 90s when the TV money started pouring in, Arsenal and Man United were the two teams who took advantage; pouring money into stadiums and players and reaping the rewards almost instantly. Its taken oligarchs millions from City and Chelsea to even try and compete, and financial prudence and a lot of nouse from Levy to get us even mentioned in the same breath. But with the additional Sky money, the decline of the game financially in Italy, Holland and France to name but a few, the financial meltdown of everyone bar the top two in Spain, finishing in the CL places this term would see us right for the next five to ten years. It's imperative. This season is THE turning point in European football. We either go with the European elite, or we get left behind. Win on Sunday and I think we are almost there.
Personally I don't like all this bs talk about bragging rights and kings of north london based on one game. As often before much has been said about our superiority but it has yet to materialise on the permanent solid basis. Bale couldn't resist but opened his mouth yet again. What for? Do it AFTER the match. Why deliberately set yourself up for ridicule if things go wrong in one particular game? And this is how it should be approached. One game at a time - do NOT underestimate le arse. All these "none of their players would fit in our squad" talk is paper only. Some fans have a short memory: 5:2, anyone? I agree when someone said here we should up our game. Winning over scum convincingly and emphatically should be a crushing blow for them at a right time. So I would say go for it, lads. Take this match seriously and produce a fine effort of self-commitment, concentration and discipline. And like I said before I expect a brilliant individual performances from certain players. Adebayor should redeem himself for the first derby and indeed the whole season.
We'd need to finish above them more than once to be able to claim supremacy. If we do it this year and they miss out on CL football it could be the catalyst to spark it all. Look at Liverpool now as a case in point. Since they missed out in 09/10 they've been nowhere, and only now showing signs of recovery. Spurs have treated CL football as a bonus (out of necessity) and can cope without it and maintain our level and still improve. Liverpool obviously couldn't; if arsenal miss out we will see if they can.
I truly believe Wenger has had his time. Admittedly, he had a golden period in the late 90's early 00's when his continental approach (diet, training etc) was new to England and that gave his team a competitive advantage. Credit to him for that. But i also believe he was lucky in other ways. He inherited George Graham's back four which he left alone (but for the addition of Judas) and since they all retired he has failed miserably to add steel and organisation to his defence over the last 7 or 8 years. He also got very lucky with Henry who almost single-handedly carried them through seasons (& many games against us) and Viera who were both bought cheap but turned out to be world beaters. His luck seems to have run-out in un-earthing world-beaters and he has proven he has no idea how to spend big money and he's too stubborn to do it anyway. They have not won a single trophy for now 8 years!! Although by default they have been superior to us because we haven't done anything either apart from the 1 League Cup in 2008. I'm hopeful times are changing for good this time. My instinct in the summer was Villas Boas had it, he just needed the support of the fans and the media monkey off his back. Above all else, we are a team, a squad, a club moving in the right direction over the long-term with a proper plan and a proper winning mentality. Winning really can have a snow-ball effect within a team environment. We are getting that now. The huge celebrations on the pitch between management/players and fans alike after the WHU and Lyon games said a lot to me. Compare that to the huge pressure Wenger is under and the dis-unity at Chelsea and its looking good. Keep it going. 3rd place in the league and automatic CL qualification for next season and a famous win in the UEFA Cup in Amsterdam in May please. Then we really can shove it up them! Still a long way to go but we have the spirit, know-how and mentality to do it. We'll see. I intend to enjoy it whatever happens.
no not yet Kings. Arsenal have had the hex over us for years now. never worse than the time when they leapfrogged into 4th on the last of the season; or overtook us for 3rd last year. like a boxer doesn't win a fight with just one punch, it's not just about this game, or even finishing above them this season. we need consistency, staying power, ascendancy over a period 3-4 seasons - to be Kings. we need to not get altitude sickness at being in third place now, and we need to demonstrate a steel and determination and resilience that traditionally we haven't had at crucial junctures. maybe AVB is now instilling that power and unwillingness to budge - i hope so. if we continue as we have been doing, we'll finish third. COYS
I hate to admit it but Wiltshire and Corzola I would take in an instant. I'm hoping they have a crap game next Sunday! It’s hard to respect your main rivals…especially the gooners ha… but they have been up there for a while now. We can’t claim that title for this season until we have won a cup… or finished above them and the chavs.
I wonder if AVB will keep Verts at LB, as Caulker and Daws did play really well the other night (despite conceding 2 goals). I think Lennon needs to up his game before Siggy gets a chance. Maybe the same could be said for Parker if Holbty and Demspey are both fit, with Dembele playing deeper...
Nice post jod!
King of the North!...? when you play the game of thrones you win or you die! That's what we have to do this week - win! Arse have an easier run in if we lose we'll probably be the nearly men again..
Some balanced views by Spurs fans here. Oxfordspur, as I have said before, seeing which individuals from the two teams would be selected in a combined team is a highly subjective matter. If you dont think Cazorla is not better than Holtby or Sigursson or Vermaelen is not better than Gallas or Kaboul, or Giroud is not better than Ade, Bacary Sagna is not better than Caulker, Arteta is not better than Parker or Sandro, Walcott is not better than Lennon then it is your view and many Arsenal fans would beg to differ.
We beat the Arsenal and Chelsea lose. It's Christmas!!!!!
Caluker is proving to be better than Sagna this term imo. I really rated him last season..on par with Walker. But he (and some say Walker) isn't performing like he did last season, maybe due to injury but even so. Giroud i rate but hes only been here 5 mins and hasn't Fully broke into the Arsenal 11 has he. Walcott is being used through the middle like Bale is at the moment for us, and he isn’t better than him. Kaboul has been out all season so you can’t use him! Arteta vs Sandro? No contest sorry. It’s all about opinion right…but you have to take into count that we have won more games this year, have and have racked up more points!. COYS.
Spurs50, there appears to be a common misconception that we 'are not playing well' or we are 'getting results, but not the performances'. This is completely untrue. We are playing a controlled possession game. Dragging the opposition about. Knackering them out and strangling them! We are adapting our tactics and personel depending upon the opposition. We are practicing the details. We are planning properly for each game. We look a proper team now, a proper unit. Its slow, slow, quick, quick, slow football but with a massive cutting edge. Look at the amount of shots on target we get against most teams! We English continue to persist with this mentality that unless we are doing everything at 100 miles an hour and 'fighting for every lost cause' we are not playing well. That style of football is why we never won nothing since '66 but we never learn! And on top of all the preparation we have a proper winning mentality now. We need to create a snow-ball effect of success, a winning culture. Not picking and choosing competitions because we want to focus on earning CL money. That's not how it works. Look at how inspired the lads were on Monday night after the Lyon game. Imagine how inspired they would be next season if they went on to win a major Euro trophy! Better than simply throwing away matches to 'rest-up' or play cards around Spurs Lodge! Its a mentality that Man United have and Man City and Chelsea bought. We are a long-way from getting there but for the first time in years (ever?) i can see a method of what we are trying to do.
Walker really needs to up his game against Podoldsky. And we need bale to play on the left because we will need either holtby or dempsey to work defensively in the middle. They have a good team and we shouldn't underestimate them. They have to win it, I hope we play compact and destroy them on the break. That said I fear once we are in front we will drop deep and concede.
I think (and I know it's all conjecture) that the combination of Spurs and Arsenals best elements would be dynamite. We (Bale aside) don't offer enough threat or variety going forward but are proving a tough nut to crack at the back. Whereas Arsenal look consistently vulnerable at the back but dangerous as hell up top. Giroud, Wiltshire, Cazorla, and Podolksi would all make it into our team in my opinion. I think the 5-2 this season flattered them hugely, as I believe we are the closest in terms of quality as we've been in my 30+ years as a Spurs supporter. And it's a bit of a toss-up as regards calling Sundays result. Heart says a good convincing win, head says a nervy draw. Deltaforce, excellent post by the way. Come on you beautiful Spurs!!!
This game is massive, biggest in recent North London history. Last year at their place our season was destroyed, not only did we lose but they won changing their confidence and momentum. As Shedboy said in these games you either win or die, time for AVB to make his name, 4 points from le scum and chelski games and we'll be the pride of London let alone just the north!!! COYSSSSS!!!!
Spurs50years I believe that AVB chose Verts at LB to give us the advantage in the air on Corners against Carroll. Because WH had no speed on the right that was ok and worked to nullify Carroll's threat on corners and free kicks. Against Arsenal he will likey revert to Daws and Verts at CB and BAE at left as BAE is faster than Verts and will have to stay on Walcott.
Is this the 3rd or 4th season we've had an article like this only to find us looking up the table come season end. 11 games left. Anything can happen.
Tottenham Hotcore
matt keeping verts against walcott would be suicidal
RamsesV, good point but if Walcott is through the middle he may not be facing verts. Last years BAE would be one of the first names on the team sheet. Still love him tho, he'll come good, but i wonder if he'll be just as much as a risk on current form. Cant remember who the scum play on their right if Walcott is thru the middle... Agree that Verts was vital for WH's ariel bombarment!
Top post StillRickyVilla - You can luckily win a game or two but not weeks and weeks of the similar success. So many people comment on how much slower we are compared to last season, I for one can see the tactics that have been applied. You're spot on, we are dominating possession, having more shots etc..

The most improved thing is the mentality of the players, in the last few minutes of the game I'm normally biting my fingers praying we'll hang on, now we have a unit that has Fergie mentality written all over it. A "not over until the final whistle". I think the first few months of the season AVB was installing his philosophy, now the players understand and more importantly are applying it. It's a joy to watch us play 90+ minutes, rather than 70 minutes and then apply a backs to the wall approach and try to hang on.
We must start as favorite's because we have a player called Gareth Bale! We are also the stronger team physically, but we are a long way from being called 'kings of North London', even if we win, because they have come above us, 12 ENIC seasons on the spin... If we can finally finish above them this season it will be wonderful, but no where from us being called kings of North London. Let's talk about that in a few seasons. Winning the Europa this season will also help big time, because they have won nothing for a long, long time...
If I had a choice of losing to arse this week, but finishing third/ fourth at seasons end, I would happily accept the title of 'queen of nth London'...with all it's connotations...
van der haart lane
Darkenvai, i don't agree. I can see what is being implemented. It is controlled, effective, attacking football. Don't get me wrong, we are not 'there' yet (jeez we are only 6 months into what i hope is a long, long Villas-Boas era and we need 2 or 3 extra quality players at least to make things really work) but i can see what we are doing. It really depends on each game, each opposition and each circumstance. I believe we have the capacity to adapt to each given situation. Compared to a completely gung-ho, just run at 100 miles per hour for the entire 90 minutes style of football it may appear to the critic as a slightly stilted style of football. But then we run out of gas quickly, get picked off by more savvy opposition, there's no plan B and we won't ever win anything. It depends on what people want.
We need a revolution before the coronation. This season should be viewed as the start of an era, until we win regular cups, challenge for the league and compete regularly abroad we haven't really achieved anything yet. I'm not trying to undermine our achievements so far, but there is still a hell of a lot of work to do, Arsenal have only made the job easier.
on present form cazorla, wilshere and giroud would be definite starters, walcott or lennon would be pretty even although the former would have to accept the wing, vermaelen is ahead of vertonghen in the belgian team, while i would kill to have options like podolwski and oxlaide-chamberlain on the bench right now. they still have plenty of players who can hurt us, and lets face it we haven't finished above them once since wenger was there. the fact that they have sustained their dominance without spending is the worrying thing because they can spend a lot more than us and their financial position is just getting stronger as the emirates debt gets paid off. I don't anticipate being able to crown ourselves kings for a long time yet, I just really hope we beat them on sunday and finish above them for once
Until we win the Prem a few times, make top 4 every season and take back our rightful place as FA Cup owners (who let other teams have a loan of it from time to time), then we don't even come close. I think we're the best club in the world, but it's got nothing to do what we've achieved on the pitch in recent decades, so I think bragging rights should wait a few years, eh?
Verts played against wet spam because his better in the air than BAE, saying that, had he tracked Joe Cole and tackled him in a more forceful way, the second goal could have been stopped. BAE will return at left back for this game as sure as eggs are eggs. Both sides hand in team selection at the same time, knowing if Giroud is up top or Walnut, will only become clear when AVB receive's the arse team. Respect them, don't fear them, others have got results against them, why can't we?
spu 4 life
Rumour mill Spurs turned down the bid from Anzi for Kaboul, but are in talks over Bentley, after receiving a bid from AZDA.
spu 4 life
I suppose we could see Corzola left or Right, Wenger keeps playing his team in all sorts of formats. Walcott started in the middle was pushed out on the right later in the game against Bayern, and they looked better for it (Walcott looked *****ed off ha). They have that option. With Wiltshire in they can pretty much swap all 3 around as they wish. AVB will know this! I think we can beat them with the quality we have though. Agree about Ekotto coming back into the team for this one, he does have more pace and will help going forward. And I wonder how Corzola will be initialized this time..he was pulling the strings from the middle in our last game but has not been used there recently?. Hope we can keep him snuffed in any case. Bale is also on fire and we need him on top form, if he is on the left then Ekotto can stay a little more disciplined. They haven’t met Holtby yet and Ade did score against them last time.
Darkenvai, the comfortable, runaway victories will come as long as we stick to a process and properly plan for each game. Which we are doing. It will come. Just need a bit more quality of player in certain areas.
The other thing is its not 'luck' when certain teams seem to win late on. We talk about Man Utd having this ability. Its not about winning 'comfortably' from the point of view of scoring 4 goals in the first half - although that would be nice! Its about sustained and controlled pressure until the opposition eventually concede through pressure, tiredness, mistakes or sheer amount of opportunities created. Both the Lyon and WHU games were great examples of a team pummelling the opposition for the entire 2nd halves until eventually something gave. Both victories were thoroughly deserved - it doesn't matter whether the decisive goal is scored in the 1st or 90th minutes!
SRV - not sure i agree with your regarding our master game plan. We're winning games at the moment due to the brilliance of Bale - not the genius master plan. Just my view...
Two or three discussions in one are going on here, so I'll try to deal with them as separate entities - and then join them as a summary. 1. Wilshere would walk into our team, Walcott would probably be better to have than Lennon - because he could wander and score more regularly. Our back four of Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen and BAE are more consistent, tho' on previous seasons Vermalen would replace Daws. LLoris any day for me. Sandro is a beast and a must. Bale walks in as does probably Defoe. Then you're left between Cazorla or Dembele further forward - probably Cazorla. 2. The Title Kings of North London is an annual election dictated simply by most points won - talk of stadium size, training facilities are somewhat irrelevant beside this point. 3. The relative mobility issues are as clear as day - the gap has been narrowed on a consistent basis over the last 6 years - just look at the league tables. 4. Our style of play has changed - it is more versatile - it is not all hell for leather pace - it also now has an element of patienece when the quick attack is not likely to be productive - more likely speculative. Modric would have been brilliant in this style - but he has gone. Given the change that took place at the club up to deadline day, the team has adapted and integrated very well - and the credit for that should be the managers. It is easy to say that we need to spend money on a striker and creative midfielder/winger - I agree! I am however happy to wait for the right player for 5 months than end up with the likes of Saha, Nielson, Raziak or another Bentley.
Mattspurs, yep and that is the typical media opinion trotted out on crap like Talksport. It is a media misconception. It is the cumulatative effect of team-play that wins games. It doesn't matter where the decisive goal comes from. Caulker could have had a hat-trick of headers, Ade had an open-goal, Siggy hit the post and Bale had 2 great long-range efforts, one tipped over, one went in. There were other opportunities for others. I think 20 odd shots on goal? Bale happens to have been the man who hit the net in the last few games but the team performance is the decisive thing.
SRV - good point mate, yeah see where your coming from.
darkenvai, Of course I chat on about ENIC down the pub. And Ive still got all my teeth! You see, the vast majority of Tottenham fans have the same feeling as me about ENIC, having the worst trophy per season percentage of any THFC owners in over half a century, and ENIC's total failure to seat 30,000 (plus) loyal Spurs fans on the THFC season ticket waiting list. They are also totally aware that a 60 million investment into AVB's team instead of the possible 60 million sale of our star player Gareth Bale in the summer could turn us into Premiership champions! Success starts at the top, and our vastly rich owners, Lewis/Ashcroft/Levy (close to 5 billion quids worth) are just a small investment away from some long overdue success... Will ENIC take the 60 million plus million on offer for Bale this summer, or keep Bale and INVEST 60 million in AVB's team? This question is of vital significance to the history of THFC. Finally compete for the Premiership title, or will it be yet another 2 steps forward 3 steps backwards ENIC trick??? Interesting THFC debate, don't you think???
I seriously don't like the confidence being shown by our fans. It never ends well.
I agree with posters on here... spurs have to win cups and league titles & CL qualification (and play in it !) every year for min 3 years, more likely 5 years.. to be considered kings of North London. I really hope this is now going to happen... AVB is doing the job Levy asked him to do... COYS..
Block D Spurs
Wiltshire, we just need to enjoy the ride for what it is. At the end of the day you are right, this is football, and it is NOT an exact science and things can happen outside anybody's control. I'm just basking in the fact we appear to have players and a manager who are highly motivated to actually be with us for the long-term and make us successful. At the end of the day, that is good enough for me and i am willing to support them through the inevitable ups and downs along the way!
Anyone have an opinion on how many points it will take to finish fourth. I think 71 or 72pts. Six wins and two draws, or seven wins, out of 11 games. Gonna be close.
darkenvai, just thought I'd explain why Ive still got all me 'pearly whites'... ;-)
Wiltshirespurs -agree, "mind the gap" came back to bite us on the a$$!!
Yes, it's time to Become the Crowing Cockeral of N' London.....if not the whole of London ! If we show the same "Intent" as at westwham....then dare i say...i see a spurs win sunday ;-)
Shedboy-U watch Games of Thrones eh mate?I'd say wait till the end of the season and happily self declare Kings of London at least for this season And yeah Cazorla,Wilshere,Giroud and Walnut would walk into our teamsheet!
The run away victories win come with better quality in the team. A better striker, a better right winger, and more creativity in central midfield. AVB is doing the best with what he has. The Scott Parker, Dembele pairing is a not good enough.
Mainly Scott Parker.
I prefer threesomes ;-).....Holtby, Dembele, Parker..........Vertonghen, Caulker, Dawson.....but i don't think
Ye i prefer threesomes too, but not with any of that lot:).
asher - what u think about holtby doing the parker role and Dempsey / Siggy coming in?
siggy alongside Addy'....for me, for this one......helps to bring more energy to the front two. I see expected to make the subs bench......signs are good, for this one. is a funny ole game....another rollercoaster me thinks...but...again 3-2 win for spurs.
Well i have mentioned Holtby playing in central midfield. He is a classy little player, but having seen him a few times now, he is struggling to get up to speed with the PL. I thought this would happen from the off. He needs to be worked in gently and certainly not ready for CM. As it standing the Parker, Dembele pairing will have to do until the summer imo. Would think about starting Siggy next game if Dempsey is not fit.
I was calling for Parker to be taken off and Holtby going next to Dembele during a game on this site. But i don't think it would work all that well yet TBH.
I really hope so but it is 11 games too early to be making that prediction. If we are 4 points ahead with one game to go I will happily take the title for this year
Big Ron
Sigurdsson on his goal, the Arsenal game and CL ambitions
Honestly, I really don´t care if we are / will be Kings of North London or Kings of London at the end of this season. There are, for me, only 3 important issues today: 1) Win our next match 2) Finish 3rd even if Arsenal or Chelsea manage to finish 2nd so that we would avoid another nightmare or CL play-offs 3) What will Daniel Levy do next summer to keep Spurs as a top club ?? COYS !!!
pelebro, you are constantly knocking ENIC and you talk about an ENIC trick. Please explain what benefit is there to ENIC if our club does not fulfill its true potential?
pelebro, you are constantly knocking ENIC and you talk about an ENIC trick. Please explain what benefit is there to ENIC if our club does not fulfill its true potential?
Way too early for any such talk. Finish ahead of them on the table and we can have the debate. All that matters is three points on Sunday. No other focus. Let the play on tge pitch do the talking. COYS
Shedboy - You watch Game Of Thrones?
rahn DMC
Here we go again, another bollox "counting chickens" article. FFS didn't anybody learn the lesson of last year?? Every body taking the ***** out of the goons when we had a 13 point gap and who had the last laugh??? Some people never learn.
Those of you who have been voting on wet spam MOTM, well done Potagetz is upto 53%, keep voting when you log in on vital wet spam, we may well get him to 100% LOL
spu 4 life
Hot_Spur - don't be so scared of being confident or even taking the ***** out of Arsenal. We win some, we lose some - might as well have a laugh about it. Only a game.
asherthesmasher Points needed to get 4th. I don't know how many do you think chelski or le arse will need?
spu 4 life
Harry Kane scored for Leicester City last night !!!!
spu 4 life
When will we learn. Remember 'Mind the Gap', and that they have knocked 5 goals past us on the last two occasions we played them. No matter the excuses that is unacceptable. Reading this piece I got the same feeling reading the Standard's back page headline yesterday 'Arsenal Rattled'. Although they misconstrue Parker's comments that sort of thing does Wenger's team talk for him. It's about time we learnt our lesson, particularly after last year's 'mind the gap' humiliation. Save the gloating and statement's about powershifts for after the game when we've won.
Le Arse well go with Chezknee, Saggyna, Mertasackershi7, Wormmalehn, Gibbon, Walnut, Creosotela, Atexing, Wilshirebackbacon, Poldaski, Gnu
spu 4 life
So we have a thread about the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, followed by a thread that compares the parts of Spurs vs. the parts of Skum. A step backwards, I think. Yes, changing a part changes the whole, but there are no one-for-one comparisons that make total sense in football. Would Gareth Bale play the same part if he were inserted into the Skum for Sunday? (Oh what a horrible thought!) I think not. Would any of their players play the same role if inserted into our line up? Not likely. Anyway, such questions as to which of our players would do what if inserted into their lineup and visa versa have little to do with football and much to do with our imaginations. Sunday cannot come fast enough for my liking. I am relishing the opportunity to plow them under this Sunday. As for which team is the King of North London? Sunday is sufficient for me for right now. I'm not fretting about dynasties yet.
Total knobhead
darkenvai, diddleDoo That's ALL that insignificant intellectual pygmies like him can bang on about. He's got absolutely NOTHING else to contribute to the site, he can't back up his viewpoint with sensible, reasoned debate & so perpetually looks stupid & boring. Rabbit. Rabbit. Rabbit. Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, yap, yap, bunny, bunny, jabber!

SamParadise - I guess you were also confident last year when we were 13 points ahead. Having had you left ball extracted on that occasion you now offer your right ball on only a 4 point gap. As I said, some people never learn.
Pelebro you are funny, to say that Enic are our least successful owners is something you can never compare. We compete in a time where clubs can spend 100million a year more then us on wages. To compare our success now compared to a time when money wasn't a massive factor in the game and players played for the shirt, not for sponship money and a bigger pay packet is just ridiculous. Enic have stablised the club and made us much more competitive then we have ever been in a much harder time. Teams now have bigger squads. so the top clubs don't suffer from burnout of key players so its harder to compete on all fronts. Its not the 60's and 70's any more with very small squads and the players drinking with the fans after the game. Need to get real and realise its not easy to break into the next level.
failing to finish above arsenal again this season will be more humiliaiton for us. thank god im not living over there
I would agree with darkenvai's first posting, before we can claim superiority in Nth London until we have finished above Arsenal for several seasons, when we have started to emulate their CL record of 14 seasons in the competition, on the bounce. We are of course still going forward and upwards, whilst they maybe coming down, but lets win on Sunday, let's finish above them in the league, before we start crowing, because to start doing so prematurely, would make us look bloody silly if it all goes tits up.
rahn DMC- I have seen it, seemed the headline had a Game of Thrones connotation to me!!...just hope we're not King Joffrey!
I just hope the game is decided on the pitch not with a ref making a mockery of it...unless he sends off Wilshire for one of his many reckless tackles!!...;)
Spot on topho, have a greenie!

80llocks! Wrong forum!

Have to go with Frank and Darkenvai on this one. Anyone else starting to get a sense of Deja vu. I remember similar articles around this time last year and alot of us Spurs getting very arrogant and eating alot of humble pie after first Barca and then Bayern misfired!
Slurms McKenzie
slurms, agreed as far as actually beating arsenal to fourth, but I am really pretty certain that arsenal will not go to munich and win by three goals so we will be safe from last seasons injustice
Guernman thats a given! But are City now the kings of manchester because they finished ahead of united last year? When we consistently out perform le scum we can then rightfully claim that title until then lets just look after our own team and focus on results. The time for gloating is after the 38th game of the season!
Slurms McKenzie
Shedboy - Yeah I see what you mean, King of the North and all that. Aha me neither! He's a miserable little p**ck :P
rahn DMC
diddleDoo, You ask me "Please explain what benefit is there to ENIC if our club does not fulfill its true potential?" You should ask Daniel Levy that question not me! I don't know why ENIC haven't built that new stadium, that would generate a huge revenue for the club? Economic madness, not finding seats for more than 30,000 loyal Spurs fans on the THFC waiting list! Ask Levy! And I honestly don't know why, with all the potential there has been with the last 2 coaches, that nearly 5 billion quids worth of THFC board members refuse, season after to season, to invest in those 2 to 3 world class players, that will make us genuine title contenders, instead of top four hopefuls. This has been going on for the last half decade! Giving AVB 60 million in the summer (without selling Bale or any other star players to raise the cash like last summer) would really give AVB a genuine shot at WINNING the Premiership title with all it's economic and glorious rewards it would give to the club, not to forget the joy it would give to the ever loyal THFC customers! I think we all agree on that! Right? And please ask Daniel Levy why Levy he has refused to do business with the 2 major sports merchandising companies in the world Nike and Adidas (which the vast majority of sports fans want to wear) for what will be a period of 18 seasons when the Under Armour deal ends? Virtually every major club on the planet does business with either Nike or Adidas because they do it the best! Economic madness denying his customers the very products they want to buy! Perhaps Danny Boy thinks he is better at sports merchandising than both NIke and Adidas???
rahn DMC-Rather be king Joffery and chop some heads off and bang royal chicks!LOL just kidding
pelebro-I'd wait till 1st of September to bash Enic!!If we can get top 4 this season then I'm hopeful that we'll spend in the summer.
Kabook, hands off Anzhi, he's not for sale Spurs say. Bloody good job too, I say. Shows a bit of encouragement and ambition. ............
pelebron ........... Will ENIC take the 60 million plus million on offer for Bale this summer, or keep Bale and INVEST 60 million in AVB's team? This question is of vital significance to the history of THFC. .. No it isn't vital to the HISTORY of Spurs. It is vital to the FUTURE of Spurs. history is exactly what it says HISTORY, it is all done, dusted and in the PAST. The rest of us as Spurs fans are looking towards the FUTURE of Spurs. You sure are one screwed up mofo dude.
We might be winning games at the moment, but we look slow and short of ideas until Bale comes up with a bit of magic. Arsenal on the other hand are losing games , but they move the ball much quicker than us going forward and look more of a threat. Their defence is crap, but then again so are our strikers. We have not overtaken them yet but handing out a thrashing on sunday would be another step up for us and another step down for them
what's with the 'pelebro' bashing session? do you want to insult me now because I have questioned your collective consciousness? people must be allowed to express opinions without being insulted or verbally attacked. And in my opinion too, ENIC are not the holy grail so many of you seem to think, or hope, they are or may become.
Cape Town Spurs
Cape Town Spurs I admit I used a bad choice of words. I should have said "you SEEM like one screwed up mofo dude." to him. and I apologise to him for thoughtlessly saying he was one.
FFS... Pelebro thinks one thing, I think another, someone else another... there are people on this site (though they dare not identify themselves) that think Jenas should not have been sold
Cape Town Spurs
Cape Town Spurs Who on earth would think THAT??? LOL. And as you say we are all entitled to our opinions (even them HA HA) and I do think after reading what he writes that he does SEEM that way because he just rants and has nothing to back up what he says so he can't quantify anything that he's written. Plus he SEEMS to get things arse about face sometimes. eg, past present and future. LOL. Maybe he is just a badly confused time lord who has got lost. ???
Night all... even you Pelebro! & COYS!!!
Cape Town Spurs
Keep jerking their chains Pelebro, I'm with you all the way. You give them facts, they give you abuse. Just laugh it off old son, it's the way with people who cannot argue their case that they have to resort to ad homs.
lordjohnny You say Pelebro gives us facts. What facts??? All I see is another person's opinion based on thin air, he/she has no facts only suppositions, like the rest of us on here, so please quit with the he/she gives us "facts" thing. Thanks dude.
LJ, the 'facts' are that we're currently third in the table. If that's whilst our chairman is allegedly performing pi$$-poorly then I'd hope his disastrous reign continues. Personally I think Arsenal and ourselves will finish top-four, Chelsea are struggling hard, long may it continue.
Get that open-top bus revved up and the engravers ready for that 3rd or 4th place. Or, perhaps, our beloved and brilliant owners will get a 'Finished Above The A**e Honours Board' in reception.
This time last year posters on here were crowing about how many points Arsenal were behind Spurs and already counting the points to be won before the defeat came as a timely warning about, ugly term, 'bragging rights'. Earlier this season it worried me that Adebayor was 'up' for the match with Arsenal, with his dangerous play and sending off the moment the match became an uphill struggle for Spurs. He's been saying again recently he's 'up' for Arsenal as if that is a good thing. Also it raises the question why a player can supposedly be 'up' for a certain match, but not bring the same sense of purpose to playing clubs like West Ham? Any club can win a derby because they are so often played at different tempo and in a different style. Aggression and pettiness make an ugly combination and throw up the worst of derbies. It would be grand to see a Tottenham victory but let's hope it is a stylish one.
Get that open-top bus revved up and the engravers ready for that 3rd or 4th place. Or, perhaps, our beloved and brilliant owners will get a 'Finished Above The A**e Honours Board' in reception.
SilwalYid - Don't we all want to bang royal chicks... The queen's still got a fine figure on her ;) not so keen on the chopping off heads part myself :P
rahn DMC
Opinions are what we all have, and the fact that they are different makes for good and fun reading. But remember we are supporters, not destroyers. Conspiracy theories without foundation can only hurt our wonderful club, please stop. COYS!!
read the same article 12months ago and what happened??sagna,giroud and oxle chamberlin would prob make our team.lets just once finish above them before we start this again please.
pele calm down kid. just look at city spending 100's of millions an now 12 points behind. and all that money they couldnt get out of the group stages of CL. i suggest u go play football manager an pick spurs as ur team an tell us how u get on
Airwave, I fully agree with your comments about Ade. IMO, he so far behind being part of the team (in every respect), I seriously feel it’s as if he is living in isolation. At the end of the day, it is his own doing. Perhaps just one goal (especially against Arsenal) will bring him back. If not, then I’d be itching for Defoe’s return and Ade can go sit on the bench......and be brought on for the past 3 mins to wind down the clock! The ironic thing is that Dempsey is being sacrificed to accommodate Ade and base on Ade’s (non)performance of last few matches, we may as well play with 10 men!
I definitely think that 11 games must be played before we start doing any jigs. That said, this year's team is much more of a team than last year's and Arsenal do not have Van Persie. We were, last season, 1 game in to a stretch of 9 where we would win just one and get only 6 of 27 points. We also were on a slide that had seen 12 points reduced to 7. This season all of the top clubs have issues and there are no easy games for any club. We have only lost one EPL match since last we played Arsenal so we're playing well. We have a manager who is focused on the task at hand rather than discussing matters with the court and giving every possible interview to keep his name in the press for the England job. Worst case scenario, we come out of the weekend with third still in our control. Defoe and Kaboul will be back soon. We are scoring on free kicks and creating off of corners. We are a team. Spurs 2012-2013 is an entirely different animal. The table remains a marathon though and it's one step at a time. Win, draw or lose Sunday, we could finish as high as second or as low as 7th. We just need to support the lads and the lads need to let their play do their talking. COYS
"Worst case scenario we come out of the weekend with third still in our control" ?? Wrong. If we lose and Chelsea win we're back to 4th
Come to think of it, even if we draw and Chelsea win we're back to 4th
I dont think theres much difference in the teams to be honest. Id argue we have a better keeper and of course Gareth Bale whos on a different planet, but they have a better midfield imo in Wilshere, Cazorla & Arteta especially when Sandro isnt fit. We are both tosh up front, i prefer our defence but not by much.
I would start with same back 4 as last game. Caulker gives far more attacking threat in set pieces. He is the one man who looks like scoring from corners. With Arsenal suspect in setpiece , this is one area where we could have the edge.
The game could be lost in the midfield. I fear we will be out numbered in the midfield with Arteta, Cazorla & Wilshere in the middle against patchy Parker & Dembele.

For this reason, I would drop Lennon & bring in Sigurdsson and play Holtby-Dembele-Parker in the middle. Holtby's energy should help againt thier trio. Lennon has gone off the boil in the last few games, probably due to possible burnout, playing almost every game for us.

My XI - Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Caulker, Vertonghen, Parker, Dembele, Holtby, Siggurdsson, Bale, Adebayor.
ChirpysDaMan writes, "Pelebro you are funny, to say that Enic are our least successful owners is something you can never compare. We compete in a time where clubs can spend 100million a year more then us on wages. To compare our success now compared to a time when money wasn't a massive factor in the game and players played for the shirt, not for sponship money and a bigger pay packet is just ridiculous." What you basically saying there, is that it's the clubs with the multi billionaire owners who dominate the game, and I would have to agree with you. The only problem with your defense of Joe Lewis having the worst trophy per season of any THFC owner in over 50 years is that he is one of those multi billionaires! And not only do the club have Lewis, we also have a man called Michael Ashcroft who is worth a cool 1.1 billion! Ad Levy's small fortune to the total and the club has board members worth approximately 5 billion. I would not be even raising the subject of Lewis having the worst trophy per season percentage of any THFC coach in owner in over half a century if he did not have the money, if we were a Stoke City or an Everton for example! But we are the 11th richest club on the planet with board members worth 5 billion and 30,000 loyal Spurs waiting for seats on the THFC waiting list. Those waiting Spurs fans represent hundreds of millions in potential revenue. We are a huge club with a huge following. Keep pleading poverty if you like but the real truth is, we have by far the wealthy owner in the clubs history, who has the worst trophy per season percentage of any THFC owners in the modern game... Even little clubs like Swansea City have equaled Joe Lewis's total THFC trophy haul!
Cape Town Spurs, you write, "what's with the 'pelebro' bashing session?" I will explain... I have annoyed a lot of the ENIC Hotspur fans because I have asked the THFC board not to sale our star player Gareth Bale in the summer. This infuriates them! How dare I tell ENIC not to cash in on the most entertaining player in the country! Instead, I have asked the THFC board (worth a cool 5 billion) to give our new excellent coach the funding to bring in those 3 world class players (we all know we need) to turn this very promising Spurs team into a genuine title winning team! How dare I ask 5 billion quids worth of THFC board members to give AVB 60 million or so (without selling other star players), to bring the glory days back to White Hart Lane! This infuriates your average ENIC Hotspur fan club member! How dare I want AVB to have a squad that can take the title away from United! And I have repeatedly asked 5 billion quids worth of THFC board members to find seating for 30,000 (plus) loyal Spurs fans, which would a bring a huge revenue to our club! How dare I want our fellow Spurs fans be be able to join us to watch Tottenham play live at the Lane???
Pelebro and lordjohnny everyone is entitled to an opinion just think its impossible to compare seasons 10 years ago to now. In 2000 ipswich came up and then finished 5th in the Prem missing out on the last day for Champions League football. do you think that could happen again. The amount of money in the game now prevents clubs doing that. Also just look at the wages. We as a club can not afford to pay players 250k a week. I know hand on heart i'd never want us to become one of those clubs. Look at UTD players like John O'shea were on 80k a week before they moved on. He'd be our 3rd highest earner. We are close to being very competitive at the top end without compromising morals values and most importantly the future of the club. Look at portsmouth and Leeds, Villa and even liverpool to an extent. All took risk threw money at it. Eventually the well runs dry. and things collapse. I'd rather slow and steady progression then couple of years of success followed by years in the wilderness where our cup final becomes getting beat in the 5th Round of the FA Cup by UTD.
with enemies like me, who needs friends...
No, lordjohny pelebro doesn't present us with facts. He parrots the same tired STAT that we've only won 1 trophy under their tenure. THAT is IT. That is the sum total of the points he puts up to justify his opinion.

I see what your saying Pelebro....but and this is the big question. Why do we as a fans have the right to Demand and criticise A Man/company for not pumping in money to a team that they have earnt from a different source. The money thats been invested in to Chelsea and Man City will never be recovered by the respective owners. Lewis has made his money. If you asked every single spurs fan worldwide to donate money to the club how many would. And they are fans. Yet we think its a given right to expect a person to pump 200-300million into a club. They have turned spurs in to a financially sound club. We are always in the top 15 richest clubs in the world without champions league football which brings in 40-50 million without the extra sponship money and money that the exposure brings. Yet we expect more. Would you rather people look at our club as one which is run properly or as a club thats a joke and at any time the owners could up sticks at any time and leave us in the 5hit. At least our club has a soul. and the stadium isn't full of plastic fans that will disappear if we went back to being mid-table.
Very good post Chirpy, but that will sail straight over his head. He's pedantically deaf to any reasoned argument & he won't believe anything that doesn't coincide with his view. To him, it's as black & white as that, his standpoint is "I'm right, you're wrong". End of.

All this anti-ENIC view just makes me laugh. We are currently in 3rd place with 11 games to go and we were in a similar position last year too. ENIC cannot be blamed for the collapse of last season and will not accept responsibility this term. The manager and the players are the only people involved to make it happen or not. AVB is showing me he is more prepared tactically and mentally than Harry. Only time will tell.

If a squad of players can get to 3rd position with 10 games to go, then what do you expect ENIC to do, I hope your answer is not to play a completely different team in the run in???
There they go again, the Enic Hotspur boys are getting angry with me for wanting ENIC to find seats for 30,000 loyal Spurs fans who are endlessly waiting. There also getting upset again that I ask for the board not to sale Gareth Bale in the summer, and they getting furious that I would like 5 billion quids worth of board members to back our new coach in the summer! I speak on behalf of the vast majority of real Spurs fans who want some real success, something we have not experienced since the 1991 Cup final 22 Sugar/Lewis seasons back! With enemies like me, who needs friends...
You only speak for yourself & a few limited others.

If you think you speak for the majority of so called "real" Spurs fans, you're more deluded than I thought.

yiddyboy writes "ENIC cannot be blamed for the collapse of last season and will not accept responsibility this term." That totally sums up an ENIC Hotspur fan. 'Enic will not except responsibility for the failing of the very football club they own, both on and off the pitch... And why are you speaking about failing already this season yiddyboy? I'm looking forward to Amsterdam, aren't you? So negative this ENIC crew! Always preparing for their next scapegoat...
Spuds-U-Like writes... "You only speak for yourself & a few limited others." Do you call 30,000 on the THFC season ticket waiting list "A few limited others"???
Yes, because you simply don't know they feel as you do, you just assume they do. An assumption is not a fact.

pelebro - You're a phucking idiot, I have posted two replies to your "Levy selling Bale" posts and you still don't get it do you? Bale has a contract, it is up to BALE when and IF he leaves, it is NOT up to Levy. It matters not who comes knocking or how much they offer, if Bale says he doesn't want to go then he doesn't go, regardless of what Levy wants. DO YOU GET IT NOW THICKO???
You're shouting at the congenitally deaf boys.

Pelebro Enic are running the club like a business. The so-called 5 billion fortune is spread out over god knows how many other business interests ... Which means, you can't just dip into funds from one concern and splash out on what some people think of as a hobby. Sure, it would be nice to get some big names to reinforce the most promising team-manager combination since the Burkinshaw era but without the REAL fortunes of City/Chelsea, it ain't gonna happen. Oh, and I read some time back that Under Armor are the fastest growing sports brand in the world at the moment. That actually might turn out to be a good call. So chill, amigo. Enjoy being in the mix for once because you are only going to give yourself high blood pressure at this rate. COYS
I just know what his response to that is going to be SpursEagle. "LaaaaLaaaaaLaLa, I can't hear you!"

Shame, because you've summed it up perfectly mate.


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