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Andre, what are you doing to our team?

Dear Mr Villas Boas, I am a fan of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and have been since 1986. I have watched and supported Spurs through different eras, some fairly successful, others less so. I have a number of concerns about the way the club is being run. After months of growing confusion things came to a head at about 21:45 on Monday February 25th and I feel I can be quiet no longer.

There are clearly many things about Tottenham Hotspur Football Club that you either do not understand or have not been explained to you. This penchant for scoring late, decisive goals. Snatching draws or wins from the jaws of defeats or draws. It is novel, but it is not the Spurs way. We concede late goals. We do not score them. We suffer the disappointment, not the opposition, as we were doing at the start of the season. None of this 'we saw a problem, we came up with a solution' business. 'We did our best but they are a tough team and they never give up'. That's how we deal with that.

Which brings me to Manchester United. One of the golden rules is that we lose to Manchester United. We play well and we lose. We may be a goal or two up before it happens. You almost had this down at Old Trafford, we did actually hang on to win but we can overlook that as you were still new to the job. But how can we explain what happened at the Lane? Late equalisers against Manchester United are most definitely not what we do.

The confusion has clearly spread to referees; now United are suffering poor decisions, as demonstrated by the foul by Caulker on Rooney in the box being overlooked. And what is this obsession with dominating possession? Keeping the ball around 60% of the time? We charge forward. Charge. It works sometimes, others it doesn't. If it doesn't work, still charge. Wearing them down and patiently trying to find an opening? Keeping the ball when we are ahead with 5 minutes left? It works for other teams I'll grant you. Just not sure it's for us.

Transfer market, and I cannot emphasise this strongly enough: Under no circumstances should you be saying that the players you have are good enough to achieve our goals. Don't want them feeling too good about themselves. We hang our dirty linen out publicly. These phrases should see you safely through the next window: 'We need to add a couple of players', 'he's good but he's not our player', 'I haven't heard anything about that' and of course 'you'd have to ask Daniel'. And if you agree a fee to sell a player and for whatever reason it doesn't come off, well, there's always loans or the reserves. Don't be letting them back in.

Squad rotation. Why change a winning team? Take last season. Bale, Modric, Parker, VdV, Lennon. Could you name a better midfield 5 in the land? Why bother rotating when you've got those 5? If they're exhaused they're still basically more talented than those on the bench. VdV at 50% is still better than Kranjcar at 100%, right? If a player isn't good enough to be in the first team straight off the bat then they're not good enough, full stop. If I were you I wouldn't even bother talking to them. I mean, if they're not playing, its a waste of time, right?

On this note, if someone gets injured, regardless of how well their replacement plays in their absence, there must be an understanding that as soon as the first choice is fit again they reclaim their place. Immediately. I could go on to discuss our approach to the Europa league and cup competitions in general but I think there's enough to be getting on with here. Things may seem to be going well, but it just isn't the Spurs way.

Regards Yorkspur

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The journalist

Writer: Yorkspur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday February 28 2013

Time: 9:13AM

Your Comments

tongue well in cheek there i think. Who made all those silly statements in the past?
Big Ron
AVB is the best manager we have had for a very long time. Long may the evolution continue!
Cairnside Spur
AVB out!!!! :)
lol! Top work yorkie :)
We need Mike Bassett and 4-4-2 !!!
We have a horrible run in and the ability to self destruct. I am nervous to say the least!
Fecking brilliant!

I haven't seen anything so firmly in a cheek since Coopsie blew Ox!

Perhaps we should get rid of him and get Rafa as he looks like being available LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
One thing that struck me on monday was how the team love AVB and show it - hugs all round for him --I cant remember any other manager/coach being treated that way - I've been a spurs supporter for over 60 years!
One thing that struck me on monday was how the team love AVB and show it - hugs all round for him --I cant remember any other manager/coach being treated that way - I've been a spurs supporter for over 60 years!
I think we are very fortunate to have such a good manager just no need to continually throw it in previous managers faces( harry and jol) for their deficiencies. Coys let's destroy the neighbours
Swap the name Andre to Levy in the main title and you will get more of a reaction!. As for rotation, Have to disagree thereÖ.. We have pretty much done exactly the same as last year. 2 competitions we focused on and we have been using our key starters throughout. Last year we went for the FA Cup and PL as priority, this year itís the EL with the PL still number 1. The season isnít finished yet either! We still lack quality in depth and people were calling for rotation in some key areas way earlier this season, which we didnít see. As for style of play, Iím with you there, we have looked at our defensive duties and also some changes that get made during the game and are trying to improve. We seem much more solid with the new players, new training ground and the new set of coaches working with them. Going forward we have great experience at attacking, itís in our DNA ha, this was great last season and I hope we can find our way back there, but keeping what we have learnt defensively firmly with us. Still a long way to go and this is only AVB's first season. COYS.
I needed cheering up today..! You should post it on Vital Chelsea and point out to them that after PL game 27 last year they sacked him and after PL game 27 this year Spurs go above them.
And.. we do not play the Spurs way. This is what interests me. We have not played well although the results have been right. Can we play our way and still win? Will we become boring? Of course we all want the results, that's all that matters. But is it? This is not a criticism.. but can we play attractive football and still be successful under AVB?
If the Westwham night repeats itself another 10 (assuming we play another 15) times this season. Then i Know i will be a very HappY man, come the end of the season.
the_cockerel_crows - If you can't win ugly you can't win the premier league, its that simple. Ferguson has always understood it, so did Mourinho. What separates winners from losers is how you do when you are playing badly (and at some point in the season you inevitably will).
Gibbo, would never bad mouth jol. I loved the man and the job he did with the players he had (mido, stalteri, jenas, lee...), and the prem was much tougher then. he gave us our spurs back after years in the wilderness. Harry's a different matter to me. Did well for us on the pitch ill grant you, just with the media... But won't go there.
Yorkie - haha nice one. esp like the losing to man u comment : )
Beautifully written article and totally agree. Andre is changing our philosophy and it is starting to pay divedends. We do have a really tough run in so I'm not going to get my hopes up just yet. But for the first time in years I have an assured confidence of the man at the helm.
Jol also did wonders. Staleri, Tainio, Toda and Lee Young-Pro spring to mind! I do like the way AVB prepares for each indivudal game tho. Harry's "just run around a bit" was always a little worrying.
Toda mattspurs? Who he?

Just looked him up matt & it seems he was a year long loan player signed in Jan '03 by Hoddle & Jol came in after that loan ended.

Harry did wonders when he joined, with the set of coaches under him and the instructions/tactics for the team. AVB and his coaches are doing some fine work, differently be it, but seem to be getting good results so far, or its beginning to click. Come the end of the season, I might like the bloke more than Harry & Jol put together! Still early days though. COYS.
Spuds - thanks for the correction, new he was around that era. In fact looking at Hoddle's era, we had some great players, albeit "some" in their twilight - Sheringham, Anderton, Ziege, Poyet, Keane, King etc. Now we have a pretty decent average age with the likes of Siggy, Bale, Walker, Caulker, Verts, Lloris, Holtby and AVB at the helm. Its really looking good. I heard a Chelsea fan complaining this mornign that across the boardroom, maanger, fans and players they simply are not a "team" or one "unit" and I really feel that we're in a far healthier position than our nearest rivals. Even the Goons, fans on Wengers and the board's back, Wiltshire not happy wioth results etc. AVB seems to have won over the doubters and bought some much needed unity. Maybe thats whats key to avoiding a end of season slump this year round... (fingers crossed!)
really funny. great article. much enjoyment.
Good article. I agree that the level of attacking has been reduced by a somewhat more considered approach to retaining the ball. This coupled with a clearly defined holding role for someone ensures that we are less likely to concede possession (hence high possession levels) and therefore goals. We lack the allround striker - ie one who can hold the ball up, head it and be lethal in the box, so we have to adapt the tactics to suit. I believe that the squad is somewhat unbalanced at the moment to suit AVB's preferred method of playing and that he is adapting HIS system to get the best out of the players that he has. His relationship with the players appears - on the surface at least - to be far closer than with previous managers - perhaps with the exception of BMJ! He certainly seems far sharper in tactics for each individual game than his predecessor, hence Vertonghen at LB for the whammer game. It is clear that he learns from what occurs, when you consider selections made against the likes of Norwich and West Brom and those against Stoke and Swansea (they all have the same aim - 10 behind the ball - just different ways of doing it!). I'm happy with where we're at and optimistic about where we are headed. I saw three youth graduates on the pitch at the end of the game - something I don't recall seeing in any PL game under previous encumbents! As for the run-in, we are in a position of determining our position - not relying upon others. We have a relatively young team, but somewhat experienced of being in this position.
The chelscum situation and to a lesser extent, the scum could be seen to vindicates Levy in his termination of Harry and hiring of AVB. There is (it seems) a united front at the club and everyone knows where they stand. AVB is very protective of his squad and their abilties (note the lack of panic over Defoe's injury and Ade's ACON absence coinciding). His belief in his squad to still be able to deliver is a total contrast to that of his predecessor(s). The belief that this must give to players should not be underestimated. I could even argue that this belief has helped inspire our welsh wizard to his current level!
careful !!! can we save the crowing from the roof tops till the end of the season please? If you have been a fan since 1986 you should know that we always shoot ourselves in the foot at some point. So lets wait and see. If we make it go as nuts as you like in the summer. Until then shut it.
Refreshingly cheerful article. Wish there were more to just break the monotony of in-fighting and disagreements. COYS!
scoops50...yes fair comment that avb didn't panic over adebayor and defoe......but some could say that is missguided belief in those two......after all, we are 6 wins behind man.utd, after 27 games. Yes, i liked how they handled the Lloris and friedel situation and how Avb handled the Adebayor saga...and like how Avb and Bale are handling their progression. I believe in one game at a time ...cos' i'm a fickle football
like this, still not gonna judge completely til the end of the season but great signs, especially seeing as we're nowhere near playing the best we know we can with the players we have. once we really get going we really will be a force.
jimmy-yid I whole heartedly agree.
gibbothfc - Jol wasn't deficient, he got two 5th places with a much weaker squad than Harry had and one of those 5th places would probably have been a 4th if not for some dodgy lasagna .
How dare he go against the spurs tradition that HARRY brought in no matter how many fit players you have or youngsters at your disposal you should ALWAYS ALWAYS name to GK on the bench!!!!!
2 GK ( Sorry )
AVB is better than Keith Burkinshaw and has a better win percentage than Good ol' Bill Nicholson!
Best thing Ive read on VS :) AVB out, Yorkspur in!
very Droll Youkspur, The difference in expectation from the first qtr of the season of throwing it away in the last 10 mins to winning the games is astonishing. A hope AVB gets to legend status
There are signs we are becoming winners rather than losers. It may not be attractive and as free flowing but we are gaining a different approach and I see it as a winning mentality.

It is early days but signs are encouraging and I am happy with progress. still could all end in a second a couple of bad results and we could spiral out of control but I feel AVB has more in his locker than previous managers to cope with a defeat or so. As for rotation debate - yes we are using mainly the same players for PL and Europa but difference is AVB makes substitutions and small changes. Monday night we saw three substitutions if that had been HR he would never had done that when we were drawing.
For those of you that care to remember I have supported AVB from the very start, Chelski's loss our gain was my first comment. I supported him through the early shaky performances when a lot of fans were branding him clueless, give him time, give him time I posted over and over again. My only problem is how long will we be able to hang on to him? COYS.
hahahaha....looove this article......brilliant
AVB's overall record SamParadise, is the best since Arthur Turner's time in '42-'46. But he's still new to the job & we won't get the real picture until he's gone. See here:

I'd like to say that I supported Harry up until he played with the club over the England job. It obviously affected the performance of the team - it's irrelevant as to whether the players or he lost focus, in my opinion. I therefore became indifferent to his termination. I did not want Moyes (too dour) or Rogers (one season), whereas AVB had obviously been shafted at chelscum and had been successful plus fresh ideas. He also had a point to prove, plus some learnings to demonstrate, so I was supportive of his appointment, whilst not ecstatic. I also have great faith and belief in Levy's development of the club as a whole. AVB has impressed me on how he has handled himself and developed the team. He has identified and corrected failings through the season, rather than stating the need for a cheque book solution. Lennon has improved, Bale has improved, Defoe has improved, Dawson has improved, Sandro has improved. Modric and VDV have gone, BAE, Kaboul and ADE cannot really be judged due to their quantity of appearances. Friedl has been replaced by a more mobile keeper. Walker is probably the only disappointment. Players are selected because the have the form to achieve the tactics required to win a game - not because they're favoured. His mindset and consequently message to the players is that 3 games a week is the standard you want by playing in the champions league - so get used to it and give no excuses. He rotates the defenders more than any other manager, that I know of. In a way that's logical - they need to be the freshest, because their mistakes invariably lead to goals being conceded. As I said before he has a fresh approach - one that I'm enjoying more than the previous incumbent, who virtually told players that the EL was a waste of time and a hindrance.
For me scoops, I lost faith in Quincey when he called us "idiots that phone into radio stations" for merely having ambitions for the Club to do better than it was, which it was capable of doing. The dick then compounded it by slagging off the fans who left early at the Semi Final after he'd made the stupid changes that disrupted a team getting on top of the Chavs.

Speaking of "what have you done to our team" - looks like HR will be getting a warm welcome at St Mary's
Cairnside Spur
Speaking of "what have you done to our team" - looks like HR will be getting a warm welcome at St Mary's
Cairnside Spur
Sorry about the double post, seems to happen when you hit F5
Cairnside Spur
Wish I could like this article like some others have.....but too many backhanded swipes at Harry for my liking...he did well for us and I was never offended by any comments. I understood where we was coming from re Hectic EL schedule and people who phone in a radio station...he took us up the table, top 4 finishes and Champions League Quarter finals (which I was fortunate to go too) he put us in a position to get an even better coach! AVB has picked up the reigns, off his own hard work has taken us onwards. Different managers, different respect. Like them both. COYS.
italian yiddo, i also touted him for us just after he was sacked last season, chelsea screwed him and not the other way round! we have scored 9 goals from set pieces this season! could have been 12 had jussi not been in such great form! great article and made me smile. apprciated a lot of what harry did but it was increasingly clear he had taken us as far as he could. his transfer targets, lack of rotation, basic drilling of the side and media obsession were just too much in the end
i hopearryredcrapp gets a bloody rough ride for 50yrs qpr have been my mates side and my local side but i really want them to go down just to prove a point about that useless ***** ,who i think really screwed us because he took a team full of quality .with some players doing a chavski on us by not playing for ramos ,and didnt win a bloody thing even though that team had been built up over 6yrs to be 1 of our best for yrs Really i should move on i have tried because AVB hasnt done a good job but a fantastic one with what he has had left and no forewards Without modder,ledders vdv kaboul,benny parker ady [acomplete waste of a contract so far]thats 3 world class players but still fans moaned and moaned and moaned and even moaned in the paxton when holtby got taken off the other week .i am talking about johnny come lately football supporters down the paxton ,away from home the fans have been brill towards him ,in LYON spot on where it was so bloody cold i could hardly clap let alone sing ,giving away supporters a bit of praise is long overdue as REDCRAPP called us morons and scum when he was PORTSMOUTH manager
That's a fair point SO2, but, mate you do NOT slag off the fans. Ever. I've never said he didn't do well for us, he did. In spades. He took us to places almost undreamt of, beating City at the Etihad to qualify for CL, beating both Milan sides, playing fantastic football most of the time & developing Bale into what he is today to name a few. Brilliant stuff & I'll always be grateful to him for it, but that didn't give him the right to criticise the fans, no matter how small a cross section he was aiming it at. Slag one, you slag us all as far as I'm concerned, but I don't hate the guy.

Bottom of the league 'Arry has never had it so good. Wonder if he'll jump the Championship ship after successfully bankrupting yet another club. He's been responsible for more clubs entering administration than he's won trophies, some record. In AVB we trust.
Holtby's problem spur1950, is that he still needs a bit more time to literally get up to speed in the Prem after the Bundesliga, that's all & some fans don't see that. It's a massive step to come straight into a fast, physical league like the EPL, the boys clearly a bit knackered by about 70 mins. Next season, he'll be brill for us.

Good post Spuds, agree with the sentiments. Without the fans there is no club.
Spuds -U-Like- I met him not so long ago, he is a top bloke with a lot of respect for us Spurs fans. That was from his own mouth! Not some story which has been spun and spun, rolled and rolled and people pick what they want from that and use it now... I judge other spurs bosses the same way. Had a lot of time for Jol as he had time for us at games, and now AVB is starting to show his worth in his first season. Simple as that. COYS.
Fair enough SO2, you've met him, I haven't. No matter, it was still out of order to slag a cross section of fans off, mate. I won't change my mind on that.

I think that there's been some brilliant points made, but I must just try and add to the debate:- The players (it seems obvious to me) were not enamoured with Ramos and so were not performing - hence the 2 points from 8 games. Harry put his arm around them and then got Levy to invest in Palacios, Defoe and Keane. He then motivated the team to achieve some marvellous results (forgetting the SF defeat to Pompey) and reach the CL. He wasn't trying to sell Bale but he admits he was trying to loan him out before BAE got injured. He failed to fully appreciate Bale's attributes, because he kept saying he was a left back and even moved BAE to RB to try and accomodate that at OT (of all places) and Bale got shredded. VDV was/is a good player but his ego was always going to get in the way of the needs of the team - also the development of GB. Harry was never totally accepted by all of the fans - and knew it. His criticism of those fans was harsh and unnecessary, which then alienated more fans. This was compounded with his lack of loyalty to the club, when there was a possibility of the England role. He did some good things but his credibility disappeared due to his treatment of his employers and the people who support the institution that is Tottenham Hotspur Football club! It's sad to say that the FA were probably right in their selection of Hodgson above Harry, because name a player that he actually developed to a higher level through his coaching responsibilities - Bale was (IMHO) in spite of not because of! Lennon certainly didn't develop, nor did BAE. Walker and Caulker were developed by other clubs. In conclusion, AVB has taken the club as far forward in 9 months as HArry did in 4 years!
Good post SpursOne 2, that is excatly where Im coming from.
SpursOne2- So you met and he is a top bloke because he said nice things to you. AVB's the man, Harry is a car salesman, used car salesman.
Only point I'd add scoops is that Rafa wasn't a Quincey signing mate, he was Levy's. It was Levy who did the deal & simply asked Quincey if he wanted him & fortunately for us, he wasn't mug enough to say no.

Spurs1-2 if your still reading, redknapp lost all credibility for me over the England situation. Not because he wanted the job, that's fair enough. I can also stomach him not being totally up front about it. I mean, you wouldn't tell your current employer if you wanted to move. It was the self serving way he used the media. Re the England job 'these players are professionals, it doesn't matter to them who's in charge'. Re his lack of extended contract 'the players need to know who's gonna be in charge next season'. I could even cope with him calling some fans idiots-lets face it, there are some out there. But he tried to mug us all off and that to me was too much. If not for that it would be big respect, for the good times, as I would always give to Martin jol. The man has no class.
But I didn't intend it to be a pop at arry. More a recognition of how well AVB is doing.
Right place, right time. That sums up Harry's reign at WHL. Wrong place wrong time for Portsmouth, Southampton and QPR.
Mine was an intended pop. Never stomached his look where you were before I took over swipe. Two 5th place finishes by Jol with an inferior squad and a Cup win over a superior Chelsea with Ramos, that's where we were barrow boy.
Yorkspur - haven't been on here for a few weeks, but what a great article. Love it, very good. How dare he eh.
Sack the lot of them so dan can get us back to tenth or twelt see more nice goals against as well as scoring some screamers ourselves.always got more for our money! Just cant win with avb so york agree.
Little spur
AVB out, with him in charge we keep winning games and ruining our reputation.

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