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Half Fit or Half Wit?

It would seem that Jermain Defoe could be available to face Arsenal on Sunday, but the question is, would you play him?

Jermain has missed the last four games since damaging ankle ligaments in the 1-0 win against WBA, but it is probably fair to say that in his absence, no one else has exactly stepped up and forced themselves upon the manager with outstanding performance and a few goals to even make the decision a hard one for AVB. As things stand, Clint Dempsey will probably miss the North London Derby as he struggles with his calf injury, whilst Emmanuel Adebayor continues to offer little or certainly not enough to force his selection.

In fairness to Adebayor, I actually thought he played better in both the Lyon and West Ham games, without luck or great service and of course facing his former club, seems to bring out the beast in Emmanuel, though whether that is for better or worse, we can debate. The facts are that Ade has a record of three goals in twenty-two games, which is terrible for a man of his undoubted quality, however whether it is due to apathy, lack of fitness or confidence, we still appear to be carrying a player that did so well last season, but has been terrible for the majority of this one.

I suppose we still have to see how well Jermain has recovered and how sharp he looks in training before deciding whether he should get the start against Arsenal, whilst AVB may well consider that Ade is improving and might well be nicely fired up to face his former club and also give us pay back for his reckless sending off at The Emirates in November. Of course he did score in that game, so is this a good opportunity to get inside the head of Adebayor and reap the rewards?

Personally, though I accept Ade has been terrible for much of our season, I would start him on Sunday. As I wrote earlier, I actually feel he has improved in the last couple of games and perhaps just needs that bit of luck to see a change in his fortunes and confidence. Add to that he faces his former club, but might also have Jermain Defoe breathing down his neck once again, which might force his work-rate to increase, as he knows he has genuine competition.

Whilst Adebayor has a clear axe to grind with Arsenal, Jermain has rarely achieved much success against them, scoring only once and that was in November 2004 in the famous 5-4 loss, in what I seem to recall was martin Jol's first game in charge. Perhaps as Arsenal continue to struggle defensively, either will fancy their chances of scoring on Sunday, however, who do you see as leading our attack in this North London derby?..

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday February 28 2013

Time: 10:07AM

Your Comments

subs bench..for le arse'.
Two halves make a whole!!
Don't really know why I posted that, just wanted to try and get first... but the 82's beat me!!! *****ER!!!
well least you made the top 4 !!
More than the scum will do this year!! HA! HA!!
which scum is that !?.....le arse' or chelski' ?...I'd love it !! it !!!..if Wba made top 4 (alongside spurs, of course)..said in my best K' Keegan
I'd start Ade and use the Pocket Rocket as an impact sub. Maybe play Bale behind or with Ade and Siggy on the left, I think he had a cracker when he cam on against Wet Spam the other day... give the lad a chance, he could be class.
God!!! Is anyone else here!!! Starting to feel like a man date!!! Nother drink love??
South!!! The threesome starts!!!
LOL!!! Wouldn't that be amazing!! Can you imaging the bragging rights we'd have then!!!
Europa league
South L/Derry Spurs
Ade needs a lift, how I'm not sure how? but he does need to remember he is a Striker and has a very privileged lifestyle because of his perspective needs to be re-focused....footy first! it is the most important thing in his life, it allows him to be generous to others, without it where would he be? would he even have the same family?...focus Ade, focus! Keep doing what you can do best and good things will still come...
Defoe to come on if Ade thinks he is actually a UN Ambassador....
I would not risk Defoe if he is half fit. Ade is fit & hopefully Ade is motivated to face his ex-club. I hope he redeems himself on sunday
Adebayor must start, has anyone seriously missed defoe. bale is playing in the space that others create for him, adebayor holds up the ball and creates space much much better than defoe, he is also not selfish and will bring others into the game. defoe will essentially do what bale is currently doing, with one obvious difference, while both are only interested in shooting at every opportunity, bale is in world class form and is scoring for fun, defoe is scoring 1 in 10 this season. I don't care if adebayor scores or not, his presence assists his teammates, defoe's presence is a liability. in any case i am quite sure that defoe will be on the bench because AVB is trying to get the best out of ade right now and he doesn't rush players back
yes, i agree shedboy..........fair do's that Addy had his reasonable reasons for the late return from acn. BUT....he must now do the business, on the pitch. He should start and this should be a big game for him....i can see him scoring. I can also see defoe scoring, late in the game. 3-2 win for early prediction.
Ade all the way for this game, if he's fully motivated and doesn't make silly fouls he could run the Arse defence ragged. If Defoe is on the bench and is fit enough for a 20 minute cameo this should push Ade even more.
Ade has a point to prove to spurs and the other lot. I'm sure he will give 150% on sunday. if we don't play him he won't rediscover his form. Defoe isn't the same type of player, he won't be able to bring bale in good positions.
You've got to start Ade, if Defoe is fit enough, get him on at 60-70 mins to unleash a few shots. I can see a 3-1 win for us.....COYS!
Some reports say Dempsey could miss 2 or 3 weeks with his calf injury. As for someone stepping up, that would or could have been the only other striker we have, Adebayor's job.He may well start (Adebayor) against that other lot on sunday, as long as he keeps his head, the head that could not beat Yeskaovertheliner on monday night, a goal Sandra could have scored of her ''thrupenny bits'' had she been signed during Arry's time at the club, most likely he would have taken he on loan at QPR. If AVB thinks defoe is ready to start, he will, if not we need him on the bench. Going into this game, home and away with Inter and Bin Dippers in between, leaves us once again with 2 strikers or rename that, 2 players who play up top. AVB use of Gareth has proved he can shuffle players around, CigarSon can play left or right, so let's wait until team time come Sunday. On another note Kaboul's contract is up in the summer, so that needs sorting out.
spu 4 life
Ade could be the difference, as could Lennon pushing Monreal back, as could Lloris or even a ref mistake....this game is so close to call....try going through both teams and allocating each player points out of 10 on how you rate them then add up the total of both teams...
Pro-AVB Journo Mirror Darren Lewis , writes another strong one in support of AVB - Infact only this time, he says

If there is any justice in the world the Spurs boss will finish third, with Arsenal fourth leaving Chelsea to spend another season of the outer darkness of the Europa League.
As much as I like Lennon, I want to start Gylfi ahead of Lennon and play Holtby-Parker-Dembele axis in the middle. I fear we will be overrun by their 3 man midfield Arteta-Wilshere-Cazorla.

My XI - Lloris , Walker, Dawson, Caulker, Vertonghen, Holtby,Parker, Dembele, Siggurdson, Bale, Ade
Anti Abedayor theme still on going - sigh. I think you should join Chelsea fans to find another outlet for your negative fixes.
start with ade, jd for the last 30 if ade has played dog $hit.
camper - Ade didn't have the greatest of games against West Ham, but his presence was enough for the Siggy equalizer. What I don't understand with many Spurs fans is the lack of criticism against other players. Lennon was the worst player on the field against West Ham, he was also poor against Lyon, however Ade is getting all the flack.

You're right with regards to Chelsea, hopefully their fickle fans will create the perfect scenario for us, by taking their frustrations out on Benitez rather than the route cause of all their problems. A certain Mr Abramovich!!
Spu Kaboul has a contract until 2015 so I don't think we need to worry just yet.
Unlikely Defoe will start. AVB has shown several times that he brings players back gradually after injury. Ade likely to start, Defoe maybe come on later.
We should know AVB well enough by now to know he doesn't rush people back from injury. Defoe will be on the bench.
Ade has to start. If he's not pumped for this game then he has lost the passion for the game!!
It seems there is general meeting of views that Ade should start. I would agree. I thought we did begin to see glimpses of the old Ade in the last 15 of the Irons game. It didn't look promising with that glaring miss. His all round game as a lone forward is much superior to Defoe's. Given that we're playing the Arse and what happened in the last game should be enough motivation for him to regain his form. And we need him back to near his best for the business end of the season.
sydqcb5......that is the team i would start....but as a 3 / 5 / 2. OH !!!...and the Dastardly in me, is a little worried for Bale....i.e....dare i say...can i see a "Let's remove Bale for the game and this season" scenario, by the opposition. Far fetched it may seem but Bale has been removed by other and adams. Just a thought.
Adebayor to start - no doubt about it. He may not be at his peak, but he is improving his all round play (rather not comment on his finishing). Defoe should be saved on the bench and only come on if we are not winning.
Iíve heard he will be on the bench, hope so! More options for us and him being a foot away from the action in his Spurs top should get him eager to play. Bale and Lennon to start as they are our main threat. Even though he got a tap in the other day I would have Sigurdsson to sit next to Defoe as an attacking option for later on. COYS.
Ade to start this game and every game until the end of the season. Defoe should be an impact sub from now on. As Guernman has explained brilliantly already, despite his lack of goals, Adebayor does hold up play (sometimes) and occupies defences more effectively than Defoe, creating space and opportunities for others.
No chance heís gonna start, no matter how utterly Gash Adebayor has been this season AVB wont rush him back. Will be same starting line up as Spammers with Maybe Gallas starting for Caulker. I personally think Siggy deserves his start after his brilliant 35mins on Monday but think AVB might stick with Holtby

My personal wish would be as follows: Lloris(GK) Walker(RB) Dawson(CB) Caulker(CB) BAE(LB) Lennon(RM) Parker(CM) Holtby(CM) Siggurdson (LM) Bale (SS) ADE (ST)

I would Give Lennon a chance to prove himself and go at them, if heís not looking like doing anything move Holtby out wide and bring on either Dembele or Carroll. Think we have the momentum going into this game but we need to play for 90+ minutes. Not just have a decent half like we have tended to do this season. We all know the plan will be to stifle bale and cut off his supply. Thatís where we desperately need Lennon and Holtby / Siggy / Dembele to take advantage.
Kneejerk reaction is start Ade, as even when he doesn't score, he offers more than JD. Looking at the stats, in the PL this season, when Ade has played, we've won 7, drawn 4 and lost 5, yet when JD has played we've won 13, drawn 6 and lost 6. This makes JD look like the better option, but I'd still opt for Ade, given the opposition his other qualities.
Real shame about Dempsey getting injured. Our 3 forwards seem to be taking it in turns!
Camper there's always anti someone theme on here, Ade is the man of moment, Friedal, Walker, Gallas and Defoe have all had it this season.

Guernman you have made your feelings clear so many times about Defoe, but you can't be 4real if you think Spurs (not you) haven't missed Defoe.

But no Ade has to start, regain his form, and hopefully play out the rest of the season, with Defoe/Siggi/Holtby (even though I think he should play in CM) as support depending on the formation used.
lol 82 is there ever a game where you don't think it's time for the 3-5-2??
still reckon Ade is getting more stick than he deserves. He is definitely putting in the effort - he did against Lyon away (no service, surrounded by 6 defenders whenever he did get the ball but so nearly provided a sublime assist) and against the hammers (was always the first chasing out cleared corners, really should have scored but it just isnt going his way) think its more his confidence than his attitude. just been reading he is the top scorer in NLDs, albeit more against us than for, so he has to start! JD on the bench, he has done well but the goals have dried up and I think he is best suited to super sub role, with his pace and direct running to stretch tired defences. Good call Hudderspur re Holtby playing CM, Dembele is looking a bit tired of late, though might be tempted to try that out in less pressurised circumstances. He brings a lot of energy but has a way about him that suggests to me he could get carried away and sent off against the goons. Though admittedly Dembele is partial to petulant fouls when he loses the ball. Sig to start as well, hopefully him and Ade will start firing to take the pressure of Bale. COYS!!!!!!!!
still reckon Ade is getting more stick than he deserves. He is definitely putting in the effort - he did against Lyon away (no service, surrounded by 6 defenders whenever he did get the ball but so nearly provided a sublime assist) and against the hammers (was always the first chasing out cleared corners, really should have scored but it just isnt going his way) think its more his confidence than his attitude. just been reading he is the top scorer in NLDs, albeit more against us than for, so he has to start! JD on the bench, he has done well but the goals have dried up and I think he is best suited to super sub role, with his pace and direct running to stretch tired defences. Good call Hudderspur re Holtby playing CM, Dembele is looking a bit tired of late, though might be tempted to try that out in less pressurised circumstances. He brings a lot of energy but has a way about him that suggests to me he could get carried away and sent off against the goons. Though admittedly Dembele is partial to petulant fouls when he loses the ball. Sig to start as well, hopefully him and Ade will start firing to take the pressure of Bale. COYS!!!!!!!!
Jantheman- Kaboul's contract is up June we need him back fit and re-signed pretty sharpish!
p.s. definitely not a 'half wit' he's quality!!!
I think the stick Adebayor is getting is justified. It doesn't sound over the top, people are justing pointing out he isn't playing well and wihtout doubt would be dropped if we had an alternative, we don't though.

I did say to my mate I sit next to at the Lyon game I felt a 'bit' sorry for him as he isn't getting that much service but I still think he needs to do more.

This game is exactly what he needs, he hates Arsenal more than most of us on hear hates them so he'll be up for it. Great news if Jamaine is back, really missed his explosive potential, be awesome if he can come on for last 20 minutes and get our 4th and 5th goals of a 5-0 drumming.
My team would be....Ade up top
Bale (start Left) Gylfi Lennon
Dembele Parker (to start big game experience)
Bae Verts Daws Walker
I think BAE's pace will be needed whilst Verts shades Caulker for game experience....could see Holtby/Livermore come on for Parker later...Defoe off the bench for Gylfi/Lennon or Ade...Caulker could come on for either Bae(push verts across) or allows us options for in game changes...
Shed agree Parker has got to start but I'd probably start Holtby, I think his energy and work rate would really suit a Derby game. Can't wait for Sunday!!!
Shedboy Kaboul said in an interview with talk*****e in may 2012 that he is contracted until January 2015, his words.
Granted he might be a bit thick and not know when expires. Wouldn't be surprised.
Jantheman- He may well know when his contract is could be the option as well...but either way I'd be happier with him back and re-signed...I still think he and Caulker could be our best pairing...
T.H.F.Chris- I like Holtby's enthusiasm but question his discipline both positionally and when revved I'd start him on the bench...fingers crossed Parker starts well but I hope AVB can be brave and sub him early if needed...
Bring in Benny and swap Vertonghen for caulker, keep the rest the same as the spammers game. That's how I would go. Defoe and Sigi to come on as the game opens up.
That's the team Shedboy. No doubt.
Great title actually laughed out loud. Ade for me, JD off the bench; same team as WHU apart from BAE in and Caulker to bench. A bench of Friedel, Naughton, Gallas, Livermore, Carroll, Siggurdson and Defoe. Now that's strong!
Although, he seems to like Gallas against the more technical teams I think. We've great options there anyway. Btw, on Ade, the miss with the header (rebounding from a shot) is exactly the kind of goal AvB wants him t score, imo. Right place, right time + conviction... if he doesn't make up the last part of the equation, AVB will lose patience. I've always been on the side of Ade, and I agree with his that his body language + attitude have improved. Those chances NEED to be dealt with however, and he must be stronger. We did shut the game down nicely for the WH game (only 5 mins, but often enough we'd give them another chance) and Ade was part of that. It's encouraging that he at least wanted to appear to put the team first, and that he was thinking on his feet, not on his knees after a personally disappointing night for him. I'm praying that the Grizzlor effect finally arrives on Sunday.[IMG][/IMG] @ Dark. ^^. Also, BigC's comment in a different thread on Bale being better since he's been honest, great observation.
frig, didn't sit
werent We all arguing a While back that JD was Super Sub at Best!!So tha explains everything I guess!!
Is there any way we could have the Tottenham vs Arsenal thread up now because its all that's going to be talked about between now and the game, save all the moving around different threads. And this is probably the most anticipated derby we've had for a long time! Just thought I'd mention it for one of you great pre match writers who might be doing it. COYS.
Agree re Lennon tophobunty - He has shown some good form this season, the majority of the time has added to our game rather than taken from it. Heís the first to put his hand up and admit if he has a poor one as well! Judging from AVB's recent comments when picking his squad, he makes sure they are in the right frame of mind and they are feeling up for the game. I think unless he isnít, then should start. As for Sigurdsson, heís been coming on as a player and doing well recently, better each time you could say? I donít think we change that at the moment Ė Again unless AVB rests Lennon due to the above! We need them both, and for Arsenal we have to use our pace as much as possible imo. AVB and co have a few days more prep with Lennon and I hope he has a stormer at the weekend. Sigurdsson can carry on improving, if he steps on the pitch and does even better then when he played in the spam game then happy days for us all. COYS.
That's what does everyone's head in big c, we all know that somewhere in the guy is a beast of a centre forward who could scare the ***** out of most defences. But he needs to produce it week in week out and doesn't and it will be a damn shame if we have to sell him because he can't be *****ed.
I'm hoping for much of the same for us big c, if AVB can do for us what Wenger has done for them then I'd take that. The new stadium, sustained champions league year in year out, and known for playing the right way. Don't get me wrong I'd like trophies along the way but we had to build again. Couple of my mate are plastic Chelsea supporters, but most of them are spurs, that really ******** grates me that they started supporting them when Roman bailed them out!
BC- whilst I agree with you, I'd like the top4 to be Utd, City, Spurs...Everton!...;)
Holtby is still getting use to the pace of the prem, good we signed him now so he knows what to expect next season, great buy, Ade to score first on Sunday COYS
Yido T
Holtby is still getting use to the pace of the prem, good we signed him now so he knows what to expect next season, great buy, Ade to score first on Sunday COYS
Yido T
Yido T
Big C - What we really need is the media to create a spin from the comments made by Benitez and to continue it until Abramovich has had enough and decides to quit, leaving Chelsea in all sorts of a mess. Like it or not, Benitez is spot on with his comments. Chelsea are a plastic club with a 10 year history. I agree with you, Arsenal and Wenger are to be admired compared to Chelsea and Roman!!
Ade has to start. He'll be really up for it against the goons. Hopefully he doesn't get himself sent off again. Defoe to come on later in the game. He has pace to trouble the Arsenal defence.
SLightly off topic, but concerns Sunday>
"It will be difficult because they play at their ground and have the crowd supporting them, but we just have to deal with that," "Of course [we have a psychological edge] because from the last game against them we took some lessons and we know them well. "We know how to deal with them."
Abu Diaby
Hotspur 1882
I think this should be pinned on the dressing room door. Just a little bit of extra motivation. :0)
"After the Tottenham game we reduced the gap to them a little bit. Wojciech Szczesny talking about Tottenham. "It is obvious that it is my ambition to finish the season in front of them... because I hate them. " "We have to find a different kind of motivation now. At the beginning of the season all teams fight for the title. Now we are not in this fight. "We have to finish this season as well as we can."
Time to humiliate that second rate keeper, I think.
Hotspur 1882
Agree with more respect for arse than chelsk, but I'd like to see WBA or toffees make top 4 behind us - I've got even more respect for them considering their managers and budgets. Glad JD's available but I would choose Ade because he offers more to the team and still have hopes he'll come good for us. JD is a monster for the final 20 mins, same with Siggy for Azza or Holtby. Altho Scotty and Moussa aren't firing on all cylinders I'm dead chuffed they play for us - there's no lack of commitment there. This game could go either way - not too worried about defeat (apart from the obvious bollock-crunchingly painful frustration of it). Last time they beat us it kicked us into a winning streak, so it's about the league war, not this one battle! I just wish Sunday would come - I'm so revved up for this game COYS!
"I hate Tottenham" - Wojciech Szczesny
A true gentleman and a real professional.
Hotspur 1882
Ade should break his leg. Szczesny is a ******** ********.
Start with Ade although he hasn't done enough to warrant it but Dempsey will probably be out and Defoe is a risk and besides he did nothing in his last half dozen games before getting injured. I say Ade purely because he may actually be up for it and it is an opportunity to stake a claim as being number one striker plus if Defoe is ready him on the bench may actually push Ade to get his act together. Defoe has often been better coming off the bench as well. If ade doesn't produce this game then get Defoe back in for the next game.
tophobunty yes, as I said I fear their midfield trio could overrun Parker-Dembele. So, I want Gylfi for Lennon and play Holtby, Parker, Dembele in the middle and move Gylfi to LM, which is were he played last game in second half. Holtby has played for Germany U21 & SChalke in center of the park. With his agility & Parker & Dembele , we can overcome Wilshere & co. MoreoverI feel Lennon is burnt out playing almost every game.
Soooo funny to read the spam thread when we went a goal down....... For me, I am appalled at adebajor, but would start him as cant believe js 100 percent fit. Neither are great options, but hopefully ade will make up for his sending off and selection will be a boost. Maybe wishful thinking eh......
Start with siggy and Holtby to give us fight in midfield.
Agree ox,ade last 2 games have seen him work well within the team the goals will come and not a better game to start scoring.defoe for the bench as impact sub is his best place in a good spurs team.
Little spur
may be worth giving lennon a break soon, but he's been solid this year and it would be a bit harsh to drop him for a game he's surely itching to start. I think Gylfi and Lennon should start. Holtby could probably make more of an impact from the bench than them. After a goal at west ham Gylfi will want to consolidate his place and after being coming off when he didn't want to Holtby will want to win his back.
I don't know what I've got Holtby doing when he didn't want to but I meant being subbed off when he didn't want to.
Jantheman Where did you see that? Cz I read only yesterday that Kaboom's contract is up for renewal this summer as well.
Please NO to Benny, keep Verts on left back duty. Benny will at some time of the game go to sleep, wander too far out of position to be able to make it back to defend, screw up a simple thing like kicking the ball upfield to them and creating pressure and a goal for them instead of booting it into touch (he is good at that), Not thinkling and just kicking anywhere, be lazy and let someone slip past him, REFUSE as usual t5o put his body on the line for us as Daws did last game or just strut about thinking how good he looks in all white, or all of the above. Sell him ASAP he is just not up to scratch for us to further our ascent to the top. If we do keep him he will end up on the bench. I don't think he will last much longer here. Or you could read that as I HOPE he won't last here much longer. Sell him on in the summer and get in someone who is willing to work hard on and off the pitch as well as put himself on the line for Spurs.
Agree chris, bae is sadly too much of a liability defending and verts is great and allows caulker to play. A defender who looks like scoring from every corner. Height is important v their defence at set pieces.

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