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What about Christian Erikson?

Just read an article about this Ajax player and it got me thinking. I can't believe we aren't in talks already. I hope we are!!! 

According to Sporten, who compiled a list of Danish player's earnings, he earns 12.5k a week. We could quadruple it and not break our salary cap. Please Mr Levy sanction the money and get the deal done before the transfer window opens this summer. 

His fee would probably be between £8 - 12 mill as he's coming into his last year of contract. He can play in centre or attacking midfield or behind the striker, thus he has the versatility AVB likes which along with his age, ability and his vision he is somebody that we really need. 

He's also still learning his game and I'm sure would love to work with AVB. His former clubmate Vertonghen can help persuade him that we are going in the right direction, so come on Christian be a sensible chap and join the project at WHL, that's if Levy will cough up the money and not try and save every pound he can. 

If he doesn't go in early I fear Eriksen will go elsewhere, very much to our detriment. What say you guys and gals?..

Written by longtimespur

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The journalist

Writer: longtimespur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday March 22 2013

Time: 4:37PM

Your Comments

Putt Jatt Da smashed it again
What about him? I've heard he's not been all that for Ajax this season.

sounds a good deal.. Daniel Levy.. get over there.. deal to close...
Block D Spurs
Only just Jatt.

Im sure our scouts and representives are aware of potential signings/contract statuses/availabilty etc as would most other clubs. If we dont make champ league and do have a budget to spend i would rather that budget went on on the No 9 position than another midfielder. Saying that i believe we will finish top 4 and should win the Europa so Erikson, Lewondoski are the 2 i would definately welcome COYMFS!!! enjoy ur weekend folks
He is a player with huge potential, so he can come to us and then watch that world class potential drain away under a succession of kidding boys, he would be a great addition to our team. Better than Holtby for sure.
copy and paste ??????????
I'd rather put faith in Tom Carroll Who has come through our youth ranks and has shown glimpses of quality when he has been needed. We shouldn't be looking at any other player but a world class striker so eriksen is a no in my books.
from whats been said it sounds like AVB has said no a couple of times. tremendous talent but he's shown no progress this season and has even possibly regressed. agree we should trust in tom carroll.
I would rather carroll get a loan out to some prem side and hopefully get 25 to 30 games next year
There is a danger that we would have too many left footers, no disrespect to the new Pope of course. Holtby, Carroll, Dembele, Bale and Eriksen, which I think is the correct spelling. Looking forward to seeing whether Tom C gets more game time and continues to develop. Why spend £xxM when we may have a gem already. And that is what Levy will be thinking.
Christian!!! Benteke 22yrs old & Eriksen 21yrs old, would both be good for us.
spu 4 life
from whats been said it sounds like AVB has said no a couple of times. tremendous talent but he's shown no progress this season and has even possibly regressed. agree we should trust in tom carroll.
please tell me that defoe can at least score against san marino!?!
how is it that even amateurs can play defoe offside :(
finally, hardly a confidence instilling effort though
FU(K we might have lost bale
bale has clearly aggravated the ankle injury. he is playing on and probably making it worse, and it raises the question why was he allowed to go when not 100% fit. our own medics should be making the call not the welsh fa
coopsie it wasn't a particularly bad challenge but took bale out and it looked like he rolled the ankle. he was sitting in the floor for a while shaking his head at his teammates. didn't look promising. he played on but clearly doesn't look right
on the floor :)
Coops, go easy on the :-) faces, people will start talking; Some guy called Defoe has scored for Ingerland, do we know him? Watching Wales 0-1 down @ ht, Bale according to reports has had a virus this week, add that to his ankle problem, why has this club not recalled him, CRAZY.
spu 4 life
Coopsie and Spu 4, I hope I am wrong but I get the feeling that Bale now decides what is best for him, not his employer, and that includes which position he plays in the team.
bale out
BALE is OFF for the second half
spu 4 life
surely now we can recall him. hopefully he will be out for the next international but back soon for us
Defoe's goal coops, did the keeper dive 3ft wide of the post to stop it going off for a goal kick, only for it to hit the onion bag?
spu 4 life
what a depressing night for spurs, bale out, who knows for how long and even san marino are making defoe look completely useless
Right that's enough of Wee Gordan Strachan and Colemans aint mustard. Shi7 game anyway.
spu 4 life
England should have picked BENTLEY, in keeping with the car thyme, san MARINA and MonteALEGRO
spu 4 life
Wet Spam have got the OLYMPIC STADIUM, i bet they still manage to lump it over Danny Boyle's chimneys
spu 4 life
my god, defoe just passed to a teammate ahead of him. incredible.
How can you score 7 as a team and manage to be out of position for 6 of them, ask Defoe.
spu 4 life
Guernman, i think it was a deflected shot?
spu 4 life
DEFOE another goal go on my son, assist from Kyle Walker
spu 4 life
well played walker. defoe could get a hat trick, having played like crap :) lets hope it does his confidence some good though.
I think we need a player like Erikson. We need a centre midfield player that creates more than what we have now. When teams park the bus in games at home we have really struggles to break them down. I think it is the results against Wigan, Fulham, Stoke, Norwich and West Brom which will cost us a top four finish. They are all games we should be winning and yet dropped points. Fulham was a terrible performance and AVB team pick was all wrong but we do lack a player capable of sliding in a killer ball. The striker issue is also a joke and has been for about three years now. Levy and the board are to blame for this. It should have been sorted ages ago. I also think we are overloaded with left footers too. We also need to sign another right winger to deal with Lennon being out. Still not sure what the point in sending our only cover out on loan.
from whats been said it sounds like AVB has said no a couple of times. tremendous talent but he's shown no progress this season and has even possibly regressed. agree we should trust in tom carroll.
I worry he could be a little too lightweight, I really want us to focus on getting a number 9 and someone to push's not as though we don't already have players in Gylfi, Holtby, Dempsey, Dembele and Bale that like to play the role in the deep can he he play??
Tom Carroll is still a relatively unknown quantity. Do we want him to cut his teeth in our first team, possibly coming up short and costing us, or should we send him out on loan to a lesser PL club, where he could play nearly every game and let's see how he copes with a full season. We fantasise over him, or some do, when in reality he has hardly played a full game, and we have no idea whatsoever how he would cope with a long run of games. The thing that would worry me most about him is his physique, he makes Modric look a beast, he is so small and frail.
How come SAF decides whether his players play in internationals, or agrees that they don't play full games, whilst we allow Bale (only partially fit, and made to travel alone due to a virus) to play for Wales. Sod Wales, England, Scotland or any other bloody international side. Spurs pay Bales wages, and should pull the same strokes as other clubs do, to avoid key players getting injured or burnt out in international matches, especially for teams like Wales, who are a waste of time anyway.
In the limited amount of games in which I have seen Erikson, he looks a good player and would be a decent punt.
Olympic Stadium deal looks good for W.Ham. They play £15M up front and rent, there will be £150-£200M spent on the conversion to a football stadium with a 54,000 capacity and retractable seating over the running track, payed for by the tax payer, and Newham council, looks like the two porn kings have got a bloody cheap deal, and will be in in 2016, at least 2 and probably more years, before we are in the phantom stadium.
Ilkay Gundogan!
Quality player & given some of our other CM he's an easy upgrade for a sensible price. Carroll's promising but should be given a loan. Eriksen's had a lot of 1st team experience, he's also played in world cups, European championships & CL. He's won the Dutch league twice & the Dutch cup so has a winning mentality. He's a world apart from Tom Carroll. In all comps 10 goals 17 assists if that's regression then how good was this kid? A regressing Eriksen's stats show that he still walks into our team lol
Spurs Allday
Eriksen has been on the radar of EVERYONE for a couple of years. Definately a great fit for us though. Another great midfield option is Julian Draxler from FC Schalke 04. I'd push the boat out for this player, this guy is exceptional.
Bale is in physioroom with no return date for ankle injury. Hope this is NOT a defining moment for our season. COYS
Big Ron
I really like Eriksen, definitely one of the best young playmakers in Europe... I would certainly have him at spurs, and at the price that that's being talked about it is a bargain.
rahn DMC
Yes and we end up turning him into a superstar he will be linked away from us 24/7 as the press hates us having good players
LOL.... hearing yous speak of getting a player on lower wages is quite different listening to why the likes of Berbatov and Modric should be forced to see out their contracts and not leave for bigger clubs and much bigger wages - HYPOCRISY.
Papiss the Meerkat
But I see he is now tweeting that his ankle is ok to play next tuesday. I wish someone would get the facts sorted! Pa***** I see that no-one is on your site and no-one comments on articles except spurs fans. Why not just become a full time spurs fan lol
Big Ron
ah, he's on 12.5k pw....this will make him much more attractive....but still not convinced he's a priority...perhaps Belhanda who can cover right? For me a Striker and someone to play right of a front 3 would be perfect...being greedy I'd take three players - the striker...whether it be Lewandowski, Leandro, Benteke, Lukaku etc, Moutinho and Alexis Sanchez...trouble is we'd have to sell bale to afford it....:(
The very simple conclusion to Olympic Stadium deal proves 100% what a calamity of an approach Levy and his so called 'expert team' made in their attempt to move THFC to the OS. Not only did Levy want the bargain basement deal WHUFC have got for their club, with all the wonderful support that went with it from the government. He also demanded that the running track be removed, so that the stadium could never again be used as an athletic stadium, the very thing the British tax payer had paid to build the bloody thing for in the first place! And quite incredibly Levy also demanded the rights to knock half the stadium down and rebuild it to his own specifications, showing no respect what so ever to the stadiums original architectural design. Can you Imagine Hertha Berlin demanding the rights to knock half the historic Olympic Stadium in Berlin down when they were given the right to use the stadium? The planners behind the West Ham bid came up with the perfect compromise solution, so the stadium could be used, as a football stadium, athletics stadium, rugby stadium, music venue, etc etc etc, A thing called retractable seating, something Levy and his so called experts never even considered? Many West Ham haters say the OS project is doomed to fail, but It will be a huge commercial success 12 months of the year! Meanwhile Levy is back applying for grants in the ghetto, (money that local authorities should be spending on housing, health and schooling so that the multi billionaire owners of our club, can build it in on the cheap, which is delaying the whole process, year after year, after year, after year... Same old ENIC!!!
pelebro, I personally think WHU moving into the Olympic Stadium will be the death of the soul of their club. No amount of retractable seating will make it a football-friendly environment, once they're in they can't turn back, it'll already be too late. I've got quite a few Hammers friends and none of them want to move into it, they've sold out for a fast-buck, good luck to the fans in the stands that will still need binoculars. The noise they make will get lost in the roof that isn't hemmed-in enough, good luck to them, it's gonna be *****ing hilarious. "Perfect compromise solution" you say? Clearly you don't have a scooby what on earth you're talking about, just using your ignorance and total lack of knowledge to have a pop at our owners....again. Better luck next time boss, try to be more on-point with your next rant.
For the record I wouldn't want us to share our ground with anything or anyone, that's why it's called a football stadium, not a multi-purpose (loosest term ever) piece of grass with seats round it.
AU CONTRAR lUDDITES.... the 'soul' of most clubs change as soon as foreign owners come in to use Football as a means to 'become famous'.... WHU moving to the OS is a great opportunity to collect new fans as it allows for more attendances. London is a huge catchment area which any Prem club could milk by increasing stadium capacity. WHU have now achieved that (mostly thru' Spuds bungling) and can get a potential 90k support for home games at a fraction of the capital outlay in building a new shed from scratch. all cost can/will be met by current expenditures after increased revenues eventually kick in.... WHU could become very big rivals for 2nd-tier Prem clubs indeed after the move, especially once FFP starts to bite.
Papiss the Meerkat
lol Pa*****, your club is sponsored by, one of the sleaziest and most despicable companies out there. Making millions from the misfortune of others, brought about by the recession. I think you'll find most fans will be put off going to the Olympic Stadium, the atmosphere will be gash. So they'll get in a load of foreign tourists who don't know the songs, don't particularly care about West Ham and just "want to go to a game" whilst visiting the capital. Great!!
"Can get a potential of 90K"? If you're gonna start dissing or making points, at least be accurate with it ffs Pa*****. 54,000 is the capacity. Why not make up more ill-informed bollo(ks and post it on here, vast that your imagination is.
Pelebro - Up until that comment I paid little attention to your obsessive hatred for Enic, even though on occasions you have talked sense, albeit you harp on about the same subject way too much! But that comment on the OS is utter crap IMO. You really really want us to up sticks and move to East London just to get the OS?! It is a bowl, and a massive one at that, no matter how much retractable seating they have in there the atmosphere will be awful. And it could also be questioned as to whether West Ham have the fan base to fill the ground? It is not a football stadium. It was never meant to be. Personally I want something that is ours, and that we can call ours and share with no other clubs. Yes you are right, Levy and Joe Lewis have taken far too long to build this stadium and I personally feel that the muted date of 2018 is too far away. However it will be big enough and good enough for us, a proper football stadium with our very own "kop" end.
rahn DMC
To add to that, if you really wanted a cheaper option, why not expand WHL? Instead of ripping WHL down and putting a 450M pound stadium on top, why not make it look something like St James Park or Old Trafford... If we were going to build a new stadium I would want to model it to make it look similar to Signal Iduna Park... That stadium is a fortress.
rahn DMC
Does anyone know pelebro's details? I fear Daniel Levy may die in an infamous letter bomb attack...
rahn DMC, You miss my point... As a local North London Spurs fan I was totally opposed to THFC being moved to the OS! But I knew 100% that Levy would fail in his bid with the ridiculous demands he made, and was delighted when West Ham won the bid. The point I am making is that Levy wasted a couple of years and a huge amount of money on that pathetic bid, and during this period he stopped all plans to rebuild White hart Lane or look for suitable land anywhere in north London to rebuild the stadium. And now a couple of years on after losing the OS bid the whole stadium project is on hold. The point I was making in my last post is that West Ham now have a major international world famous sports venue, with fantastic transport links. A very attractive venue to attract investment into the club and the team! The selling of Upton Park will raise several hundred million pounds, and if this money is used to invest in the team, WHUFC will be in a very strong position to bring in a world class coach to rebuild the team, and make a strong move to become a bigger club than THFC! Chelsea did exactly this, so why not the Irons? And with their much bigger capacity they will be able to compete with the Premierships big boy on the wage front! Although you claim the OS stadium will have no atmosphere regarding the acoustics of the venue, I feel West Ham will have no problem filling the stadium whatsoever! London is one of the world great cities for tourism. An incredible 15.3 million tourist visitors visited London in 2011, and with the Premiership being so attractive to so many oversees people, watching a Premiership football game whilst visiting London is hugely attractive. Many tourist will now be able to watch, Liverpool, Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal, Newcastle, Tottenham, Chelsea etc etc, whilst visiting London at the world famous Olympic stadium! Tottenham have no seats available to house 35,000 Spurs fans on the THFC season ticket waiting list, let alone invite tourists into our stadium, and we have a huge international following! The point I am making is that if ENIC remain in charge of our club, we are in great danger of getting left behind in terms of stadium and on the pitch success. When ENIC bought our club 13 years ago, we were the number two club in the city in terms of success. We are now the cities 3rd club in terms of success and stadium, and unless ENIC accelerate their snail pace plans to rebuild White Hart Lane, or move the club to a suitable location somewhere in North London very quickly, we are in real danger of becoming London's number 4 club! Many Spurs fans laugh off the West Ham OS move, but if a major investor comes in and invests sufficiently in the team and brings in a world class coach I can seriously see this happen! If Chelsea could do it, why not West Ham United???
rahn DMC, one more point, I read an article in the Independent recently that stated that new roofing will be installed into the Olympic stadium which will help the acoustics of the venue. The OS was originally designed as a summer venue, but the new roofing will make it a more cosy, atmospheric venue! Get your arse in gear ENIC, or sale up!!!
Slightly off topic, but on the subject of potential striker signings in the summer, I see some clubs have already started. According to the press Ricky van Wolfswinkel has agreed to join Norwich for £8.5M on a 4 year deal, in the summer. In another report West Ham are reputed to be close to a £12M deal for Wilfred Bony of Vitesse Arnheim, who is the top scorer in the Dutch League with 26 in 24 in the league, and 46 in 63 since he joined from Sparta Prague in January 2011. Surely these are the kind of signings we should be looking at, affordable fees, reasonable wages, rather than practice our policy of chasing players who a) Dont want to come i.e. Damiao, Lloriente, b) players their club doesn't want to sell i.e. Damiao, c) players we can't/won't afford i.e. almost every player we are ever after. We need to be realistic, we currently appear to have Champagne tastes, and Lemonade aspirations, regarding fees and wages.There have been several cases in recent seasons, after all we have been looking allegedly for 4 years, when players like Michu, Cisse, Ba, Benteki, Hernandez, Sturridge, have all moved for reasonable fees and have proved their worth. Hopefuuly we don't go through the annual summer window charade, when we are linked with all the "A list" strikers in Europe, with no real hope of us signing any of them, so that we end up with nobody, or worse the likes of Adebayor as we did last summer. It is highly unlikely that we will find anybody else willing to pay half a players wages to get rid of him, so where do we go from here. We have to decide between what we "want", even if it is unachievable, and what we "need" that with proper attention should be gettable.
Pelebro - I see I've missed your point by a country mile mate :P I do agree that with the stadium and recent transfers Levy has *****ed about. I don't know all the facts but from what I know the stadium should be at least in the building process by now. I also think that the term "spend money to make money" applies here, If we had a new stadium a long with our training ground, and our squad/coaching staff we would gain massive potential to go places. I think Levy has done really well to keep us competitive whilst keeping good finances but I'm afraid he has to bite the bullet now, we are so close to have everything in place to become a dominant force... However I still think (and hope) that West Hams OS dream will go tits up but I guess I will have to reserve judgement on that.
rahn DMC
The stadium won't start work until phase one is complete, which is the supermarket build. David Lammy tweeted that Levy reckons the end of the year is when work on the stadium will begin, assuming all the funding is in place and the finer details to do with transport etc are sorted by then.
Chrissybwoy, we will believe it when we see it. There have been so many lies, half truths, tall stories, and false dawns, surrounding the whole new stadium farce, that until the thing is complete, open, and fully functional, we won't believe it. There will no doubt be countless twists, and hoops to go through, before the 13 year farce is over. We have been told 2018 is the likely finish date, but 2020 is probably nearer to reality. How far behind will we be by then?
Another attacking midfielder? Is that really the area we need to strengthen most?
Its a simple ish,spurs shouldn't be craving for a CMF or an AMF,you have siggurdson,dempsey who are better suited as an amf,you have dembele and holtby as CMF and parker and sandro as DMF (with livermore and huddlestone as neccessary backups),apart from bale and lennon,which other true wingers do spurs have?all spurs just need do is get a CB who can also play a RB so he can be an option for walker,Get a world class striker in higuain or someone else and then get two wingers,a worldclass winger and another young and decent winger,then the neccessary depth and quality will be in spurs squad,spurs don't need bodies at the centre anymore....
Like I said two wingers and a striker that has played at the top level should be spurs attacking priorites,for the two wingers,belhanda(who can also play as an AMF) and sanchez will make a whole lot of sense and higuain as the CF,sell adebayor and use defoe as the back up striker....
Hi Hazard11 I thought we had Townsend out on loan to gain regular PL experience, he should be back next season so that's covered one wing or maybe both. We certainly need a goalscorer up front.....we have 2 "strikers" at the moment. But all our goals have been coming from elsewhere for months. Be nice to get someone to actually score from "their" position. Who knows maybe JD will return from the England squad on a high and start scoring again as he did in early season. But with our luck we're more likely to have Bale crocked playing for Wales

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