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AVB wants Rose Return.

Apparently Andre Villas-Boas wants to bring back Danny Rose to WHL next season after he has had a hugely impressive season on loan to Sunderland. Rose has arguably been Sunderland's player of the season and would appear to offer the right balance between good defensive qualities and very strong attacking instincts, as seen with his excellent goal as Villa Park last night.

Rose has previously stated that he would like to stay at Sunderland and perhaps prefer the North of England to a return south, however would that stance change should he get the chance to be Tottenham's first choice left back next season? The reality is that playing regular football would appear to be his main priority, but also perhaps the lure of European and perhaps Champions league football, will prove a decisive factor and may also do his international ambitions the world of good, if he can play at the highest level possible in the Premiership.

Some Spurs fans remain sceptical that he is the quality of player we need to upgrade the left back position, but I believe that he has proved his ability with Sunderland and would fit very well into the Tottenham team, who like their full backs to push on and assist the attack. As a former winger, Danny has good natural attacking instincts and excellent supply, something that we have sadly lacked with BAE.

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday April 30 2013

Time: 4:51PM

Your Comments

As you say Ox, he wants to stay up there cos he is playing all their games...But AVB sells Beny, play rose with Fryers as stand in...
Block D Spurs
But, is Danny Rose better than Benny? I'm not so sure. Besides, he's already stated he won't come back to Spurs merely to be a bench warmer. He wants to be 1st choice & I don't think he necessarily will be, even if Benny gets sold. If the lad is OK with not playing every game, then fine, but if not, sell to Sunderland & get someone else in.

I say squeeze 10mill out of Sunderland & let him stay. He's 5ft 9' we would better off buying Luke Shaw for the 16mill that's been quoted. Rose has only broken into Sunderland's team at 22 while Shaw is 6ft 1' and has broken into Southampton's team at 17 and in my opinion will be better suited for Spurs. Imagine having to play Rose vs Stoke or at PSG and have Crouch or Zlatan pull onto him at every opportunity. Shaw may not be able to out jump such guys but he will have 10times a better chance annoying them enough to fluff their chances.
lol come on trinispur, can you really see Spurs spending 16m on a left back?? and can you really see Sunderland paying 10m for Rose, need to keep it real my friend!!! I agree with Spuds post.
trinisspur04.........interesting and good call. Personnally, i'd have thought Danny, would be looking to stay up north...but if sunderland get relegated (which i doubt....i be thinking wigan going down)....then he likely to retake his chances at spurs.....i would have thought.
I'd say Rose is worth 6 mill'......and Shaw 6 mill' with Add ons.
Yeah I would go with Rose and Fryers as backup,Baines would be very good but i would be happy with the above and use money to strenghten elsewhere,I would also like to see Adam Smith promoted to first team as backup for right back, Walker needs to be more consistent and I reckon Smith is better than Naughton. We need to get the correct balance of academy,promising and proven players this would be better financially and works or Man U and Barca we need to take full advantage of our training facilities,I just pray to God Levy can see how important this Summers transfer window is he needs to utilise AVB's football brain while we have it.For once let common sense prevail.
Bae will 100% be sold in the summer as he does not suit or get on with avb.rose was loaned out in the same way walker was to get more prem games so he will be back as no1.ox was danny rose not more of a Central midfielder left inside as he never really fanceyed the wing play? Coys.
Little spur
I think that the height of Rose is a moot point! Vertonghen will go to left back for games against the likes of Stoke, the spammers and all the other long ball merchants. It appears that AVB doesn't appreciate BAE, so unless there's a clearly better option, then Rose would get my vote. Adam Smith needs to go on loan at a premiership club next, then he should be ready the following season - a la Walker n Naughton..
I still think Rose defensively is a liability, although very good on the ball, I hope neither him nor BAE will be left back for Spurs next season.
Can see him working out well, AVB clearly doesn't rate BAE, which is why he's persisted playing naughton instead. Also Didn't benny tweet some remark about hating his boss earlier in the year? Rose has a season behind him and done well, as walker did with villa a couple of years ago. Rose could also potentially cover the wings
And while I can vouch for the lure of the north I would not include Sunderland in that bracket!
And while I can vouch for the lure of the north I would not include Sunderland in that bracket!
Rose is a very good full back. He is more defensively sound than BAE and appears to stay switched on al game. Rose and Fryers should be our two left backs next season. Let's not waste money on a position where we already have very good players. Money wasted there means less available where it is really needed.
Rose has looked consistently good at Sunderland, and as a defender he has had plenty of practice with them. He looks adequate as a defender, and exciting when he bursts forward, as his splendid goal v Villa showed last night. With him and Fryirs, another outstanding prospect, and Smith also to come back from Brentford, together with the current encumbents Walker, and Naughton, and with both Kaboul and Vertonghen both able to cover if required, we are OK at full back. If Baines were to be available, then an immediate auction would kick off pushing the price to an unaffordable level. With what is certain to be a very limited budget again, we have greater needs and priorities than trying to sign a star full back. Lets sort out the shortage of competent strikers, and the need for an attacking MFer as a priority.
Still think Rose wont cut the mustard. Baines yes but at a big price. I suggest a left back is already lined up from aboard. AVB just doesn't rate BAE!
Oh F.F.S NO...Rose and Townsend next season the rest of the prem will be bricking it at that news. still always the season after that.........
spu 4 life
AVB needs to set out his priorities. Mine would be striker, wide player, centre half, , LB, holding midfield, attacking midfield, GK in that order. However, I don't want AVB to compromise by buying 7 players in one go and compromising on all of them. He needs to figure out how far the budget can go and stop there. If Benteke costs 20m then pay it. If he then moves on to Ince and he costs 15m then pay it and stop there if that's all we can afford. If we can afford a 3rd player then buy Alderweireld. It all depends how many he can shift and what we get for them but I don't see the point of losing Rose or Fryers until AVB can have a proper look at them.
We won't buy Baines though. He's 29 in December, his stock is high and there is no return on the investment. Look at how much Moyes extracted for Lescott and Rodwell. Whilst he gets forward well, I've always questioned his defending as well.
Can somebody explain to me why at 5'9" a guy is "too small" to be a full back. We talk about Baines, how tall is he, how tall is Ashley Cole, he ain't bad. It ain't a FB's job to out jump, or win headers against CFs, that's what we have CBs for. The reason we consistently concede from crosses, and corners, is not because our FBs can't win it in the air, it's because we allow crosses to be made, and are unable to organise them that can head it i.e. CBs. It's about organisation, coaching, communicating what is wanted, and kicking arse.
Rose should fit in well, his last goal was in april 2010, 3yrs on he scores again, so his next goal should arrive in 2016, can't defend, get's caught out ball watching and his rash in tackles, his always one away from a red card. As for his passing last night. And his been Sunderland's best player, who else have they got who's any good?
spu 4 life
An international option could be Ricardo Rodriguez, the current Swiss international at Wolfsburg who is only 20 and 5'11
Muttley/Big C, spot on. Agents hiking up the price as always. I think Rose will come in about 5 million. Muttley, I don't see the need for another CB, the four minus Gallas, can do the job. The only way I would go for another is if Dawson is sold. Still not convinced he's good enough at this level.
If we are talking Leighton Baines, then Ben Davies of Swansea is the same height and has been very impressive.
All this talk about who we should buy, lets see who we would be happy to keep. imo Lloris, Freidel, Walker, Kaboul, Verthonghen, need a LB, Lennon, Djemble, Sandro, Bale, Somone to play in thehole, a new striker. Then we have, Dawson, Caulker, Naughton, Siggy, Holtby, Thud, Carroll, Defoe, Dempsey, Sell Gallas, BAE, Livermore, Ade That would be a great squad
Horny Helen
RAF Yid - agree, in my mind we should retain Vertonghen, Kaboul and Caulker and let Dawson and Gallas go. I would then bring in Alderweireld who we know also plays as an international RB with Belgium. His main position is the one either Dawson or Kaboul normally play for us. In true fantasy football style I would then bring in Wanyama to add competition in centre mid whilst knowing he's comfortable at centre half. I also think that at Dawson's age this is probably the last time we will get good money for him. He doesn't suit our style of play and it's not as though he's been good enough in previous sides that had great players like King, Woodgate and Gallas in them. My guess is Dawson won't want to sit around being 4th choice at his age.
Big C, we haven't agreed on much lately. You are spot on with post coverage. At least 5 goals this season would have been stopped just by having someone on the far post. It is basic. Blows my mind that it is not done.

On Rose, people are being very unfair. He has played very well on a poor team that relies heavily on it's defence. Sure, it'd be nice to get Baines, but I'd rather keep Rose, promote Fryers and sign Umtiti and put the Baines savings and the fee for BAE towards Felaini. Heck, I'd rather sign Luke Shaw who will be brilliant. Fellaini and Benteke would be 40M well spent. BAE and the new TV deal covers that. COYS
I like everyones thinking on Luke Shaw. The last 17 year old Southampton left back we purchased has done ok!!!
Tactically Challenge
We kid ourselves the likes of Rose and Townsend are "not good enough", we really must get our heads out of the clouds. If as seems increasingly likely we have donated our CL qualification yet again, who do we really think we can a) attract to play in the EL, b) will "afford" with low offers and restricted wages, when several other PL clubs, and others around Europe, will pay the going rate for top players. If you want fillet steak, you don't shop in Aldi, you shop in Waitrose, providing you are willing to pay their prices. Our "DOF" has to decide what his shopping list is, and if he is able/willing to pay for it.
At CB I would sell Dawson and let Gallas go. Bring in Howedes and Alderweirald and we'd have 5 quality CB's with Vertonghen, Kaboul and Alderweirald all capable of playing at FB. Vertonghen also has all the tools to play DMF. Our main needs, as I see them are striker, wing cover for both sides and a keeper. Friedel is a nice guy. He has also been past it for years. Has not saved a penalty since January 2008. He can't be our cup keeper. Player/coach. Son, Remy, Benteke, Fellaini, Cesar, Howedes, Alderweirald. Sell Defoe, Dawson, Hudd, PRker, Townsend, Gomes, Khumalo, Ade and give away Bentley. I'd also entertain offers for Walker and Dempsey. Add a couple of kids like Ince, Shaw or Umtiti and give chances to Smith, Carroll, Luongo, Pritchard, Ceballos and Bentaleb. Gallas will be let go and we may need to pay Bentley to go. All the salary coming off should reduce our salary commitments and most of the purchases could be funded by sales and the new TV money. Huge improvements and all within revenues. COYS
Benny will be sold because he's just not good enough nothing else, I think that if he were world class then AVB would keep him even if they didn't see eye to eye. I've said for a couple of seasons now he needs to go, at first I was castigated for it, now it seems like most people are agreeing, funny how it's taken so long for people to see what i saw a few years back.
Peter, Vertonghen wants to play CB, 5 is too many, if one gets injured we buy in the transfer window. Fellani is off to Chelsea. The names are nice but you had better have a word with Mr Levy, I think the purse strings will be loosened but not given away. Benteke just added 5 million to the price tag.
Agree RAF, 5 CB's is too many....we have a good quartet -Daws has his faults but imo his strength of character, Spurs mentality and homegrown pick make him a keeper...but if we want to sell for cash then why spend it all on another CB to sit in the stands?? We could pick up Diakite from Lazio for next to nothing...Incidentally the president of Inter has said he thinks Leandro will come to England...hustling Napoli?? Or is this transfer a Sally Gunnel?
RAF, it's a team game. Vertonghen may want to play CB, but I am sure he'd rather play LB or DMF than sit on the bench so Caulker can play. We need versatile players. Vertonghen, Alderweirald and Kaboul all can play other positions. 5 was not enough this season. There are no purse strings to open. Everything I suggest can be done without spending on transfers or increasing salary. Defoe, Dawson, Ade, Gomes, Hudd, Parker brings in 40M with 30 M extra for the TV deal, if not more. There is money available. I'd also sell Walker and Dempsey if the deals are right. Townsend too. COYS
peterballb - What he would actually do is move to a club that plays him in the position he wants to play in. There would be plenty queuing to buy him after the season he's had.
Can't believe this but for the 3rd year running, the Damaio rumours are on again and the season is not even finished. Gotta laugh. Let's move on ....
Not often a team lets in 6 goals & one of the back four remains totally blameless but that was the case with Rose. He's come a long way this year & I'd have no problem with him being given the chance to be our LB next season. If AVB trusts him(which appears to be the case) then he's already an improvement on BAE & being left footed he's already an improvement on Naughton.
Spurs Allday
Peter, versatile is okay but look at Naughton, he's been made to look a bad player at times. Players are selfish, look at Rose, he's already demanding to be first choice or else. Good in a way but 5 is too many, we've had Kaboul injured all year and still coped. Who sits on the bench for long periods? Sorry mate, but 40million, Parker 3 at most, Defoe, 8, Ade, 0, Gomes, 0, Hudd, 7 and Dawson, 5.
For me Rose is not an improvement on BAE, clearly AVB doesn't rate BAE which I hope is attitude related as technically he is better than Rose and both IMO are error prone. At least one goal against Villa was 100% Rose's fault.

Having said that, I'd be happy to see a top striker and a creative midfielder arrive in the summer and spend all next season moaning about a $hit left back!!
Don't think he will ever be good enough for us. He's had a good season but we need a proper left back like Baines.
He's not yet the sort of player whoi should get a regular place for Spurs. I reckon AVB talks him up to get a better price from Sunders. Assuming Di Canio wants him. He's not the full ticket is he?
One goal wonder.
Really don't think he is good enough but BAE game has dropped as well. Not sure Fryers is ready either so I do think we need a LB but we need a striker and winger first.

I think he could be cover and cup games and cover for the wing but as first choice LB no.

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