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Out of our hands

Bitter sweet. A real mix of emotions in the aftermath of an exhilarating match at the Bridge. Premier League football at its best. Two teams chasing the Champions' League dream at the end of a long hard season. Both exhausted, both stretched to breaking point, both giving it everything.

We have much to be proud of. A fine result at the home of the in-form team in the Premiership. Yet another late goal. Steel and determination. And yet for all that, we no longer have control of our destiny. A great match for the neutrals. Painful for us who had emotion invested. A draw wasn't really enough. Pride mixed with impending disappointment. A heady mix.

Pre match, the team sheets showed the scale of the task ahead. Their midfield. It's so good. Unbelievably good. Pace, movement, overwhelming goal threat from the 'three amigos'. Driving runs, visionary passing and a cannonball shot from sideshow Bob. Boundless energy from Ramires. A true box-to-box midfielder. An awesome group, with quality on the bench as well. And they're all young. It hurts to say it but Chelsea's future is looking bright. All they lack is that defensive midfield brute. How could we stand up to that? Sandro out. Dembele out. Huddlestone and Parker were in for a torrid time. Which is possibly why the energetic Holtby was preferred to Sigurdsson.

Sadly, this was a match in which Huddlestone's limitations were exposed. With Mata, Oscar and Hazard bounding round him like a pack of hunting dogs round a St Bernard, his lack of mobility was laid bare. He conceded free kicks. With the ball he was given no time to execute his passes. His set pieces weren't coming off either. Not a good evening for big Tom. The haircut will have to wait. Holtby tried hard as always without being truly convincing. Parker, though, had one of his better matches. Not a pirouette in sight and his ventures forward were more effective than usual. At the end of the match, he looked like he was going to die. In terms of effort, you couldn't ask for more.

Bale and Lennon were quiet. Possibly still not fully fit, maybe just marked out of it, though the defensive side to Lennon's game was again in evidence and much appreciated, tracking back, helping out. Benny and Walker played well, though why Walker bothers standing over free kicks is beyond me. He's not fooling anyone. Vertonghen was imperious as ever. Dawson showed good honest Yorkshire grit, but was caught out several times, conceded several fouls. Made a crucial block with his face. Put it all on the line. Bruised and battered, but still standing, still determined. Giving his all. A metaphor for our whole evening. Our whole season.

With Bale shackled somebody needed to step up, and step up Ade did. He put in his best performance of the season. What a goal. What an assist. A huge effort. He was everywhere. You know what's coming. Why not every week? Confidence? Attitude? We've been over it before. Too many times. Man of the match this time, anyway. Will he show up on Sunday? Sig chipped in with another late goal. Quality finish. He's gradually gathered momentum. Hopes for him next season are high.

It was a courageous performance against a very good Chelsea team. They had better players than us. They had the better chances. In truth they probably deserved to win. Hazard's balloon shot and Ramires' slip saved us from being buried. But we had spirit. We fought. We had more possession, more shots. All of this with several key players missing and Bale unable to impose himself. It's a testament to AVB. They're playing for him.

We should be very proud, not just of this one match, but our whole season. A season of transition, under a new manager, new ideas and a complete overhaul of the first team, and we are still up there, our best ever premier league finish still very possible. Exceeding expectations. Souness and Hoddle's post match comments about Harry Redknapp were as infuriating as they were idiotic. Sacked 'not for football reasons'. Really? Losing a 10 point lead, leaving us out of the Champions' League with arguably the best midfield in the land and the best squad we've had in decades isn't a football reason? If AVB was in charge last season...

For all the positives, the cold facts are that this result leaves us needing others to slip up. Chelsea face Villa and Everton, with a European final in between. No easy task. Arsenal face Wigan and Newcastle, both fighting relegation. Hope is still burning. The draw wasn't enough, but a defeat would have left us needing Arsenal to lose a match. Now all we ask is that they draw one. Margin for error is gone. We MUST beat Stoke. We MUST beat Sunderland. The rest is up to others. COYS!!!!

Written by Yorkspur

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The journalist

Writer: Yorkspur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday May 9 2013

Time: 2:52PM

Your Comments

come on wigan!!
Was it ever thus? It's ALWAYS been out of our hands & we've ALWAYS depended on others dropping points. AVB has got to stop this end of season malaise PDQ, otherwise we'll never do anything in the League but flatter to deceive. We're all sick of the gloating Gooners & their St Totteringham's day taunts. E-Fecking-nough!

Lets not delude ourselves. Wigan have taken 4 points from us this season and they might be relegated. Home draw to Stoke. Dropped points against Norwich, home loss to Fulham. Everton, 1 up in injury time. If we had got just 3 more points from any of those games.??? We deserve to be where we are.
I firmly believe if Tottenham Hotspur win our remaining two games, we will be in the Champions League.
Spuds the malaise is still a run of games since christmas where we have only lost twice in the league. More a case of a thin squad's chickens coming home to roost. When you have to rush back your two wide men from injury it says it all really. This is not a critism of and manager or the club management its just the result of carrying a bloated squad that needed to be trimmed. Hopefully now with AVB's feet firmly under the table (fingers crossed everton don't come in with a huge offer) we can use this season as a stepping stone to establish Spurs as a perennial Top four challengers and on to eventual title contenders. Fergie only lasted 27 years at United at only 25 AVB could potentially be Spurs manager for the next 40 years Managerial stability is what success is built on. Just look at United, Arsenal and even Liverpool (before the americans started teh manager merry go round). AVB's appointment should always have been about the long term future of the club, remember it took fergie four years to win a a trophy for the reds. This year has been a success as it showed AVB has what it takes to cut it int he Premier league he has dragged an under equiped Spurs to the brink of Champions League qualification Defeated united, city, arsenal and took two points of the form team in Chelsea. Any disappointment we feel should be matched by pride that we aimed so high!
Slurms McKenzie
Excellently written article Yorkspur and good posts. I think two wins will be enough for us as Arsenal have two tough games left. Forget about getting third fourth is all we can hopefor and if we do our job inour remaining two games it could well be enough. COYS.
great article!
Ay? You've got some facts wrong slurms!
HIt the wrong button Chris_1882 as I was welling up as I typed he's closer to the 35 mark!
Slurms McKenzie
Harry WAS sacked for non-footballing reasons. It would be idiotic to sack someone for equaling your highest ever EPL finish (4th), with 1 point less than your record total - no matter how much of a lead squandered. Plus that season we only spent 5-7 million all season, yet still got 4th. This season, we spent 50-60 million.... At the end of the day, we are performing at our limits. Every now and again those limits get exposed. The Harry era is the past now. Why keep trying to look down a period in our history that has teed us up to kick on. Move on.
Same could be said for Newcastle ghulamville and they are safe yet so even more to fight for against arsenal!
Slurms McKenzie
The 2 "tough" games Arse have will only be tough if Wigan and Newc on the day need to win. This weekend, QPR host Newcastle, and a Newc win would put them 6 points clear of Wigan, who would then need to beat Le Arse to have any chance of staying up and to keep the pressure on Newcastle. If Arse beat Wigan, then it will be party time at St James. Anyway, i am sure we have all worked it out. So lets hope QPR beat Newc on Saturday. Can Harry 'elp us? He doesn't like Pardew, but then again if he is thinking long term would he rather compete with Wigan for promotion or Newcastle next year. I know a season is a season, but I just feel these last few games for Arse have been softened up by the opposition not being too interested. When they play Wigan, it might be like 2 for the price of one...relegate Wigan and have an easier, much easier, task at Newcastle.
ghulamville, I watched the Sunderland/Stoke game the other night. I could see why they have struggled this season. Stoke wee 1-0 up and conceded toa 1-mn Sunderland and could easily have lost that game. I know they play up at the Britannia, but they are no where as tough a nut to crack as last season. If we reproduce the performance of last night, we should have a great chance. Though I don't fancy Charlie Adams and Bale battle again!! COYS!
Some fair points Slurms, but who was it who let Townsend go out on loan & then didn't get a striker in Jan? Don't get me wrong, I really like what AVB's doing & maybe Levy had more to do with the lack of incoming players in the Jan transfer window than AVB, but AVB could have blocked Townsend's loan. As it has turned out, we lacked cover for Lennon at a crucial time IMO.

it was never in our hands really. An excellent result last night but the gap in quality were there for all to see. We arent a patch on that chelsea team and nor should we be considering how much money they have spent on it. It was a total mis-match but we got a draw, something to be very proud of. opening the harry subject again is pointless. Incidently, funny how Moyes isnt good enough for us but is good enough for Man Utd. We missed a huge opportunity there. But Avb has done really well and anybody who isnt proud of 5th really needs to wake up and realise what football is like in 2013, all about revenues and bank balances. The more you got the easier it is to get CL and our competitors have much much more than us. A miracle really, we stayed with them all as long as we have.
typos!... to a 10 man sunderland!
Good cheery article. There is still some hope. I was really proud last night - in fact that sums up the season for me proud but frustrated. Our squad has over-achieved on many occasions and let themselves down with silly errors at others, but apart from some amazing victories we are very hard to beat and seem to have grown some huge kahunas since AVB arrived. Shame for me is - If Ade played like that every week we'd be pushing for 2nd and looking at buying a cheapish young striker instead of a pricy finished article and therefore with more money to get a more creative CM in. Feck me - the Chavs midfield were awesome last night - even greater testimony to our motley band. I personally will be very surprised if Wigan can hold let alone take Arse, which kind of lets the barcodes off the hook, because QPR are *****e. Villa might even beat Chavs, but Everton probably won't fight - specially now Moyes is gone. Still - anything's possible and I'll keep the faith while there's still hope. COYS!
Great summary yorkspur,great match last night, great performance by ade ! Great end of season and fourth place for us all ! Coy's.
Little spur
Come on everyone, Townsend could of only gotten better with this QPR loan, as it gave him the real chance to compete to be a starter. If he hadn't, then he would probably still be rusty and not as confident as he is now....
...But, regardless, we can't dwell in the past. With the great attacking players we faced in Oscar, Hazard, and Mata, I am now certain that AVB knew what he was doing when he fielded our players. He basically built that attacking Che$hit team, and I'm sure he knew how they would work, that is why our possession was greater and Walker easily silenced much of the Hazard threat. I think now, all we should hope for is that Levy backs AVB so that he can form an attacking team better than Che$hit's....
We'll finish fifth, there'll be plenty of speculation during the summer over new signings, and we'll offload some more deadwood, and one or two will come in from Sporting Nowhere or some such. Bale will be off. Then we'll be back having the same arguments next season, when we'll be wondering if Adebayor will be consistent, ditto Defoe, rely on the likes of Huddlestone, who looked really classy for about 20 minutes last season, and can we get anywhere near this season's let down, when in fact we'll struggle to reach the Europa, and then won't, and then Villas-Boas will be on his bike, getting his P45 from the lovely Mr. Levy. Oh, and the stadium will be built time soon.
Image if we had gotten Mata, then Hazard, and lastly Oscar had they not chosen Chel$hit at the last minute? It would have been magnificent. I'm sure we can get similar players like them now, like James Rodriguez, Jackson Martinez, Atsu, Mertens, Ganso, Iker Munaian, Belhanda, and Obiang....But it is up Levy to take those risks....
Harry mentioned in another article… and the day was going so well. And jimmy - ‘it was never in our hands’ Unlike you cock, which is ALWAYS in yours...
no negatives from that result whatsoever. Lets not forget what we are, and we are not a team that goes to stamford bridge expecting to win thats for sure! a win was a wild dream, but a draw is a more than satisfactory result imo
the performance, however, was a bit disapointing, but, quite simply, we have worse players than them atm so not particularly suprising
If it does go down to the last game of the season, I wouldn’t be worried if Newcastle were already safe from relegation. I remember reading some research a while back that analysed the perception that teams that were desperate for points, whether it be at the top or lower end of the division, had a greater than normal chance of winning. The research showed that it made no difference whatsoever – those teams were likely to accumulate points at the same rate as they had done all season. The conclusion was that although their need to win may have been greater, they didn’t have the capability of doing so.

The research also looked at teams that ‘had nothing to play for’: the perception being that these teams performed at a lower level than throughout the season; again it was shown to be untrue. These teams generally performed to the same level as they had done throughout the season. One conclusion was that players free from the pressure of relegation/promotion/Champions League etc., would be more relaxed and more likely to play to their full potential.

That’s why I would almost prefer Newcastle to be free from relegation worries. St James will be packed. After the season they’ve had, particularly as they started with such high expectations, I’m sure Pardew and the players will doing everything they can to end the season on a high. And you can be sure they are still smarting from the recent humiliating defeats to Sunderland and Liverpool.
I think its very much a 'whodunnit' end to the season....enthralling to say the least, managerial changes at Everton how will that effect the final placings as they still have a say? I said at the beginning of the season top 8 for us, that may have been construed as pessimistic but i was unsure of AVB cos of his demise at the blue scum and also it always takes time for a manager and the players to get used to working with one another, ideas across etc etc. The fact that with only 2 games remaining and 2 very winnable games at that we have still a chance to qualify with no Kaboul, Sandro, Dembele/Parker for large parts ( a bloody whole midfield ) and no Adebayor but for last night and injuries to Defoe and no other striker options whatsoever is nothing short of sublime as far as i'm concerned. We will buy this summer - no question and strengthen and have key players back which all adds up to me already looking forward to next season with baited breath..... the future's bright.........the future's bolling-er. Raise your glasses to the boss. Cheers AVB for this season whatever happens.
I have to say I can't understand the optimism on here today, I am gutted today as I have been for a few weeks that we have yet again failed and thrown it away, we didn't buy a striker, again (worse than old this one), we sold 2 of our best midfielders and replaced them with inferior players, we watched numerous other players we desperately need swan off to rivals for pittance 6 months after we could have got them for even less.

In my eyes this season has been an epic failure with the only saving grace being that AVB has by way of some miracle managed to keep us in the hunt.

I am fed up of Lennon getting injured and us having no cover because we loaned them out, first it was GDS now it's Townsend, it pathetic, our club has the foresight of a blind goldfish!

Then the fact that we have to compete in the handicap league next year, that's right the one which is absolutely pointless other than keeping you too occupied to genuinely challenge the leaders who are in it's vastly richer older brother competition where you have to play less game which in the early stages actually average a lower lever because of the bloody seeding and groups system.

To be honest I am just getting seriously skeptical about the game as a whole, if it's not one thing it's another and it's sucked the will out of me with regards to football now.

Football is setup to make Man U and a few others rich, nothing more now so I fail to see the point of giving them my money any more, I love Spurs and I always will, but it's beyond a joke, it's not football, it's not business it's corrupt.
Yorkspur good article ... we have some scouting to do now, and Levy must back AVB in squad sales and transfers in.. last night looking at the chelsea MF he bought, that is confirrmation for me that he can find and know how to deploy tactical movement for these players. So spurs will be much stronger next year. We have to keep up with the other 5 clubs around us in the league. AVB will not go to Everton... because he enjoys it at WHL and better training facilities, players..and a chairman / board who can spend money for quality players. chance of him leaving for them. COYS
Block D Spurs
Has the media been touting AVB for Everton ...Block D?
It has been an absolutely outstanding effort from players and staff. To be in with a shout of reaching our record PL league points total with a completely new team that didn't replace Modric and VDV + whilst simultaneously giving it a proper go in Europe is fantastic. As has been pointed out - the top 4 teams, including Chelsea, have infinitely more resources than us and so it is hardly surprising they have superior players. The odds are stacked in their favour. Yet we still done well and finished 'best of the rest' with still a shout of finishing 4th with 2 games to go. We should be really proud of the way we have approached the season on all counts. And now we have a manager who's looking to build something and win trophies. We just need Levy to pull his finger out now with the stadium.
Jocka I was responding to your mention of Everton. not too long before Media / journos. start casting rumours...
Block D Spurs
Stu_u2k, we are competing against 2 financially duped clubs in Chelsea, City, the world's richest club in United and Arsenal who have 15+ years of CL money and the revenue of a 60,000 stadium. I hate the way football has gone too as its no longer a competition. It is also completely unrealistic to suggest that the odd CL appearance here and there will change the status quo. Its painful for some but we have to accept where we are - a broadly 5th-7th ranked club who has a fighting chance of glory each year in all the Cup competitions and can finish in and around 5th position, sometimes scraping 4th, sometimes finishing 6th or 7th. Its where we are. I don't understand people threatening suicide when we don't match teams that have spent a billion pounds on their team - its completely unrealistic and Spurs fans expecting that will spend their lives miserable. Much better to enjoy all competitions smattered with the odd moment of glory. Its what supporting Spurs has always been like. With AVB we have a manager who has a track-record of collecting trophies - i'm hopeful of that in the future.
Great article
True Spurs Supporter
totally take my hat off to Levy and ENIC for investing well in Lloris, Verts, Dembele and Ade, good value purchases there incl. 1 world-class striker and goalkeeper, and 2 intl.-class Belgiums.... shame AVB couldnt figure out how to play with less fear and how to use Ade properly, til perhaps last night.... time to use our TWO world-class forwards properly now AVB, you have 2 games to do it...
The Gaywalker
Lordjohhny, so right, couldn't have put it better myself.
SRV, you are right AVB has a record for winning trophies, he isn't the problem, it's Lewis/Levy with their 1 trophy in 13 years that are the problem. The Gaywalker, ENIC didn't "invest" anything in Lloris, Verts, Dembele and Ade, they simply re-cycled some of the money taken from the sales of Modric, VDV, Corluka, Kranjcar, GDS, and Bassong amongst others, making a profit in the window.
People need to acknowledge reality. We should be tickled pink with where we are. Modric, VDV, King gone, Gallas and Friedel clearly past it, Adebayor not here and off the boil when he was, Kaboul and Parker, then Sandro out. Essentially 8 of 11 starters gone or done off of a top 4 team and where are we? 3 points out of third with 2 to play. Pretty good, if you ask me and where we ought to be. Last year, IMO, we did not perform as well as we could have. This year has not been as pretty, but there is more steel, grit, execution and we have added Lloris, Vertonghen, Dembele to the foundation of Bale, Lennon, Sandro and a host of other young players that can be even better.

Again, we need to be realistic. Will Walker ever learn to cross, think or defend? It's all coachable, but will it ever sink in? On Townsend, stop lamenting the loan. He was not in AVB's plans. 5 appearances, 30 minutes, 11 times unused sub in PL games. Had we kept him around, he would not have played. In a couple of the QPR games he looked really good. In the others, he looked average and constantly wandered in to the middle of the park. I just don't think AVB rates him. Time will tell. Sign Son, Remy and an out and out striker and Townsend will get nowhere near the pitch. Lots will occur before kickoff next season. The Dawson situation was a question of respect. He didn't see him fitting in to the system and did not want a player who should be playing, sitting. Dawson chose to stay and fight. AVB chose to afford him that opportunity. Dawson proved him wrong and AVB admitted he was glad he did. To my mind, that's a man manager. Shame Gio, Pav, Corluka, Kranjcar, Pletikosa and others weren't afforded the same. COYS
I admire the optomism shown by many, but can anybody honestly see Arsenal dropping any points v Wigan and Newcastle, all loyalties aside, it is just not going to happen.
Frank, you are right that with ENIC as owners and football the way it is allowing sugar daddies to bankroll clubs, we can NEVER compete with City, United or Chelsea. That's why i suggest we just enjoy how fantastic we've done (i.e the best of the rest which is realistically all we can hope for) and hope that AVB can bring us some Cup wins in the coming seasons. And that means instead of some fans criticising trophies like the UEFA Cup, it means embracing them as an opportunity to win a title - as AVB did this year. I'm not quite sure what people expect to happen even if we do scrape into the CL. Nothing will change with ENIC as owners and the liklihood is that the team that misses out (say Chelsea) will spend £100-£200m next season to make sure they are back in it. Whilst we'll still have the year-on-year arguments about whether to pointlessly concentrate on the league, never winning anything yet never ever being able to match the top clubs financially. Its a completely hopeless aspiration and we enjoy the ride for what it is in the context of where we are as a club.
Frank, the sites that track transfers in and transfers out would disagree with your claim. Only last year was there a net transfer profit. Every other year under ENIC has resulted in a net transfer loss. Fact is wages have continued to climb which affords us less room for spends if we are going to hover around break even when football revenues and football expenditures are concerned.

I will wait until September 1 next season before dismissing where Levy, Lewis, AVB are going. COYS
Could somebody resolve the Bentley position for me once and for all. I and others believed he was out of contract this summer, but I have just read a blog by a Blackburn bloke saying how sad it was to see him bow out of Ewood to return to WHL for the last year of his contract. Surely we haven't got to carry the prat for another season.
The game changer last night, was when the chavs took Hazard off, they never looked anywhere near as quick and dangerous after that. Lets hope we don,t balls it up against stoke rugby club as a good win will put the pressure on the goons. ps thought manure missed a trick in not promoting Howard Webb to player/ manager
Incidentally we have our own "sugar daddy", he just doesn't part with his sugar, not a fan, not interested, couldn't give a *****e for the football club, just the bricks and mortar, he is our landlord.
Peter, SRV, said as it is. To be still in with a shout with two games to go is a pretty good achievement taking into account the loss of 2/3 of our star players and the Sandro and Kaboul injuries. Off topic, can't understand why Harry Redknapp wasn't considered for the United job. COYS.
Sorry Block D i was only stating they will need a new manager not that AVB would possibly go there. I meant how will their players react to the news for the final 2 games. AVB won't be going anywhere pal.
Wigan I don't see beating Arsenal but Newcastle more likely. If they need to win to stay in the PL then they will give everything and if they are already safe they will relax and want to finish on a high, they are a proud club.

We must slip up in our last two games it is as simple as that.

Chelsea ought to get enough from their last two games to stay in top four but funnier things have happened. One upset from Villa could pile on the pressure and mean they could meet Everton who on the last day may well want to win their last game for Moyes especially against Chelsea (top four club) so potentially I see the next games the most crucial for us and Chelsea and the last game more crucial for Arsenal.

I think if we slip up against Stoke then we will not get top four so a win is a must.
The only possible way we can come near competing with the big boys is to invest in our scouting system, the next Carrick, Lennon, Berbatov, Modric, Bale, Lloris, Verthongen will always be there you just have to find him. And a good coach will always come in handy, that is sorted. COYS.
We're Spurs. There's always a let down, even when we're supposedly doing well. I don't go with this 'we should know our place' crapola. It's an excuse for apathetic players, poor management, short-sighted investment from owners who have pished millions up the wall by not building a stadium fit for a giant club. It's about time the excuses stopped, and after 52 BLEEDING YEARS, we actually have people who want us to challenge rather than the pathetic drivel year after fricking year about how good we've been to be also-rans YET AGAIN.
Excellent article, Yorkspur. Only thing I disagree with you on is Benny. I thought he was poor last night.

SRV -- You are bang on the money regarding where we are as a club, and your outlook as a supporter is akin to my own. Treat all competitions seriously and enjoy being in the mix ... just like this season. Love my team! COYS
Love people that love spending other people's money, easy peasy.
LJ -- EVERYONE wants us to win things! But if that is not realistic in terms of the League, then the next best thing is to be competing. Being a supporter is more than just singing when the club is winning, and you know that, because you are still a fan after all these years.
Unquestionably, for me, the most exciting activity for Spurs since the early 80's SpursEagle.
Agree Jocka!
LJ, all well and good but where are you taking the money from? We don't have an owner who will self fund with Monopoly money so where to get the extra cash? We break even, more or less. I accept that and consider it responsible. I would suggest selling Defoe, Gomes, Ade, BAE, Hudd, Townsend, Parker and add the 30M from the new TV deal. That's 60-70M. More importantly, along with Gallas, that's a whole whack of contract gone. Bentley has one more year, so we'll have to pay him to go, but again, this all reduces salary. Son, Remy, Howedes, Belhanda, Benteke could all be afforded along with Cesar. Covered across the pitch and now we can look to sell Dawson, Dempsey and a few others. That's all without CL. With CL (not in our hands) we could add 25-30M more. And, as I said, with all of the salary that could come off our salary expenditures would likely decrease.

Again, I have adopted a wait and see attitude come September 1. As I see it, we have gone from mid table to being in Europe every year and on the cusp of CL. We must keep pushing forward. We just must do so in a calculated manner as we have 5 teams that can easily outspend us. That will be the case for the next decade or 2 even with a new stadium and CL. It takes time. We are as good as anyone as far as best XI go. We just need to strengthen the weakest links. COYS
Spot on Peter fella.
Well said Peter. We all want a successful Tottenham. But success comes in varying degrees. To get to the pinnacle is extremely hard for a club without the bottomless resources of those above us. We have had a relatively successful season. Time to step up a notch next year and win a trophy (and yes, that means taking Europa seriously again, IF we miss out on CL), and try to keep pushing on, bit by bit.
The owners are fully and wholly to blame for our predicament as a middling club with an attendance to match. There is no reason why we should be underselling in every sense of the word. Those of you who back this shower deserve the dross they will serve up year after year. They've reduced our club, changed our kit, and anglicised the motto, in keeping with the dumb down generation. That'll be removed soon too, as we can't have all that 'daring' going on at Spurs. 'Mane humilis et mediocribus'.
I wonder HOW many comments would be made IF for 1 article only, NO 1 could distract from the article with yet ANOTHER witch hunt???

Sick & tired of hearing the same drivel, City & Chelski ruining the game with their "ethics", then moaning Enic/Levy are only interested in running a financially stable EPL Club thats now in contention each season for CL football, how dare they...

This has been a SUPERB season, with SO many odds stacked against us. New Manager/Coach & not just any1, no we had AVB & all the baggage he unfairly had to carry, lost King (permanently), Modric, VDV. Brought in a new GK who (correctly) required time to bed in, Lost key personel from the starting 11 yet again, a striker who's had a stinker apart from last night.

SO many stumbling blocks, yet despite all that & foolishly letting slip SO many winnable games, here we are in a dog fight, scoring late goals & winning points, down to the final 2 games of the season needing 2 wins to clinch the CL spot that we've held onto for so much of the season. Obviously CL requires 1 if not both our rivals dropping points, however both have dropped similar types of points in similar types of games just like us this season. CL is NOT an impossibility, its hard, but so it should be, or else WHATS THE POINT?

"It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory."

"When it is played at its best football remains the greatest game of all. And Tottenham, so close to my heart, is still to me the greatest club."

Two statements from Mr Tottenham himself. RIP Sir

True Spurs Supporter
Yorkspur - really good analysis and agree. Keep the faith
You guys still have a chance. We (chelsea) will definitely draw to everton. Our top 4 hopes are resting on us beating aston villa. Arsenal and you have equally as hard fixtures as the teams your facing will be highly motivated. Stoke need a point to survive and they're the best at getting draws. Sunderland will probably need to draw to avoid it as well. if wigan had beat swansea they 100% wouldn't lose to arsenal. But they have to win. Which means if they're drawing in the last 10min they will throw everyone forward giving arsenal a chance to win. Newcastle away isn't exactly easy either.
LJ -- LOL at your new motto. I just had to laugh, too funny, mate!

Seriously though, what would make you a "happy" Spurs supporter? And could you answer Peter's point about how the present owners are going to get us there? Oh, and when was the last time you were happy being a Spurs fan? Or were you ever?
My hope comes from the fact that whilst arsenal beat ten man Fulham, Norwich, an awful QPR and drew with a drunk manure - at no point did they look very good. Hopefully Wigan will be motivated despite cup final and that will then keep Newcastle in the mix. One can hope anyhow, but of course, we also have two tough games. Siggy again delivered, despite how ***** some think he is, but he always looks like he has a goal in him and seems to be settling more. Big miss last night was no Dembele and replaced by a poor Hudd. Set pieces awful.
You're right SpursEagle. I'm a miserable old scrote. Just ignore me. Liquid lunch.
Good post TSS
No name calling LJ!
By the way I've an exclusive passed to me by a media friend. It's about Moyes and Man. Utd. This is a transcript of the phone call between David Gill and the Glazers from a few days ago. David Gill: Is that Joel or Avi? Glazer: Never mind already. Wassup Davy boy, we're on conference call? Gill: It's Sir Alex. He's off. Glazer: Waddya mean? Gill: He's retiring. Glazer: OK. Did you do the usual thing? Gill: No, this time he's serious. Glazer: Great. That's all we need. Gill: Look, don't worry I've sorted it. Glazer: How so? Gill: I've got Moyes. Glazer: You've got moist? Holy guacemole, soccer means a lot to you guys. Gill: No, I've got David Moyes. Glazer: Does he know a good replacement? Gill: No. He's the replacement. Glazer: Why have we never heard of him? Gill: Well, he's pretty well known over here. Glazer: Why is that? What's he done? Gill: Well, he managed Everton for 11 years. Glazer: Ever...ton? Gill: Yes. They are an established high profile club. Glazer: OK. What've they done? Gill: They've been a top flight club for over 100 years. Glazer: What have they done? Gill: They've won cups and leagues. Glazer: Great. And this guy Moyes, what's his contribution? Gill: Well, as I said he's highly thought of by those in the know. Glazer: He's won nothing hasn't he? Gill: yes. Glazer: We didn't hear you. Gill: YES. Glazer: What's his biggest achievement? Gill: Er... keeping them in the league all that time. Glazer: Oh, so they're a Wigan Panthers or Norwich Blue Stars? Gill: A bit higher profile. Glazer: How higher? What's their salary bill for players? Gill: 8th highest in the premier. Glazer: And they've won....nada? NADA? Gill: He has a lot of respect among his peers. Glazer: You mean the other guys who win when he doesn't. Gill: And he's Scottish. Glazer: Great. Another employee I need translating. Gill: Sir Alex recommended him. Glazer: Oh, OK, like he recommended Archie Knox, Brian Kidd, McClaren, Ryan, then that Portuguese guy, Walter Smith, the portuguese guy and Mike Phelan? Gill: Well yes....but it worked didn't it. Glazer: Well if he's staying it may work. Undo it now. Gill:'m off too. Do I get my statue? Glazer: No fricking way. Gill: Er......only joking. Forget this phone call happened. Um.... April fool?
Glazer: Oh, so they're a Wigan Panthers or Norwich Blue Stars? -- lmao
LJ, I guess it's how you look at it. IMO, these past 8 seasons have been as good as any time since the 9 seasons from 81-89. In fact, very similar. To do better, we have to go back to the sixties. The PL is a whole different beast than the old Division One. The gap between have and have not clubs continues to grow to a point where ManU was worth over 1B and Wigan worth 43M just a year ago. Back in the 70's and 80's virtually any established team could compete for signatures. Now it's not the case. We can match Fellaini's buyout as can Chelsea, but Chelsea will give him 30k/week more than we will. Even 20k more seats averaging 30GBP with 30 total dates only adds 18 M to the pool. Realistically, that allows you to buy and pay a 12M player like Son. That's it. We are reaping the benefits of the UA kit deal. We are reaping the benefits of the yearly Euro exposure. We are reaping the benefits of Berbatov, Keane, King, Modric, Bale etc. we are regaining what I recall the image of Spurs from the 70's where it was a worldwide brand. I really believe many sell ENIC short. No, they don't use Monopoly money. They live within their means while growing the business. A decade ago we were a foundering mid-table team. Jol moved us to the group behind the big 4. Ramos kept us in Europe by winning a Cup. Harry got us lots of press and kept us up there pushing us to be in the top 5. We are still there. IMO, there will be money spent and AVB will have his team by the start of September. He is a very good manager. The players are playing for him. I think we are much closer than many give credit. September 1 lay in to me if I am wrong. Spurs are now a team that the wealthy clubs worry about. That was not the case when ENIC bought the club. COYS
Again, nicely put Peter. Enjoyed reading the link from manager to manager
LJ - We all know we are the greatest club on earth. But unless the football authorities deal with the financial inequalities (not going to happen) or we bring in new owners who can simply throw half a billion at our team (also not going to happen) we just HAVE to accept where we are. What choice do we have? There is stuff to enjoy, its not like our history is awash with league titles and european cups anyway. Much of our history has been built on being the most successful FA Cup team and winning Euro trophies and producing magical moments that get replayed over and over again that somehow overshadow more consistent teams' achievements - that's what we need to get back to whilst still aiming for the odd CL experience.
thfc1882whl -- You got a point. I too hope we can get our transfers in before a ball is kicked. Even if it's one late signing, I won't mind. But we cannot do business in the summer how we conducted it last year
You are of course right StillRicky. I'm just a maudlin old pished up git who wants to see us win again before I shove off this mortal...
To all those a) disappointed with this season so far and b) slagging off Enic for lack of financial support, I’d like to make two observations:

1. Our total points (2009/10)=70 & 4th Place, (2010/11) = 62 & 5th place, (2011/12) = 69 & 4th place..........(2012/13), Potentially (assuming we win two remaining games), it would 72 points and position = ?. So, even if we draw one game and win the other, we would have 70 points. IMO, in this the TRANSITIONAL/REBUILIDING season, we are likely to match out best ever points haul. If we win both games and still not qualify for CL, IMO, in points terms, we’d have done better than ever before!!!!. Seeing where we are, still in with a chance, it is a remarkable achievement, very commendable and I expect our ambitious young manager would want to build on this. Those that said that AVB MUST do better than last season otherwise deemed a failure....I ask, 71 or 72 points compared to last season must surely be seen as an improvement?.....he has little control over what other teams do!

2. Re financial clout. Take the example of Everton, no where near as affluent, but well scouted purchases and great management and they are regularly 5ht/6th/7th (8th about 4 seasons ago). From that example, I believe we have a Moyes in AVB. Let’s see how he handles his FIRST PROPER transfer window after undergoing an unenviable task of tidying up the mess!. Personally, I think, in his USUAL conservative manner, he’d avoid making any marquee signings. I expect him to keep the average age of the squad down for long term stability and development of the team. Those days of signing stop gaps of 30+ year old ‘has beens’ will be thing of the past. I expect to see more youth who are readily able to learn and adapt. Can’t wait for the next stage of the PROJECT!!!!. COYS!
.... or..... they could simply replace star-players by buying cheaper and better players; by having a coach that understands drawing matches is worse than losing (or at least having that mindset) which translates as WLL > DDD.... also by taking the long-view over the short-term snapshot
The Gaywalker
Spot on Critical -- In any sport, or in any walk of life ... setting new standards, even if the outcome ends in defeat, can never be called failure. That's when you pick yourself up and aim higher again next time.
StillRickyVilla I agree it is sickening to see when people threaten the like, but lets be honest those people clearly have other problems, I don't think anyone threatens suicide based purely on Football, but maybe I am wrong. I also hope that is not how my post came across, I am simply lost when it comes to football and seriously considering giving us watching it completely, I won't watch a movie twice as I know whats going to happen, so why do we watch the PL every year as 90% of it is already decided.

The more I watch, the more shirts I buy etc. etc. the more I am supporting it and almost encouraging it, if I thought Rugby was half as much a beautiful game to watch I would have gone already and much as I love watching England in the 6 Nations, NOTHING compares to me watching Spurs V anyone.

For me to give up football (no Spurs really), it would be like Fergie retiring, a truly landmark moment in my life and I am starting to thing I have to do it for my own sanity's sake, or maybe I just need a Woman. :P
Sad to hear that, stu. I hope you stick with us mate.

You could try starting up a Spurs' dating club. That way, you'd get the best of both worlds! ;)
StillRickyVilla also my other point still stands, why do we keep loaning out the players we all know we will need as cover, the GDS's and Townsends then complain that we can't compete, that's what really feks me about Spurs these days, sure Strikers are expensive and it's hard to compete I will give you that, but we still turned down Demba Ba for 2m when we only had Defoe at the time, we also turned down Dezko and Suarez before they were brought and we could have afforded both at the time (would never had wanted Suarez but thats another story), I am not asking for Falcao and Messi or Ronaldo and Ibra, I just don't want us helping out Malaga and whoever else GDS when too & QPR with players who will OBVIOUSLY come in handy, it seems our planning in the Wing cover departments is NON-EXISTENT!

Every time Lennon or Bale is out we suffer big time, has been that way for 3 years, shall I now mention Sturridge another we could have got?
stu, I don't think anyone will disagree with you on some of our missed opportunities in signing center forwards. Didn't Steve Archibald say recently that he was disappointed when we ignored his recommendation to sign Lewandowski a few years ago.

As for Townsend and GDS? Maybe they are just not rated by our current and past managers, or maybe they were just not deemed to be ready.
Thfc1882whl, I did not say nothing should be done until September 1, merely that I am not going to judge where we are going until all the dust has settled on the transfer window. As I said above, I expect there will be a bunch of guys on their way and others will be coming in. I still expect stability in the starting XI as I would expect Lloris, Walker, Dawson or Caulker, Vertonghen, Naughton or Rose, Holtby, Dembele, Bale, Lennon, Sigurdsson and others to be available. I fully expect some early deals. Son and Remy would be great along with Belhanda. Other deals will take time whether we have CL or not. I fully expect Gallas, Gomes, BAE, Hudd and at least one of Defoe or Ade to be gone early. September 1 I expect our squad of 25 to be of better quality than this year's. if it is, Levy, ENIC and AVB have done their jobs. Judging before all that occurs is pointless. COYS
SpursEagle, Archibald also conceded (ignored by most reports as it would of course undo the jab) that virtually every other club passed on him too. He was being flogged. No takers at the paltry transfer fee. Not just Spurs. As to Townsend, on the bench for 16 PL matches, played 30 minutes and was unused 11 times. Regardless of anything else, AVB preferred others and would have continued to use Holtby, Sigurdsson, Dempsey. COYS
I definitely think we will improve in the summer whilst culling some further deadwood. But its all relative. If Mourinho comes in to Chelsea you can see upwards of another £100m being spent at Stamford Bridge and I think Wenger has finally realised that he needs to spend to compete. Whilst i think Liverpool's rate of recovery will gather pace. Obviously City and United are away from us anyway. I predict a very similar season next season to this. 5th place, skirting around 4th if we do well. The main thing for me is to be in Europe and to put a trophy in the cabinet. Lots to look forward to.
Peter -- Thing is, these "other clubs" that passed on him too probably don't have our serial record for passing on potential strikers. That's the frustrating thing.

And I totally agree with you on Townsend. Just because he's shining in a bleak QPR side (so bad that even Jenas won their player of the month) does not mean he's ready for us. I like him, I hope he makes the grade with us. But AVB, like you said, preferred others ... and I have no problem with that.
From latest quotes from Bale, I am almost sure that he will stay regardless of whether we get CL or not.

Bale : "We're all working well as a team. We're all working together. The club is going in the right direction, bringing in better players every season," Bale said. "The likes of Mousa [Dembélé] and Jan [Vertonghen] have been fantastic additions to the squad and I'm sure we'll bring in a few more players into the squad again this summer. It's just a matter of progressing for everyone and reaching our targets." Drawing a distinction between Spurs and other clubs that had spent beyond their means, he said: "That's why the rules are in place now. We've seen a lot of clubs before that have made that mistake. But Tottenham have shown they can make a profit every season and they're doing it the right way. Everyone is in the same boat and they're doing everything right." "We're all of a similar age. We're all around our mid-20s. We've been playing together for three, four, five years," he said. "We've got a good firm English base there as well, which is always important for a club like Tottenham. We're heading in the right direction and hopefully there is still a lot more to come from the team."

Already we have been linked to many players now. I can see us going for 4 players - one LB, 1 Striker, 1 CM, 1 RW.
I can see Tom Ince happening. Left back is anyone's guess -its possible that AVB sides towards giving Rose a chance if he doesnt have budget to buy a proper LB.
AS have report that AVB met Barca DOF on may2 asking for their young midfielder Sergi Robertp -who if we get will be signing of the season.

Regarding striker, I have lot of time for Adebayor. Unlike most here, I really see him as a asset. He has had a bad year, agreed. But in my mind, this year was always going to be a struggle after he missed pre season with City as well as with us and when he started had injuries. By the time he cam back, inconsistent Defoe looked like a 20 goal a season striker, Ade was relegated to the bench. Once that happened, he lost interest - yes not the thing we would accept, but fact is thats what he is.
He needs constant attention.
Who we will sign for Striker is any ones guess - we have been linked to Damiao, David Villa, Remy etc. I dont see us getting Benteke with the price tag on his head.
I can't understand the not ready part when it comes to fast wingers I really can't, it's such a double negative as fast players cause problems anyway, just having him there will keep a player occupied who maybe wasn't before.

To put it another way, if you need a birthday cake but there is only half of one left, surely half a birthday cake is better than a biscuit? I have seen far too many biscuits on our wings when our first choices have been out.

The money point is dud as there is and always has been plenty of other wingers available available for reasonable costs but we seem to think 10 CMs and 2 Wingers is enough for a PL campaign over and over again.
stu -- How many players do we see glimpses of and think they can do a job. Thing is, we don't see them in training every day. AVB does, and I will not believe for a second that he would loan out Townsend knowing that it would come back to bite him. I'm hoping he loaned him because he thought it might develop him, y'know, see if the kid has it. As for your point on buying some back up? I agree. It wouldn't hurt ... although, you are then faced with this problem. Can you expect the quality of Bale and Lennon without the exorbitant transfer fee eg Willian ... or do we buy someone for the sake of it? You witnessed what happened with Pienaar, a player who was never given a chance in the team by the manager who bought him, or by the fans who derided him. But he's a decent player, who many think forms the most potent left-side partnership with Baines. That, of course, is a matter of opinion, but you cannot deny he's a player with a lot to offer. But I do agree that two recognised wingers is not enough.

And I got a good chuckle over your birthday cake/biscuit analogy!!
sydqcb5 -- I'd be willing to give Ade another chance. 1 very good season, one awful season. Slate is clean, one more go, if you come back with the same attitude/problems in pre-season, then forgedddaboutit! If you hit the ground running? Then great! Away you go.

As for Bale? I'm not gonna lose sleep with the will he/won't he circus. If he does go, then he goes. We move on.
HEY gaywalker, this article is for you to read. It gives a pretty good indication that Bale will be staying with us even if we don't get top four. It is from the horses mouth so if you want to say it's all bollox go argue with Mr.Gareth Bale. .....................................................
I get that we don't see them in training but there is plenty Matty Etheringtons out there who we could have got cheap to provide that alternate threat, I don't want, no I do want, but I don't expect a world beater for backup, but I do expect a round peg for a round whole, the thing is; I think we attempted to fix that problem with Dempsey and only seemed to realize afterwards that he isn't really a winger. Why he hasn't played more as a front man at all this year I will never know, the boy can finish that is for sure.
SRV- Save your breath mate. Nice post though.
stu -- We had Etherington and let him go. Why buy one? Maybe our management are giving Townsend an opportunity to prove himself while out on loan because they don't want him to be another Matty E.

Agree with you on Dempsey. He scores a LOT of goals inside the box. He's trying too hard, and you can see that by the awful long range efforts he attempts. Definitely would have been worth a try as an out and out CF. But we'll never know.
Just read the article. Yorkspur. I like it. :-)
To get the best out of any forward we play or bring in, we need to inject alot more pace getting the ball froward. Teams know we play on the counter attack both home and away now. So also we need to get a goal scoring midfield player in the mould of Lampard and Carzola in. That could be a lot harder to find then a 20 goals a season man upfront.
Blown it this year. Just the Liverpool game and Fulham games spoilt it really. Next year perhaps...
SPUDMAN, I think what blew it as well, I would agree the Fulham game as you mention, this was scandalous at home, was dropping 5 out of 6 points v Wigan (soon to be relegated), and 4 out of 6 v Norwich (another club a lot nearer the bottom than the top), and also going from 1-0 up on 90 minutes, to losing 2-1 in injury time v Everton. how far are we off 4th 2,3 points, it's sickening really. Man Utd haven't won the league by being a great side, they most definitely aren't, they won it through their consistency. That is what we should be aiming for, rather than our usual Jeckyl and Hyde character. This is about resolve and determination, not multi million pound players, that is why Everton consistently punch above their weight, on a shoe string budget.
Nail on head Frank, perfect summation of THFC these days. Until that changes to what you describe, we will always fall short.

It must be good for us that Everton may well struggle to maintain their high standards, what with their mentor Moyes moving to OT, and now it is suggested he may rob Fellaini and Baines to accompany him to Man Utd. This would undoubtedly weaken them considerably.

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