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I suppose Arsenal facing someone like Man Utd or even Liverpool would make me more confident of seeing Arsenal drop points, but a Wigan side fighting for their lives isn't the worst option.

Like Spurs, it could all be out of Roberto Martinez's boys hands, should their rivals secure the right results, and even in winning a historical FA Cup, I would rather see them walk out at the Emirates with fresh legs to go with their euphoric minds, but I hope that nothing clears the head or puts energy in tired legs than a game that may define their Premiership futures and perhaps the future of the team.

You can easily see this Wigan side brake up, should they suffer relegation. Martinez, could well be tempted to move on, with Everton being an obvious option, whilst half the team will want to carry on with Premiership careers and not fancy battling in the Championship. Suddenly with half a team gone, as well as the manager, you start to fear that Wigan would have a very long road back, and for a club with a fan base that probably is mid0table in the Championship, that may well be their longer term level, should they get relegated.

It remains a bit go a mystery why Wigan can't play better earlier in the season or at least secure more positive results. We all know they play good football and appear well organised, though I accept that injuries have hampered them for much of the season, particularly in defence, but you would always assume with a stretched squad, you would have tired legs late in the season. So why do they finish strongly?

Tomorrow night, I will be a Wigan fan! They know they must win, which might actually count against them, as I felt confident they could frustrate Arsenal, who themselves will be nervous, but do they have the quality, energy and firepower to get the win? lets hope so, because after Alan Pardew's comments after their win over QPR, you wouldn't back them putting up a fight next weekend…


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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 13 2013

Time: 11:01AM

Your Comments

My heart is in hope,but my head says its bye bye Wigan tomorrow nite!! I think it will be down to the last set of games next weekend. So lets all make the most noise ever at the lane against Sunderland!! COYS
Wigan need to win their last two matches. If they do, they stay up. If they drop any points they will be relegated. Here's hoping they to us a favour and we return it on Sunday!
Here's the thing: Wigan are heroic warriors and they prove it every season. They specialise in doing the things others regard as impossible. And they do it with good football. It's true that this seems to emerge very late every season, for some unknown reason. A draw would relegate them and possibly be even better for Spurs, who have to play Sunderland on Sunday. But I hope they win and go on to survive. Because I like them, and their manager.
I am a Spurs fan first, Wigan fan second. Not just for this game, but I have been for some time. Despite being from Tottenham, and never stepping foot in Wigan. I basically love the way they are run, how they play. I love their chairman - a true football man, an ex-player, and I love Martinez - a true tactical genius with extremely limited resources. I was too scared to watch the FA Cup final, because I thought that their arses were about to be handed back to them.... I then discover that they controlled it, and justifiably won... Fantastic... The sad thing is that I cannot see them saving themselves from the drop... I hope that I am wrong, but them getting anything from a resurgent Arsenal is highly unlikely. For me, it is down to the final game: Arsenal away to Newcastle....however Pardew's comments do not fill me with confidence either... Nor does our current level of performance at home.... Oh well.... it is going to be interesting, that's for sure!
I hope Wigan win, of course but a draw would be enough for us. Heart over head for the next week - Spurs are gonna qualify! Wigan can win tomorrow and Spurs WILL win beat Sunderland. COYS!
If it gets to 80+ mins on Tuesday and it's level, this will turn into one of the most open and exciting games of the season (the draw helping neither side). I can't wait. Of course, the icing on the cake would be a 93rd minute set piece with Sczezny fumbing the ball over the line for a Wigan win. COY Wigan!
I am a chelsea fan, an AVB fan too and i'll be the happiest fan on earth if le-arse seeing them rightfully qualify (for europa league of course). I wish you guys well and i'll be behind you, wigan and newcastle in all games to the end of the season.
our season comes down to wigan winning at arsenal... the life of a spurs fan...
I said before the Stoke match if we win our two games I believe we will get champions league and I still believe that. The pressure is on Arsenal at the minute, it's theirs to lose. Wigan need the win but I'd happily take the draw :P and that would save Sunderland that would have nothing to play for against us. At the end of the day I'll be pleased as long as Tottenham Hotspur do their part and beat Sunderland and whatever happens so be it.
And I have been very critical of Kyle Walker this season and rightfully so but he has been improving lately so keep it going kid!
On the upside we're in Europe AGAIN next season whatever happens this week. That is a great achievement given our managament and squad changes along with long-term significant injuries to key players this season. CL would be great, EL will also be great and I really think we can win the EL next season if we're in it. I don't think we'll win the CL if we qualify!!
I can't see wigan gettting anything out of this gaem tomorrow with tired legs against a well rested form team like Arsenal. Besides Wigan have been architects of their own downfall with some woefull defending. A result for the toon in front of a full house with the pressure off seems far more likely even with Pardews comments.
Slurms McKenzie
Wigan keep proving me wrong time and time again. Please do it one more time!! Kone has been a handful and hopefully he can show up Arsenals lack luster defending
Here's a scenario: Arsenal are 0-1 down against Wigan with 3 mins left. Should they: 1. Attack in search of an equaliser. A draw would relegate Wigan and possibly make Spurs' game on Sunday against Sunderland much easier. Because of goal difference Spurs would have to win whether Arsenal lose or draw. 2. Let Wigan have the win and hope that Sunderland give Spurs a tough game, possibly snatching a draw. If Arsenal then win against Newcastle they get fourth on GD. YOU ARE ARSENE WENGER: WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
Heres the problem for Wigan - They need a win, even a draw will not do with their inferior goal difference.

Consider game is tied at 1-1 with 10 min to go, Wigan could panic & could go kung-ho for a win and blow the 1-1 situation. A draw is simply not good enough. Best chance for us is, when Wigan takes the lead and hold on to it.
Shannon...I thought I'd done all the permutations possible, over the last couple of weeks, but your scenario did not come to mind!
Lol, Jacobslad, it's a twisted world!
Really hope Wigan can do the business on tuesday. Make no mistake le Arse will be very nervous despite there bravado. Just hope martinez's boys have the energy left after the cup final! Whatever happens i'm proud of our season and proud of the team and manager. COYS & COYWA
Honestly, I can see a Arsenal thumping win against Wigan, but I will not discount a daft Arsenal away performance at Newcastle. Question is - is Newcastle up for it ?
I'm Arsene Wenger? I chuck in a bunch of 15yr old kids to sort the team out, wonder why it doesnt go the way I planned and after the game spend the next 8 years saying I have a 'developing team'.
I think it is going to be (as they say in the classics) a great game for the neutral. Both sides have to win! It's just a pity I'm not a neutral.
LOL "COYWA"...... hope to see you in the Champions League, from a Chelsea fan
The Persian
It's uncanny how the fixture list has worked against us this season...take Manu United for example. We took 4 points off them this season in games where points really mattered for them, yet both Chelsea and Arsenal have had the priviledge of playing them after the Championship was secured...gaining a win and a draw respectively.

In the run up to the weekend there, I had it in my head that Wigan didnt need to beat Arsenal for us to finish above them because Newcastle, fighting for survival would take points off them at St James' park...add that to the fact that a rejuvinated Sunderland side under Di Canio would be thinking about their holidays when they turn out at the Lane...having their safety already secured.

As it transpired, Newcastle managed to come from behind at Loftus Road due to a dodgy penalty decision and Rob Green's mid-game lobotomy and Sunderland failed to beat Southampton at home!! Maybe I'm a sad fan looking for any excuse to complain but this season - as with almost every Spurs season - it seems even the non-tangable elements of football are conspiring against us!!
Firstly I think the scheduling of this fixture gives Arsenal a tremendous advantage. To expect Wigan to play such an important game, it could define the future of the club, only 3 days after the emotion and the occasion of playing in the FA Cup Final, is simply nonsense. They will be both mentally and physically knackered. The game couldn't have fallen better for Arsenal.
Frank, the truth of your sentiments appears obvious, but I think Wigan will find extra energy and be pumped full of adrenaline and energy precisely because of their historic win, and their desperate need to play well. I wouldn't want to play them now!
2 teams that have stumbled LeArse over the last year are Wigan and Newcastle... Wigan beat them and Newcastle drew 4-4.... lets hope one of the two teams actually shows up and wants to fight...

the Spurs pub will be full of fans for a LeArse V Wigan game.. lol
frank, it could have fallen better for arsenal, if wigan had lost the FA cup final. at least now they will be on a high and that helps the body recover quicker too. I agree that the timing sucks of course, but the FA cup win gives wigan a slight chance to pull it off IMO
Frank, you have a point although it could work against have to wonder though, what's wrong with wednesday? at least they would get an extra days rest. all the last days games are on sunday anyway. fat cat FA BU%^*****i reckon.
despite pardew's irresponsible comments, it is possible that a relaxed newcastle will put on a better show than a team riddled with nerves. they hardly looked inspired against QPR when they needed the points. perhaps the comments will also now put more pressure on pardew's team not to roll over as that would attract even more suspicion on what was probably just a throwaway but stupid comment. here is hoping anyway
Eriksen talking with Dortmund :(
Kierzo - Its always spurs that get the $hitty end of the stick! I dont have much hope for wigan against Arsenal in all honesty. It would be a massive massive result but arsenal are just too strong for them. Im affraid the wigan and fulham results may have sealed our fate. To say we could have our best ever points tally and still miss out cuts deep though.
Spurs Vs Sunderland 19th May is all i care about. Cannot wait for the last game of the season at the Lane! One last cup final before the summer break! Behind the lads 100%, we can do this. COYBS.
At the end of the day, Pardew's comments mean nothing. What he could have meant was: "it now doesn't not mattter if we go on to lose to Arsenal 4-0 because we are now safe, and that would not spoil our end of season celebrations". At the end of the day, he still would hate to lose. If Newcastle lose, they could end up 16th or 17th or something. If they win, it could be 11th. That is significant in terms of reputation, prize money, finishing above Sunderland, keeping his job safe etc etc...
...finishing further above Sunderland...ahem....
Exactly coops. Agree 100%. Yes the Fulham & Liverpool results were not great, but we more than made up for them elsewhere. No point in crying over spilt milk. We can only beat Sunderland and see where we end up. It is conceivable that Arsenal fail to beat Wigan, and we screw up vs Sunderland. Has anyone thought about that? We need to concentrate on the only thing that we can control.
darkenvai - Crooks looks like he is in a world of his own as a pundit. I am not a fan of ANY ex-Spurs pundits actually. But the thing I most notice about Crooks' team of the weak is never feasible as a team - it usually could never work as a unit (too many wingers, attackers etc...). The other sad thing is that he always puts defenders who scored into the team - as if he hasn't assessed how well they actually defended on the day!
Coops - I believe a lot of people don't actually watch the game in full detail. How many goals has Dempsey got this season and what % of those have been crucial goals, Ditto for Siggy?

All of our players have had their moments, both good and bad. What is clear to me though is the unity AVB has installed into the squad.
How Dempsey played yesterday has been very similar to Bale throughout the season. Nothing special then all of a sudden something out of nothing and an assist. All Dempsey gets is criticism when Bale receives plaudits.
Guernman thanks for the article. . You're right it can now work in our favour. I'd have been more worried had nothing been said - then he might have got away with fielding a weakened side like Fergie did.
For me the Fulham game was the one that has for us and the fact that Fulham havellost 7 on the bounce since beating us goes to show how poor that game was for us
Aah the footballing gods conspire against us again (or fortune vomits on our eiderdown once more Baldrick). SAF's early retirement & Moyes appointment is bad timing for us (well SAF has no love for DL) Villa couldn't hold onto a lead plus we needed Sunderland to win & Newcastle to draw or lose. I know all is not lost & Wigan will be a tough one for the *rse. Pardews comments are typical of the man. BUT at the start of the Season, where would we have thought we'd be? 4th, 5th, 6th? Once again we had yet another new seasons start under AVB, we improved against the top clubs but didn't against the others (Fulham & QPR come to mind) so the big question for me is will DL give him the backing he needs to move us from where we are, to 3rd? Worrying thing is I'm not sure.....give me some hope for next season guys...please.
What's best for us is to have a draw for Wigan and Learse therefore confirming Sunderland do not have to win as their goal avg is vastly greater. I dont really care if Wigan get relegated tbh, that's football. Same as us throwing away silly points when we played terrible. Teams like United can play poor yet still get the right results.
I cant even bear to watch Scum vs Wigan match.If Wigan fail to collect any points tomorrow,Top4 race is over!I never believed in the barcodes and that joke Pardew.I think Spurs fan will feel the same pressure as scums cause its a CL decider!Coywa
Any links to our game against U21 Everton? It should start soon...
Here is my view. Obviously, we prefer CL. That opens up more available cash for players and salary, but then 25-35M can easily be spent on one player, so, it'd be nice, but it should not substantively change what we do. IMO, Gomes, BAE, Hudd and/or Parker, Defoe and/or Ade should be sold. Gallas will be gone and hopefully Bentley too (though we'll have to subsidize or buy out). Those moves will net us 20-40M and will free up loads of salary space. Add the transfer fees to the new TV money and we could have about 60M to spend on players. Remy, Son, Belhanda, Ince, McCarthy could all be bought with funds left over. We don't need to break the bank. We need to upgrade our weakest links. Son looked very dangerous for Hamburg at the weekend. McCarthy was huge. We need hard working, thinking, quick players to add to our core of Lloris, Vertonghen, Sandro, Bale, Lennon and Dembele. Weakest links can all be improved without adding to salary commitments. In fact, I'd imagine as the gross salaries will be less next season. COYS
1) just wishing for players to be gone won't make it so...players like Ade will not go unless it suits them, and why the heck should they, they have a contract 2) doing silly sums to see how much we'd automatically have for transfer/salaries has 1 fatal flaw... many player s will also demand payrises if new players arrive on exorbitant wages, and why the heck shouldnt they if theyre just as important to the team. 3) the new stadium development will cost more than 23 pounds and 15 pence (before VAT) 4) the only major player additions will happen is if 1 player in particular is sold.... which I personally believe will happen within 6 weeks.
The Gaywalker
Gaywalker - I believe you have now set the stopwatch running on your potenial departure from this site. 6 weeks from today is that your cut-off? I hope you're wrong about Bale (and I think you will be) but I'd like you to stay on the site. A bit of friendly banter and 'enthusiastic discussion' is better than insipid agreement. Having said that, you're generally wrong on most things and it would be nice to see you without your head firmly rammed up the rear-end of Recaro once in a while! Try showing AVB some of your man-love!
I'm waving my Arsenal colours here. Interesting stuff indeed, the vital Arsenal guys have similar views about the remaining games however i can't speak for them obviously. Having seen Arsenal lose to Wigan at the Emirates first hand i feel some trepidation about this game. The utmost respect for winning the FA cup against what is basically an oil funded team, some would say it is a win for football also. However when we come down to the game tomorrow i will be nervous, the thin ice that both Arsenal and you lots team stands on s a result of our form from earlier in the season. There is no margin for error, but ultimately im banking on an Arsenal win (obviously!). The FA cup does work in our favour to a degree, tired legs and all that.
Oh and also you've got to ask yourself why Wigan are at the arse end of the table, i do like them as a team, so do ilike their manager but in the end the table doesn't lie; they've played ***** in most games and sparkled in a few (a cup final being oneof them). As for that c(unt Gaywalker i'm glad to see that you guys recognised his mental deficiencies also, he really does chat ***** on V.A! COYG
I must have been a bit blind but what are these Pardew comments? Has he said he is going to throw the game? I really don't want Wigan to go down but a draw is the best result for us tomorrow. Relegates Wigan, keeps Arsenal a point behind and means Sunderland are safe before the match next Sunday. Would be sickening if Wigan beat Arsenal then we lose to Sunderland.
n*****wo, gaywalker chats $hit on here too.
Tottenham Hotcore
Bloody swear filter.
Tottenham Hotcore
This Wigan Arsenal game is HUGE!! for us. It is just massive. If Arsenal does not win, we are IN big time. HAHA, We can all hope.
Lets not worry about tonights game at the haemorrhoids, its Sundays final game at the lane we should be getting excited about........another hard fought 3 points is all we want, and at-least then we should be happy we did give it our best shot!! COYS
Arsenal have been lucky in recent matches. Against Utd they were let offf as Utd had title won and didn't really turn up. They played a couple of teams that were mid table or relegated that had nothing to play for and again they were let off. Tonight they play a team that does have something to play for the one game in ages where their opposition is fighting for their PL survival, last game against Newcastle again they are now safe. The luck has been with them whereas we have played teams that are still in relegation battle and it could still be that way against Sunderland.

I really hope Wigan or Newcastle do us a favour but I cannot call it. Will luck stay with Arsenal and they deal with the challenge ahead of them tonight and at the weekend or will their luck turn and we remain professional at win our last game and we get CL? I have a sneaky feeling we will have to endure another few days of mental torment as I just not sure Wigan can pull it off tonight but I think they will give it a good go. So after a few days of mental torment it will be more of the same at the weekend, right down to the last second of the games, when the final whistle blows. Whatever happens it we will be going through an array of emotions over the next week. It is an exciting PL but not necessary a healthy one for ones heart lol I think if Wigan do manage to win tonight and we beat Sunderland then likelyhood is Sunderland will be relegated as I can see Wigan pulling off a final win against Villa especially as they are without Benteke. Wigan lose tonight or even draw tonight then they are down and Sunderland are safe, so for us a whatever Wigan do will have soe impact, win or draw then it is in our hands, lose or draw they are down and Sunderland are safe.
Man for Man, Man City had better players than Wigan, only they never got out of second gear, that's how we played against them, thinking ''you only have to turn up and we win'' big mistake. The Wenger Boys will not make that same mistake tonight, for one he will not let them, Arsenal will go at Wigan like a bull in a china shop from the off, all the preperation Wigan put in place, they need to prepare for an opening twenty minutes like ''custers last stand'' because that's what i would be telling the arse players. We can all hope Wigan help us out and if they do win, the last relegation position, will be like for like as will the last champions league position 1pt in it. Then they (arse) go to Newcastle, coming to the lane will be Sunderland, who will be well and truly fired up and their own premier league survival is down to them getting a result against us. The best result all round is Wigan draw, the pressure is off Sunderland and they are safe, then we have to go about our final game in the correct manner, by turning up a playing with everything we have to give and WIN.
spu 4 life
With all the information currently available, the most probable likelihood is that Bale is staying. Fact.

There is currently NO evidence whatsoever that Bale will go if we finish 5th. Fact.

Why do some people want to wish our best players away? Why do they think Spurs can only raise the money to improve the squad by selling our best player? I can only think they've latched onto the so called "expert pundits" who think that 5th = end of Bale at Spurs & are just creating news rather than reporting it. Sheer lazy journalism & moronic thinking from a bunch of people who should know better, I'm afraid. Shame some fans have bought this crap hook, line & sinker.

coywa shaun maloney great freekick.coys
That did not last long! Ft
Little spur

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