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Spurs should be grateful to Alan Pardew

After securing Premiership Survival by beating QPR on Sunday, Alan Pardew was quoted as saying: "I don`t really care if Arsenal win 4-0 [next weekend], if I`m honest. I`m sure Spurs will, but I only care that our fans enjoy themselves."

My initial response to reading his comments was one of anger and irritation. As well as cursing Arsenal`s good fortune to be playing Newcastle at this time (having already played Manchester United the game after they won the title, and QPR the game after they had been relegated), I was appalled that Pardew had made his indifference to the the Arsenal game so public.

But then I reflected and realised that he might actually have done us a favour.

The truth is that, having avoided relegation, Newcastle were never going to be very concerned about whether of not they beat Arsenal, whatever utterances the manager or players might have made to the contrary. It might make a bit of difference to where they finish in the league and therefore how much money they receive, but in comparison to the cost of relegation it is irrelevant. All Pardew did 'wrong` was to express publicly what we might have expected, and feared, the whole team would have been thinking privately.

The difference now is that the attention of the media and the fans has been focussed on the issue to a degree that would not otherwise have been possible. Pardew`s comments have rightly and predicatably been met with outrage, from Newcastle supporters as well of Spurs fans and others. The irony, however, is that all the criticism and attention could well do more to motivate him and his team on the last day of the season than any of us could have hoped for.

In my last article on VitalSpurs I was a little critical of AVB`s failure to motivate Manchester United through the media ahead of their games against Aresenal and Manchester United. This time it seems that Alan Pardew may have done his job for him. Maybe Arsenal`s luck is finally running out.

Come on you Geordies!

Written by OneCentRob

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The journalist

Writer: OneCentRob Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday May 14 2013

Time: 9:10AM

Your Comments

You forgot to mention that newcastle had their keeper red carded last weekend, also the scum have been off for nearly 2 weeks and Wigan are knackered after the cup final. However the truth is not the scum luck but the points dropped against smaller clubs throughout the season that have left us in this position. COYS
Pardew is a Fu**ing C***, he should not be in management.
c'mon wigan keep believing---points dropped here or there are irrelevant now if your looking at that you must also look at the amount of games we have came from behind or scored late to rescue points this season-if the bigger teams always beat the smaller teams the league would be predictable and boring(QPR 1-0 Chavs)and many other upsets throughout the season thats what makes the BPL one of the best leagues in the world if not the best---anyway I am proud of what we have achieved so far this season with a new manager and next season 3 out of the top 4 will have new managers maybe we can capitalise in that---Well done AVB Spurs finally have a backbone and a fighting spirit something that has been missing for a long time-------COYS---BELIEVE!!!!
4everaspur - Chelsea and Arsenal have dropped points against lower clubs too. We basically have slowed down as they have improved. That is it. You cannot say that we have dropped points when we are within reach of our best ever EPL points total. Overall we have gained more unexpected/undeserved points than we have unexpectedly dropped. If I were to criticise, it was us not being ready at the very start of the season. Kicking off season with just Defoe as our striker selection. It then took us a while before we got our first win. Then the new signings had no preseason with us, and had to hit the ground running. We possibly are paying for that. I am ignoring pardew's comments. Just win.
I agree with the article......Pardew has opened the Arsenal game up to intense scrutiny which should mean that Newcastle have to at least be seen to be trying to win. Unfortunately for us, Arsenal seem to play well up there.
OneCentRob:are you suggesting that now that tw@ of a cockney Geordie has put his foot in his mouth,both him and his team have to go out and prove that it was all a "joke"? and by proving this they will be up for the fight against the other north london team...?i disagree.....this idiot has thought out aloud and has put both himself and his team in a very difficult situation...but maybe this has been newcastle's problem this season.....maybe the players attitude has rubbed off on the manager....first he has a hissy fit because some journos suggest that the french contingent of his team are a bit too nonchalant and don't have the passion for their club,then he comes out with this hilarious "joke" that no-one got......unbelievable!!!

i do think that he should be charged with bringing the game into disrepute.....i spat beer all over my monitor when i saw that clip..."did he REALLY just say that?" i thought to myself....yeah,he DID!i do think that this may have been the final nail in his coffin.there have been rumblings that benitez may take over and pra*dew maybe back in the championship regardless of his teams PL status......why can't these cockney managers just keep their mouths shut sometimes....?i see harry up to his old tricks ........'i took off bosingwa 'cos the fans were giving him a hard time and we lost because of its not my fault,the fans shouldn't have forced my hand'......jeez louise!
g. roberts testes
If the Arse just draw 1 game and we win (which I feel we will) then it's job done. The pressure is on them and although Wenger is certainly up to the task, there's a few flaky buggers in that team. Recently, they've scored early and looked very dodgy in the second half. Let's hope they crumble. COYL's!
Poodew..should be fined (disrepute).....and i'm not kidding !
What if wigan beat arsenal then villa I bet he wouldn't have wished that arse would beat them 4-0!
No time for Alan Pardew if I'm honest. I've never enjoyed listening to him speak and his management style seems to be similar to the way Inspector Gadget conducts his investigations. Newcastle's incredible run last season was more to do with Yohann Cabaye, Demba Ba and Papis Cisse more so than their bumbling, pretentious manager.

Back to normal, this season's Newcastle have been more like an Alan Pardew team. Full of quality names but with no drive or substance in their play (How Chrissy Hughton was booted in favour of this guy will forever bewilder me!)...arguably their best performances this season have been at White Hart Lane and Old Trafford, despite losing both by 1 goal.

With regards to the game at the weekend, I hold absolutey no hope of Newcastle taking anything from the game...regardless of Pardew's need for his actions to wipe out the horrendous mistake made by his mouth. If the man cant motivate his players to take points against weaker opposition when it matters - already beaten at home by Sunderland, Reading and West Ham among others this season - I cant see how he's going to fire them up against Arsenal in a match they dont need anything from.
I like Pardew... I think this season was about getting a good EL run and promoting their European credentials which they now have done... don't think theyve been THAT concerned about Prem form which backfired when they got too close to the drop (not envisaged in a |Top5 team last season).... also he's bought amazingly well for last 2yrs now and even thiscalender-year has had alot of quality but foreign players to integrate to Prem and new country in general... overall, a great year for Pardew and I expect them to strongly push Livpoo and Spurs next season for 5th.... expect a good performance from them next Sunday too.
The Gaywalker
try looking at things objectively, not with your infantile highly biased usual perspective.... Pardew got a team losing 4 of their bigname players and replaced with cheap relative unknowns to finish 5th last season. this season as I've already said, it was about a decent EL run: job done.. they nevere xpected (nor you 'experts' back in August) to sail too close to the wind re. Prem, but still managed to avoid relegation... Pardew has also bought a shedload of talented cheapish overseas players to integrate since Jan.1st, and most of hem look quality and will get better once integrated to UK and Prem life.... get your dumb outta your collectes and THINK before you stink 'experts'.. xx
The Gaywalker
... graham carr LOL.... yeah, HE is the one alright, not the manager, not the hierarchy with Pardew that bought the likes of Demba Ba, Pa***** Cisse, Cabaye, Sissoko, Gouffran, Anita, Bigirigama, etc etc.... you silly silly sheep.
The Gaywalker
Practice what you preach son.

...'collective arses'.... (that should read xx
The Gaywalker
A succinct fact that even you should understand Gaywalker. Carr is the barcodes chief scout & it's his job to identify players suitable for playing in the Prem & NUFC. It's his reports that have the most influence on whether a player is considered as a posible signing. So it is Carr that identifies these "unheard of" players, not Pardew, Ashley etc., & it's his abilities that have found the likes of Cisse, Cabaye et al.

I kinda worked that out all by my ickle lil self Spudsy.... but every club has a chief scout who will advise on potential signings, and advise only... they do NOT make the decisions (using judgement on technique, playing strengths, athleticism, temperament, versatility, liguistic/cultural versatilty, etc etc)...THAT is down primarily by the head-coach and the people that run the club, with the head-coach having the main 'footballing input' into the debate... have the grace to give a smidgeon of credit at least when its due, its called having some class.
The Gaywalker
mascherano couldnt speak 2 words of English, would cost considerably more in transfer and salary, an unknown quantity in the Prem and had huge and highly outlawed 3rd-party ownership issues.... on balance at the time, he may have made a prudent call to risk-take with other team/squad options.... and cherry-picking the odd 'failure' to 'prove' your biased viewpoint is not just amateurish, its just plain ole pathetic.... Pardew's team-building, player-mngt and coaching have been the main reasons for Newky's huge uptick in fortunes, since he joined.
The Gaywalker
... and ghulam, youre inference that Pardew is too insular and confined to 'British ways' only is hardly borne out by Pardew getting a huge number of foreign players since he joined Newky.... if anything, he seems the opposite of what you suggest xx
The Gaywalker
You'll get credit from me when you earn it Gaywalker, not before. Try writing what you mean clearly. No wonder you get so much grief when you write something that appears to mean one thing when you actually mean something else. It's called communicating with some clarity.

If I were cynical, I might say that it's something you do deliberately, simply to provoke a reaction.

Don't feed the trolls (or idiots).
Tottenham Hotcore
What coopsie said!
And he is not a cockney g.roberts testes....
Personally I don't hate Pardew, as for what he said, to me it was more a relief that their Prem future didnt have to got till the last game. As for Gaywalker, I dont knowwhy ppl assume he's a Spurs fan, all his comments to me are just to wind ppl up, which he does.
team assembled by yeah right
The GW-I don't beleive that you're a Spurs fan, but for arguements sake we'' leave that for another day.
If Pardew has done as well as you like to think then I guess the powers to be at the Manc's clubs or the West London Mobster will be queing up outside his door with chequebook in hand right?
Oh wait a minute, Yanited have made a terrible mistake and signed some inferior manager, that only leaves the Sheik and the Mobster! Let's see who will be lucky enough to sign him.
Normally on this site there are many differences of opinion, there are posters that are agreed with by some and totally disagreed with by others. Sometimes the debates can get out of hand, but in the end you can see both sides have a passion for supporting Spurs. With you however I don't see anyone backing up your posts and more importantly I don't see your passion, not for Spurs anyway. I am not for censorship by any means but I hope that Ox will take a long, hard look at some of your posts as the majority just seem to be inciteful and really do not add anything to a SPURS SUPPORTERS forum. Anyway, if you do continue to post I will just ignore them as you relly don't have anything that I would want to read. COYS
@spursone2:no offence!

i do believe that Ragingspur and gaywalker are the same person.... on here to purely to provoke a response.which at first is good because it sparks debate but it gets tedious if the person disagrees for the purely sake of disagreement,can't really back up their argument and contradicts themselves.....when he first came on i did accuse him of being a troll....and lo it comes to pass!
g. roberts testes
*purely for the sake*...whoopsie-doodle!
g. roberts testes
Spudsy... wtf r u on about... I'm perfectly clear in the reasons I gave for Pardew and Newky having a v.good season overall try reading the posts sloooowly.. and I clearly wasnt asking for credit for myself, but for Pardew in the context of this thread, as anyone with an understanding of written English would comprehend... r u from overseas pe chance ??
The Gaywalker
No worries fella. COYS!!
mimispur... don't be so infantile.... there are many coaches that have done well for their clubs this season. staying in the Prem, integrating a slew of new overseas talent, Q/Finals of a European competition, overall its been a great and exciting season for the Toon. its also been a great season for Laudrup, Martinez (even with relegation now, thanks to FA Cup win), and others who've met/exceeded expectations... how the heck does that automatically equate the the likes of fickle Chavski or Al-Citeh wanting them ??.... u r right about 1 thing tho', I do put objectivity, honest informed opinion above mere passion for the club. I ain't too bothered about whether its CL or EL, my liking for this club is beyond such trivia xx
The Gaywalker
Gaywalker do we just ignore the fall from 5th to barely staying in the league in the space of just twelve short months as we laud this managerial god who strides amoung us?
Slurms McKenzie
you obviously do not know how to factor in context.... for Newky, I repeat, for Newky, Q/Finals of a European competition, integrating numerous seemingly talented foreign players obtained over last few months, and staying in Prem (whether 7th or 17th is immaterial) is a good deason overall... clubs with smaller/weaker and who got them to finish 5th last season when nearly all the 'experts' were expecting relegation after selling 4 of their perceived to be best players: Carroll, Nolan, Enrique, Barton, by replacing them with far lesser known players relatively cheaply obtained ??... and squads always seem to suffer in league when they have to play maybe 20+ in the EL eg. Fulham a few yrs back. if you cannot understand this simple fact already, then I can't make you.... Pardew is not a manegial god, but he is a very, very, good manager of Newcastle United F.C.
The Gaywalker
"overall its been overall its been a great and exciting season for the Toon." Please, behave yourself Gaywalker. Absolute over exaggeration of the facts. Ask any Newcastle fan and they will clearly have a different opinion. Now if you said, they had a good European run, but struggled during the premiership, due to a number of injuries to their key players, I would agree with you. That is me being objective.
'clubs with smalller weaker' squads always suffer when in EL too - that should read xx
The Gaywalker
Not according to the Newcastle fans there Gaywalker. Perhaps you should visit them and offer you analysis of Pardew to them and see what reaction you get. Even better, use your condescending phrase: "for Newky, I repeat, for Newky, Q/Finals of a European competition, integrating numerous seemingly talented foreign players obtained over last few months, and staying in Prem (whether 7th or 17th is immaterial) is a good deason overall"
Slurms McKenzie
overall been 'great' due to EL run and numerous new players albeit unused to Prem/country as of yet, that seem to be talented eg. Moussa Sissoko, Gouffran, Anita, etc.... been 'exciting' overall cos of the roller-coaster ups and downs twist EL games and league fixtures.... exciting season does not literally have to equate to a high Prem position does it ??
The Gaywalker
I don't need lessons from someone who can neither write or read English properly. I know lots of "overseas" people who have a better grasp of reading & writing the English language than you appear to have. I shall also ignore your attempts at winding me up with with the patronising nature of your responses.

NUFC plummeting from finishing 5th to avoiding relegation with one game to go is hardly a very good season & those great players signed in Jan haven't helped them to kick on have they? Starting from 12th & 5 pts above the drop zone on the 1st of Jan to 13th & 6pts above the drop today is somewhat pathetic. All that money spent for a 1 point improvement & 1 place less doesn't deserve any credit from anybody, let alone me.

"exciting season does not literally have to equate to a high Prem position does it" No but a "great" season does... especially for a team like Newcastle with their players and resources.
Not sure ive heard many Newcastle supporters call their season exciting either, ive heard the terms "depressing" and "frustrating" a lot though..
Why does anyone even acknowledge what GAYWALKER is writing !! just ignore the Troll ! the hint is in his name he aint a spurs fan !! think about it
South L/Derry Spurs
South L/Derry Spurs it amazes me people carry on reading queerwalker posts, reply by saying "i aint wasting time replying to you" and then waste time by replying to him lol
God knows I've had differences with some on this site over the last years, but honestly, the"Gaywalker" (what is with that name!) makes me want to leave and never come back. I so long for the days before he discovered us. What a prize terd he is.
Cape Town Spurs
agree JATT... the Fruit Merchant should no longer exist
Cape Town Spurs
Gaywalker isn't worth leaving VS for Cape town mate. I suspect that he's pelebro really. It's funny how pelebro when went AWOL, Gaywalker magically appeared, can't be a coincidence, surely. I could be trying to make 2+2 = 10, but I like the theory!

Sorry for the mangle in sentence 3!

Yes, Coops, but maybe that's his cunning plan, dump the Levy bile & hit us with the Bale is leaving b0ll0x!

Just thought I would give out some of his stats so that we can all bow down at the alter!
Win Percentage: 42.44% No trophies won either as a player nor manager, FA Cup Final loser though as both. Some consistency there. Coops-How dare you compare the gerat Pardwho to that loser AVB, you should be ashamed ;-) COYWA
*great Pardwho
I get excited just writing it!
Cape town before he discovered us there have been a long list of numptys that claim to be spurs fans but do nothing else but moan and always take a very apposing view to the majority to stir up reaction so people talk to them when otherwise nobody would give them any attention at all. what ever happened to good old KernowBoy71 lol. really hope Wigan can fight on for at least another day.
Two lessons to be learnt rather than having rage towards another manager. First lesson get the job done and don't leave it until last game of the season or rely on opposition to drop points. Secondly, when we are in a comfortable winning position get more goals to make sure we have the best goal difference than our nearest competitors. Not bothered what Pardew said because yes he made his thoughts public on the back of excitement of knowing they are safe but we are in this position of needing a slip up and it going to the last day because we have not done enough throughout the season. The table doesn't lie. We know that end of season games can be difficult to predict with some teams not having anything to play for so what Pardew said is of no relevance imo.
alright fellas... got to make dinner for the gang and watch in the background Wigan v Woolwich. appreciate the words re Gay-doo-dah-- God I'd like to give him a slap, what a *****. Come on you WIGAN! Cheers boys. Lets hope we have a good night, a Coops, I'm done with fighting, leave your gloves in the box mate alright
Cape Town Spurs
oh yessss.... when desperation sets in why not try the ole homophobic comments gambit, after all we know its okay in Football to make homophobic comments as long as you stay clear of racism... oh wait, doesnt it say something about homophobic remarks being a bannable offence on the Vital site.... and I had a feeling initially that your anti-Pardew perspective may be due to Wet Spam under him denying Spurs a CL spot and handing it to Arsenal on a plate... but then I thought: not possible as they are such an astute, educated, principled bunch unbiased and not seething with bitterness in any way... 1-0 to Arse already after 10mins or so.
The Gaywalker
have to agree with you there I'm afraid Coopsie ;-)
The Gaywalker
Coops, good call about Vital Arsenal.
Homophobic? miamispur? No, definately not. Besides, before chucking such accusations around, maybe young Gaywalker might want to consider that his username could easily be taken as a homophobic reference to our young RB.

I wonder if young Gaywalker's dad's name is Anakin?
Or Cape Town either! Damn my fecking eyes! If only I'd used the Force.


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