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Best of British.

Tottenham have in recent times been one of the very few Premiership clubs that could genuinely boast a team that was all English or at least British, but is that about to change and also do we really care?

With the exception of a keeper, as I exclude any players that have yet to actually play for the senior side, We could comfortably pick an outfield of Walker, Dawson, Caulker, Naughton, Huddlestone, Parker, Lennon, Bale Carroll, Defoe and though it might not challenge for the top four, you feel it would comfortably hold its own in the Prem and is on paper, better than many sides currently sitting comfortably in the mid table positions. That is a pretty decent XI and also excludes the likes of Jake Livermore and the potentially returning Townsend and Rose, to name just three, but we also know that several of this group of players will be moved on or pushed down the pecking order this summer, and I don't see too many home born players being touted to take there place.

It is not inconceivable that as many as half of that thirteen players mentioned, will be out of the club this summer, as we get linked with a host of Brazilians and other foreign players, that appear to excite us as fans and potentially look to take us from contenders to winners, or at least top four regulars, as well as challenging for silverware. Of course we can look at that list and argue that they are not quite good enough to take us forward and anyone who studies the international scene and watched the U-21 championships, will sadly concede that as a nation we are not producing the quality or quantity of player to win at home, let alone abroad, but as a fan, does it really matter to you, where your heroes are from or is it all about success?

Aside of Carroll, Townsend and Rose, you don't honestly see anyone else that is definitely ready to step into the current Spurs squad next season, and none would probably get into our first team, if we were picking our strongest XI. Others such as Alex Pritchard, may well become great Spurs players, but the truth is that they are probably at least another season away from making a breakthrough, if of course they maintain their current rate of development. There has been very little talk of our even looking at British players, with perhaps only Tom Ince, Callum MacManaman and James McCarthy (I know he is from the ROI) being even remotely considered and what are the odds that they will go to a mid table Prem side, as none of the current big boys will take the gamble and instead prefer proven and perhaps even cheaper foreign options?

Of course we are now very much a global arena, and winning or at least achieving a top four place is now the only thing that matters, but is this not only taking away some of the closeness that fans have traditionally felt towards players, who had a logistical link with the club and came through the ranks the hard way, whilst what the hell happens to the international game, should the current 30(ish) per cent of English players becomes twenty-five, twenty or even less? Do we care and for that matter should we care? We have all mocked Arsenal for their regularly playing an all foreign XI, but is there a danger that before long, they have more English players in their active squad than we do?

We know we can love foreign players and it is something that we as fans have done for several decades, from the arrival of Ossie and Ricky, we could class ourselves as innovators of bringing in a sparkling of talent from abroad, but can we imagine that in the not too distant future, we, like Arsenal and others, could regularly field an all foreign line-up and how will that make you feel?...

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The journalist

Writer: OxfordSpur Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday June 21 2013

Time: 10:44AM

Your Comments

I like the fact we have an english core but welcome a few additions that can give us an edge...that said I'd quite like to see Mcmanaman or Milner added to our squad to cover the right side...or in Milners case to cover a cm3 as well..
Hopefully baldini will find us some gems an we can push for the title... Baines, paulinho, villa and a attacking midfielder would do fine can easily be funded by selling squad players.. Parker, bae, Naughton, etc
Off topic, but a special greeting for a very special young Spur down in Kernow

Happy Birthday Joe!!

Hope your old man's got something great lined up for you this weekend.

There are no rewards for fielding British players only winning and aslong as spurs are winning I'm not bothered what nationality the players are, what I will say though is if the British players aren't good enough to dominate the premiership teams then maybe the fa needs to look at development in this country
yep, FA's problem, coaching in this country is pretty rubbish, they know it the clubs know it, it will take 7-10 years if they radically change there strategy today for better players to start coming through. I like seeing decent British talent come through especially Spurs fans playing for Spurs those were the dreams I had as a kid. But in reality the foreign kids are cheaper and better players.
Basically British fans don't care, foreign owners, foreign players, a crap national team, none of it registers. The Germans seem to be far more nationalistic ( I mean that as a compliment) and are doing a lot better.
Please be quiet about Livermore, Ox are you related to him? He is one of the worst players i've seen in a Spurs shirt! I have to hear people slate Jenas on here all the time but I tell you what he achieved a hell of a lot more in a Spurs shirt than most in recent years.
That's going to be a big problem I fear for any side that wants to compete for the top places in upcoming seasons - finding enough home grown players to fill that quota in the 25 man squad. We are currently fortunate in the likes of Lennon, Dawson etc having been identified and nurtured. But even then, when we talk about upgrading our squad, how often is it the home grown lads we talk about replacing - Defoe, Hudd, Livermore , naughton, Parker immediately spring to mind . My biggest concern - hence my opening comment - is when I look around I struggle to find local players to replace them. I think there are a dozen or so you would take and you have 6/7 teams scrambling for the champions league placings scrambling for those. It looks like a big onus will fall on our scouts in coming years to unearth more lennons , bales and walkers in the lower leagues and levy is going to have to be willing to take a couple of gambles with his money that a few can develop and come good
Or fingers crossed our own youngsters come good, but Realistslly of 1 - 2 ar a push - ayear from the youth teams coming good is a high return
To be honest, as long as we're winning, I don't care if the players come from MARS!!
Sooner or later the developing nations in Africa, S America and Asia will want a slice of the pie that Europe is cornering at the moment in club football sales. Unless the lower leagues concentrate on developing local talent the time will come when we have neither top class club sides nor strong home national teams. I will cheer when global interest in the EPL wains and once again it is recognised that the customer is the local fan. Having a smattering of the world's top players loke we had in the 80s was fine but now any Tom Dick or Sergio can come.
Love totty
Love to see British/English players but in reality I like to see quality players regardless of their nationality. I am concerned that British players are lagging behind other countries and this needs addressing but it is hard to break a mentality that has been around for years. Why we cannot get better coaching I do not know as we live in a global economy. I think England are a laughing stock of football these days, we are woeful even when we win, there is no spark not excitement and quite frankly no idea and that is sad and it is bound to have an affect on the PL.

On another note why is it that the top four clubs start their pre season friendlies before us. Arsenal play two games before we play our first and then they play their third friendly just after our first. Similar with the other clubs. I think we need to get a couple more friendlies in so we are fit and ready and prepared to go this season.

can anyone shed any light on this - maybe an article about pre season would be welcomed.
Luke Shaw anyone? Surely he's worth a punt. I wish we had a better academy set up as a nation, but doesn't seem to be the case, it's not down to the clubs to enlist quality for the future. However, many youth players trying to break through bemoan not being given the chance to play in the premier league in order to progress, ol fergie got it right in that respect, even last season, moulding the likes of welbeck and cleverley. From a spurs point of view I firmly believe that Carroll and Townsend can make the grade given enough essential game time
p.s maybe our special partnership with Real Madrid could give us a pre season friendly - boost our revenue at the lane and maybe they could have a special day of it and hold shirt signing and photographs with the players of both teams at a cost.

Think we should have a high profile team for pre season and we should also market Bale while he is so so hot.
I do not expect many of our homegrown contingent to leave. Perhaps two or three. In terms of the homegrown player rules, we need them. I also predict that eventually this homegrown rule will be increased to require more of them. So we should have a policy to maintain a good amount. It does still annoy me when Arsenal play Chelsea, and there are 2 Brits in the starting line-ups. Foreign players enhance our league, but it is a crying shame when our best teams are 99% non-homegrown/British.
sirlordo - agree re Carroll I hold judgement re Townsend.

I predicted Carroll long long ago to become a decent player as long as he is handled right and given opportunities but with Townsend I just sometimes feel he lacks a bit of a footballing brain - but not seen enough of him to see if he has progressed in the last season.

I liked Mcmanaman as a potential cover for Lennon but if Townsend has got what it takes then we should use him and give him a go rather than spend on another youngster. I am all for giving our own youngsters a chance but it is hard to break into a team challenging for top four.
thfan - what date is our first friendly?
24th July
Arsenal 17th, 22nd and 26th
Chelsea 17th, 21st and 25th
Utd 13th, 20th, 23rd and 26th
City similar to us 24th, 27th and 31st
As spurticus87 says, the important thing for Spurs is winning football matches, achieving the highest possible PL finish, and hopefully a decent run in trophies. In order to achieve this, I may be controversial, but I believe the nationality and ethnicity of players is of no importance whatsoever. In fact if one of the exploratory probes to Mars or Venus discovers a quality MFer, I would say get him in, and we will put up with the racist comments using the "green" word.
tophobunty - as I said I haven't seen Townsend enough to say. I hear mixed opinions about his loan spell but I don't feel I watched enough last season to say yes or no to him.

Re Carroll yes we only seen him a bit but I just felt for a long time that he has a footballing brain and something different but even that doesn't mean he will make the grade. In all honesty it is difficult to call on both players as it is with most youngsters.
Ox, McCarthy is scottish, he just plays for the ROI through the granny rule. Still we'll claim him as our own now that he pulls on the green shirt! If he signed for us he would also become the highest ranked Irish international player in English fooball!
Slurms McKenzie
I used to be so passionate about England, especially the 90 world cup and 96 Euros, they where very special. Now days with players earning ridiculous amounts of money and with greedy whining players like Rooney and Ashley Cole my love affair with England ceased to exist. Some of our senior players just seem like little spoiled bitche$ who need a reality check. Also the FA are money men who know nothing about the game, for all these reasons my love is with spurs first and foremost.
spurfect one
Best of British = BEEF.
spu 4 life
Any time Coops mate, I know how special he is to you & the family & how much he loved it last year when loads of us joined in with the wishes.

Caulker is a real talent Ox. Why would he not get a look in at the team currently? In fact I certainly hope he is a feature player next season. Carrol has a bright future too and Rose I'm not overly impressed just yet.
Hello, if memory serves me well, Inter Milan fielded a completely foreign XI when playing CL final match 3 years ago. I think an italian came in as a cameo subs appearance in the very late stages of that match. The world became small by addopting all digital tools and globalization business concepts. Guess it is a non-return path. If PL was to be played by a majority of english players (whom I like, make no mistake), it would capture as little attention as the german league does abroad and the whole business, as it is known and marketed nowadays, would simply colapse.
tophobunty - ok
@THFAN. As our pre season dates are similar to those of City's it may have something to do with the far east pre season tournament that both clubs are playing in. It may be that we need a bit more preparation time than Arse, Chelski or UTD.
Cleveland ARTSPURS
We play Sunderland on the 24th in the Barclays trophy tournament, and then City on the 27th. City must be playing the other team on the 24th. Also, I havn't seen any other pre season matches bar the Espanyol game confirmed yet. Don't we normally kick off pre season with a game against Stevenage.
Cleveland ARTSPURS
I don't care in the slightest, just want the best players possible...and if a British player can't make the grade despite not having to go through the massive upheaval of moving to a new country and/or learning a new language then sod 'em. They certainly don't deserve any special preference.
McCarthy, and McManaman what's all the fuss about? They are supposed to be influential MFers, and people also sing the praises of Maloney, Figeroa, Kone, and a few more including Martinez as well. Has it escaped everybody's notice, that after trying very hard for several seasons, Wigan finally succeeded in getting relegated. Their star players were obviously not so influential after all.
‘Imagine that in the not too distant future, we, like Arsenal and others, could regularly field an all foreign line-up and how will that make you feel?’ - Disappointed if I was completely honest. Imo there will always be British players playing for the best teams in the PL, as there are now.
I personally prefer home grown contingent but there has always been a mixture of nationalities in English football - it used to be imports from Scotland, Wales and the Irelands, as opposed to the global influx that we are experiencing today. The genie was let out of the bottle by Graham Kelly (for the FA), when the Premier league was formed with no commitment to develop English talent. Uefa have dipped in and out of the situation, so that Gareth Bale is classed as a home-grown player as was Fabregas! Of the outgoings this summer - in all likelihood they will be predominantly English, so our ratio will fall and we will become less of a club IMHO!
Yes Tophobunty I saw him in several TV appearances, yes he is a decent player, far better than the likes of Livermore and Co. but not in the £12-15M bracket as seems to be being suggested, as usual with a British player he is hopelessly over priced. It think it easier for him to shine as the "star turn" in a relegated side, than it would be in our hopefully top 4-5 side. When compared to young Coutinho at Liverpool, he has a way to go in influencing games, and at less of a fee.
BC-my concern from that article is the apparent influence that Sherwood has at the club. Not sure why, but he makes my "Spidey sense" tingle.....
keep it clean boys ;)
Coops, wish Joe a happy birthday from me mate. Hope he has a great time and things are all good!
English football and footballers in general are not up to the standard of the Spanish/German/Italians etc. In all honesty our football situation is a farce and it gets pointed out every international we seem to play in, even if we win we haven't looked convincing in a while, let alone exciting! I think one of the biggest factors lacking in English football is the passion from the fans. I for one never get excited by our national team, unless it's for a big tournament (and even then that is because it's the rest of the worlds best footballers all on one stage). We can moan and moan all we like about the current situation, but if the FA doesn't take serious action (like they did in Germany) then we will always be in this state of limbo where we're never quite good enough and everyone complains, but nothing gets done. IMO it's got to be done from the ground upwards, better grass roots facilities, better and more intensive coaching courses, better philosophy of football for the kids: "learn the game first, then build the athletic attributes later", too much of our ethos is power, height, strength and fitness from an early age. No wonder our possession stats in international football is *****e! We should include indoor fusball to develop close control skills... There is endless things that can be done, even developing a programme like they do in the US where students at high school and college play the sport/ get really good media coverage and fan support and also get scouted in a draft system to develop the countries top young athletes. Why don't we do that?! In the US I'm pretty sure (correct me if I'm wrong) that American "soccer" is better supported at University level than at MLS level. If we joined the US's system and the German overhaul with a Brazilian/Spanish style ethos (close control, technical ability first) then I guarantee we would be world beaters. But does the FA have the balls, or even the commitment to do that... I doubt it very much.
rahn DMC
Big C - I'm not saying the national team should be put ahead of it, I would rather see Tottenham win the champions league than England win the world cup. I (like many English people) don't feel an affiliation with the national team because of the amount of prima donnas (you can say that about most footballers though) and also lies we get told. After the 2010 world cup they said they will distinctly focus on youth for further competitions... Bull*****. I still believe the world cup is a great competition and I personally get extremely excited when there's all those footballing nations and that much talent on show in one place. What my overall point I suppose is, I'm pretty fed up of people complaining about our national side (not just fans but ex pros and media to) and nothing gets done about it. We either accept that we're just not that good and stop complaining or we actually do something about it, but that's not my call to make. And well, Brazilians are notoriously passionate about things, they're also a developing country that probably should be investing in other things as well as their football.
rahn DMC
english players are not good enough and england are boring to watch just like ireland, england are just an upgrade on ireland and still cant beat us.
As I see it, the best pros will always go where the most money is. National teams, by and large, could not hold a candle to the top 15-20 CL teams. Just fact. Where England falls on it's butt is that they do not demand success at all the U-levels. U-21 (what a disaster), U-19, U-17. The programs and the coaching appears to be quite poor. How would our U-21 team have fared against the England one? I can say wth certainty, that the Spurs U-21 games were far better coached and were quite entertaining. The youth programs should be well oiled machines. If this were Canada, and Canada's Junior hokey team had performed that disgracefully, there would be lots of questions to be answered. We'd be going through the program with a fine toothed comb to sort out all the deficiencies. England needs to look at the system. Both the blame and the solutions are there. Take your heads out of the sand and look. COYS
I'm not British, so I don't care. I support tottenham, yes an English team in an English premier league but some of you need to travel beyond your borders to see how massive the epl in followed in most of the world. If a successful team is minus the likes of British Milner then I'm all for it. Indeed, a lot of our coaching staff are of mixed origin which affects our style of play. The days of the 'English long ball' are thankfully over, except in the case of British Dawson .
van der haart lane
Whilst the Prem makes so much money, the FA are not interested in improving the national time. They are happy to milk the sponsorship. I would say Rooney has been mentioned but has played well for England. I am the same as most, don't care if the 25 come from Outer Mongolia.
National team, Stella fingers!
Corinthians confirm that Paulinho is joining spurs, his £17 mill release clause has been triggered
Nice to see a bit of early business! Hopefully the first of many (or at least the start of 2/3 more!)
Paulinho for 17mil, COYS!
Corinthians director of football Edu - a former Arsenal player - has confirmed that there have been further developments and a move to London now looks likely.

When asked about the interest from the White Hart Lane club, Edu told UOL: "The situation is well underway.
"We have to agree on some details of the negotiation, so I can't say he will leave yet, but the negotiations are good."
sorry Ox... dont know what i did!!!!
I have always been proud of our strong English contingent. I've always been proud to get by without a sugar daddy putting millions in. I'd sooner sacrifice our English contingent than our self sustainability.
Tottenham Hotcore
he scores against england lets buy him
we need strickers not more MF
prime example of england is so bad. KW a RB pretty handy going forward but cant defend to save hes life. hes positioning and passes under pressure is school boys. he never learns from hes mistakes and only differencle i see every sat. is another tattoo and a different hair style.
bring back steve carr
Brazilian press states Paulinho is a Tottenham player. He has already been informed by his agent. Nice move by Spurs. Paulinho is a skilled box to box midfielder withan eye (or two) for the goal.
Yep, multiple sources stating Paulinho is confirmed. I'm impressed :-)
So am I, Madabout. May Paulinho be the first of many Spurs´ much needed signings
Paulinho! Now we should be just fine in central midfield if someone gets injured. Looks like AVB is preparing for his preferred 4-3-3 formation. Be nice to get Bernard in too but a striker is a must now. My god though, Dembele, Sandro and Paulinho! Good luck to the rest of the league's midfield in trying to match that...
Paulinho, tbh did not see that signing as a true link. Very happy :)
spurfect one
I think there are some decent English players who would add to the squad. For example there is Will Hughes a top young CM who is like Tom Carroll, but bigger and more physical. He's only about 18 and at Derby County but the issue is if we paid £10m for him, fans would say he's massively overpriced yet think nothing of paying the same amount for Adam Maher of the Netherlands because the Dutch are happy to select their players young for full internationals. At the other end of the scale is Charlie Austin, now 24 at Burnley who has never played at the top level but simply scores a massive amount of goals wherever he has been - 42games/48goals, 54games/31goals, 82games/41games .... £7m for someone who clearly knows where the goals is can't be a bad bet for a player and once he adapts he gets better - last season it was 28goals in 40games despite being Burnley's only goal threat
paulinho, sandro and dembele :)))
Kernow, players have not helped themselves though. Good signing if that happens (Paulinho) but I would be happier if I see a couple of decent forwards on here. That looks a strong midfield 3 though, with Siggy, Holtby & Carroll in reserve. We still need some steal though on the bench, I think I would be tempted to keep Livermore for one more year.
Paulinho certainly looks the real deal and at £5mill' (approx') less than Moutinho plus younger...this looks a very promising signing. I think Baldini will have plenty to do in loseing the deadwood at spurs. Back to the topic and best of british.......Yes, why not Charlie Austin !....they breed them tough up there !
There's a story on BBC sport transfer gossip today that DiCanio is going to let Cattermole leave and is not part of his plans. I could understand why Spurs would want better players like Paulinho and Sandro in his position but surely we're not at the stage where relegation fodder like Sunderland wouldn't want him. That's crazy for a British player like that. The point I'm making is simply that whether true or not, the British media certainly like to stir it up and even reputable companies like BBC get involved.
Very good article Ox. Gazzalegend, I agree 100% re: Jenas, altho sadly he ruined his career in that dreadful season when 'Arry arrived. Played injured ALL season & since then his career at the very top died. Courageous yet foolish. Will never forget his goals, especially THAT goal vs Arsenal!

On a separate note & I hope it's ok to post this on VS, but a Lil bit of understanding about our Club, WHO does WHAT & possibly an END to the Levy criticisms??
TSS' gone mobile
My bad BC! However I did think I had posted much earlier, but my "smart" phone obviously had other ideas ! X^D
TSS' gone mobile
KB71, I see where you are coming from with Austin. In recent seasons we have seen people from the lower leagues make an impact at top level. Grant Holt, Ricky Lambert, Adam Le Fondre come to mind. and it maybe that the likes of Austin, Ryan Rhodes, and Murray from Palace could come good. I think I would back any of these to score more than Kane or Obika.
We could use the Austin, Rhodes, Murray type of striker as a No.3 behind A new striker and Adebayor (unfortunately couldn't shift him due to wages), and selling Defoe. We will hopefully have a lot of games with CC, FAC, EL as well as the PL.
Can't find any link on SSN on Paulinho, please tell me it isn't another ITK wind up.

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