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VIDEO: Paulinho Set For Tottenham Move

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Writer: Site Staff Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 3 2013

Time: 1:01PM

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Pendi foodi
I will be far happier when I see a confirmation of the signing on the web-site, with pictures of Paulinho holding up his Spurs shirt. The same goes for the 2 Croatian lads, and David Villa, until this happens there is still time for a hijacking or something to go wrong.
Frank I'm very much in agreement with you there. We appear to be on the verge of an excellent start to the transfer window but until the deals start rolling in we've actually gone nowhere. Lets hope we get plenty of positive "real" news before the week is out.
Spurs Allday
Frank take the nappy off and enjoy life... signing/not signing players not worth shatting yourself about...besides if you still doubting if Pauliho signing for us after what he quoted as saying then there is no hope! COYMFS!!!
whe can we post a video of Hundredstone, ade, defoe, dempsey, livermore, gomes, parker, rose, townsend, leaving?
spu 4 life
Great signing for you folks. And im surprised no CL club came in for him.
Jatt kiddha?
Pjanic is the name that is doing the rounds now. Is levy on crack? i mean the sudden urge to spend........well make me happy. For the record Coops I think your doing a great job, i stopped posting articles based on the feedback of a select committee of C11nts on here. nevertheless keep up the good work.
Apparently, according to the latest blah on the net, we've been offered Bodan Krkic for about 6 million from Barca. Is he any good? Worth a punt as back up for a reasonable price?
Teek G...wats happening bruv
This is news is two days old! I'm with Frank, I won't celebrate the signing until i see him at the Lane!
Mixer yids
@Short Have you seen Bojan play in the last couple of years????
Mixer yids
Bodan Krkic, not convinced could be another Giovani dos Santos.
I still can't get on to the Spurs website so if it is down completely that's why we are not being told anything about Paulinho. The club want to tell the fans first before the media....just my thoughts on it...COYS
Jocka101, unfortunately as shrewd as Tottenham think they are, we are way behind
Where is everyone? If 'Spurs Media Link is not working you have nothing 2 say'???
Only reason it's not been done yet is because they're waiting on the new kit reveal, hopefully villa, and the 2 young Croats will be alongside him and bale on the big reveal on the 7th July pics
reading this morning Ade will not be forced out of WHL. If the report is true it sounds as though he is going to bring us trouble.

I have always said I didn't want Ade at the lane as I never trusted him and had this feeling it would be a bad move, and didn't expect much from him and on that score this was proved right. A abysmal season with controversy surrounding him at the beginning of the season re the length of time it took for him to arrive missing pre season, then will he be going to ANC or want he then being late back followed by awful performances.

He has a reputation and I didn't want such a person at the lane and thought Levy was making a huge mistake. Now of course we don't know whether his reputation is founded or not but is this the start of it being founded and that his reputation he carries of being awkward and having a huge ego about to be seen at the lane this summer. If this report is right and of course we don't know, but if it is then we could potentially have a spanner in the works because if we want to offload him to free up wages and cash in on him as part as AVB revamp and he refuses to go we could end up with a very expensive player sulking on the bench but even worse creating an atmosphere and even worse taking a place in the squad and hindering potential replacement that is much needed.

I personally feel he will not want to move unless his wage package is met and that could be difficult. If this all blows up I really hope Levy realises his mistakes and learns from them but this could just be the media playing with our heads again.
thfan - great post. With some strikers like Defoe you can probably pick and choose when you let them leave. They have a reputation as a professional, will sell themselves and contribute at the level they need to be at. Dempsey is in that category as well. Adebayor is just a pain. He can't get his game together and perform consistently. He picks and chooses when he works for the team and keeps teasing us with great quality mixed in with the 80% dross we get from him. He's also not a striker. Sounds controversial but he is anywhere but up front and spend most of his time out wide or dropping deep. There's a good player in there somewhere but he's not worth the money, the disruption and if we get an offer we should snatch their hands off. Will we get the offer though or will we be having this conversation in January and next summer again?
i think we will get offers, the problem is then interested teams agreeing terms with the player, that's where we get stuffed. at least he is on considerably lower wages then he was at city i presume
Guernman - problem is, he was in his last 2 years at 175k a week and would have now been in his last year. With us he's probably got 3 more years at 100k a week and no doubt feels very comfortable that he'll earn well right up to his 33rd b'day. That reduction in salary is just offset by length of contract.
Anyone have any idea why we arent looking at Mario Gomez? Bayern have said he's available for 15m Euro...yet it looks as though we're more interested in paying not a lot less than that for a former 31 years old superstar with glass legs!!

Bojan for 6m could be a great deal...although he has struggled in Italy over the last season or two. I wonder if Barca would still have the buy back option if he was sold to someone else first...
Kierzo - no idea. Super player. I can only think he's already agreed to join somewhere and is off limits. Perhaps his salary is also a problem.
This Paulinho deal is becoming a typical Spurs transfer. It is just going on and on, no confirmation of medical, or player flying in, or indeed from Spurs whether the deal is on, or off. How long can it take. It appears there are deals going on around us, and up until now nothing. Anybody who believes the player could still not be highjacked should talk to Man City re. Dimitar Berbatov, he flies to Manchester to settle a deal, only to be met and whisked away from the airport by Utd not City, and the rest is history. The bloody Confed Cup has been over since Sunday, now Thursday how long can it take. The same goes for Villa, is it a deal, isn't it a deal, what the bloody hell takes us so long.
Frank, I cannot agree more. I'm still waiting for the picture of him holding our shirt but someone was saying he has gone on holidays. Honestly, I don't care. Just give me the photo of him with the shirt.!!
...and the currently slightly glitchy Official Site is NOT an excuse either. Just get it done already, for crying out loud.
Negredo in advanced talks with Man City. Ghulamville I'm sure I have read that Cardoza is being chased by a PL club, but I can't remember who it is. According to SSN there are deals galore going on. Norwich seem to be having a go, following Van Wolfswinkel they have now signed Nathan Redmond, he looks a tasty prospect when I have seen him. Big C, I totally agree re. Adebayor, but we knew what we were getting, he has been a carpetbagger all his career, and the contract we gave him was frought with danger, as we are now finding out. Unfortunately he is exactly the type of pro footballer that gets the game, and its players, a bad name as gold diggers. I don't think he will agree to go anywhere, and wont give a toss whether he plays or not as long as he gets payed.
Big C, never mind 80K/Wk, that might be what we are paying him, what about the subsidy from Man City for the first 3 years of his contract designed to take his wages close to the 175K/Wk he was getting with them. i can't see City continuing with that if we sell him, why should they, the new deal will be nothing to do with them.
Damiao going to Southampton hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
I watched Southampton play The Manc scum off the park earlier in the season this year they ended up losing but signs were there of things to come. As for the meal ticket i hope he never plays for us again really but what will be a bug bear for me will be us paying his wages....
Big C, yes you are correct the subsidy runs out at the end of this season, but surely that is a great reason for him to refuse to move anywhere. Once it's expired your point re the tax rate in the likes of Turkey, and even Monaco (mind you he ain't good enough for them), will then be a factor, I'm afraid we are lumbered with him for at least this year, and in the past he has been a toxic influence in dressing rooms at previous clubs, so watch this space so to speak.
We might scoff at the likes of Southampton, Norwich, Swansea and of course a resurgent Liverpool at our peril. All have made positive moves in the transfer market already this window, with more to come. This as well as the acknowledged big guns spending again, will make a top 4 place very very difficult to achieve this season.
I'm sure Englands women play tonight against Sweden in a friendly any one know of a link to this match?
big cockeral, if your figures are correct (and I have no idea if they are or not), if Ade moves to Turkey for a mere 60k a week (how can I person live off that), assuming 15% tax and no other taxes, he would end up with about 2.65m per year. Staying with us on 80k a week, costs us about 4.75m a year with Ade pocketing about 2.23m per year
In-spur-ational, at the time of his signing it was reported that the "Man City subsidy" was in addition to the 80K/Wk paid by us, to cushion him from the effect of his reduction in earnings from 185K/Wk at City.
If I were levy I'd have had Man City paying the subsidy directly to Ade(escrow) ...why would it have anything to do with us? if we pay him 80k pw and they make up his money to fulfill their obligation to him the only concern for Ade is if the new club pay as much as us...netto!
I REALLY hope Villa doesn't come off! I don't think he will do well this year, he's been awesome but injury and age have made him a bit of a gamble.... If you were a Prem defender would you be more scared of Benteke coming full pelt at you or Villa?!! Please jets get rid of Defoe and Ade (already started) and let's get some young pacey striker in!!! 2 strikers under 27 would be perfect!!! How come Arsenal are being liked with Suarez anyway... I'd be all over that, idiot but real quality!!! That would really push us on! Haven't heard any more either about the 2 young lads from Croatia?!! Hope Levy and Baldini are actually working hard to get these all done.. Oh and fingers crossed for a Parker, Hudd, Dempsey, Defoe, Brad F clear out... Peace x
shedboy2, Well said ! Frank, 'I feel your pain', but this is Spurs, If there is one thing we do better than any other club it is Drama, Drama, and a little more Drama
Have to say Ossie looks super suave in the video on here, where he is talking about Bale, Mr Ardiles all class! COYS
Frank, if it's a subsidy by city, I would assume it would remain if he were to leave. If, the subsidy is about to come to an end, I doubt very much we will be paying him 185 a week for the rest of his contract (assuming he is to remain). Of course I have no inside knowledge of the deal, but this is what I think from the outside looking in as it were. On a side note, I have a funny feeling that Ade will stay with us and produce the goods. Optimistic? Well I am a Spurs supporter :)
Also, if Ade is on 185 per week, he ends up with a little under 5.13m a year in his (very large) back pocket (assuming he is paid the money directly and not via image right companies and the like). I know it's a short career, but how many of us will even earn that much gross (let alone nett) over our entire working life (for those not good with figures, 5m is 50 years working for 100k a year)
What's going on? The Daily Fail isn't slagging us off or rubbishing our transfer attempts. Instead they are reporting on our targets as if they are friendly towards us. Very odd, but this news, is it welcome? Do we really think we will get Villa and do we really need him?
LuvWhites, Villa is not going to be in CF role, more like in left win forward. Age is not a concern as he plays atleast 30+ games a season even now. Klose, Niselrooy, Raul all were scorin 20+ goals even at 34 years.
Cheers muttley - It looks as though Fiorentina have him wrapped up. It's a a little bit annoying that only a week ago it was us and them chasing Villa and now suddenly they've virtually signed Gomez!

Maybe the whole Villa thing was smoke they could get Gomez in quietly without to much interference. I'd like to see us test the water with him though. Fiorentina are in the same position as us (just missed out on Champs League) so the choice for him would surely only be whether to play in England or Italy...and you'd have to fancy our chances.
I totally agree with every thing you say Big C. I don't respect carpetbaggers either, I want every Spurs player to give their all for the shirt, unfortunately the game has changed, and very few players have this attitude these days, not only at Spurs, but at every club.
Apparently at long last Paulinho having his medical, not before time.
I sincerely hope we do know with some conviction who our striker targets are. It seems that there are some good strikers changing hands, so are no longer available. We have seen Van Wolfswinkle, the guy from St Etienne who has gone to Dortmund, we are saying that we are no longer chasing Damiao, Gomez looking like going to Fiorentina, Higuain close to joining Arsenal, Negredo in advanced talks with Man City, a couple of PL teams after Bony, the David Villa thing seems to have cooled, we would be far from favourites to get Benteke, so the list of possibles appears to be gradually eroding away, so who are the likely gems to score 20+ league goals/season for us this campaign.

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