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In bed with Madrid?...

Given all the gossip so far this summer, much criticism has been made of our 'relationship' with Madrid. 

After selling them rat face, Mr Levy brokered a deal to create a relationship which would be to the benefit of both clubs on top of the pile of gold we received. So what does that infamous 'relationship' actually mean? 

Whose benefiting from it or was it purely just a PR exercise to appease us lot about losing our linchpin? I honestly believe we're starting to see what it actually means. These days Spurs are in the news every day without fail! Whether it's Bale being flirted with by Zizu, Madrid telling the media they would pay £100m for him or that Madrid are now chasing our shiny new Paulinho! 

What these rumours have created, without any of them yet coming true, is Bale's value becoming even greater, Madrid being perceived to be willing to chase the superstars of the game and now Levy looking the hero by holding on to the 100m dollar man and signing a Brazilian who Madrid wanted! 

Similarly today we're linked with one of their young superstars Jese Rodrigue, who whilst the rumours of us buying him probably won't come to fruition, again makes us look like we're out to sign top players and creates market interest in their youngster. 

So is this what the relationship is all about? We play media racket ball and feed each other what we want to be in the press helping both of our reputations. 

Written by Klinspurs

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The journalist

Writer: Klinspurs Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 5 2013

Time: 10:44PM

Your Comments

I think RM are just using Spurs as the middle man so they can also get all of their youngsters out on loan at Swindon.
R Madrid consider spurs as a feeder club, and PL patsy. There is no special relationship now Jose has left them, as he likes spurs and WHL...
Block D Spurs
Not as good as her sister, she's a right good rattle :-)
spu 4 life
The same could be said about Internacionale?... Damaio deal was never going to materialise. May be Spurs were used to hype up his value, so much so that it has back fired and only Southampton appear interested in the fella!
If we have a special relationship with RM, for all the good it is doing us, then it's time we tried going it alone. Up until now it's been a pi$$ take. They gained Modric, and possibly preferred bidder status when Bale eventually goes, we have got precisely feck all, we didn't even get a sniff of Higuain.
The rats trasnfer took that long they prob got bored talking about him so this joint venture of making easy money some how so came up with a couple of words by the end.publicity the mainstream! Become the team we can this year and bale stays to go for the title 15-16 .coys.
Little spur
I seem to recall the relationship was to be about development, marketing and synergies. I don't recall anywhere where it said there would be "deals" on players. Perhaps, as a courtesy, we each advise the other of pending deals with rival teams and allow a right to match. I seriously doubt that there is anything that can make Levy sell Bale to RM (unless he wants to) or that will make Ronaldo come play at Spurs. The players really always have the final say. We have a right to match on Leandro. Will that make him want to come to play for us if it's not what he wants? I doubt it. Does Madrid back Spurs being in the U-21 European League? Perhaps. I don't know. I do know that Spurs and RM will look out for their best interests when it all comes down to it. COYS
I personally think this relationship was a bit of a smoke screen to dampen things down because we sold Modric but I may be wrong. I think now Mourinio has gone we will not see any developments in our relationship with them but i could be wrong.

Lets just concentrate on our own business and I for one don't even think about this so called relationship.

At the end of the day clubs look out for themselves end of.
Off topic here sorry, but I had to put this up. Looks like QPR are ready to bid 2 million for Scotty Parker. ........................................
Hmm a rather back handed compliment from Paulinho. ................... "They [Spurs] made an offer to my agent and to Corinthians, I sat down, analysed the proposal and chose Tottenham," he said. "We think it was the best path, the best option. I am moving from one big club to Tottenham, another club in a big league. I am sure I will perform my job to the best of my ability. I don't regret and I won't regret [this decision]." So according to him we are not a big club, merely a club in a big league, so if that is true, why did he think we were his best option and come to us?
chrishove, it all depends on the translation, you know. I read somewhere else that he is happy to move to a big club like Tottenham and blah blah blah. All I can tell for sure is he was heartbroken leaving his current club because he actually shed some tears at the media conference last week announcing his departure from Corinthians. So I wonder how much he really really wants to come to us or was it because we triggered his release clause and his club was happy to let him go. Time will tell. When he starting linking up play and banging it in for us, we'll be all smiles and chant his name non stop. COYS
Hello Lads. Maybe I can help with Paulinho words as I am brazilian, speak portuguese and watched brazilian ESPN TV show last tuesday. What we, Spurs fans, must understand is that the majority of brazilians are aware of only the clubs that play CL regularly (Barcelona, United, Chelsea, Milan, etc). So are the players with few exceptions. Brazil Internationals are always supposed to join what the mídia sell as "Big Clubs" and they don´t rank Tottenham Hotspur as one of them. Actually, ESPN journalists were somehow surprised by Paulinho´s decisionin joining Spur because the lad is (was) the very heart and soul of Corinthians, the only brazilian side which can be compared to British sides when it comes to passion and unconditional love, thus supposed to leave Brazil only for a "big" team. Paulinho had a very bad experience in Poland and Lituania, came back to Brazil with no money, thought about quitting football, only to be "rescued" by Corinthians, whose fans simply love the lad. That´s why he cried. The brightest point for me is that Paulinho showed a very Strong character saying that he has chosen Spurs because he wanted it and not because his agent told him to do. He stated that he only listens to his wife and his father when such occasions arise. We will be giving welcome to a great player and a great man.
Good post AlexSpur. Thanks very much for that. I am really looking forward to seeing him with our new Under Armour outfit early next week. Have a great weekend.
Mad, I just hope our new kits are way better than the leaked imagens I have seen on the Internet lately...
Yes, they do look shocking . My wife had one look at it and decided that they looked so bad it cannot be real. lol
My daughter just said the same thing. lol.
AlexSpur thanks for that, and yeah I did see him shed a few tears at his interview. Mad and Alex I posted a link to those leaked images a few days ago and people were saying back then that they thought they were fakes because the smoke was different etc. Personally I haven't a clue, I saw it so i just put it up because I thought others may be interested to see what we may or may not be lumbered with. I actually quite like the blue kit. but I suppose we'll just have to wait and see now.
Any leaked pictures of the new kit?
MrSpurs..good morning. Not sure if this is it...
AlexSpur, interesting post! I too have Brazilian family and have lived in Sao Paulo, hence the name Pelebro, although I am not a Santos fan. We have Corinthians and Palmeiras fans in my late wife's family, but I am the only Sao Paulo fan, so it was not fun when Cornithians beat Chelsea! ;-) So it's going take some time to except Paulinho, (if he ever signs) into the English side of my family's team, Tottenham Hotspur! I was brought up and raised in North London and my whole English family is Tottenham! Your correct, it is a big surprise for most Brazilians that Paulinho appears to have chosen Tottenham. The real truth of course, is there were no bidders from the big Champions League clubs and Tottenham came up with the right money. I guess it is a timing thing. The big successful CL clubs normally have highly talented, deep midfield squads, so luckily for us it appears the big guns did not need a Paulinho style player, so he has slipped through the net, let's hope! You are correct when you say that the Brazilian media do not see Tottenham Hotspur as one of the big European teams because of the lack of CL football, which winds me up because Arsenal, and Chelsea are both considered huge clubs in Brazil, because they are in the Champions League every season! We were of course a much bigger club than Chelsea before the Russian arrived, and we were as big as the Arsenal until Sugar and his apprentice Danny Boy showed up! Now do you understand why I have such beef with four billion quids worth of THFC board members? Without CL football and either Nike or Adidas it is not possible to compete on a global level! Quite incredibly Danny Boy chose Under Armour? Clueless! On a global branding level, ENIC have been a total disaster!!!
Pelebro, under armour is huge in the states and most sports! I play a lot of contact sports mate and I only use under armour because its the best. A gamble but I have faith in them
I couldn't care less what the rest of the world say about Spurs. We know exactly who we are and where we are going! Contrary to certain posters beliefs of our club being run like a zoo it's far from it to be frank. What I do understand from this statement is the fact that Spurs identified their target just as we did with Siggy, Holtby etc and we acquired them. We have just seen the tip of the iceberg from Baldini/Levy/AVB and it's a really crisp shinny tip im staring at! The facts with this transfer are we have a talented player eager to join our project and I for one could not be more happier with this. Big things still to come I suspect too :)
I see loads of talk about Dzeko leaving City. I for one enjoyed his play and found it interesting that he could not cement a starting place for City.
On that note Welcome Paulinho!!!
Confirmed at last, hopefully now for a top striker (or two) and we will be competing for the top of the table. COYS!!!
Welcome Paulinho indeed! What a midfield three we can have now with Sandro, Paulinho and Dembele, is there any better in the league? And on that note, goodbye Tommy H and Scotty P, thanks and good luck at your new clubs!
Phew! Beeb are covering it, but club site is still down! Pelebro, UA are not Adidas or Nike (your logic would seem to say that we should be Manu or Chelsea fans because they are the biggest!?!), but they are a 2bn revenue business (2012 account) and have nearly 900m of "spare" cash - a VERY well run company. In fact just like the Spurs!!
Ken Dagnall
Paulinho who??....:
jacob - That's typical Benny, he has no interest in football other than playing it purely as a "job". he has said so publically.
* oops, publicly* I'm blaming the keyboard :-)
Ken Dagnall, you want official, try
I'm in a state of shock. WE HAVE DONE IT................... Spurs have got Paulinho and we have done an uncharacteristically early deal this window. Having said that, I am so pleased we are now showing our intent with this world class signing. I bet he came here on condition that Bale was still here otherwise he wouldn't be here. The future is bright the future is white with AVB.
the above link has a picture of our new man complete with Spurs scarf and blue top
chrishove123, we wanted him in the last transfer window but couldn't get the deal don in time :)
Hot_Spur That's why I say we need to get rid of Benny. He has NO passion for the game and is only in it for the money. I've been saying this for a couple of seasons now and his attitude shows in his playing. I actually prefer Ade to Benny, At least Ade has a nice smile. Benny just doesn't care about football or anything football related. He is the Chris Eubank of football. Does the sport as a job without liking the sport he is supposedly engaged in. Just in it for the money and nothing else. At least Eubank got the world champion belt. Benny just relies on resting on his laurels , any past successes he may have had and his cool man persona to carry him through because people will say Oh Benny, he's cool we'll keep him, and some people on here HAVE been saying keep him cz he's a cool dude. Odd when I think Ade is far cooler as he at least loves the game and cares, even though he loves the money as well.
In-spurs-ational Yeah I know and that's because we were doing our usual faffing about in the last few days so that it looks like we're doing something but in reality EVERYONE knew it was never going to happen because it was all too late too little. IF the powers that be had got their fingers out early the way they have THIS window then he would have been ours at the start of last season and we would be in CL. But because of the way things USUALLY work here we didn't get him, OR other players we could/should have had.
Sorry to go off topic, but this is such a sad state of affairs concerning one of our previous legends. .....................................................
Maybe now we have a young hungry and ambitious manager with his choice of DOF or whatever you want to call him we are having to change our policy on transfers to suit AVB's wants and needs. Does this mean that the board and Levy have learned from him and the mess ups of last season and the last window? I certainly hope so.
Glad it is finally done, as Sandro posted the other day on facebook ' Keep Calm and Love Tottenham'
Wow!! I just saw Paulinho wearing one of our shirts. Happy:-) COME ON YOU SPURS.
Some of you seem surprised that we got this deal done early, but didn't we do the same last year with Siggy and Verts? And then it all went quiet for a while....lets hope AVB keeps the pressure on Levy. We need that new striker(s) in early so that he/they get the pre-season under their belts.
Thanks In-spurs-ational. Now I believe....
Ken Dagnall
"I brought the sun with me from Brazil and it's very welcome! I'm excited to live here in England and be successful and happy." From the Paulinho interview on the club site. Long it be so........COYS
Ken Dagnall
For those worrying about what he did or didn't say about us being a big club, Paulinho: "I am very happy and excited to have joined Spurs. It's a huge pleasure for my career to be at a club as big as Tottenham." Nuff said
Or what he really said "I thought I was just signing a sponsorship deal with Nando's. Apparently I'm going to be playing for a club called Tot-ing-ham"
Erm, I think he actually said "Totteringham" :-)
Phuck Madrid.
Paulinhooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get in there! :)
Heart of the International team anyway, in Sandro and Paul.
ledders77, to be honest, I agree with the main article. I think all this talk from Madrid has, to a greater or lesser degree. been given the okay from levy and co. It makes us seem a bigger club do easier to get players, and it makes Madrid look like they are able to spend vast sums on players
Thank you Alex "do Brasil" Spur. Good to get an insight from ur angle, very encouraging and doesn't Paulinho sound a strong, cool character. Look forward to his time at Spurs with the rest of the team. Bale, Sandro, Dembele, Paulinho... Love the fact we've got the BRASILIAN HEART playing fro us!
Ok boys(and ladies), who's it going to be? with one Brazillian and One Spaniard basically in the bag, is it going to be Soldado, Damiao, Benteke, or Dzeko? a poll Ox?
Coops, we all have respect for your insight, who's it going to be up front besides Villa? Verts for captain
Coops - Yea but you haven't taken into account that Levy will sell Bale to pay for Paulinho and then pocket the balance. :-)
Is there any chance of getting Adam Johnson as a rotation winger? he looked pretty good against us last season, gave our lb a hard time, always did well for $ity? between him and Townsend, even possibly our almost permanently injured Gazza, I know who I wud go for
When are Sandro and Kaboul available? last I heard was end September
Kaboul should be ready for start of season, he completed his treatment a couple of weeks ago. Sandro due to be ready early September which unfortunately means he'll miss the Arsenal game.
That being the case with Sandro, can Verts come in as holding mfielder, in front of Kaboom and Daws? King used to play that role well. with his passing ability should be able to release our players on break efficiently
So we have finally confirmed that the Forsyth, sorry Paulinho, saga is finally over, and he is ours. Now for up front, we need 2 in, I suppose if rumours are to be believed, that means Villa and A.N. Other. Some of the likely targets seem to be slipping away elsewhere, or are silly money (Soldado and Damiao), but hopefully Baldini and AVB have a gem up their sleeves, so lets hurry it up and get the new guys in for pre-season this time, instead of them missing the first few games.
big cockeral, on a pure footballing stance, I agree about Sandro being captain. However, these days football isn't just about football. Therefore, the main man Bale may well just get it
The Power of Exposure: As I wrote yesterday, Tottenham Hotspur is not perceived as a big club in Brazil just because they are not CL habituées. This very morning I was at a supermarket queue, wearing a Spurs shirt and the guy behind me wanted to know if that shirt was the new French National Team shirt (because of the cockerel...). I didn´t said the name of the team. My reply was "This is the club who signed Paulinho" and the guy replied back without hesitation: "Oh yes, Tottenham" and exposure can be powerful tools to boot our beloved club to the place they deserve. This is the strongest signal I´ve ever seen.
Keep going shopping Alex...Levy might send you a few vouchers.
Welcome to WHL Paulinho. Well done Levy, Baldini and AVB for getting a signing done earlyish - and lets hope we hear of some more news asap.

Paulinho sounds like a very decent bloke and I am sure he will do well for us and good to have around.

It is all coming together but I will not be settled until I hear of a striker or two and a few out goings. Until then lets enjoy this news and give a warm welcome to our new man,
Pelebor's ignorance laid bare yet again. The dick fails to realise that the UA deal will have been the best offer on the table. FFS, why should Adidas & Nike be the holy grail of sponsorship? Clearly the boy is solely led by what's fashionable, not what's best. Typical lemming like behaviour that's much beloved by the ad men.

Bet he comes back with some crap about Nike & Adidas not being interested in dealing with a "loser" like Levy - if he bothers to respond at all that is.


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